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  1. 32 minutes Mother's Day SCM

    Happy Mother's Day, Moms!

    30 x 12.5 DFS free on 1:00 (then 12.5 easy kick on back)
    • only start after watch reads xx:00 for consistency
    • moderate launch force (to save foot, skin and joint health)
    • quick B/O to stroke transition
    • glance at wristwatch once marker is straight down in view
    • 7's and a 6 sec AFAP final one

    100 easy

    Weights yesterday
    5 sets of DB bench
    • progressively worked up to 15 reps with 60 lbs

    5 sets of Lat rows each arm
    • progressive resistance, 10 reps each

    5 sets of single arm DB shoulder press
    • progressive resistance, 10 reps each
    • try to throw weight on last heavy ones

    5 sets of leg curls
    • this area is by far the weakest muscles groups I wear, especially my right leg having ancient knee damage

    3 sets of bent over rows with one leg back
    • both legs straight, one down supporting weight, the other leg parallel to floor and inline with head and torso
    • also try to keep pelvis flat and parallel
    • works balancing muscles rarely engaged in such a way and to such an extent

    5 sets of DB curls

    4 sets of tricep stuff

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  2. Saturday 5/10/14

    Saturday 5/10

    AM only LCM

    "Spring Splash Invitational Day #2"

    So I couldn't swim on day 1, so I came into the meet today and really mixed up my events,doing the 200 FL and 200 BK.

    200 FL - 2:46.94 (1:11.42/1:35.52) - The splits speak for themselves. Started off feeling smooth, maybe pushed my tempo a little bit on the first 75. However, after the second turn things started to unravel. First, I lost my arms. Then my legs gave out (I lifted heavy legs yesterday). Finally, at the third turn, my core gave out. I literally felt like I had just done 10,000 abs and then tried to sit up. The last 50 took FOREVER. I really only swam this because I noticed there wasn't even ten swimmers on the top 10 list last year for my age group!

    200 BK - 2:45.92 (1:21.48/1:24.44) - This swim was a little better than the 200 FL. I have not swam a 200 BK LCM or SCY in probably 15 years (at least). My last time I remember having in the 200M BK was a 3:00.xx, so I cracked the 3:00 barrier AND dropped basically a second for every year I had not swam it! I had no legs after the first 50, but I really just tried to focus on my catch and my underwaters off the turns (which were pretty good until the last turn). Again, I swam this mainly because there were less than 10 people in the top ten last year. I would love to say I got onto the list in what could be my absolute worst event!

    ~ 2600 warm up and warm down

    Total: 3000
    Swim Workouts