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  1. Recovery day

    Today I met up with a swim buddy at my local Y and did an easy recovery workout. We had our own lane for the entire time I was there, which was nice. I started out feeling a little tight—the muscles in my upper arms still felt a little bunchy from my weekend o’ swimming—but things loosened up as I went along, and I ended up feeling good and fluid in the water shortly after I started swimming the twosies set. Here’s what I did:

    1400 scy warmup (500s, 200k, 200p, 200 IM d/s, 6 x 50 fr w/ various kick patterns)

    2 x 450 (400fr/50bk)
    2 x 400 (350fr/50bk)
    2 x 350 (300fr/50bk)
    I took about :20 rest within each pair of swims, and 1-2 minutes after each pair.

    That was it for me. The long swims were relaxing--even mesmerizing--and I enjoyed them. It seemed odd, but actually a little comforting, after swimming outdoors so much recently, to be back in what felt like a little box. Afterwards I went upstairs to the gym for a good stretching session.
  2. Tue May 31st, 2011 LCM

    by , May 31st, 2011 at 10:48 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Tue May 31st, 2011

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    We started a new 6 - 7:30 morning sched & every morning practice will be LCM. I need to leave my house by 5:15 to arrive on time which makes lifting weights before practice a bit challenging.

    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool LCM
    6:00 7:30 dove in on time
    wore B70 training jammer
    swam with chris, nate, mike, & todd
    beside Larry & Kelly
    Saw Tyler on deck but he bought a new house forgot to take out his trash so he left

    3 rounds of 200 fr 100 rev IM

    Main SET: LCM

    4 x 150 on 2:10
    4 x 50 fl desc on 1:00 (drilled)

    4 x 150 on 2:10
    4 x 50 bk desc on 1:00

    4 x 150 on 2:10 breathe every 3
    4 x 50 br desc on 1:10

    4 x 150 on 2:10 (supposed to breathe every 7)
    4 x 50 fr desc on 1:00

    400 IM 25 fast, 75 drill

    400 fr DPS keep strkes under 30 per length


    2011 South Central Zone LCM Championships INFO
    Jul 22 - 24, 2011 in
    Shenandoah (Houston), TX
    will probably enter:
    Fri 400 IM
    Sat 50 FL, 100 FR, 50 bk or 200 IM, & 1 or 2 relays
    Sun 100 FL, 50 BR, 100 BK & 50 FR & 1 or 2 relays
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  3. Tuesday workout

    by , May 31st, 2011 at 08:56 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Yesterday, we went to help clean up the pool we were supposed to use to train at for nationals. It is kind of a strange pool. It is 200 feet long by about 100 feet wide. That's 61 meters for anyone converting. The pool took a direct hit from the tornado. Rumor has it that the tornado sucked about half the water out of the pool. The pump house and bathrooms (all made of cinder blocks) were reduced to rubble. Someones washing machine landed in their parking lot. Tin roofing sheets were wrapped around trees and shingles/pieces of roofs were all over the place. We spent about 2 hours clearing out fallen trees. It was a good dryland exercise day. The soreness was there this morning but it wasn't too bad. My biggest problem right now is a nasty crick in my neck. I got that from treating an ear infection from swimming Saturday. That pretty much means I laid around on the couch too long.


    400 Warm up

    3 x 200 Kick/Drill, Kick/Swim, Kick/Drill

    200/150/100/50 Kick
    5 x 100 Free

    5 x 100 Pull
    50/100/150/200 Free

    400 Free Easy
    4 x 50 - 1:00 IM Order Hard
    300 Free Easy
    4 x 50 - 1:15 Best stroke Hard (no free)
    200 Free Easy
    4 x 50 - 1:00 Free Hard
    100 Free Easy

    200 Cool down

    (4800m Total)
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  4. Nice to be back to Long Course and a cold pool!

    by , May 31st, 2011 at 07:33 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Even though the pool temp seemed about 81 it is colder than the Y pool is. And of course it is LONG COURSE!!!!!

    The kicking set without fins takes a long time for me but I am getting better at it already. Can't wait until I can drop the interval comfortably.

    500 Free
    5x100@1:45 Free (did not have any speed, just made them)
    5x100@3:00 Free kick w/snorkle went 2:37, 2:21, 2:13, 2:07, 2:01 (for some reason it takes me a while to get my legs moving)
    5x200@3:30 Free w/paddles & bouy #1-4 alternate breathing, #5 fast (2:58 not good in my book)
    500 Free broken as 4,3,2,1@:15R

    Total 3000 meters
  5. Memorial Day workout EASY

    by , May 30th, 2011 at 08:35 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    The water at the Y was 85, way too hot for a serious workout of any kind.

    10x100@1:45 Free
    300 Breast kick w/brfins
    200 Free w/fulcrums
    10x50@1:00 Breast pull w/fins
    5x100@:15R odds swim/evens kick

    Total 2500 yards
  6. Forum Girls 5000 virtual workout team

    by , May 30th, 2011 at 07:14 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    800 warmup various strokes
    6 x 300: 300 pull no paddles
    3 x 100 IM on 1:45
    6 x 50 kick on 1:00 no fins
    50 EZ
    2 x 300: 50 fly
    50 free
    50 fly
    50 fly
    50 free
    50 fly
    21 x 100: 2 free on 1:30, 1 stroke/IM on 2:00
    200 Easy

    Total: 5600LCM

    Loved this morning - pool was still nice & cool from the developmental meet this weekend. Didn't have the courage to swim in it myself, but I am enjoying the fruits of the lifeguards efforts. Team had the day off, so I had to figure out my own workout - repeat of Saturday & a little bit more. Did more than I expected -- woo hoo!!

    Late commentary - was fortunate enough to have my college boy lie on the bottom of the pool this morning & critique my stroke. I've been trying to get better at my fly & feel so dreadful & weak. Well, after swimming, hubbie & I went canoeing down the Suwanee river (~8 miles) with friends - friends hubbies helped get the canoe in the water - I was expected to try & get it out. Ha ha. Well, now we know why I can't do fly like I used to!! Gotta figure out how to do weights/strength training without re-injuring my stupid elbow.
  7. Girls 5K, Monday, May 30

    by , May 30th, 2011 at 05:18 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Girls Virtual Holiday 5K: SCY/Solo:

    Warm up:

    600 various

    Main Sets:

    60 x 50:

    10 x 50 drill @ 1:00
    10 x 50 free w/paddles @ :50
    10 x 50 @ 1:00
    -- 25 shooter + 25 build backstroke kick
    10 x 50 @ 1:00
    -- 25 easy speed fly + 25 easy
    10 x 50 @ 1:30
    -- 25 fast + 25 easy
    -- 6 swim, 4 kicks fast
    10 x 50
    odds = back w/paddles @ :50
    evens = scull w/paddles

    50 EZ

    Kick Mountain w/fins:

    -- up the mountain with board, down the mountain backstroke kick

    1 x 50 @ :45
    1 x 100 @ 1:30
    1 x 150 @ 2:15
    1 x 200 @ 3:00
    1 x 300 @ 4:30
    1 x 200 @ 3:00
    1 x 150 @ 2:15
    1 x 100 @ 1:30
    1 x 50 @ :45

    100 EZ

    Total: 5050



    Had a great weekend. Spent Friday night and Saturday in NJ for HS Nationals. Very exciting! Fort Son's boat got 4th and they were very pleased. Spent Sunday at home with a house full of relatives. Unfortunately, the AC went on the blink last night and it was hot as an oven in the house. Not the best sleeping conditions. Fortunately, it's fixed now, especially since we're having a real heat wave. Didn't do any training yesterday either -- decided to take 2 days off to recover. Got to the pool today for our forum Virtual Girls Holiday 5K. I was really happy the pool temp was back to normal. Still feel pretty sloggish in the water though.
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  8. "Picturing a Perfect World"

    by , May 30th, 2011 at 03:01 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)

    I hope the link above works! This is the image I'm wanting to use on the "Holiday Girls" swim shirts! Feedback would be welcome.

    I got my 5K LCM and outdoors today!!
    Here's what I ended up doing and solo by the way:
    **500 Free rest :20
    **100 Kick
    **400 Free rest :20
    **100 Kick
    **300 Free rest :20
    **100 Kick
    **200 Free rest :10
    **100 Kick
    **100 Free rest :10
    **100 Kick
    **100 Free Pull rest :10
    **100 Kick
    **200 IM rest :20
    **100 Kick
    **300 Free Pull rest :20
    **100 Kick
    **400 Free (8 X 50 @ 1:00)
    **100 Kick
    **500 Free Pull rest :20
    **100 Kick
    **4 minute talking break
    **Super 1,000 all free (50/ 100/ 50/ 150/ 50/ 200/ 50/ 150/ 50/ 100/ 50

    5,000 LCM

    The water was perfect this morning for my first LCM and outdoor swim of the season! I got very bored and didn't push myself hard at all but my goal was to "just do it" to maintain Holiday Swim Status! I decided to do my own thing due to the fact that the group workout and folks doing it were going to wear me out in 3K and I wanted to do a 5K.

    I'm kicked-back now having a pint of WeeMac Scottish-Style Ale all by myself at home. I'm hoping the ale does the same thing for me that Muscle Milk does. I'm out of MM and could only find a case of WM and/or water in my fridge so I'm going with the flow and having a beer.

    Happy Holiday's to all of you and your family's! May your cookouts, badminton matches, and dog walks be filled with sunshine and happiness!! Summer is here!
  9. Monday, May 30, 2011 5:00am

    by , May 30th, 2011 at 12:04 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Got in right at 5:00 to get the full 2 hours in!

    Warmup: (PWB)
    500 Free
    400 IM Drill
    300 Free Pull
    200 Kick
    100 Free

    20 x 25 w/ short fins @ :35 (Inspired by The Fortress)
    Odds: SDK / Evens: Free swim w/ 5 SDKs off wall

    7 x 100 Free @ Descending intervals 1:30, 1:25, ... down to 1:00 (by jaadams1) I like these kind of sets
    --held 1:05s easily through the 1:15
    --went 1:04 @ 1:10
    --went 1:05 @ 1:05
    --went 1:07 @ 1:00 this one was just too much

    100 EZ Free (I'll give this one to ThatGuy - sorry I couldn't incorporate your 7x300s Fly today)
    This was my normal time/yardage that I usually get out at (1 hour/~2800 Yards).

    4 Times Thru: (Courtesy of GDanner)
    300 Free Pull @ 5:00 (went 3:25/3:21/3:17/3:11)
    200 Stroke (IM Order by cycle) @ 3:00 (went 2:29/2:33/2:40/2:05)
    4 x 50 Free @ :45
    4 x 25 Stroke (IM Order by cycle) @ :30
    1:00 between cycles

    4 x 75 Kick w/ fins & board :10 rest
    200 EZ

    6500 Yards!!! (Inspired by tjrpatt) (GTD is now over 200 Miles)

    This was by far the most yardage I've done to date as a Masters swimmer. I'm tired now, but feel good. My body could definitely tell where the 3000 yard mark was at, as it kept screaming at me "WT". As long as I didn't stop I was okay though. My freestyle is feeling great lately, so I hope that carries through this next coming weekend for the LCM meet (USA-S). At least it's right here in Wenatchee (finally).

    Friday: 1500 Free
    Saturday: 100 Free, 50 Fly, 200 Fly, 200 Breast
    Sunday: 50 Free, 100 Fly, 200 IM, 200 Free

    Updated May 30th, 2011 at 12:24 PM by jaadams1

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  10. Mon May 30th, 2011

    by , May 30th, 2011 at 12:03 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Mon May 30th, 2011

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool LCM
    6:00 7:30 dove in 6:08ish
    wore fs pro jammer
    swam with nate & tyler
    beside Larry Jim James & Todd

    2 rounds of 300 fr 200 fr 100 k

    Main SET: LCM

    3 x (10 minute swim, 2 min rest)
    1) 650
    2) 750
    3) 800 went 9:56

    10 x 100 k fast best ave on 2:30
    Did no board fly k on side
    Slowest 1:31. The rest were 1:30 or faster
    Last was 1:22

    50 easy


    2011 South Central Zone LCM Championships INFO
    Jul 22 - 24, 2011 in
    Shenandoah (Houston), TX
    will probably enter:
    Fri 400 IM
    Sat 50 FL, 100 FR, 50 bk or 200 IM, & 1 or 2 relays
    Sun 100 FL, 50 BR, 100 BK & 50 FR & 1 or 2 relays
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  11. An eventful summer

    Yesterday I did some swimming in the Hudson as part of a test swim for Chaos’s upcoming 8 Bridges event. It was an amazing experience. Nearly two weeks ago I was mulling whether I wanted to try swimming a stage in this July event. I ended up signing up for two of them! Ever since, I’ve been a little panicked by that decision—they’ll be by far the longest swims I’ve done, and I have to figure out things, like feedings, that get into the more complicated side of OW swimming. Yesterday’s experience on the water gave me some confidence. I got some experience with swimming with an escort boat, doing feedings, and watching how two experienced marathon swimmers go about things.

    Yesterday morning started with a train ride up to Ossining, NY. There I met up with Dave and Rondi, who is one of my frequent workout buddies. We went to the marina and loaded all our stuff on Launch 5, the escort boat for the day and for the 8 Bridges swim. It is a former NYPD harbor patrol boat, with plenty of room for all of us and all our gear. That was good because I had brought way too much stuff—I’ll have a better idea of what I’ll actually need next time I do this sort of thing! Onboard I met boat Captain Greg Porteus—he’s a very interesting guy who’s involved in a ton of cool projects, of which 8 Bridges is just one--and soon we were underway.

    We were testing out stage 5 of the swim, which starts at the Bear Mountain Bridge and stretches down to the Tappan Zee Bridge. At nearly 20 miles, it’s one of the longest and most challenging stages, even with the current assist. It’s also very scenic, going through rolling wooded hills with some rocky cliffs near the water. We passed by some waterfront towns and marinas, and a few big recognizable landmarks along the way like the Indian Point nuclear power plant and Sing Sing prison (which is surprisingly lovely from the water, not so much from the train). My job for the day was pretty easy—I got to swim along for as much as seemed fun to me, and prepare feedings and record data when other swimmers were in the water. That left plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, be amazed by the amount and variety of boat traffic on the water, and chat with Capt. Greg and with Rondi and Dave when they were onboard as well.

    As we motored gently from Ossining up to the stage start, I looked over Rondi’s maps and learned about Dave’s feeding routine. We tied a rope to my water bottle so that I could get feedings thrown to me and retrieved from the boat. Rondi and I decided that I would start swimming with Dave while she got the data routine going, then would switch off once I wanted to get out. We all sunscreened up and I put lube on any spots that might get chafed, got out my cap and goggles, and awaited our arrival at Bear Mountain Bridge.

    Once we got there, Capt.Greg stopped the boat and let it drift to gauge the current. We were going slightly north (the opposite direction in which we wanted to swim), but there was a wind from the south that might account for that. So he threw the boat’s ring buoy (minimally affected by the wind) out on the water. It still drifted north a little. We were trying to time the swim start to coincide generally with when the current in the river shifted from going north to going south. (The Hudson is called a river, but the lower part of it is actually a tidal estuary, with the direction it flows shifting back and forth with the tides. Calculating when this shift occurs is complicated, and part of the reason for yesterday’s swim was to see how well the actual movement of the river coincided with available tide tables and the calculations made from them.)

    The river’s movement north wasn’t too great, so we decided to go ahead and start the swim, with the idea that the current would gently shift to the south and then grow stronger as the first half of the stage went along. The captain made sure he had emergency contact info for all 3 swimmers, and we got some instructions on what to do in the unlikely event that he needed to get us out of an oncoming vessel’s way in a big hurry. (In addition to the big boat, we had a small orange zodiac that would accompany us for the day, and if needed, we could hang onto it and be whisked to safety. I was impressed with how safety-conscious and attentive the captain and crew were throughout the day—I felt really well looked after whenever I was swimming.)

    Then the boat headed to a drop-off point just north of the bridge. Dave and I hopped in the water, Rondi gave us a count-down and started her Garmin, and we were off, swimming under the bridge and down the river. The water was in the mid-60s and was very comfortable and clean. It felt great just stroking along, and the time seemed to fly by. We stopped every 20 minutes for feedings, but otherwise just swam steadily, usually positioned between the big boat and the zodiac to protect us from other traffic on the river. The day had started off misty, but during my first stretch in the water there it cleared and left patchy clouds. Each time the sun came out I could feel it on my back, and see the water getting brighter below me. When I breathed to the boat side I could often see Rondi taking pictures or getting water temperature readings. The riverbank looked lush and green, and I occasionally did a stroke or two of backstroke to look up at the sky. I swam in synch with Dave for a long stretch, until the water got a bit choppier and made that difficult. It was just a pure joy to be swimming in the lovely river on such a gorgeous day.

    After a little over 2.5 hours I got out, dried off and dressed, and then went over the various data and feeding duties with Rondi. She then hopped in and swam, and I stayed on board and ate lunch while doing feedings and logging data—things like miles covered, current pace (both taken from the Garmin), water temp, swimmer stroke rate, and weather conditions. It was pleasant and peaceful being on the boat and sitting in the sun, watching my friends swim along a beautiful course.

    After a while Rondi got out, and after talking with her a bit I decided I wanted to get back in. I put on another suit, went through the sunscreen/lube routine, then switched off with Dave. By this time the water had gotten pretty choppy, and I enjoyed riding up and down on the swells. Some pretty big barges went by while I swam, and I turned over on my back to look at them. At one point there were waves so big and regular coming towards me that I dove and breaststroked under them like I would incoming surf at the beach. It was really fun. This time I swam for a current-assisted 3.5 miles before switching off with Rondi and climbing back on board.

    It was a truly a magical day--being out on the water for a good stretch and seeing and feeling the way the river changed through the day left me really excited about the stage swims I will be doing in July. It also impressed on me how very cool a project the 8 Bridges swim really is. I’m pleased as punch that I’ll get to be a part of the very first one!

    Here is my race schedule for the season. It is very ambitious—it should be an interesting summer!

    (Events in bold are definite or very likely; those not in bold are additional possibilities.)

    Saturday, May 28: Great Hudson River Swim (1.6m, Christopher St. to Battery)

    Saturday June 18: Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 2-person relay

    Sunday, June 26: Huntington/Cold Spring Harbor swims (1 or 2 miles)

    Friday, July 8: 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, Stage 1, Rip Van Winkle Bridge to Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge (18.3 miles)

    Monday, July 11: 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, Stage 4, Newburgh-Beacon Bridge to Bear Mountain Bridge (15.2 miles)

    Sunday, July 17: Grimaldo’s mile race, Coney Island

    Wednesday-Friday, August 3-5: USMS LCM Nationals, Auburn, AL

    Saturday, August 6: USMS 5K National Championship, Coney Island, Brooklyn

    Saturday, August 13: USMS 2-mile Cable Championship, Lake Placid, NY

    Saturday, August 20: Long Island 5k and 1m swims

    Saturday-Sunday, August 27-28: Lake George (Hague, NY) open water swims (2.5k, 5k, 10k)

    Saturday, September 3: Lake Quassapaug (Middlebury, CT) swims (3m, 1.5m, .5m)

    Saturday, September 10: Governor’s Island 2-mile swim

    Sunday, September 11: New York Harbor (CIBBOWS) 10k swim

    Saturday, September 24: Little Red Lighthouse 10k
  12. Low Country Swim

    Yesterday, a crew of us made the two hour drive down to Mount Pleasant to take part in a 2.4 mile swim in the Cooper River.

    Even though open water swimming is not my "gig" I had a blast with this swim. Good company, very well organized event , and a awesome party afterwards to top off the day. I didn't wait around long enough for the results but I think I had a time of low to mid 40 min. My only complaint about the event is that it takes forever for the results to be announced and posted online. I needed to hit the road to get back home.

    There is a strong current as we catch the tide rolling out. However, the wind was blowing pretty good directly into our faces which created choppy waves throught the entire race. Very hard to get into a groove with your stroke.

    Over 500 swimmers in two waves. The first mile and a half I tried not to use my legs much. Felt great and was still passing people which took my mind off of how much I had left to go. Once I got next to the Yorktown I found a bit of a groove and kicked the legs in.

    Afterwards I didn't feel like I had pushed it hard enough but my legs were pretty drained.

    This was strictly a fun event for me to participate in. Absolutely no pressure or nerves. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
  13. 2 hour practice tomorrow - Give me ideas please!!

    by , May 29th, 2011 at 03:42 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I think I've got a big 2 hour block for swimming tomorrow morning. I usually only get to swim for an hour before work, but due to Memorial Day...more pain through swimming for me!!

    I'll take most suggestions and try to incorporate one big glob of a workout that is somewhat cohesive, and hopefully I'll be able to swim most of it depending on who else comes to swim.

    Normal, but tough sets will do. I'm not looking for anything too insane, but I'm going to try for a 5,000-6,000 yard total.
    Just doubling my normal yardage in one swim should make me well.
  14. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM workout 5/31/11

    by , May 29th, 2011 at 01:15 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    1 X 100 2:00 1:45
    1X 150 3:00 2:45
    1 X 200 3:45 3:30
    1 X 250 4:30 -
    Twice. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    10 X 50 1:15
    Odd: easy Even:fast

    1 X 200 kick 5:00
    8 X 50 kick 1:15
    Odd:moderate Even:build to fast

    1 X 100 2:00 2:20
    4 X 50 1:15 1:20
    descend 50's 1-4
    three rounds, round 1 fly 2 back 3 breast
    Break between rounds
    Intervals at right for breast, round 3

    5 X 200 free 3:15
    1/2:Establish strong fast pace
    3/4/5: Hold that pace

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  15. Dilly Dally

    by , May 28th, 2011 at 07:53 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    I have a million things to do but I had a dilly-dally Saturday instead!
    I did not swim with the team this morning. The water was 72 or so and the air was 64 maybe so I opted for a run with Mart before he left to time the Boulder-Boulder race this morning. About 24 minutes into the run my achilles locked down like a vice and reduced me to a walk going home. This is quite puzzling to me; I've had almost every running problem except achilles, must be a really old-age thing.
    Since the run was so short I forged on and got a swim tonight! I screwed around my house all day and accomplished nothing; ended up going to the Monon around 5:15 for a solo workout. This workout flowed very well for me tonight. I wasn't in the mood at all. My calf was still screaming, the shoulders ached but the water seemed to massage it all away and now I feel lots better. (Oh, the glass of chard is probably helping too!)
    **500 Free rest :30
    **400 Free rest :30
    **300 Free rest :30
    **200 Free rest :20
    **100 Free rest :10
    **10 X 50 Free *relax, long stroke @ 5K rate breathing every 3. @ :55
    **5 X 100 Kick (alt prone/supine) @ 2:00
    **5 X 100 Pull Free @ 1:45
    **4 X 125 Free @ 2:15

    3,500 scy

    I was feeling so good I considered continuing on for 5K holiday swim. No, I'm going to do that one outside on Monday @ Forest Park. Going easy tomorrow with Lindsay (eldest daughter). I'm hoping to get her swimming a couple times a week this summer and taking her to Auburn this summer for Nats. I told her about the 50's and she thought that sounded good!
    Gotta go meet her for Pizaology, she's at the door!!
  16. Gave myself an EASY day

    by , May 28th, 2011 at 07:22 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    Since my elbow hurts and I know I have really worked the legs lately I made today an easy day. Especially since the water at the Y was 84 and I have been used to 77. Big difference.

    Today I also stopped to talk a few times to some of the other swimmers.

    1000 Free as 200 swim/pull/swim/kick/swim
    10x100@2:00 Fly w/fins as 25 skull drill/25 rt arm/25 lt arm/25 swim
    500 Kick w/fins by 100 free/fly/free/fly/free
    500 Free easy

    Total 3000 yards
  17. Saturday, 5/28/11

    by , May 28th, 2011 at 03:45 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Swam outside-SCM

    Warm up (1050)
    500 Choice – any stroke, drill equipment
    - did 200 free/100 back/100 pull free/100 pull back
    200 Kick – no equipment (streamline on back)
    3 x 50/50 desc
    - did free
    8 x 25/30 Choice – Strong
    - did fly-free-back-free 2x

    Main Swim Set (900)
    1 x 200/5:00 FAST
    - free, went 2:55
    2 x 100/3:00 FAST
    - back, went ±1:30 on both
    4 x 50/1:30 FAST
    - free, went 38-39
    4 x 75/1:30 smooth recovery
    3 – 4 FAST TURNS

    Kick (450)
    6 x 75/1:30 Under/Over/Under
    - did with monofin, dolphin kicked underwater for 15-20m on the unders

    Warm down
    stood in pool chatting with friend until we got cold. got out and went for coffee.

    Total: 2400 meters
  18. Sat May 28th, 2011 blogging with my iPad

    by , May 28th, 2011 at 02:42 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat May 28th, 2011 blogging with my iPad

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool LCM
    7:30 to 9:00 dove in 7:33ish
    wore b70 training jammer
    swam with chris nate & ned
    beside Larry Jim mark & Many more

    3 x 500 missed 200

    Main SET: lcm

    5 x 100 fr on 1:25 right into
    25 fast
    75 easy

    4 x 100 fr on 1:20 right into
    25 fast
    75 easy

    3 x 100 fr on 1:15 went 3:45 right into
    25 fast
    75 easy

    2 x 100 fr on 1:10 went 2:20 right into
    25 fast
    75 easy

    100 fr fast on 1:05 went 1:02 right into
    100 easy

    Assigned: 4 x 300
    Did: 4 x 150 easy 100 skip 50 fast from a dive

    Rested 4:00

    50 fr fast
    Went 26

    50 easy


    2011 South Central Zone LCM Championships INFO
    Jul 22 - 24, 2011 in
    Shenandoah (Houston), TX
    will probably enter:
    Fri 400 IM
    Sat 50 FL, 100 FR, 50 bk or 200 IM, & 1 or 2 relays
    Sun 100 FL, 50 BR, 100 BK & 50 FR & 1 or 2 relays

    Updated May 28th, 2011 at 02:48 PM by ande

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  19. First OW race of the season

    This morning I got up bright and early to do the 1.6 mile Great Hudson River Swim. The race start was downtown in village, at Christopher Street, and we finished up at the North Cove Harbor near Battery Park City. It was a warm morning, with a few clouds. Air temps were in the low 70s, and water temps around 63. The river was pretty flat, and the water seemed very pleasant.

    The pier was a lovely place to spend the early morning while we waited for the race to start. You can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and in the far distance the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Many of my friends from CIBBOWS were there, and I also got to catch up with other area masters swimmers I hadn’t seen in a while. Because the race was wetsuit legal, there were also quite a few triathletes and others whose faces I didn’t recognize, as well as a group of OW swimmers visiting from Ireland. By the time check-in had ended there was a pretty sizeable crowd of excited swimmers eager to enter the water.

    The only real concern I had going into this race was its size—over 400 swimmers were entered. Crowded starts scare me, plus that’s a lot of bodies navigating a relatively short and narrow course. But the race ended up being done with wave starts, which worked out especially well for me. The waves were determined by speed, and I was in the second-fastest wave, out of 6 total. The race director started the waves in the following order: slowest, second-slowest, third-slowest, fastest, second-fastest, and third-fastest. (I don’t know, but I suspect the decision to do it that way combined efforts to have swimmers in the river for the shortest time possible—hence the slowest swimmers starting first—with concerns about course crowding—hence the last 3 heats starting in an order that would minimize the amount of overtaking.) That start order meant that I didn’t have to worry about navigating around previous waves of swimmers until I was fairly near the end of the course (the situation was probably worse for those ahead of me in the fastest wave though). Also, since the race was held at the transition from flood to ebb tide, it meant that I may have had more favorable currents than those in preceding waves.

    In any case, my fears about crowding were not born out. My wave was a big one (they weren’t all the same size), but there was plenty of space on the right side at the start, and that turned out to be the best place to be. I passed a couple of wetsuited guys in my heat right after the first turn buoy, but after that I had all clear water all around me for nearly the entire rest of the race. It felt like we flew down the river. There were a few swells now and then from boats, but otherwise the water was flat and the course was very easy to sight and navigate. I felt good in the water and put in a good steady effort throughout. Once I had made the last turn into the harbor, I was able accelerate enough to get around a pack of swimmers in the last 30 yards or so before getting to the finish ladder. I got up the ladder and out the water quickly, and that was that.

    There were problems with the timing system, so I have no idea how long the race actually took—it felt like less than 20 minutes, but was probably in fact significantly longer.* They were still trying to sort out results when I left—they didn’t do awards, but that was ok, mostly I had fun hanging out with friends after the race. Plus I got to chat a bit with Evmo from the forums who was in town for the race, and who will be back in June for MIMS. I liked him a lot.

    Once again I was pretty amazed at all it requires to organize and pull off an event like this. The Hudson is a busy river, even on a Saturday morning. We had course boats stationed at pretty tight intervals all along the course to keep other boat traffic out of our way, and swimmers out of harm’s way. Kayakers were also patrolling the course and directing wayward swimmers back on track. And there were tons of volunteers at the start and finish to check everyone in, sharpie race numbers on swimmers (just one of Chaos’s jobs today, in addition to swimming), make sure everyone got in the water at the right time, shower us off and hand out medals at the end, etc. NYCSwim did a great job with it all—if you’re coming to the city this summer, consider one of their races!

    On the way back home I stopped by my Y for a quick warmdown swim (1100y) and stretch. Looking forward to some more OW swimming tomorrow!

    *It actually took me 28+ minutes. That placed me 17th overall, out of 362 finishers, and 1st woman.

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  20. Goodbye to short course for a while

    by , May 28th, 2011 at 11:33 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Last short course workout for a while. Enjoyed the walls one last time. We are now training hard for long course and Nationals. Workouts bumped up to 5:00 AM and I have to drive and extra 15 min . Should be worth it though.


    Warm up
    300 Free
    200 Breast
    200 Back
    200 Fly down/Free back
    300 Free

    400 Kick
    8 x 50 IM order
    300 Free

    8 x 50 Pull
    3 x 200 (IM Order Down/Free back)
    6 x 100 Descend 1-3, 4-6

    3 Times through
    * 4 x 50 (#1 IM Down/Free Back, #2 Free Down/IM back, #3 IM Order)
    * 200 Free
    * 4 x 25 IM Order

    200 Cool Down

    (5400 total)
    Swim Workouts