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  1. Wed Nov 2nd, 2011 3K Postal Day

    by , November 2nd, 2011 at 05:27 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Wed Nov 2nd, 2011

    Sun Oct 30 did not train

    Mon Oct 31st Trained at noon with whitney
    COLD 73 or 4 degree water
    cut 50's out of todays sets to turn aerobic sets into easy sprint

    Tue Nov 1st Trained 6:30
    IM day
    changed last 1000 set to
    25 SDK fast on :30
    25 easy on 2:00

    in Orlando this Fri - Wed, will train on my own, hopefully a couple times at typhoon lagoon
    back Thu Nov 10,

    Upcoming Meet

    Sat Dec 3rd & Sun Dec 4th
    2011 South Central SCM Regional Invitational
    San Antonio, TX

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    whitney Coached
    UT Swim Center: main pool
    7:30 - 9:00
    wore B70 jammer
    trained with Larry Jim

    500 to 700 easy

    Main SET: scy

    I write I wanna be a sprinter again then I go and do crap like this, I really do want to improve my speed

    3000 Postal Swim
    Tyler counted and timed using his cool Iphone App
    it might be available for the 2012 Hr swim

    Pool: Texas Swim Center, Austin TX
    Swimmer: Ande Rasmussen
    USMS Number: 431D-02XXX
    Start: 2011/11/02 @ 08:01:47 CDT
    Stop: 2011/11/02 @ 08:38:43 CDT

    Distance Laps Splits

    0050 :29.35 00:29.35
    0100 :32.00 01:01.34
    0150 :32.23 01:33.57
    0200 :32.97 02:06.55
    0250 :32.63 02:39.17
    0300 :32.90 03:12.07
    0350 :33.00 03:45.07
    0400 :33.11 04:18.19
    0450 :33.11 04:51.30
    0500 :33.32 05:24.61 05:24.61
    0550 :33.37 05:57.99
    0600 :33.32 06:31.31
    0650 :33.35 07:04.65
    0700 :33.26 07:37.91
    0750 :33.28 08:11.19
    0800 :33.03 08:44.23
    0850 :33.24 09:17.47
    0900 :33.12 09:50.59
    0950 :33.18 10:23.77
    1000 :33.17 10:56.94 05:32.22
    1050 :32.73 11:29.67
    1100 :33.09 12:02.75
    1150 :33.42 12:36.17
    1200 :33.31 13:09.48
    1250 :33.30 13:42.78
    1300 :33.19 14:15.97
    1350 :33.09 14:49.07
    1400 :33.45 15:22.51
    1450 :33.31 15:55.83
    1500 :33.50 16:29.33 05:32.59
    1550 :33.60 17:02.93
    1600 :33.54 17:36.47
    1650 :33.63 18:10.09 OK 1650 not awesome
    1700 :33.79 18:43.89
    1750 :33.63 19:17.52
    1800 :33.38 19:50.90
    1850 :33.97 20:24.86
    1900 :33.82 20:58.69
    1950 :33.56 21:32.24
    2000 :33.90 22:06.14 05:37.81
    2050 :33.85 22:40.00
    2100 :34.04 23:14.04
    2150 :33.77 23:47.80 took 10 sec break
    2200 :44.40 24:32.21
    2250 :33.95 25:06.16
    2300 :33.49 25:39.65
    2350 :34.15 26:13.79
    2400 :34.28 26:48.08
    2450 :33.73 27:21.81
    2500 :34.57 27:56.37 05:50.23
    2550 :33.95 28:30.32
    2600 :33.89 29:04.21
    2650 :34.14 29:38.36
    2700 :34.15 30:12.50
    2750 :33.51 30:46.01
    2800 :34.20 31:20.21
    2850 :33.85 31:54.06
    2900 :33.77 32:27.83
    2950 :34.29 33:02.13
    3000 :33.63 33:35.76 05:39.39

    wasn't sure where I was and flipped at 3000 & did extra 50

    Pool was pretty warm, it was really cold Mon

    didn't wear a cap

    Stayed steady

    didn't tie suit tight enough
    back of my suit filled up on each turn

    breathed last stroke into each turn and 1st 2 strokes off each turn
  2. Sprint Classic Results, Oct. 30

    by , October 30th, 2011 at 09:59 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    50 back, 28.23:

    My only goal for the meet was to break the national record in the 50 back, which was 28.7. Happy to have that in the bag!

    The 28.2 was .1 slower than I swam at this meet last year. I looked back at my comments and see that I swam a near perfect race last year. Today, not so. Flat-ish start (took a few kicks to get up to speed) and two iffy breakouts (confirmed by Speedo & Josh). Definitely felt some racing rust. But this does not bother me unduly because it means I have room for improvement later in the year!

    Because my execution was off, I decided to scratch the 50 fly and swim the 50 back again in my 100 ...

    Second 50 back, 28.4:

    ... but when I found myself behind the blocks I was strangely un-excited for a re-do. Subpar breakouts again and I was only under 14 m + 12 m, a bit short for me. Still, this swim was under the NR too.

    Battle of the True Drop Dead Sprinters:

    Fastest woman and man determined by the aggregate time of the 25s. Using an aggregate is generally advantageous for me because I can hammer out a good 25 back to get a starting edge. After a goodish rest, I actually felt a bit more awake and psyched to race. And I grabbed a nice USMS tech shirt as a prize!

    25 back
    Last year: 13.3
    This year: 13.4

    25 breast:
    Last year, 16.5.
    This year, 15.7.

    Boom! This .8 improvement was due completely to the fact that I had a great start -- fast off the blocks, clean entry and great distance. My breakout wasn't the best as I had to jerk up my head to get to the surface.

    25 fly::

    Last year, 12.6.
    This year 13.0 with a long glidey finish. Decent start.

    25 free:

    Last year: 12.2
    This year: 12.2.
    My usual shallow start.

    Aggregate time:

    Last year: 54.6
    This year: 54.5
    Right on the same time in my dotage.



    1. Really happy to get the NR right outta the box this season. Mission accomplished and can happily soldier on.

    2. I felt slightly discombobulated and choppy in the water. I'm thinking that's due to being sick for a good bit, and out of the water. I basically was forced to do a short drop taper, which would not have been my choice. I also felt slightly "off" racing mid morning. I always swim better in the afternoon, which is when I practice generally.

    3. Though I did my usual warm up, I didn't have that "firing on all cylinders" feeling for my first race. I'm wondering if I need to do more speed work in warm up when I race in the am? Jazz mentioned he did a 50 @ 90-95% in warm up. Or, more likely, maybe it's just rare to feel that way.

    4. Dropping .8 in the 25 breaststroke by nailing the start really underscored that I am under-performing in my 50 fly and 50 free with subpar forward starts. But the only away to improve starts is by practicing them -- always a thorn in my side.

    Definitely going to yoga tomorrow as I'm sure I'll be sore!

    Speedo posted some fast times. Jazz threw down a fast 50 free as well. I video'd this with my iPhone. Will upload later.

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  3. New England Masters 10K Championship Results

    by , October 9th, 2011 at 10:08 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Here are the official results from the New England 6+ mile OW Championships last month, my first at this distance. I also received my medal in the mail this week from this really enjoyable race. Also, it looks like proceeds from the race will be able to provide close to $1000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

    Name Time
    Andrew H. 02:12
    Ryan S. 02:41
    Doug S. 02:42
    Trent T. 02:45
    Michael L. 02:46
    Albert G. 02:46
    Michael S. 02:54
    Chris L. 03:16
    Michael S. 03:20
    Victor Y. 03:32
    Bill E. 04:00
    Lou S. 05:55

    Morgan S. 02:34
    Charlotte B. 02:48
    Elaine H. 03:14
    Paula Y. 03:17

    Matt G. 01:13
    Kaan D. 01:19
    Thomas N. 01:23
    Josh S. 01:25
    Donald S. 01:29
    Al H. 01:29
    Antoine L. 01:30
    Paul D. 01:34
    Steve S. 01:42
    Joe S. 01:51
    Rich H. 01:51
    Mike G. 01:56
    Jim P. 02:02

    Ellen A. 01:17
    Jill L. 01:17
    Kayle S. 01:17
    Donna N. 01:23
    Stephanie H. 01:25
    Suzanne K. 01:26
    Ali M. 01:33
    Kathy L. 01:36
    Jill L. 01:40
    Christina L. 01:49
    Maura T. 01:50

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    Masters Swim Meets / Events
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  4. 9/25/11: New England Masters 5/10K Championships

    by , September 25th, 2011 at 10:16 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    I completed my first 10K swim today in Coventry, Rhode Island, at the 5th annual Flat River Reservoir Champion's Challenge. There were just over 40 total participants swimming in either the 5K or 10K events, with a mix of folks donning wetsuits or not. I choose not to, and was happy since the water temp was a warm 68 degrees. I posted a picture of the course recently, but essentially we started on the south end of the lake, swam north for 1 mile, then went east for 1/2 mile, round a buoy and back for 5K, with those doing the 10K make 2 laps.

    The race was started shortly after 9am, with all swimmers entering the water together, but the USMS registered swimmers in the 10K race starting 5 seconds later (so that the results can be certified). I was in the later wave, and found that since the field was not large there was no problem getting out from the start and through the pack.

    I found myself near the front after the first mile, and looked back as I did some backstroke to stretch out my shoulders and found that a pack of 4-5 folks were bunched in behind me. No one was really interested to take over the point, so I keep churning. After we made the first right to the short buoy our group broke up a bit and I stopped for some hydration from my kayaker, Bob, who made the trip down from Maine to paddle with me.

    I settled into a grove behind 2-3 folks through the turnaround and for the next mile or so. After another hydration break, I finished the last 1/4 mile of the 5K. All of a sudden a swimmer was headed towards us - I though it was a late starter but Bob confirmed it was the lead guy going for his second lap. I caught up to the group at the starting buoy and was surprised that most of them finished for the 5K, while I turned around for the 10K! haha - I guess it helped to pace with them as my split was 1hr 18min and change.

    My right calf cramped up at the turnaround, so I was slowed down a bit to stretch it out. I tried a blackberry goo shot, which was just plain gross. For the rest of the race my right leg was bothering me, but I decided to get in a cycle of 40 hard stokes followed by 100 long/strong. It worked well back to the 1 mile marker, but my goggles kept fogging up so I was hampered there. I increased my hydration to 20 minute intervals, and decided after the far turnaround to try some food. One fruit cup later, and the way to sweet cherries I knew that was a bad idea! I keep moving and was not able to gain much on a gentleman in front of me, or lose ground from the guy behind.

    The last 1/4 mile was tough; my arms were shot, right leg bothering me, and I was starting to feel nauseous from my failed fielding attempts. Bob was a great encouragement as always, cheering my on to finish as strong as possible. I came in at an official time of 2 hours, 46 minutes, 12 seconds. Not to shabby for my first marathon distance swim. I was spent after the race, and even got sick, but we were treated to a great post-race lunch and a chocolate bar shaped like a swimmer as an award.

    Bob wondered what I thought about during the swim. I employed some counting (forward and backward), but I used much of the time praying for family and friends and also reciting the books of the New Testament in order by book (my son had a test at school this week on these). The end of the swim was tough, but I found that by focusing on these, I was able to block out the pain and exhaustion that I was feeling. It took me about 15 minutes to start thinking clearly again and try something to eat (Bob was kind enough to give me a shoulder rub).

    I will post the final results once they are available, but I was able to average 2.25 mph for the race. Ray Gandy and the folks in RI put on a great swim, where safety was the number one concern. There were four buoys dividing the lake, two jet skiers patrolling as well as some other boats, and every swimmer had a kayaker to keep an extra set of eyes on the water. In addition, we had a great feast set up after the swim and a really energized feeling from all of the racers, family/friends, and volunteers that came together to make this event happen.

    I never swam more than a 500yd as an age-grouper, and after just 2 years back in the water I am trying these longer distances with the hopes of tackling the English Channel in the next 6 years or so. Time will tell on that, but I am very thankful that the Lord has blessed me with the ability to swim, and has surrounded me with a loving family and friends to encourage me, even though sometimes I think I might be crazier than they think I am!
  5. New England 10K in two weeks

    by , September 12th, 2011 at 09:45 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    After a successful 2.4 mile swim at the Peaks to Portland (Maine) in July, in which I swam without a wetsuit in 62-64 degree Atlantic Ocean water in a time of 49:54, I am now looking towards my first 6.2 mile swim on Sunday, 9/25, in Rhode Island.

    Ray, the race coordinator, gave me a call last night and mentioned that 40+ folks are registered for either the 5K or 10K swims. I am going to be able to have my buddy Bob join me as my kayaker for the event, which I am really happy about.

    I have been reading the Open Water forums for helpful hints for this distance. I have had limited training this month due to Hurricane Irene pummeling Vermont. Our town had no main water supply for 7 days, and the Rec center where I train was closed for 2 weeks (one for yearly maintenance, the other since we had no water). Finally the major road traversing the southern border of Vermont, from Bennington to Brattelboro, was reopened this past weekend. Today my wife and I traveled it on my motorcycle - totally different landscape with roads washed out and buildings gone. We were blessed to only have rain and wind at my home, so I thank God for his protection.

    If anyone has additional tips for this long swim please feel free to leave them for me. I was able to get in a 3600yd swim tonight in less than one hour, alternating focus on 8x200 power swims and 9x100 sprints.

    Anyone else planning to swim?

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  6. Sat Aug 20th, 2011 Postal 10k

    by , August 20th, 2011 at 01:58 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat Aug 20th, 2011

    Just swam a Postal 10k

    I felt I was in pretty good shape this summer with all the doubles I've done. Larry and a few of the swimmers on Longhorn wanted to do the postal 5k's & 10ks. So a while back I looked at the distance records
    The NR for M45-49 was
    10K Postal James Stewart 2004 2:13:47.24
    so I did the math, that time is averaging 1:20.27 per 100. I thought I might be able to go faster. So a few weeks ago I decided to give it a shot. I picked up my training, did several doubles then rested Th & Fr. I shaved & even shaved my head, plus asked the swim center to drop to pool temp a few degrees. they usually keep it around 80 and think it was 76 or 77 on Sat.

    Today I went 2:13:43.48! & barely broke the NR in my age group.

    there's a pic of my split sheet in my FB photo album called "swimming"

    My Splits Were:

    00100 0:01:13.4
    00400 0:05:08.0
    00800 0:10:16.1
    01000 0:12.48.2

    01500 0:19:09.9
    01600 0:20:25.8 10:09.7

    02000 0:25:28.1 12:39.9
    02400 0:30:31.1 10:05.3

    03000 0:38:05.0 12:39.2 18:55.1
    03200 0:40:35.0 10:03.9

    04000 0:50:45.9 12:40.9 10:10.9
    04500 0:57:10.3 19:05.3
    04800 1:01:00.1 10:14.2

    05000 1:03:36.4 12:50.5
    05100 1:04:54.5

    05600 1:12:02.4 11:02.3

    06000 1:17:21.0 13:44.6 20:10.70
    06400 1:22.49.8 10:47.4

    07000 1:30:57.2 13:36.2
    07200 1:33:37.5 10:47.7
    07500 1:37:34.5 20:13.5

    08000 1:44:53.3 13:56.1 11:15.8
    08800 1:56:07.0 11:13.7

    09000 1:59:01.0 14:07.7 21:26.5
    09600 2:07.58.8 11:51.8

    10000 2:13:43.48 14:42.4

    Splits by 800, 1000, & 1500:

    10:16.1 10:09.7 10:05.3 10:03.9 10:10.9 10:14.2
    11:02.3 10:47.4 10:47.7 11:15.8 11:13.7 11:51.8

    12.48.2 12:39.9 12:39.2 12:40.9 12:50.5
    13:44.6 13:36.2 13:56.1 14:07.7 14:42.4

    19:09.9 18:55.1 19:05.3
    20:10.7 20:13.5 21:26.5

    I spent around 2 minutes & 30 seconds on breaks.

    I dove in at 7:00 am and swam long smooth and easy. I went 5100 before taking my first break at around 65 minutes, in hind sight, I swam the 1st 5k too hard and waited to long before taking my first break to hydrade and fuel up. I rested around 30 seconds then took off attempting to do 400's on 5:20, think I made 2 or 3 then fell off the pace.

    I tried to stay steady and stay on pace but felt pretty certain I started off too strong. I started struggling around 7k, Thinking, I swam a really good 5k, why not get out and be done?
    Around 9k I started getting calf cramps.
    That last 1k really hurt and my last 100 was horrible. I kept my eye on the clock the whole way, knew I was close, and sloppily sprinted my last 25 touching the wall in 2 hours 13 minutes & 43 seconds, just under the record.

    When I finished I was truly exhausted.
    I hugged the wall for around 5 minutes.
    Swam an easy 100.
    hugged the wall longer.
    Swam another easy 100.
    Around 15 minutes later I crawled out of the pool, feeling exhausted and sore. My calves kept cramping, I could barely walk. So I sat down. Ed brought me a my vitamin water and a gu, Whitney gave me a powdered drink. I felt so terrible and for a while thought I needed to go the the hospital but after 45 minutes felt a little better. I needed to get home, we were driving my daughter to to Lubbock. I thought I'd get home by 10 but really underestimated how awful I'd feel after the swim.

    I felt terrible, was exhausted, sweating & shaking, my calves and biceps started cramping at 9k and were still cramping hrs later. My calves hurt Saturday, Sunday & Monday. I forgot to shave my face before the swim and my stubble tore up the skin on my right delt. I had blister on base on my left index finger where my thumb kept hitting it. My left bicep had a rub spot from streamlining against my stubbly head.

    I was thrilled to break the 10k record, especially since I also broke a 50 free record in Mens 45 - 49. I'm not a D man. The 10k was a crazy diversion for me, a personal challenge, and at this point, I am done with D and back to training for 50s to 400s.

    Looking back, I'd:
    1) shave my face just before the swim,
    2) start out at an easier pace
    3) take my first break sooner & then follow a preplanned schedule, like:
    Maybe at 2.5, 3, or 4k then every 1k after that and
    4) figure out what the ideal liquids and fuel are.

    10k is a loooooong way and I doubt I'll do another one anytime soon.

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  7. Day 3 Nats, Aug. 6

    by , August 7th, 2011 at 10:49 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Finally back from a fun time in Auburn. Just a quickie blog. I'll do a recap and analysis tomorrow.

    100 back, NS:

    I woke up and decided not to swim it -- I was feeling pretty beat from the meet and tired from the usual "meet sleep" syndrome. I might have swum it if it were after the 50 free, but it wasn't. And I did not feel like a potential repeat of the 100 fly or a second bad decision. That is not to say that would have happened -- it's backstroke after all -- but I wasn't in the mood for a long course 100 going into my third day of nationals. No big deal -- I will do it in 2 weeks and try to claim the AA.

    50 free, 2nd, 29.6:

    This time is pretty good for me, given that this was my most poorly executed race in terms of the fine details. I apparently wasted my best starts on the 50/100 fly. lol. This time, I got off the block slow and did not go in through the "hole." Rather, I slapped my legs on the water and had a subpar breakout. I came up behind on the start, which rarely happens to me. And -- ouch!!! My arms and legs were screaming at me with fatigue. Water Rat told me that I had a fast turnover. I also miscalculated on the finish just a bit; I had trouble picking up the bulkhead on all my finishes. I should have glided in hard with my left hand, but instead took a short stroke. That may have cost me the win.

    With these miscues on the start and turn, 29.6 seems pretty good. I perhaps could have gone a few tenths faster without them. Unlike my 50 fly, this time was at least faster than my personal worst of 30.0 last summer. I know some (Jazz, Ahelee, for example) think I can go faster. I think I can too -- if I focus more on freestyle and sprint endurance. But this may have been the fastest I could go with this summer's training and not feeling very fresh before the race. I am also having a bit of tough time telling how much of my slow down from Indy 2009 (when I was mid 28) is due to suits and how much is due to a lack of LC/sprint endurance training. With the current data points, the lack of tech suits does seem to effect me more in LC than SC.



    It still hasn't really sunk in that I got the WR in the 50 back! I really couldn't be more thrilled with the time and the race. And I suspect in the days to come I will be really grateful that I achieved that given this summer's training circumstances.

    I have glanced at the Terrapin Cup schedule. It is an am meet, which is trickier for me, especially as it's a hike to U of Md. But I tentatively plan to swim the 200 back on Saturday for a 100 split and the 50 fly on Sunday. The idea of doing only one event per day is very appealing to me! I see that the 200 back is positive check in. Hmm ... I want to cruise in late, so may have to ask if someone can check me in. I'm feeling much more excited about swimming the 100 back then than I was yesterday! Now I have to mull over how to train next week.
  8. WR Rebound, Day 2 Nats

    by , August 6th, 2011 at 12:16 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Day 2 started off a little rough, but ended with an unexpected bang. As Geek said, the next race could be your best race.

    50 fly, 1st, 31.5:

    I was quite tired when I got to the pool and warmed up. I kept telling myself to go for the win and not worry about my time. I did win and my time was mediocre. My stroke felt somewhat choppy and I tightened up the entire last 10 meters. The last 3 strokes were dreadful. My back foot also slipped on the start and I didn't get the best push off. If I couldn't SDK, I would have been dead in the water. I was also slightly
    deep on my breakout. These errors and my general lack of long course conditioning may have cost me up to second. Plenty of room for improvement.

    I haven't checked, but I think this might be the slowest I've swum in 4 years? Fortunately, not another personal worst. I swam this event two years ago and almost 2 seconds faster in Indy. Then, I had a Jaked and had swum long course with my team and a lot of 50 flys in practice. If I want to train SCY for a fast 50 fly long course, with my kicks, I'd need to do more 100s in
    practice. I actually enjoy practicing long course
    as a breather from all the turns in short course, so I'm hoping to swim more with my team next summer.

    I was interviewed by the gregarious and ebullient Misty Hyman moments after stepping out of the pool. I now have no recollection of almost anything I said. Lol. But I recall one grave error. I said I love my masters swimming friends, which I do!, but I forgot to mention how much I love being able to train like a sprinter and compete in 50s -- something I never got to do as
    a kid. I also looked like a complete dork with
    the vicious goggle marks on my head. (I tighten my goggles for races after having had issues in the past.

    50 back, 1st place, new WR 32.5
    Previous record from 2002 32.8

    After a somewhat mediocre 50 fly, I didn't have high hopes for my 50 back. Again, the goal was just to win. Based on fly, I expected to swiim a high 33 or so. That's about what I went last summer with not the best training. I sat around for what seemed like forever, though I loved watching the racing from the view in the bleachers. But after the rest and a cup of
    coffee, I didn't feel quite as weary. About 25-30 minutes before my race, I hopped in the pool and swam 100 with burst dolphin. Then, I basically hoped for the best. Though I'm always very fidgety before my races -- sprinter mojo -- it was the most relaxed I'd been at the meet.

    And then we were off! I had my trademark start. Good reaction time, not too deep, and high cycles SDKs to the 14.9 meter mark. . Not entirely sure, but I had a pretty big lead at this point -- maybe 3/4 to a body length lead. If you can do this, no one can catch you in a 50! Then I basically channelled Tancock. I had a very high stroke rate -- I almost felt like I was spinning at times. But, happily, I didn't die much the last ten meters as I expected. Whew! My finish was not stellar; basically whacked my hand at the top of the touchpad. But I didn't want to glide. I feel like it could have been smoother, but I havent swum that much straight backstroke in the mini pool.

    I was extremely happy to look up and see that time! Much better swim than my 50 fly. Wally Dicks said I was "bookin'.". Rob Butcher asked how on earth I can dolphin kick like that. (The answer is of course that you must train sprint dolphin kick.) So I was thrilled! And unexpectedly so. That swim made my meet; tomorrow doesn't matter much to me; this was my chief goal this summer. This was my second fastest time as a masters swimmer, second to my swim in Indy. But this is my fastest textile
    suit swim by almost a second.


    Now as to tomorrow, I'm signed up for 100 back and 50 free. I'm not sure I want to swim the 100 back. I don't want a repeat of my 100 fly disaster and I'm pretty sure it would compromise my 50 free. I want to see when it's offered at the Terrapin Cup. If the 50 fly is Saturday (yes, I'm trying again!) and the 100 bsckstroke is Sunday, it might make sense to save it for then. On the other hand, I don't be essrily want to give up a chance to swim for National championship. I could always redo the 50 free later too. I'll see how I feel in the am.

    They're telling us to add an extra half hour to get to the pool tomorrow am because of graduation ceremonies at 10 and 1. If this means 30 minutes of walking from a parking space, that could decide the matter.

    The only sour note of the day is that someone apparently stole my iPhone after my 50 back. . I checked at lost and found and it wasn't there. I'll check again tomorrow. But it sucks that a masters swimmer could do that.

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  9. Day 1 Nats

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 10:36 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Not my favorite day of competitive swimming. Racing is supposed to be fun, and it wasn't much fun today. I should have listened to my own instincts and scratched the 100 fly. Live and learn! Better to have made that mistake somewhere besides Nationals though.

    50 breast, 3rd, 40.6:

    This was pretty good for me. It's 1.2 seconds faster than I swam last summer. Ahelee thought I should be under 40, but without a wall, that's tough for me. It is a masters PR, though I've only swum this race three times. Still!

    Allen Stark gave me lots of good feedback. I was a bit too deep on the start and should have pulled up on the pulldown. Lack of block practice, I'm sure, accounts for this mistake. I also wasn't recovering quickly enough and dropping my elbows some. Oddly, he remarked that my kick looked good. Puzzling since I never kick. Ahelee watched too, and said I didn't look
    like myself.

    100 fly, 3rd, 1:17

    I hate the 100 fly long course, and this was my worst experience ever. No way to sugar coat it. I should have scratched. I've been training SCY all summer, and was ill prepared for a 100 fly long course. I usually kick 45 meters of a SCY 100, so I'm actually swimming only 50 yards or so. I am just not in shape for swimming 75 meters of fly. I know many believe that you can train SCY for LCM. But not the way I train yards. Allen Stark suggested not pushing off walls when I train SCY. I would rather have just been able to train with my team.

    Usually in this event, I die the last 10-15 meters. Today it was the whole last 25 meters; the arms just stopped moving. No wonder nobody in my
    age group wanted to swim this event! I also tried to breathe more then usual and use easy speed. But that effort just ruined my usual stroke and I was going up and down too much.

    The only good part --- I had a great start and a nice lead at the 15 meter mark. I almost overshot it, and thought perhaps I had when I didn't see the white marker. I was told I was just past 14 meters.

    Unfortunately, I was really dead after, especially my legs, and I'm somewhat worried it will hurt
    tomorrow's 50s. I know Allen scratched to save his legs gor his focus event. I did get a short massage, so perhaps that will help.


    So not a great start with a personal worst. I don't even care about my times tomorrow. I'm just going for the wins. Knowing me, I will wake up with a F*ck It attitude and swim pretty well. If not, I will reboot and re swim the 50 fly and back at the Terrapin Cup. I am, however, permanently retired from the 100 fly long course. It's not worth the angst or the piano. I love fly, but not that event anymore.

    I did see some fabulous swims by other forumites -- Chris, Ahelee, Kurt, etc. Congrats to them!

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  10. Zones Day 3 Sun July 24th

    by , July 24th, 2011 at 10:20 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    LCM Zones Day 3
    Sunday July 24th, 2011

    Arrived late, (packing up our hotel room)
    No warm up at all

    100 fl
    Dove in dry, Cruised the 1st 50 easy speed, barely kicked like I was taking out a 2 IM
    went 1:01.85
    split 29.75 32.10
    Got 2nd
    1st Ross Davis 1:01.60 29.01 32.59

    50 Br
    right after the fly, warmed down from fly & up for Br
    Went 34.00

    Got decent rest before the

    200 Br

    38.77 43.92 43.48 43.28
    stayed smooth & easy for first 3 lengths,
    Tried pick up last 50
    My Stroke counts for each length were: 12, 14.5, 16, & 19
    Think I'm better off staying long & gliding, maybe add more power to each pull & kick

    50 fr
    it hurt
    Korey, the new guy on TXLA, went 25.3

    800 fr
    Swam it because I thought I could break Larry Wood's 9:52.28 zone record
    got plenty of rest & warm up, (relays & 4 800 heats before mine)
    swam it steady then 6 beat kicked the last 50

    1:08.36 32.81 35.55 1:08.36
    2:21.35 36.35 36.64 1:12.99 2:21.35
    3:35.08 36.70 36.98 1:13.68
    4:48.83 36.93 36.87 1:13.80 2:27.48 4:48.83
    6:02.35 36.91 36.87 1:13.78
    7:16.01 36.83 36.83 1:13.66 2:27.44
    8:29.55 36.67 36.87 1:13.54
    9:40.00 36.96 33.49 1:10.45 2:23.99 4:51.17

    4:51.17 - 4:48.83 = 2.34 diff between 1st & 2nd 400's

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  11. Since I'm sitting here

    My SCY season consisted of 8 meets including Nats. Of those were two state championships (Iowa and Illinois) and several smaller (yet equally exciting!) meets.

    I'd really like to explicitly look at my 500 free times from the start til the end of the season:
    My first 500 of 2011: 1/15/2011 Danville
    Time: 7:18.93
    Splits: N/A (Avg: 43.9)

    After a lot of coaching and learning, I managed to pull this off at the Illinois State Meet.
    Best 500 of 2011: 4/7/2011 (ILMSA Champs)
    Time: 6:46.42
    Splits: 34.70, 40.11, 41.99, 41.26, 40.79, 41.49, 42.07, 41.89, 42.14, 39.98

    So I'm pretty happy with how my swimming has turned out! I'm not really sure how it all happened - but like magic I managed to start swimming way faster over these past couple months.
    I also swam the same race during nats... I did not swim it nearly as well, mostly due to fatigue and frustration from the days before. (We'll talk about that in a minute)
    Nats Time: 6:52.88
    Splits: 35.01, 40.18, 42.26, 43.04, 42.03, 43.28, 41.78, 42.57, 41.95, 40.78
    Not a terrible job, but I could do SIGNIFICANTLY better in the future.

    So I've also had an attitude adjustment in my swimming and in my training. My first adjustment came after my 200 free at nationals. Due to the fact that I was not swimming smart (lets just put it that way) I missed my wall at the 75 and killed my momentum for the race. It was a bad race for me and one that I wanted to do especially well in. Well - long story short, I can't go back and swim it again. That's just how it is. So instead, I'll just make it up with a vengeance the next time I swim it in a meet.

    In terms of training, I had the time to look at this article. Mr. Crippen's philosophy on his training and his mindset on pushing oneself to the absolute brink is not something I've never thought about before. However I've never truly been inspired to put myself up to it until after reading this. I don't ever plan or even want to be compared to Fran, but perhaps - just perhaps I can teach myself to become even a millionth of the athlete that he was.

    Thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll be able to post more this summer! I have quite the line up planned:
    2 Open Water Swims (Swim Across America and Big Shoulders)
    2 Triathlons (Wauconda Sprint Triathlon and the Bangs Lake Triathlon)
    2 Long Course Meets (Badger State Games and Indy SwimFit Firecracker)
    Muddy Buddy Chicago
    and at least 1 half marathon (not sure when or where)
  12. Nats Day 2 Sat Apr 30, 2011

    by , May 2nd, 2011 at 11:39 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Nats Day 2 Sat Apr 30, 2011

    Event 19 Men 45-49 100 Yard IM
    NATL: N 52.14 5/23/2010 RICHARD HUGHEY

    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 47 TXLA 54.41 54.78
    24.77 54.78 (30.01)

    2 McCool, Chris 46 UNAT 56.53 56.23
    25.96 56.23 (30.27)
    3 De Biase, Terry A 46 ARIZ 58.50 56.93
    26.19 56.93 (30.74)
    4 Beatty, Dan C 45 GAJA 56.02 56.97
    26.08 56.97 (30.89)
    5 Jones, Brian A 45 NAM 57.00 57.03
    25.99 57.03 (31.04)
    6 Jimenez, Carlos A 46 RICE 57.52 57.54
    26.77 57.54 (30.77)
    7 Unger, Michael S 46 BLU 1:03.00 57.97
    27.46 57.97 (30.51)
    8 Stewart, Henry D 47 NCMS 59.51 58.14
    25.87 58.14 (32.27)
    9 Jaegers, Al 48 ARIZ 59.50 58.56
    26.74 58.56 (31.82)
    10 Ponthier, Chuck 48 LAPS 58.63 59.02
    26.76 59.02 (32.26)

    had a good race,
    tried to breathe more on fly,
    Tuchler missed the meet
    hoped to have my 2nd 50 under 30

    Event 25 Men 45-49 50 Yard Breaststroke
    1 Corbeau, James L 46 OREG 27.09 26.91
    2 Marx, Jeff 46 NITR 30.01 28.27
    3 Helgason, Tryggvi 47 LVM 29.50 28.78
    4 Rasmussen, Anders M 47 TXLA 28.66 28.80
    5 Unger, Michael S 46 BLU 31.00 28.99
    6 Cooper, Christopher E 46 VCM 30.12 29.00
    7 Condon, Doug 48 TVM 30.59 29.10
    8 Jimenez, Carlos A 46 RICE 29.92 29.12
    9 McCool, Chris 46 UNAT 29.59 29.22
    10 Alexander, Jeff 47 WMAC 29.00 29.93

    swam next to corbeau, he whooped me on the start

    Event 31 Men 45+ 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

    1 BLU 'A' 1:28.20 1:29.49
    1) Gaines, Ambrose M52 2) Switzer, Keith M M48
    3) Middleton, Marc D M59 4) Weiss, Scot H M46
    21.49 44.10 (22.61)
    1:07.07 (22.97) 1:29.49 (22.42)
    2 ARIZ 'A' 1:30.99 1:31.35
    1) Smith, Paul L M51 2) Jaegers, Al M48
    3) Hafner, Paul A M50 4) De Biase, Terry A M46
    23.65 47.06 (23.41)
    1:09.63 (22.57) 1:31.35 (21.72)
    3 RICE 'A' 1:32.50 1:31.69
    1) Kammerer, Richard F M53 2) Kone, Bruce C M53
    3) Williams, Bruce F M57 4) Jimenez, Carlos A M46
    22.40 45.77 (23.37)
    1:09.58 (23.81) 1:31.69 (22.11)
    4 BLU 'B' 1:34.00 1:33.04
    1) Bank, Holden J M51 2) Unger, Michael S M46
    3) Lydecker, Charles H M47 4) Bohlken, Ross P M56
    23.52 46.41 (22.89)
    1:09.66 (23.25) 1:33.04 (23.38)

    5 TXLA 'A' 1:33.00 1:34.48
    1) 24.23 Guthrie, David M M50
    2) 25.63 Coates, Ed M M45 49.86
    3) 23.05 Breazeale, Nathan M M47 1:12.91
    4) 21.57 Rasmussen, Anders M M47 1:34.48

    6 NCMS 'A' 1:31.00 1:35.20
    1) Stewart, Henry D M47 2) Gilchrist, Donald B M57
    3) Hollett, Peter G M51 4) Klein, Jonathan E M53
    23.68 48.47 (24.79)
    1:12.13 (23.66) 1:35.20 (23.07)
    7 CRUZ 'A' 1:36.20 1:35.83
    1) Wilson, Kurt E M51 2) Smith, David M M53
    3) Tallman, Karl G M52 4) Reed, Clay F M54
    23.75 48.16 (24.41)
    1:11.88 (23.72) 1:35.83 (23.95)
    8 IM 'A' 1:33.00 1:36.31
    1) Sims, David E M48 2) Hoyne, Ron M55
    3) Gibson, Dave M50 4) Seibt, Andreas K M53
    22.13 45.30 (23.17)
    1:11.97 (26.67) 1:36.31 (24.34)
    9 NOVA 'C' 1:37.64 1:37.34
    1) Von Hoffmann, Gerard M55 2) Shumate, Tim P M49
    3) Wagner, Thomas R M48 4) Benner, Tord E M51
    24.30 47.69 (23.39)
    1:12.15 (24.46) 1:37.34 (25.19)
    10 SCA 'A' 1:43.00 1:37.38
    1) Sidenberg, Phil M54 2) Eickhoff, Randy M M45
    3) Dajnowicz, Mark A M45 4) Davis, Stephen M M52
    25.20 49.64 (24.44)
    1:13.87 (24.23) 1:37.38 (23.51)

    happy with my split
    we were pretty far behind when I dove in
    the pool was super wavy,
    turn was challenging, race started in the late afternoon the far end was in the shade so the wall was darker than mid pool

    hoped to watch more races and talk with more friends but opted to lay low and rest for events

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  13. Peaks to Portland 2011

    by , April 11th, 2011 at 10:42 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    I signed up today for the Peaks swim, coming up this July. I swam the 2.4 mile Atlantic Ocean swim last year for the first time, which was also my first open water swim. It was great!

    The event is not sponsored by USMS that I know of, but it is a great swim in a wonderful small city with lots of stuff to do with the family.

    You can get some more info about the event here: http://cumberlandcountyymca.kintera....8AA90B6861DA8D

    There is a fundraising component for each swimmer entered, and if you message me I can get that specific info to you.

    Participants need to complete a qualifying swim at a local pool to be eligible, and a kayaker is strongly recommended. They start the event in waves of 50, and all swimmers have a timing chip Velcroed around their ankle for timing.

    You can read about my adventure last year here:

    I plan to swim without a wet suit this year, and hope to go under the 50 minute mark. I have a silly notion of trying to swim the Straight of Gilbralter in the next couple of years, and the English Channel within seven years. We'll see how the Lord leads on all of this ...

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  14. PNA Champs - Day 2

    by , April 10th, 2011 at 10:09 PM (Dan's hobby/obsession)
    Yes, I did watch That Guy's 200fly and thought things were a bit off as I saw his splits. (being the hermit I am I didn't actually walk the length of the pool to talk to him, though) I was taking notes during the 100 back because I'm starting to think I might have a shot at breaking 1:00 in this race if I actually start training some backstroke.

    Another beautiful day at the indoor pool -- no sunburn here! Although I did get a bit of a "burn" when I took my "missed walls cost me 3 seconds on my 200" speech on my older brothers' swim coach (from the 1970's) He says "3 seconds? More like 5! Probably more!!! c'mon!!" -- I'm pretty sure he saw that for the load of cr*p it really is.

    Anyway, on to the races..

    500 free - 5:31.07
    13+ seconds faster than the last time I swam it. I went out in a 1:02 and decided to cruise for 300yds to save my legs for the last 100. I think I should have set the cruise control a little faster because I had plenty left at the end and missed my goal time by a couple of seconds. (nailed the walls today, though!) It was still good enough to get me a Nat. Q time for the 45-49 Age Group, assuming they don't go down significantly as a result of the screamin' fast times to be posted at the end of the month....

    100 back - 1:06.28
    2.85 seconds faster than last month. A pretty good swim. This was about 5 minutes after the 500, but it felt OK and I finished thinking that I should have been able to go faster. Time to start working on improving my turnover and getting more SDK's off the wall.

    100 free - :54.71
    Finally, finally, FINALLY I got under :55. And yes, I had a couple of crappy turns.

    My reward? "Nice swim" from That Guy

    :55 was a goal last year and I was close to getting there until I pulled just about every muscle on my right side and had to take the whole summer off to rehab. I finally got back to :57's in February but thought that was pretty slow and almost gave up on the swim season to focus on training for a marathon.

    But it turns out I don't enjoy running in the rain, so I went back to the pool and started hitting the intervals harder and doing more sprints. So to the folks who encouraged me to stick with the swim season, "Thanks!"

    200IM - 2:23.99
    If it hasn't been obvious before, let me be clear - I are a freestyler.

    So a 2:23.99 is pretty good for me and this swim was 9.85 seconds faster than the one I swam in February.

    Out in :30.30, which was a surprise because I really was swimming "smooth" trying to save energy for the backstroke leg which was a

    :36.01 and not what I was planning. I followed that up with a :46.44 breaststroke
    and a :31.51 free. So not great splits, but like I said, I are a freestyler, so anything under 2:30.00 I was willing to be happy with.

    Relays -- really at this point, after 2 days these were just for fun. Mixed medley & men's 200fr. Decent split for the backstroke leg of the medley (31.80) but not what I thought I could do & I didn't stick around to see what my anchor leg 50fr split was - it felt like a high 25, but I thought yesterdays was a :24.xx, so my judgement's a bit off.

    It was a great meet and I enjoyed watching the forumites swim and cheering on my teammates from the Monroe Y Masters. Shattering my season times was nice, too and I'm sorry to end my season so early. I'm looking forward to a summer of maintaining some of the speed I found this winter and starting off the 2011-12 season with some times close to what I swam this weekend.
  15. Sun Apr 3rd, 2011 South Central Zones Day 3

    by , April 3rd, 2011 at 11:35 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sun Apr 3rd, 2011 South Central Zones Day 3

    25 days til Nats

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    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl

    I wanted to have a good 200 IM & sprints so yesterday I scratched the 1000 free

    50 fr
    Went 22.23
    Really good swim I'm happy with it
    went 22.2 last year in a full b70

    200 im
    Went 1:59.81
    0.81 25.85 31.37 34.54 28.05
    last year I was 2:00.5 at this meet in a full B70

    I selected events to get as much rest as possible, but the 200 IM and 50 fly were back to back. I entered the IM with NT & got 3 heats of rest, so I was done warming down when heat 4 finished had a little time to rest for the ...

    50 fl
    screwed up and swam in wrong heat
    wrote heat 8 lane 5 on the back of my hand
    Heat 7 was up, no one was in my lane
    I asked the timer how many heats are there,
    she said 7 so i hoped up, put on my cap and raced
    went 23.91
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Ande Rasmussen 50 butterfly Lane 5 2011 South Central SCY c[/nomedia]

    4 x 50 medley relay 1:41.09
    Longhorn Masters 45 plus men
    Bk 24.94 Ande Rasmussen happy with
    Br 27.98 52.92 David Guthrie
    Fl 25.29 1:18.21 Jim Sauer
    Fr 22.88 1:41.09 Max Stinchcombe
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 2011 longhorn masters medley relay[/nomedia]

    Next meets are:

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    Days till

    Fri Apr 29, 2011 400 IM 6th Event, 50 FL
    Sat Apr 30, 2011 100 IM, 50 Br
    Sun May 1, 2011 500 Fr, 200 IM
  16. Sat Apr 2nd, 2011 Zones Day 2

    by , April 3rd, 2011 at 12:17 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat Apr 2nd, 2011 Zones Day 2

    26 days til Nats

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    Fri 1650 fr, 400 IM
    Sat 500 fr, 200 bk, 100 fr, 200 br
    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl

    considered not swimming the 500 fr
    but went for it

    500 fr 5:03.62
    4:03.15 (kept 2 beat kicking, should have started 6 beat kick here)

    200 bk
    swam next to Tyler and he spanked me
    went 2:03.21
    29.49 31.29 31.48 30.95

    100 fr 49.91
    RT 0.76
    23.86 26.05
    Lane 2 White Cap
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 2011 South Central Zone Championships 100 freestyle[/nomedia]

    200 Br 2:22.95
    31.78 36.32 37.21 37.64
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 2011 South Central Zone scy Champs 200 breastroke lane 4 An[/nomedia]

    Lane 4 Me in White Cap
    Lane 5 David Guthrie

    Opted to not swim the 1000 free tomorrow
    racing the 50 fr, 200 IM, & 50 fl, maybe some relays

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    2011 South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX
    Days Till
    Fri 1650 fr, 400 IM
    Sat 500 fr, 200 bk, 100 fr, 200 br
    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    Days till

    Fri Apr 29, 2011 400 IM 6th Event, 50 FL
    Sat Apr 30, 2011 100 IM, 50 Br
    Sun May 1, 2011 500 Fr, 200 IM
  17. Fast Friday Apr 1st & 2011 south cen scy zones champs D1

    by , April 2nd, 2011 at 01:28 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Fast Fri Apr 1st, 2011

    Zones started today
    27 days til Nats

    2011 South Central Zone Championships Psych Sheet
    219 Athletes from 38 Teams

    Friday warm-ups @ 1500
    Check-in for the 1650 @ 1530
    Check-in for the 400 IM @ 1630
    Meet begins at 1600

    Fri 1650 fr, 400 IM
    Sat 500 fr, 200 bk, 100 fr, 200 br
    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl

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    thighs feel better, didn't hurt

    Had a nice workout this morning (details below)
    Just as I was leaving my house
    my mail box contained the new suit & caps I ordered
    drove to SA with beth
    Told larry to scratch me from 1650 so icoul focus on 4 im, he checked me and Tyler in 4im
    Took a wrong turn on way to Josh Davis pool
    got to see many old and new swimming friends
    Warmed up 3x before 4 im
    Had to wait through 6 heats of 1650s

    Raced in H1 L4
    Beside Tyler In 3, Ross Davis 2,
    Phil sundahl in 6 & Beau Gilbert lane 5

    Race strategy was same

    FL easy speed, barely k, breathe often, few SDKs

    BK easy speed, save legs, not many SDKs, take extra breaths just before the 200

    FAST bk to Br turn

    BR work it, great push offs, streamlines & pull outs, fast insweep & thrust, great kick and long streamline glides after each kick

    FR 6 beat kick the whole way & sprint home, leave it all in the pool

    Wore new FS pro
    Last yr I went 4:22 at zones in a full B70
    today's splits were:

    31.03 0:57.45

    33.63 1:31.08
    32.90 2:03.98 66.53

    36.30 2:40.28
    37.76 3:18.04 1:14.06

    31.53 3:49.57
    28.91 4:18.48 60.44

    Good race,
    got 3rd in heat behind Tyler & Ross,
    they went 4:17, think Ross was 8/100ths faster than Tyler
    I saw them on Br
    both went out faster than me
    Really hurt at end,
    On fr 2 beat kicked first 50 of fr,
    should gave been more aggressive there & 6 beat kicked the whole 100, very pleased swim & time

    Had a nice dinner with my beth, max, & his beth
    Spending night in sa tonight
    Tomorrow I've got:

    500 fr & I checked in,
    might go for 200 split
    might swim race,
    might skip, been 5:04 in practice

    200 bk, tough painful race
    Want go out smooth & bring it home well

    100 fr

    200 Br,
    next to David Guthrie
    Hope to have great turns & walls &

    maybe a relay or 2

    Fri morn practice
    Whitney Coached
    UT, scy main pool
    6:30 - 8:00
    dove in on time
    trained with mike Tyler & Marcio
    beside Nate,
    wore worn out b70 pro legs
    Stayed in Austin last night got to sleep in till 6:00ish

    15 min chioce swam easy till 6:45

    Main SET:

    assigned 8 rounds of
    100 fr on 2:00 500 pace
    100 fr on 2:00 200 pace
    050 fr on 1:00 050 pace
    150 easy
    R1 100 fr 500P went 62, 100 fr skip, 50 fr 100P went 24 150 easy

    R2 skip 100, 100 fr strong 55, 50 skip, 150 easy

    R3 100 fr 500P went 60, 100 fr skip, 50 fr 100P went 24, 150 easy

    R4 skip 100, 100 fr strong 55, 50 skip, 150 easy

    R5 100 @ 500P went 59 skipped rest

    R6 skipped all

    R7 skipped 100, did 100 @ 200P went 55, skipped 50

    R8 skipped 100's, 50 @ 100p went 24

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    2011 South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX
    Days Till
    Fri 1650 fr, 400 IM
    Sat 500 fr, 200 bk, 100 fr, 200 br
    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    Days till

    Fri Apr 29, 2011 400 IM 6th Event, 50 FL
    Sat Apr 30, 2011 100 IM, 50 Br
    Sun May 1, 2011 500 Fr, 200 IM

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  18. I also had a good weekend...

    by , March 22nd, 2011 at 05:40 PM (Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic)
    I was inspired by Fort's weekend success to try to come back around again to blogging, both reading and writing. I also want to share because I attended the New England SCY Championships at Harvard this weekend, and achieved personal bests in 6 out of 8 swims. And some by a lot!

    The big hitch in the blogging is that I now have a 2-hour commute (each way), and no portable mobile device. I'm not sure how I'll be able to blog consistently, so I'll just throw this really long, long entry up in the meantime. I do want to track my progress while I'm on this major upswing! This is the weekend breakdown:

    1000 Yard Freestyle
    13:56.57 - previous PR 16:02.56
    - this swim was actually the previous weekend, which I wrote about already. But I was totally blown away. All I wanted was to break 15 minutes. The only drawback of this swim was that it set my expectations really high for the rest of the weekend. Even though I had some great swims, I never again felt that feeling of awe and amazement when I touched the wall and looked at the clock at the end of this one.

    200 Yard Breaststroke
    3:23.35 - previous PR 3:30.92
    - My plan worked! I signed up figuring this would be a less popular swim, and indeed, I got a 2nd place for my efforts. I just kept it long and full of gliding. Being one of the first races of the meet, I also had a team full of cheerleaders at either end of the pool, and that helped a lot, especially on that last 50.

    100 Yard Freestyle
    1:08.99 - previous PR 1:11.61
    - This was amazing. I had been stuck at 1:14 for a year, and then I've been hovering around 1:11, and all I wanted was to break 1:10. I really have no memory of what I did in this swim, but I know I had some good turns that helped me out.

    100 Yard Backstroke
    1:28.36 - previous PR 1:35.54
    - I don't know how this one happened. I felt like I hadn't seen much improvement with my strokes, but I chalk this one up to keeping my head back, my arms going, and not slowing down into the walls. Next up: learning how to do underwaters.

    500 Yard Freestyle
    6:44.52 - previous PR 7:05.16
    - I used last year's PR as my seed time, but I had already broken that in the half-way mark of the 1000 last weekend. So I had high hopes, and they panned out! I was stuck in lane 8 for this race (side note: I spent the entire weekend in the outside lanes. Every. Single. Race.) and I figured someone in the middle would pull out ahead. But I got the bell and won the heat! (I promised the nice official I used a real time, and am no sandbagger.) Again, teammates came out and cheered, and since I was next to the wall, I could hear and see them the whole time, and attribute a few of the shaved off seconds to that energy. My splits were pretty even, and my coach said it was a smart race.

    100 Yard Breaststroke
    1:37.71 - standing PR 1:36.95
    - No PR? What the hey-ho? It felt like a good race, I tried to keep my hips up and go. I think I used too much of that long, strong, 200 yard glide. Also, I never really work on breast stroke, I just swim it when needed. I'll have to keep working at it, I suppose.

    50 Yard Freestyle
    32.65 - previous PR 32.68
    - 3 hundredths of a second counts! This didn't feel like my greatest sprint ever. I was flailer McGee up and down, and on my turn I hit my own wave of water. It was ugly, but it worked. But if you look at my splits on the relay... I went 32.33! Darn relays. No pressure, great swims. In the future, I'm looking to break 30 seconds ASAP.

    400 Yard Individual Medley
    6:30.03 - trendsetter...
    - Every time I checked my USMS stats, there was a big gaping hole where a 400IM time would go. (there's also one for the 200 fly, but whatever.) This felt like the meet to try it. One funny thing is that this is the only seed time I had to create, and the only one I was even close to. My whole goal was "don't DQ." My swim buddy told me that my backstroke looked like I was strolling in the park it was so slow. And I was fine with that. I think with a little more work on my fly, this PR won't stand long. Not that I ever want to do this race again.

    200 Yard Freestyle
    2:35.14 - standing PR 2:32.72

    - My one race regret of the weekend!* I was tired. It was Sunday. I was feeling confident. This is my favorite race. The team was happy. They all came over for one last cheer. My teammate had just won her heat, and was in a lane right next to her competition. We were all feeling good, and I was so, so certain that I was in Heat 10, Lane 8. I sat on the bench and waited for Heat 8 to finish. As they did, I started to prep for my race while Heat 9 stepped on the blocks. And over the PA system I hear, "Carolyn Bennett, FISH Masters. Lane 8. Last Call."

    Ya'll, I was in Heat 9.

    I jumped up on the blocks and had the fastest reaction time of the entire weekend, so that's one thing. I swam the first 50 in 33.43, with goggles full of water. I swam the second 50 about the same. Then I died. I had no idea where I was, who I was, or why I didn't triple and quadruple check the heat sheet like I normally do. The lady next to me was so far ahead, and that was fine because I totally lost count, and I looked to her turn at the 150 to know that I was in for another 45 seconds of hell. That was not the plan.

    I got back in the water for the first time this morning, and did some redemption 200's off the wall at pace just to see what they could be. I went 2:38, 2:40, 2:42. So the story of the 200 is not yet over...

    And just because they're so fun to swim...
    Relay Results:
    Mixed 25+ 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
    FISH 'B' X25+

    W, Scott (M45), Bennett, Carolyn (F33), D, Emily (F33), D, Curtis(M33)
    26.53(26.53) 58.86(32.33) 1:34.50(35.64) 2:02.09(27.59)
    And I wasn't even trying as hard as in the individual race!

    Mixed 25+ 200 Yard Medley Relay
    FISH 'A' X25+ FISH

    K, Clifford (M75), Bennett, Carolyn (F33), D, Emily (F33), E, Timothy (M48)
    56.84(56.84) 1:41.66(44.82) 2:24.00(42.34) 2:52.84(28.84)
    previous 50 breast PR 45.06

    *My other meet regret? That took place on the last 25 of my 1,000 meter warm-up on day 1. I was going real slow and did a meandering flip turn in the diving well of the warm-up pool. I had no idea there was someone behind me, it was pretty empty. I pushed off the wall, and I don't know if it was the pool jets pushing me, or my own spaceyness, but I didn't make it to the other side of the lane. I smashed my head into someone else, and she left a foot-long claw mark on my back that's just starting to scab up today. It was so deeply red that someone in the locker room asked me if it was lipstick before she got a closer look. It felt a lot like a sunburn, and pretty much hurt all weekend, and the fact that it was my fault didn't help much, either. (I think the other lady was mostly OK.) I felt the head injury on every start. So imagine what I can do after some more training and a much more careful warm-up!
  19. WR Vids & Article

    by , March 21st, 2011 at 12:22 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    I'm about to go off to swim, but here are the videos that Jim and Speedo kindly took of my swims on Saturday. The 50 back has an attempted post race interview by Jim. The 100 back vid starts on the second length -- technical difficulties. Jeff Commings also posted a nice article about my swims in Swimming World Magazine news.


    "Leslie Livingston Smashes Three Masters World Records -- March 21, 2011

    NORTH BETHESDA, Maryland, March 21. LESLIE Livingston of Patriot Masters broke three Masters short course meters world records in the 50-54 age group last weekend at the Albatross Meet.

    Livingston, 50, set a new mark in the 50 backstroke with a 30.58, obliterating Karen Andrus-Hughes' mark of 32.13. Another Andrus-Hughes record fell later when Livingston swam a 1:09.25 in the 100 backstroke, taking down the previous mark of 1:10.35.

    Livingston's final record came in the 50 butterfly when she touched the wall in 30.50, just under Traci Granger's world record of 30.60."


    Women 50-54 50 SC Meter Backstroke
    ================================================== =============================
    WORLD: W 32.13 12/7/2008 K.ANDRUS-HUGHES, USA
    1 Livingston, Leslie 50 Patriot Masters 32.00 30.58W

    50 back vid:
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Fort 50 back World Record 50-54[/nomedia]

    (lane 7)

    Women 50-54 100 SC Meter Backstroke
    ================================================== =============================
    WORLD: W 1:10.35 9/9/2007 K.ANDRUS-HUGHES, USA
    1 Livingston, Leslie 50 Patriot Masters 1:11.00 1:09.25W

    Excerpt of 100 back: [nomedia=""]YouTube - Excerpt of Fort 100 SCM back world record, 1:09.25[/nomedia]

    (Fort lane 5, Swimosaur lane 6)

    Women 50-54 50 SC Meter Butterfly
    ================================================== =============================
    WORLD: W 30.60 12/6/2008 TRACI GRANGER, USA
    1 Livingston, Leslie 50 Patriot Masters 31.90 30.50W

    50 fly vid: [nomedia=""]YouTube - Fort SCM 50 fly, WR, 30.50[/nomedia]

    (lane 4)

    -- I still think my 50 & 100 back went about as well as they could. I was way too deep on the second length of the 50 fly and had a really bad breakout. The starter also held us a really long time on the blocks. But considering it was my third swim of the day in about 3 hours, very happy with the time. And I didn't even sneak in an extra breath on the second length! Though I did on my relay leg.

    Updated March 23rd, 2011 at 12:01 PM by The Fortress

    Masters Swim Meets / Events
  20. Albatross Triple Bliss, March 19

    by , March 19th, 2011 at 11:52 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Nerves and eccentric training work!

    Just a short blog about the Albatross SCM meet, which I am over the moon about.

    50 back:

    Previous WR = 32.13
    PB = 31.14 (Jaked & kneeskin)
    Today's race = 30.58

    I was simply shocked by the time. Shocked. 15-16 + 14-15 SDKs. Lane 7 was good to me. I apparently like shallow water. lol A teammate told me I was a high 14 at the feet, though Speedo thought low 15. I used the entire 15 meters on the start. And the official was standing right at the 15 meter point to judge. I flat backed the start a little, and was somewhat shallower than usual.

    100 back:

    Previous WR = 1:10.3
    PB in Jaked = 1:09.5
    PB in kneeskin = 1:10.3
    Today = 1:09.25

    I swam the race as hard underwater kicks and easy speed on top of the water. I did not take it out fast because, I believe, this would just result in paralysis. Splits: 33.7 & 35.4, which is essentially an even or negative split. I had a good last 15 meter sprint and was able to pick up the tempo. Perhaps I could have picked it up a bit more on the 3rd length, but I didn't seem to have much in the tank at the end.

    A friend snapped a pic of the turn at the 75. I'm in lane 5, turning first. Judd Jones, Susan Williams, Muppet and Barbara Clifford-Dicks are also in the shot. It helped having speedy people to race!

    50 fly:

    Previous WR = 30.6
    PB Jaked = 29.6
    PB in kneeskin = 30.3
    Today = 30.50

    I short stroked the turn a bit and had poor breakouts on both lengths (especially the second, too deep), which is confirmed by video. And my legs were very tired from the 100 back. Was therefore thrilled to see this time come up, and I was pushed by two speedy women in adjacent lanes. But I think I can go faster with more rest and better execution. (This time may be slower than my converted 27.2 from 2 weeks ago in SCY). Still happy!!!

    GMUP mixed 160+ 200 medley relay, 1st place, 2:04

    Swam fly leg, split 30.21

    -- Poor Speedo had to swim the 50 free leg immediately after his 400 IM.

    Many videos were taken. Though Jimslie says he may have messed up my 100 back ... Will know tomorrow. Jimslie and Speedo had great meets by the way!

    Ande sent me a wonderful text during the meet: "You let the world see what you imagined." Really made me smile.

    And then Jimslie spilled beer on me at the after meet social (both negligently and intentionally). See attached.

    Unofficial Results:

    Updated March 23rd, 2011 at 12:08 PM by The Fortress

    Masters Swim Meets / Events
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