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  1. Monday, March 16

    by , March 16th, 2015 at 03:19 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Swim/SCY/Solo @ Pitt

    500 various
    100 scull
    4 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :40
    50 EZ
    4 x 50 burst + cruise @ 1:30
    100 EZ
    5 x 50 cruise free w/paddles @ 1:00
    100 EZ
    8 x (25 @ 100 pace + 25 EZ) @ 1:15
    100 EZ
    2 x (25 AFAP + 125 EZ)
    100 EZ

    Total: 2300


    Not too much today. My ears are still really plugged up and the right one is a bit painful. Hope it is just related to the sinusitis and not some separate issue.

    I've started using a lacrosse massage ball. I almost always have pain in the infraspinatus and teres area of my left shoulder. But the ball seems to help reduce tightness and pain.

    I saw there are 208 swimmers for the Albatross meet, almost at the meet limit of 215. I haven't been to a meet in PV since last April, so looking forward to seeing my PV friends!

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  2. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout 03/17/2015

    by , March 16th, 2015 at 12:03 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    2 X 150 2:30 2:15
    4 X 100 1:40 1:30
    4 X 50 1:00 :50
    3 X 100 kick 2:15 2:15
    Two rounds. Round 1 intervals left , 2 right.

    1 X 25 :45
    1 X 50 1:00
    1 X 75 1:30
    1 X 100 2:00
    Four rounds choice.
    Round 1: 100 is fast
    Round 2: 75 is fast
    Round 3: 50 is fast
    Round 4: 25 is fast

    3 X 50 easy 1:10
    1 X 100 blocks
    3 x 50 easy 1:10
    1 X 50 blocks
    3 x 50 easy 1:10
    1 x 50 blocks
    Block swims are race pace

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy

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  3. Workout 03/16/15: morning

    by , March 16th, 2015 at 09:08 AM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Quick swim today, mostly because adult swim was packed and I was not motivated to battle it out in the lane ...

    200 free/200 back/200 im drill
    400 shark swim
    (Solo/Rec/1000 yds/20 min)

    Sometimes when the lane is full I can find a spot between traffic to allow for some intervals, but not this morning.
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  4. Distance day today

    by , March 16th, 2015 at 07:30 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Since I go on call this week I wanted to get one decent distance swim in.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    2000 free w/paddles & bouy 15:07 at the 1000 and 24:57 at the 1650 and 30:15 at the 2000
    500 free kick w/zoomers

    Total 3500 yards
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  5. Pi Day, 3/14/15

    by , March 15th, 2015 at 04:07 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    This has not been the best swimming week for me; accidentally slept in on Friday, due to my cold, I guess, and ended up not even going to work. Swam at lunch with old friends, who were going way faster than I was prepared to go, although we kept up, it wasn't pretty. Yesterday had to swim solo again, 3rd time this week, but I put in some yardage.
    3 x 800; SKP
    3 x 600 (done as 12 x 50 - 3 of each stroke) SKP
    3 x 400 pull w/agility paddles
    3 x 200: breast, back, free
    I was bored and needed to get back home at this point, so got out. It was surprisingly sunny most of the time I was in the water, and so was a lovely swim. Amazingly was repeating 1:15ish w/little effort on the free - in spite of being sorta sick.
  6. Sunday, March 15

    by , March 15th, 2015 at 03:32 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Swim/SCY @ Sewy w/Jim and John


    500 various
    100 scull
    20 x 25 w/fins @ :30
    -- UW 15 m+ each length
    -- had a chat break during the set
    50 EZ

    Main Sets:

    3 x (4 x 25 fly @ 100 pace w/fins + 4 x 25 EZ) @ :30
    50 EZ

    20 x 25 @ :40
    -- Jim and John were doing fly and IM
    -- I did: odds = shooters, evens =- 15m+ UW
    100 EZ

    2 x (25 AFAP breast + 25 EZ)
    150 EZ

    Total: 2650


    Didn't go too hard today, lots of hypoxic work. I"m going to rest hard the next 5 days before the Albatross meet. Off to do my RC exercises and stretch a bit.
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  7. Marketing a Masters program to a local facility

    by , March 15th, 2015 at 12:00 AM (Questions from Coaches)
    Q: I want to start a USMS program at my local Y. What are the three most important selling points I can share with my program director?
    A: The three most important selling points are diversity, revenue, and community service:

    • Diversity. A U.S. Masters Swimming program provides a platform for a Y to expand its adult aquatic programming. It's a program that celebrates and encourages diversity in age, gender, and ability levels. The single most important component of a successful program is having a coach on deck who understands stroke development, technique, and how to motivate each individual athlete to meet or exceed his goals. The Masters coach makes swimming fun. The more fun swimmers have, the more likely the swimmer will stay in the pool and enjoy swimming as a lifelong activity. For many, this leads to adopting a healthier lifestyle outside of the pool. Masters swimming is a social group activity in and away from the pool.
    • Revenue. A Masters program may be financially self-sustaining and generate revenue from program fees, retention of Y members, and the recruitment of new members. Other revenue can be generated from hosting Masters events including swim meets, stroke clinics, and fund-raising activities. USMS registered clubs are eligible to apply for a grant from the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation to develop and expand opportunities for adults to swim and learn to swim. Adult learn-to-swim lessons can enhance adult programming at the Y, while also teaching a lifesaving skill and generating revenue. The USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification class is a one-day course teaching adults how to teach an adult to swim and become water-safer.

    Community service. USMS and Ys share similar values of providing resources for the continued health and wellbeing of the members of the communities they serve. Both organizations promote learning, respect, excellence, and fun for the benefit of all. Often, members of Masters programs pledge their time, talents, and financial resources by becoming advocates and benefactors of their local Ys.
  8. Are Two Logos Allowed on Racing Suits?

    by , March 15th, 2015 at 12:00 AM (Rules Committee Blog)
    The Coach Asks: I'm confused by the messages advertised by swimsuit vendors about one or two logos on a swimsuit and the American version of a suit versus the European version. Are suits with two logos legal or illegal for USMS competition?

    Answer: Suits with two logos are legal for USMS pool competition. USMS rules do not address the number of manufacturer logos on a swim suit (102.12.2). FINA rules allow two manufacturer logos on a swimsuit, so European suits are manufactured with two logos. In the United States, high school and NCAA rules only allow one manufacturer logo, so American suits are manufactured with one logo. (USA Swimming rules follow FINA rules and allow two logos.) Shoppers have been able to find the European suits online for purchase; hence, the warning from swimsuit vendors about two logos on a suit being illegal in the U.S. for high school and NCAA competition. The FINA rules exempt Masters from the FINA logo rules (FINA Bylaw 7.1), so USMS swimwear rules do not address the number of logos allowed.

    Remind your swimmers that USMS swimwear rules (102.12.1) do not allow modesty wear (no brief, sports bra, or jock strap under the competition suit). FINA approval stamps are not required on swimsuits for USMS competition as long as the suit meets FINA specifications (all textile in one or two pieces, knee to shoulder for women and knee to waist for men, no zippers or other fasteners except for a waist tie). Rules for open water swimwear can be found in USMS 303.7.

    Kathy Casey
  9. Workout 03/14/15: morning (Pi Day!)

    by , March 14th, 2015 at 04:22 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Picked up an extra day at work yesterday due to my bosses vacation (which is a common occurrence these days), so I missed a swim. I was excited to get to the pool this morning and celebrate Pi day with the team ...

    (courtesy of the Boston Globe twitter today)

    3 00 swim - choice
    1 00 kick
    4 x 50 burst and cruise
    1 x 50 dolphin kick on back
    5 x 50 on 1:00 descend [I did 8 on :45 with snorkel]
    9 x 25 (fast free down, non-free back) + 25 easy
    2 00 pull
    6 x 100 on 2:00 descend 1->3, 4->6 [I did 'em on 1:45, back then IM]
    5 00 seconds of fly stroke review
    I then filmed everyone with the GoPro, trying a different underwater mount.
    (Masters/Rec/2150 yds/90 min)
    We had a full pool again with Tim and Kevin B doing their own workout, and Kevin M., Rachel, Melissa, Meg, Greg and I getting our nerd on. I used the digits as the basis and put the different pieces together for a good workout. We almost didn't have a lifeguard, as the age group team is away at Golds this weekend and the pool was empty until we hopped in at 10:30; at 10 they called me at home to see if there was anyone coming. Headache averted!

    Oh yeah, Greg made some homemade chocolate doughnuts for us to try - delicious!

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  10. Week 128 - Saturday

    by , March 14th, 2015 at 01:54 PM (After a long rest)
    I had another great night of sleep but I was really tired today. I felt good in the water but generally was just tired. Yoga kind of felt the same today. I did fine but was just not my normal self. I am hoping my melaese is just months of hard training combined with months of work related travel just catching up on me. I only have 3 weeks until we start backing off for nationals so I need to rest today/tomorrow and have a few additional weeks of good workouts.

    Warm up
    3x300 on 5mins alternating 50 free, 50 kick

    Main sets
    12x25 free on :40 done as open, close, easy, fast per 25
    16x100 on 2mins at 500 race pace

    Warm down
    8x50 perfect easy free on 1min

    I started out going :56 and then held :57s through number 12 when I slipped to a :58 and held this until the last one where I dropped to a :57. It was a little challenging today due to every clock at the pool being off for some reason. I was not upset with my times but I was really feeling it on the last 6 or so. My left shoulder still hurts; sort of a dull ache in my teres major area.

    After the swim workout I did two yoga classes. The first was a base yoga class with a lot of stretching in the shoulder area which was great. The second class was a power yoga which I really struggled with today. I seem to do ok on the power related exercises but the balance and endurance are a struggle(the endurance surprises me). Keeping a leg elevated for 5 minutes or more is tough. The only saving grace was that others struggled today as well.

    Roll on a nap and a day of rest tomorrow.
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  11. Friday, March 13

    by , March 14th, 2015 at 10:17 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Power Vinyasa Yoga, 75 min

    I ventured out to a different yoga studio yesterday, also only 10 minutes from my house. But the practice was pretty much the same as the heated Vinyasa Flow I have been going to occasionally. I liked the teacher better though -- less touchy feely. I declined to do the hi to low pushups though (shoulder fear). My main beef with vinyasa is that the practice does not appear to include any chest opening exercises.

    Swim/SCY/Solo @ Sewy

    2450 EZ


    I was pretty tired on Thursday, but felt energetic the next morning after a good night's sleep. So I decided to double with yoga and a recovery swim. Sewy was doing a sprint workout, but I just cruised everything. Jimby has a dose of sinusitis as well. Spring can't get here soon enough! I'm taking today off, as usual.
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  12. Week 128 - Friday

    by , March 13th, 2015 at 08:39 PM (After a long rest)
    I had a really good heavy night of sleep and woke up feeling good this morning. I felt ok in the pool today but I am definitely feeling months of hard work in my body. I am swimming just fine speed and endurance wise but I feel little aches and pains all the time. I am assuming it's months of training rather than just getting old

    Warm up
    400 free with snorkel
    6x50 catchup on :45

    Main sets
    8x(4x25 afap on :40, 100 IM on 1:30, 100 kick on 1:40)

    Warm down
    200 easy

    The main set was really hard. I was holding 12/13s to my feet on the 25s and was very consistent on these. On the IMs I went 1:10,1:08,1:08,1:07,07,1:04. The last IM was the fastest I have been in this training cycle and felt strong throughout. The kick on 1:40 was a quick send off and I held 1:25s while using these as active recovery. This set felt really long but with a group of us swimming it together it went quite fast. One of my training partners who has been out for about a month with a bad shoulder swam today and he did great making all the send offs. However, he looked really tired at the end. Fingers crossed he will be back in the pool since he is great to train with.
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  13. 4200-yard continuous

    by , March 13th, 2015 at 03:57 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    This one was a reprise--a bit longer--of a workout I did a couple of weeks ago; I always love getting to the end of a long one like this and realizing I've just done 500-600 yards of pure kick, or 1200 back... my legs were pretty shot on the last 100 kick.

    4200 SCY/1:20.00

    6 x thru
    --200 fr
    --200 bk
    --100 kick
    --200 pull w/ small buoy.

    BU pool didn't have the larger (or what I thought were regular size) pull-buoys, so I had to use this little tiny thing. On the pull section of the set, coming right off of the kick, I was trying to rest the legs a bit and work the hips, but having the smaller buoy meant I also had to be a lot more conscious of body position (pressing the upper torso) than I usually am on my pull sets I guess. Interesting how that sensation in the water with different equipment can make you focus on different aspects of the stroke.
  14. 3|13|15 LCM

    1k drill with/without fins
    4 x 50 fr on 3:00 with fins (28-29's)
    3 x 25.6 on 1:30 dive from side flutter kick
    10 x 50 flutter kick on 1:30 (62's)

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  15. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout 03/16/2015

    by , March 13th, 2015 at 12:11 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    1 X 200 3:15 3:00
    2 X 150 2:30 2:15
    4 X 75 1:15 1:10
    Two rounds. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    1 X 500 kick + 100 swim

    1 X 400 6:45
    1 X 300 5:15
    1 X 200 3:30
    1 X 100 --
    All swims IM

    1 X 300--neg split--4:30
    6 X 50--up tempo--1:00
    Two rounds, swim or pull

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy

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  16. still coughing after all this time

    by , March 13th, 2015 at 08:26 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Sound like it should be a Paul Simon song "still coughing after all this time".

    Easy one today because I was just not feeling it today.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers

    3 x thru
    200 free pull
    2x100 free pull
    2x50 back

    500 free kick w/zoomers

    Total 3000 yards
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  17. 4000-yarder at BU

    by , March 12th, 2015 at 04:46 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    This felt really good. Went to the Student Life Center at BU today. The competition pool at the YMCA is closed until further notice for repairs. Turns out that "cold" swim I did there a week ago would be the last one in that pool for a while. Last friday found me at the little 3-4 lane pool in a shed outside the Northside YMCA in Waco--what a contrast! 4000 yards in 90-degree water (air temp hovering in the 50s). Two swims at Deep Eddy this weekend in Austin were shorter: 2100 meters and 1800 meters; water was normal (70) but air temp (40s) and cold drizzle made these really cold swims (this pool is never heated AND it's outside; why can't the Waco YMCA leave its indoor competition pool open for laps when the heater is broken? It's not like there are ice bergs floating by). The last couple of days were baby-bear "just right" at the SLC... go Baylor Bears!

    Since it's spring break the pool was not crowded and I had no trouble getting a lane to myself even though they only have 3 lanes for lap swimming. We'll see how it looks next week when class is back in session. The only problem is a lack of pace clock... I asked, apparently they don't have one. Today I brought my phone to keep track, but yesterday I was stuck squinting at the only little clock they have... on a wall about 20 feet away, with a barely perceptible seconds hand... I wanted binoculars. Anyway, it's tough to keep track of times, but from what I can tell I wasn't going too slowly today. Just tried to relax and stroke it out... worked on breathing a lot (following the website article that was just posted on USMS home page).

    Here's what I did (4000 SCY/1:20.00):

    4 x 200 fr on 3:45
    4 x 50 bk on 1:00
    16 x 50 fr on 1:00 (:40-:45*)
    2 x 100 bk on 2:00 (under 1:40**)
    8 x 100 fr on 2:00 (mostly under 1:30; last 4 actually went on 1:45 instead of 2)
    1 x 200 bk on 4:00 (about 3:30, felt relaxed)
    4 x 200 fr on 3:45 (EZ, just stroking it out)
    4 x 50 bk on 1:10 (very EZ, cool down)

    *couldn't really tell, the second hand was usually coming up to the :45 by the time I got my goggles off and my eyes finally focused--am guessing these were averaging :41-:42)
    **Again, as nearly as I could tell by the time I got my goggles off and could focus on the clock... same can be said for all the other swim times mentioned here.
  18. Wed-Thur, March 11-12

    by , March 12th, 2015 at 03:31 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Wednesday Drylands:

    rehab ex
    straight arm dips, 75 x 3 x 25
    deadlift, 75 x 4 x 7
    face pulls, 50 x 3 x 25
    HS hi row, 130 x 3 x 8
    explosive leg press, 105 x 3 x 15
    back extensions, 190 x 3 x 6
    landmine windmills, 45 x 3 x 15
    kneeling ab crunches, 150 x 4 x 8
    batwing hold w/15 lb DBs, 3 x :30
    standing broad jumps, 10

    After lifting, I had a 90 minute massage. Good grief, my quads and IT bands were sore.

    Thursday: Swim/SCY/Solo @ Pitt

    Warm up:

    500 various
    100 scull
    100 chest press fly
    4 x (100 + 50) w/fins @ 3:00
    -- UW 15 m each length with open turns
    50 EZ

    Main set:

    2 x (4 x 25 fly w/fins + 100 EZ)

    5 x starts, working on kick count to 15 @ AFAP and 100 pace
    100 EZ

    4 x (25 AFAP + 75 EZ)
    100 EZ

    4 x (50 AFAP w/fins + 200 EZ)
    back (23), breast (26), fly (23), double shooter (20 high)

    5 x 50 DPS free w/paddles
    50 EZ

    Total: 3700


    I felt sluggish today, but it didn't effect my times, which were solid. Kinda tired after that effort. I've been doing a lot of HIT work and no recovery swims. I think tomorrow I'm due for one. Pitt is closed, so I will likely head to Sewy to swim with Jim and Bill. Debating whether I also should go to yoga tomorrow or start resting for the Albatross meet next weekend. Alternatively, I would start resting hard on Monday for 5 days. I have the same 5 days drop taper in mind for Zones. If I don't rest some for Zones, my 100 back will suck. I'm really second guessing whether I should have entered that event for nationals. But a 100 fly and 100 back double (plus a mixed relay) on the first day is a bit rough for me.

    Speedo is coming out with a new LZR on 4/1. I must say it looks like the suit for me. I didn't like my Arena Flex that much and it was too big on top. The Speedo suits fit me better, and it looks like they are aiming for the compression that the Arena carbon pros have had.

    I also saw that Matt and Annie Grevers have entered nationals!

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  19. Week 128 - Thursday

    by , March 12th, 2015 at 08:39 AM (After a long rest)
    One of my meetings was cancelled yesterday afternoon which enabled me to catch an earlier flight home. I was the very last person on the standby list but somehow I got an emergency row seat. I guess status with American has some perks. As a result of the earlier flight I was back in Dallas at 7pm instead of 11pm and as such had a chance to sit down with my kids who are on spring break before bed which was fun. Unbeknowns to me, my daughter had arranged to swim with a friend this week despite her team not training. She said she wanted to keep the feel for the water ahead of her breakout long course season(her words). I sat there with a huge grin and a great deal of pride as she told me this. I hope for her sake she stays healthy and injury free. Thank goodness she recovered so fast from her elbow.

    I ended ded up going to bed around 9pm(late by my standards) and slept deeply. I woke up about 15 minutes before my alarm was due to go off so got up a little early. I was the only one at the gym from my training group which made it hard to get motivated for some reason. A lot of people are traveling for spring break! Despite my challenge of getting going I lifted and swam and forced myself through the workout this morning.

    10 minutes on vasa swim trainer done as, 1:30 on, :30 off x 5
    3 rounds of (leg press, leg extension, lunges, leg curls, lower back extension) with each round doing 10 reps, at 80%, max, fail effort.
    3x(flutter kick, crunches, leg lift, planks, flutter kicks) done as :45 on, :15 off with 1min between rounds.

    Abs really hurt today!

    400 free with snorkel
    6x50 catchup on 1min
    3x100 kick on 2mins
    200 easy

    i am tired! Hopefully I will get home early tonight. This has been a long week.
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  20. tired from lack of sleep

    by , March 12th, 2015 at 07:20 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Sleep is evading me. My head hits the pillow and all I do is cough.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    5x100@1:30 free w/paddles &bouy holding 1:25
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    broken 500 as 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1 where 25's=fl 50's=bk 75's=br 100=fr

    Total 2500 yards
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