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  1. Sunday 12/8/13

    Sunday 12/8

    PM only SCY

    300 swim every 3rd 25 scull
    12x25 @ :40 odd: drill, even: under H2O kick w/ fins
    3x100 @ 1:15 pull w/ buoy + paddles + snorkel

    3x (RD1/2 first interval, RD3 w/ fins second interval)
    200 @ 2:10/2:00
    100 @ 1:05/1:00
    4x25 @ :25 FAST FR kick w/ board (RD3 under H2O kick)

    300 EZ

    Total: 3300

    Weather really ruined practices the latter half of this week. Was able to sneak in an hour and a half at the pool during the small window it was open today.
  2. 12|07|13 - 12|08|13

    by , December 8th, 2013 at 07:04 PM (Blog)
    100 IM - did not attempt, short axis strokes have been aggravating a tendon under my right chest muscle

    200 free (50 fr SR) 29.09
    Sluggish off block, breathed once or twice for my 50 split portion, then had to finish the remaining 150. It was somewhere around 125M that I experienced quite possibly the greatest quantity of suffering I've ever experienced before. I survived however, but barely. Then for 5 minutes afterwards the outsides of my shoulders, arms, and forearms were like a huge cramp full of pain - ouch.

    200 Mens Free Relay (anchor leg) ??.??
    3rd and 4th leg times were combined.
    Turned too late and botched turn ooops.

    Got home, reviewed brief footage (my streamline off the turns were horrible and sloppy) then I practiced track starts and turns for about 75 minutes. My popov wanna-be-grab-start method just takes forever, it's now history

    After insufficient quantity and quality of sleep (which seems to be recipe for good swimming)

    50 free 28.38 (PB SCM)
    Track start seems to work.
    Found myself wheezing uncontrollably for about 30 seconds afterwards. Strangely, all subsequent swims for the day did not result this way. Just this one, and Saturday's 200 (50SR).

    200 - 239 Mixed relay - I was lead-off so I hope my split registers 28.16
    With fear of crunching turn I ended up turning way too early and had to accelerate from a dig a good bit off the turn. Expecting to see 29.poop but to my delightful surprise - another PB

    100 free (for fun, without stress or pain) 1:10
    Actually a PB being a first attempt at the event.

    160-199 Medley Relay (anchor leg) 28.84
    Turned too early again, this time so far that my legs were straight and my only momentum was from ankle leverage - LOL. On the other hand, all remaining parts of the swim felt like my all-time bests. With a solid turn and streamline, I think this one would have taken me to my SCM goal

    Since I live just 1:45 away, I decided to drive out each day. But it took its toll with the swimming and I am pooped. Nevertheless, had a great time swimming with my teammates. It also feels quite good to come back with a PB, and furthermore quite possibly, room for even more improvement. I think

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  3. WI SCM state meet...

    by , December 8th, 2013 at 02:19 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    Yesterday Scotty and I headed up to the State SCM meet in West Bend, WI. We have been planning our own face-off (his breast versus my back) for a while now, so anticipation was high... we knew our times were really close from practice, but we had no idea how our times were going to translate into SCM... and our previous meet times in SCY and LCM were already 6-10 months old. Scotty's wife and daughter even made a score board for us out of poster board... nice (see image below).

    We both did the 400 IM, event #2, not counting it in the cumulative time of the other three events, but just to make the meet more challenging. I put down a seed-time of 7:22 (I used the Swimming World conversion tool and an average of my most recent times in SCY)... and went 7:21. I was pretty happy about that, especially since it was only a few heats before my 200 Back swim and I was trying to stay as relaxed as possible, but not completely sand-bag it.

    As it turns out, doing a hard 4!M always warms me up. I did a 200 recovery in the warm-up lane and then got back in line for the 200 back. This time I was in the final heat, so I even had plenty of time to catch my breath... was even a little worried about being too cool. At the LCM meet in June I did the 400 IM (only heat) and 200 Back (first heat) and only had a few heats of 100 fly between them to recover... by comparison, today's rest seemed like an eternity.

    I put down a seed time of 3:29, based on my previous meet times, but knew this was extremely conservative. My 200 back has been something of a focus for me of late, toying with the low 3:00s. Even as I have been forced to curtail my swimming because of time constraints lately, I have not slacked on my backstroke endurance sets and a little bit of technique work. It paid off. I swam 3:14! (which when I went back and converted the time to SCY from SCM gives me a 2:55 estimate). I couldn't be more ecstatic about that performance. It had Scotty very worried.

    Another 200 recovery swim and a short wait for the 50. Scotty, in the meantime swam his 100 breast and brought it in at 1:30+. He was hoping for something closer to the mid 1:20s (his seed was 1:29). At this point I was pretty excited (and he was even more worried), because my first 100 split of the 200 was only a couple of seconds off of his 100 time. I thought I had an opportunity to pick up some more time on him and put this thing out of reach. Then I swam my 50. And despite swimming it pretty fast (I thought) my time at :43.5 was more than a second slower than my seed (:42). I really thought I would have been closer to :42, knowing Scotty was going to take back a couple of seconds on this event... as it turned out, he picked up 4 seconds on me because he came in a in 39.5.

    So; it would come down to the last two events. Could he swim the 200 breast close enough to my time that his dominance in the 50 could erase the time I put on him with my surprise PB performance in the 200? Or could I crush his 100 time and take back some of the time I lost on the 50?

    I swam the 100 first, and this has been one of my best meet events in the past... I've taken my age group in the 100 at two straight state meets and my 100 split for the 200 was faster than I had been swimming the 100 in either of those two meets. Things looked good. But, alas, I think my wait for the event was too long and my warm-up swim for it too short. I had decent starts and turns, swam as fast as I could... but finished in 1:33+. My seed time was 1:34, but I thought, as with the 200, that I would be able to crush it. But it was not to be, I lost another three seconds to Scotty. Perhaps I had spent all my backstroke energy on that 3:14 performance. So Scotty only needed to be within 7 seconds of my 200 time to take the face-off. He was within 2.5 seconds.

    Our wager was that the winner gets to choose the loser's events for the next meet. Scotty is breathing a sigh of relief that he doesn't have to do all the 200s! But now I have to do sprints!?! Ugh.

    Here's the scoreboard:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyway... it was a great time and even if I didn't swim the 50 and 100 as fast as I wanted to, I was really proud to have made so much improvement in the 200 back. I beat all my seed times, except the 50.