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  1. 12.06.12 - Thursday workout

    by , December 6th, 2012 at 09:05 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Dave, Ray and Aundrey. I'm pretty sore from yesterday but muddled through today's workout. Not terrible but I definitely took it easy where I could get away w/ it.


    600 Warm up

    4 x 125 - 1:45 (Odd IM, even free)
    4 x 125 - 2:00 (IM, Free, IM, IM)
    100 Easy

    8 x 100 - 1:45
    * Odds hard free (1:09, 1:08, 1:05, 1:05)
    * Evens easy stroke, Last one hard free - 1:05
    100 Easy

    8 x 75 - 1:15
    * Odds easy free
    * Evens hard stroke
    100 Easy

    8 x 50 - 1:00 (SDK down w/ fins, easy back)
    100 Easy

    8 x 25 - :45
    * Odds easy free
    * Evens hard, no breath from dive
    100 Easy

    5 x 200 Pull - 3:00
    * Odds backstroke (2:40s)
    * Evens free (2:25, 2:20)

    8 x 25 - :30 IM Order

    100 Cool down

    (5400 Total)
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  2. Good old distance set

    by , December 6th, 2012 at 08:20 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I decided to do the workout I gave the kids last night. Felt really good today.

    500 free every 4th lap drill
    500 free kick w/zoomers every 3rd lap fast
    50 EZ

    1650 broken as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 laps @:10RI final time after all the math 22:31

    300 free EZ w/snorkle
    4x50 from block burst fly & cruise free

    total 3200 yards
  3. Wed, Dec. 5, 2012 7:15-9:00pm "Be Like That Guy"

    by , December 6th, 2012 at 01:16 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    We had our awards ceremony starting around 6:30pm tonight for the meet last night. Luckily John flew through the group of people who were there, and just highlighted a thing or two about each person, 'cause we could've been a while. We had 112 swimmers, twice as much as the 2nd place team, yet beat them by 3 times as many points!!

    John told the group that he likes my work ethic, and my competitive spirit in practices. I'm always there pushing the kids that are more than 1/2 my age, giving him more leverage when the kids start complaining about the sets getting too hard.


    800 Free

    18 x 50 Kick w/ fins & board (did w/o fins)
    • 6 @ :50 - made them
    • 6 @ :45 - made 4 of them, skipped #11, made #12
    • 6 @ :40 - did 4 of these, but didn't make the interval whatsoever!

    We got separated into different lanes based on who is going to the Senior State meet in Federal Way, and who is there to work hard (not tapering). I'm in the work hard group.

    Main Set - Be Like That Guy (way too much backstroke):

    3 Rounds of 4 x 200 Choice of Stroke @ 5:30 FAST, but all 4 in each round are the same.
    • Round 1 - Did Backstroke (2:30/2:25/2:22/2:25) - my time in the meet was 2:20.xx
    • Round 2 - Did Backstroke (2:35ish) legs getting tired
    • Round 3 - Did Backstroke (2:35/2:30/2:30) On #2 and #3 I challenged an 11 year old boy who was doing freestyle in the next lane over to race. He beat me, but not by much.
    On the final 200 of Round 3, all kinds of challenges started being issued up and down the pool, including from a girl who was doing freestyle and was way faster than my backstroke. I agreed, but said I'd be doing FLY to attempt to win the challenge.
    By this point the pool was pretty empty, so John spread us out across the 6 lanes, and I got my own lane, along with the girl doing freestyle in the lane next to me. It was on!! 35 year old flyer vs. 12 year old freestyler girl.
    Approaching the 75 turn, I was dead and wanted to quit, but knew I couldn't with all that was at stake. Just tried to maintain my breathing pattern and push on. Turns sucked, SDKs off the walls were non-existent. 150 down, 50 to go, she was just about tied with me, and we raced to the 175 together. Coming off the final wall I gave it all I could, and somehow managed to feel good doing it. Coach John was loving it! The 12 year old went a 2:14, just missing her lifetime best of 2:13, and I went a 2:12, just one second slower than the 2:11 I did in the meet last Saturday! Sometimes these challenges bring out the best in people, especially when you don't have a lot of prep time to think about them.

    200 EZ

    4 x 25 Sprint Kick w/ board @ 1:00 FAST

    150 EZ and out

    4400 Yards
  4. Wed 12/5/12

    It is about time for me to start pushing myself harder. This means faster intervals. When I was given tonights workout it was evident that today was the day. The poblem was that my body didn't get the memo.

    500 mix up
    4 x 75 r/15 (kick,dog paddle dr,swim by 25)
    4 x 75 r/15 (left arm, rt arm, swim by 25)
    6 x 50 kick @ 2:00
    -- hold best 50 swim time + 15

    2 roounds of
    6 x 50 @ 50 moderate
    3 x 100 @ 1:25 descend
    2 x 150 @ 2:05 1 EZ / 1 fast
    300 @ 4:05 fast
    100 @ 3:00 recovery

    4 x 25 @ 40 (3,2,1,0 breathes per 25)


    Round one was difficult for me mostly because a 150 @ 2:05 is a little too quick for me to go easy. After that round, coach wanted me to switch to 50, 1:30, 2:15, 4:15. Round 2 was more my speed. Time for me to toughen up a bit.
  5. Wed., Dec. 5 - Hump Day

    Swam with Ray, Peter, Roger, Danny and the two Dave's. When I got there, the group had already started an Hour of Power, so I joined in about at about 500 yards and finished up at the end.

    I also wore a regular suit under the drag suit. The when I got to the 400's, I swam the first 400 with the drag suit and the second with just the regular suit to see the impact of the drag suit - over 20 seconds faster without the drag suit. That's over 5 seconds a hundred. Don't know if that holds consistent through out a whole workout or different distances, but it was a bigger impact than I thought. It does help explain why I felt slow and wore down faster.

    3x300 on 4:30 (4:05, 3:59 - I actually felt this was decent considering I was warming up)
    2x200 on 3:00 (2:38 - 2:40)
    4x100 on 1:30
    2x200 on 3:00
    2x300 on 4:30 (I was wearing down here)
    2x400 One in drag suit, one without (6:10, 5:45)
    500 Back w/paddles - 7:30
    100 Kick
    8x50 IM order on 1:00
    100 Kick
    10x100 Alternating Free on 1:30/Back on 1:35 with paddles
    100 Kick
    4x50 I order w/5 second rest
    100 Free

    6000 yards
    105 minutes
  6. Week 9 - IM death

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 08:34 PM (After a long rest)
    So Wednesday's are IM workouts which by itself is no problem. Today however I was whooped, two main sets and I hurt in both.

    400 free
    6x50 catchup drill on 50
    5x100 kick on 1.50

    Main Set

    2 x 400IM straight on 6.30, 4x50 stroke drill on 1min, 200 IM on 3.00. Despite feeling bad I got quite a lot of rest on the 400s and 200s. I worked on back and breast drills on 50s.

    100 easy

    Second main set
    9x100 broken into sets of 3, 2x100 on 1.10 1x100 on 1.30, ranged from 1.05-1.10 and really hurt

    Warm down
    100 easy

    3900 total

    We discussed doing relays as well as individual events at Nationals. Just need to convince a few people and we will have men, woman and 2 mixed relays in Indy. Should be a bunch of fun!!!
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  7. Week 9 - IM death

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 08:34 PM (After a long rest)
    So Wednesday's are IM workouts which by itself is no problem. Today however I was whooped, two main sets and I hurt in both.

    400 free
    6x50 catchup drill on 50
    5x100 kick on 1.50

    Main Set

    2 x 400IM straight on 6.30, 4x50 stroke drill on 1min, 200 IM on 3.00. Despite feeling bad I got quite a lot of rest on the 400s and 200s. I worked on back and breast drills on 50s.

    100 easy

    Second main set
    9x100 broken into sets of 3, 2x100 on 1.10 1x100 on 1.30, ranged from 1.05-1.10 and really hurt

    Warm down
    100 easy

    3900 total

    We discussed doing relays as well as individual events at Nationals. Just need to convince a few people and we will have men, woman and 2 mixed relays in Indy. Should be a bunch of fun!!!

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  8. Wednesday 12/5/12

    Wednesday 12/5

    PM only SCY

    500 swim
    500 pull w/ buoy + strapless paddles + snorkel

    8x50 @ :50 3/3/3 drill w/ strapless paddles

    Total: 1400

    Sore and somewhat unmotivated today so I just took it easy.
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  9. Wed., Dec. 5

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 04:55 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    1200 with a few burst and up tempo 25s


    I could not move off the couch yesterday. I did at least sleep through the night last night. Still feeling nauseous and exhausted today, but managed to at least get in the water. I haven't been able to eat much; thinking about food makes me nauseous. Highly unusual for me!

    Is it worth it to travel up to Boston this weekend?

    I was very excited about the meet, but that excitement has been kinda zapped by this nasty virus. I would expect to feel better by then, but will my body have recovered? Recovered enough to bang out fast 100s? Rather a large expense to travel to swim poorly. I guess I will make a game day decision on Friday. I'll most likely go and hope for the best. I don't want to miss seeing Aztimm and Swim Stud! From what I can recall, this is the first time I've been sick going into this meet. I guess I was bound to have bad timing sooner or later; can't seem to avoid getting derailed on occasion in masters.

    No psych sheet yet for NE Champs. Meet topped out at 492 swimmers, almost the same as last year.

    Found this link with tons of references to swimming physiology studies:

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  10. Wednesday, December 5, 2012

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 03:43 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    SCY@FGCU Aquatic Center
    Air temp of 70, pool at 80, 100% water clarity.
    Cloudy with humidity at 68%

    Warm up:
    1x500 FR
    1x500 as 50BK/50FR

    *Set 1*
    1x400 BR 50K/40S with snorkel
    1x600 FLY 50DR/50S

    *Set 2*
    1x1000 FR as 50K(steady)/50S(strong, timed)
    • did all 30s for 50 swims

    *Set 3*
    5x200 on 2:45 pull/buoy, tube, paddles
    did 2:24, 2:21, 2:19, 2:17, 2:16

    *Set 4*
    20x50 FR/fins on :50 as 50K, 50Swim
    • did 27-25 on 50 Swims

    Warm down:
    400 EZ FR/BK Swim

    • Was out of the water Monday & Tuesday due to illness; there was no fever, but headaches, dizziness, and nausea. This Morning I was fine. During warmup in the first 500 the feeling was like being in a taper.
    • Set 1 - Did some BR and FLY to keep in touch with the strokes.
    • Set 2 - Wanted to swim smooth and steady 50s at :30 pace.
    • Set 3 - Pulling with the emphasis on setting up EVF front end early
    • Set 4 - Similar to set 2, but with the fins to be 27 or better for the 50s swimming.
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  11. Back to the routine....

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 03:40 PM (slick's shoulder surgery blog)
    Ugh, rough week so far.

    Last week I was rearing to get back to work, as I was feeling quite stir-crazy after almost 3 weeks post-surgery. So on Friday I went in for a half day and then walked a half mile on the treadmill at the work gym. It felt so good to get out and get some brain stimulation (in the form of wading through hundreds of emails) and a bit of physical activity! Since that went well, on Monday I decided that I would work a full day and then walk an entire mile on the treadmill. I didnít think that would be over doing itÖ.if anything I would be nice and tired by the end of the day and then sleep really well.

    Least to say I havenít recovered from Monday yet. I donít know why but since being back at work I am sleeping even more terribly than before, but not from any pain or discomfort. Itís like suddenly I have insomnia....just canít fall asleep it seems, which has rarely been a problem for me. Make sense I guessÖ.Iím one of those people who have a hard time falling asleep if I know I need to get up and go somewhere in the morning. I guess my brain juices are fast flowing again and I canít get my mind to relax. Last night I went to bed at 10:30 and was still awake when I heard the clock chime at 2:30am. I know Iím physically tiredÖ.just getting up, showering, making myself look presentable, and then getting to work takes quite a bit of effort. By the time I sit down at my desk I am totally exhausted. Iím so out of shape! Lol.

    Also, Iíve only been back in the office for 3 days now and I feel like Iím getting sick. Donít know if itís an actual bug or if Iím just feeling a bit overwhelmed by getting back into the routine of things. Iíve had a couple moments of frustration and emotional release this week, so Iíd say re-adjusting back into normal life has proved to be a bit of a challenge. Obviously Iím a bit stressed, but Iím unable to do what Iíd normally do to deal with it (swim and/or sweat it out at the gym). Luckily I still have plenty of sick leave and a very understanding boss, and Iíve been given the OK to just go home early or come in late if I need to. In hindsight I should have just planned a gradual return to work schedule over a week or soÖ..few half days, few six hours days, etc etc. Though this would all be much easier if I could just catch some sleep!

    Shoulder is doing well otherwise. Iím following my prescribed exercises exactly and have seen steady improvements over the past week. My forward flexation (lying down) is at 138 degrees today, which is spot on schedule at this point in recovery (should be 120-140 degrees at Week 4). My external rotation last week was only 10 degrees and this week Iím at 30, which is a good improvement but itís still a bit shy of where it should be (35-45 degrees). So my PT upped my daily external rotation sets and gave me a few more stretches and movements to do. I also was given two yellow band exercises to add to my list today as wellÖ.woo hoo! Movin on upÖ..

    So yeah, road is fairly rocky right now, but still moving forward
  12. Mid-day IM interlude

    Today I enjoyed a mid-day solo workout at the Y:

    1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200s, 200d/s)

    8 x 75
    2 x 75 FR @ 1:15
    2 x 75 FR/FR/BR @ 1:20
    2 x 75 FR/BK/BR @ 1:25
    2 x 75 FL/BK/BR @ 1:30
    All freestyle = moderate pace with bilat breathing; on other strokes, on odds aim for pretty, on evens go fast

    100 easy

    IM set
    1 x 50 FL, fast, @ :50
    1 x 200 IM easy-mod @ 3:30
    2 x 50 BK @ :50, desc.
    1 x 200 IM easy-mod @ 3:30
    3 x 50 BR @ :55, desc.
    1 x 200 IM easy-mod @ 3:30
    4 x 50 FR @ :50, desc.
    1 x 200 IM easy @ 3:30
    [Goal was to descend each set of 50s to 200 IM race pace. I went :37, :36, :41, :32. Once I did the math and discovered those added up to 2:26, which is probably way faster than I could go right now, I was happier with my swims here.]

    300 warmdown + play
  13. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -12/06/20122

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 01:19 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    1 X 200 3:00 3:00
    1 X 100 1:45 1:30
    4 X 50 kick 1:15 1:15
    Descend kicks 1-4
    Three rounds. Round 1 intervals left, 2&3 right.

    1 X 50 easy 1:00
    1 X 50 fast 1:00
    4 X 25 sprint kick :40
    Four times through

    10 X 125 pull/free 2:30
    75 cruise/50 fast

    1 X 50 @ 100%
    1 X 100 easy
    Four cycles on 4:00

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00


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  14. 12.05.12 - Wednesday workout

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 12:32 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Ray, Dave, Dave, Dave, Roger and Danny. Did another power hour format. I pushed it a little harder today. IM all the way down to 100s and free/pull on the way back to the 400s.


    200 Warm up

    2 x 400 IM - 6:00
    2 x 300 IM - 4:30
    2 x 200 IM - 3:00
    2 x 100 IM - 1:30
    100 Free/125 Pull - 1:30
    200 Free/250 Pull - 3:00
    300 Free/375 Pull - 4:30
    400 Free/500 Pull - 6:00
    100 Easy
    The hardest IM was the first mainly because I wasn't warmed up yet. After I got going, I was able to get 10-15 seconds rest on all but the 100s. Going back up was fairly tough because I was very tired. I got enough time on the pulls to remove my paddles and push off for the next distance up. After the 300 and 400, I was able to recover a good bit and make 5:46 on the 500 pull.

    8 x 50 - 1:00 (4 x 50 Swim, 50 kick, IM Order)
    8 x 50 - 1:00 Down sdk w/ fins, back easy

    200 Cool down

    (5550 Total)
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  15. Wednesday, 12/5/12

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 11:55 AM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)

    More Il Garbagio. I'm hoping this shoulder issue will clear up when I take 3 weeks off (pool will close for the remainder of the month after this week).

    Warm up
    300 free & back
    300 IM as 25 kick/50 drill for each stroke
    200 kick

    Main Set
    600-500-400-300-200-100 swim w/20-30 sr after each

    Warm down
    100 easy back

    Total: 3000 yards
  16. just plain slow...

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 07:50 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    No question I just couldn't move this morning. No matter how hard I tried it just wasn't there like I wanted it to be.

    500 free every 4th lap drill
    500 free kick every 3rd lap fast w/zoomers

    8x25@:45 burst & cruise

    4 times thru:
    50@1:00 AFAP IM order fly - 43, back - 42, breast - 51, free - 36
    200@4:00 EZ held 3:15's

    4x25@:45 fly w/paddles
    200 EZ

    4x50 from dive burst fly & cruise free
    100 EZ

    total 2800 yards
  17. Workout 12/5/12:

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 07:32 AM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    w/u: 200 FR/200 BK/200 IM

    Go two times through:
    - 25 EZ, 25 Build, 50 DPS
    - 25 AFAP, 75 EZ
    - 75 EZ, 25 AFAP
    (one fr, one back)

    4 x 25 Burst and Cruise on 1:15
    (fr, bk, fly, fr)

    200 loosen and out
    (Solo/Rec/1500 yds/35 min)

    I put off swimming yesterday in order to join the Masters team in the evening. Got a call, after lap swim was over, telling me that the lifeguard went AWOL and no Masters practice.

    So, no swim, but it was beautiful day yesterday, even with a little rain. I was able to reorganize the garage so that my wife's car will be protected by the snow. My van doesn't fit, so I just went though things, condensed and prepared for a Goodwill and recycle run. Now, off to work two 12's, then a quick swim on Friday before heading to Boston early Saturday morning
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  18. Tues, Dec. 4, 2012 7:10-9:00pm

    by , December 5th, 2012 at 01:17 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I arrived a bit late today after my son's lessons running over a bit, but that's all good. I only missed the warmup. Who needs a bunch of random sculling drills anyway?

    My warmup:

    Did 100 Yards Free while they finished up warmup

    16 x 25 Underwater SDK w/ fins (I didn't use any fins) @ 1:00

    We were divided into 3 separate lanes, and each lane had a different set of approximately the same total time to complete. We were separate by John to the lanes he thought would suit each of us best.

    I'm calling this the "Main Set":

    (My lane)
    4 x 100 Free @ 1:30 (1:07-1:06s)
    4 x 100 Free @ 1:25 (1:06-1:05s)
    2 min. rest - this was his "Jedi mind trick". The kids were so happy for the rest, I knew the rest would just let the lactate settle into our muscles making the next 8 feel great.
    4 x 100 Free @ 1:20 (1:06-1:05s)
    4 x 100 Free @ 1:15 (1:05/1:04/1:04/1:01)

    200 EZ

    3 x 300 Free Pull @ LIFO + 1:00 aim for HR of 27beats/10sec.
    (went 3:25ish)

    10 x 100 Kick w/ fins @ 1:25 (I did ~10 x 75s Kick w/o fins @ 1:25ish

    16 x 50 (3 Fly, 1 Free, 3 Back, 1 Free, etc.)
    • Drill, Build, Sprint, Sprint Free w/ "overkick" on each group of 4

    4 x 25 Free AFAP @ 1:00

    200 EZ

    5000 Yards

    Not a bad workout overall. It didn't seem like a lot when we were doing it, but it added up in the end.
    I'm leaning toward heading down to Oregon at the end of the month to visit my grandparents again, and throw in a little Animal Meet action in Canby as well. It's where I used to asst. coach USAS back after college for about 4 years. I like the pool, though others have a dislike to the typical warmer temperature there. I'll do the distance version of the program if I do go down: 400 IM, 200 Fly, 1000 Free...right down my alley!
  19. Tuesday 12/4/12

    Tuesday 12/4

    PM only SCY

    500 swim
    12x50 @ :55
    2 drill
    2 build

    4x75 @ 1:15 rolling I.M. work turns
    3x100 @ 1:10 hold RED HR (avg: 1:00 and 27/10)
    6x50 @ :50 work breakouts
    3x100 @ 1:10
    1 FAST (:58/:59)
    1 aerobic (1:07/1:08)
    1 FAST (:59/1:00)

    100 EZ

    3x (1 RD each stroke minus FR)
    150 @ 2:10 FAST (1:33, 1:51, 1:49)
    5x50 @ :55 FAST (:30s, :38s, :36s)
    200 @ 4:00 EZ

    100 EZ

    Total: 5500
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  20. Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Terrible Tuesday

    At least my arms felt that way. I wore my drag suit again and I know it has an effect; but, my arms just felt dead today. Never could get up to speed. So I just plowed along. Toward the end, when I did some IM work, there was no way I could do a 200 IM like yesterday.

    Swam with Ray, Peter, and the two Dave's. Another small group.

    7x200 Free on 3:00
    100 Back
    8x150 on 2:30 - Back w/paddles
    100 Free
    9x100 on 1:45 w/paddles - 5 Back and 4 Free
    100 Kick
    16x25Alternate 50 Kick/50 IM order on :40
    8x50 on 1:00 IM order
    100 Kick
    100 Back w/fins and paddles
    100 Free w/fins and paddles (wanted to see if swimming with fins would help me add kick to my stroke - I basically have no kick)
    100 Kick
    4x25 Fly
    100 Free w/fins
    100 Back w/fins

    5300 yards
    108 minutes