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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Stewart, great to hear that you've had the surgery, it went well and you're on the path to recovery. Though my injury is different and I'm not yet sure if I'll be having surgery, instead of being your virtual (and sometimes in-person) training partner, consider me one of your rehab & recovery partners!
  2. flystorms's Avatar
    Katia - have you looked at some of the workouts posted in the forums? You could find something a bit different while your coach is gone. There are some good ones in there. Print them out and put them in a baggie to protect them.
    - Kari
  3. flystorms's Avatar
    Stewart you've been on my mind wondering how things were going. I'm so glad to hear that the direct pain you've been feeling is gone post-op. That's huge progress. I know it'll be really hard to hold yourself back from working out, but you'll get through it. I can't wait to catch up with you in the pool again sometime this spring. Be patient, grasshopper! Thanks for the update and Merry Christmas!
    - Kari
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