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  1. 32 minutes Mother's Day SCM

    Happy Mother's Day, Moms!

    30 x 12.5 DFS free on 1:00 (then 12.5 easy kick on back)
    • only start after watch reads xx:00 for consistency
    • moderate launch force (to save foot, skin and joint health)
    • quick B/O to stroke transition
    • glance at wristwatch once marker is straight down in view
    • 7's and a 6 sec AFAP final one

    100 easy

    Weights yesterday
    5 sets of DB bench
    • progressively worked up to 15 reps with 60 lbs

    5 sets of Lat rows each arm
    • progressive resistance, 10 reps each

    5 sets of single arm DB shoulder press
    • progressive resistance, 10 reps each
    • try to throw weight on last heavy ones

    5 sets of leg curls
    • this area is by far the weakest muscles groups I wear, especially my right leg having ancient knee damage

    3 sets of bent over rows with one leg back
    • both legs straight, one down supporting weight, the other leg parallel to floor and inline with head and torso
    • also try to keep pelvis flat and parallel
    • works balancing muscles rarely engaged in such a way and to such an extent

    5 sets of DB curls

    4 sets of tricep stuff

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