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  1. Jellyphobia

    It’s really too bad the moniker “Chicken of the Sea” is already taken—it described me perfectly today!

    It was another lovely day here—we’ve really lucked out with the weather this year—with air temps in the 70s, water temp 61, bright and sunny, light winds. The gulf was fairly calm and very clear, and there was just a bit of surf breaking at shore and at the first sandbar. I went out mid-day for a swim. Because the tide was fairly high, I decided there was probably sufficient depth to swim between shore and the first sandbar, so that’s what I did, heading east about 15 yards out from shore.

    After swimming maybe 400 yards or so, and not seeing much of anything, I suddenly spotted a big white blob right ahead. Jellyfish! It was a little bigger than a bowling ball, and seemed to be settled down right on the sandy bottom. But because the water was only3-4 feet deep, that seemed too close to me, so I veered right to swim around it. The blog drifted right too, so I veered sharply left. It seemed to wander left as well. At this point I was pretty much right over it, so I just closed my eyes and swam fast for a few strokes. I got past it, but once I couldn’t see the thing for some reason I started feeling very afraid. I ended up turning towards shore and swimming in.

    Once up on the sand I walked by the water’s edge for a bit, telling myself it was silly to be so scared of a jellyfish, especially one of those white blobby ones that don’t even sting. I slowly worked my courage up for getting back in, and started to do so, when I spotted another jellyfish rolling around in the surf. Oof! It was a cabbage-head (brown-and-white) one, which do sting. It was in the breaking waves right by the shore, and I assumed it would get washed up on the beach, but as I watched it seemed to make its way down under the waves and work itself back out to deeper waters. Some articles I’ve read about jellies assume that their movements are completely determined by waves and winds—that doesn’t square with my experience of them!

    After watching the cabbage-head swim back out into the gulf, I decided that I really didn’t want to get back in after all. So I walked along the shore back to my starting point, and got dressed. I wasn’t ready to go back inside, though—it was too pretty a day, I really wanted to swim, and I didn’t want to end on a scared note—so I stood there awhile and watched the waves. I decided that maybe swimming in the shallow water inside the first sandbar wasn’t a great ideas—too close to any bottom-dwelling critters—so instead I would swim out past the sandbar, even though I’m still a little skittish about that. So I got undressed, got in, and did just that. Once past the sandbar I swam a little ways east, but stopped short or where I had seen the jellies, then swam back. I was feeling a little nervous out there, so I decided to think of 5 things I was not afraid of in the gulf. Nothing came to mind. At least I saw no jellies out here.

    I body surfed in past the sandbar, then decided that that had been so much fun that I would do it again. So once more I waded over the sandbar, navigating the surf, which had grown a little bigger by this time, swam east, turned around, swam back, then bodysurfed in. I waded back out to the top of the sandbar and took off my goggles and looked around—it was a glorious view, surrounded by water and with an expansive view of the sky. I finally felt calm and at peace. I swam slowly in, floated a bit in the emerald water, then waded in to shore.

    Just a few steps to go before I cleared the water, I looked down, and what did I see but . . . another one of my friends! This jellyfish was a harmless white one, and seemed flattened down against the bottom, just inches away from my foot. It wasn’t quite as big as a manhole cover, but it was pretty big. I just laughed and skipped quickly out of the waves.
  2. Sunday, Jan. 8

    by , January 8th, 2012 at 07:03 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    RC and ankle exercises
    power squats, 230 x 4 x 8
    triceps press, 25 x 3 x 25
    explosive leg press, 290 x 3 x 12
    wide(st) grip lat pulldown, 60 x 3 x 20
    box jumps, 2 x 20 (step down, no hop down)
    back extensions w/plate, 25 x 3 x 15
    yoga ball cable twist, 45 x 2 x 15 each side
    captains chair leg raises, 2 x 15
    power wheel roll outs, 2 x 20
    long arm crunches, 2 x 50

    Bike, 20 minutes

    -- just fat burning and to remove some lactic acid

    Stretching/Yoga, 35 minutes:

    -- used foam roller too


    The 5 days since my last dryland session made it clear that my elbows are not ready for prime time yet. I just did some high rep triceps press, which I read were good for them, and dropped weight and did the widest grip lat pull down possible. I fear my upper body drylands will take a hit this season. I think I should probably lay off everything but what I did today for the next couple weeks. Perhaps lose fast paddle work as well. Kinda bummed. I had been hoping to shift my drylands into more explosive olympic style lifting. I feel no need to do cleans, but I like the idea of push press, jump shrugs, high pulls, snatch, etc.
  3. Workout 1/8/12: I'm a little more than useless

    by , January 8th, 2012 at 03:16 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Solo at Rec (scy) - first Sunday dip since last April

    200 FR/200 BK
    4 x 100 FR Pull with buoy on 1:30
    4 x 50 kick on 1:00

    50 easy before my first ever LT set swiped from qbrain:
    10 x 50 on 3:00
    - did 3 FR, 1 Fly, 1 Back twice through, with 5 deep water bobs between swims
    - 26.72, 26.94, 27.31, 28.94, 29.50, 27.12, 26.81, 27.06, 29.88, 29.63

    50 ez before a long 300 w/d
    (1900 yards, 80 min)

    Our pool is open on Sunday's during the winter, and after being sore from yesterdays d-day I decided I would use the "extra" day today to do the LT set. Wow - what was I thinking?! At least I have a short day at work tomorrow - I see an afternoon nap in the works.

    I usually see Kevin during the lunchtime and master's swims, and today he came in during the w/u and took interest in what I was planning to do. Good thing - every time I finished a 50 he asked what the time was, and he swam FR when I did the first backstroke. Again, so good to have an accountability partner in the water, which is still hovering at 85.

    I noticed on the 3rd free of the LT set that I was not finishing my pull, so I worked to keep up rotation on the following ones. I started to feel the pain after the fly, and it just kept getting worse, just like q said it would. My heart rate did not drop too much, and after the last one I felt as crappy as I did after the 10K this summer. I didn't hurl today, though.

    I did a slow warmdown to stretch out, then came home and collapsed on the floor for about 5 minutes before hoping the chair to blog. We are heading to the sister-in-law's house for a birthday party. I am hoping to crash on the couch and sleep during a football game if there is still one on.

    I am glad that I did this, because it felt good to just push though the pain and crummy feeling. I will be looking to swipe some more stuff from q leading up to spring champs season - I am interested in joining his gridge with James for the 50 free

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  4. LT with fins - The I hate Fort workout

    by , January 8th, 2012 at 10:15 AM (Random Nonsense)
    I liked fins better when I used them as a crutch. I am never ever buying a monofin.

    Lifetime SCM w/ LW
    Warm up
    - 400 free
    - 200 back
    - 200 kick w/ board
    - 200 back
    - 6x25 on 60 12.5 AFAP/12.5 ez
    -- still dropping left hand when sprinting
    LT Set
    - 5x100 on 6:00 free w/fins
    -- did 100 ez after each on
    -- 58,57,57,57,58
    Cool down
    - 200 ez

    For perspective, my last 100 free scm time was 1:01.29, so I was at least 3 seconds faster on each swim today.

    it hurt. Especially the last one.

    I took gatorade today and had a mouth full after each 100. Not sure it made a difference during the set, but it probably allowed me to maintain enough energy to get out of the pool in a civilized manner.

    Not exactly solo today. LW did 4 of the 100s with me, but she did breaststroke.
  5. "Missed it by that much!"

    by , January 8th, 2012 at 08:13 AM (Alex's swim journal)
    Just missed the top ten this week in my age group (40-44) for GTD with 10.45 miles for the first week of January: #11 so far. I have to enjoy it while I can b/c I probably won't be that high up the rankings for long!

    Yesterday I only had time for 5000 (instead of the 5k I wanted to get in)... and that was really pushing it (well, as much as I felt comfortable on a distance day); I think I swam continuously for 90 minutes. I was right at 9:00 for every 500 yards. Busy day yesterday with two basketball games: the boys won one and lost the other. It felt rushed because one game was in Kenosha and then we had to grab a quick lunch and head up to Racine for the second--so, lots of driving around!

    Still feel pretty good this morning--all things considered--so I'll probably get in an easy swim this afternoon.

    Today is Epiphany, so all the Christmas decorations in our house came down last night. Hard to believe another Holiday season has come and gone!
  6. Workout 1/7/12: I couldn't breathe, holdin' me down

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 08:28 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    With BAM group at Rec (scy)
    missed warmups, so started in on -->

    400 DPS FR on 6:00
    4 x 100 FR Fast on 1:20
    300 DPS FR on 4:30
    4 x 75 FR Fast on 1:05
    200 DPS on 3:00
    4 x 50 FR Fast on :45
    100 DPS FR on 1:30
    4 x 25 FR Fast on :30

    100 ez

    Then we added the
    [ame=""]3 x 300 test set[/ame] from pwb's coaching thread - did these on 4:30
    - 1/7/12: 3:31, :33, :34 (wore speedo endurance square leg)

    Kick set:
    Three times through:
    2 x 50 on :60 (fly, bk, br)
    2 x 25 on :45 (flutter)

    1 Noah's Ark Pull with buoy - finished on 6:15

    300 easy w/d various
    (4250, 80 min)

    I had a great practice with the local group today, and we had about ten folks all together out for a swim. Most of our workouts are designed for triathlete's, and it is nice for me to not think about what to swim and usually have more rest than normal when I join them. Today was not the case, as a new guy named Brent joined the workout after moving to the area and looking for a workout group. He is distance guy and really helped to push me through the added torture of pwb's test set.

    We decided to swim the ladder on a base of 1:30 for the long swims and 1:20-5 for the shorter reps. The water is still warm (pushing 85) so I needed to hop out and get a drink before the test set, as I forgot my water bottle at home.

    Brent's consistency on the 300's amazed me, which he attributed to focus on stroke counts. Maybe I should look at that more myself ... Anyways, we came in together on the first one, then he had a body length on the second two on me. I was going to skip the last one, but he pushed to do it (nice to have an accountability partner in the water) so I just pulled it.

    After the kick set, he was game to try an Ark with me to complete the thrashing for the day. A nice warmdown was the ticket to complete the day. I then spent the day with my wife, going to her cousin's birthday party then some shopping for craft supplies. At least I could get a nice nap in the car. As for now, I am looking to hit the

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  7. Beautiful day

    It was a gorgeous day here. This morning I went over to the pool for a quick scy swim. Some of the masters I had met last year were there, but there was no group workout—we each did our own thing. Here’s my short workout:

    1000 warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200d)

    10 x 100, odds = FR pull, evens = FR/BK halfsies (with flip turns!)

    200 warmdown

    I'm adding in flipturns gradually--they're still a little uncomfortable for my injured ribs, and just because I can do some now doesn't mean I need to do a whole workout's worth of them. Ditto breaststroke and dolphin kicking. I'm trying to take things slow and be patient with the progress that I'm making--I will really be glad when I can get back to full training though.

    The pool was being very well used this morning—the college team from Sewanee is visiting, plus the kids team was there. All 20 lanes were full. We lap swimmers had to split lanes! It was nice to have so much energy on deck and in the water—good coaches can be fun to be around even if they’re not coaching you specifically. And it was nice to see my masters buddies from last year. I was sad but not surprised to learn that there are no longer coached masters workouts down here anymore—the coach that was running them has grown too busy. With only about a dozen masters swimmers using the pool, and them wanting to swim at different times of day, it’s hard to sustain a program—much to the frustration of those few who like doing group workouts and doing meets.

    When I got home it was so beautiful out that I decided to go for a beach swim too. The sky was brilliant blue and cloudless, and the water was a sparkling light green, very clear and calm. I swam 500 yards down the beach and back, then floated around for awhile—the water was 60 degrees, and very comfortable with the strong sun shining overhead. It was such a delightful sensation being surrounded by the translucent green water—like floating inside a gemstone.
  8. Sat., Jan. 7

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 05:25 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    600 various

    8 x 50 fly drills
    odds = caterpillar @ 1:05
    evens = single arm @ :55

    30 x 25 shooters w/MF @ :35
    -- perfect streamlines, work on DPK
    1-10 = back
    11-20 = belly
    21-30 = 360 twirling

    50 EZ

    2 x through:

    3 x 100 smooth free, no breathing in or out of turns @ 1:45
    2 x 100 kick @ 2:00
    1 x 100 IM drill @ 2:00
    1 x 100 smooth free, broken @ each 25 for :5, 1 breath each 25
    50 EZ

    50 EZ

    Total: 3350


    I was pretty knackered after yesterday's lactate workout. I didn't even remotely feel like hitting the pool today, but reluctantly went and did my prescribed recovery/technique workout. Never left the EN1 zone. I didn't make it to the gym at the end of this week. I may go tomorrow, or take a day off. I'll see how I feel.

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  9. End of Week #5

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 03:33 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Hooray! Almost there!

    To recap week #5 of 6:

    Sun 1/1 50 free 28.3 28.1 LCM
    Mon 1/2 dental work day. about 800 easy
    Tues 1/3 off
    Wed, 1/4 25's theme. see previous post
    Thurs, 1/5 off
    Fri, 1/6 50's back half speed theme. see below.

    SCM, on my own

    400 warm up

    12 x 50 1:10 1:00 1:00
    4 rounds of kick/pull/swim

    8 x 25 on 1:00
    with TYR Burner fins
    4 x %'s
    4 x variables

    4 x 50 on 3:00
    25 strong
    3 seconds rest
    25 blast back
    total time: 34 35 33 33 (subtract 3 secs from each)

    1 x 50 95%
    straight swim, same emphasis as above 31

    easy swims in between and at end

    Yours truly is feeling pretty good! I opted not to do any of my vasa/drylands this week. Not entirely ready to go crashing through the wall and swim through 5 feet of concrete, but when I feel like sprinting the 400 warmup, I know i'm on track.

    Today: off

    Crystal ball for final week #6 says:
    Sun LCM - main theme is warmup LCM, variable 50's (no full 50 sprints), several dives, then to the diving well for additional sprints. 45 mins and first to the showers!

    2 flex days of short sprints and perhaps broken 50's but probably not more than 4.

    No vasa or weights. Just stretching exercises and random bounces on my mini-tramp. I find it fits nicely in my walk-in closet. Everytime I go to use the bathroom, I get on it and do a couple of bounces. It doubles nicely as an alternative to throwing your clothes on the floor. There is an incredible amount of space to put all your clothes on it!
  10. Saturday, 1/7/12

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 02:25 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    Warm up
    500 choice (1000)
    - did 150free/150 back/200 kick with board & snorkel
    4 x 125/2:15 build to strong, last 25 is kick
    - was going 1:52-55 on these

    Set #1 (600)
    8 x 50/50 speed play,
    by strokes, 4 smooth/4 strong/3 smooth/3 strong/2 smooth/2 strong
    - did the above on 1st length then reversed on the
    - way back so I was finishing with 4 strong.
    - was averaging 38-40 on these
    8 x 25/40 free straight arm strong w/snorkel
    - going around 16-17 on these

    Set #2 (800)
    4 x 200/3:00 pull build
    - went 2:40±1 on these

    Set #3 (1000)
    5 x 100 back/1:45 build
    - 1st one was 1:30, the rest were just under 1:35
    10 x 50 back 4/1:00, 3/:55, 3/:50
    - 45-46 on all

    Set #4 (500)
    20 x 25/45 kick
    - did #1-12 shooters with monofin alternating on back and on belly, times were 15±,
    - then took MF off and did #13-16 with no fins
    - SDK to midpool then flutter on surface to wall
    - times were around 25
    - then kicked #17-20 FAST flutter with snorkel and board
    - times around 22-23

    Warm down
    100 easy free and back

    Total: 4000 yards

    Saturday afternoon
    My friend wanted someone to swim with so I went and did a short swim with her

    Warm up
    150 swim free
    150 kick
    150 pull

    Set 1 Free
    10 x 50 free
    2/1:00, 2/:55, 2/:50, 2/:55, 2/1:00

    Set 2 Breast
    100 kick
    4 x 50 pull
    100 swim
    4 x 50 swim

    Warm down
    150 easy mix of free/fly/back

    Total: 1700 yards

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  11. Friday, 1/6/12

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 02:15 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Swam after work so my swim buddy could join in but then she got sick and couldn't make it.


    Warm up (500)
    1 x 500 Choice of stroke, drill, kick, equipment
    - swam 300 free & back, then kicked 200 w/board & snorkel

    Set #1 (300)
    12 x 25/30 strong Alternate 25 free - 25 stroke
    - did fly-back-breast (x2) on stroke 25's

    Set #2 (450)
    6 x 75/1:15 - 2 smooth - 1 fast
    - pulled w/buoy and big paddles, smooth ones around 60, fast ones around 53-54

    Set #3 (1800)
    6 x 100/1:40 desc 3
    - around 1:23 to 1:20 on these
    4 x 25/40 FAST
    - ±17 on these
    5 x 100/1:35 ds
    - 1:28->1:24 on these
    4 x 25/45 FAST
    - ±17 on these
    4 x 100/1:30 ds
    - 1:26->1:23
    4 x 25/50 FAST
    - 17 on first 2, 16 on last 2

    Warm down
    200 easy

    Total: 3250 yards
  12. 01.07.12 - Saturday workout

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 01:45 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam at HSA w/ Bob, Bob, Mary, Billy (late), Dan, David and a couple others. Pool temp ~82. Wore Nike jammer w/ drag suit for about half workout. Jammer only for the rest.

    Pushed harder than I wanted today. Was shooting for 7000-7500 yards but after 6500 I was cramping up pretty bad. Seems to be my limit for now. Need to bring fluids if I'm going to survive longer workouts. Kind of crowded with the HSA swimmers taking half the pool and the old people (us) taking up the rest.

    Ended the week with 31,500 yards. Good week because I survived. Even with the extra load, I think I'm still getting a little faster. 4 more weeks of this and I'll start tapering.


    400 Warm up

    200 IM / 200 Free / 200 Kick w/ fins
    2 x 100 IM / 200 Free / 2 x 100 Kick w/ fins
    4 x 50 IM order / 200 Free / 4 x 50 Kick w/ fins

    4 x 50 Pull - :50
    8 x 50 Odds IM Order on :55, Evens free on :50

    3 x 100 Pull - 1:30 (1:07-1:08)
    6 x 100 Odds IM Order on 1:50, Evens free on 1:30 (Dropped drag suit)

    2 x 200 Pull - 3:00 (2:15, 2:12)
    4 x 200 Odds IM on 3:30, Evens free on 3:00

    400 IM - 6:30
    3 x 100 Free - 1:20 (Held 1:15)
    200 IM - 3:00
    1 x 100 Free - 1:20 (1:15)

    200 Cool down

    (6500 Total)
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  13. Sprint Turns

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 12:51 PM (Random Nonsense)
    Lifetime SCM Solo

    Warm up
    - 400 swim
    - 200 back
    - 200 kick w/ board
    - 200 back
    - 8x25 on 60 12.5 AFAP/12. ez
    -- 50s are middle 25 fast focus on fast turns
    - 4x50 on 60 w/fins
    - 4x50 on 60
    - 100 ez back
    - 4x50 on 60 w/fins
    - 100 ez back
    - 4x50 on 60
    - 100 ez back
    - 2x 25 kick AFAP 125 moderate
    -- 20, 22
    Cool down
    - 200 ez back

    That turn set might get one more try, but something better probably needs to be found. It did not seem like my turns were getting the focus they needed in that set, although the middle 25s were fast. The swimming speed gained from the fins is offset by the changes in the turn dynamics. Rotational speed seems to be decreased and the fins definitely have a vacuum effect on push off.

    It might be better to practice race pace turns in the kiddie pool that is only about 10M wide, but I think the lane markers are only in about 2.5 feet of water. Another alternative would be starting about 10M from the wall and seeing if a push off the bottom (4-4.5 feet deep) is enough help to easily hit racing speed.

    The ez 100 back were definitely qbreaks. They were not planned going into the workout, but the fins portion of that workout was killer.

    My left arm is drifting way deep before the pull is initiated during the sprints today. I need to keep it closer to the surface during the glide portion of the stroke.

    Happy with the effort, not happy with the accomplishing the goal of the set.
  14. Day 6 Recovery/Technique felt good and strong

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 11:55 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Started the morning with a 35 minutes on the Compex for my back. Even with a hot pool at the Y I managed another great workout. My fly felt awesome and by the end my free even felt great.

    On DPS sets I tried not to allow more the 3 dolphin kicks to focus on getting good distance per stroke.

    Ron who was guarding said I tend to look better at the end of the practice than when I start.

    200 swim
    200 kick
    200 IM drill
    100 scull

    8x25@:40 shooters w/fins (had to focus on doing fast kicks instead of my usual long relaxed kicks)

    4x50@1:00 free drill mixed it up
    4x25@:40 human drill (this is hard when you float really well)
    4x25@:30 free DPS held 15 strokes
    1x100@1:45 IM perfect technique (felt sluggish on this one)
    50 EZ

    4x50@1:00 breast dril w/fins pull w/ dolphin
    4x25@:40 breast DPS held 9 strokes
    4x25@:40 breast long pullouts (went half pool on pullouts)
    1x100@3:00 IM kick on back
    50 EZ

    4x50@1:00 back drill mixed it up
    4x25@:30 back DPS held 12 strokes
    2x100@1:45 IM perfect technique
    50 EZ

    4x50@1:00 fly drill rt arm/lt arm to loosen back
    4x25@:35 fly DPS held 9 strokes (felt really good on these, low to the surface and fast)
    2x100@3:00 dolphin kick w/board (still a slow kicker in about 2:25 per 100)
    50 EZ

    4x100 free w/snorkle odds kick streamline evens swim (felt really good on this, even my kick was strong I would say it was faster than my fly kicks)

    Total 3500 yards

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  15. Day 6 Recovery/Technique felt good and strong

    by , January 7th, 2012 at 11:38 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Started the morning with a 35 minutes on the Compex for my back. Even with a hot pool at the Y I managed another great workout. My fly felt awesome and by the end my free even felt great.

    On DPS sets I tied not to allow more the 3 dolphin kicks to focus on getting good distance per stroke.

    Ron who was guarding said I tend to look better at the end of the practice than when I start.

    200 swim
    200 kick
    200 IM drill
    100 scull

    8x25@:40 shooters w/fins (had to focus on doing fast kicks instead of my usual long relaxed kicks)

    4x50@1:00 free drill mixed it up
    4x25@:40 human drill (this is hard when you float really well)
    4x25@:30 free DPS held 15 strokes
    1x100@1:45 IM perfect technique (felt sluggish on this one)
    50 EZ

    4x50@1:00 breast dril w/fins pull w/ dolphin
    4x25@:40 breast DPS held 9 strokes
    4x25@:40 breast long pullouts (went half pool on pullouts)
    1x100@3:00 IM kick on back
    50 EZ

    4x50@1:00 back drill mixed it up
    4x25@:30 back DPS held 12 strokes
    2x100@1:45 IM perfect technique
    50 EZ

    4x50@1:00 fly drill rt arm/lt arm to loosen back
    4x25@:35 fly DPS held 9 strokes (felt really good on these, low to the surface and fast)
    2x100@3:00 dolphin kick w/board (still a slow kicker in about 2:25 per 100)
    50 EZ

    4x100 free w/snorkle odds kick streamline evens swim (felt really good on this)

    Total 3500 yards
  16. Workout 1/6/12: Todo lo puedo en Cristo

    by , January 6th, 2012 at 11:25 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Solo at Rec (scy)

    200 FR/200 BK/50 ez w/u

    Fort's Aerobic Sprint Hybrid Set:
    30 x 50 @ 1:00
    -- burst to 15 meter & cruise the rest
    -- :30 between sets of 10
    1-10 free
    11-20 kick w/board (5 flutter, 5 dolphin)
    21-30 speedplay (5 back spin drill, 5 fast hands breast)

    300 Pull with buoy w/d
    - alt FR and BK by 50's

    (2350, 40 min)

    Last night my wife and I signed to refinance our home, locking in under 4%. Then, I started my day off from work by driving to the corporate office for a task force meeting (it's about 75 minutes from home). Good meeting, even got breakfast there, so that was a bonus. Then I had a late lunch with my wife before pulling taxi duty this afternoon.

    I ordered a Yingfa suit before heading to the pool tonight (my first "racing" suit, after some good recommendations from Tim and James). I did not have a full hour, so I decided that Fort's set from earlier this week would be just right. I don't have fins, so I didn't use them, and the set felt good. I was surprised at how quick I was able to get through the back spin drills, pointing out that I need to work on faster rotation when I swim it.

    After practice I went to Williams College to watch the hockey game with my son. He was able to get a loose puck, so he was happy about that. I will be able to swim with the local workout group tomorrow - I hope to do the first set (with the 300's) from pwb's workout thread so I can get my base and threshold times down.

    I am planning on the following meets for the spring, with the idea to get times in more events:
    -WCWM Mini Meet: 1/22/12: 200IM, 50 FR, 50 BR, 50 FLY
    -Valentine's Meet: 2/18/12: 200 FR, 100 BR, 400 IM, 100 FR
    -Simon's Rock Pace/Makers: 3/03/12: 100 IM, 100 BK, 500 FR, maybe some relays
    -NE SCY Champs: 3/16-18/11: More info to come

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  17. Gotta Learn to Pace Myself 01/06/12

    by , January 6th, 2012 at 09:13 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    I need to start going a little easier on the first pull set so that I have some arms left for the rest of the workout. I did quite well on the 5 x 100's, but then the 200's were less than stellar (held about 2:50-55's) and the Demont set showed that my strength/power was seriously compromised by my aching elbows. However, I couldn't go that fast last spring even with fins on, so I'm happy with the improvement.

    500 back/free
    5 x 100 pull "submaximal" on 1:30 (held 1:19-1:22)
    300 kick, speedplay by 25's
    100 easy
    5 x 200 @ 3:00
    100 easy
    400-300-200-200-100-100-100 "Demont" set - pulled 400 & 300, had to put on zoomers & take off pull equip for the rest cuz of my stupid elbows. Think I worked the earlier pull set too hard (for my elbows anyway) because I just felt miserable. I need to sorta pace myself more so that I can do better for the entire practice. Of course, I also think that the LCM is starting to get to me. I'll probably feel better for the entire workout in about 2 weeks, if I can keep it up.
    *Have an appt with a neurologist Jan 25th for an EMG & consultation regarding the elbows. I almost can hardly wait!!

    Total: 3900 LCM Sure seemed like more than that, I'll tell ya
  18. Friday, January 6, 2012, 5:00am & 3:30pm

    by , January 6th, 2012 at 08:36 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    A.M. Workout

    Went in with the plan to do PWB's "All in One" workout, but didn't have it in me to finish it after all that was going on last night. It was still a good swim, more mentally relaxing than anything.

    100 Free w/up

    4 x 50 Flutter Kick w/ board @ 1:00
    3 x 100 Free @ 1:20 (1:12s)
    1:00rest (as prescribed)
    1 x 200 IM FAST @ 3:00 (went 2:26)
    1 x 400 Free Pull @ 5:00 (went 4:40)

    ** Took a break here to get out an make a call to the work call center to inform them that I wouldn't be at work today due to my son's situation. Have to make this call every day (complany policies), even though my boss knows what is happening. I have FMLA to cover my time off, though it's unpaid.

    4 x 50 Flutter Kick w/ board @ 1:00
    3 x 100 Breast @ 1:45 (1:30-1:33)
    1 x 200 IM semi-FAST @ 3:00 (went 2:36) just not feeling it now...
    1 x 400 Free Pull @ 5:00 (4:45)

    That's it...done with this set...only had 4 hours or so of sleep last night, and even that is a high guess with the amount of middle of the night nurse visits to check on my son.

    1 x 200 Free EZ

    w/ group:
    10 x 50 Kick w/ board @ 1:00 (:45s)

    3000 Yards


    P.M. Workout with Eastmont High School boys team.

    I got invited to come swim with the boys to try to push them a little bit. I was told they are quite lazy, and YES THEY ARE LAZY. They have no work ethic, and it's pretty sad that a 34 year old masters swimmer can outdo all of them in practice...even though the coach tried to make it tough. I'm not going to do it again with them...only because the kids don't give a S about anything anymore. There's just no work ethic. I was gassed on the main set I did, but the others were just dropping like flies. My lane started with 5 in it, and by a few reps we had 4, then 3, then only 2 of us actually making the interval. Even the 2nd guy was skipping 50s of the 200s here and there. What a wuss!!!! C'mon boys, man up a little!! I made it, and it was hard. I'm even twice their age.


    400 Free
    300 Kick w/ board
    **the fastest kid (behind me) only did a 100 of 400 because "he can get away with it". I called him on it and he completely denied it. It's frickin obvious if I already completed my 400 before he even got in the water, and then he was kicking pretty soon after getting in the water. That just means the coach needs to put his foot down a little, rather than trying to recruit old washed up alumni like myself to do the dirty work!! WTF?!?!?


    8 x 200 IM @ 2:45
    At first in my head I was thinking what the hell is this?, but I just manned up and went for it.
    • 1st one was 2:18 - absolutely flying!!
    • 2nd thru 4th was 2:25-2:29s
    • took an extra :30 break here to let the lane catch up (it didn't really help them much) - also this break was for myself too, I was gassed!
    • #5-7 - went 2:28-2:31s
    • #8 just went for it, and came home with a 2:24
    • Good News - I made them all and felt really good about it, especially kicking the kids butts.
    10 x 100 Kick w/ board @ 1:50 (went 1:25-1:35s)
    I went last in the lane of 4 kids because I was the only one NOT using zoomers. Again, WTFF?? These guys just don't "have it" anymore. They were lazy kicking w/ the zoomers as well, and i wasn't more than 5 seconds off their pace kicking barefooted.

    I just was fed up with their lack of work ethic and just got out at this point. It was a good fun workout, and I'm glad for myself that I was able to do it, but I'm not going to go back to swim with those boys. They just don't care.

    3300 Yards in about 50 minutes

    6300 Yards for the day.
  19. January thaw? ...2000 more.

    by , January 6th, 2012 at 08:26 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    I've been reading the posts from folks down on the gulf coast dealing with morning temps in the 20s and 30s. This afternoon we were at 58... in Wisconsin! In January! What is up?! Not that I'm complaining--just wish we had a few outdoor pools to take advantage. This is what it looked like last year at this time:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Photo02051342.jpg 
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ID:	6790

    The photo was actually taken on the 5th of February, 2011, a couple of days after our worst blizzard in a decade (two feet of snow in less than 24 hours). I went for an hour-long snowshoe hike on a bike trail south into Illinois... probably only three or four miles, but it was a real workout! Now I could cover the same route in half the time; or on an actual bike in about 10 minutes.

    Recovery day for me today, did 2000 yards easy, mixed in some drill. Basketball this afternoon with the boys. Hope to do 5K continuous swim tomorrow at the Y; I'm gonna have to get up early, though, to have enough time to get it in.

    But I just wrote it down, so now I have to do it!
  20. Creeping Lactate Set, Friday, Jan. 6

    by , January 6th, 2012 at 04:05 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    600 various

    9 x 50 w/paddles
    3 x scull, caterpillar drill, single arm fly

    10 x 25 no breather free w/PT paddles, focus on EVF @ :45

    10 x 25 no breather free, focus on EVF @ :40

    50 EZ

    Lactate Set:

    This is the set I posted as the Wednesday workout on the High Intensity Training forum, [ame=""]U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums[/ame], with a modification on the second set of 5 x 100 (kicking instead of swimming to rest elbows).

    5 x 100 kick w/fins @ 2:00, descend
    -- did flutter kick w/board
    -- went 1:30, 1:13, 1:08, 1:03, :57
    -- right into, still breathing hard:

    8 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :35
    100 EZ

    5 x 100 kick w/fins @ 2:00, descend & increase SDK
    -- did backstroke kick
    -- didn't lollygag as much on the first one this time
    -- went 1:08, 1:03, 1:00, :57, :54
    -- right into, still breathing hard, really wanting more rest:

    8 x 25 free w/paddles @ :45 @ 100 pace
    100 EZ

    5 x 100 @ 2:00, free w/fins & paddles, best average
    -- went 56 high, 57 mid, 57 high, 59, 57 high
    -- after the first one, the second 50 was torture
    -- a noodler was worried for me

    5 x 100 easy
    50 kick/50 swim

    hottub, 15 minutes

    Total: 4200


    First lactate set of 2012 done, and I am feeling fairly thrashed. In the past, I've done my lactate sets on Wed. But I'm thinking Friday might be better. Then it doesn't interfere with sprint workouts and I can do a slightly harder aerobic workout on Tuesday.

    Glad I'm not officiating at the HS meet tonight, so I can just sit in the stand and spectate!
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