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Meet / OW event plans and results from U.S. Masters Swmming events in this category.

  1. Meet Entries

    by , September 15th, 2009 at 10:39 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Fall Ball & Sprint Classic:

    Remembered to enter the Fall Ball online tonight at the last minute. I wasn't crazy about the order of events, and there are no stroke 50s or 100 IM. I entered:

    200 back
    100 back
    100 free
    200 IM

    I won't swim both the 100 free and 200 IM. I'll just see what I feel like swimming once I'm there. The 200 IM I swam last year was the most painful thing ever, so it will probably be the 100 free (if I'm not gassed after the backstroke events). There are unofficial stroke relays there as well that sound pretty fun. Haven't done one of those since I was a kid.

    I think for the Sprint Classic I'm going to swim the four 50s and the four 25s. I'd like to swim the 100 fly before the end of the year, but I swam that last year at the Classic and I have a yen to do the quad 50s. The 100 fly is right between the 50 back and 50 breast.


    The procedure went fine today. No ulcers. I was a little foolish to think I was going to work out today though ... I took a 3 hour nap instead and was kinda groggy the rest of the day. Back at it tomorrow.


    Anyone ever tried this recovery drink?

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    Masters Swim Meets / Events
  2. 50 back vid + Still a Slacker! Aug. 16

    by , August 16th, 2009 at 08:20 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Finishing off my week of being a slacker.

    I did walk several miles around the Kennywood Amusement Park in Pittsburgh yesterday with family and friends. In 100 degree heat, no less. Love the Phantom's Revenge!!!

    Today, I just drove home from Pittsburgh with my kids and a friend. I let my two Savageman relay partners take a detour to Deep Creek without me to bike and run on the murderous course. Not a twinge of guilt!

    I think I'll exercise tomorrow ... though I won't make like Sprinticus for awhile.

    Here's my 50 back video from Nationals filmed by Jimby. Haven't seen the one Hulk filmed yet. It's pretty much like I remembered it -- conservative on the start, good breakout, and running out of gas about 5 meters before the flags. (Ande says I must learn how to split 50s appropriately! lol) Still, so happy to break 32!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Leslie's 50 LCM Backstroke National Championship Performance[/ame]
  3. Reflections on Nats

    by , August 11th, 2009 at 08:17 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    I returned home to an intense onslaught of demands, frenzy and servicing. Yeesh! Can't I just lay on the couch and recover? So, before I rush off to the next kid pick up and feeding, here are my thoughts in random order.

    1. Meet Performance:

    Felt like I had a pretty good, but not perfect meet. Traveling is always tiring for me, and I had an rather trying first travel day with GPS failures and whatnot. And the first night, I had an engineer in my hotel room at midnight fixing my phone and alarm clock so I could get up in the am. You don't need little things like this to go wrong when you're trying to power down and get some sleep.

    Anyway, I was happy with all the swims except the 100 back. Though I felt like I brushed off that disappointment pretty quickly and moved on. My 50 back split on Thursday was OK.

    I'm not sure it was the best decision to start fighting the sleep issue with meds 2 weeks before Nats (but I did because of #6 below). The medication I was taking made me groggy in the morning. I gave it up after Friday on Dr. Allen Stark's (aka Mr. Breaststroke) sage advice, and felt better the last two days of the meet. Didn't sleep much, but then that is SOP for me at meets. It seems to be that way for many others as well. My doctor did confirm today that the sleep medication I was on can cause muscle tightness and cramping. He coulda told me! lol Anyway, I'm going to try something else for awhile because of these adverse side effects.

    I held up pretty well over 4 days, which surprised me. I'm usually just gassed after 2. That was probably due to swimming a minimal number of events each day and nothing too long. I got a 30 minute massage after Relay day which probably helped too.

    But overall, with PBs in my 50s, being very close to two WRs, and some great relays, I felt like I did pretty well. I'm cautiously hopeful that my 50 back will remain in the #1 position this time in USMS and FINA. We'll see ...

    In general, I have to say national meets are a bit too long for me. Except for being able to see friends (which is huge and amazing and pure fun!), I prefer the 1-2 day meet format. It's a huge burden on my family to be gone so long and it takes a toll on me too. But masters swimming isn't just about times or maximizing performance.

    2. Relay Day:

    Seems somewhat controversial. I had a really great time that day with my teammates. Got to swim with friends and there was a lot of camraderie and cheering. I got so hoarse my voice starting morphing into Ahelee's!

    I think having Relay Day stuck in the middle of the meet, as some have commented, took some bite out of the Sunday events though. It's hard to know how much. I guess I'd prefer to have it the last day of the meet. Then, those swimming with their teams can have at it and those without teams can leave early and save some dollars. (Having a meet where you arrive on Tues or Wed and leave on Monday is kinda pricey to say the least!) It doesn't really appeal to me to have 1-2 relays at the end of each day, as the wimpy sprinter in my finds that exhausting.

    3. Taper Execution:

    So glad I did RC work during taper this time! My gimpy shoulder held up fine during the meet and doesn't feel too poorly right now either. In fact, I'm not terribly sore -- just very tired.

    I did weights a bit longer than usual into taper this time as well. That didn't seem to hurt. And I wonder if the tapering of the weights and adding explosive weights helped some?

    I did feel like I overdid it on one day -- the Sunday before leaving for Nats on Wed. I did too many backstroke starts that day, leaving me tired for two days. I won't do this again right before a big meet.

    (My backstroke starts in general were a bit erratic as Chris' DQ and the 15 meter mark preyed on my mind some. My start is a huge edge or me, so I need to get the kicks down as well as I can. In all three backstroke starts I did, I had a body length lead on the field at the breakout. Lisa Dahl literally corralled me in the warm down pool and asked what I was doing for this.)

    4. Comparison to 50s in 2008:

    50 fly
    2008 = 31.1
    2009 = 29.7*

    1.4 second improvement

    50 back
    2008 = 33.4
    2009 = 31.9

    1.5 second improvement

    50 free
    2008 = 29.2
    2009 = 28.5

    .7 second improvement

    * = only swim done in a Jaked as opposed to a B70. At the Terappin Cup meet in June, on shorter rest and after a LZR blow out, I swam a B70 clad 30.7 in the 50 fly. But I was rather dim spirited for that.

    I guess since almost all of these times were done in B70s, Jim can't very credibly attribute the improvement to the suit.

    5. Jaked vs. B70

    My experience with the Jaked: meh. It seemed very similar to the B70 to me except less comfortable. This could be because my B70 is somewhat older and stretched out.

    I did swim an extremely fast 50 fly in the Jaked. I'm not sure how much of an edge that gave me over the B70. My other two swims in the Jaked were the 50/200 back and the 50 free. In both these swims, I was slower than the 50 back and 50 free I swam with my B70. I did get relatively poorer starts in the swims with my Jaked so that could explain some of the lack of differential. Some could likewise attributable to fatigue -- e.g., I was more tired for my 50 free on Sunday than for the two leadoff legs in the relays on Saturday. Still, the Jaked was no magic pill for me. I'll continue to use it of course. Not sure where yet!

    6. Extra Stress

    I've also been under some additional stress/anxiety because of a health issue with Mr. Fort. He recently had abnormal blood test results and an abnormal bone marrow reading on an MRI. His doctor suspects myelodysplasia. There is really nothing good to say about this rare illness. We are seeing an oncologist on Thursday and he will likely need a bone marrow biopsy. He has had odd blood readings in the past and the abnormal bone marrow reading could be from trauma from his prior hip injury, so we're hoping for the best. And this is a man who biked 70 miles 10 days after getting 20 stitches in the calf muscle ... Still, this news, to say the least, has been upsetting and unsettling. I didn't say anything about it before Nats, and thought about canceling. But Mr. Fort really urged me to go since I had trained so hard. I felt very fortunate to see and be surrounded by such good friends while I was there! I miss my Indy peeps already!

    7. Photos/Video:

    I uploaded 80 or so photos to FB. I'm at my limit for photos here on USMS so you will have to go to FB to see the shots of forumites and friends. I thought my 50 fly video was on my camera, but it is not. Both Paul Wolf and Jimby filmed my 50 back, so hopefully I will get a link soon. One of Jimby's friends, a professional photographer, also took some shots of my 50 back that looked fabulous. He said he would email them to me. I can't wait to see them!

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  4. Day 4 Nats

    by , August 10th, 2009 at 10:17 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    About to hop on a plane home, so just a quick-ish report. I'll post more analysis and thoughts later.

    Sunday's events were the 50 free and 50 back. I was glad the 50 free was first to "get the cobwebs out." I was definitely tired after relay day and another poor night's sleep, but not unreasonably so during warm up.

    50 free: 28.6, 3rd place

    Last year, went 29.3 at a USA meet with some rest in my B70. Yesterday, I went 28.7 and 28.5 in my B70 leading off two relays. On both of them I had very good starts. Not so today. The starter held us for a long time. I didn't get off the blocks well and went too deep. I was dead last at the 15 meter mark, which is unusual for me, though I am not immune to inconsistent starts. Recovered decently and finished in 28.6 for third place. I wore my Jaked for this race. I probably would have gone faster than yesterday'stimes IF I had nailed my start. But fancy suits don't fix that problem!

    Lisa Dahl protested the start. Eney Jones also agreed it was terrible. Lisa had been hoping to
    approach the WR. They also herded us like cattle through the 50s making up some time on the timeline by doing this. That wasn't ideal either.

    Even so, very happy with my 50 frees. My
    fastest of 28.5 is a big improvement from last year. (same suit)

    50 back: 31.99, 1st place

    My backstroke felt better in warm up and I made sure to do some backstroke sprints to get my arms moving. But I had a real energy lull and felt dead tired after the 50 free. FlyQueen got me a cup if coffee and that seemed to perk me up.

    Since I had gone a 32.3 on Thursday, I was not at all concerned with my time. I just wanted to win cuz this event is my baby. Got a good start, though I played it fairly safe on the SDK front, taking 12. Had a very good breakout and just cranked. Started running out of gas about 5 meters from the flags. Stuck my finish, getting a 31.99. Was thrilled! I missed the WR by .2, but given that I was tired and it was day four, I was happy to finish on a good note.

    I changed into my ratty old fashioned stretched out B70 for this race. I hadn't felt comfortable in the Jaked for backstroke on Thursday. In my B70 last year, I went 33.4, so this us a huge improvement.

    In general, I think the 50 fly and 50 back were my best swims of the meet. The only real disaster was my ill fated 100 back. I held up better than I thought I would over the course of 4 days.

    I did get a quick breaststroke clinic from Allen Stark after my 50 back. He gave me a few tips
    to work on: sculling out wider on the pull to take advantage of my strength, squeezing my elbows together more, not pausing before shooting my hands forward, and keeping my knees closer together on the kick. I had thought my kick was appalling, but he disagreed and really focused on my pull issues. He thought my ankles were plenty flexible to start walking like a duck and that there was no excuse for my breaststroke phobia!

    I took loads of photos. I think someone video taped my 50 fly. I think Wolfy video taped my 50 back. I had assigned that task to Jimby, but he was apparently too addled from his 400 free to comprehend digital camera technology. Anyway, hopefully I can post links later.

    As an aside, I will decline all individual IL state records that I set. Though I loved my adopted Nationals team the Academy Bullets, I'm a PV
    swimmer and will promptly rejoin GMUP.

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  5. Relay Day -- So much fun!!

    by , August 9th, 2009 at 09:49 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Quickie blog.

    First, no cramping today. Made sure to drink a ton of Gatorade. My GMUP buddy also gave me some quinine tablets, a product from Canada that ge uses called "Leg Cramps.". Also just went with the usual lack of sleep.

    These were my first relays ever at Nationals, and I really enjoyed them!

    Wore B70, as I did on Friday.

    Womens 120 200 free relay, 1st place:

    I think we went a 1:54 or so and was told it was
    pretty close to the NR. I led off with a 28.7, a PB for me. Previous best 29.2. Took 4-5 dolphin kicks on start. 3 breaths. Felt pretty good.

    Mixed 200 medley relay, 200 plus, 3rd place

    Swam the fly leg. Had a bad dive, went in a bit sidesways and and to straighten out. Think I split a 30.1. Very safe start for me, as I'm not that used to relays.

    Mixed 200 free relay 200 plus, 2nd place

    My first relay with Jimby, who swam his little heart out with a blowout in his B70. Very exciting finish. The team anchored by Spock on the forums nipped us at the end. I led off again and went a 28.5. Thus time, I took 7-8 dolphin kicks. I guess more is better.

    I got some good feedback on my freestyle from Coach Bill White, also a Bullet. He said my kick was like a "motorboat.". I never knew this! I always thought my flutter kick was weak and that I wasn't kicking enough. This is apparently because I am doing a flutter-dolphin type motion with my straight arm stroke. I never knew that ... I think Chris has mentioned that he does this in free as well. I've heard if some coaches trying to teach this style. I guess I'm happy to hear that's what I'm instinctively doing. My head is also too high, but again, it was opined that this was because I was undulating. My body must be hard wired to dolphin kick.

    Psyched for the 50 free and 50 back today. Not too worried about times, as I've already got good splits from previous swims. Fortunately, though tired, I don't feel totally broken down like I did at Zones. Off to warm up!

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  6. How to HTFU when you cramp up in a race

    by , August 7th, 2009 at 10:33 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Don't panic. You can dolphin kick with cramps.

    Remember the rest of them b@tches ain't better than you.

    Do not think of excuses now. It's easier to brainstorm them with friends later. A roomful of hypochondriacs are marvellously inventive.

    Remember that there are likely no scientifically valid studies that show that swimming with your ankles at a right angle is more likely to slow you down than swimming with no legs at all.

    Go slow. What's the rush? It's long course meters.

    No matter how slow you go, you'll still beat Geekity.

    It's called backstroke, not back kick, right? So who cares if you can leg press three times more than Jim Thornton?

    If necessary, call for the trainer to bring you a gin and tonic stat. It's got quinine, right?

    Don't forget the lime because cramps and scurvy are an even worse combination.

    Ignore texts from well meaning friends asking why you were out so slow.


    So I swam the 100 back today. Was kind of hoping to go 1:12 or so. I managed to put my Chris Stevenson induced start fears aside and take a body length lead at fifteen meters. Unfortunately, the double calf cramps at the start made the next 75 or so rather trying. I was told I was "galacially slow" and "ragged." I managed to get my act together at the 75 meter mark or so and pass 3 people. But, on the whole a disappointing swim; my slowest time in 3 years. My backstroke feels very odd so far this meet. I'm also not feeling so great in the morning.

    Hope to have much fun on relay day tomorrow.

    Had a fabulous dinner with forum friends.

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  7. Day 1 Nats, Thursday. Aug. 6

    by , August 6th, 2009 at 11:58 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Blogging from iPhone ...

    What an eventful first day at Nats ... Don't know where to start!

    I met many forumites and swimmers I hadn't met before -- Ahelee, Eney Jones, Bobinator, Lisa Dahl, Jim Corbeau, Michael Heather, Allen Stark, Anna Lea Matysek, Frrday Girl, Kurk Dickson, and loads of new teammates. I was at the meet the entire day because I just love watching the swimming and seeing how all my friends do. And, very importantly, I got this lovely engraved spit cup from Eney Jones. We had been joking about spitting or splitting lanes in the 50 free. She was hoping my initials were LOL, but I had to disappoint her on that score.

    I was a tad worried last night as I had a difficult day yesterday, but a "manly" hug from Jimby and Bill White and the dazzling smile of coach Chris helped cure that.

    50 fly: 29.7

    Really shocked! Did not expect to go under 30, especially since I just went 30.7 rested. I didn't
    have a great reaction time or breakout and short stroked the finish. But, hell, it was a huge PB for me. AJ Block, a real stud flyer, told me this time would have won the age groups between 30-44, which shows how dominant the 45-49 ladies are!

    50/200 Back: 32.3 50 split

    I must admit I was a but freaked out by Chris Stevenson's unfortunate DQ right before my race. His swim was simply fantastic to watch. And I myself always worry about the 15 meter mark. As a result, I was too conservative on my start. I was too shallow and only took ten SDKs. Not playing to my strength ... My turnover also felt slower than usual and several people commented that it looked like I was swimming the 100 back. I also, perhaps out of nerves, forgot to use my nose clip! Egads! I feel like that's my good luck charm!

    Nonetheless, I split a 32.3. My previous best was 33.4, so I was pleased with the time. I think this split puts me no. 1 so far this year. I just think I need to go back to my usual start.
    And I have the 100 back tomorrow for that.

    I'm hoping to get more sleep tonight!

    Had great dinners with friends both nights. .

    And only saw one super nasty B70 tear.

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  8. Sun Jul 19th, 2009

    by , July 20th, 2009 at 01:17 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sunday Jul 19th, 2009 LCM Zones

    Event 26 Men 45-49 400 LC Meter IM

    big improvement over last year, most of it is on my last 50
    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 5:09.99 5:02.56
    31.14 1:07.36 (36.22)
    1:48.37 (41.01) 2:27.81 (39.44)
    3:11.36 (43.55) 3:56.00 (44.64)
    4:31.29 (35.29) 5:02.56 (31.27)

    Event 28 Men 45-49 50 LC Meter Breaststroke
    just hopped up and went for it,
    need to work on breastroke
    1 Guthrie, David M 49 Longhorn Aquatics 30.59 31.75
    2 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 34.99 33.00
    3 Smiley, Jon M 48 Longhorn Aquatics 36.56 33.92
    4 Jimenez, Carlos A 45 Rice Aquatic Masters 39.00 34.51

    Event 32 Men 45-49 200 LC Meter Freestyle
    decided to attempt to even split my race but clock messed up, I was out slower than scott
    swam beside scott carpenter
    he false started, went out harder than me
    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 2:06.67
    clock didn't get my splits
    1:35.76 2:06.67 (30.91)
    --- Carpenter, Scott R 45 Jersey Area Multisport 2:05.00 DQ
    28.94 1:01.02 (32.08) 1:33.85 (32.83) DQ (32.37)

    Event 34 Men 45-49 100 LC Meter Backstroke
    entered but decided skip it to rest up for 50 & medley relay

    Event 38 Men 45-49 50 LC Meter Freestyle
    improvement on my 25.8 last month but off the 24.50 I did last year
    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 25.79 25.38
    2 Carpenter, Scott R 45 Jersey Area Multisport 25.00 25.69
    3 Jimenez, Carlos A 45 Rice Aquatic Masters 26.53 26.37
    4 Guthrie, David M 49 Longhorn Aquatics 26.10 26.68
    5 Smiley, Jon M 48 Longhorn Aquatics 28.25 26.95
    6 Patten, Bobby 47 Dallas Aquatic Masters 27.50 27.04
    7 Richey, Steven C 49 Masters of South Texas 27.58 28.29
    8 Breeding, Steve 47 Woodlands Masters Swim Team 28.50 28.49
    9 White, Steve G 49 Woodlands Masters Swim Team 28.50 28.50
    10 Marshall, Dirk H 47 South Texas Flying Fish 27.80 28.55

    Event 42 Men 160-199 200 LC Meter Medley Relay
    had this season's best 50 bk on my last swim of the meet

    1 Longhorn Aquatics A 1:50.00 1:57.32
    1) Rasmussen, Anders M M46
    2) Guthrie, David M M49
    3) Smiley, Jon M M48
    4) Wood, Larry W M55
    1:00.47 (31.37)
    1:29.74 (29.27)
    1:57.32 (27.58)

    2 Woodlands Masters Swim Tea A 1:56.00 1:59.68
    1) Davis, Ross C M43 2) Gentry, Matt C M42 3) Gawronski, Tomasz J M43 4) Leutner, Gerard P M45
    30.76 1:06.12 (35.36) 1:33.16 (27.04) 1:59.68 (26.52)

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  9. Sat July 18th South Central LCM Zones

    by , July 20th, 2009 at 12:50 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat July 18th South Central LCM Zones
    felt good in warm up
    put on new B70 it has a few new design mods
    felt really good

    1st race of the day
    Event 2 Men 45-49 1500 LC Meter Freestyle
    took race out too hard then settled into a pace I could hold, but as you notice it slipped some
    broke zone record but so did bobby patten who went faster than me

    2 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 19:05.99 18:34.99
    0100 00:31.14 (31.14) 01:05.61 (34.47)
    0200 01:40.90 (35.29) 02:17.22 (36.32)
    0300 02:53.40 (36.18) 03:30.55 (37.15)
    0400 04:07.42 (36.87) 04:44.85 (37.43)
    0500 05:21.98 (37.13) 05:59.55 (37.57)
    0600 06:36.93 (37.38) 07:14.52 (37.59)
    0700 07:51.85 (37.33) 08:29.60 (37.75)
    0800 09:06.94 (37.34) 09:44.73 (37.79)
    0900 10:22.12 (37.39) 10:59.88 (37.76)
    1000 11:37.67 (37.79) 12:15.81 (38.14)
    1100 12:53.61 (37.80) 13:31.40 (37.79)
    1200 14:08.95 (37.55) 14:46.90 (37.95)
    1300 15:24.93 (38.03) 16:03.62 (38.69)
    1400 16:41.78 (38.16) 17:20.00 (38.22)
    1500 17:57.87 (37.87) 18:34.99 (37.12)
    this is my best but only 1500 since I was in high school where I went 18:12

    2nd swim of the day
    Event 6 Men 45-49 50 LC Meter Butterfly
    have to think I might have done better if I'd trained for sprints and hadn't swum a 1500 before it
    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 26.79 26.65
    2 Carpenter, Scott R 45 Jersey Area Multisport 27.00 27.06
    3 Marshall, Dirk H 47 South Texas Flying Fish 28.50 28.05
    4 Patten, Bobby 47 Dallas Aquatic Masters 29.00 28.16

    3rd swim of the day
    Event 10 Men 45-49 100 LC Meter Freestyle
    thought about scratching it decided to back half it
    1 Carpenter, Scott R 45 Jersey Area Multisport 56.00 55.88
    26.84 55.88 (29.04)
    2 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 56.99 56.70
    28.19 56.70 (28.51)
    3 Jimenez, Carlos A 45 Rice Aquatic Masters 59.34 57.56
    27.89 57.56 (29.67)
    4 Guthrie, David M 49 Longhorn Aquatics 56.70 58.09
    27.74 58.09 (30.35)
    5 Marshall, Dirk H 47 South Texas Flying Fish 1:00.00 59.02
    28.45 59.02 (30.57)
    6 Smiley, Jon M 48 Longhorn Aquatics 1:00.11 59.42
    28.11 59.42 (31.31)
    7 Patten, Bobby 47 Dallas Aquatic Masters 1:00.00 59.72
    28.65 59.72 (31.07)

    4th swim of the day
    Event 14 Men 45-49 50 LC Meter Backstroke
    4th race of the day, starting to feel some fatigue, went 28.14 last year
    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 28.99 29.22

    5th swim of the day
    Event 16 Men 45-49 200 LC Meter IM
    felt like scratching it decided to cruise the fl bk & work the br fr, went 2:21.3 in june but since this was my 5th swim of the day I was happy with it
    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 46 Longhorn Aquatics 2:22.92
    31.04 1:10.81 (39.77) 1:51.44 (40.63) 2:22.92 (31.48)
    2 Guthrie, David M 49 Longhorn Aquatics 2:30.00 2:29.50
    30.62 1:12.24 (41.62) 1:54.43 (42.19) 2:29.50 (35.07)
    3 Smiley, Jon M 48 Longhorn Aquatics 2:29.99 2:32.40
    1:12.45 ( ) 1:56.96 (44.51) 2:32.40 (35.44)

    6th swim of the day
    4 x 50 free relay
    I swam anchor and was surprised to split 24.5
    2 Longhorn Aquatics A 1:44.00 1:45.89
    1) Wood, Larry W M55 2) Rasmussen, Anders M M46 3) Smiley, Jon M M48 4) Guthrie, David M M49
    26.66 54.60 (27.94) 1:21.33 (26.73) 1:45.89 (24.56)

    7th swim of the day
    4 x 50 Mixed Medley relay
    split 29.66, we got deeked,
    had a bad touch Dave left when I shoulda touched & not when I did
    --- Longhorn Aquatics A 2:10.00 DQ
    1) Rasmussen, Anders M M46 2) Guthrie, David M M49 3) Hughes, Mary L

    congrats to my buds who broke the american record in the
    Event 18 Men 120-159 400 LC Meter Medley Relay
    1 Longhorn Aquatics A 4:04.00 4:03.48
    1) Thibault, Jeff M39
    2) Bartee, Todd A M40
    3) Blessing, Tyler J M37
    4) Bailey, Bradley H M40
    29.51 1:01.32 (1:01.32)
    1:33.43 (32.11) 2:10.02 (1:08.70)
    2:36.66 (26.64) 3:08.44 (58.42)
    3:33.85 (25.41) 4:03.48 (55.04)

    Saturday Results at:

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  10. 7/12 LCM St Pete meet day 2

    by , July 12th, 2009 at 05:52 PM (FREEDom)
    400 Free
    Calvert, Mark 50 TMM 4:40.00 4:41.73
    1:07.02 2:19.34 (1:12.32)
    3:31.37 (1:12.03) 4:41.73 (1:10.36)
    Hmm... I thought I could go under 4:40, but not today. But looking back, that was my 2nd fastest 400 in masters, so I'm OK with that. Eduardo, my early morning swim teammate, swam a 4:39... did well. Crushed me on the last 100. We swam the 500 at a meet in the spring, and he faded oh the last 100. Not today. Good for him, as he had a good meet.

    50 back
    I won't write much on that. The start was slick on the feet, then about 1/2 way I hit the rope and thought I had broken my fingers.,.. jammed them nicely, so I shut it down. My hand still hurts as I type.

    100 back
    Calvert, Mark 50 TMM 1:13.50 1:14.59
    Not too happy with that, but with my hand... I was out in my 200 back at 1:15.79, so I should have been faster.

    50 Free
    Calvert, Mark 50 TMM 26.80 27.28
    Slow... but everyone was slow today. It was the last event. I can usually break 27, but did not have much speed today.

    Also swam a couple of relays. Our 200+ mixed medley was 2nd, 2.:28.41. Our 160+ mens medley also got a 2nd, 2:07.17.

    Our team did well -- 4th overall - first was the host team, and 2nd was the LMSC combined team... they both had more than 40 entrants, and we had 15, which 14 actually swam. Out points/swim and points/swimmer were #1!. Our club is not big (but growing), but we've got a nice nucleus of swimmers who actually like to compete. We also had several high point winners among our 13 swimmers. I got a high point. They usually give nice towels, but today was t-shirts. One of the benefits of swimming lots of events!
  11. 7/11 LCM St Pete meet day 1

    by , July 11th, 2009 at 08:45 PM (FREEDom)
    Led off with the 1500. Seeded with a 19:00, swam a 18:50.29. 1st 100 was a 1:10.99, then settled in into a 1:15+ pace until 1200, then 1:18, some 1:16s, then a 1:14. I was hurting... I actually did a a few strokes of back at the 800 and 1200. I was tired, OK? Needed to check my splits in that scoreboard behind me. I have not really swam the 1500 all out, as I usually do an 800 (split 9:56.60), so if I can keep from doing that backstroke crap, I can drop a few seconds. Overall pretty happy with the time... anything under 19:00 was good with me. But room to improve. And glad its over. My triceps and lats tightened up terribly when I started to warm down. I could hardly warm down they hurt so bad. And as expected, it pretty much affected my swims the rest of the day.

    Glad to have a couple of hours before my next swim (the next event). Thankfully the 1500 was seeded fast to slow, hence the rest. Swam the 200 back in 2:34.80, split 1:15.79 2:34.80 (1:19.01). OK with that swim, but could feel the 1500, but not as bad as I thought. Beat my seed time by 0.20!

    Then came the 200 free. Ugh. This is where I really felt it. 2:13.95. Seeded with a 2:11.0. Oh well. Split 1:04.33 2:13.95 (1:09.62). Pretty ugly. I swam this meet a couple of years ago and did not swim the 1500 or 200 back before the 200 free, and went 2:09. Another local SCY meet also has a similar event order of 1000, 200 ba, 200 fr, and if I swim the 1000 and 200 ba, my 200 fr slows down by about 2 - 3 secs. So, today's lesson, swim lots, or swim fast. Chose one.

    Had about an hour rest. Swam a relay somewhere in there, and jumped early and got DQ'd. Then swam the 100 free. Went 59.06. Out in 28.0 by hand timing. Off my fastest by more than a second, and went 58.3 I think last year at the Colonies Zones, but pretty OK with it considering all the other swimming.

    Warmed down a bit, and swam another 200FR relay 160+ with Eduardo (29), Matt(28), George(56), and I (50) anchored. Went 1:48.+. Almost beat the SPM 120+ relay. Had a good race as Eric of SPM dove in just before me, but I caught about 1/2 way...but could not get past him, and he got me on the touch. Fun race!

    Tomorrow is the 400 free first event again seeded fast to slow, so I'll get some extra rest, which will help. Have the 50 and 100 backs, and 50 free at the end, which I'd like to do well in... my 50 splits on the relays were slow around 27.0, so not so sure. I've not been doing much sprinting. Its the last event, so nothing to hold back!
  12. Thursday, July 2

    by , July 2nd, 2009 at 11:25 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    50 crunches, squats & lunges (My hamstrings were sore from my squats at the gym yesterday, so I skipped the squats and lunges.)

    400 swim
    300 kick
    200 swim
    100 scull

    Main sets:

    2 x 250 pull, breathe 3-5-3, 30 RI
    I ignored this and breathed every stroke. I loped and breathed to the left. Quite like this, I just have to remember to kick continuously if I lope.

    6 x

    75 fast kick @ 2:00
    75 ascending swim @ 1:30 (AFAP to slow by 25s) done as free/fly/free/back/free/breast

    This was quite odd. We literally stopped in the middle of the pool at the 75 and waited for the 2:00 sendoff. It's very difficult to go from a dead stop to AFAP and difficult to ascend in general ... Very tiring set.

    50 EZ

    10 x 100 @ 1:45
    odds = 75 free/25 back
    evens = 75 back/25 free

    (I just went fast free w/fins on the odds @ 1:11-12 and backstroke kick on the evens. Tired arms.)

    1 x 50 fast

    I was seriously not in the mood to do this. It's hard to sprint after 3500 meters or so for me. I like my sprinting earlier, throughout the workout or completely separate. My legs were shot and calves were crampy. Brad and I did push off fast 50s. Most others went from the blocks. I went a :28 in fly w/fins.

    100 EZ

    Total: 3650 meters


    Almost didn't make the trek to practice tonight. I was very tired. But I decided to take tomorrow off. Though I will be standing around for a good 3 hours stroking & turning tomorrow am at our relay meet.

    My teammate Mark Jones "complimented" me on the freestyle set from Tuesday. He said, given that I am a sprinter, he was "sure I would die," shocked when I didn't, and wondered how I had much aerobic conditioning when I train mostly solo. (He had been going second in our lane.) At least he didn't call me an f'in beech. That was someone else. He was just joking of course, giving me a hard time for joining THT for Nats. Still only two other GMUP people attending Nats though ...

    I sent in my entries for Nationals last night.

    50 fly
    200 back
    50 evil
    100 back
    50 free
    50 back

    Entered a 3:10 in the 200 back. The look up time feature is quite helpful. Much harder to sandbag that way.

    Was told I might do a 50 evil on a medley relay. Must be hard up!



    Breakfast: omelet w/cheese, p. mushrooms and tomatoes, papaya
    Lunch: tuna melt sandwich on Ezekial bread with cheese and tomatoes, peach slices, green grapes
    Snack: apple
    Dinner: Sent Mr. Fort and the kids off to a swim team BBQ at the pool and I had two cheese & ben burritos, blueberries
    Post swim snack: G2, balance bar, lemon bar (I had made them for the swim team dinner, couldn't resist.)

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  13. Suit Problem, Sunday, June 21

    by , June 21st, 2009 at 03:14 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    50 back: N/S
    100 back: N/S
    50 fly: 30.75

    Things did not go as planned today. Just how it goes in sport, I guess; it was one of those sh*t happens days.

    Felt good during warm up. I found out, however, that there would not be electronic timing pads installed at the far end of the pool where the 50s took off. This meant two things: 50 backstroke starts on a slippery wall and no split requests. I was going for a fast 50 back, so had also considered getting a split request in the 100 if I needed one event to "warm up" and get the cobwebs out (often the case for me).

    After warm up, I put the new tech suit on. I was trying the LZR out only in the 50 back today, to get one swim in it before Indy. Unfortunately, two or three heats before the 50 back, the zipper just exploded in two places. Imspoiled gallantly tried to fix the zipper, but to no avail. So I couldn't swim the 50 back. And, frankly, I was too upset and pissed off to swim the 100 back (my next event), especially since I couldn't get a split. I did swim a rather half hearted 50 fly in lane 8 and felt sluggish (probably from sitting around for so long without racing). Had a terrible breakout, confirmed by Hulk, but still swam my best time of 30.75.

    Leads me to believe I would have swum a fast 50 back ... Oh well, there's always next time.
    I'm just frustrated at the moment because I did rest for 10 days for the meet. Tapering is a huge commitment for me, and very hard to effectuate. So I feel that I wasted the taper and wasted training time. I fully realize this happens all the time, and I've certainly been sick prior to taper meets, etc. I'm sure I'll shake it off and be over it tomorrow; I'm just disappointed at this moment.

    I also hope I can get a refund on my suit. I will be sending out an email today. This is the obvious reason why FINA should permit B70s. It's ridiculous to have to rely on fragile suits with frequently faulty zippers. I'm hopeful it will be back on the list tomorrow.

    Here's a chuckle: A couple people suggested I swim a 50 back time trial.

    Lesson from this meet: Don't ever rest for LC meets where you're swimming/targeting 50s without confirming that there will be electronic timing at both ends of the pool. I won't make this mistake again. It just had never occurred to me that there wouldn't be ... (Would have been no big deal had I not rested.)

    Now, I have friends coming over for dinner tonight. I fully plan to drink more than one glass of wine. I might even eat potato chips late at night.

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  14. Thursday, June 18

    by , June 18th, 2009 at 08:13 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    No swimming today. Carrying on with the rest. My family sees all indications of the taper bitchies.


    I did go see my ART doc today, as my shoulders and calves are still twitchy. Not sure what the cause is. The doc says it could be tossing and turning in my sleep, or it could be the lack of weight lifting. Hulk thinks it could be that the overall workload on the shoulders is too high. He theorizes that this could cause a delay in the resting-discomfort phase, which is apparently a precursor to the happy rested phase. Hmm ... Seems like I've been kicking a lot and not doing pulls and chins ... Hopefully, they'll be happy on Sunday. They're not bad by any stretch, just have some "hot spots." (Pun potential) Walked around the mall today with day glo pink and blue kinesio tape.


    We also discussed the electrolyte issue. He agrees I'm likely dehydrated. He says, however, that Gatorade is "swill," no better than eating "bon bons and hohos. I told him about my travails with RecoverWrong. He suggested I try Endura. Used it today, seemed fine. Trying to drink more water.


    Checked the psych sheets for the Terrapin Cup.

    I'm right next to The [Speedy] Little Devil in the 50 back and Clay is another lane over. Hmm ... Will I drown in their wake or will they be so far ahead that I'll catch a draft? Jeff is seeded 3 seconds faster. Same situation in the 100 back. In the 50 fly, I have a good seed in the second to last heat right next to Fall Willdeboorse, who is a very speedy sprinter and kicks my ass in free. So that should be a good race.

    Haven't really formulated any specific time goals for this meet. Ideally, I'd like to go PBs in my 50 back and 50 fly ... we'll see if I rested enough and if I execute. I might be a tad disappointed if I don't go a 32+ in the 50 back. I went a 33.4 at Zones last year where I slipped some on the start. That's how 50s go sometimes.


    I am trying a new tech suit. As I've explained to a few of you, I don't feel comfortable with an old B70 and a fragile suit, and I need a suit for USA-S meets besides my "ratty" Pro. I'm trying the Rocket Science "Sprinter" -- brand new suit. (The previous version is still on back order.) This suit is on the 2009 FINA list and I'm told meets the new FINA permeability requirements for 2010. So I'm going to try on my size Youth Medium and see if it really fits. And, besides, who can resist that name? Picture attached below.

    I heard a rumor that B70 was handing out its new FINA compliant suits at the Santa Clara meet. They're not generally available now, but I wonder when they will be.

    Summer League:

    Stroke & Turn Question:

    I wasted my entire evening attending a stroke & turn clinic. Here, you must attend every 2 years. There was one question the instructor didn't answer satisfactorily, at least to my mind. I told Hulk I'd post it here, and he can give me his opinion, as he knows this stuff cold.

    Little kid approaches the wall for a backstroke turn. Kid first touches the wall on their back with their hand. Kid then realizes, OMG, I forgot to flip, so they spin and execute a forward flip turn. Is this a DQ? Once they touch the wall, does the kid then have to push off on their back to leave the wall and not be past vertical? Or even though they've touched the wall, can they hang their and remain in the "zone" of the wall, and you only assess whether they've pushed off on their back by watching the toes?

    Our team may get owned this weekend, as two of our best swimmers are off at summer camps. My Lil lil Fort is swimming her first A meet doing backstroke and evilstroke. I've been trying (very mildly) to encourage fly (though 8 & Unders don't do this in A meets.) I guess she could be my second evilstroker ... Whatever makes her happy, she hasn't liked swimming that much in the past.

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  15. Saturday Jun 13th, 2009 partial practice and meet

    by , June 13th, 2009 at 09:52 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Saturday Jun 13th, 2009

    partial practice and meet

    SR Cir Meet & Practice
    2009 Texas Senior Circuit Long Course # 3
    wore a new Speedo FS PRO

    swam with Tyler & David Guthrie,


    14 200 Freestyle

    18 200 Backstroke
    Whitney told me to take the 200 back out in 1:05 high to 1:06 low
    Race hurt bad
    35.67 1:08.42
    37.43 1:45.85
    36.90 2:22.75

    20 100 Butterfly

    400 free DECK Entered
    went 4:34.77
    improved time by 2 sec
    wore rocket science

    200 splits
    34.91 1:06.35
    34.70 1:41.05
    35.15 2:16.20 1:09.85
    35.26 2:51.86
    35.48 3:26.94 1:10.74
    35.86 4:02.80
    31.97 4:34.77 1:07.83 2:18.57


    6:30 - 8:00
    Whitney Coached
    TSC main pool competition set up 8 lanes
    swam with everyone, larry & marcio

    Assigned: 11 snakes which are 400's 11 lengths in each lane


    400 easy

    400 easy

    400 easy speed
    went 4:54

    400 kick
    went 6:30

    200 easy

    rest 20 minutes
    skipped several rounds

    400 fr 15 sec faster
    went 4:44

    200 fr easy


    Senior Circuit #3
    Fri June 12 - 14, 2009
    1 Day away
    Austin, TX

    28 200 Individual Medley
    38 050 Butterfly

    USMS South Central Zone Long Course Championship Meet
    Fri July 18 - 19 2009
    Woodlands, TX
    Meet Entry Form

    Friday July 17th Aerosmith is playing with ZZ Top at the
    Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in the Woodlands
  16. all my 100 splits on yesterday's 10k (in seconds)

    by , May 31st, 2009 at 11:08 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    here's all my 100 splits on yesterday's 10k
    (in seconds)
    did not warm up

    swim center LCM

    79 500 393 sec

    77 1000 389 sec

    76 1500 (swam straight) 384 sec 1,166 sec

    ? can't read
    ? can't read
    80 started doing repeat 100's
    80 2000

    80 2500 398 sec

    115 3000 (first long break) 437

    86 3500 (started doing repeat 100's on 1:25) 410

    104 break
    85 4000 439

    85 4500 425

    90 (short break)
    86 1:08:58 5000 431

    104 (longer break)
    86 5500 453

    85 6000 424

    79 (larry took a break and got behind me, so I picked up the pace to lap him)
    78 6500 405

    84 7000 404

    98 break
    81 7500 426

    82 8000 402

    91 break
    82 8500 426

    85 9000 415

    101 last long break
    85 9500 439

    82 10000 2:19:33.52 411

    online entry form


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  17. Sat May 30th, 2009 LCM Swam a 10k today in ...

    by , May 30th, 2009 at 04:25 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat May 30th, 2009
    LCM Swam a 10k today in ...

    Whitney and Chris Coached
    swim center
    6:30 am

    split lane with Larry
    swam beside Tyler, Bryan, and Ed
    jon counted and timed me
    todd counted and timed tyler and larry
    we started right at 6:30
    wore blue seventy and no cap

    went 2:19:33.52
    8373 seconds
    1:23.73 pace
    my 5000 split was 1:08:58

    10k is a long way

    I swam 1500 straight in 19:26
    took a little break
    then started doing repeat 100's on 1:20
    which was a mistake
    took a break after 2900
    the next 100 was 1:55

    started feeling hot and wished I'd wore a legskin instead of a full body
    switched from 1:20 pace to 1:25 pace at 3400
    Break at 3600
    next 100 was 1:44

    hope to enter my 100 times later it's a lot of data
    held some of my best splits
    between 6300 - 6800
    Larry had taken a break and I decided to put another lap on him

    I feel like I took too many breaks
    it was a mistake to do repeat 100's
    should have done 400's, 500's or 1000's

    I had my drinks in a cooler
    should have had them on deck ready to go
    I had several GU's, larry used power bars

    I'm tired,
    my arms are sore,
    need sleep

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  18. Mon May 11 2009 NATS Results

    by , May 11th, 2009 at 09:13 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Had a great time at nats

    Central California was hot and super sunny, many people had sunburns, it was important to stay in the shade, keep covered, cool, & hydrated. I wore a hat and a long sleeve Tshirt most of the time.

    Several of my teammates had great swims like,
    Tyler's 50.18 100 fl, Mike's 50.8 100 fl, Brad's 47.2 100 fr, Todd Bartee's 100 & 200 IM, Max's 100 fr, david Guthrie's 100 & 200 breast,

    got to visit with Ahelee, Rob Butcher, Rowdy, Roque, Matt, Nancy, Vlad, Chris, Keith, Jim M, Sean McGrath, Mike Ellison& many other excellent swimmers.

    The meet was well run, I wish they would have changed the relay submission deadline to 10 am on Friday. They did a great job with individual envelopes for awards

    Nice facility. My biggest nit with the facility were the walls opposite from the starting end, they were slick tile on the front and backside. I'm sure several swimmers had issues with their feet & hands slipping on turns.

    here's real time results

    wore B70

    Friday May 8th 2009

    50 fly
    went 23.47
    got 2nd
    Scott Carpenter went 23.37

    100 back
    went 54.27
    got 2nd
    26.11 28.16
    best time this season is 53.3
    wore b70 legs
    had trouble swimming backstroke outdoors
    slipped on 3rd turn

    Sat May 09 2009

    50 free
    went 21.76
    got 1st

    100 fl
    went 52.79
    24.53 28.26
    went 51.80 earlier this season

    Event 31 Men 45+ 200 Yard Medley Relay
    1) Rasmussen, Anders M45 24.96
    2) Guthrie, David M48 51.27 (26.31)
    3) Stinchcombe, Maxwell M52 1:15.51 (24.24)
    4) Smiley, Jon M47 1:38.90 (23.39)
    got 1st

    Sun May 10th

    Event 37 Men 45-49 100 Yard IM
    went 53.84
    split it 24.57 29.27
    25 splits 10.63 13.7 15.76 13.23
    2 Fowler, Jamie 49 NOVA went split it 54.21 24.10 30.11

    Interview after IM

    Event 43 Men 45-49 50 Yard Backstroke
    went 25.01
    Jammed turn
    got 1st
    2nd Fowler, Jamie 49 NOVA 25.15

    Event 45 Mixed 45+ 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
    got 2nd
    went 1:37.07
    1) Rasmussen, Anders M45 22.46
    2) Hughes, Mary W50 48.72 26.26
    3) Plevich, Beth W47 1:14.96 26.24
    4) Stinchcombe, Maxwell M52 1:37.07 22.11

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  19. CZ Day 2: Swim Fast & Partay!

    by , April 27th, 2009 at 10:46 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    As expected, I was very excited and blissed out from yesterday, so didn't do that well in the sleep department. Fortunately, I slept in a wee bit because my first event, mixed 200 free relay wasn't until 11:45. But sleep wasn't the problem -- cramps! I woke up with crazy sore calve muscles. Had Mr. Fort give me a quick massage, which practically made me scream. I guess it was just the lactic acid build up from yesterday? Not used to swimming 6 events. That's what Coach Cheryl thought. I obviously need a "masher." lol. Not sure what else could have caused it ... I was eating bananas and drinking gatorade ... was warming down when I could between events (but maybe not enough with the crazy consecutive last 3 events from yesterday) ...

    Anyway, that effected the days events, as I cramped on every start and wall. This phenomenon obviously makes my dolphin kick, my major weapon, less effective. I was very happy that I didn't sign up for the 100 IM first thing in the am, as that is a heavy duty lactate event for me with all the switching of strokes. Didn't swim the 100 back, as I had just swum 2 crampy 50s and was hobbling. A bit disappointed, but glad I have my 1:02 split request on file, though I think I might have gone faster. Always another time!

    Despite this Day 2 issue, I had a great time at the meet, had a few good swims on Sunday, had a fantastic time watching all the fast swimming, and had fun at the post meet party. My team won the medium team championship for the first time in 5 years, so we were psyched about that.


    35+ mixed 200 free relay, 1:37, 1st place

    I went about 85-90%, shaking the cobwebs out. Split a 25.3. Two of my relay mates are swimming at Clovis in 2 weeks, and I wish them the best of luck!

    50 fly, 27.06

    Had 5 heats of rest. Only got 2 lengths of warm down. Took 9 SDKs off the start and turn. Cramped on both though, so I was kicking through pain and had to take one extra breath the second length. Stud said I visibly accelerated the last 15 yards, as the cramp subsided. Was super happy to see a 27.06 in light of this. This broke my Zone record from last year of 28.4.

    25 + medley relay, 1:53, 1st place

    Swam the fly leg on this relay. Had a break after my 50 fly, so felt more rested. Split 26.77 with a safe start.

    Was a tad bummed I didn't sign up for the 50 free, as it would have been nice to take all 4 50s. But you can't swim everything in one meet!


    Fort party was a blast. Hope everyone had a good time. I'll put up pictures soon. (Just so y'all know, we decided after John left that Wookiee looks just like Zac Ephron. )
    This morning, I'm going to have a warm down swim/hot tub with Stud. I also have a massage booked, which I had anticipated as recovery before the NY meet. But I could still use it. I think my calves need some work before I can go on my post meet run tomorrow. My shoulders/traps also feel a bit like someone took a hammer to them.


    Tech suit thoughts:


    First, don't sit in gum in a B70!! Holy crap, not sure where I sat in it, but it smeared all across my butt (I promised SwimRobin that I would actually confess this in public, lol) -- goopy pinkish stuff. I was kinda freaked out, thinking it had ruined my B70. Fortunately, it came out with some ice cubes, but I was required to make a tech suit change.

    I've told Chris this, but FYI guys, Mike Ross was much happier with B70 legs for back and fly than the full body B70. He did recommend it for ALL swimmers, but I remain content with my full body. lol And, WOW, it was fun seeing several of his swims! (He also lectured my on excess eventage, but got that it was my team zone meet.)

    On the Jimby front, he is still cogitating on how to spin the B70 science experiment. He wanted full Jimby credit for his swims and I am giving it to him!! Seriously though, in his big 3 events (100 free, 200 free and 500 free), he swam very very well, but the times (all age group PBs) were what (at least I) thought he was well capable of swimming in a fast pool. I'll let him do the time reporting, but it was much less than .5 per 50 in these events. He did swim a very very nice 400 IM as well and dropped a lot of time there.

    B70 vs. LZR:

    A few people from GMU conducting experiments using borrowed LZRs. I had a borrowed LZR with a recordbreaker back. It had been used for 10-12 swims. I decided to wear a B70 for one of my 50 backs and the LZR for the other to compare. They were, as reported, within .1 of each other. So, for me, I'm not sure there was much difference time wise. But perhaps the LZR would have been slightly faster if it had been brand new or if I had used one with a zipper? I think so ...

    I won't wear a recordbreaker back again though. I haven't worn an open recordbreaker back since my Pro pre-Austin. Yuck! I felt like I had water wooshing down my back. Very odd sensation. Might have been because I'm so used to the B70? Or because the LZR is cut very low in the back? I swam 2 relays in the suit and it was worse. In my 100 fly leg of the medley relay, I felt like I had water wooshing down the back and front. And that was a pretty mediocre swim.

    What I can say is that I don't think the B70 is any more of a "floatation" suit than the LZR really. The LZR has plenty of noticeable "float" in the bottom half where all the impermeable material is. Frankly, I think having more float in the bottom and less in the top (a la Mike's comments) might be the best for me as well. But, like others, I have major concerns about the fragility and lack of durability of the LZR. I really think it's basically a one meet suit. I saw a couple swimmers with whacking big holes in their LZRs. Of course, Hulk popped a big hole in his brand new B70 and my teammate and Mike Ross had runs in the back of their B70s. At least I only had the gum problem!

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  20. CZ Day 1: 6 Events

    by , April 25th, 2009 at 10:25 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    I survived my first day ever swimming 6 events. Yes, I am dead now, but fairly hyper as I had a nice surprise. We'll see about sleep tonight ... lol

    Here's how it went, including some nose clip magic:

    1. 100 free, 57.4

    Felt like utter absolute crap in warm up, wasn't too jazzed about swimming this event. Did 75 easy speed + 25 fast. And that felt horrible. Still, went 57.4. I was told my turnover was slow but powerful. Had trouble off the turns and with breakouts, confirmed by wookiee. I think it's likely because I rarely do freestyle in practice. Occasionally, I feel like crap on my first event of a meet and then go on to swim better. I think that is what happened here.

    I did loaf just enough to lose my Zones record by .05. Not overly concerned. Will now take another 2 year hiatus, as I'm not fond of this event. Got points for my team -- which is currently leading the medium team division!!

    2. 25+ 200 mixed medley relay, did back leg, went 28.06 (had a split request in)

    Led off the relay. After the 100 free, I was a tad worried about letting down my speedy relay teammates. And I decided to use my nose clip for the first time. Was very fast, 28.0, which is .5 faster than my time in Auburn. I was *told* *lectured* that I was *perhaps* a wee bit past the 15 meter mark. (It was my first real backstroke start ever with B70 + nose clip.) Just glad our relay wasn't DQ'd. I went very deep on the start. Our 25+ relay got 1st place. I think we went a 1:45 or so. Speedo had a great free leg.

    (I was really happy with my time cuz it put me .1 ahead of Sue Walsh this year. In fact, I was so happy I told a teammate that I didn't care how the open 50 back went (see below), as I had a PB/Zone Record. lol)

    3. 50 breast, 34.11

    I had exactly 4 heats of 50s after the medley relay for rest. But I sucked it up to swim my very very fav event. It had been almost 4 years since I last swam it and went 37+. But my recent LC time in a B70 converted to 37, which is why that was my seed time. Very surprisingly, I dropped 3+ seconds. I think the dolphin kick at the top of the pullout helps me. Couldn't figure out what to do between the flags and the walls and changed my tempo at both ends. Set the Zone record in this event though. Everyone go ahead and have a good laugh now.

    4. 50 back, 27.90, NR:

    OK, very shocked and happy to go under 28. WTH?! I was just hoping to go 29+ at this meet. Didn't think I'd touch my Auburn time. This time I was more conservative on the start and came up at the 14.8 meter mark. As I saw Jazz noted, nose clips are not just a fashion statement!

    Event 23 Women 45-49 50 Yard Backstroke
    ================================================== =======================
    ZONE: Z 29.34 4/15/2007 Vibeke Swanson
    NATL: ! 28.00 5/20/2007 K PIPES-NEILSEN
    Name Age Team Seed Finals Points
    ================================================== =======================
    1 Livingston, Les 47 GMUP 29.10 27.90! 9

    My coach told me I broke the NR. Didn't even know what it was before I swam ... Shocked! I think KPN has swum faster too since the last record book publication too, but still --- I believe we both get credit for being under the existing NR.

    Last year at Zones, I swam a 29.5, so this is a big drop in a 50 for one year. Definitely not all B70! In fact, Jimby just announced that he now thinks all improvement is due to monofin use and my kick workouts. Hahahaha.

    5. Women's 35+ 400 medley relay

    I had one heat of rest, one. This is not a good plan for sprinters. I think we need breaks between relays at this meet ... I swam the fly leg, went 1:03. Really tried to cruise the first 50. Couldn't seem to SDK at all, no legs. Died like a dog as usual the last 15 yards, but I had warned our freestyler that this would, in fact, and inevitably, occur. My team went 4:29, which is 4 seconds than we went last year in the same event where we grabbed the top spot.

    6. Women's 35+ 200 free relay

    One measly heat of rest. Went my all time slowest 50 free ever leading off the relay! Yay! But we won the event and got points for the team.

    Dined with friends at Red Hot & Blue. Many enchanting photographs were taken, which will be downloaded at some later point. Feeling a little tuckered, but very happy.

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