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  1. Worlds day 1

    by , August 3rd, 2014 at 10:27 PM (After a long rest)
    I had a fairly good nights sleep last night. I had the normal wake up with butterflies and jitters periodically but overall it was not a bad nights sleep. The plan for the day was to eat a big breakfast, a light lunch and an energy bar before I swam plus lots and lots of fluid. One of my team mates was scheduled to swim at 1:30pm so a group of us headed to the pool for a warmup around 11am. After the warmup those of us on my team that were swimming the 800 headed back to there hotels for lunch and a rest. Bill texted and said that the meet was running an hour late. Bill also had an awesome swim and dropped almost a minute on his 800 going 10:31.

    I headed back to the pool at around 4:30pm and hung out on deck for a while and then tried warming up; it was pretty crowded so it was impossible doing any pace work but I got about 1100 warmup in. I then had a walk over to the temp pool which was very nice but had a really long wait for my race. I was in the third from last heat in lane 2. I was determined to swim smart and build each 200. I felt good through 600 but started hurting and noticed I was shortening my stroke. My final time was 9:15 which was slower than I had hoped to go but a good solid time and I ended up placing second. The winner was 8:47 so there was no way I was going to swim that time today. Despite dieing I was proud I left everything in the pool and I was very happy with a silver in the 800m. I still have my best events to come later in the week and I am really enjoying having teammates at the meet. Tomorrow I have the 100 around 1:30pm. I need to be out fast but relaxed and come off that wall and nail the 50-75 in order to hit my goal time.