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Meet / OW event plans and results from U.S. Masters Swmming events in this category.

  1. WR Vids & Article

    by , March 21st, 2011 at 11:22 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    I'm about to go off to swim, but here are the videos that Jim and Speedo kindly took of my swims on Saturday. The 50 back has an attempted post race interview by Jim. The 100 back vid starts on the second length -- technical difficulties. Jeff Commings also posted a nice article about my swims in Swimming World Magazine news.


    "Leslie Livingston Smashes Three Masters World Records -- March 21, 2011

    NORTH BETHESDA, Maryland, March 21. LESLIE Livingston of Patriot Masters broke three Masters short course meters world records in the 50-54 age group last weekend at the Albatross Meet.

    Livingston, 50, set a new mark in the 50 backstroke with a 30.58, obliterating Karen Andrus-Hughes' mark of 32.13. Another Andrus-Hughes record fell later when Livingston swam a 1:09.25 in the 100 backstroke, taking down the previous mark of 1:10.35.

    Livingston's final record came in the 50 butterfly when she touched the wall in 30.50, just under Traci Granger's world record of 30.60."


    Women 50-54 50 SC Meter Backstroke
    ================================================== =============================
    WORLD: W 32.13 12/7/2008 K.ANDRUS-HUGHES, USA
    1 Livingston, Leslie 50 Patriot Masters 32.00 30.58W

    50 back vid:
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Fort 50 back World Record 50-54[/nomedia]

    (lane 7)

    Women 50-54 100 SC Meter Backstroke
    ================================================== =============================
    WORLD: W 1:10.35 9/9/2007 K.ANDRUS-HUGHES, USA
    1 Livingston, Leslie 50 Patriot Masters 1:11.00 1:09.25W

    Excerpt of 100 back: [nomedia=""]YouTube - Excerpt of Fort 100 SCM back world record, 1:09.25[/nomedia]

    (Fort lane 5, Swimosaur lane 6)

    Women 50-54 50 SC Meter Butterfly
    ================================================== =============================
    WORLD: W 30.60 12/6/2008 TRACI GRANGER, USA
    1 Livingston, Leslie 50 Patriot Masters 31.90 30.50W

    50 fly vid: [nomedia=""]YouTube - Fort SCM 50 fly, WR, 30.50[/nomedia]

    (lane 4)

    -- I still think my 50 & 100 back went about as well as they could. I was way too deep on the second length of the 50 fly and had a really bad breakout. The starter also held us a really long time on the blocks. But considering it was my third swim of the day in about 3 hours, very happy with the time. And I didn't even sneak in an extra breath on the second length! Though I did on my relay leg.

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  2. Albatross Triple Bliss, March 19

    by , March 19th, 2011 at 10:52 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Nerves and eccentric training work!

    Just a short blog about the Albatross SCM meet, which I am over the moon about.

    50 back:

    Previous WR = 32.13
    PB = 31.14 (Jaked & kneeskin)
    Today's race = 30.58

    I was simply shocked by the time. Shocked. 15-16 + 14-15 SDKs. Lane 7 was good to me. I apparently like shallow water. lol A teammate told me I was a high 14 at the feet, though Speedo thought low 15. I used the entire 15 meters on the start. And the official was standing right at the 15 meter point to judge. I flat backed the start a little, and was somewhat shallower than usual.

    100 back:

    Previous WR = 1:10.3
    PB in Jaked = 1:09.5
    PB in kneeskin = 1:10.3
    Today = 1:09.25

    I swam the race as hard underwater kicks and easy speed on top of the water. I did not take it out fast because, I believe, this would just result in paralysis. Splits: 33.7 & 35.4, which is essentially an even or negative split. I had a good last 15 meter sprint and was able to pick up the tempo. Perhaps I could have picked it up a bit more on the 3rd length, but I didn't seem to have much in the tank at the end.

    A friend snapped a pic of the turn at the 75. I'm in lane 5, turning first. Judd Jones, Susan Williams, Muppet and Barbara Clifford-Dicks are also in the shot. It helped having speedy people to race!

    50 fly:

    Previous WR = 30.6
    PB Jaked = 29.6
    PB in kneeskin = 30.3
    Today = 30.50

    I short stroked the turn a bit and had poor breakouts on both lengths (especially the second, too deep), which is confirmed by video. And my legs were very tired from the 100 back. Was therefore thrilled to see this time come up, and I was pushed by two speedy women in adjacent lanes. But I think I can go faster with more rest and better execution. (This time may be slower than my converted 27.2 from 2 weeks ago in SCY). Still happy!!!

    GMUP mixed 160+ 200 medley relay, 1st place, 2:04

    Swam fly leg, split 30.21

    -- Poor Speedo had to swim the 50 free leg immediately after his 400 IM.

    Many videos were taken. Though Jimslie says he may have messed up my 100 back ... Will know tomorrow. Jimslie and Speedo had great meets by the way!

    Ande sent me a wonderful text during the meet: "You let the world see what you imagined." Really made me smile.

    And then Jimslie spilled beer on me at the after meet social (both negligently and intentionally). See attached.

    Unofficial Results:

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  3. ORCA Swim meet - Mar 12

    by , March 13th, 2011 at 10:35 AM (Dan's hobby/obsession)
    Although I took it a little easier this week than I normally do, I got to the pool Saturday not quite feeling 100%. Nerves or the flu? I wasn't sure but it didn't really matter. I came to swim and hang out with the teammates.

    After finding my way through the rat maze that is the athletic building at Seattle U, I finally found the pool and the rest of the folks from the Monroe Masters. Then I got to work my way through another maze to find the locker rooms. It was quite an interesting venue for a swim meet.

    The day started off with the men's 200fr relay. I requested the leadoff leg so I could get a 50 split. I got a decent start and an OK turn, but started swimming sideways about halfway back and snagged the lane line about two strokes from the wall. I got out touched by the guy next to me but still ended up with a season-best split of :25.98.

    My next race was the 200fr. I was feeling a little tight, but had worked out my race strategy and kept my fingers crossed that I could finish strong. I went out smooth (:27) and then started to struggle (:58) before I found the piano (1:30) and dragged it to the finish line (2:02.9). For the first 100 I was in a tight race with the guy in the next lane, but then I started falling back. I made a small move on the last 25, but it was too late & I was hurtin'! It was still a season-best swim, but not the sub-2:00 that I had hoped for.

    100IM was next. I went upstairs to the warm-up pool and swam a few laps after the 200 and was feeling pretty good about the IM. I was swimming 2 lanes over from the other Dan from MYM and I managed to snag a middle lane for this heat. I decided to hit the fly hard and hope for the best during the breaststroke and it worked out well for me because I found myself in a tight race again, but this time I prevailed, even through the evil breaststroke length! We came off the last wall about even and I pulled slightly ahead and managed a last-second lunge that won the heat. 1:07.4

    100 fr was next and I was starting to feel tired. The stupid cold wouldn't give me a break today. I went back upstairs and swam a few laps, hoping to loosen up and settle my stomach, but it was not happening. Made my way back to the main pool and found Peter behind the blocks and talked with him a while about his race. He swam before me and did pretty well! I ended up with a middle lane again. The race started well and then I went and screwed up the first turn. Toe-nail touch that cost me a half-body length on the guy next to me. I got pissed and swam pretty hard to catch up and just tried to thrash it out all the way to the finish. I managed to hang on, but didn't win the heat. :56.3

    200fly was my next race. I was tempted to scratch this one - who isn't? But my team rallied around and I decided I'd give it a shot. I knew it wasn't going to be fast or pretty, but what other chance was I going to get to swim in the same heat as That Guy? (even if he was going to lap me) So I swam it. Even with a 2 breath, 1 no breathing pattern I was still wiped out at 125. The last 75 was breathing every stroke and hoping not to get DQ'd. The last 50 was :45 and Ugly! 2:41.4

    That left just one event, the 100back. Surprisingly, I ended up in the final heat. Granted I was the last seed in that final heat, but I was looking forward to trying to chase down some good backstrokers. It was not to be. In a bizarre turn of events, I was the only competitor to show up for heat 5 of the 100 backstroke. When the whistle blew for swimmers to enter the water, I was the only one who jumped in. I got back to the blocks and looked across in disbelief that I had to swim in a wall lane when there was no one else in the pool. I got ready for the referee's instructions, but didn't hear anything. I looked over to see what he was up to and he hit the starting button! I was not ready so my start, in addition to being the sloppy mess it always is, ended up being extremely slow. So here I am, thrashing away, trying my best to put on a backstroke clinic for the folks and not embarrass myself too badly. I don't think I succeeded-1:09

    It was an OK day. I didn't hit any of the national qualifying times I'd hoped for (100fr & 200fr) but swam season best times in nearly all my races in spite of having a bit of a cold. Now it's time to get back to hard workouts for a couple weeks to prepare for PNA champs in April.

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  4. FINA Fixer

    by , March 12th, 2011 at 09:42 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    I went out to dinner tonight with friends to celebrate being World Champion even though FINA somehow left me off their defective SCM TT list. If had been final, which seems impossible, the lovely Eney Jones had promised to buy me "a crown, sceptre, patch and certificate." She is divine!

    In any event, Walt Reid -- my new hero -- promptly made the corrections to the FINA list and I got the notification upon arriving home from dinner. And he didn't just make the two changes for my 50 back and 50 fly, but made changes for the list of other women I sent him as well. Go Walt! It's unclear exactly what the source of the problem was, but apparently the software was not accepting the correct number of swimmers for the 50s.

    I like the way this FINA TT list looks much better than the list I opened yesterday:

    45-49 50m Backstroke Women Short Course
    Rank Full Name Country Time
    1 LIVINGSTON Leslie USA 31.14
    2 REYNOLDS Ellen USA 31.66
    3 HIRAISHI Shizuko JPN 32.27
    4 PHILIPSSON Anette SWE 32.63
    5 JENKINS Valerie USA 33.01
    6 ROSEN Susanna SWE 33.07
    7 HIGURASHI Masami JPN 33.45
    8 PONTI Daniela ITA 33.63
    9 FORALOSSO Laura ITA 33.65
    10 MAETOGE Kazue JPN 33.69

    Although I was FINA #1 in 2009 in the 50 LCM back for my Indy Nats race (see profile pic), this one seems more meaningful because of some of the struggles I've had this year. Plus, I am still kinda jazzed by the fact that I swam the same time as last year despite having to wear a kneeskin.

    Rankings were as follows:

    SCM 50 back, #1
    SCM 100 back, #2
    SCM 50 fly, #5
    SCM 100 fly, #10
    LCM 50 back, #3
    LCM 50 fly, #9

    I was actually pretty happy to make the LCM list at all because I took 4 weeks off last summer and was not in shape for LCM Zones. Not going to skip the 100 IM in SCM this year!

    Hopefully, this can be an end to what Kirk Nelson calls my "bad TT karma!"

    As for today, I did nuthin. Tomorrow, I am going for an easy swim. And I'm going to sleep in while Mr. Fort heads out early for round two of his adventure trail race series.

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  5. Warrenton Meet, March 6

    by , March 6th, 2011 at 08:33 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Warrenton Meet/SCY:

    Very fun meet! Well run and low key, with lots of nice swimmer folk. I couldn't believe they actually had coffee in the hospitality room. Had some right before my 50 fly. They mayor of Warrenton, who is a masters swimmer, gave out Mayoral Proclamations for those breaking meet records, which was a nice touch.

    I didn't love the pool as much as Speedo. But that's likely because I was stuck in lanes 1 & 2 for every race. Those lanes = 7 feet deep. The rest of the lanes = 9 to almost 12 feet deep. It almost goes without saying that I prefer deep water. But thanks to being in the next to last heat in my fly races, at least I had cool clean water. And my times were faster than I expected on a few days rest. Good thing -- since these 3 races are now in the bank for SCY. No do overs. Hopefully, they'll hold up decently against the fast swimming to come at Mesa. It feels slightly odd not tapering for SCY this season, but I have other fish to fry in nice indoor meter pools.

    100 fly:

    Tech suit best: 1:01.3
    Full body Pro best: 1:04.0
    Today: 1:03.1

    My last untapered 100 fly was a 1:02.7 in a B70 in a faster pool (Mason at 2010 Zones). So I'm pretty happy with a time only .4 slower in my paltry little kneeskin at the crack o' dawn. I was out in 29.1, with the predictable piano the last 10 yards. But I had a very clean start and fast underwaters. My breakouts were good, according to Speedo, except for the third one. I can't say my turns were very snappy though; like usual, I was going for big air. Glad this race was first. I think it woke me up a bit as well -- this was my earliest race in some time. SwimShark was kind enough to video it for me.

    50 fly:

    Tech suit best: 27.0
    Full Body Pro best: 27.6
    Previous Best in kneeskin: 27.8
    Today: 27.2

    Thrilled with this time! When I swam the 50 fly at the Sprint Classic last October, I went 27.8 with a glide-y finish. This time, I decided in advance to experiment by staying under water longer off the start and turn (did 12 and 10-11 SDK or so respectively). I also hit my walls fairly well. Result: .6 faster in a slower pool. I'll take that! This time is only .2 off my PB of 27.0 swum twice in a Jaked and B70. So it's my second fastest time ever. Maybe execution is even more important than tapering for 50s. And I'm glad I experimented with more SDKs in my 50; now I know it's faster. Speedo did say I had a couple dolphin kicks on the surface on my second 25, so that's still something to work on and improve. And I grazed my hand on the lane line on the second length. Everyone seemed to agree the lanes were slightly narrow though.

    100 IM:

    Tech suit best: 1:04.1
    Ful body Pro best: 1:06.8
    Today: 1:04.3

    Hadn't swum this race in SCY since the Auburn meet in 2009 when I was fully tapered and in B70. This meet, based on my 100 fly time and in a kneeskin, I figured I'd go a 1:06 or so. So I was rather shocked to see the 1:04.3, only .2 off my PB, with splits of 29.0/35.3. This swim felt relatively better than the last few 100 IMs that I dimly remember. I wore a nose clip (which made the 12 SDKs on the back leg easier) and went out slightly slower on the first 50. My breast leg also felt better. I was in lane 1 for this race. My one big mental error was that I came off the wall on freestyle flutter kicking instead of dolphin kicking. WTH? When I realized I was flutter kicking underwater, I popped up and started swimming. Would love to see what I'd go fully tapered and in a deeper pool, but, hey, I'll take this time too.



    All in good, a great meet and a great start to 2011. I'll swim 3 more events in SCY at CZ in April (again, on only a few days rest) -- 50 free, 50 breast and 100 back. Then, I'll have had a crack at all my best events in SCY. I must admit I'm a bit sad not to be going to Mesa. But one can't do everything.

    After my last few short course meets without my beloved B70, my prevailing thought is I am really, really glad I've invested so much time in dolphin kicking. I think it's saving me in this transition period. Oddly, I think using tech suits may have helped me become a better kicker by causing me to focus more on streamlining and kicking. I became a better underwater swimmer, and taking the suits away doesn't seem to have changed that terribly much.

    Full meet results:

    Mr. Fort also won his age division of the 10 mile adventure trail race this am. He said it was the hardest 10 miles of racing he's ever done. His training parter didn't fare as well in the rainy muddy conditions, repeatedly falling. Mr. Fort is a like little billy goat.

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  6. My second meet as a Master

    by , February 24th, 2011 at 08:49 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    20th Annual Valentines Love to Swim Classic: 2/19/11

    100 Backstroke: 59.45 - my goal was to get under 1 minute!

    100 IM : 1:04.06 - I wish I could be more efficient at the breaststroke.

    50 Free: 24.37 - felt good, need to work on the turn.

    100 Free: 53.45 - Super excited about this time - I was aiming for a 55.

    I need to keep working on my stroke, as the back is off just a little due to poor hip rotation, which is preventing my left pull from getting as deep as it ought to be. Also, the 100 Free was my last event, and I sucked wind on the last lap - even some water due to a bad breath with 15 yards to go.

    I have been working on some longer endurance sets with time intervals to keep pace - I try to get in two workouts a week hard (3600yds in 60 minutes) and then 1-2 more (2600 in 60 minutes) where I focus more on stroke work/drills/kicking.

    Any ideas for helping my hips and shoulders to rotate together for backstroke would be appreciated!
  7. Simon's Rock Pace/Makers meet 01/23/2011

    by , February 11th, 2011 at 11:53 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)

    Unofficial results from my first swim meet in 15 years...

    200 Free: 2:06.??
    50 Fly: 28.34
    100 Back: 1:03.10
    (I also swam back in the 200 Med. relay with some new friends from the Pittsfield, MA Masters.)

  8. A question posed to my fellow distance swimmers

    I guess I could post this in the forums, but I'd like to start posting to this blog frequently, so I just thought I'd just jump-start that.

    I want to do the 6000 postal this year, but the actual swimming doesn't seem to be the hard part. How do you get someone to time for you for that long? What's a good bribe to get someone to sit around on deck for -- I don't even know how long in my case. Under two hours, I hope. Also, should I even try to get a second person to count for me? I think I can do without, and I don't mind popping my head up every once in awhile to ask the timer how much I have left. Even though I know everyone of those conversations will go something like this.
    "What lap am I on?"
    "Mumble mumble."
    "Never mind, I'll ask later!"

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  9. Sun Jan 30th 2011 HR Postal Swim take 2

    by , January 30th, 2011 at 07:27 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sun Jan 30th 2011

    UT Swim Center
    Mary Coached
    noon to 1:15

    HR Postal Swim take 2
    last week I went 5,130 in my 1 hr postal swim
    I felt like I went out too hard, inconsistent
    I over heated
    wore an old FS Pro
    stopped too often and too long
    swam in a lane where I couldn't see the pace clock
    didn't shave and
    started 2 minutes after the main group

    Today I wanted to take another crack at it so see if I could improve
    here's some of the corrections I attempted:
    went out easier, stay steady,& no stopping
    wore a new FS pro
    swam in a lane where I could see the pace clock
    asked my counter to signal each 500 &
    even wore my goggle straps over the top of my ears &
    don't over heat

    my counter Beth Rasmussen used tyler blessings new hour swim Iphone app.
    it's really cool

    warm up
    swam easy 50's on 45 for 8 minutes
    got out with 2 minutes to go
    cleaned my gogs and got ready
    my goal was to do 10 x 500 on 5:40

    here's how it went

    0500 05:37

    1000 11:13 5:36

    1500 16:48 5:35

    2000 22:24 5:36 11:11

    2500 28:00 5:36

    3000 33:37 5:37 11:13

    3500 39:22 5:45 (this might not be correct)

    4000 44:48 5:26 11:11

    4500 50:18 5:30

    5000 55:46 5:28 10:58

    went 5,390 yards in an hour
    pleased with this swim,
    improved 260 yards from last week.

    1650 splits
    1650 18:29
    3300 36:58 18:29
    4950 55:13 18:15

    Start: 2011/01/30 @ 12:11:43 CST
    Stop: 2011/01/30 @ 13:11:43 CST

    Splits for swimmer1
    0050 :30.14 00:30.14
    0100 :32.09 01:02.23
    0150 :34.07 01:36.30
    0200 :33.99 02:10.29 1:08.06
    0250 :33.46 02:43.75
    0300 :33.94 03:17.69 1:07.40
    0350 :34.45 03:52.14
    0400 :33.82 04:25.96 1:08.27
    0450 :33.91 04:59.87
    0500 :34.18 05:34.05 1:08.09
    0550 :33.51 06:07.56
    0600 :34.15 06:41.71 1:07.66
    0650 :33.50 07:15.21
    0700 :33.87 07:49.08 1:07.37
    0750 :33.75 08:22.83
    0800 :33.86 08:56.69 1:07.61
    0850 :33.68 09:30.37
    0900 :33.85 10:04.22 1:07.53
    0950 :34.08 10:38.30
    1000 :33.68 11:11.98 1:07.76
    1050 :33.17 11:45.15
    1100 :33.03 12:18.18 1:06.20
    1150 :33.83 12:52.01
    1200 :33.77 13:25.78 1:07.60
    1250 :33.32 13:59.10
    1300 :33.65 14:32.75 1:06.97
    1350 :33.98 15:06.73
    1400 :33.48 15:40.21 1:07.46
    1450 :34.03 16:14.24
    1500 :33.12 16:47.36 1:07.15
    1550 :33.55 17:20.91
    1600 :33.53 17:54.44 1:06.08
    1650 :33.67 18:28.11
    1700 :33.17 19:01.28 1:06.84
    1750 :32.95 19:34.23
    1800 :34.30 20:08.53 1:07.25
    1850 :33.75 20:42.28
    1900 :33.89 21:16.17 1:07.64
    1950 :33.75 21:49.92
    2000 :33.85 22:23.77 1:07.60
    2050 :33.48 22:57.25
    2100 :32.74 23:29.99 1:06.22
    2150 :34.03 24:04.02
    2200 :33.58 24:37.60 1:07.61
    2250 :34.09 25:11.69
    2300 :33.26 25:44.95 1:07.35
    2350 :34.29 26:19.24
    2400 :33.53 26:52.77 1:07.82
    2450 :33.27 27:26.04
    2500 :33.53 27:59.57 1:06.80
    2550 :33.35 28:32.92
    2600 :34.16 29:07.08 1:07.51
    2650 :34.03 29:41.11
    2700 :34.67 30:15.78 1:08.70
    2750 :33.47 30:49.25
    2800 :32.48 31:21.73 1:05.95
    2850 :34.09 31:55.82
    2900 :33.65 32:29.47 1:07.74
    2950 :33.97 33:03.44
    3000 :33.16 33:36.60 1:07.13
    3050 :33.60 34:10.20
    3100 :33.38 34:43.58 1:06.98
    3150 :33.14 35:16.72
    3200 :33.41 35:50.13 1:06.55
    3250 :33.94 36:24.07
    3300 :33.56 36:57.63 1:07.50
    3350 :33.52 37:31.15
    3400 :33.55 38:04.70 1:07.07
    3450 :33.76 38:38.46
    3500 :33.26 39:11.72 1:07.02
    3550 :33.49 39:45.21
    3600 :34.24 40:19.45 1:07.73
    3650 :33.21 40:52.66
    3700 :33.73 41:26.39 1:06.94
    3750 :33.13 41:59.52
    3800 :33.43 42:32.95 1:06.56
    3850 :33.64 43:06.59
    3900 :33.15 43:39.74 1:06.79
    3950 :33.75 44:13.49
    4000 :33.56 44:47.05 1:07.33
    4050 :33.03 45:20.08
    4100 :33.27 45:53.35 1:06.30
    4150 :33.48 46:26.83
    4200 :32.86 46:59.69 1:06.34
    4250 :33.01 47:32.70
    4300 :32.93 48:05.63 1:05.94
    4350 :32.70 48:38.33
    4400 :33.46 49:11.79 1:06.16
    4450 :32.97 49:44.76
    4500 :33.34 50:18.10 1:06.31
    4550 :32.91 50:51.01
    4600 :32.88 51.23.89 1:05.79
    4650 :32.90 51:56.79
    4700 :32.82 52:29.61 1:05.72
    4750 :32.71 53:02.32
    4800 :32.76 53:35.08 1:05.47
    4850 :33.02 54:08.10
    4900 :32.91 54:41.01 1:05.93
    4950 :32.72 55:13.73
    5000 :32.89 55:46.62 1:05.61
    5050 :32.10 56:18.72
    5100 :32.79 56:51.51 1:04.89
    5150 :32.93 57:24.44
    5200 :32.64 57:57.08 1:05.57
    5250 :32.56 58:29.64
    5300 :32.71 59:02.35 1:05.27
    5350 :32.35 59:34.70
    + ~ 38 yds
    5390 total (estimated)

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  10. Sun Jan 23rd, 2010 Went Postal

    by , January 24th, 2011 at 12:50 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sun Jan 23rd, 2010 Went Postal

    Did the hour swim today

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    Whitney Coached
    UT Swim Center, main pool, bulkheads up, east side
    noon to 1:15 dove in on time
    trained in my own lane beside larry, beth, Kelly, & Brad Bailey
    WORE FS PRO jammer

    did easy 50's for 7 minutes

    everyone started at 12:10 but I dove in at 12:12, Beth, my wife counted for me.
    my goal was to do 10 x 500 on 5:30
    I went 5,130
    pool was 81

    0100 01:02
    0500 05:31
    1000 11:06
    1500 16:31
    1650 18:12
    2000 22:14
    2500 27:59
    3000 33:57
    3300 37:22
    3500 39:46
    4000 45:49
    4500 52:33
    4950 59:59
    5000 58:29
    5100 59:38

    went 5,130

    went out way to hard on the first 2000, tried to hang with tyler

    got too hot, pool was a touch warm at 81

    trained too hard thu, fri, & sat

    didn't sleep well the night before

    dove in 2:00 after the main group I should have dove in on time and stayed with Larry & Kelly

    stopped too many times

    might take another crack at it

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
  11. NE Champs, Day 2, Dec. 12

    by , December 13th, 2010 at 12:34 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Day 2:

    I was very tired after day 1's 250 medley and hoping for a "dead to the world" type sleep, but it was not to be. I was too hyped up and caffeinated. But this is typical during a meet for me. Headed over to the pool with SwimmieAvsFan for a leisurely warm up. I felt pretty smooth, though the legs were a bit leaden and fatigued.

    100 back, 1:10.26:

    I was fairly nervous for this event, much like the 100 fly. There were no flyover starts in backstroke at this meet, so I was a tad peeved when the starter decided to start my heat (the final one) with a swimmer still in my lane. Slightly distracting.

    I had a slight cramp in my left calf on the start, which I'm sure was due to fatigue, as I had no cramping problems on day 1. But it wasn't too bad -- not nearly as bad as the cramp I had off the start in the 100 back in Indy last year. So I compensated by not kicking quite as hard or far underwater and not going out fast. The rest of the race was fine; I think I was somewhat lazy on my turns though. Splits were 33.68/36.58.

    Given the wobbly start, I was very happy and surprised with my final time of 1:10.26. I had been hoping to break 1:12. Last year, I swam a 1:10.9 (B70) and 1:09.5 (Jaked, I think), so this was my second fastest time ever and very close to my super suit times, off by only .7 and I didn't have any cramping issues on my swim at Boston last year. According to the GBC converter, my time of 1:10.26 converts 1:01.56, which is actually .4 faster than my 100 back from Atlanta swum in a Jaked.

    Stud video'd this race for me and I reviewed it on the camera. My arms looked like they were moving in super slow mo compared to my 50 backs until the final 25. (I noticed the same thing in my 100 back from Atlanta.) I don't seem to have a true 100 speed turnover. I suppose this is due to my fear of dying on these events. I think my 100s would benefit from a more aggressive approach. But I would have to train more specifically for it. I'll download the video later.

    50 fly, 30.39

    There was not much time between the 100 back and 50 fly - even Chris mentioned this. I would have preferred another 30 minutes of rest or so. I would even have gladly taken 2 hours.

    I felt extremely tired during the race -- was just powering through it. Both breakouts were sub par, as confirmed by Muppet. Which is a bit disappointing because 3 out of 4 of my 100 fly breakouts were solid. But I had a fast turn and I nailed the finish with no glide at all.

    Very happy with the time, which is 1.2 faster than I swam at the Albatross meet earlier in the year. It's still .7 slower than I went last year, but I think the suits effect the short axis strokes more. Using the GBM converter, this converts to a 27.3 in SCY, which is only .3 off my best time in a Jaked from Atlanta.

    This time also lands me 2nd in the current event rankings behind the amazing SVDL, so I am thrilled with that!


    I scratched the open 50 back and 100 free. Every muscle in my body was sore and aching by then and I didn't think I'd go any faster than 31.14 in the open 50.* (I think the winning time in that event was a 31.6.) Plus, the pool conditions/air quality were causing me sinus and wheezing problems (which are worse today, blech). And 6 events is plenty for a wimpy sprinter! I was amped-out. So I just relaxed for a couple hours, chatted and watched my friends' races before ravenously wolfing down real food and heading to the airport.

    * Jimslie texted me that this time was the second fastest time swum in any age group so far this year in SCM.


    Last SCM meet in my current age group!

    50 back, 31.14
    50 fly, 30.3
    50 breast, 38.9
    50 free, 28.77
    100 back, 1:10.26
    100 fly, 1:10.22

    Very pleased with all the times. (Just wish I had gotten a 100 IM time.) I was hesitant about signing up for this meet initially since I only had about 4-5 weeks of really solid training before my 2 week taper. But I'm glad I did. I think I might have "drifted" too much in training without a goal meet to break things up. And now I'm ready to get back to some non-taper workouts. Though I may not get in much training this week with xmas looming - I am way behind. Plus, I have that nice post taper meet "hit by a mack truck" feeling.

    It was pretty dicey getting back from Boston last night (torrential rain there and high winds here). SwimmieAvsFan and Muppet's flight was cancelled and they were stranded there. My flight was very delayed and I didn't arrive home until 1:00 am. But it was all worth it!

    And Fort Son had fun tooling around Boston and checking out schools. I was happy he didn't get lost on the MBTA!

    Unofficial Results:

    And on those results is my split request from the 200 back. Whew. (I know I shouldn't stress about this, but I've had a couple splits almost go missing the last couple years.) Oddly, my time is the exact same time as last year, right down to the hundredth of a second.

    Women 45-49 50 SC Meter Backstroke
    ================================================== =============================
    WORLD: W 30.31 3/1/2009 K.PIPES-NEILSEN, FRA
    NATL: N 30.58 12/2/2007 K PIPES-NEILSEN
    Zone Champs: Z 32.51 2008 Laurie DiTommaso
    VA LMSC: V 38.74 3/15/2008 Debbie Jaeger
    Name Age Team Finals
    ================================================== =============================
    1 Luallen-Egg, Andrea 45 GSM-NJ 34.87
    2 Skrobis, Amy V 45 ABC-NE 37.52
    3 Delorey, Laura E 48 GWDM-NE 39.49
    4 Stokes, Karin E 49 GSP-NE 40.27
    5 Cheney, Jane E 49 GWDM-NE 46.45
    6 Zraket, Lisa 46 YNS-NE 47.38
    7 Barker, Joanne L 46 CMSC-NE 47.99

    Women 45-49 50 SC Meter Backstroke
    ================================================== =============================
    WORLD: W 30.31 3/1/2009 K.PIPES-NEILSEN, FRA
    NATL: N 30.58 12/2/2007 K PIPES-NEILSEN
    Zone Champs: Z 32.51 2008 Laurie DiTommaso
    VA LMSC: V 38.74 3/15/2008 Debbie Jaeger
    Name Age Team Finals
    ================================================== =============================
    1 Livingston, Leslie 49 GMUP-PV 31.14Z

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  12. NE Champs, Day 1, Dec. 11

    by , December 11th, 2010 at 09:40 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Day 1 went exceedingly well, better than I expected. I even managed to swim all 4 of my events today -- practically an ironman feat for me. . I'm now fairly flattened as a result.

    100 fly, 1:10.26

    So glad this was the first event of the day! My last pre-B70 time was a 1:12ish (I recall). Last year, in B70, I went a 1:09.8. I expected to go a 1:12-1:13 here, given the general 2 second time differential per 100 free SCY. Was shocked and thrilled with my 1:10.2, only .4 off my best. I tried to SDK a lot. Mollie said that, by 25s, I went 12-13 meters, 10 meters, 10 meters, 8 meters. I popped up a little early on the last length after a longish turn. Just needed some air. But otherwise my breakouts were solid and smooth. Had the usual last 10 meter piano, but at least didn't go vertical. This is my hardest event, and I don't really train for it in any conventional way, so I was pleased. Kicking saves me in this event. I think this time puts me 3rd in the overall rankings behind two new 45 year olds, if I recall the SPMA results correctly.

    50 back, 31.14 (split on 200 back)
    (final 200 time, a blazing 3:20 )

    If I wasn't typing on my iPhone I'd put in a bliss smiley here. Edit: My previous time from the Albatross meet was a 32.5, but I was hoping to go a bit faster based on the 28.1 I swam at the Sprint Classic on Oct. 24 after the bronchitis taper. Honestly, my secret goal, was to swim faster than 31.6, but anything can go wrong in a 50 and, as I previously said, I would have been pleased with anything under 32.

    I executed reasonably well, but not perfectly. My hands were crossed (first time ever) on the start, which was slightly disconcerting. 14 SDKs on the start and 15 on the turn. There was a stroke & turn judge right at the 15 meter mark, so didn't take any chances on that front on the start. I was a bit too far from the wall on the turn and glided into the finish -- probably due to the 5 meter flags. No matter, I was very thrilled to stop, gasp for air, squint at the scoreboard and see the 31.14. Stud also had my split writ large on a piece of paper as I headed to the warm down pool -- very sweet. I had informed the referee (who stood over my finish) and both the women swimming next to me that I was doing a split, so that they were well aware and didn't have any angst. I did legally finish the race in a stellar time of 3:20, causing only a very minor delay of the meet. Did the second 50 double arm backstroke.

    This is the same time I swam last year at this meet in a Jaked or B70 and should put me in the AA spot, unless there are other times I'm unaware of. This would be my first AA in the 50 back in SCM. I've ended up second on several occasions. So I'm ditching this age group on a high note!

    I could happily have stopped swimming for the day at this juncture. I was happy and tired. (Veni, vici, vidi, in a manner of speaking.) But the day was long and I had plenty of rest so carried on.

    50 breast, 38.9

    Pretty happy with this time, especially since I was trying to be very conservative on the pre-kick and pulldown. Over a second slower than last year, but, like Allen Stark, I think swimming evil in a Jaked is like a different stroke entirely. This is still my second fastest time in SCM (out of only 3-4 swims, I think) and a much better effort than the 41.8 I turned in in LCM. Currently, this puts me in the number 3 spot. (Which rather confirms my thought that the speed suits make the mosy difference in evil.

    SwimStud had an amazing 50 breast today, dropping two full seconds+ from last year! I wish I had video'd this, as he had awesome forward momentum, but it was right after my swim and I was gasping. I got his 100 breast the next day though.

    50 free, 28.77

    I was going to scratch this event. I really was. I haven't swum 4 events at a taper meet in eons. But decided it might be easier to do at the end of the day today than late tomorrow afternoon as a split in the 100 free. Happy with the time. It's .5 faster than I went at the Albatross meet, but still .5 off my B70 PB (which I did as the very first swim at BU last year). I had a quite sub par turn -- it was dark outside (5:00 pm or so) and that made it harder to pick up the wall without the light streaming through the windows. Still, I'll take it flaws and all!

    Overall, I was extremely happy with the day. I'm worried I'll be bushed tomorrow. But hopefully a decent night's sleep will help. Tomorrow, I have the 100 back, 50 fly and 50 back. I'm scratching the 100 free. Depending on how I feel, I might not swim the 50 back again, as it would be my 7th event. I'm very very glad I put in a split request to get a time before the end of the meet! I hate it when 50 back is the last event when my legs are dead.

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  13. West Bend SCM Meet Post Mortem

    I didn't get a pre-meet run down mostly because of time and craziness both at my job and in my life ('tis the season!). Even now - I don't really have much time to type this up - so I'll be brief.

    50 Fly
    I didn't actually want to do this race - my shoulders have been hurting as a result of not building the muscle in my chest and shoulders properly. I've been working them when I can but have been lacking the necessary time. The race wasn't terrible, and I did OKAY. I dropped two seconds off of my seed. So I ended up swimming roughly (I don't have my exact results with me) a 43.
    200 Free
    Started off too fast, but managed to hold on: 2:58 and change. 5 Seconds drop from Indy! Not too shabby!
    50 Back (as part of the 200 Medley Relay)
    I suspect I suck at racing back. I can swim it in practice decently, but my backstroke in races always seems like a torrent of chocking, dolphining too deep and hating myself when its over. I have no idea what my split was - but it was weird as heck watching someone dive over top of me in the relay.
    50 Breast
    I had a fantastic Dive and Pullout. I covered 1/2 of the length of the pool and by the time I hit the wall I was in last place again. <sigh> Some day.
    200 IM
    That race sucked. It was SOOO LONG. I think next time I'll try to swim that fresh. 3:50 and change. It was 20 seconds longer than I planned.
    1500 Free
    Event #6 in 3 short hours. I was cashed out. Swam it in 26 and change. I wish I would've swam it first - I'm pretty sure I would've blown my 25 out of the water from Indy.

    Busy busy busy. Thanks for reading!
  14. San Antonio, TX SCM MEET Day 2 Sun Dec 5th 2010

    by , December 5th, 2010 at 06:32 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat Dec 4th 2010

    Masters of South Central Regional SCM Championships
    Sat Dec 4th & Sun 5th
    San Antonio, TX

    First i want to say a big thank you to Susan, Adrian, the officials and volunteers who ran this meet. It was great and I really appreciate their efforts. It was a small meet, but it was laid back, fun and well planned. The meet schedule provided 3 breaks to give swimmers a bit more rest. Also had a blast with my wife Beth, team mates and friends who went to this meet.


    400 fr
    went for a 100 split time
    55.75 26.34 29.41

    should have split it closer,
    went out a bit too hard, missed 1st and 3rd turn, turned too far not much push off
    26.34 29.41
    50.93 38.86
    37.87 37.92
    37.11 35.02

    there was a 10 min break after the 400

    50 br
    went 32.0
    was 31.4 last year

    so I was pretty please with this
    turned close to David at the 25
    he went 30.7 and broke the 50 to 54 men WR

    200 IM [nomedia=""]YouTube - Ande Rasmussen 200 im scm sun dec 5th, 2010[/nomedia]

    went 2:14.49
    but didn't get splits
    took it out harder than I did in Tempe, did more SDKs but stayed relaxed till the breast
    improved from 2:16.2 at Tempe
    very pleased with this swim

    immediately swam down,
    only had 1 200 IM heat & 4 50 fly heats of rest before I was back up on the blocks again for the

    50 fly
    went 26.7
    improved from 27.5 at tempe
    swam beside Mike Varrozza who went 26.3 and tried to race him
    really pleased with it and honestly felt a sense of euphoria & was really looking forward to our relay and my 50 bk lead off
    probably got around 30 min of rest

    200+ mens 4 x 50 medley relay [nomedia=""]YouTube - 2010 200+ mens 4 x 50 medley relay[/nomedia]

    Lane 2 Longhorn Masters 200 plus men
    (end lane on the left)

    Bk 27.70 Ande Rasmussen, 47

    Br 58.15 30.45 David Guthrie, 50
    minutes after his 1:06 WR 100 Br

    Fl 1:25.70 27.55 Jim Sauer, 53

    Fr 1:51.48 25.78 Max Stinchcombe, 53

    we barely missed our own 1:51.39 record that we did wearing full B70's last year

    continued to feel good and sort of wished I had one more swim after this one.

    won high point for men 45 to 49

    Had a nice meal at county line on the river walk

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  15. SCM MEET: Sat Dec 4th 2010

    by , December 4th, 2010 at 07:51 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat Dec 4th 2010

    Masters of South Central Regional SCM Championships is 1 days away
    Sat Dec 4th & Sun 5th
    San Antonio, TX
    ENTERED more events than I plan to swim
    just wanted to give myself some choices:


    400 IM 4:54.10
    30.38 34.78 1:05.16
    38.06 37.35 2:20.19 1:15.41
    40.92 43.48 3:44.59 1:24.30
    34.99 34.52 4:54.10 1:09.51
    took it out harder than Tempe
    started getting tired on 2nd 50 in BR
    should have been tougher on my last 50 fr
    but started thinking about what else I had to swim

    50 bk
    went 28.46

    improved from 28.8 in tempe

    50 fr
    went 25.41

    improved from 25.7 in Tempe but haven't been sprinting much free in practice and need to work on fast flutter kicking

    100 bk skipped it to rest for medley relay

    100 IM skipped it to rest for medley relay

    4 x 100 medley relay
    30.29 0:31.98 1:02.27 Ande
    32.49 1:34.76
    36.11 2:10.87 1:08.60 David Guthrie
    28.64 2:39.51
    35.26 2:14.77 1:03.90 Jim Sauer
    27.12 2:41.89
    29.57 4:11.46 0:57.69 Max Stinchcombe
    Previous national record was 4:12.51

    Here's what I've entered Tomorrow
    30 400 fr probably going for a split time
    34 50 br
    40 200 IM
    42 50 fl

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  16. Last Minute Meet, Sat., Dec. 4

    by , December 4th, 2010 at 02:27 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Last Minute SCM Meet:

    It's an odd feeling waking up late (8:15) and cruising into a meet mid way. I missed seeing some fast early swims, including Speedo's blazing 200 back (2:17). But I'm glad I got some start practice in before next weekend.

    50 fly split on the 100, 30.7 (?)

    Not sure about the official split. I'll have to wait for the results as the timing board was not in operation. Neill Williams very kindly timed my swim and gave me the following comments with which Speedo concurred: too shallow on start, poor breakout b/c of kicking on surface, great turn, good SDKs off turn (took 10, I think), bad finish, glided in big time, good speed, good stroke. I agree with all these points. I took 2 breaths on the second length, the second one really to sight the wall. I knew I was either going to have to glide or short stroke it. In my head, I wasn't too disturbed by this, as I considered this a practice swim. Hopefully, I can fix this at Boston. And I'm sticking with 2 breaths there as well.

    Since I didn't really feel any of that elusive "easy speed" in practice or warm up, I was pleased with this approximate time. And, well, I hadn't even shaved. hahaha. I went a 31.5 at the Albatross meet in March so this time is better and can be knocked down a bit more (I hope) with another week's rest.

    Swimming the second 50 was a bit of a chore. But I coffee breaked on the walls and Muppet waved to me at the 75.

    Edit: My official split was 31.1, not surprising since hand timing is generally faster. I knew I took a major glide at the end (and was even wondering if I should bother to finish the 100), but I'm still glad I did and it was still faster than my previous time. I sometimes find it disconcerting to do split requests because thoughts of what to do after the finish always creep into my head.

    25 free in the 200

    I felt like I had a much better start -- the correct depth and 4-5 SDKs before I started churning. Did a fast turn, hit the wall well, and then just cruised the rest of the 50 and hopped out. (I had told the referee in advance to DQ me.)


    I'm still kinda tired from that little bit of sprinting, and I'm glad I didn't swim any other events.

    There was much fast swimming at the meet by all the usual PV suspects. I think Speedo PR'd all his events. I videotaped his 200 free. I'm not sure about the quality because I had just swum and wasn't holding the camera very still. The Little Devil chimed in on audio that Speedo got chicked on the last 50. By a very fast chick!

    Link to Results:

    I'm wondering if the SPMA meet has live results like last year?

    Results are out for the NW Zones meet too: Very fast times from Ellen Reynolds.

    Interview with Dara:

    NE Champs:

    psych sheets:

    timeline: -- my kind of meet: first event not until after 11:00 am and plenty of rest.

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  17. MEET: Sat Nov 20 & Sun Nov 21 2010 Ron Johnston in TEMPE AZ

    by , November 22nd, 2010 at 12:36 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat Nov 20 & Sun Nov 21 2010

    swam in the
    2010 Ron Johnson Invitational Arizona and Southwest Zone SCM Championship
    Tempe AZ

    Had a great time at the meet, Tyler & David Guthrie from longhorn were there. Beth, my wife come with me with her Canon & shot several races

    Saw many AZ friends, RJ was very nice well run meet, Thanks Katy! Sunday was a bit windy and rainy. Discovered the diving well was around 90 degrees which made life quite comfortable

    Shaved but didn't feel strong or snappy in my races, so I've decided to really work on speed strength and rest to prepare for my next meet, Masters of South Central Regional SCM Championships Sat Dec 4th & Sun 5th in San Antonio, TX

    Sat Swims

    100 Fl 1:01.99
    28.37 33.62
    hoped to go faster
    died pretty bad

    50 Back 28.86
    tyler went 28.84 so I got blessed

    400 IM 4:56.91
    1:08.00 0:31.60
    1:17.05 1:46.87 2:25.05
    1:22.99 3:05.47 3:48.04
    1:08.87 4:24.18 4:56.91
    tried to say smooth on FL BK
    flipped my BK to BR turn and really worked the BR
    2 beat kicked the first 50 on fr then 6 beat kicked

    50 Fr 25.76
    did not feel real snappy, 4th race of the day


    100 IM 1:03.51
    not sure on split

    50 Fl 27.56

    200 IM 2:16.26
    1:44.76 39.05
    2:16.26 31.50
    my 200 IM race strategy was:

    FL easy speed, barely kick, breathe every stroke,
    should have worked the start & done more SDKs

    BK cruise easy speed, light legs,
    should have done 4 SDKs off each wall,
    FAST BK to BR flip over turn

    BR long pull outs & work it

    FR sprint it home, 6 beat kicked the whole way
    this was probably my best swim of the meet

    Won High point for men 45 - 49
    got a blue blue bag and a signed copy of Jeff Comming's book "Odd Man Out"

    David Guthrie broke the 50 - 54 WR in the 200 BR

    got a killer hotwire hotel deal on for this meet
    stayed at the Hotel Tempe/Phoenix Airport InnSuites Hotel & Suites
    3 star hotel, free breakfast,
    nice happy hr
    5 miles from pool
    $43 a night, 56ish a day with taxes

    got rent car on with Advantage 19 bucks a day said we had a corolla, the girl worked hard to upgrade us and we bit on a convertible Mustang for $20 a day
    had a blast riding around with the top down

    Our plane was delayed on our flight home, we landed around 11:00, arrived home 12:30ish, saw a large live rattlesnake in the road close to our house went to bed around 2:00 so I skipped 5:15 AM practice and opted for Noon today

    Next Meet

    Masters of South Central Regional SCM Championships
    Dec 4th & 5th
    San Antonio, TX
    Hosted by MOST

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  18. You'd think I had a job or something....

    In the past several weeks, I've had to make some adjustments to my workout. Work is finally starting to ramp up and attempt that "utilization to his full potential" crap that the authority figures in my life have always talked about (Parents... teachers... professors... coaches... etc...) Which has ultimately lead to a rise in the number of hours working.

    For about 2 straight weeks I was driving down to Oak Park outside of Chicago. So this would cut into my sleep schedule and thus my morning lifts were gone. Instead - they were replaced with the 80-90 MPH drive down 294 and 290. I think most people didn't even see my car, it was more of a silver blur at 6 in the morning.

    For those two weeks, I was unable to lift at all, and I was lucky to make practice. Sleep was cut to about 4-5 hours per night, and maybe an hour before practice (if I was lucky). I made it through those two weeks and straight into the Sink Or Swim Classic and another week of more of the same and shot immediately into the GRIN Fall Classic. As you all saw - I did really well for me.

    Well starting after the GRIN Fall Classic I was "able" to jump back into lifting. The problem was - I wasn't falling asleep after practice. I had also gotten used to sleeping in a little (til 6:00 AM instead of getting up at 5:00 AM) as a result of my travels and not lifting. So I've adjusted my workout schedule AGAIN.
    Trying to double up on lifting/swimming on days where I have to work just seem relatively useless since I was always just so exhausted. I felt like my work, my workouts and my swims were all suffering as a result of the schedule.

    So now:
    Swim:Sunday 7:30-9:00 PM, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30-9:30 PM
    Lift: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Sunday will be optional)
    Core: 6 Days a week with a floating free day.

    I lift now whenever its convenient (Evenings on Mondays and Fridays). My new gym has a massive collection of weights and machines. So if I can't find something to do - I'm obviously not using my creativity.
    I wake up almost every morning between 6 and 6:30. That means I can eat a light breakfast and be ready to do core by 7:00 AM. I make sure I put in at least a half an hour of straight core work. I enjoy it because it gives me an endorphin rush in the morning, preps my mind for the day and helps to maintain the efforts I've taken so far in my swimming.
    I think its a pretty ambitious plan, but I also think I can handle it pretty well. I'm currently 8 days in and so far so good

    My next meet and the rundown has been decided! I will be swimming at the West Bend Short Course Meters Meet. I'll be swimming the 50 fly, 200 free, 50 breast, 200 IM, and finally - the 1500 Free. There will be more on that later though. I'm not ready to start blogging those goals for that meet though. That will come! This will be my first competition 200 IM!

    What do you do for your workout? How do you compensate for friends/family/job/swimming?
  19. GRIN Fall Classic! A Lesson in Survival!

    *Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Come one and come all to see - the guy who thinks he can keep going endlessly! Its comical to say the least, he's built like an ox and just about as dumb as one too!*

    So this last weekend I swam in the GRIN Fall Classic at the most beautiful pool in the world - the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, IN. The GRIN Fall Classic had roughly 80-100 people there, so it was a nice sized meet!
    Since the meet was 2 days, I was able to swim 10 full events! My events on day 1 were: 800m Free, 200m Free, 50m Back, 50m Free, and the 50m Fly. My events on day 2 were: 1500m Free, 100m Back, 100m IM, 50m Breast, and the 100m Free. In retrospect - I'm glad I did it, but I would've probably spent more time warming down and relaxing in between events - instead of none. My inexperience and own false logic betrays me at times.

    So anywho- the meet in review.
    800m Free
    Splits: 51.45, 51.62, 52.09, 52.07, 51.71, 51.92, 52.77, 51.00, 50.77, 48.14
    Final Time: 13:30.11
    I took this swim nice and easy. It was the very first swim of the meet, and I had only done about a 3-400 warmup. I figured this would be a great warmup swim and get me ready for the next four races I had.
    I didn't swim this with any particular goal in mind, I was just keeping my 400m race from the week before in mind the entire time (~6:30) and wanted to come close to double that (13:00 even). So when I finished at 13:30.11 - I was pretty happy with myself! I mean - that's not too bad - losing only 30 seconds over an extra 400 after only having swam for 10 months...

    200m Free
    Splits: 41.96, 46.29, 48.20, 46.86
    Final Time: 3:03.31
    About 2 minutes before I had to get on the blocks I walked over the Nadine Day
    Me: "How do you race a 200?"
    ND: "First 50 easy, 2nd and 3rd build, last 50 all out."
    Me: "So basically slow, slow, slightly less slow, fastish... got it."
    Coach said my splits for that were pretty awesome. So I think I'm going to try and do that again.

    50m Back
    Final Time: 52.22
    In comparison with my last meet time of 53.81 - I should be really happy with the 1 second improvement! With the exception that when I swam it long course it was 53.21. Ha! Looks like I have a LOT of improving to do.

    50m Free
    Final Time: 35.36
    Please note - that was almost a 1 second drop from my 50 free the week before. That race rocked something FIERCE! I was so pumped when I saw that 35 on the board.

    50m Fly
    Final Time: 47.19
    I feel like I do okay in fly... Its definitely better than my backstroke and breast stroke! I'm sure if I spent longer on it, I'd probably see some impressive gains on it. My SDK is starting to get much stronger so I'm hoping to see some bigger improvements in fly as a result. This was also my last event of the day - I don't think I was too terribly tired at this point. I could've done two more events that day!

    1500m Free
    Splits: 42.81, 49.39, 50.57, 50.58, 51.88, 51.19, 51.85, 51.30, 52.25, 51.71, 51.53, 51.25, 51.89, 51.11, 51.97, 51.88, 52.20, 50.48, 51.93, 51.99, 52.03, 51.97, 51.73, 52.61, 52.59, 51.82, 52.61, 52.76, 51.43, 49.03
    Final Time: 25:38.34
    I'm really proud of this time. My split deviations are barely over 1 second between any two 50s! I thought that regardless of how slow I was - that was really impressive to maintain such a consistent rhythm! This race did start to suck about 700 into it. I remember seeing the "29" on the counter and thinking "Oh my God, I still have 30 some odd laps to go!" When I finished this race, I was COMPLETELY dead. It took me longer to get out of the pool after this race than it ever has.

    100m Back
    Splits: 51.86, 55.59
    Final Time: 1:47.45
    This race hurt a lot. It was nearly an hour or so after the 1500, so one would think I was rested enough... apparently I was too rested, because I totally napped.

    100m IM
    Splits: 46.60, 59.94
    Final Time: 1:46.54
    This race was okay for the first 50, but then when I had to keep swimming for the 25 breast, I could barely get my arms around. Since I'm primarily a front end breast stroker (because my kick is still pretty useless - I'm working on it... give me time!) so I'm pretty sure I lost a lot of time as a result. I also didn't pull out because I was dying for O2 by that point as well.

    50m Breast
    Final Time: 54.73
    I had recovered enough to do this "decently" I was still pretty tired though. At this point I was already trying to constantly convince myself not to scratch the rest of my events.

    100m Free
    Splits: 38.82, 45.82
    Final Time: 1:24.64
    So right before the race I was talking to the nice lady who was doing my counting and she said "You put 1:30 here, but I think you can honestly do better. I want to see you do 1:25". Well - I'm one who REALLY hates to disappoint people, no matter how exhausted I am. So when she said 1:25, I was going to go 1:25 even if it killed me. It nearly did too! The first 75 weren't AWFUL, not great, but not awful... that last 25 though was just insanely hard. However - at the end of the race when I'm hanging on for dear life on the end of the lane, she tells me I went a 1:24.... That was a GREAT feeling. Even if I normally swim between 1:25 and 1:30 on my 100s in practice in SCY, it was still fun to break a goal someone set for me.

    So that was my weekend. My 3.5 hour drive home was almost doubled in length when I pulled off at a rest area and passed out for two more hours. What a great nap though!
    Next Meet 12/4. The Question is: Valpo Indiana and the early morning meet in a new pool? Or West Bend Wisconsin and the afternoon meet at the high school pool? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  20. SoSC Post Mortem

    So in the wake of the project that has been waking me up at 5 in the morning and working until 6 PM most nights, I'm finally free of some responsibility until things start breaking... Which means I may have about 10-15 minutes to type this out.

    So my day at the meet was definitely a crazy one. I walked in the door at 7:30 and was told I was announcing the meet! (Who would've guessed I'm good at talking?). I was also asked to sing the Nation Anthem ( Something else I think I'm good at ).

    After singing the National Anthem and announcing the first event, I immediately jump up on the blocks. Time for the 400 Free!

    But I digress from the whole point of this post - Lessons Learned, times reviewed, etc...

    400m Free
    So before this race - my friend Chad was kind enough to count for me. Here's the talk we had
    Chad: So when I go like this (waves the counter side to side) it means swim faster.
    Me: Okay, and if I don't?
    Chad: It means I'm going to throw the counter at you the next time down.
    So coming off the blocks, I was ready for this race, first race of the day and I was warm enough to rock it. Within seconds of my dive in - I recognize VERY quickly: I have forgotten to tie my suit. A quick peak at my splits show that I was coasting relatively easily (I should've been doing minimum 0:45 per 50) as per my fear of losing my VERY classy suit. During my final 100, Chad waved the counter, and you'd better believe I started moving a lot harder!
    Goal Time: ~7:00.00
    Final Time: 6:30.27
    Beat my goal time! This made me very happy, but in retrospect, I could've probably swam a 6:00 had I had my suit tied and I wasn't so nervous.

    50m Free
    The 50 free went well, my SDK off the walls wasn't awful and I just got up on the water and started swimming (Thanks knelson).
    Seed Time: 36.60
    Goal Time: < 36.00
    Final Time: 36.14
    I was happy to have swam it faster than my seed, but I would have been happier to break 36.

    200m Medley Relay
    Now - of all strokes - I swam the 50 breast during our 200m Medley Relay. If any of you have been following this - you know that breast stroke is easily my worst stroke. And the others are pretty bad as well. In any case - I was voted "most likely to be best breast stroker on our relay"
    Split Seed Time: 58.57 (my 50 Breast seed)
    Goal Time: Survival
    Split Time: N/A
    My goggles flooded, but only half way. So The entire race I was forced to keep my head down to see... It actually worked really well for me.

    50m Breast
    I swam this 50 about 10 minutes after the Relay above.
    Seed Time: 58.57
    Goal Time: 59.57
    Final Time: 53.59
    I can't complain! That was pretty good all things considered! I wish I knew which was faster - my relay or my individual event. I'm actually betting it was the individual. I actually got in two full pullouts on this one.

    100m IM
    I was finally starting to feel the fatigue by this point. It had been a long day with absolutely no swim downs... mainly because the minute I was done swimming - I had to go and start announcing back at the table again. So I just did my best to keep my body warm and mental energy up.
    Goal Time: < 2:00.00
    Final Time: 1:47.77 DQ
    I flip turned on my back to breast stroke transition. Won't do that again!

    200m Free Relay
    I lead off the relay. It was a FANTASTIC time. My only kludge was as I was coming back down from the first flip turn, I forgot that the 2nd person diving in would dive in from the side, not the blocks, so I had to veer from one side of the lane to another.
    Split Seed Time: 36.14 (my 50 free seed)
    Goal Time: <36
    Split Time: 37.99
    I was super disappointed in that time. Especially since I looked the board and thought I saw 34.**. Oh well - there's always next time.

    50m Backstroke
    I swam this 50 about 10 minutes after the Relay above.
    Seed Time: 52.61
    Goal Time: Survival - Not to become a flooded kayak
    Final Time: 53.81
    Well, that was event #7 for the day. I was completely cashed. When I came up after the flip on the 25, I came up tangled in the lane line and was completely disoriented. So so a survival race it was. I would've liked to have beaten my seed time, but that wasn't going to happen that day.

    All in all
    All in all - a great race day. I was happy with my results and I knew I would get another shot in a week at the GRIN Fall Classic (Post Mortem coming very soon!).
    For those of you who missed the meet:

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