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  1. 06.12.12 - Tuesday workout #10

    by , June 12th, 2012 at 08:41 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave and Dave. Pool heater is back on full blast . Didn't check the temp but it was much warmer than yesterday. Not great for the workout we did today.


    400 Warm up

    3 x 100 - 1:25 (Optional stroke - I skipped the option)
    2 x 100 - 1:20
    1 x 100 - 1:15
    3 x 100 - 1:20
    2 x 100 - 1:15 (2nd 100 optional - I did it!)
    1 x 100 - 1:10 (made it!)
    50 Easy

    3 x 100 - 1:20 (Optional stroke - I skipped the option)
    2 x 100 - 1:15
    1 x 100 - 1:10
    3 x 100 - 1:15
    2 x 100 - 1:10 (2nd 100 optional - Skipped second 100)
    1 x 100 - 1:05 (made it!)
    50 Easy

    3 x 100 Fly - 1:40 (made 1:35's)
    2 x 100 Free - 1:35
    1 x 100 Free - 1:30
    3 x 100 Free - 1:35 (Optional IM - just did free)
    2 x 100 Fly - 1:30 (1:25, 1:33 - burned out on second one)
    1 x 100 Free - 1:25

    200 Cool down

    (4300 Total)
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  2. Workout 06/11/12: noon

    by , June 11th, 2012 at 09:59 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    100 FR/100 BK/100 drill (Fly and BR)

    go two times through:
    500 Free on 6:30
    4 x 50 IMO on :50
    4 x 50 Quarter's Strong FR on :50

    200 loosen and out
    (Solo/Rec/2300yds/35 min)

    I was able to sneak out of work early today and get in for a swim before lunch. GregJS was there so I got to say hello - haven't seen him in weeks. I'm going to take up his offer to kayak for me at a resoviour between our towns next week (if the weather holds) - thanks again, Greg.

    I had wanted to do this set three times, but the clock did not allow for that. My aim was to mix a strong distance swim with some peppier 50's (kinda like the middle of a longer race when you want to pass someone). I actually descended the 500's, going 6:13 first then I really put effort into the second one, going 6:02. After that, I puttered around the house, moving some of the summer furniture outside and mowing the grass.

    It has been a crazy week with working extra to get time off for my daughter's graduation this Friday. I plan to keep doubling up one or two days a week for the next two weeks heading into Kingdoms swim. I dropped weight lifting last week (even though I haven't really blogged about that aspect in a while). Might try to play one more game of basketball, but since that has moved outside and my chances of getting hurt will increase, I will likely drop that until they head back inside.

    As promised, here is a pic of my daughter and her friends. Emma is wearing the green dress - don't know where she gets all that craziness from ...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bible study tonight with the men's group, then my last long day tomorrow of work. Planning on a swim in the Berkshires on Wednesday night after a meeting at the corporate office - if the weather holds out this week ....
    Oh, I also updated my Charles River race report with my official time and a link to a picture album I have on facebook if you want to check it out.

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  3. Monday, June 11, 2012 5:00am & 5:00pm

    by , June 11th, 2012 at 09:48 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    The morning workout wasn't much, just a semi cool-down swim from the meet on Saturday. I hit it harder in the afternoon.

    A.M. Swim

    5 x 100 Free @ 1:30 (1:15s)
    5 x 100 Free Pull @ 1:30 (1:15s)
    10 x 50 Kick w/ board @ 1:00 made 'em

    1/2 hour of talking with the teammates and watching them swim.
    1500 Yards


    P.M. Swim

    2 Rounds of:
    200 Free
    100 Kick w/ board
    200 Free Pull

    Main Set:
    10 x 150 Free - cruise the first 5, then descend and make it
    • @ 3:00 (went 1:45)
    • @ 2:50 (1:45)
    • @ 2:40 (1:45)
    • @ 2:30 (1:45)
    • @ 2:20 (1:44)
    • @ 2:10 (1:42)
    • @ 2:00 (1:42)
    • @ 1:50 (1:39)
    • @ 1:40 (1:37)
    • @ 1:30 (1:34)
    I knew I wouldn't (probably) be able to make the final 150 on interval, but I set that interval as a 100% "Go for it" swim at the end. I had fun with this set. Oh yeah, had my drag suit on like always.

    100 EZ float

    8 x 50 Free (moderate/EZ by 25s)
    2 @ :45, 2 @ :50, 2 @ :55, 2 @ 1:00

    3000 Yards

    4500 Yards for the day

    I still have to try to keep myself in shape for my 1500 that I (for some reason) signed up for a month from now in a USAS meet. I should be fine.
  4. Monday, June 11 2012

    by , June 11th, 2012 at 04:53 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    LCM @FGCU Aquatic Center

    Air temp of 88, LCM pool at 84, 85% water clarity.
    Bright sunshine, no clouds

    Warm Up
    200 EZ

    *Set 1*
    1x1000 FR DPS

    *Set 2*
    20x50 FR on :50
    • did 1-8 @39, 9-14 @38, 15-20 @37

    *Set 3*
    1x1000 FR with paddles

    EZ 200 FR

    Today was the first day of a one week swim camp at FGCU so the LCM pool is only available from 11a-2pm this week. For whatever reason, the water temp was way too warm at 84, and in addition, I simply had no energy and strength to make any real effort today. Had enough after 3000 LCM, and got out - no point to struggle further.
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  5. Monday, June 11

    by , June 11th, 2012 at 04:38 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    45 minutes of RC exercises and stretching

    Monday: Swim/LCM w/Susan @ Rockville

    Warm up:

    500 various
    8 x 50 w/fins
    -- 20 UW + 30 drill

    Main Sets:

    16 x 50 w/fins @ mega rest interval
    odds = backstroke @ 100 pace
    evens = EZ free or DAB

    16 x 50 no fins @ mega rest interval
    odds = backstroke kick @ 100 pace, 16-17 SDKs off the wall
    evens = EZ DAB

    50 EZ

    4 x 50 w/parachute
    -- 2 breast, 2 free

    50 EZ

    Total: 2800 m

    30 minutes of RC and scapular stretching


    I felt like I got a real quality workout in with Susan at Rockville today. Because school is out in MD (not here yet), there were no backstroke flags at one end and there were fewer lanes. We managed fine, but opted not to do a 100 AFAP back. But I think the 50s were good training for that event. My quads were burning on the finless kick set. Hoping to do another 45 minutes of RC and stretching later today. Tomorrow is PRP after a swim.

    I am really glad to be getting some LCM training in. Last year, my 2 week vaca in June + no LCM did not bode well.

    My kids are very excited that their cousin (19) made the Olympic team in kayaking! There is only one slot and she won it in a tie breaker. Nice article in the Post.

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    Swim Workouts
  6. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -06/12/12

    by , June 11th, 2012 at 02:29 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    The Sharks swam great at Bumpy Jones Meet last weekend! Just over three weeks to Omaha.

    WARM UP:
    2 X 100 2:00 1:45
    2 X 200 3:30 3:30
    4 X 50 1:00 :50
    Two rounds. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    1 X 200 kick 5:00
    2 X 100 kick 2:30
    4 X 50 kick 1:15
    1 X 100 swim

    4 X {3 X 50 1:15
    All choice.
    Within each round, #1 and #2 swims are moderate, #3 @ 100%.
    Blocks optional on #3 swim only.

    5 X 200 pull 3:20
    Descend 1-3. Hold #3 pace on #4 and #5.

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  7. Workout 06/11/12: morning

    by , June 11th, 2012 at 01:38 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    w/u: 200 FR/100 B K/200 RIM drill

    10 x 50 kick on ~ 1:00

    4 x 200 FR Pull with buoy on :15 sr
    1 x 200 IM-ish

    4 x 75 FR on 1:00

    50 EZ
    100 IM for time (1:13.47 - ouch)
    50 EZ 100 loosen and out
    (Solo/Rec/2600yds/50 min)

    The Tri-train did not pull into station this morning, so I just departed for the journey on my own. I plan to swim again at lunch. The weekend was almost a blur - worked, went to the drive-in's Friday night, Emma's Senior Ball after work on Saturday (I'll put up a picture when I get to the computer tonight), and yesterday I put motorcycle riding on hold to work around the house.

    Of note, there have been three motorcycle fatalities in the past week in my neck of the woods. I do my best not to be an idiot when riding, and these serve as a reminder that I need to always be processing what is happening around me while riding. I think the higher number is due to Americaide wrapping up last week and lots of folks (like, 2,000+ bikers) heading east to Laconia, NH, for the rally there during the next 10 days or so.

    REMEMBER TO LOOK TWICE FOR BIKES, no matter what you're driving.

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  8. 06.11.12 - Monday workout

    by , June 11th, 2012 at 09:16 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Led lane w/ Ray and Katie in between Dave and Dave (right side) and Dave and Kieth (left side). Consolidated workouts/lanes to accommodate a larger than usual crowd today. Felt pretty cruddy from sinus congestion that won't go away. It was mostly a problem w/ backstroke but I was struggling to get oxygen all through the workout.


    400 Warm up

    4 x 125 - 1:45

    5 x 300 - 4:30 25 of each 100 stroke
    200 Easy
    5 x 200 - 3:00 Odds IM, evens free
    200 Easy
    5 x 100 - 1:30 (did 1:07s-1:08s, last one raced Dave for a 1:05)
    10 x 50 - :50 Descend

    200 Cool down

    (5000 Total)
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  9. Sunday June 10th - Swim

    At home with Susan.

    Warm-up (1600)
    200 swim
    3 x
    * 2 x 50 @ 1:15 kick
    * 2 x 50 @ 1:00 drill
    * 2 x 50 @ :50 swim DPS (count)
    3 x 100 1:40 free descend from 1:16 - 1:11
    4 x 50: active recovery on :45, :50, :55, 1:00

    Set I - Swim (1000 set / 2600 total)
    2 x 100 @ 1:40, 1st long, 2nd fast (went free, fast was 1:08)
    4 x 75 @ 1:15, odds long, evens fast (went free, fast were :52 & :53)
    6 x 50 @ 1:00, odds long, evens fast (went free, "fast" were not so much - :33, :32, :32)
    8 x 25 @ :40, odds long, evens fast (went IMO)

    Set II (600 set / 3200 total)
    2 x 100 @ 1:30 dolphin kick w/mono fin on back
    8 x 25 @ :40 kick with board, odds easy, evens AFAP
    8 x 25 @ :45 underwater SDK w/fins

    Wrap-up (200 / 3400)
    200 easy

    ** 3400 yards **


    I had planned to do more mono fin kicking today, but I got MAJOR foot cramps on the third 100 and punted that idea. I think it they are definitely induced by the lack of foot mobility when wearing the fin, as I noticed that I unconsciously flex my feet as I feel that a cramp is coming - and I do it all the time. The foot pocket in this fin fits my foot perfectly so I can't even wiggle my toes, and the rigid fiberglass blade extends under part of my foot so my feet really can't move much at all.

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  10. Thursday June 7th - AM Swim

    Santa Clara Swim Club Masters - SCY
    Soren coaching

    300 swim before practice began
    3 x
    * 100 free @ 1:45
    * 4 x 50 @ 1:15 IM order

    16 x 25 @ :40 flutter kick with board, every 4th AFAP

    12 x 50 @ 1:00, 25 cruise + aggressive turn & kick as far as possible underwater + only two breaths to the wall

    12 x 25 @ :45 1-4 breath every 7, 5-8 breath every 9, 9-12 breath every 11

    300 easy

    ** 2800 yards **


    Oops, I guess I forgot to I post this the other day.
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  11. Saturday, June 9, 2012 Spokane LCM Meet Results

    by , June 9th, 2012 at 10:25 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    This was most definitely the smallest and coldest masters meet I've been to yet. We got confirmation earlier in the week that the meet would go on with the small numbers (it was cancelled last year).

    We had 27 entries to start, and 5 deck entries bringing us up to 32 for the meet. It seemed like the numbers were actually smaller than that, as they were combining heats together anyway from missing people. On top of that the temperature was in the very very low 50s, and it was windy, and it was a pretty significant rainfall as well. All these things don't usually add up to a good swim meet, but we sure did pretty good.

    I met up with That Guy for a little carpooling fun for a majority of both of our trips. I figured since we'd both be covering 2/3 of our trips on the same freeway, why not? When I called him to see where he was, he ended up being about 2 miles behind me on the road (in comparison to the pool that's almost the same spot as in the 800 Free event) We had a good time for the day. Got in a little pool measuring exercise before the meet, since this was the first time a masters meet has been held at this particular pool. The numbers on the tape measure were in our favor, so we let the meet go on (for Top Ten/record purposes).

    I'd say that 75% of the folks just stayed in the pool's warmup lanes for the duration of the meet, with the exception of getting behind the blocks for the races. With such a small meet, the starter would just read off the following heat's lane assignments on a first name basis and everyone meandered their way over to the lanes, hopped up and away we went. It was good fun.

    The results...everything was hand timed, no electronic timing. All worked out good, just no splits to report.

    100 Back - 1:14.59 - New LMSC Record
    I was happy with this one. It's a masters best time as well.

    200 Fly - 3:30.40 - yes that is correct, no typo.
    The referee asked if they could combine me into the 200 Breaststroke heat since I was the only 200 Flyer in the meet. Normally I would've had the 200 Breast heat as rest. I didn't care. I knew it would put me up immediately after the backstroke...the ref said I could have time (like a UFC fighter who took a low blow), but I said I was fine. Let's do this.
    Ended up doing a 100 Fly in 1:09ish or so (that's how it felt), then took a master's minute, did another 50, then waited for the top breaststroker to pass me at the 150 point. I let him go past the 15 Meter mark on the final length, and then I pushed off in an attempt to beat him. It was close, but outstroked him at the end. Phew!!
    At least I put up a decent time already last weekend.

    50 Back - 34.00 - New LMSC Record, and masters best time!
    Some Guy, I think his first name was That, kicked my butt hardcore in this race, but I didn't see anything except clouds for the whole race.

    50 Free - 27.11 - New LMSC Record, and masters best time!
    I actually did think about shortening up my stroke and spinning my wheels for this. My kick was intense as well. And I extended the SDK portion of the race as well. Win win win all around! This time was fast enough for the previous record in my previous age group as well. Isn't it amazing how you get the time after you're no longer eligble for a certain record?

    100 Free - 59.50 - New LMSC Record, and I BROKE A MINUTE LCM!!!
    This wasn't too long after the 50 Free, so I knew I had my sprinting mojo going good, just depended on the distance guy in me to keep me strong for the duration of the race. It actually felt really good, and I felt that I could've gone even faster. I'm sure the full beard could've come off for another 3 seconds at least!

    As for 4 of those races (the short ones), this will probably be the last time I swim them LCM until I'm 40 years old, unless I all of a sudden have a sprinting breakthru happen!

    Relay Fun:

    Just for fun, That Guy and I paired up for a couple exhibition relays with the other 1 or 2 relay teams in the last two races.
    The first was a 200 Medley Relay. That Guy was volunteered BY ME, to do the first half since it had backstroke in it. I then did the Fly/Free portion of the relay.
    Then, the following heat was the 200 Free Relay. I went first, and did a 100 Free semi-easy as my meet cooldown. That Guy...strangely enough, did his 100 of the relay as Fly. Crazy That Guy, but I'll give him for the effort.
  12. Friday June 9th

    At home with Susan.

    Warm-up (1200)
    200 swim
    4 x 50 @ 1:15 IM order
    4 x 100 @ 1:50 50 catchup / 50 swim
    4 x 50 @ 1:00 IM order
    2 x 100 @ 1:40 gentle descend

    Set I (700 set / 1900 total)
    3 x 50 @ :50 dolphin kick with mono fin on stomach
    8 x 25 @ :40 flutter kick with board, odds easy, evens AFAP
    8 x 25 @ :45 underwater SDK w/fins
    3 x 50 @ :50 dolphin kick with mono fin on back

    Set II (1000 set / 2900 total)
    1 x 500 pull with buoy and paddles, strong pace, went 6:14
    5 x 100 @ 1:30, swim descend

    Wrap-up (300 / 3100)
    2 x 50 @ 1:30 hypoxic (managed no breaths on either)
    100 easy

    ** 3100 **


    Kicking with the mono fin is getting a bit easier, although I sometimes really move through the water and sometimes feel like a complete lummox and wonder what the hell I am doing. My feet still cramp quickly when using it, I wonder if it is because they can't flex or stretch because of the rigidity of the blade? In any case, I tried doing some "regular" kicking between short sets of MF kicking today and didn't cramp. I will continue this as I increase the distance kicked.

    The second set was meant to be 20 x 100 on intervals descending from 1:30 to 1:20 (which is only possible on a good day), but neither of us was feeling great in the water and Susan is doing an open water race this weekend so that set got filed away for the future.
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  13. Saturday 6/9/12

    Saturday 6/9

    AM only LCM

    5x200 swim

    3x100 @ 1:40 pull w/ buoy 75 dps/25 0 breath FR
    4x100 @ 1:40 75 dps/25 build to fast
    4x50 @ 1:00 4 breaths/3 breaths/2 breaths/1 breath by 50
    6x50 @ :55 25 fast/25 EZ

    2x150 pull w/ buoy + paddles @ 2:30 strong
    2x100 pull w/ buoy 25 scull/75 dps

    Total: 2700
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  14. 06.09.12 - Saturday workout

    by , June 9th, 2012 at 01:24 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam solo today after assistant refereeing a U14 soccer match. Fortunately, the match was dominated by one team and there wasn't a lot of running required on my part.

    400 Warm up

    6 x 50 - :50 IM Order, no free twice
    1:00 Break
    5 times through:
    * 100 IM - 1:20
    * 100 Free - 1:30 (recovery)
    50 Easy

    3 x 100 Pull - 1:20
    2 x 100 Pull - 1:15
    1 x 100 Pull - 1:10
    2 x 100 Pull - 1:15
    3 x 100 Pull - 1:20
    50 Easy

    12 Times through:
    * 50 Kick - 1:00 (IM Order x 3)
    * 50 Stroke - :50 (IM Order x 3)
    50 Easy

    200 IM - 2:45
    200 Pull - 3:00
    200 IM - 2:45
    200 Pull - 3:00
    200 IM - 2:45
    Came in about 2:48 on the first two. Made 2:44 on the last one. I was pretty tired at this point.

    200 Cool down

    (5350 Total)
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  15. Friday, June 8, 2012 5:00am & 5:30pm

    by , June 8th, 2012 at 10:22 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Morning Swim:

    I only did maybeeeee 1000 yards this morning. It was more of a meet 'n greet with the masters team since I haven't been with them all week due to work obligations. After swimming all week at the YMCA pool, the high school pool felt unusually cool to me.

    Highlights of the swim: sitting on the bottom of the deep section of the pool watching others swim, blowing bubble rings, backstroke start things with fast dolphin kicking to 15M, very slow freestyle drills with the team, a few fast 25s Free. Sounds like a sprint workout to me.


    P.M. "Real" Workout

    I was going to go to the Y tonight for an easy couple thousand, but those plans changed pretty quick. When I got there, there was a fellow masters swimmer with his 12 year old daughter in the lap lanes getting ready to start up a few sets. Had to join up with them, to actually have a cohesive group swimming in the lap lane.

    100 EZ warmup

    5 x 200 Free @ 3:00 (started at 2:20, came down to 2:17s feeling good with DPS)

    4 x 75 Kick w/ board (25 each dolphin, flutter, breast)

    8 x 125 IM extra 25 Free @ 2:15 (went 1:35s to start, #6 1:32, #7 1:30, #8 1:24)

    Felt good with this, and I was outta there!


    2400 Yards (3400 for the day)

    Swim meet tomorrow in Spokane, Long Course Meters...outside...been raining in eastern Washington all week...should be fun.
    50/100 Free, 50/100 Back, and the best: 200 Fly

    I'm only doing these first 4 events to finish my attempt at my new LMSC age group records. Normally I wouldn't waste my time with these events in LCM, but for records...I guess so.
    The 200 Fly is in there so I can call it a swim meet.

    That Guy will be there, and me, and maybe another 25 to 30 people. Should be a good one!

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  16. FAST Fri June 8th 2012

    by , June 8th, 2012 at 02:10 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    FAST Fri June 8th 2012

    Today's blog marks my 1000th blog here at USMS blogs.

    though I wrote more earlier blogs at: [ame=""]my old blog[/ame] from March 23rd 2005 to Fri Sep 19th 2008

    I've entered the 1000+ blogosphere also shared here with:

    The FAF AFAP Digest
    The Fortress 1,147

    Tom's Training and Competition Escapades
    tjrpatt 1,077

    Of Swimming Bondage
    pwb 1,072

    Learning to Sprint again
    Donna 1,068

    aztimm's training blog
    aztimm 1,001

    Here's the list ordered by # of posts

    Today I woke up 5 min earlier to arrive on time.

    Whitney Coached
    LCM main pool
    6:00 to 7:30 dove in 6:03ish
    swam with Tyler, Todd, Jim, Larry, Mike & Marcio

    Nats are 4 weeks away,
    1 more week of hard work & weight loss,
    3 weeks of rest, taper & CPP
    2 & 4 IM, 50 fr, br, & bk; & 100 fr
    Just found out we might have a scheduling issue with my daughters move back to Lubbock, so we need to figure that out.

    Warm Up (LCM)
    assigned 4 1 4 1 4 1 stop at 6;28
    did 1000+

    Main Set (LCM)

    10 x 100 fr on 3:00
    dove em all
    started at 1:10, did a few 68's most were 66 & 7's, last was 1:05 on last

    800 smooth

    8 x 100 in 4 rounds of (100 fast / 100 easy) on 4:00
    went 68, 67, 66, 64

    doesn't seem like much but it was pretty exhausting

    400 done 50 k 50 1 arm drill

    10 x 100 on 1:20
    made em


    assigned 20 x 50
    (with any equipment you choose, fins, paddles, buoy)
    I put on a cap.
    odds on 40
    evens on 35
    couldn't make it
    skipped a 100 at 400 & 700

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    2012 Meets & Events

    Thu Jul 5 - 8, 2012
    2012 USMS LCM Nationals
    Order of Events
    Qwest Center, Omaha, NE

    Sat Aug 11 & 12, 2012
    South Central LCM Zones
    Palo Alto Pool
    San Antonio, TX

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  17. Workout 06/08/12:

    by , June 8th, 2012 at 01:49 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    200 FR/100 BK/100 IM drill

    300 FR (50 DPS/50 FAST)

    3 x 100

    100 FR/100 kick

    150 FR/100 kick

    250 Sharky* <-- Train ride over

    1 x Noah's Ark

    200 stroke loosen and out

    (Tri Train/Rec/2400yds/50 min)

    I made it to the pool this morning before the "Triathlete Train" started on it's trek, so I was encouraged to play the role of Engine #9. Jill gave the workout after each distance, and we alternated with speed and also kicking. *What's a Sharky? Swim 25 with a kickboard between your legs (looks like you grew a dorsal fin) and then kick with it back - we were told to sprint the kick and use the pull as recovery. (I'll add this over to my glossary at some point). I tossed in a Ark at the end for good measure since I had some time.

    I hope to get into the water at some point this weekend, but it looks doubtful. We have plans to go to the drive-ins tonight (, Emma has her Senior Ball on Saturday, and basketball Sunday, all after my work days. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Travel mercies and a special "Swim Fast" to all you Worlds swimmers
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  18. Friday, June 8 2012

    by , June 8th, 2012 at 01:36 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    LCM @FGCU Aquatic Center
    Air temp 84, pool at 78, water clarity 100%
    Partly cloudy with intermittant sunshine

    Warmp Up
    200 FR - desc by 50, 1-4

    *Set 1*
    1x5000 FR Swim for time

    Time: 1:08:56

    1. 13:50
    2. 13:45
    3. 13:49
    4. 13:52
    5. 13:40

    200 EZ

    • This swim was better than expected and I was pleased with the results, particularly the last 1000 holding a 1:22/100 pace. It was my best effort I could do today by myself as the last 200 took all my focus to hold on.
    • I have not done a straight 5000/5K pool swim since early April or late March, not including the Miramar Masters 5K on 4/29. Previously in January, February, and March I was doing 5000 yard straight swims about 2-3 times a week. Today I wanted see if I still could make a good effort, and was fortunate that a FGCU college student/swimmer offered to get my splits.
    • I was also inspired in part by an article I recently re-read again by Wayne Goldsmith "The Top Ten Technique Tips for Every Swimmer". I was able to keep refreshing my stroke and tempo maintaining momentum thinking about "soft hands and feel", "relaxed, calm" strokes, " the power circle (power on - power off)", and "tall, long, strong".
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  19. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -06/11/12

    by , June 8th, 2012 at 01:17 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    4 X 100 2:00
    2 X 150 2:45
    4 X 100 1:45
    2 X 250 4:15

    1 X 200 kick 4:30
    8 X 50 kick 1:10
    1 x 100 swim

    3 X 100 IM 1:45
    4 X 50-1 of each- 1:00
    Two rounds

    5 X 100 free 2:15
    #2 and # 5 @100%

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1;00

    4000 Y/M
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  20. 06.08.12 - Friday workout #09

    by , June 8th, 2012 at 08:52 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave. Did distance stuff today. Getting over my cold finally. Feeling a bit better.


    400 Warm up

    400 Free - 6:00
    Dave and I raced this one. He dropped me early but I managed to catch up with 75 yards to go. Finish was too close to call but we went around 4:45. That gave us a 1:15 break before:
    5 Times through:
    * 50 Fly - :45
    * 50 Kick - 1:00
    * 50 Back - :50
    * 50 Kick - 1:00
    * 50 Breast - :55
    50 Easy

    25 Easy (Started opposite side of the pool from Dave in the same lane)
    400 Free - 5:40 (4:55)
    400 Free - 5:20 (4:55)
    400 Free - 5:00 (4:55)
    25 Easy
    We pretty much "raced" to the black line in the middle of the pool. Once we were done, we both came to the conclusion that the line was not in the middle of the pool. Every time I swam through the shallow end, I'd get ahead and then fall back behind in the deep end. After 1200 yards of this, I started getting the idea that either Dave was messing with my head by varying his speed or something was amiss with the black line. Turns out there are a couple posts that mark the true midpoint of the pool and the black line marks the inflection point where the pool gets deeper faster.

    3:00 Break
    500 Timed (5:57)
    My goal was to beat 6:00. I should be happy with 5:57 but I wasn't. It just felt like I was going a lot faster and I should have been around 5:50.

    200 Cool down

    (4050 Total)

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