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  1. Workout 05/15/13: morning

    by , May 15th, 2013 at 10:50 AM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    400 FR with snorkel/200 BK/200 IM drill

    Slap on snorkel for:
    K --- Pull with Buoy
    050 - 100
    100 - 150
    150 - 200
    200 - 300
    150 - 400
    100 - 100
    050 - 050

    50 Back easy and out
    (Solo/Rec/2950 yds/50 min)

    Nice stretch-out swim today in a crowded lane. Worked on technique with the pulls and tried to push the kicks. I was going to keep increasing the swim distance but was running out of time. It has been below freezing during the past few mornings here in Vermont, and the potential for the third straight season of sub-par apple crops is likely. I covered half of our grapevines and we took some potted plants inside. The past five or so years we have seen beautiful weather in early May, but then a cold snap will move in and kill off all the buds. They always say that it is best to be patient and plant the garden around Memorial Day to avoid the frost around these parts; we have always listened.
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  2. Week 33 - Wednesday

    by , May 15th, 2013 at 09:16 AM (After a long rest)
    I had a good nights sleep last night and woke up for the first time since Friday not congested. I had the goo d after affects of my taper at the beginning of practice but by the end I was poooped. This was a long 75 minute workout.

    400 free with snorkel
    6x50 alternating catchup and finger drag drill on 45
    6x100 IM descend 1-3, 4-6 on 1.20

    Main set
    4x500 free on 6mins, #1 breath every 5, #2 over kick, #3 4 SDKs off walls, #4 DPS
    6x200 on 2.50 2x(IM, free, back/free by 50)

    Total 4500

    I felt tired by the end of this one. Found out after practice my team is hosting a long course meet on 6th July in Rockwall, Tx. The meet details will be posted in the next couple of days. I can't wait. we have an awesome facility and we need to host some more meets. Now all I have to do is motivate my own team to sign up.

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    Swim Workouts
  3. Had planned a recovery day but it didn't end up that way

    by , May 15th, 2013 at 08:33 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I was going to just work on stroke and getting a complete follow thru but to my surprise I did so well that I just started pushing a little bit more.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers

    15x100@1:45 free w/paddles & bouy went 1:37, 1:36, 1:36, 1:37, 1:35, 1:35, 1:35, 1:35, 1:34, 1:33, 1:33, 1:32, 1:32, 1:31, 1:30 I didn't plan it that way it just sort of happened and felt good all the way

    500 free kick w/zoomers
    500 free w/snorkle EZ

    Total 3500 meters
    Swim Workouts
  4. Tuesday, May 14, 2013 7:00-9:00pm

    by , May 15th, 2013 at 02:50 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    substitute coach tonight - Anne, who is the White Group coach (next level below ours) gave us a minor butt kicking tonight.

    1000 Free

    7 Rounds of (X + Y + Z)
    • X = 25, 50, 75, or 100 @ 1:15 Sprint
    • Y = 50 (25 EZ/25 Fast) @ 2:15
    • Z = 100, 150, or 200 @ 3:15 Sprint

    Depending on if your are a sprinter/distance person/or working strokes, you choose the distance you can make and/or put the best effort into. If you're doing shorter distances just stay out of the way of the others in the lane.

    I did 4 Rounds of Free

    • 100 @ 1:15 (held 1:00-1:01s)
    • 50 @ 2:15
    • 200 @ 3:15 (held 2:06-2:08s)

    Then 3 Rounds of Fly

    • 25 @ 1:15 Sprint (did a 50 @ 3rd round)
    • 50 @ 2:15 EZ/Fast
    • 100 @ 3:15 (went 1:06/1:04/1:05) <-- the end of the third round was like "whoa!" and my arms were glad it was over!

    Fun little set, I enjoyed it.
    (1400 Free + 550 Fly/2950)

    6 x 100 Flutter Kick w/ fins @ 1:25 (25 Back/25 Side/25 Side/25 Back)

    16 x 50 Pull/Scull stuff w/ no paddles @ LIFO (last in-first out)

    • 4 x 50 (25 Front Scull/25 Free)
    • 4 x 50 DPS Free
    • 4 x 50 Build Free
    • 4 x 50 Scull

    I suck at pulling without paddles. 15+ SPL, and the kids are outswimming me. With paddles, I can go, but with buoy only...I'm almost a sitting duck out there! I actually am a kick-based swimmer, weird for a distance guy.

    20 x 25 Dolphin Kick w/ fins & board
    Odds Underwater Kick w/ board
    Evens Kick w/ board on surface

    Various 2 person relays, one person is the arms, one is the legs...though the one with the legs was only drag floating with a buoy. Did breaststroke, back, and free. I was best at breaststroke like this.

    100 EZ

    5200 Yards
  5. Long Course, Tuesday, May 14

    by , May 14th, 2013 at 04:17 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    600 various
    4 x 50 scull w/agility paddles @ 1:10
    8 x 50 DPS free w/agility paddles @ 1:10
    50 EZ
    12 x 50 kick w/fins @ 200 pace @ 1:00
    -- 6 free (35-36)
    -- 6 back (36-37, cramping issues)
    50 EZ
    6 x 50 single arm fly @ 1:10
    50 EZ
    8 x 50 DPS back w/agility paddles & fins @ 1:10
    50 EZ
    2 x (25 scull + :30 RI + 25 smooth fly + 25 EZ flutter kick)
    -- tried fly w/agility paddles, still very awkward (32)
    -- fly w/o paddles, cruise (30)
    100 EZ

    Total: 3100 m


    Since Coach Cheryl (who I shared a lane with) said the pool would be LCM right after nationals, I wasted no time in going! It felt long, but not horrifically long. Still did a mostly recovery workout with nothing fast. Hopefully, I will be ready tomorrow for at least some 100 pace work.

    Tips for improving breast collected from nats thread. Maybe I can work on these on a recovery/technique day.

    1. evil kick on back, knees not breaking surface
    2. eggbeater kick
    3. evil kick w/buoy right above knees
    4. breast pull w/flutter kick for turnover
    5. breast alternate fly pull and evil pull (sounds awkward)
    6. hip thrust -- no idea what this is about
    7. narrower pull

    Way way more importantly, Patrick insists I need to learn the back to breast crossover turn. I look at videos of these and get dizzy and confused. Does someone have a 5 step to do list for this turn? This is definitely something I can see trying to learn.
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  6. 05.14.13 - Tuesday workout

    by , May 14th, 2013 at 04:11 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ ... and Dave.


    600 Warm up

    10 x 100 - 1:30 Odds IM, evens free

    16 x 25 - :30 IM Order, half underwater
    1:00 Rest
    5 Rounds of:
    * 4 x 50 - 1:05 (Odd rounds 1/2 underwater, Even rounds kick)
    * 2 x 200 Pull - 2:20
    Making the 200s on 2:20 wasn't so bad but pushing off for 12 yards underwater right after was pretty tough. The original interval on the 50s was :50. Don't think I could have handled that.

    8 x 50 Kick - 1:00
    1:00 Rest
    100 Timed kick (IM - 1:33)

    200 Cool down

    (5700 Total)
    Swim Workouts
  7. Monday, May 13

    by , May 14th, 2013 at 11:23 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    600 various
    5 x 50 front scull w/agility paddles -- Wook, I like this for DPS too
    50 EZ flutter kick
    10 x 50 w/fins & agility paddles @ 1:00
    odds = DPS free
    evens = DPS back
    50 EZ flutter kick
    4 x 50 caterpillar fly drill @ 1:10
    8 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :490
    50 EZ flutter kick
    100 smooth free

    Total: 2000


    Made it to the rec center for a post nationals recovery swim. I don't feel quite as horrible as I usually do after a multi day meet, though I am certainly tired. I'm going to jump right back into training though, with LCM Zones so close. I am heading to Mason shortly because they have switched to LCM. I have 4 weeks to train before doing a 2 week taper. I can't decide if I should go back to the gym or not ... I may not. I'm going to be really really busy the next month with Teen Fort graduating, Lil Fort's going away party, spring racing season, soccer tournaments, etc. Last night was Lil Fort's last USAS practice. Kinda sad, but she can't keep doing 3 sports and swimming is the one to go with the move. She's a good little fly/free swimmer, but she is a vastly better runner and wants to focus more on that.
    Swim Workouts
  8. Another oldie but goodie from the archives of time

    by , May 14th, 2013 at 08:53 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I am reserecting workouts from back in 2008 but I am not as fast as I was so this will be interesting. Another interesting note, the difference in speed between my right arm and left arm is even greater than before.

    500 free

    6x50@1:20 free right arm only w/paddle on right hand just made these
    200 free kick w/zoomers
    6x50@1:15 free left arm only w/paddle on left hand made these with 6 seconds to spare
    there used to be only a 5 second difference between right and left but this was more like 11 seconds

    500 free kick w/zoomers

    6x50@1:00 free w/paddle on right hand 4 kicks on the paddle hand
    200 free kick w/zoomers
    6x50@1:00 free w/paddle on left hand 4 kicks on the paddle hand

    400 free EZ

    Total 3000 meters
    Swim Workouts
  9. Monday, May 13, 2013 7:00-9:00pm

    by , May 14th, 2013 at 02:03 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Back at it regular training again with the kids, back to using my long fins on the kick sets again, back to doing ALL the reps on the sets, and ALL the yardage as given. Oh boy...coming off tapers can be a b**** at times, but I need a little kick in the butt now.

    Only had 6-7 per lane tonight, so it was a joy!


    1000 Free

    24 x 50 SDK on back w/ long fins @ :45 - pretty much kicking in a wave pool

    Lane Station Rotator - Main Set

    Lane 6: 7 x 100 Free @ 1:30 EN2 work
    using the chart we've been given my :52 best time shows the EN2 100 is about 1:08s - EN2 is supposed to be a pace you could hold "forever" while keeping your HR 130-150 or so.

    Lane 5: 7 x 100 Stroke @ 1:40 EN2 work
    Did Fly - with my :57 best time showed 1:15 (+2 for fly/back) so 1:17 per 100. I couldn't swim fly that slow and keep it in control, so I just swam them at 1:07/1:08s. Because I did Fly, the odds were stroke, evens were EZ Free

    Lane 4: 7 x 100 Free @ 1:30 EN2 work (same as Lane 6)
    just held them around 1:08s

    Deep Tank: 12 x underwater SDK bursts across tank (about 12.5 yards)

    200 EZ

    All w/ long fins and paddles:
    10 Rounds of:
    • 50 Free @ :45 holding ~200 best time pace per 50 (~28.5) - went :26s/:27s
    • 2 x 25 Free @ :45 - Faster speed than the 50s


    200 EZ

    5800 Yards

    My abs and legs are already killing me with all this fin work today. Time to start adding some pushups and light weights into my life...just stuff I have around the house though...I'm not a gym rat type of person.
  10. Friday 5/10/13

    Friday 5/10

    AM SCY and PM LCM

    AM swim:

    600 swim (200 FR/100 BK)
    500 kick w/ board + fins
    400 pull w/ buoy only

    4x200 @ 2:40 D1-4
    5x100 @ 1:10 AE

    4x100 @ 1:40 kick w/ board + fins

    100 EZ

    Total: 3300

    PM swim:

    500 swim
    5x100 @ 1:45 k/sw/dr/bld

    3x100 @ 1:30 D1-3
    4x50 V.S.

    100 EZ

    Total: 1600
    Swim Workouts
  11. 05.13.13 - Monday workout

    by , May 13th, 2013 at 11:43 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Dave and Dave. Pool was really hot today. Someone removed the thermometer so I have no idea how hot but it felt warmer than the typical 86.


    650 Warm up

    3 x 50 Free - :50 / 1 x 50 Kick - :50
    1 x 50 Stroke - :50 / 2 x 50 Free - :50 / 1 x 50 Kick - :50
    2 x 50 Stroke - :50 / 1 x 50 Free - :50 / 1 x 50 Kick - :50
    3 x 50 Stroke - :50 / 1 x 50 Kick - :50

    4 Rounds of (Pick 4 from Fly, Br, IM, Free, Free for each 100)
    * 100 - 1:30 (fly on rounds 1 & 4, Br on rounds 2 & 3)
    * 100 - 1:25 (did IM)
    * 100 - 1:20 (free)
    * 100 - 1:15 (free)
    100 Easy
    After 2 rounds, I wasn't doing so well and we decided to implement a 1:00 rest in between rounds.

    7 Rounds of:
    * 75 Pull - :50 / 25 Pull - :40
    * 75 Kick w Fins - 1:05 / 25 Kick w fins - :45
    50 Easy

    4 x 25 - :40, no breath
    4 x 25 - :35, kick
    4 x 25 - :30, IM Order
    4 x 25 - :25, Fly
    4 x 25 - :20, Free

    200 Cool down

    (5300 Total)
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  12. Workout 05/13/13: morning

    by , May 13th, 2013 at 10:40 AM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Had a great weekend - went out for a nice motorcycle ride to break in the new tires, had some swimming, then two really good church services (in the morning the pastor looked at 2 Kings 4:8-37 and in the evening we looked at 2 Tim 1:3-7; both portraits of loving mothers stepping out on faith). To honor my wife, I made crepes and my son picked some wild flowers, which we served her in bed. Then a quiet day, which was fine with me!

    Saw this workout from the email/tweet and gave it a go this morning:

    400 FR with snorkel/200 Back/200 IM Drill

    Go THREE times through on base:
    - 100 Pull with buoy
    - 2 x 50 Kick
    - 4 x 25 Swim
    - 200 swim with Agility paddles
    (I added the buoy and paddles, and did all with snorkel)

    4 x 50 on :55
    - DPS free down
    - FAST IMO back

    200 loosen and out
    (Solo/Rec/2700 yds/50 min)
    Fun repeating workout, and nice to not have to think one up every now and again. Focused on swimming with more intensity each time through, and using the 200 as recovery.
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  13. Week 33 - Monday

    by , May 13th, 2013 at 09:51 AM (After a long rest)
    I arrived home around 10.30pm last night and grabbed a quick sandwhich and went to bed. My plan today was to do an easy hour stretch type swim. The alarm went off hard at 4.30am and I dragged myself to the pool. I am glad I made the effort because I felt much better after the swim. The pool was setup long course, which was hard since I have been concentrating on short course yards for the last few months(with the odd LCM thrown in for good measure). It was great seeing everyone this morning and most of my team had watched the live streaming video of both Nikki and my races. I think my team mates were as excited about the meet as I was. I just wish We had more attending. Oh well there is always next year.

    1000 swim with snorkel
    6x150 kick with fins with 15 seconds rest between 150s
    12x50 reducing stroke count per 50 on 1min
    6x50 swum 25 fast, 25 easy
    200 easy

    Total 3000 meters.

    I plan on taking this week pretty easy before getting back into the groove next week. As I have blogged before I spanning on doing 4 or 5 workouts a week through the summer and then working on my next goals and a program for the next year. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids in the evenings.
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  14. Digging out some old workouts

    by , May 13th, 2013 at 08:37 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I am not forgetting what I learned about my stroke Saturday. Going to apply it in my training.

    1000 as 200swim/200pull/200swim/200kick/200swim
    5x200@3:30 free w/paddles & bouy
    4x200@:05RI kick w/zoomers #1&3 fly #2&4 free
    200 IM w/zoomers breast w/fly kick
    300 free w/snorkel & 4 beat kick
    200 EZ

    Total 3500 meters
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  15. 05.11.13 - Saturday workout

    by , May 11th, 2013 at 10:34 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Dave and Tess at the Hsv Nat. Had a hard stop at 7:00 am to go coach soccer games. That was a good thing because I was hurting about then.


    400 Warm up (Does putting in lane ropes count because I should maybe get credit for 500 meters?)

    3 x 300
    * #1 Fly/Bk/Br kick down/free back
    * #2 Fly/Bk/Br drill down/free back
    * #3 Fly/Bk/Br down/free back
    Dave took off on these and we didn't end up with any rest. It was more like a 900 straight.

    200 Kick
    200 IM
    200 Kick
    200 Free
    200 Kick
    200 IM
    200 Free
    200 IM
    I think this is what we ended up doing. Anyone see a pattern here because I just don't see one.

    400 Pull
    3 x 200 Negative split - 2:00
    2 x 200 Pull - 3:00
    6 x 100 odds easy - 2:00, evens hard - 1:20
    Only made two of the 6 100s and had to pack it in.

    200 cool down

    (4700m Total)
    Swim Workouts
  16. Workout 05/11/13: morning

    by , May 11th, 2013 at 02:49 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Nice dip with the masters team today. Since a majority of the swimmers do not seem to be interested in competition, I have changed up my strategy: I'll warm up with team, hop out of the water for a period of instruction, then join back in for the rest of the workout. Today is a drizzley kinda day, and only Kevin, Jill, and GregJS made it out. I did:

    W/u: 200 Fr/200 Bk/200 IMdrill/100 FR fast/200 kick
    Then got back in for:
    150 FR
    4 x 50 on 1:00 (odds = EZ, evens = fast)
    3 x 100 on 2:00 (descend: Fr = 1:14, :06, :01)
    2 x 150 on 3:00 (50 EZ, 50 FAST, 50 EZ)

    With lack of numbers, we just talked a bit about OW sighting in place of some paceline swimming. Then I finished off with:
    8 x 75 on 1:15 (25 kick/25 FAST/25 pull with buoy)
    -1-4 = FR
    -5-8 = IMO
    150 EZ and out
    (Masters/Rec/2600 yds/60 min)
    Planning to have a "potluck" after practice in two weeks with some snack food. Our focus will be on incorporating OW training and preparation, as a majority of our swimmers are triathletes. It gets even tougher to attract people to the pool when the weather turns nice, so hopefully this focus should help remind folks we are still in the water.

    Was able to watch some more swimming on the live stream - a great 500 heat as well as Fort teen hammering the 100 breast. It is such a great tool to have in order to stay involved with the action in Indy.

    Also, I would like to wish all you ladies out there a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow. Even if you don't have any kids, the example and guidance that you provide to those around you is a great support. Thank you

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  17. A great day at the Y

    by , May 11th, 2013 at 12:55 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    New lighting, a cold pool at 83, cold for them. 2 hours of excellence.

    On my 3rd round of free I kept a comfortable pace and worked the underwater pull which was much stronger.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers

    3 times thru
    5x100@1:30 free descending w/paddles & bouy
    200 back EZ
    Round 1 went 1:23,1:22,1:21,1:19,1:17
    Round 2 went 1:24,1:23,1:20,1:17,1:17
    Round 3 went 1:20,1:19,1:18,1:17,1:17

    4x100 back kick w/zoomers #1 fashion model #2 partial recovery #3 arms perpendicular #4 streamline

    8x25@:45 fly scull w/monofin
    200 1 arm fly alt rt arm/lt arm w/monofin
    8x25@:45 fly 6 kicks then stroke w/monofin
    200 fly kick w/monofin
    8x25@:45 fly w/monofin

    500 alt by 100 free/back

    Total 5000 yards
    Swim Workouts
  18. Saturday - Indy Nats - Day 3 Results & I'm done!!

    by , May 11th, 2013 at 12:32 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I decided last night during/after the forumite dinner that I was going to swim today's events "cold turkey". What that means is basically ZERO warmup/ZERO cooldown. I broke that rule by doing a 100 cooldown after my 500, but that was it. A total of 700 GTD yards for the day. And I don't regret my decision at all. It worked out fine, and honestly I don't believe I would've been any faster in the 500 even with a warmup.

    Here it is:

    500 Free - 8th Place - I posted my splits, along with Jorge, who was right next to me in the heat. He was coming back at me slowly during the race, and around the 400 I really noticed him coming!! Went to the legs like my coach always says, and that is was pulled me through! Without my legs, I would've lost this race. Thank you Coach John!!
    While it looks like I added time, I didn't. It was a masters best time by over 2 seconds from when I wore a full-leg tech suit back when I was 32 years old. So this is by far my master's best time. I held very consistent, and definitely hit the afterburners at the end.

    8 Adams, James 35 HMS 5:05.00 5:10.30
    27.42 58.01 (30.59)
    1:29.51 (31.50) 2:01.38 (31.87)
    2:33.06 (31.68) 3:04.93 (31.87)
    3:36.88 (31.95) 4:08.59 (31.71)
    4:40.53 (31.94) 5:10.30 (29.77)
    9 Albino, Jorge 38 SYSM 5:02.00 5:10.72
    27.73 58.74 (31.01)
    1:30.97 (32.23) 2:03.23 (32.26)
    2:35.63 (32.40) 3:07.80 (32.17)
    3:38.78 (30.98) 4:10.00 (31.22)
    4:40.99 (30.99) 5:10.72 (29.73)

    100 Free - 28th Place - this was my sixth event choice, or "filler material" for the meet. I knew my flight outta here was at 3:00pm, and just signed up for the first event of the day regardless of what it was...thankfully it wasn't the 50 Breast!

    28 Adams, James 35 HMS 52.49 52.72
    25.08 52.72 (27.64)

    It is what it is. The 100 isn't exactly my style anymore, but I gave it all I had. Felt more like flailing in the water vs. that EZ swim that I remember back in college. Oh well, back home soon, and back to hardcore training again with the kiddos at Velocity Swimming. LCM season is upon us, even though I won't be in a LCM pool till June, right when our opening of the season LCM meet is.

    It was great seeing and meeting all the forum folks this year at Nationals as well. Good luck to everyone, and thank you all for your support!
  19. Friday, May 10, 2013

    by , May 10th, 2013 at 09:43 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
    Air temp 75, Water temp 77
    Sunny, humidity at 72%

    Warm Up
    Dryland bands
    200 FR as 2(50RA,50LA)
    400 FR as CU
    200 FR as DPS, SPL-26-28
    200 FR w/agility paddles-tube-buoy
    4x50 FR on 1:15 *34s

    *Set 1*
    6x100 FR on 2:00
    *1:18, 1:17, 1:17, 1:16, 1:16, 1:16, 1:00 rest, right into
    5x100 FR on 2:15
    *1:15, 1:15, 1:14, 1:14, 1:14, 2:00 rest, right into
    4x100 FR on 2:30
    *1:10, 1:10, 1:09, 1:08
    ---200 DK/bk w/fins
    ---200 BK Swim
    ---Warm shower 5 min

    *Set 2*
    4x300 FR on 5:00 w/agility paddles-tube-buoy
    *4:00, 3:58, 3:58, 3:56
    ---200 FR as 2(50K/scull, 25RA/25LA) w/fins-snorkel
    ---Warm shower 5 min

    *Set 3*
    3(4x50 FR on 1:20, 1:00 rest) w/agility paddles-fins
    ---Warm shower 5 min

    Warm Down
    1200 FR as 100 smooth/100 strong/100 DPS as SPL 24-26
    Dryland bands

    This workout was supposed to be of more quality swimming, but was actually about making a hard effort to swim average to slow and felt ugly like early season LCM, from the warmup to the warm down, including that I was cold in the water the entire time. No kicking power, no arm strength, 1:18 felt like 1:15, and only with supreme effort I could barely do the 1:10/100s and 29/50s etc.

    I have been furiously working on an editing project re-write each afternoon and evenings, so I did not have effort & time to post workouts this week. They were about 5-6K with focus on 800 Meter target race 1:18/100 pace in 200s-300s-400s, other than on Wednesday when Patrick-pwb was here.

    While working at my desk, I have the Indy Nationals streaming video on a third monitor, and was able to see many of the forumites swim (and doing so well). I really hope to participate in a USMS National Championship myself in the future.
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  20. Friday, Indy Nats Day 2 Results

    by , May 10th, 2013 at 06:30 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Woke up this morning after a wonderful night of almost 12 hours of sleep! Awesome!

    Went over to the pool about 7:50am, waited till I saw the online postings for the 400 IM heat seedings to see how much time I had. Then I hit the Gold Medal breakfast session prior to getting wet. Squeezed into my suit, warmed up about 300 or so, (seriously). This also acted as my cooldown from last night's 1650. This is my training secret, other than snacking on fast food which everyone already knows about! I train like an animal, but when meets come, I do very little warmup and cooldowns. It's just the way I roll, and at least for now it works.

    400 IM - 4th place - I thought I was going out quick, but I just couldn't keep up with the guy next to me who went out in a low 57. Ran him down in the final 100 though. In regards to that final 100, I had the fastest 100 Free split of all but the 1st place guy in my age group. Didn't break 1:00, but was close. 5 second+ drop for a season best, 3 seconds away from a masters best.

    4 Adams, James 35 HMS 4:35.35 4:33.25
    27.31 59.44 (32.13)
    1:36.10 (36.66) 2:12.08 (35.98)
    2:52.69 (40.61) 3:32.79 (40.10)
    4:04.06 (31.27) 4:33.25 (29.19)

    200 Free - 14th place - Dropped a second from my meet about 3 weeks ago, but I was just tired overall. Not fully recovered from the IM I guess. 10th place for a medal was 0.7 seconds faster than I went.

    14 Adams, James 35 HMS 1:56.35 1:54.49
    26.46 55.36 (28.90)
    1:24.81 (29.45) 1:54.49 (29.68)

    200 Fly - 5th place - 3rd event of the day, and I felt it. I didn't die, but I just couldn't get going, nor keep the momentum going strong like I wanted. Equalled the season best time I did back in February, so that is fine. Quite a few people did this same triple of events today, and congrats to all of them. You'll hear stories about some who did BOTH the 50 Back and 50 Breast too...but...

    5 Adams, James 35 HMS 2:05.35 2:07.52
    27.32 59.19 (31.87)
    1:33.47 (34.28) 2:07.52 (34.05)

    Tomorrow is my SUPER EZ day with only the 500 Free and 100 Free. After that we pack up, and get outta Dodge, getting back to Seattle around 8:30pm PST...then the almost 3 hour drive home over the mountains to Wenatchee.