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  1. Thursday, May 22

    by , May 21st, 2015 at 05:01 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    rehab ex
    planks, 4 x 1:00
    streamline crunches, 2 x 40
    90/45/15 leg lifts, 15
    standing twists, 25 x 3 x 25
    good mornings, 65 x 3 x 12
    seated row, 70 x 3 x 12 (had to go down in weight here)
    explosive leg extensions, 105 x 3 x 15
    rear delt flys, 65 x 3-4 x 8
    combo skull crusher and straight leg lift on bench, 30 x 3 x 15
    glute isolator, 50 x 3 x 6 each leg
    hip abductor, 100 x 3 x 8

    Yoga, 30 minutes


    Got in some drylands. I wanted to go to an actual hot yoga class, but was too busy. So did some yoga on my own. Teen Fort will be here this weekend, and I am very excited to see her!
  2. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout 05/22/2015

    by , May 21st, 2015 at 12:33 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    5 X 100 2:00 1:45
    1 X 250 4:30 --
    Two rounds. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    2 X 50 swim--@ 85/90%-- 1:20
    1 X 100 kick 3:00
    Four rounds--choice

    18 X 100
    6 on 1:40
    6 on 1:35
    4 on 1:30
    2 on 2:00--swim down

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  3. IM work

    by , May 21st, 2015 at 07:24 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    My arms felt dead doing fly today. Oh wait maybe that is because I did some heavy weightlifting last night. I have one meet in june with the kids were I will finish up my IMX events.

    This years goals are weight loss first, open water second, swim meets third.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    400@10:00 IM in 8:31
    2x200@5:00 IM in 4:04, 4:01
    500 free w/paddles, bouy & snorkel
    200 free kick w/zoomers

    Total 2500 meters
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  4. Wed, May 20

    by , May 20th, 2015 at 04:03 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Swim/SCY/Solo @ Pitt

    Warm up:

    400 w/paddles
    100 scull w/paddles
    10 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :40
    100 EZ

    Main Sets:

    6 x 25 burst SDK + cruise
    100 EZ

    4 x 25 back kick @ 100 pace @ :40
    -- I started out too fast (16s) and was doing too many SDKs (12) to sustain this interval for 20 reps. So I did a 100 EZ and rebooted.

    20 x 25 back kick @ 100 pace @ :45
    -- mostly 17 flats, a few high 16s
    -- took 11 SDKs
    -- my finger started hurting from the streamlining, so I desisted after this set
    200 EZ

    4 rounds:
    1 x 100 strong kick @ 1:30
    3 x 50 w/paddles (2 rounds free, 2 founds back)

    100 EZ

    Total: 3100


    I think I need to beef up the taping and maybe tape three fingers next time for more stability. It began hurting in the middle of that 20 x 25 set, but I felt compelled to finish it. I'll probably hit the gym tomorrow, but this will obvi effect my upper body lifting. Gotta love freak accidents ...

    Teen Fort (who is now 20 and not a teen, and hence MUCH nicer) is very excited about her summer. She's doing her summer league coaching again, but will also coach Machine Aquatics (the USA club all three of the Forts swam on at some point).
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  5. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout 05/21/2015

    by , May 20th, 2015 at 12:37 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    4 X 50 1:00
    1 X 100 2:00
    1 X 200 3:30
    4 X 50 1:00
    1 X 200 3:20
    1 X 400 negative split

    4 X 100 kick 2:30
    50 moderate/50 build to fast

    4 X (4 X 50 1:20
    Descend 1-3 to fast/ #4 is easy

    4 X 200 3:20
    6 x 100 1:40
    200's: descend 1-4 and negative split all 4
    100's: descend 1-3/4-6
    Pull or swim

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy

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  6. Week 138 - Wednesday

    by , May 20th, 2015 at 08:49 AM (After a long rest)
    Well I survived my big meeting yesterday morning and got through the day with no deodorant(phew). I immediately added an deodorant into my swim bag so I don't have the same issue again. I slept well last night and work feeling pretty good this morning. the pool was setup scy this morning.

    Warm up
    400 free with snorkel
    6x50 catchup on :50

    main sets
    4x(25 fly on :40, 50 back on :40, 75 breast on 1:10, 100 free on 1:10)
    100 easy
    16x50 with fins on 1min working under-waters and trying to hold :23/:24
    100 easy
    4x(100 kick on 1:30, 25 easy on :40, 2x25 back on :20, 25 easy on :40)

    warm down
    300 easy

    i rigged up my snorkel with a bungee chord which seems to work but the snorkel does move around a little on my head at the turns so I am not sure if this is a permanent solution. I may try another brand of snorkel. I have had 3 finis snorkels and they all have failed in the same spot which is where the clip holding the strap to the snorkel fails. It's a tiny plastic clip. At $35 a snorkel failure due to a 50cent clip seems like a design flaw.

    Todays workout out was really tough. One of my training partners has really stepped up his game over the past couple of months and is pushing me pretty hard which has been good for both of us. Today was swum at a high intensity throughout. The 25,50,75,100 set was tough and we were going :14/:15 on the fly, :33-:35 on the back, :56-:59 on the breast and 1:01s on the free. On the 16x50 Tom wanted us holding a consistent stroke count 8/9 in my case and not surfacing until after the yellow lane marker off the start and walls. Add in holding a fast time :23/:24 and this was a really tough set. I would venture to say this was harder than the way we normally swim it despite the fins. The last main set we swam hard with me holding 1:18s on the kick. My training partner kicked my butt on these holding under 1:15s. He was hauling on the kick. On the 25s back I was holding :15s. I worked my underwaters.

    My my left shoulder is now hurting so I am going to see an ortho doctor in the next week or so. One of the guys on our team has been to an ortho who works with the Dallas Cowboys and apparently is very good so I will try to see him. Fingers crossed it's nothing major.
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  7. Trying to sprint .... Not happening

    by , May 20th, 2015 at 07:58 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    This was hard for me since I just can't move that fast

    200 free
    2x300 free w/ paddles &bouy
    5x100@1:50 free w/paddles

    6 times thru
    4x25@:30 free odds fast
    2x50@1:00 free odd fast
    :30 rest

    200 free
    100 free

    Total 3000 meters
  8. Workout 05/19/15: evening

    by , May 19th, 2015 at 11:03 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Had a good day off today, starting with a drug task force meeting this morning then a trip to Albany with my wife for some shopping and lunch at Red Robin. The rain held off and it ended up being a beautiful day. Headed to Masters ...

    200 swim, 100 kick, 100 pull
    4 x 25 burst and cruise
    2 x 100 pull (focus on pull)
    1 x 200 swim DPS
    1 x 400 neg split (2:31, 2:25 = 4:56)
    1 x 200 breath control (6,5,4,3, repeat)
    2 x 100 pull (focus on pull)
    4 x 50 descend on 1:10
    100 loosen
    I then reordered everyone underwater
    (Masters/Rec/2000 yds/4 min)

    It was a good swim. Greg, Brent, Tim, and Carol joined me in the water. I felt good on the 400, which was our challenge swim for the night. It was good to take everybody with the GoPro. It was a bittersweet night though, as Brent will be leaving in a few weeks to move to Germany; I'll miss his a friendship and partnership in open water swims.
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  9. Week 138 - Tuesday

    by , May 19th, 2015 at 08:42 PM (After a long rest)
    I had a big meeting at work this morning and had to bring work cloths to the pool and headed straight to the office after practice. I spent time last night making sure I packed and was prepared. Despite this I always forget something and of all things I forgot my deodorant. I believe the chlorine in my body got me through the day but it adds to the stress knowing something was not in place this morning. Today was dry land and an easy swim.

    5x(vasa swim trainer done as 1:30 on the machine, :30 rest)
    10x(leg press, lunges, leg extensions, inclined bench, bench, military press, seated row hands inside, seated row hands outside, lat pull downs hands inside, lat pull down hands outside, lower back extensions)
    2xshoulder bands and light weights focused on rotator cuff on left shoulder joint.
    4x(flutter kick, oblique crunches, leg lift, planks, 90/45/15 leg lifts done as :45 seconds of exercise, :15 seconds rest). And 1min rest between rounds


    400 free with snorkel
    6x50 catchup on :50
    8x25 open, close, easy, fast on :40 with fins
    200 easy
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  10. 5|18 and 5|19

    5|18 LCM
    10 x 50 fr on 1:00 with fins
    6 x 50 kick on 2:00 (flutter, dolphin, frog)
    500 drill kicking with fins
    10 x 50 fr on 2:00 fast breakouts then slow
    11 x 12.8 dive from side fr on 1:00 (fastest was 5+)

    5|19 SCY
    20 x 25 fr on 2:00 hypoxic from block
    12 x 25 fr on 3:00 hypoxic from block
  11. Tuesday, May 19

    by , May 19th, 2015 at 02:44 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Swim/SCY/Solo @ LA Fitness

    600 various w/paddles
    100 scull w/paddles

    4 round w/fins:
    1 x 200 kick @ :20 rest
    4 x 50 free w/paddles, descend 1-4 @ :20 rest
    1 x 50 EZ

    extra 50 EZ

    20 x 25 dolphin kick w/board @ 100 pace @ :20 rest
    -- had to cruise #13 with a cramp
    100 EZ

    20 x 25 backstroke kick @ 100 pace @ :20 rest
    -- only a couple SDKs bc it's so shallow
    100 EZ

    Total: 3750 x .944


    The dr said that I could swim if it did not hurt at all and the broken finger was taped up. Fail: it definitely hurt to pull even slowly. I could swim with the agility paddles without pain, though I suspect AFAP sprinting would hurt. But I can't use paddles all the time, or I'll blow off my shoulder. So it'll be a lot of kicking for me for the next month ... The pace clock was busted, so I had no idea how fast my kicks were on the USRPT type sets. Those are much easier when you have unlimited air.

    It's kind of a pain that it's my right hand, makes everything harder.

    Updated May 19th, 2015 at 03:04 PM by The Fortress

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  12. Tue May 19, 2015 SCY

    by , May 19th, 2015 at 11:14 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Tue May 19, 2015 SCY

    Swam: Fri, Sat, & Mon
    Lifted: Sat

    AM practice SCY
    Whitney coached
    6:00 - 7:30
    scy main pool till 7:00 & diving well 7:00 - 7:30
    Swam with Jim Sauer, beside Mike V & Todd

    warm up
    assigned: 7:00 swim 7:00 pull & 4 x 25 on 35 12.5 fast 12.5 easy
    around 600 or 700

    Main Set

    8 rounds of:

    50 FR fast on 1:00
    50 (BK or FL) fast on 1:00
    50 K Fast on 1:00
    50 easy on 2:00

    assigned: 15 min of 75 fr mod, 25 stroke FAST IM order, no FR
    Did: 25 easy FR 50 skip, 25 FAST stroke

    assigned: with FINS, 3 more rounds of:
    50 FR fast on 1:00
    50 (BK or FL) fast on 1:00
    50 K Fast on 1:00
    50 easy on 2:00
    DID: the set but didn't wear fins

    (after practice did 5 or 6 rounds of 4 or 5 pull ups on about 1:00 )

    Next Meets

    July 10 - 11, 2015
    South Central Zone Summer Long Course Zone Championships
    The Woodlands, TX

    Fri 08/14 - Sun 08/16
    SPMS and Southwest Zone Summer Championships
    Mission Viejo, CA
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  13. An old favorite

    by , May 19th, 2015 at 08:19 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    This is one of my favorite long course workouts.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    5x200@5:00 Fly as 50 rt arm/50 lt arm/50 kick/50 swim descending went 4:11, 4:00, 3:57, 3:50, 3:41
    300 free w/snorkel
    200 Free kick w/zoomers

    Total 2500 meters
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  14. Broken, May 18

    by , May 18th, 2015 at 08:00 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    I went to yoga and did a lot of landscaping over the weekend. Unfortunately, while planting on an incline, I slipped and smashed the little finger of the right hand into a stone wall. It's broken and dislocated. The doc said that I couldn't swim at all if it hurt and I needed to tape it up before swimming. I will give that a go tomorrow. Good grief, it's been a relentlessly trying year, which started with an RC tear. I really hope next year is better ...
  15. Week 138 - Monday

    by , May 18th, 2015 at 02:16 PM (After a long rest)
    The pool was setup LCM today.

    400 free no snorkel(my snorkel snapped Ė this is my 3rd snorkel in about 12 months)
    6x50 catchup on :50

    Main sets
    3x200 backstroke on 3:30
    3x200 IM on 3:10
    3x200 on 2:40
    200 easy
    12x50 kick on 1min
    4x(50 drill on 1min, 50 done as 25 underwater and 25 easy on 1min, 100 at 400 pace on 2mins)

    Warm down
    200 easy

    I felt very off this morning; tired and not motivated! As the workout went on I felt better and better though. I had a hard day related to a melt down from my daughter at a swim meet yesterday and it affected my interaction with my daughter and wife, and as a result I was not in the right place mentally. I worked the 200ís back and descended the 200s back going 2:41, 2:37, 2:35. The IMís I held 2:45s. On the 200s free I went 2:23,2:22, 2:22. I was pooped after this set. The kick set I held consistent :50s. On the 100s race pace I went 1:07,1:06,1:06,1:05. I felt hideous and tired but dug deep to hold this time. I was really happy with the times on the race pace 100s but I was beat and feeling sorry for myself today!

    I have a big week this week at work. I just heard that my travel this week has been postponed which is awesome.
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  16. Hopefully a better week

    by , May 18th, 2015 at 07:58 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Getting back to normal I hope.

    600 free
    6x100@1:45 free w/paddles & bouy
    300 free w/paddles & bouy
    200 free w/paddles & bouy
    100 free w/paddles & bouy
    2x50 free w/paddles & bouy
    3x100@1:40 free w/paddles & bouy
    2x50@1:00 free w/paddles & bouy
    2x100@1:40 free w/paddles & bouy
    2x50@1:00 free w/paddles & bouy
    100@1:40 free w/paddles & bouy
    2x50@1:00 free w/paddles & bouy
    2x50@1:00 free w/paddles & bouy
    100 free w/paddles & bouy
    200 free w/paddles & bouy
    300 free EASY w/paddles & bouy

    Tptal 3500 meters
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  17. May 16, 2016

    by , May 17th, 2015 at 06:49 AM (Trying to Train Smarter, Not Just Harder)
    Felt like poo today. Had the Big D x 3 this am, no surprise as my stomach was upset so much last night that I didn't take my usual pills, including my Celebrex. Didn't notice too much during dry lands, as I was taking it rather easy, it having been 3 weeks since my last visit to the gym (2 weeks taper for YMCA Nats followed by a week of pure laziness) however once I got to the pool, OMGoodness, I felt so sluggish! Did a slow 1100 and then bailed. Middle daughter and her sweet babies are visiting this weekend, so they met me at the pool to play in the "pool playground" as they call it. They are so cute!
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  18. Week 137 - Saturday

    by , May 16th, 2015 at 02:13 PM (After a long rest)
    I fell asleep watching Jupiter Ascending last night and my wife woke me and told me to go to bed which I duely did. I slept hard and woke up feeling pretty good. My daughter was diagnosed with strep yesterday and when I woke up I too had a sore throat but I think mine was snoring rather than strep or at least that's my hope. Today the pool was setup LCM and it was our annual Indy 500 set which is a derivative of our typical 100s at 400/500 race pace set. Tom gave everyone a goal time which you are supposed to beat and based on the number of seconds under the goal time you get points. If you go slower than the goal time he adds points. The team swims this as a group and Tom adds up the points each round from everyone. It's fun!

    Warm up
    400 free with snorkel
    12x50 alternating 50 fast on :40, 50 drill on 1min

    Main set
    Indy 500 - 100s on 2min
    200 easy
    8x50 back kick with fins on 1min working underwater

    Warm down
    400 easy

    We did 12 rounds of 100s in the Indy 500 and my goal time was 1:10. One of the senior racers who is a stud and is going to swim D1 next year swam this set with us. He and I had the same goal time and Tom gave him crap about keeping up with the old man as he often does with the kids when they swim with us or I swim with them; it's quite funny to watch the kids either step up or shrink. The kid today is a good kid and we know each other quite well having both trained and competed against each other for the past 3 years and he is quick. We decided to swim in adjacent lanes and put on snorkels which I believe was his intent to block me out however since we were so close I could see him out of my peripheral vision and I am sure he could see me. On the first 100 we went 1:03s and then held 1:05s until 10. I dropped to a 1:06 on the last 2 while he kept the 1:05 pace. It's amazing how much harder it is dropping a couple of seconds per 100 on this set from last week. I was quite pleased with how I felt and for the first time in a few weeks my left shoulder felt good. On the kick set I really worked my underwaters and was holding :29s which is the fastest I recall going on a kick set even with fins. All around a fun workout with a little different spin on the main set. The hardest part was not really knowing how many you were actually going to do so it was hard holding anything back and in the end i was just swimming and not worrying about the next one.

    After swimming i did my normal basic yoga class where we did shoulder stretching which was awesome.

    I got got the go ahead for our meet in Rockwall the week after Nationals so will be completing the sanction form and paperwork for the meet. It's the 15-16 August. Should be fun! Hopefully it will show up online this next week after it's been sanctioned.
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  19. 5|16|15 LCM

    30 min available to swim. Shared lane with triathlete going 1:46 pace throughout so I had unusual intervals

    6 x 50 fr on 0:53 with fins (20 - 15 sec rests)

    6 x 19.5m fr on 1:46
    • hypoxic, work breakout

    50 fast / 50 easy with fins (fr / bk)

    Did weights earlier, worked chest back and arms.


    400m run barefoot
    1.6 mile run

    weights, working legs

    May will only provide 5 days off from work, hoping my LCM ability won't suffer. Two LC meets in June/July

    Updated May 16th, 2015 at 02:10 PM by __steve__

  20. Surprise! Friday May 15

    by , May 15th, 2015 at 03:59 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Swim/SCY/Solo @ LA Fitness

    Warm up:

    600 various
    100 scull
    5 x 50 free w/paddles @ :50
    50 EZ

    Main Sets:

    4 x 25 burst + cruise @ :45
    50 EZ

    14 x (25 AFAP + 75 EZ) @ 2:30
    -- 7 swim, 7 kick
    -- some with fins and some w/o
    50 EZ

    5 x
    1 x 50 smooth free or back w/paddles @ 1:00
    1 x 50 kick @ 100 pace
    50 EZ at end of 5 rounds

    Total: 3150 x .944


    I had a dr appt this am, so only had time to get to the 23.6 yard pool. I wasn't terribly motivated so decided to do some blasto 25s, which I hadn't done in awhile anyway.

    Now for the surprise. Pitt is re-opening on Monday! I can hardly believe it; we had all been gearing up for the worst. I haven't heard what the exact problem was, but it might be as innocuous as a water leak. That definitely makes me and all my masters swimmers happy.

    I am planning to lead drylands tonight for 30 minutes before practice, so will get some core work in. I plan to use Stewart's 90/45/15 leg lifts!
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