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  1. Y Meet, Dec. 1

    by , December 1st, 2013 at 04:50 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    My second Y meet is in the books. I made it out to Sewickley even though I wasn't super excited to race; I would have preferred a workout. Perhaps not the best idea to have done a sprint workout yesterday, but I was viewing this meet as a speed workout. I did a longer warm up than usual.

    50 fly, 26.7

    Ew, badly executed race. Breakouts were bad again, I scraped the bottom coming off the turn on the 3 feet deep end and then banged my hand on the lane line after correcting for that. Felt kinda awful too. I didn't even expect to break 27, so I guess the time isn't too bad considering. I swam in Water Rat's lane since he decided to skip the meet. I wish there was someway to correct my breakout issues. I just can't sense the water on my back/arms and have to lift my head slightly to see, which causes serious drag. My fly has felt great in practice, so I need to put this race in the rear view mirror.

    25 free, 11.6

    Technically, this is a PR. But there was manual timing for the 25s, so that could have factored in. Legs felt tired.

    50 back, NS

    Skipped 50 back bc I had no interest in hitting the bottom off the turn.

    25 breast, 14.6

    This is likewise a PR and faster than my 15.0 from the Sprint Classic. But again, I may have benefitted from manual timing.


    This may be my last Y meet this season. I just can't stand the shallow water. Today, I flinched slightly during every start where the pool goes from 12 to 4-5 feet deep abruptly about 10 yards from the start. Maybe I should stick with free or breast at these meets.

    Jim and I did 10 x 50 EZ @ 1:00 as a warm down when the meet was over.

    I'm glad it's now taper time! 12 days to NE Champs. I'm going to rest hard. My body needs it as I haven't really had any quality rest since I started training more seriously in early September. I'm going to NYC next weekend with friends to goof around and see some shows. Not the best timing with a taper meet the next weekend, but life is important too. So far, there are only 313 swimmers signed up for NE Champs, which about 200 less than last year. I hope more people sign up. I like this meet because there is so much rest.

    I'm more tired than I should be right now ...

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