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    1. Swimmers who apparently did partial tapers aren't doing that well. This seems to include Franklin. Her starts are always bad, but her first 25 of the 100 back last night seemed sub elite. Why she thought she could do a partial taper after her fairly poor showing last year is beyond me. I wonder if the transition to being a pro swimmer, with all the attendant commitments, was too taxing?
    her underwaters were horrible. Rowdy was saying it's her back trouble but I think you're right. I don't think she was performing nearly well enough this season to really have expected any different result. Very disappointing for me but not nearly as disappointed as almost every TV sponsor out there who will now have to reshoot commercials.

    Lochte ... I'm not sure training with SwimMac was great for the 400 IM. And the effort from trying to contest it may tire him for his other events. He should make the team in the 200 free based on recent times, but I have a bad feeling about it. His walls are like a magic trick.
    Based on what I've seen so far, I don't think he's going to make it in the 200IM either. His walls are a work of art. Too bad the Olympics are SCM

    Swim nerd heaven!
    It sure is and I am so jealous
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt Dickson
    I have a bro in Dallas that's a hand surgeon (hope you don't need one but you might).
    Is there any brother Dickson that's not a doctor? You guys should band together like those two Mayo bros and start your own clinic.
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    Swim nerd heaven!
    and, for me, swim nerd jealousy! I have managed to contort my professional and personal life to be able to watch finals each night so far on the app (because they tape-delay on TV) and have loved it, but, someday, I want to be there. And, as much as I enjoyed Omaha when we got to swim Nationals there in '12, I'm hoping some city a bit more interesting outside of the pool gets to host in '20!
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    Stewart, I've been battling an inflamed radial nerve - the one that runs from the back of your thumb, up your forearm, under to your tricep. I wonder if you're having some of the same issues. Ice, Icy-Hot, anti-inflammatories and massage are helping, but it doesn't take much to get it flaring up again. Does that sound like stuff you're dealing with?
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    I was satisfied with the final of the men's 100 back! Someone might have done a partial taper in that heat. Only Phelps can get away with a partial taper at Olympic Trials or Lochte four years ago. Glad you found a place to swim during trials. Great Commentary with some swimming dish.
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    My case likely doesn't has much chance of being the same as yours, but in the remote chance it is: I have had similar forearm/hand aching with some numbness in fingers and outside of hand (though my elbow wasn't a prominent area of discomfort). It turns out my shoulder is the source of it all. What has certainly helped me some is teres major and minor myofascial relase.

    Good luck
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    I am starting to get really worried about my elbow with some numbness in my right forearm. This morning was very painful and the pain really did not go away the whole workout.
    Do you need to see a more sports-specific specialist? I hope you can get this rectified.
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    I am heading to Olympic Trials tomorrow so won't be posting until next week.
    #jealous #VERYjealous
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    Numbness not good. Front (median nerve) or back (ulnar nerve)? Hope you feel better. I have a bro in Dallas that's a hand surgeon (hope you don't need one but you might).
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    No Frisco meet?
    Is the diagnosis swimmer's (aka golfer's) elbow?
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