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    haha there were 50's too.
    Not sure they worked anything, I'm not sore. Felt more like heavy manual labor lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    You forgot hormones ... Those can turn a sweet innocent 12 year into, well, something quite different. My new 16 year old just got her permit and was asked to Homecoming, so that starts the second scary teen phase (first one starts at 13).
    i hope I don't have to deal with either of those but alas I see the signs! Don't get me started on boyo; I guarantee I will be that overbearing intimidating father who grills any boy coming to our door.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    My dr. gave me two hints on allergies, since mine are so terrible. He prescribed me nystatin to take at night, which thins mucous. And told me to add Argentyn 23 silver. I usually struggle in September and am better than usual.
    the past few days have been tough. Deanna is suffering the worst. I have my morning Netipot at the aquatic center! Gross but very affective
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    45 lb med ball?!?! That would break my shoulder, I'm sure.
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    C17 CAFB

    Thanks fly-storms
    It was just one of those day's that seems like it must happen, in order to make all the other days feel quite reasonable lol
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