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  1. Tuesday June 29, 2010

    by , June 30th, 2010 at 11:58 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    600 mix
    2x50 BR drill
    2x50 BA drill
    200 K with flips (I chose wo-flutter)

    SWIM STRAIGHT 1x50FR, 2x25SPEC, 2x50FR, 2x25SPEC, 3x50FR, 3x25SPEC

    SWIM same as above but on interval. 1' for 50, 40" for 25

    Swim same as #2 with fins.

    P 200 FR hard
    8x25 descend 1-4 and 4-8

  2. Pool-Mate 2nd Review

    by , June 30th, 2010 at 08:30 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coached the Sharks on Monday SCY

    I had to dig out a old workout from our folder at the pool.
    I hate when I leave things lying on my desk at home!!

    I swam this tuesday test out the Pool-Mate in a SCY pool.

    Here is what I swam and how the watch worked.

    300 Warmup
    The watch claimed that I only swam 11 laps.
    I think that is because I was warming up.
    My 1st lap on warmup is only about 5 strokes after a few dolphin kicks.
    So I can't blame the watch here. I tend to glide alot during warmup.
    And the Manual says it won't work during drills.

    Repeat 3x
    1x75 25 Kick/50 Drill :15r
    1x75 25 Drill/50 Swim :15r
    No watch here.

    Repeat 2x
    200 Pull :15r
    150 Pull :15r
    100 Swim :30r

    The watch was right on on laps.
    The stroke count was a little off.
    I've been counting strokes for years and out of habit I just do it.
    I averaged 12 strokes a lap, the watch said 10
    I also managed to get the efficiency to 25! (see my 1st review)
    But I know this was due to the reduced stroke count.

    4 x 100 1:30
    4 x 50 :45
    50 EZ

    3 x 100 1:25
    3 x 50 :50
    50 EZ

    2 x 100 1:20
    2 x 50 :55
    50 EZ

    1 x 100 1:15
    1 x 50
    50 EZ

    Watch worked just like the 1st set.
    Close on the stroke count, right on on laps.

    I still managed to keep the efficiency between
    25-28 on all swims.

    I missed starting it on a couple of swims because I try to start it
    as I am underwater ready to push off.

    The quick review is missing one thing...
    WHAT WAS MY TIME!!!!!!
    Sure I can see Laps, Strokes, Efficency but thats not
    what is really important at the end of a swim.
    I can see the time's when I review the logs.
    Maybe it's operator error. So I'll keep trying.

    I just look at the manual again.
    There is a chrono mode for recording time only.
    I'll try that tomorrow.

    You can see what time you swam in quick review.
    You just have to quit the set you are recording to do this.
    It still should display it during the set.
    More after I swim tomorrow.

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  3. Meet Prep for the IndySwimFit

    I'm currently stuck in training at work. Its about how to run some monitoring application. Honestly - my efforts are better spent in about 50,000 different places, but I'm stuck here for the rest of the week. I'm going to do some prep for this weekends meet.

    I will be swimming the following races:
    • 50 Back
    • 100 Back
    • 50 Free
    • 50 Breast
    • 100 free

    I also did some reading, and it appears I can sign up for at 1 relay. I know I'm going to be completely cashed by this point, but I'm totally signing up for another relay at this meet. I loved swimming it last weekend. It was fun meeting the new people as I swam it as well!

    50 Back
    I'd like to go at least a 50 in the 50 back this time. I did a 53 last weekend, and I think this time I'm going to be a little better prepared mentally for the race. I've also increased my backstroke during the week and kick to help push myself down the lane.
    100 Back
    I'm hoping I survive. No kidding. It's going to be a long race - and I'll swim it as hard as I can, but we'll have to see. I'm also hoping to have a good flip turn followed by a strong dolphin kick. I'm aiming for the flags off the wall!
    50 Free
    I'm working on my sprints this week. I'm hoping to be able to make it to the 49 meter mark before I'm totally starting to cash out this time! So that means I need to dolphin off the dive and extend my dive for a little longer than I did last weekend. I swam a 33ish in 50 SCY, and a 39 last week. With some improvements in form that I'm working on I think I can speed things up significantly. My goal is going to remain 35 (as last week)
    50 Breast
    Survive again. It would be nice to finish my 50 Breast in under a minute. Its my weakest stroke mostly because my kick is essentially useless. I'm working on it, I just need time and experience I think. However - specifically - I'm going to make sure that each lunge forward with my arms helps propel my body forward.
    100 free
    I'd like to see no goggle problems this time, a strong dolphin kick off the wall and pacing it right. Again - with some strong improvements in form that i'm working on - I think I can speed this up significantly by this race. Goal: 1:25

    My goal for every race
    Push through the O2 deprivation. I'll have at LEAST 2-3 minutes to catch my breath after every race - so O2 debt is not going to be a major concern. I can catch my breath later!

    Nutritionally - I'm going to play it a little differently. Last meet I did not come prepared to consume enough fast acting carbs so I felt that my recovery was not nearly as fast as it should have been. So this time - I'm going to prepare again with a healthy balanced breakfast around 6 AM. Warm up around 8 AM, have a banana around 9 AM, and be ready to destroy my old record (hahaha only record) at 9:30-9:45 when the 50 back comes up.

    So I'm ready... going to train on my own tonight, practice tomorrow night, and I get on a train at 2:20 Friday to head to Chicago to catch the 5 PM to Indy from Chicago. I might even lift Friday morning before work. We'll see if I can sleep after practice.
  4. Wednesday, 6/30/10

    by , June 30th, 2010 at 12:20 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCM, with Carrie

    200 swim-200 kick-200 drill
    (did this was all free)
    100 swim-100 kick-100 drill
    (did this was all back)
    50 swim-50 kick-50 drill
    (did this was all fly)

    Main Set:
    May swim with fins! Repeat 3 times
    1 x 100/1:45 regular breath-strong
    (ave 1:25)
    1 x 75/1:15 breath on 5, more than strong
    (ave 1:02)
    1 x 50/1:00 breathe on 7 very strong
    (ave :39-40)
    1 x 25/1:00 NO Breath, Crazy Wild!
    (ave :17 did 1-2 with no breaths, took 1 breath on #3)

    Kick Set:
    10 x 75/2:00 very strong
    (alternated 2 free w/board, 2 on back with 6-8 sdk off each wall, times were 1:25-1:30 on free and 1:30-33 on back)

    Warm down 200
    Total: 2750 meters

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  5. Wed Jun 30th 2010

    by , June 30th, 2010 at 11:07 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Wed Jun 30th 2010

    watched UT men train LCM for a bit after today's practice, they did 4 100's descend from a push, sprinters did 3, dist did 4 x 200
    1st on 4:00 go 10 apart
    2nd on 5:00 go 10 apart
    3rd on 6:00 go one at a time
    4th on 6:00 go one at a time
    Saw Fiegen push 52, Piersol went 55 on #3, klueh went 1:56 on #3
    didn't watch the 4th round

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    whitney Coached
    6:30 to 8:00
    Austin UT Swim Center main pool
    swam with tyler, marcio, doug, chris, mike, nate, Tenielle & Ritchie
    wore b 70 jammer
    dove in FIRST

    800 done 75 fr 25 k on bk


    2 rounds of
    4 x (25 fl, 50 bk, 75 br, 100 fr)
    8 x 50 on 40
    500 fr 1 breath every 4th length
    take a break & regroup

    10 x 75 on 1:10
    odds k
    evens 2nd 25 is FAST

    50 easy

    2010 MEETS:

    July 8 - 11, 2010
    Senior Circuit #4 Meet Info
    Austin, TX
    8 50 Freestyle,
    20 100 Butterfly,
    22 50 backstroke,
    28 200 Individual Medley
    50 breastroke, &
    50 butterfly

    07/23/10 - 07/25/10
    2010 South Central Long Course
    Southlake, Texas
    Days till LCM ZONES
    Entered Zones yesterday & got my hotel
    Swim Workouts
  6. Master of the House

    by , June 30th, 2010 at 09:13 AM (Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic)
    Yesterday I realized I wrote my whole blog post about Middlebury without the mention of someone really important: Coach Ron. There's one reason I've gone from a workout swimmer to a competitive swimmer, and it's because of his encouragement. And it's because of his coaching that I've been shaving crazy times off my swims.

    As someone who grew up participating in little to no sports (although I was in the marching band, in the color guard, which earned me a varsity letter, damnit!) I've never had the experience of working with a coach. There have been theatre directors, bosses, and other mentors, but I've never had someone who pushes and inspires me like Coach does. Whenever I pull myself out of the pool after an amazing swim, he's always right there in my face telling me that my elbows weren't high enough, or that I was dropping my hips, or not streamlining my turns. He never lets me get away with anything, but he still never fails to throw me a bone by presenting me with all my 3rd place ribbons. (And a couple of 2nd's!)

    We get a pretty good deal here, swimming in Poughkeepsie like we do, and I just wanted to publicly state how grateful I am. I also thanked him by playing the soundtrack to "Les Mis" on Tuesday morning, which I understand is one of his favorites, although a somewhat questionable choice for workout music. However, on Tuesday morning I was so tired after the meet and loss of sleep, I don't think I could have pulled off much more than the 1900 yards I muddled through, no matter what was playing over the speakers.

    Anyhoo, thanks Coach!

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  7. A good morning to swim

    by , June 30th, 2010 at 07:29 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Felt good this morning for workout

    400 Free
    300 Free w/paddles & bouy
    200 Free
    100 Free w/board kick
    500 Free kick w/fins every 3rd 25 FAST
    5x100@:05R Back kick drills w/fins mix it up
    10x100@1:45 as 50 Free/50 Back w/paddles
    5x100@2:15 Free w/snorkle only as 25 kick streamline, 75 swim easy good stroke and rotation

    Total 3500 meters
  8. June 29th at the 'sol

    by , June 29th, 2010 at 11:41 PM (Swim like an Orca, but faster !)

    2x100FR 200IM Drill 100BR K, 100BK K, 3x150FR w/snorkel, paddles and kick with buoy.
    1-3 Kick/swim each stroke
    4-6 Drill/Swim
    7-9 Swim on 4:00
    10x100K with fins and board alt Fly/FR on 1:45

    2x50 Sprint BR/IM

    Got videoed today, worse time for it since I was hammered from yesterdays heavy FR & BK sprints and the weekend of cutting and stacking oak wood.
    However being tired exposed my flaws. My fly needs more kick into the recovery... my arms just kinda hang in the air behind my back. My backstroke reviles my right arm doing a little S-maneuver in the air on the recovery and my free has this glitch where I stall my arm's on the recovery. Stuff my coach has been telling and yelling all this time and there it is on video...Ill have to get it on my notebook so I can post it.
    2 weeks till the last USA LCM meet, I'm entered in the 50m FR and 100m Back, everyone keeps harping on me to do the first event, the 200IM, I can do it, but I just don't want to turn in a slow time (est. around 3:00) but even the seniors coach sez just swim it. So I may deck enter it.
  9. Tuesday, June 29

    by , June 29th, 2010 at 09:57 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Hit the indoor Y pool at lunch today. Water was nice and cool, but air was hot! I nearly fainted when I got out of the pool after my workout. This could have had more to do with the fact that I had a pretty light breakfast. At lunch today, I got on the scale and saw that I had lost 4 pounds in just a matter of a few days. Now that I've lost the 4, I really don't want to lose anymore weight. I wouldn't mind dropping some fat and keeping the muscle, but if I lose another 5 pounds, I think I'll be losing some good muscle. I probably need to be sure that I'm eating enough now that I'm doing this tri stuff. Probably won't be hard to do as I enjoy making blackberry cobbler during the summer. I've already made two this week (one for us and one for a neighbor). Just pulled one out from the oven and there are still blackberries left to ripen and be picked.

    Here is the workout I did today:

    Warm-up: 200 swim, 100 kick, 100 swim

    300, 200, 100 pull with buoy and paddles - 30 seconds rest between each

    2 x 200 free on 2:50

    4 x 100 free on 1:30 - descend

    2 x 200 free on 2:50

    4 x 100 free descend on 1:30

    100 easy

    2700 SCY
  10. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout - 07/01/10

    by , June 29th, 2010 at 07:18 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)

    WARM UP:
    6 X 100 Free 1:45
    5 X 100 Kick 2:30
    4 X 100 Stroke 2:30


    8 X 100 Free 1:30
    Moderate even pace on first 4; Descend 5-8

    3X{4 X 50 1:15
    Each set: 3 stroke/1 easy free

    8 X 25
    odd: From a push, build to race finish
    even: From the blocks, sprint 20 and coast in.
    No interval; go on coach

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  11. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout - 06/30/10

    by , June 29th, 2010 at 06:41 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    4 x 100 1:45
    4 x 150 2:30
    1 x 400

    5 x 100 Kick 2:30

    12 x 50 1:15
    (Odds: Free; Evens: Stroke)

    4 x 150 3:00
    #1 Free
    #2 50 Stroke/100 Free
    #3 100 Stroke/50 Free
    #4 150 Stroke

    4 x [100 Moderate 2:00]
    50@ 100% 1:30

    Cool Down: 4 x 50

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  12. 1500 Splits

    If you read my original post, my splits are a fairly close to my guesstimates, but I was a little slower during the body of the race and picked it up more than I expected.

    Split Total
    01:19.17 1:19.17
    01:26.56 2:45.73
    01:27.15 4:12.88
    01:27.33 5:40.21
    01:27.05 7:07.26
    01:27.01 8:34.27
    01:26.97 10:01.24
    01:26.12 11:27.36
    01:27.11 12:54.47
    01:27.60 14:22.07
    01:25.90 15:47.97
    01:24.71 17:12.68
    01:24.94 18:37.62
    01:23.57 20:01.19
    01:15.01 21:16.20
  13. Monday and Tuesday, 6/28-29/10

    by , June 29th, 2010 at 02:20 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCM, Solo

    Monday -
    Today's swim was a total fail. I was mentally and physically exhausted from spending the weekend officiating a kids meet.

    I did about 1000 meters mix of free and back and got out.

    Tuesday -
    Much better today!

    Warm – up
    300 Swim
    200 Skill Drills
    (back - did the cup drill and catchup drill my coach showed me and drills from the Richard Quick backstroke video)
    4 x 100/1:50 Build
    (averaged 1:30 on these)

    Kick 4 x 200 back/15sr
    Build each to strong with fins
    (with zoomers, averaged 3:20 on these)

    20 x 25 Back/40 No Fins
    Fast kickout- breakout swim
    (Did these with 8-10 SDK then 4-6 very fast strokes. was averaging 22-23 on these)

    12 x 50 desc each set of 4
    4/1:10, 4/1:05, 4/1:00
    (even though I increased effort on these I didn't see much of a time drop on each set of 4. only about 2 sec drop in each round
    round 1 was 46->44, 2 was 48->46, 3 was 50->49)

    Free Warm down
    100 easy

    Total: 2900 meters

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  14. Tue Jun 29th 2010

    by , June 29th, 2010 at 12:16 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Tue Jun 29th 2010

    Today was a recovery practice

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    whitney Coached
    6:30 to 8:00
    Austin UT Swim Center main pool
    swam with larry, Brad, Sharon & Mary
    wore b 70 jammer
    dove in around 6:35

    700 mix also kicked a 200 fl in 3:02


    instruction of this set was to work your best stroke, I worked BR
    100 IM
    rest 1:00
    200 IM
    rest 1:00
    300 IM
    rest 1:00
    400 IM
    rest 1:00

    this set is 50 fast 50 mod
    400 k
    rest 1:00
    300 k
    rest 1:00
    200 k
    rest 1:00
    100 k
    rest 1:00

    4 x 200 on 30 sec rest done 100 fr 100 IM desc
    went 2:28 on last one

    100 easy

    assigned 500 fr
    did skipped it

    2010 MEETS:

    July 8 - 11, 2010
    Senior Circuit #4 Meet Info
    Austin, TX
    8 50 Freestyle,
    20 100 Butterfly,
    22 50 backstroke,
    28 200 Individual Medley
    50 breastroke, &
    50 butterfly

    07/23/10 - 07/25/10
    2010 South Central Long Course
    Southlake, Texas
    Days till LCM ZONES
    Entered Zones yesterday & got my hotel
    Swim Workouts
  15. Can you tell my favorite set?

    by , June 29th, 2010 at 07:06 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Had to go to work early today so only got 1 hour in. I also felt a bit faster than usual.

    5x200@3:30 Free
    500 free kick w/fins every 3rd 50 FAST
    5x200@4:00 Fly w/fins as 50 rt arm/50 lt arm/50 streamline kick on back/50 fly sprint went 3:28, 3:20, 3:18, 3:25, 3:18
    300 Free w/paddles & bouy
    200 Free EASY

    total 3000 meters
  16. 6/28/10 workout

    I did not swim over the weekend because of my sons baseball tournament over the weekend. I always feel like a slug in the water when Im out of it for two days or more so I did a somewhat light workout to just get the feel back.

    25yard pool

    500 whatever
    10x50's @ 50 drill/swim

    Main Sets
    5x200 @3:00 kick fins, alternate 50s kick fly on back, kick free

    5x200 IM @ 2:45

    10x50's @ 40 odds free, evens fly

    5x200 pull @ 2:30 decend

    6x50's @ 1:00 with snorkle

    4,800 yards
  17. Self Portrait as Flayed Man

    by , June 28th, 2010 at 04:57 PM (Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton)

    For those you of a religious bent who are interested in exploring more deeply the long entrenched history of anti-body hair sentiment by God himself, I highly recommend you check out my gentile twin brother's attempted midrash, or n., pl., Mid·rash·im (mĭd-rô'shĭm, mĭd'rä-shēm'), on the subject.

    A midrash is, of course, any of a group of Jewish commentaries on the Hebrew Scriptures compiled between A.D. 400 and 1200 and based on exegesis, parable, and haggadic legend.

    In John's midrash (pictorial excerpt to whet your appetite for more,), he ironically used the two of us as stand-ins for Esau and Jacob. I am not sure why, but he made me Esau even though 1) John is actually the firstborn, not Jim, and 2) my relatively much more common immersions into vats of chlorine have actually left me significatnly less hairy (and thus presumably more favored by God) than John, though I must say, if I were God, I would favor him, too, regardless of our relative states of hairiness.

    To find the complete midrash, with its surprising insights into antiquated Biblical nonsense still taken very seriously by those who have never actually read this part of the Bible, please check out this link:
  18. DOUBLE Mon Jun 28th 2010

    by , June 28th, 2010 at 04:54 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    DOUBLE Mon Jun 28th 2010

    My buddy jon had a motorcycle accident after practice on Sat morning, a truck pulled out in front of him.

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    whitney Coached
    noon to 1:15
    Austin UT Swim Center main pool & diving well
    swam with james, besmir, ned & steve,
    wore b 70 jammer
    dove in around 12:05

    did around 800


    20 X 50 on 1:00
    odds easy dps
    evens fast 200 pace
    held mostly 25's, a few 26's & 24 on the last, all from a push

    50 easy

    16 x 50 on 1:00 (with fins but i didn't wear fins)
    odds easy k
    evens BR 100 pace
    held 33's & 4s

    50 easy

    assigned: 6 x 150 on 2:15
    odds fast aerobic
    evens breath control

    DID: 6 x ___ on 2:15
    odds fr desc
    evens easy 50
    went 1:35, 1:30, 1:28


    2010 MEETS:

    July 8 - 11, 2010
    Senior Circuit #4 Meet Info
    Austin, TX
    8 50 Freestyle,
    20 100 Butterfly,
    22 50 backstroke,
    28 200 Individual Medley
    50 breastroke, &
    50 butterfly

    07/23/10 - 07/25/10
    2010 South Central Long Course
    Southlake, Texas
    Days till LCM ZONES
    Entered Zones yesterday & got my hotel
    Swim Workouts
  19. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -06/29/10

    by , June 28th, 2010 at 02:08 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    4 X 100 2:00
    1 X 400 6:30
    3 X 100 1:45
    1 X 300 4:45
    2 X 100 1:40
    1 X 200 -

    1 X 200 kick 4:30
    3 X 100 kick 2:15

    3 X 100 stroke 2:00
    1 X 100 easy free 2:00
    Three times through.
    Choice, no IM

    4 X 75 2:00
    50 at 100%/25 easy

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

    4000 M/Y
    Swim Workouts
  20. Where the @#*& is the @#$8#@$* Wall?!?!

    Its not often I swear underwater. Usually its caused by an annoyance in my lane or a severe pain in my body. I usually reserve my energy for swimming - its an intelligent thing in my opinion.
    This weekend was almost an exception to that rule. That 50 Free in an LCM pool nearly killed me.... but we'll get to that later because right now its time for the


    The Park Ridge 1500 @ the Oakton Pool in Park Ridge IL

    The PR 1500 was a fun race for me actually. I had never honestly swam more than 1000 straight in practice and so my first and foremost thought was "I just need to survive the race" I had done a 20x100 in practice this week - and survived rather well. During the race - I found myself pacing it like a 3x500. The first 500 was a warmup, the second 500 I focused on my form and technique, trying to keep a strong kick and keep going. The final 500 was focused solely on build up; I wanted to make each 100 faster than the 100 before it leaving the final 100 for a sprint to the finish with 0% energy left.

    Quick Anecdote: During the race on my first flip turn - I saw the number on the wall - and for some reason I was mesmerized by it, and ended up jamming into the wall on my flip turn. The rest of the meet - I avoided looking at the number so as to prevent that problem.

    Well - I finished my race @ 29.32! A PERSONAL RECORD! Hysterically enough - even with my build up and everything - my teammate Jamie told me that my pace was pretty much RIGHT ON 1:59 for all 15 laps (no more than a second or two deviation). So all of that "build up" I did was really just a correction to keep me from going slower. My final "sprint" was on 1:54. So much for extra energy output.

    I won my age group though! Out of no one else

    Goals for meet:
    • Maintain a consistent pace with no more than a 3-4 second deviation between any two laps.
    • Keep my *average* split time under 1:50.
      Nope. Going to have to work on that speed thing.
    • Finish the race strong, even with nothing left in my body.
    • Dolphin kick off the wall at least 80% of the time.
      YES! I was very proud of that - I can count only twice off the wall that I didn't dolphin kick and that comes out to 86.67% dolphin off the wall!

    Things to improve for next time:
    • I need to bring my average time down. This 1:59 thing won't do for me. I know I just need to build up in the pool with more swimming. These sorts of things come with time.
    • I need to focus on my sprints at the end of the race. I'm pretty sure that I probably could've pulled more out of the tank had I pushed a little harder earlier. I wasn't really feeling tired until the last 2-300 anyway.

    The Badger State Games @ Erb Park Pool in Appleton Wi

    In this meet I swam the 50 Free, the 50 Back, the 100 Free and I jumped in in an ad-hoc relay (the 4x100 free relay). It was a fun meet- but being there alone kind of sucked. I did make some fun friends though!

    The 50 Free
    The 50 Free was my first race - and actually the most brutal of the races I did that day. I took my time to warm up. Was pretty relaxed and feeling really good when I got on the blocks. My dive was so-so, I totally forgot to dolphin kick. I was doing really well too until I hit about the 40 meter mark. Then all of a sudden everything started to cut out. I had 0 energy, was totally exhausted and running out of O2. I ended the race on 39 seconds.

    The 50 Back
    I got out of my swim down from the 50 free and I take a peak at the heat sheet. I have 2 minutes until my 50 back! Aye Dios Mio!! So I shake it all off, sip some gatorade and get down to the blocks. Time to rock and roll! I've never started the back stroke nor have I ever finished the back stroke. So it was an experience. I did get in and swim a 50 back "quickly" to get a feel for it. During the entire race I kept focusing on "floppy floppy ankles" and relaxing the arms as long as they were out of the water. I got through that race in 53 seconds.

    The 100 Free
    This was a rough rough race. I got done with my 50 back, discovered I only had 3 heats of 50 back before I had to swim the 100 free! So I got a sip of gatorade and started shaking my body around. Had to knock off that lactic acid build up asap. I got on the blocks and dove in. I must not have tucked my chin right because my goggles came off. DOH! I swam as hard as I could, but I was freaking out a little mentally. I was having a hard time breathing and I knew form was collapsing. I went into the wall and did my push off with my eyes completely closed. I came up and kept swimming as hard as I could, running out of breath because I was still in a mental panic. I hit the wall at 1:39 - I was extremely disappointed in that time. I nearly threw up after this event. My stomach was so tight I could barely breath!

    The Ad-hoc 4x100 Free Relay
    I had about 8 more heats of 100 free after me. So I was able to get a little bit of rest and relaxation before having to dive in again. I was the 2nd swimmer in the relay, and this time - I was going to make sure those goggles were not coming off. I'm partially convinced that I was cutting off circulation to my brain during that race, but I honestly didn't care. I think I swam really really well. I remember looking up at my second split being 40 seconds. If my first split was anything less- that means I did a sub 1:20 on my 100, which for me is AMAZING! I put my relay behind - but fortunately our anchor was pretty fast! He came from behind and won the race! Yay Strangers! Seriously though - Ad-Hoc relays rock the house.

    Goals for meet:
    • Under 35 in the 50 Free (its LCM, a whole new beast for me)
      Nope. I have another chance next weekend though. I think I can shave that time off by more intelligent pacing.
    • Under 1:30 for the 100 Free
      If I'm not freaking out about my goggles - yes I can do this next weekend. This weekend I did not.
    • Under 45 for the 50 Back
      I definitely did NOT get anywhere close to that. I'm also not sure if I can pull it off. We'll have to see!
    • Dolphin kick off the wall for my ONE turn.
      Nope. Did not do it on the relay either. I'm going to focus pretty hard on that one over this week and for the next meet.
    • Dolphin kick after my start for the back.
      I totally did not. I will be focusing on that this week as well during practice.
    • Don't screw up my Back start.
      I'm pretty sure I didn't do it "right" but it wasn't awful. I at least made it to the flags before coming up!

    Things to improve for next time:
    • I need to focus on endurance for those last 10-15 meters. I need to remember that I can breath when I'm done and honestly - O2 deprivation is fine in the short term. I need to have better times next week.
    • I need to remember to dolphin kick off the wall... One of the things I'm realizing in this 50 meter pool - since I don't have my flip turns and pushing off the wall I need to get as far as I can off my dive as possible so I can spend as minimal amount time swimming as possible so I can have the energy to sprint with with my arms and kick like crazy when I'm not able to glide.

    Sorry for the long post. I'm down for any thoughts or suggestions any of you have!

    See all of you (or none of you) next weekend at the Indy Swim Fit at the UofI Pool!!!

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