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  1. 500 set Friday - 09/23/11

    by , September 23rd, 2011 at 04:07 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    Swam a bit longer today because I didn't get in hardly anything yesterday due to rain. Planned on going at 0530 today, but lightening kept me away. Swam w/the lunch bunch & tried to calculate the amount of effort I was expending, keeping it at 70-80% throughout & checking my HR. Of course, I kinda forget to check until 5-6 secs goes by, so I don't know how accurate it is, but mostly I was in the 110-120 range at what I figure is about 80% effort (I was able to talk in 2-3 word comments between intervals if necessary.) This workout took forever, because the lunch bunch is very chatty between sets!!

    500 S/P/K (1500)
    12 x 75 (2 swim, one kick one 1:15 & 1:30)
    5 x 100 (underwater/fly/back/breast/kick for first 25's) on 1:40
    5 x 100 pull (1:30, 1:25, 1:20, 1:25, 1:30) - held 1:10's, best 1:08
    4 x 125 IM, rotate 50 stroke on 2:00
    2 x 250 breast/free by 50's 30 sec rest
    4 x 150 on 2:10 (held 1:53-55)
    100 easy
    10 x 50 kick w/zoomers on :50
    500 breast/free

    Total: 6000 SCY - of which I did 2600 on my own (first 1500 & last 1100)

    Planning on swimming about 20,000 on Oct 8th - the equivalent, I suppose of the Swim the Suck, which I will not be able to go to after all - but I do want to get in the 10 miles to see how I do. Of course I won't have the current to help me out, so it will take longer. Interestingly enough, the thing that has me wondering, is how I will do with my goggles for 4.5 hours - I get pretty tired of them after 90 minutes!
  2. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -09/26/11

    by , September 23rd, 2011 at 02:55 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    2 X 200 3:20
    5 X 100 1:40
    4 X 75 1:10
    4 X 50 descend :50

    2 X 200 kick 4:30
    8 X 50 kick :55
    1 X 100 swim

    20 X 50 1:05
    Five of each stroke IM order

    8 X 150 free 2:10
    Swim 100 moderate pace/50 fast

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  3. 9/22/11 Kicked my own butt today...

    by , September 23rd, 2011 at 02:14 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    ...well there was nobody in the pool to do it for me so I had to do it myself. I felt rough today; scratchy throat, sore eyes...lethargic...backstroke was torture with he nasal flush...I did a fair job on the main set though and felt good for nearly making all the intervals.

    Warm Up
    600 FR/BK by 100
    10x 50 K 1:00 with fins
    100 EZ

    6 x 75 FR 1:10
    2 x 50 FR 1:00
    4 x 75 FR 1:05 didn't make the last interval
    2 x 50 FR 1:00
    2 x 75 FR 1:00 didn't make the 2nd interval
    2 x 50 FR 1:00
    4 x 75 FR 1:05
    2 x 50 FR 1:00
    :15 extra rest
    6 x 75 FR 1:10
    100 EZ


    500 Fin Kick FR/FL by 50

    300 EZ

    Lifted after but didn't do legs were shot...
  4. FAST FRI Sep 23rd, 2011 SCY

    by , September 23rd, 2011 at 01:16 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    FAST FRI Sep 23rd, 2011 SCY

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool scy
    6:00 to 7:30 dove in at 6:32
    wore training FS II legskin
    swam with Mike Tyler, & Chris
    beside Jim, Larry, Max & Paul

    assigned 4 x 500
    did: 50's on 40, 100's on 1:20, 150's on 1:55
    think I went 2150

    Main SET: scy

    4 x 050 on 2:00
    1 fr 26
    2 fly 27
    3 k 28
    4 fr 25

    100 easy

    5 x 100 on 3:00
    1 fr 58
    2 IM 62
    3 k 66
    4 IM 63
    5 fr 55

    100 easy

    6 x 200 on 5:00
    1 fr 2:02
    2 fr messed up
    3 IM 2:16ish
    4 fr 2:08
    5 fr skipped
    6 IM 2:08

    100 easy

    Upcoming Meets

    Sat Nov 12 - Sun 13, 2011
    2011 WMST November SCM Classic

    Sat Dec 3rd & Sun Dec 4th
    2011 South Central SCM Regional Invitational
    San Antonio, TX
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  5. Friday, 9/23/11

    by , September 23rd, 2011 at 12:33 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Swim was ok this morning but times were a bit slower than I thought they should be. And I ran short on time and didn't get through the whole workout.


    Warm up (700)
    300 free
    400 --> Alternate: 25 kick - 25 Drill - 25 Scull - 25 Swim

    Swim Sets
    4 x 100 Free/1:40 build each
    - times were 1:20-23 on these

    10 x 50/1:00 Every 3rd FAST
    - fast ones were: fly = 37, back = 39, free = 34, rest were free around 40-42

    8 x 30/1:15 from mid pool
    1) Accelerate into the Wall from 15 yds
    2) Tight, Fast Turn
    3) Streamline, --> Fast, Narrow SDK > explosive breakout
    - rotated through fly-back-free. need to work more on fly; timing at wall is off by about 1/2 stroke. Either am gliding in or crowding the wall at the turn

    3 x 50/1:00 Pace
    - backstroke, all were under 40

    1 x 400 Kick
    - kicked 200 w/fins, 200 without

    Warm down
    easy 200 free

    Total: 2550 yards
  6. Friday, Sept. 23, 2011 5:00am

    by , September 23rd, 2011 at 12:05 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Final practice before heading to Mesa for the quick weekend trip. I'll be flying out of little ol' Wenatchee-town Saturday @ 11:00am, and via Seattle will arrive in PHX @ 3:30 or so. Going to hang out with a friend Saturday evening, and probably go to the Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe for some good eats and fun times. We went there after Nationals last spring. Apparently it's quite the hang out place being so close to ASU.

    Sunday (after a good McDonald's breakfast) I'll be meeting up with PWB, heading over to the Kino Aquatics Center for Day 2 of the East Valley Invite. We're still crossing our fingers for a 99 degree daytime high
    800 Free, 200 Free, 400 IM, 50 Fly, 400 Free. I'm expecting greatness on the 800 Free, and anything great after that in this non-populated meet will be just spectacular! I think the 50 Fly honestly will be the hardest event. Trying to go all out at that point will be tough. My training lately has be conditioned well enough that I should be fine for the majority of the day, but we'll see how the heat and dehydration play a role.

    I'll be flying out of PHX at 7:00pm, and again thru Seattle, returning home to Wenatchee @ about 11:30pm, just in time to (maybe) go to Masters practice for a cool down swim Monday morning @ 5:00

    I took a vacation day from work today, so was able to get in a nice 2 hour swim this morning. I just did the masters group practice, with a few modifications. Nothing too strenuous, just more yardage than my normal 1 hour:

    100 Free
    200 Kick w/ board
    300 Free Pull
    200 Kick w/ board
    100 Free

    4 x 200 (1 each stroke, IM order) @ :30 rest
    50 Kick, 100 Drill, 50 Swim

    1 x 500 (alt. 75 Free EZ, 25 Stroke (FLY) Fast)

    1 x 300 "stretch out". 2 others hopped in right at 6:00am for a warmup, so I just swam easy with them.

    10 x 100 Free @ 1:30

    I needed this set to get me going. I was feeling like up until a few of these when I got the blood pumping
    • First 4, held 1:07/:08
    • #5 went 1:06 then thought "let's see if I can descend these"
    • #6 1:05
    • #7 1:03
    • #8 1:01
    • #9 1:00
    • #10 :58
    8 x 75 Free Pull @ 1:05 (held :49/:50) felt pretty good, not too tough

    6 x 50 Kick w/ board @ :55
    cramped up on #6 on my left hamstring...hurts like hell.
    I really hate doing kick sets so late in a practice

    8 x 25 FAST @ :45 did odds Free, evens Back
    Last one was ALL OUT Free from a dive (did not shave/taper, nor did I get a time). Felt good though.

    Cool down in the showers.

    4600 Yards
  7. A long course srpint day???

    by , September 23rd, 2011 at 10:44 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I had some company today. Jackie Wilkes swam with me and we both wanted to work sprints.

    1000 Free broken 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,1,2,1
    5x100@2:00 Free 35 meters easy/30 meters fast/35 meters easy
    200 Free kick w/fins easy recovery
    5x100@2:00 Free 35 meters easy/30 meters fast/35 meters easy
    300 Free kick w/fins easy recovery
    300 Free w/snorkle
    200 Free w/snorkle as 25 kick/25 swim easy

    Total 3000 meters
  8. Friday workout

    by , September 23rd, 2011 at 09:59 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Pool temp back to 86. It is really starting to cut into my endurance. I feel pretty rotten after 3000 yards. No drag suit. Everybody put in their own 1000 yards to make up today's power hour.


    500 Warm up

    My Set
    250 fr - 3:00 (2:58)
    125 k - 3:00
    250 fr - 3:00 (2:55)
    125 k - 3:00
    250 fr - 3:00 (2:54)

    250 on 3:00 is a 1:12 pace. That's pushing it for me but I made them. Seemed like a good idea when I made it up. Dave B was a good 5 seconds ahead of me on the last 250. Thought I wasn't going to make the split but it turned out it was my fastest.

    Dave B's set
    100 IM - 1:30
    200 fr - 3:00 (I did 100 IM/100 fr)
    300 IM - 4:30
    400 fr - 6:00 (I did 200 IM/200 fr)

    Dave likes his rest. Roger did all these IM. I split the difference. All IM would have been tough for me... was pretty wiped out from the previous set.

    Roger's set
    200 k - 3:20 (3:03 br)
    50 Pull/150 k - 3:10
    100 Pull/100 k - 3:00
    150 Pull/50 k - 2:50
    200 Pull - 2:40

    Had a nice lead-off kick. Pull was a killer though. No arm strength to turn over the paddles. I think the heat finally got to me.

    50 Easy

    Dave M's set
    400 fr - 5:00
    300 fr - 4:00
    200 fr - 3:00 (Dave M and Roger did 200 fly)
    1:00 rest
    100 k - 2:00 (worst kick - fly 1:53)

    Just couldn't bring myself to do a 200 fly. Was already having trouble making 300 fr on 4:00. Kick wasn't too bad. Not too long ago, I couldn't make 2:00 on 100 fly kick.

    200 Cool down

    (4750 Total)
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  9. Thursday, Sept. 22

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 08:45 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Drylands w/Jazz:

    face pulls, mystery weight 5 x 5 x 20
    hanging straight leg raises, 2 x 15 (while Jazz was doing zillions more pulls)
    full stop DB row w/40 DBs, 3 x 15, each side
    seated straight arm lat pulldowns, 7 x 5 x 10, 8 x 1 x 10, 9 x 1 x 5 (mystery weights)
    overhead shoulder presses, 30 x 5 x 10 (arms tiring)
    lower back machine, 105 x 3 x 15
    -- different machine than I've used before. really liked this one.
    standing broad jumps, 2 x 10
    knee tuck jumps, 2 x 10
    altitude drops, 10

    Stretching/Foam Roller, 20 minutes


    Had a fun lifting session with Jazz. Always nice not to lift solo. Jazz did scoff with derision at my extreme angle isometrics, refusing to believe they could be associated with explosive eccentric power because of their length.

    The most amazing and unexpected thing happened last night. I slept 8 hours straight without waking up once. To my recollection this has not occurred since I was 38. Seriously. I've read that waking up in the night is deadly for feeling rested and having good energy. This am I woke up feeling (comparatively) like I had an adrenaline injection. I felt like I could have worked out all day. Fortunately, my daughters and some semblance of caution stopped me. I have a speed and core workout on the agenda tomorrow.

    Fort Son has his first crew race this weekend. Seems to be good friends with all the lightweight rowers already, and is already "bleeding green." Mr. Fort has made a Cornell Masters boat that will be rowing at the Head of the Charles (huge regatta) in Boston in October. I'm hoping Fort Son may be there too, though I'm not sure if they take frosh rowers.

    Updated September 22nd, 2011 at 09:13 PM by The Fortress

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  10. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -09/23/11

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 04:49 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    1 X 300 5:00
    2 X 150 2:30
    3 X 100 1:40
    1 X 200 3:00
    2 X 100 1:30
    4 X 50 descend :50

    1 X 200 kick + 100 easy swim

    10 X 50 1:10 Choice
    odd: moderate
    even: fast

    1 X 50 kick 1:15
    4 X 25 sprint kick :45
    Three rounds

    1 X 50 easy swim

    4 X 300 4:30
    4 X 200 3:00
    Descend both 1-4

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  11. Workout 9/22/11

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 03:59 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Solo at the Rec (SCY)

    500 w/u (200 FR, 200 BK, 100 IM drill)

    5x 400 on 6:45
    (Repeat 200 Pull (150 FR, 50 BK), 100 kick, 100 IM Drill)

    200 w/d

    Not to inventive today, nor was I too enthusiastic about swimming. Hit the pool at lunch time to get in a swim, and noticed that my left shoulder is bothering me a little bit. It might be from pulling through the weeds during last night's OW in Mass. If I am lucky, my wonderful wife will massage my shoulders tonight after a dip in the hot tub. Restarted my Advil routine to help with any inflammation.

    I am now thinking that I might try to get in half a workout on Sat am with the Master's club before heading to Rhode Island. Here is a look at the race course for this weekend ... <--- One loop = 5K, I'll be doing two loops for the 10K race. Right now there are 43 folks signed up, with 18 or so preparing for the 10K.

    Updated September 22nd, 2011 at 04:49 PM by rxleakem

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  12. Last practice before Mesa

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 03:32 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    noon workout
    Billy Glasstetter coached

    500 warm up

    Main Set:
    4 x 100 50 stroke/50 free 1:45
    extra 30 sec rest
    4 x 50 25 stroke/25 free 1:00
    extra 30 sec rest
    4 x 25 IM stroke :30
    Easy 50

    (the whole set repeat twice, but I was done. Not sure what else they did past 35 minutes)

    Easy 250

    The End
    I feel really tired but not too slow. Like I just need to take a weeks' worth of naps and good nights sleep. Unfortunately no naps and only 2 nights before the swim meet. Will have to make do with the last 2 nights! Only rest will help me now.

    Saturday I will either go for it in the 100 free, or scratch completely. With the tight timeline, you have to punch that first event.

    I wasn't entered in the 200 free. But that's ok. I'd like to go for a good time in the 100 fly, which is first up on Sunday.

    Drat! I did not get upgraded. On the stupid standby list which means no upgrade. Oh well.
  13. Thursday, 9/22/11

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 03:28 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Swim was ok this morning. I felt pretty good. Back indoors since the guards won't open the outdoor pool until the temp is above 45°. It's been colder than that most mornings until after 7:00.

    Warm up (700)
    300 swim - 200 drill - 200 kick/swim

    Pull (1100)
    12 x 50 - 6 free on :50, 6 back on :55
    - with buoy only, ave 37-38 on free, ave 42-43 on back

    Pull with snorkel and buoy only
    1 x 500 (descend by 100's)
    - not sure of time here, I think I did extra 50 because clock was at 7:30 and I know I was going faster than 1:30/100

    Swim/Kick Set (400)
    4 x ( 15yds fast underwater kick into 10 yd fast swim/25 drill/kick to 35 yds/15 yds full speed swim)
    - did this with fins, going 1:30 on 2:00 interval
    25 easy/25 scull/25 drill/25 swim

    Swim Set (400)
    4 x (25 head up free/25 build to full sprint/15 fast/35 drill)
    - no fins, was going 1:25± on 2:00 interval
    25 easy/25 scull/25 drill/25 easy

    Warm down
    150 easy swim/drill

    Total: 2950 yards
  14. Wednesday, 9/21/11

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 03:20 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Swam later in the day so I could go outside again.

    Warm up (800)
    Swim 300 as 200 free/100 back
    3 x 100 (25 kick – 50 drill – 25 swim)
    - did 1 fly, 1 back, 1 free
    4 x 50/55 free - ds 1-3 to strong, 4 easy

    Main Set: Back and Free (700)
    Repeat following two times:
    - did all back on round 1, free on round 2
    1 x 150 free or back
    - 1st time back on 2:45, went 2:30, 2nd time free on 2:30, went 2:15
    1 x 50 easy/1:00
    2 x 50 Fast/1:00
    - back went 45's, free went 40's
    1 x 50 easy/1:00

    Set 2 (1050)
    Repeat 3 Times:
    150 free/2:30, went 2:15-2:16
    2 x 50 bk/1:00, went 45-46
    2 x 25 brst/:45
    2 x 25 fly/:45

    Wanm down
    100 easy

    Total: 2650 meters

  15. Tuesday, 9/20/11

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 03:16 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Swam pretty good today. Was really tired last night and slept in until 8 this morning so swam at noon. Was nice to go outside and get some sun.

    Warm up (1000)
    300 swim - 200 kick
    300 drill/swim - 200 pull

    Set #1 -(700)
    4 x 100/10sr snorkel, bouy and paddles
    - with big paddles, was averaging 1:28
    2 x 150/15sr - snorkel - 50 drill - 25 swim

    Set #2 (1300)
    3 x 100 IM/2:10 Strong
    - went 1:45-1:43-1:42
    2 x 100/2:30 - 25 ez/25 kick/25 build/25 ez

    3 x 100 bk/2:10 strong
    - went 1:32-1:34-1:30
    2 x 100/2:30 - 25 ez/25 kick/25 build/25 ez

    3 x 100 Fr/2:10 STRONG!
    - went 1:24-1:23-1:22

    Warm down (100)
    100 ez free & back

    Total: 3100 meters
  16. Monday, 9/19/11

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 03:12 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    I have been working out, I've just been a bit lax about posting this week. So I'll try to get caught up.

    Warm up
    200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull
    6 x 50 drill 10 sr
    2 straight arm, 2 ft drag, 2 fist

    3 x 100/1:40
    3 x 100/1:35
    1 x 100/1:30

    Warm down
    500 easy free & back

    Total: 2100 yards

    Didn't feel very good today and this workout was a struggle. The main set had much more, but after I missed the interval on the 3rd round of 100's I stopped.
  17. Thu Sep 22nd, 2011 SCY

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 01:42 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thu Sep 22nd, 2011 SCY

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool LCM & Dive Well scy
    6:30 to 8:00 dove in 6:37ish
    wore training jammer
    swam with Todd
    beside tyler, chris, James, Mark, Paul, Kellie, Tenneile & Larry

    assigned 500, 4, 3, 2, 1
    did some of it, maybe 1000 or so

    Main SET:

    8 x 150 fr on 2:00
    held 1:41's

    100 easy

    8 x 125 ki on 1:45
    held 1:37's

    100 easy

    2 x 50 on :35 right into
    2 x 100 on 1:10 R I
    2 x 150 on 1:45 R I
    2 x 200 on 2:20

    rest 1:00

    2 x 200 on 2:20 right into
    2 x 150 on 1:45 R I
    2 x 100 on 1:10 R I
    2 x 50 on :35

    100 easy
  18. A busy weekend ahead

    This morning I swam with Team New York Aquatics at John Jay College. Tom guest-coached today, it’s always nice to see him up on deck. Our now-regular crew of 5 lanemates were all there, and Hannah and I traded off lane-leading duties. Here’s how it went:

    450 scy warmup

    16 x 25 FL @ :40 [I missed the memo on this being fly day! For this set we combined lanes 1 and 2 and swam the odds up one lane and the evens back down the next—nice to have plenty of room. I did easy fly working on my breathing timing for 1-8, then alternated that with builds on the next 8.]

    12 x 100 FR:
    4 @ 1:35
    4 @ 1:30
    4 @ 1:25

    100 easy

    10 x 75 IM-no-free:
    Odds = kick
    Evens = swim
    [Why oh why does our pool not have a conveyer belt to bring kickboards back to the proper end of the pool on sets like this?]

    3 x 400 @ 6:00
    [I did the first one as 2 x 150fr/50bk (5:25), the second as 150fr/50 bk/100 fr/25 k/75 bk (5:45), the 3rd as warmdown.]

    This weekend I have two great events lined up. On Friday evening there is an inter-squad meet with Asphalt Green's age-group and masters teams, plus anyone else who wants to participate. The event is a fund-raiser for AG’s Swim for the Future program, which helps make the AGUA age-group team accessible to kids whose families might not otherwise be able to afford it. This “Duel in the Pool (after School)” doesn’t pit the masters vs. the kids (fortunately!); instead, both groups are divided in two and assigned to either the “Asphalt” or “Green” teams—the green vs. the black. Everyone swims 50s of each stroke, and there is a concluding relay. It’s all great fun, and I’m looking forward to the evening.

    Then on Saturday morning I’m swimming the Little Red Lighthouse 10K. It will be my first year swimming this event--last year I wanted to, but worried that the swim would be too long for me, even though it's tide-assisted. This season I've developed a little more confidence in my ability to swim long distances!

    The race this year features a new course starting in Riverdale and ending right below the Riverbank State Park pool where I often swim. It should be a beautiful swim—that stretch of the river is gorgeous, and we’ll get to swim under the George Washington Bridge (and by the Little Red Lighthouse). I’m planning on taking my time and sightseeing! I do hope the weather forecast improves before the race—right now it is not looking too promising, with thunderstorms possible that morning.
  19. Wed./Thurs. Sept. 21-22, 2011 5:00am

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 11:00 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    I didn't feel like swimming this morning, but I still showed up at the pool. Could've been because of my hour of running around being the referee at my daughter's soccer game the night before. Chasing the two teams around the field was rough (especially for a non-runner). Started off with my standard warmup, and then just stood there for a while. Got in a whoppin' 2000 Yards in an hour!!! Yippie Skippy!!

    Thursday: (4:45am)

    300 Free
    200 Free Pull

    10 x 50 Free @ :45 (:38/:39s)

    8 x 75 Free Pull @ 1:00 (:55s)

    20 x 25 Free @ :20 (make 'em)

    300 Kick w/ board
    2400 Yards in 45 minutes (had to get to work early today)

    I'm taking a vacation day from work tomorrow (Friday) for preparation for the Mesa meet. Part of my preparation will be a "reverse taper" by swimming the full 2 hour practice in the morning, and possibly another at either lunch hour or in the afternoon at the YMCA. I tend to do better overall at meets when I'm in hard training periods.
  20. Making use of Fort's crutch

    by , September 22nd, 2011 at 10:56 AM (Random Nonsense)
    I really liked today's warm up. It worked in some drill and kick in small doses so it is easy to stay focused, it was long enough to get warmed up and it wasn't boring.

    Solo SCM
    Warm up
    - 4x
    -- 150 swim
    -- 50 back
    -- 50 kick w/ board
    Main Set
    - 12x50 (2 fast free, 1 moderate back) w/fins on 1:00
    -- 30x6,29x2 on frees
    - 4x125 on 2:10 (100IM + 25 swim IM order)
    -- only full fly on the first 25 swim, drill for the 100s
    -- pulled piriformis during breaststroke?
    - 6x125 on 2:00
    -- 100 swim + 25 kick w/board
    -- 2 free strong, 1 back moderate
    -- 1:18, 1:17, 1:14, 1:10
    Cool Down
    - 100 ez

    Short rest sets are really the only kind of set I understand. During the 50s with fins set, I kept wondering if I was doing the set right. Should I be hitting 27s at the end of the set, should I just be working on faster than normal turnover, or should the latter result in the former? I did pick up my turnover more on the last two than the first 6 and 30s seem like a good time to hit early in the set.

    The 4x125 IM set on 2:10 seems kinda slow (I hit the wall added about 10s to determine the interval). Not sure if I am in really bad IM shape, don't know SCM IM times well or was more tired from the 50s than I felt. IM sets are kinda grind sets to me, but they help my overall conditioning and my free benefits because I swim 100s and 200s build, so the free really gets worked. I also like breaks from free free free.

    This workout was a 5k workout that I stopped when LW started to get out. Sadly, the 6x125s were supposed to be 12x125s and they were just starting to get interesting when I saw LW get out. IIRC my best AFAP 100 time in that pool is a 1:10, so hitting 1:10 on a strong effort in what I thought was the middle of the set at the time, I am quite thrilled with. It would have been very interesting to see if I could keep up that level or if I was about to fall apart. My turnover felt faster during this set, and I credit that to the 50s with fins.

    I pulled some little tiny muscle right next to the ball joint where the femur and pelvis join. I thought I pinched a nerve, the pain was so isolated and didn't think it was a muscle pull until I was getting out of the car. It is a non-issue, it doesn't hurt except when I use it, and that has only "used it" twice in the two hours since I got out of the pool. No breaststroke, squats or deadlifts for a couple days. I used to pull a groin muscle doing breaststroke with absurd regularity when I was first getting back into masters swimming and the workouts were more IM nature.