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  1. Learning from the soreness

    One of the things I love about the ballet class I attend is that our teacher really focuses on body awareness. One way she does this is to ask after each barre exercise which muscles we felt most while doing the isolated, repetitive movements typical of barre work. Ballet being ballet, there are definite right and wrong answers: some combination of outward (hip) rotators, inner thigh muscles, glutes, and abs is inevitably the response she is looking for, while feeling things too much in the calves, hip flexors, lower back, or feet indicates incorrect positioning or a failure to engage larger muscle groups. If one of these latter answers is indeed what someone felt most, we stop and figure out why, and how to fix it so that the right muscles are being engaged. One of the few advantages of overworking one of the “wrong” muscles is that that muscle becomes quite fatigued, and if you are making the same mistake in subsequent exercises you can feel it right away.

    I mention this because when I awoke Monday after the Ederle swim I felt as if I’d been run over by a truck. My whole body seemed sore and tired, and I just felt like crawling back under the covers and moaning all day. But after a while I started paying attention to where exactly I was feeling sore. Lats and obliques were both nicely tender—cool! I think of those as good swimming muscles, large and able to do a lot of work without complaining. I was especially pleased to feel like I had used some of my core muscles enough to feel them afterwards. Upper back—a little sore, yes, but not unduly so, which is great because that is often a trouble spot for me. My neck was not sore at all, surprising given that I had been having trouble with it since the Coney Island 10K a few weeks ago. That was definitely good news. My legs were decidedly fatigued, but I had no particular muscle soreness there.

    On the other hand, my upper arms (delts) felt really awful—all sore and bunchy, they made holding my arms out to the side or overhead painful. The tops of my forearms were also very tender, and above my left wrist there was a large painful knot. Not good. I decided that I would head to the pool on Tuesday to figure out where in my stroke I was overusing these body parts.

    And that’s what I did, not only on Tuesday but Wednesday and today as well. I wasn’t feeling energetic enough on any of these days to do actual workouts, so I just swam between 1000-2000 yards/meters and experimented with some different ways of swimming. My goal was to find out what made the hurtingest places hurt, and how I could stroke differently to avoid that.

    First off, the bunchy delts: I have had this happen before when I have upped my stroke rate from my usual 58-60, and thought that might be one cause. I also thought that my straight arm recovery might be part of the problem, especially after I looked at Vlad’s photos and saw that during the swim I was often straightarming both sides rather than just the left. You use your delts to hold your arm out to the side, so it seemed logical that bringing them through that position while swimming might stress the muscle. But, when I tried bending my elbows on my recovery, the deltoids hurt even more. I pictured what I was doing, and realized that pushing my arms behind my back to bend them was an awkward motion . . . something seemed to be missing . . . aha, that rotation thing. I tried exaggerating my rotation, and was then able to bend my arms on the recovery without pain. I’d never really understood before why I did a straight arm recovery on my left side, only that it felt like what my body needed to do. Now I know it’s to compensate for a lack of rotation on my nonbreathing side.

    As for the stroke rate part, I realized that when I try to push myself to go faster, my first reaction is to up my stroke rate, and to do that I rush the overwater (recovery) part of the stroke, which works the deltoids. As an alterntive, I could find ways of increasing my speed that involved better dps rather than higher stroke rate, or maybe I could find ways of achieving a higher stroke rate other than speeding up my recovery. One solution might be an earlier exit—I often push my hands beyond my hip underwater, even though I know I don’t get much from that part of the stroke. I tried that, and a fringe benefit seemed to be that it took some of the strain off my sore forearms and wrist. Cool.

    The only sticking point seemed to be that the two things I was trying to do—more rotation, and earlier hand exit—seemed to be working against each other. I’m still trying to make them coexist, experimenting around with quicker/earlier breathing and using my core more to generate earlier rotation. It’s a long-term project, but I feel like the last few days of experimenting have helped me understand how these things might all eventually fit together.

    Otherwise, I’m still feeling very fatigued from the swim, and am having some residual problems maintaining my blood pressure at good (ie high enough) levels—I plan to talk with my doctor about other ways of managing that problem, since that’s been an ongoing concern throughout the summer. My wrist is sore but better—my ART guy suggested that it’s de Quervain’s tendonitis, which seems to fit my symptoms. So I’m trying to be patient about letting my body recover--I’m not planning on resuming regular workouts for at least another week, although I hope to get in some easy beach swimming this weekend. Today’s swim is typical of what I’ve been doing in the pool:

    500 lcm warmup

    2x thru
    4 x 50 FR easy @ 1:00, working on technique
    2:00 rest
    [This was actually a 10 x 50 @ 1:00 warmup set that I was doing with some swim buddies, but I found I needed to rest in the middle. Ugh!]

    500 lcm warmdown + play

    That was it, short but sweet and technique-focused.

    Have a good weekend everyone!
  2. 10.7.2011 Friday workout

    by , October 7th, 2011 at 12:24 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Dave and Roger. Everyone had their own lane. Pool around 82. No drag suit. Power hour format with everyone contributing 1000 yards of pain to the workout.

    450 Warm up

    My set (Lifted this from yesterday and modified to fit a 1:30 pace)
    100 Kick - 1:45, 100 IM - 1:30, 100 fr - 1:15
    100 Kick - 1:50, 100 IM - 1:30, 100 fr - 1:10
    100 Kick - 1:55, 100 IM - 1:30, 100 fr - 1:05
    :25 Rest
    100 fr - 1:05
    50 Easy

    Kind of liked this set yesterday but was frustrated that I missed the 1:05. Made it today. An extra 5 seconds on the 100 IM seemed to make a difference as well as the increasing interval on the kick. Thought I was in trouble on the second 1:05 since Roger was pulling away from me. Turned out he was in the 1:00 flat range.

    Dave B's set
    200 Choice - 3:00 (I did 200 IM)
    200 Choice - 3:00 (I did 200 IM)
    300 Choice - 4:30 (I did 100 Kick/100IM/100fr)
    200 Choice - 3:00 (I did 200 IM)
    100 Choice - 1:30 (I did 100 br kick 1:26)
    50 Easy

    Dave wasn't in a terribly creative mood this morning so he let us "color in" our own challenges into his loose framework. After the 1:05s, I was content to just cruise through a little IM.

    Dave M's set
    3 times through:
    * 200 fr - 2:20
    * 100 fr - 1:40
    1:00 Rest
    100 IM Kick - 2:00 (1:35)

    Back to feeling a little pain. Made the 200s on 2:20 but barely. I was touching the wall while Roger and Dave were pushing off. Kick was good though. I don't think I've ever done a 100 IM kick on 1:35 before.

    Roger's set

    5 x 200 - 3:00
    Convert 100 Pull/100 Fly to 100 Pull/100 Kick

    We don't usually follow pull with fly and I can kind of see why. This brought on a special soreness in my lats that I still feel as I type. Probably good for me. Glad to get the fly out of the way early and cruise through some br kick.

    (4750 Total)
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  3. Workout & 3000 Postal Swim

    by , October 7th, 2011 at 11:49 AM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Friday, 10/7/11

    I felt pretty good this morning even though I'm a bit sore in the back and arms from the new routine I'm doing at the gym. Swim felt a LOT better than yesterday.

    Warm up (650)
    300 swim free and back
    200 kick with board and snorkel
    100 drill rhythm drill, free and back
    50 scull front and ww with snorkel

    Pull/Swim (1000)
    Keep aerobic
    2 x 200/20sr w/bouy only
    - #1 free @ 2:55, #2 back @ 3:15
    100 swim
    2 x 200 pull/10sr w/bouy and paddles
    - #1 free @ 2:50, #2 back @ 3:10
    100 swim

    Mini sprint pick me up (200)
    4 x 50/1:00
    #1) build to sprint - :36
    #2) 25 fast - 25 easy - :38
    #3) 15 - 20 - 15 - :38
    #4) 25 easy - 25 fast - :40

    Main Set (1150)
    200 IM Drill
    - did mix of 1 arm and fist except for breast where I did with flutter kick and dolphin kick
    4 x 50/1:00 IM switch (25/25)
    - #1 & 4 around 45, #2 & 3 around 50
    2 x 50 free drill
    5 x 100 free/1:40 hold aerobic pace on 1-4, #5 fast
    - ave 1:25 on #1-4, went 1:15 on #5
    3 x 50/1:00 easy, pace, easy

    Warm down
    100 easy swim

    Total: 3100 yards

    A friend offered to count and record times for me so I went to the pool at noon and swam the 3000 postal. Swam it pretty good considering I had already done a 3000 yard workout earlier. Was holding about 1:25-27/100 pace throughout, ending with 43:15 for the swim. Not my best but I'll take it!
    Now all I have left is the 6000 and I'll have done all the postal swims this year!

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  4. Geek might like this

    by , October 7th, 2011 at 11:27 AM (Random Nonsense)
    if the main set was repeated a couple more times.

    Team Practice SCY

    Warm up
    - 400 swim
    - 400 pull
    - 4x100 kick w/fins
    - 4x50 drill swim
    Main Set
    - 500 free went 5:48
    - 4x50 on :50 (did ez)
    - 300 free went 3:24
    - 4x50 on :50 (did ez)
    - 500 free went 5:46
    Cool down
    - 200 ez

    The last 500 was mega painful. I am pretty sure we went out 1:06ish and I came back 1:12ish. The pool is 50M with digital clocks along the length of the pool, so it is ideal when the pool is setup lengths with the bulkhead instead of widths and you can see the clock while breathing. I got lost during the first 500 and did some tarzan stroke to look at the clock, and there is no way I would have kept up that pace going out on the second 500 if I knew how fast it was. SO painful coming home and my legs were killing me off the walls.

    Those times, while not quite embarrassing to me, do indicate I have a long way to go before I am ready for 30x100 on 1:10.

    Pool was setup widths, no starting blocks and no fast swim, sorry quick.
  5. FAST FRIDAY Oct 6th, 2011 SCY

    by , October 7th, 2011 at 11:17 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    FAST FRIDAY Oct 6th, 2011 SCY

    I need to start lifting weights again.

    I'm going to be in NYC next Thu - Mon.

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    UT Swim Center: started in main pool then moved to diving well
    5:00 - 6:30 dove in 5:04
    wore Jammer
    swam with mike
    beside Tyler, Todd, & James
    Whitney Coached

    10 min swim 5 min kick 5 min pull
    stop at 5:20

    Main SET: scy

    5 x 200 on 5:00 FAST best average
    went 2:05, 2:04, 2:03, 2:04, 1:58

    300 easy

    moved to diving well

    5 x 100 kick on 3:00
    FAST best average
    went 1:10, 1:09, 1:08, 1:08, 1:06

    300 easy

    5 x 50 FL on 1:30
    FAST best average
    went :28, 27, 26, 26, 25

    200 easy

    BOTH UT men and women were in this morning
    UT Women have the Orange and white meet
    I hope to watch the first 30 minutes

    Upcoming Meets

    Sat Nov 12 - Sun 13, 2011
    2011 WMST November SCM Classic

    Sat Dec 3rd & Sun Dec 4th
    2011 South Central SCM Regional InvitationalSan Antonio, TX
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  6. Friday, Oct. 7, 2011 5:00am

    by , October 7th, 2011 at 10:31 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    200 Free
    100 Kick
    200 Free Pull
    200 Free
    100 Kick
    200 IM Drill

    4 x 125 Free @ 1:30 (held 1:27-1:28)
    This was almost a straight 500 with the lack of rest I was getting, but it kept me moving.

    Mini-mountain: (relaxed intervals)
    Base :30 + :20 per addt'l 25
    25 Free @ :30
    50 Free @ :50
    75 Free @ 1:10
    100 Free @ 1:30
    la la la... to
    200 Free @ 2:50 (went 2:15)

    Took about 5 minutes to with my buddy.

    Down the mountain - Alternating IM on the Odds, Free EZ on the Evens

    200 IM @ 2:50 (went 2:30)
    175 Free @ 2:30
    150 IM @ 2:10 (50 Fly, 50 Back, 25 Breast, 25 Free)
    125 Free @ 1:50
    100 IM @ 1:30 (went 1:14)
    75 Free @ 1:10
    50 IM @ :50 (50 Fly)
    25 Free @ :30

    outta here!
    3300 Yards

    I've got my next swim meet session on Sunday, swimming at a USA-S meet in Ellensburg, WA at Central Washington Univ.
    Swimming the 400 IM, 200 Back, 100 Fly, 200 Breast, and 100 Free. All SCY. Should be a good one. I feel great in the water. We'll see how I feel after the 13 year old kick my butt though.
  7. Friday Freeze 10/07/11

    by , October 7th, 2011 at 10:24 AM (The Labours of SwimStud) was 37 degrees on the drive this am . The pool wasn't pleasant when I dove in either so I hustled to warm up.
    Warm Up
    400 FR
    8 x 50 Drill 2 each: Stick, Fulcrum, Skate, 3 & Skate
    100 EZ FRee

    Main Set-Free

    5 times through
    100 Pull 2:00 moderate/recovery
    50 Kick 1:30
    50 Fast 1:00

    100 Easy

    Fly Set
    8 x 75 K/D/Swim by 25 on 2:00
    1-4 kick on back no board....5-8 I had to get a board and go on my front.

    Kicking with Fins
    1 x 200 Moderate
    8 x 50 1:00 FR/FL by 25
    Max underwater off of the walls breathe when necessary.
    1 x 200 Fast Kick

    300 FR
  8. Long Course and no fly! Oh My!

    by , October 7th, 2011 at 08:06 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Just going thru the motions again. Still a little sore and mentally drained this week.

    1000 Free broken
    500 Free kick w/fins
    6x50 Free w/snorkle as 15 meters kick/20 meters swim/15 meters kick (snorkle kept filling up on me)
    10x100@1:45 free w/paddles & bouy
    4x50 from dive 20 meter sprints

    Total 3000 meters
  9. Thursday, 10/6/11

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 07:54 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    A recovery day today. And I needed it. I swam like crap.

    Warm up (800)
    200 swim free
    200 kick on back
    200 drill, 1 arm free with snorkel and 1 arm back
    200 pull/scull with snorkel

    Pull with bouy only (300)
    6 x 50/1:00 2 free, 2 back, 2 breast
    - held interval for free and back, had to go on 1:15 for breast

    Set #1 with Fins (800)
    Kick 6 x 50/1:10 kick 15y under water off each wall
    - alternated on back and belly, was going almost 15y on 12-13 SDK
    - flutter on back for remaining 10y, doing these around 45
    Swim free 8 x 50/45
    - around 38±

    100 scull (25 front/25 ww/25 backsweep/25 front)

    Set #2 with Fins and paddles (800)
    Kick 3 x 100/15sr 1 choice - 1 mix - 1 dolphin
    - did 1st one flutter on back, 2nd one 25 dolphin/25 flutter on back, 3rd dolphin on back. all around 1:30
    Swim back 8 x 50/50
    - did these around 43±

    100 swim free

    Set #3 (400)
    4 x 100 free or back with 6 - 8 SDK off each wall and DPS
    - 1 & 2 back, 3 & 4 free

    Warm down

    Total: 3100 yards
  10. Workout 10/06/11

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 07:07 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Solo at Rec scy

    400 w/u (200 FR, 200 BK)

    8 x 50 kick on :60

    100 FR drill

    2 times through (Pull 1st, swim 2nd):
    2 x 100 FR (dps/fast by 25) on 1:40
    2 x 100 FR (dps/fast by 50) on 1:20

    100 drill IM order

    400 FR with paddles
    (25 dps/25fast, 50/50, 75/75, 50/50)

    8 x 25 on :30 FAST IM order

    200 junk w/d

    I made some more grape jelly this morning, then picked up some more supplies for the garden with my wife before heading out for a motorcycle ride with my new helmet. Was able to squeak in 65 chilly miles - just happy to be out on the bike for the first time in almost a month.

    After helping some in the garden and getting dinner started, I was running late to the pool tonight and just was not all that motivated. I settled on a 400 theme for the evening, with some lower yardage sets with more rest than I am used to.

    I noticed that on the main 100's set if I breathe every two strokes I was gassed by the end of the 100, but felt a little better if I could breathe every 3/4 strokes. For the pulls I held 1:08-1:10, and the swims I held 1:04-1:07 (really feeling slow on the last one). Focused on my catch and pull with the paddles.

    I now will work through the weekend, and found out that the pool is closed Monday for Columbus day. Planning to juice some grapes tonight and use it to make more jelly this weekend. I also ordered that wine-making kit, which should be in next week (a special trial for my wife). Also, the AHL team in Albany has its first game Saturday night, so my son and I are going to head over after I get out of work. Be safe, all.
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  11. Hate swimming in hot water!! 10/06/11

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 04:18 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    Grr, they are heating the pools already!! Went at lunch to Meyers Park, hoping that it might be cooler than Trousdale, but no luck. At least it wasn't 86.

    600 (100 free, 25 back/25 breast x 4)
    300 pull no bouy.
    Then everyone else got there.
    9 x 100; three on 1:30, 50 easy on a min, then three on 1:25, 50 easy on a min, and then three on 1:20. Swam the first 6 x 100 w/bouy, no paddles
    Main Set:
    50/100/150/200/300/200/150/100/50 freestyle on 1:20 base interval, with a 50 off stroke between each distance, except we did an extra 50 after the 300, and another one after the last 50. I started wearing my zoomers (not that I'm sure they actually do much other than boost my self confidence, and help off the walls) at the first 150, because Jennifer was zooming!! Geez - on the 100, I think she went sub 1:05 - which is crazy! for workout!! Wish I could do the same thing.
    Then, everyone else got out, and I did another 300 pull w/paddles.
    Total for the day: 4000SCY

    **almost posted this as "I'm in hot water!!" but decided that would be trying to draw attention to myself!
    **supposed to swim my 10 miles tomorrow. We'll see - if the water is ridiculously hot, we may have to postpone this for another day.
    Noticed that my GTD today puts me at just over 400 miles for the year. 80% of the way there!!

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  12. Great DAMM Sprinty Workout, 10/06/11

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 03:44 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Today's was a great workout! Sets just up my alley AND I got people to race!

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center noon workout
    Billy Glastetter coached

    200ish warm up (got in late)

    Transition set:
    12 x 50 on 1 min
    kick odds/drill evens mix strokes

    3 Part Main set:

    SET ONE:
    Build a 100 IM on the :30 base
    25 fly
    50 fly/back
    75 fly/ba/br
    100 IM
    ==> I did these all fly
    300 easy
    ==> something less than that

    SET TWO:
    UN-build a 100 IM on the :30 base
    100 IM backwards
    75 br/ba/fly
    50 ba/fly
    25 fly
    ==>yes! too much fun to miss out!
    300 easy
    ==>some bits.

    One more time build 100 IM on the :30 base
    ==> kick on back with fins;
    300 easy
    ==> 100 for me.

    The End

    What fun! I didn't feel very strong, being very sore and tired from those lunges and the swim cord, and then nutritionally unbalanced from my State Fair of Texas Corny Dog/Belgium Waffle (with Whipped Cream, Strawberries, and Powdered Sugar)/Fried Smores dinner. I stayed for 1/2 of the Dallas Summer Musical (West Side Story) and totally made our seat-mates happy by telling them we are not renewing next year (I think this was our 8th year!). She's been eyeing our seats for her collection. They have almost 2 entire rows and so they wanted our coveted Seats With No Row in Front. Excellent leg room. Hard to give them up, but next year's line up sucked so much that i'd rather just buy tix for the one show we might go to.

    Next up: Swim meet on Sunday. I hear it's a crappy pool but that won't deter me. Fast swimmers still swim fast in crappy pools.

    And just 'cause Speed asked so nicely, some thoughts on training to drop .2 seconds in the 50 free:

    I find it hard to every "train" 100%. Partly because I can never FULLY recover. It is simply the time of my life where my energy is on work and the kids, so swimming to stay in shape is excellent, but training has been very, very difficult. How should I be training to get faster in a race, given such limiting parameters?

    One thing Bobby suggested was to really focus on ONE great workout a week. In some ways, it's easier for distance swimmers (he used himself as an example training for Hawaii swims), because they can come in any day and do a set of 100's on an interval, holding xxx pace, adjusting reps, interval, and pace to suit that day. But for me, picking THAT day, THAT set, and really hammering it is going to be the key.
  13. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -10/07/11

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 02:35 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)

    WARM UP:
    1 X 200 3:45
    2 X 100 2:00
    4 X 50 1:00
    1 X 200 3:30
    4 X 100 1:45
    4 X 50 1:00

    3 X 100 kick 2:30
    4 X 50 kick 1:15
    1 X 100 swim

    2 X 100-50 stroke/50 free- 2:00
    4 x 50 stroke 1:15
    Three rounds. Short break between rounds.

    1 X 100 2:15
    1 X 150 2:15
    Free. Four rounds.
    100 will be easy/recovery, 150 will be fast.

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

    Swim Workouts
  14. Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011 4:45am

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 11:38 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    200 Free
    100 Kick
    200 Free Pull

    8 x 50 @ :45
    2 each stroke in IMO

    15 x 100 Free Pull
    • 3 @ 1:30
    • 3 @ 1:25
    • 3 @ 1:20
    • 3 @ 1:15
    • 3 @ 1:10
    I was able to hold 1:06 and 1:07s on these all the way through. Got down to 1:05 on the last 3

    16 x 50 Kick w/ board @ 1:00
    settled in to holding :49/:50 for each. I can't really stay aerobic kicking going much faster than this, and I would also risk cramping up as well which is no fun.

    100 Free EZ
    3300 Yards
  15. Glad I Had a Coach Today!

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 11:06 AM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    Whew.... today was one of those workouts where without a coach telling me when to go, I am hopelessly lost at keeping the correct time. So glad Coach B was on deck to tell me when to start - of course, for a few of the intervals, he was telling me to go basically as my hand was hitting the wall from the previous swim. No matter.... until the last part of the workout when I was wanting to do anything BUT freestyle, I was at least making all the intervals without fins, albeit sometimes with no extra time to rest. Anyhoo... here's what we did:

    400 Warm-Up
    6 x 50 Kick on 1:00 Kick, 1>3, 4>6
    1 x 25 Free on :40
    1 x 50 Free on 1:00
    1 x 75 Freeon 1:10
    1 x 100 Freeon 1:25
    2 x 25 Free on :35
    2 x 50 Free on :55
    2 x 75 Free on 1:15
    2 x 100 Free on 1:30
    3 x 25 Free on :30
    3 x 50 Free on :50
    3 x 75 Free on 1:20
    3 x 100 Free on 1:35
    2 x 25 Kick on :25 (dropped 2 - 25s to catch my breath)
    4 x 50 Free (w/ fins) on :45
    4 x 75 Kick / Back / Kick by 25 (w/ fins) on 1:25
    4 x 100 Fly Drill Cycle (w/ fins) on 1:40
    400 Cool-Down
    Total Yards - 3550

    If you attempt this one without someone watching the clock for you, then I wish you well! Of course, M in the lane next to me didn't have any problems remembering when to go next. Between the coach telling me when to shove off and watching when M left, I was able to basically stay on task. YAY!

    Two days until my first SCM meet of the season. Should be a great meet!

    Enjoy your swims today.... and I'll check in tomorrow.
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  16. Thu Oct 5th, 2011

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 10:36 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thu Oct 5th, 2011 SCY

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    Trained Wed didn't blog
    arrived 45 min late
    7 x 150
    6 x 175
    5 x 200

    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool scy
    6:30 - 8:00 dove in 6:34
    wore Jammer
    swam with chris, Tennielle
    beside Tyler, Todd, jim, & Kristyne

    3 x 300

    Main SET: scy

    8 x 100 on 1:10

    200 easy

    assigned 8 x 100 on 1:05
    did 100 on 1:05, 50 on 1:05

    200 easy

    6 x 100 on 1:05
    came in on 6:32

    400 easy

    assigned 6 x 100 on 1:02.5
    did 3 x 100, 100 rest, 200

    400 easy

    2 rounds of
    25 fast no breath
    25 easy k
    30 sec VK
    25 6 strokes fast

    Upcoming Meets

    Sat Nov 12 - Sun 13, 2011
    2011 WMST November SCM Classic

    Sat Dec 3rd & Sun Dec 4th
    2011 South Central SCM Regional InvitationalSan Antonio, TX
    Swim Workouts
  17. Fun Forty

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 10:04 AM (Random Nonsense)
    not really

    Lifetime SCM

    Warm up
    - 400 swim
    - 200 back
    Main Set #1 (attempt)
    - 2x100 on 1:15 (supposed to be 4) missed the second one
    -- probably not warmed up enough for this
    Main Set #2 (FUN... not really)
    - 10x100 kick 25 fast, 75 ez
    -- fasts were 23-25 seconds
    -- no intervals, leave on next 5, started at 3:00 finished at 2:40s
    Cool down
    - 150 ez

    Had about 45 minutes this morning and the pool was full almost the entire time. The plan was to warm up about 10 minutes then do a kick set for about 30 minutes. After a short warm up, I had enough time for 4x100s on 1:15, so I thought I would give that a shot before starting the kick set and failed. Touch and go on the first on, missed the second by a second. Not thrilled, but also probably not warmed up. My ez kicks during the 10x100s actually got faster, which surprised me quite a bit, and considering the lack of additional effort, I have to think I am greatly affected by warmup.

    Kicking: I suck. Pretty obvious, but my kick is better now than it was six months ago, and it is from the training this summer. I think hard swimming benefits my kick more than dedicated kick sets. Thus I should focus on kicking while swimming all the time. I come to this conclusion about twice a year and promptly move on to something easier to accomplish.

    Like 30x100s on 1:10... If I can't do 2x1:15 scm, I have a long way to go. It would probably be easier if I had a really strong kick...

    Next 40 minute workout: Maybe tempo trainer set for 1:20 for a long swim focusing on kick.

    Get it: 40ish minutes? Kick focused? FORTy? Yeah yeah, I am told all the time I am not funny. But you can't argue that I am not punny,
  18. 10.6.2011 Thursday Workout

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 09:30 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave and Dave. Each had our own lane. Pool temp about 82. No drag suit.

    Pretty challenging set. I can usually make a 1:05 without too much trouble but I need some rest before I do it. The 100 IM on 1:25 just didn't leave me enough. Both times I came in about 1:20 on the last IM and 1:07 on the 100 fr. Felt good through 75 yards and then I felt the lactic acid seeping into my arms. The last 25 yards suddenly got really long and I felt like I was going nowhere but putting in maximum effort to do it.

    500 Warm up

    2 Times through
    * 100 k - 2:00, 100 IM - 1:40, 100 fr - 1:20
    * 25 fly - :40, 50 Pull - :40, 25 fly - :40
    * 100 k - 1:55, 100 IM - 1:35, 100 fr - 1:15
    * 25 bk - :40, 50 Pull - :40, 25 bk - :40
    * 100 k - 1:50, 100 IM - 1:30, 100 fr - 1:10
    * 25 br - :40, 50 Pull - :40, 25 br - :40
    * 100 k - 1:45, 100 IM - 1:25, 100 fr - 1:05
    * 25 bk - :40, 50 Pull - :40, 25 bk - :40

    200 Cool down

    (3900 total)
    Swim Workouts
  19. Going thru the motions, swimming is my only release

    by , October 6th, 2011 at 07:37 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I just could not get motivated to do much of anything except laps

    10x100@1:45 Free last lap straight arm drill
    500 kick w/fins every 3rd 25 fast alt by 100 free/fly
    2x500@8:00 Free w/paddles & bouy by 25 breath every 2, 3, 4, 5 strokes the 5's were a challenge for me
    5x100 #1 fly drill, #2 breast kick, #3 breast drill, #4 back drill, #5 free easy the drills were choice and I mixed them up

    Total 3000 yards
  20. Workout 10/05/11

    by , October 5th, 2011 at 09:01 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Solo at Rec scy

    600 w/u (200 FR, Bk, FL/BR drill)

    2 x 500 FR on 6:45
    1st= Pull (went 6:16)
    2nd= Swim (went 6:26)
    (25 dps/25 fast, 50 dps/50 fast, 75 dps/75 fast, 100 dps/100 fast)

    5 x 100 IM continuous
    (drill, swim, drill, fast), Shuffle thru IM order

    4 x 125 on 2:15
    (75 kick on 1:30, 50 fast swim on :45)

    10 x 50 Stroke work continuous

    200 junk w/d

    (3300 yd total)

    Spent the day in the garden helping my beloved with some projects, including a path way between the plants and the grapes. Roto-tilling chilling.

    In a 500 mood tonight, and saw some other folks on blogs doing the ez/fast alternation, so I gave it a shot. The second one was tough, and I felt as bad as the time indicates.

    On the 125's, I was able to hold :29, :31: :30 on the free and :36 on back. The stroke work went well, and I tried some single arm FR drills with my other arm at my side - killer.

    I have been scrolling through the blogs to get ideas for building up for NE Champs in March. keep up the good work, people - I'm counting on some good ideas from you all.

    Oh, and my new motorcycle helmet came in today. Perhaps a long ride is in order tomorrow while the sun is out and temps are a bit warmer (before an evening swim, of course).
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