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  1. Meet 01/20/18: Happy New Year Master Meet

    by , January 20th, 2018 at 08:38 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    First meet of the year and my first time checking out this somewhat local meet, held a little over an hour west of home at the Mohonasen High School (Schenectady, NY). It is the 9th year of the event and this year they had a record number of swimmers (58). With my work schedule open for me to attend and my buddy Greg also willing to compete, we headed over with my son.

    This is also my first meet in the 40-44 year age group, as my twin sister and I had our birthday this past Thursday.

    Warmup: 1400 yds

    50 free - 24.67
    I felt good during this swim and really picked up the second lap. I think with some additional sprint training I can get faster. Still a goal of mine to get under 24.
    -- 200 loosen

    100 IM - 1:03.99 (28.64, 35.35)
    Felt great on the fly leg, not too coordinated on back, good on breast and tired on the free! I had not worked breast too much since having some knee issues, but have been learning how to swim it more efficiently.
    -- 50 loosen

    50 fly - 28.60
    I was in heat 3, so I had about 3 minutes between the IM and this fly event. I knew it would be close, and my heart rate was sky high. My breakout was good and I worked to finish with good form.
    --- 200 loosen

    200 free - 2:02.61 (29.53, 31.82, 32.08, 29.18)
    I felt really good on this swim. I swam it a little differently than normal so my 3rd was a bit slow. I ended up getting touched out at this finish but made it an interesting race!
    --- 300 loosen

    All in all a well run meet in a nice facility. The increase in numbers lead to a longer than expected meet, but events progressed smoothly with no issues. We left before the 1000 and 1650. Greg had some great swims (particularly a great race in the 100 breast), and we both enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new folks on deck and learning more about how other Masters incorporate swimming into everyday life and some different training ideas. I also made contact with Kathy and Steve, who help to drive some of the ADMS swimming opportunities. I hope to be able to make it back next year!

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  2. 1/20/18 Workout

    by , January 20th, 2018 at 03:33 PM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Saturday, 1/20/2018 Pool Workout

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr

    5x100 1:40 (fr/fr/bk/fr/bk)
    4x50 k 1:15
    4x100 1:30
    4x50 k 1:15
    3x100 1:25
    4x50 k 1:15
    2x100 1:20
    100 EZ
    100 fast off blocks (52 mid)

    100 EZ

    5x25 underwater kick fins :30
    50 EZ
    5x25 same

    200 warmdown


    First time coming in Saturday afternoons. Was a good workout! Shoulders a little fatigued from the work in the gym yesterday but I pushed through pretty well. Pretty happy with the 100 time after the main set.

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  3. Workout 01/20/17: morning

    by , January 20th, 2018 at 12:28 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    200 free/100 kick/200 swim/100 im drill
    4 x 25 burst and cruise
    200 build by 50
    taped team swimming a 50 free (did one myself)
    Backstroke work (swam 200 yards total)
    200 loosen and out
    [Masters/Rec/1350 yds/30 min)

    Warmup for masters meet this afternoon...
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