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  1. Sat Aug 20th, 2011 Postal 10k

    by , August 20th, 2011 at 12:58 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat Aug 20th, 2011

    Just swam a Postal 10k

    I felt I was in pretty good shape this summer with all the doubles I've done. Larry and a few of the swimmers on Longhorn wanted to do the postal 5k's & 10ks. So a while back I looked at the distance records
    The NR for M45-49 was
    10K Postal James Stewart 2004 2:13:47.24
    so I did the math, that time is averaging 1:20.27 per 100. I thought I might be able to go faster. So a few weeks ago I decided to give it a shot. I picked up my training, did several doubles then rested Th & Fr. I shaved & even shaved my head, plus asked the swim center to drop to pool temp a few degrees. they usually keep it around 80 and think it was 76 or 77 on Sat.

    Today I went 2:13:43.48! & barely broke the NR in my age group.

    there's a pic of my split sheet in my FB photo album called "swimming"

    My Splits Were:

    00100 0:01:13.4
    00400 0:05:08.0
    00800 0:10:16.1
    01000 0:12.48.2

    01500 0:19:09.9
    01600 0:20:25.8 10:09.7

    02000 0:25:28.1 12:39.9
    02400 0:30:31.1 10:05.3

    03000 0:38:05.0 12:39.2 18:55.1
    03200 0:40:35.0 10:03.9

    04000 0:50:45.9 12:40.9 10:10.9
    04500 0:57:10.3 19:05.3
    04800 1:01:00.1 10:14.2

    05000 1:03:36.4 12:50.5
    05100 1:04:54.5

    05600 1:12:02.4 11:02.3

    06000 1:17:21.0 13:44.6 20:10.70
    06400 1:22.49.8 10:47.4

    07000 1:30:57.2 13:36.2
    07200 1:33:37.5 10:47.7
    07500 1:37:34.5 20:13.5

    08000 1:44:53.3 13:56.1 11:15.8
    08800 1:56:07.0 11:13.7

    09000 1:59:01.0 14:07.7 21:26.5
    09600 2:07.58.8 11:51.8

    10000 2:13:43.48 14:42.4

    Splits by 800, 1000, & 1500:

    10:16.1 10:09.7 10:05.3 10:03.9 10:10.9 10:14.2
    11:02.3 10:47.4 10:47.7 11:15.8 11:13.7 11:51.8

    12.48.2 12:39.9 12:39.2 12:40.9 12:50.5
    13:44.6 13:36.2 13:56.1 14:07.7 14:42.4

    19:09.9 18:55.1 19:05.3
    20:10.7 20:13.5 21:26.5

    I spent around 2 minutes & 30 seconds on breaks.

    I dove in at 7:00 am and swam long smooth and easy. I went 5100 before taking my first break at around 65 minutes, in hind sight, I swam the 1st 5k too hard and waited to long before taking my first break to hydrade and fuel up. I rested around 30 seconds then took off attempting to do 400's on 5:20, think I made 2 or 3 then fell off the pace.

    I tried to stay steady and stay on pace but felt pretty certain I started off too strong. I started struggling around 7k, Thinking, I swam a really good 5k, why not get out and be done?
    Around 9k I started getting calf cramps.
    That last 1k really hurt and my last 100 was horrible. I kept my eye on the clock the whole way, knew I was close, and sloppily sprinted my last 25 touching the wall in 2 hours 13 minutes & 43 seconds, just under the record.

    When I finished I was truly exhausted.
    I hugged the wall for around 5 minutes.
    Swam an easy 100.
    hugged the wall longer.
    Swam another easy 100.
    Around 15 minutes later I crawled out of the pool, feeling exhausted and sore. My calves kept cramping, I could barely walk. So I sat down. Ed brought me a my vitamin water and a gu, Whitney gave me a powdered drink. I felt so terrible and for a while thought I needed to go the the hospital but after 45 minutes felt a little better. I needed to get home, we were driving my daughter to to Lubbock. I thought I'd get home by 10 but really underestimated how awful I'd feel after the swim.

    I felt terrible, was exhausted, sweating & shaking, my calves and biceps started cramping at 9k and were still cramping hrs later. My calves hurt Saturday, Sunday & Monday. I forgot to shave my face before the swim and my stubble tore up the skin on my right delt. I had blister on base on my left index finger where my thumb kept hitting it. My left bicep had a rub spot from streamlining against my stubbly head.

    I was thrilled to break the 10k record, especially since I also broke a 50 free record in Mens 45 - 49. I'm not a D man. The 10k was a crazy diversion for me, a personal challenge, and at this point, I am done with D and back to training for 50s to 400s.

    Looking back, I'd:
    1) shave my face just before the swim,
    2) start out at an easier pace
    3) take my first break sooner & then follow a preplanned schedule, like:
    Maybe at 2.5, 3, or 4k then every 1k after that and
    4) figure out what the ideal liquids and fuel are.

    10k is a loooooong way and I doubt I'll do another one anytime soon.

    Updated August 24th, 2011 at 03:20 PM by ande

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  2. Vasa Trainer day!

    by , August 19th, 2011 at 05:43 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I was not in the mood to swim yesterday or today after 2 hard workouts. But I was in the mood to do a full routine on my vasa!

    I decided to re-read the Vasa Manual. I had gotten into a rut with only a few selected exercises besides the traditional freestyle and fly arms. Did you know there are about 80 pages of exercises you can do on the vasa machine?????

    I have a kickplate and so I did a bunch of leg exercises like:

    Plyometric squats
    Single leg with arm movement squats
    side squats
    calve raises
    track starts

    These were so awesome. Taking the advice to not go past 90 degree angle works wonders!

    They have ab exericses/shoulder excercises where you essentiall sit facing front or side saddle and pull different ways, like:

    Torso twist
    Cross body shoulder raises
    cross cable bend
    side saddle twist forehand & backhand!
    pull ups/chin ups
    super ab crunches
    biceps curl
    oblique exericses

    A full arm and core workout!

    And of course I did the traditional
    freestyle pull
    butterfly pull

    I probably should also read the page How to Get on and Off your Vasa every so often as well, for obvious reasons too embarrassing to write about. A near face-plant was not on my training agenda for the day, heh heh!

    I think I will get the ankle straps (for additional leg exercises) and the weight bracket so I can add additional weights. I would rather do power/strength work with less reps, and not use the vasa for endurance.

    Next up: Swim tomorrow on my own! TBD; either a light workout with targeted sets, or a free swim day with the girls.
  3. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -08/22/11

    by , August 19th, 2011 at 04:56 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    3 X 100 1:45 1:30
    4 X 75 1:15 1:10
    4 X 50 1:00 :50
    Twice. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    1 X 300 kick

    1 X 100 easy 2:00
    1 x 75 build 1:30
    1 X 50 fast 1:00
    5 X 25 sprint :30
    Three times, break between each round.
    Choice. 1 X 50 easy after the set.

    8 X 50 kick 1:15
    Build each 50

    1 X 200 3:00
    4 X 100 1:30
    1 x 200 2:40
    8 x 50 :40
    1 X 200 fast -

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  4. Friday, Aug. 19

    by , August 19th, 2011 at 04:38 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    RC exercises, 20 minutes
    hip abductor, 100 x 2 x 15
    explosive leg press, 210 x 2 x 10
    box jumps, 10
    altitude drops, 2 x 10
    extreme angle isometric holds:
    -- squat w/10 lb DB, 5:00
    -- left and right lunge, 2:00 ()
    -- bicep w/5 lb DBs, 4:00
    -- tricep w/5 lb DBs, 2:30
    med ball slamming in racquetball court
    -- single arm slams w/2 lb ball as shown in article Q posted on my blog the other day.
    -- 5-10 minutes of slams w/power system ball
    (less intensity than usual)


    Made the mistake of going to SpringHill Rec (close to gym) instead of OakMarr Rec. Kiddie campers were everywhere, some lap lanes were closed, and no backstroke flags. Impossible for me to get in any kind of workout under those conditions. So opted for a drilly/fat burning/lactic acid reducing/keep feel mellow swim, thusly:

    Warm up:

    600 various

    Main Sets:

    --used fins

    10 x 50
    25 front scull + 25 back shooter

    10 x 50 breast @ 1:00
    -- easy on shoulders and underwaters get heart rate up

    50 EZ

    10 x 50 flutter kick with fins & board @ :50

    50 EZ

    10 x 50 w/turtles
    25 breast + 25 back
    -- very hard doing breast with turtles, particularly trying to recover.

    50 EZ

    Total: 2750


    Thought briefly about heading to bikram for a triple. But my legs were feeling crampy, so decided against that. Off to dinner and a movie soon.

    Looking forward to seeing and watching everyone at the TC tomorrow! My camera is charged.
  5. Postal 10k Planning

    by , August 19th, 2011 at 03:57 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Postal 10k Planning

    I trained pretty hard Mon - Wed then backed off Thu & Fri to rest a bit for tomorrow.

    I asked Charles Logan, director of the swim center swim center to drop the pool temp a few degrees to 77 or 78 and they did. The skinny people were chilly.

    10k's a long way, it's:
    2 x 5000 or 4 x 2.5 or 5 x 2000 or
    6 x 1500 + 1k or 10 x 1000 or 20 x 500 or
    25 x 400 or 50 x 200 or 100 x 100

    I've lined up a counter.

    Swim starts at 7:00 so I'll
    5:45 wake
    6:00 leave home
    6:45 arrive and get ready
    7:00 dive in

    will put GU & water near my lane.
    plus right before I swim I'll probably
    down a few gu's,
    drink half a liter of smart water and
    take in a little caffiene

    Plan to wear B70 jammer have Speedo pro back up. I'll tie it tight and probably double knot.

    I've shaved some and will shave more tonight. I get a rub spot on my right delt when it hits my stubbly chin on long swims, so I'll reshave my face tomorrow morning.

    I'll treat my goggs to not fog.

    No Cap

    Correct Pace is the key
    I need to stay easy long smooth relaxed and consistent.
    Remain aware of
    how far I've gone, how much left,
    my running time and the pace I'm holding.
    I'll have my counter signal 1,000's
    plus 9500, 9800 & 9900

    I won't stop much or for too long.
    On my previous 10k I did a stretch of repeat 100's on 1:20, boy that was a mistake.

    Larry suggested 3k straight then short breaks after each 1k
    1st 1000 hold 1:18's & go 13:00
    2nd - 5th 1000 go 13:05
    targeting 65:20 5k split
    6th - 10th 1000 hold 13:20
    I've considered doing it as a set of
    6 x 1500 on 20:00 followed by a 1000 on 13:20

    I'm nervous and excited. I know somewhere during it I'll be cursing,
    why did I ever get myself into this?

    Wish me luck.

    My sordid history with Postal swims:

    Sat May 30th, 2009 LCM Swam a 10k today

    Sat June 6th 2009 swam a 5k this morning

    Sun Jan 23rd, 2010 Went Postal

    Sun Jan 30th 2011 HR Postal Swim take 2

    1 hour postal swim January 24th, 2009
  6. Not so Fast Friday Aug 19th 2011 scy

    by , August 19th, 2011 at 03:14 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Not so Fast Friday Aug 19th 2011 scy

    My Postal 10ks tomorrow, so I took it easy today.

    Sat May 30th, 2009 LCM Swam a 10k

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool scy
    6:30 to 8:00 dove in 6:35
    wore blue camo jammer
    swam with Jim
    Beside Todd, tyler, Mark, Marcio & Larry

    1000 mostly easy 50's

    Main SET: scy
    assigned: 5 x 200 on 10:00
    did: 3 x 200 cruise skipped 4 & 5
    (100 swim down after each)

    swam around 500 easy
    mainly 50's on :40
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  7. Power Hour Friday

    by , August 19th, 2011 at 12:53 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    We each chipped in 1000 yards for this power hour so it ended up being an hour and 5 minutes today as we each took a break to explain our set. Donated apheresis afterwards so I'm feeling very loopy now.


    500 Warm up

    5 Times through
    * 25 Kick/75 Pull - 1:30
    * 75 Pull/25 Kick - 1:30

    5 x 200 - 3:00
    #1 - 100 IM/100 Free
    #2 - Fly/Bk/Br/100 Free/25 Kick
    #3 - Fly/Bk/100 Free/50 Kick
    #4 - Fly/100 Free/75 Kick
    #5 - 100 Free/100 Kick

    Someone mentioned 200 fly in the next set so I dropped my drag suit.
    200 Free - 2:40 (Hard)
    200 Fly - 3:30 (Recovery)
    200 Free - 2:40 (Harder)
    200 Fly - 3:30 (Recovery)
    200 Free - 2:40 (Really hard - 2:21)

    25 Easy (so we could get to the deep end)

    10 x 100 - 1:30
    1st 25 choice stroke; 5 pull outs after each 100
    I alternated Fly/Free for the choice stroke. Fell behind after the pull outs on fly but caught back up on the free.

    75 Cool Down

    (4600 Total)
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  8. A day for 200s

    It sounds funny, but this morning I went to 6:30 lap swimming because I overslept! I had meant to go to the 5:30 Asphalt Green workout, since this is the last week of practices there until after after Labor Day, but I didn’t make it. So resorted to my regular pool—Riverbank—and did a solo workout there. The water was a good temp, and I shared the lane with two polite young guys I didn’t know who were good circle swimmers. Here’s what I did:

    1000 warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 d/s)

    Braided Pacman set:
    15 x 200, done as 3 intertwined sets of 5 x 200 pacmans:
    #s 1, 4, 7, 10, 13: FR swim > IM kick (200s, 50k/150s, 100k/100s, 150k/100s, 200k)
    #s 2, 5, 8, 11, 14: IM swim > FR swim (200IM, 50fr/50bk/50br/50fr, 100fr/50br/50fr, 200fr, 200fr)
    #x 3, 6, 9, 12, 15: IM kick > IM swim (200k, 50s/150k, 100s/100k, 150s/50k, 200s)
    [I had planned intervals for these, but ended up often waiting or going early depending on where there was good space in the lane--I didn't want to push off right in front of someone when I was doing so much kicking. I got anywhere from 5-25 seconds rest between each 200. My goal was to do some UDKs off the walls throughout the set (except for on breaststroke)—everything else was at a nice aerobic pace.]

    3 x 200 FR w/ assorted kick patterns

    400 warmdown

    Extra easy 100 to retrieve kickboard from far end of pool

    300 scull and play in outdoor scy pool
  9. Chiropractor today! YEAH!!!

    by , August 19th, 2011 at 09:10 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Appointment is at 2 pm, I really need this. This morning was actually very good.

    500 Free
    500 Free kick w/fins every 3rd 25 sprint
    10x100@1:45 free w/paddles & bouy
    8x25@:45 free kick fast
    8x50@:15R free sprint kick to 15 meter mark then add arms
    400 Free easy 200 w/4 beat kick 200 w/ 6 beat kick

    Total 3000 meters
  10. Hodgepodge, Thursday, Aug. 18

    by , August 18th, 2011 at 10:43 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    ART, 30 minutes:

    My ART doc really beat up my right shoulder and trap. Ouch! And I was too busy to ice it until now.

    Bike, 30 minutes:

    Some non-swimming fat burning. Wanted to do another 30 minutes, but got distracted.

    RC & Holds:

    RC exercises, 15 minutes

    extreme angle isometric holds:

    The 5 basic ones are: push up, bicep/tricep, squat, and lunge. The theory behind extreme angle isometrics is:

    I've done the extreme angle squat and extreme angle step ups (not a hold) off and on. I am mulling over making a commitment to these holds this season. The downside: as the article notes, they're deadly boring and I don't tolerate boredom well. The up side: more explosiveness and fast twitch.

    I didn't do the push up hold today b/c of my right shoulder. But I did:

    squat hold: 5:00
    lunge left leg forward: 1:30
    lunge right leg forward: 1:30
    bicep/tricep w/ 5 lb DBs: 3:00

    The lunges are torture when you're in an extreme angle. Lots of room for improvement there. Once you get to 5 minutes, you add weight and start over.

    Bikram, 90 minutes:

    Had to go at 8:00 pm tonight and it was packed again. I wish they would adjust the heat when it's so crowded. I took a precautionary break during the tree/toe stand posture (my least favorite b/c it seems somewhat dumb) to ensure no repeat of nauseousness. My studio has added a 10:00 pm class on Tuesday nights. Maybe that would be better!


    Mulling over what my dryland plan will be for the fall. Suggestions?
  11. Thursday, August 18, 2011 4:30pm

    by , August 18th, 2011 at 10:23 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    100 Free
    100 Back
    100 Free
    200 Kick on back
    200 Free Pull

    16 x 50 Free just getting the heartrate movin'
    1-8 @ :45
    9-16 @ :40

    Main: (4 times thru)
    4 x 75 Free Pull @ 1:00
    4 x 25 Fly @ :30
    :30 bonus rest between rounds.

    I was going to go for a couple more rounds, but my legs started cramping up on my fly kicks in the 4th round. That's a signal that the workout is done.
    I'm sure if I would eat better on a more consistent basis, my cramps would probably cease to exist, or at least they wouldn't happen as often. It's always around the 3000 yd or 1 hour point depending on my intensity. Kind of an internal clock in my body.

    100 EZ
    3200 Yards

    The age groupers in the lanes next to me were all doing fly sets w/ fins as I was doing my Pull/Fly set at the end. In addition to sharing with another lap swimmer, the waves were getting pretty rough out there!
  12. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -08/19/11

    by , August 18th, 2011 at 03:33 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    1 X 200 3:30 3:00
    1 X 250 4:15 3:45
    1 X 100 1:45 1:30
    1 X 150 2:30 -
    Two rounds. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    1 X 200 kick 4:15
    2 X 100 kick 2:15
    8 X 25 sprint kick :45
    1 X 100 easy swim

    4 X 100 2:15
    4 X 50 1:15
    12 X 25 :45
    1 X 100 easy swim
    All even swims are fast, all choice.

    1 X 200 3:05
    1 X 250 3:05
    Four rounds

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  13. Thu Aug 18th 2011 scy slept late

    by , August 18th, 2011 at 01:39 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thu Aug 18th 2011 scy

    slept late this morning, woke 6:15,
    got to practice & dove in around 7:15,
    which is fine, I'm resting 2 days for

    My Postal 10k's this
    Sat. Aug 20th at
    7:00 a.m.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

    This morning after practice Larry Wood told me what he thought my
    10k pace, goal splits and target times should be by 1000's:
    1 13:00 hold 1:18's
    2 - 5 13:05 targeting 5k split 65:20
    6 - 10 hold 13:20
    I've considered doing it as a set of
    6 x 1500 on 20:00 + 1000 on 13:20

    Sat May 30th, 2009 LCM Swam a 10k

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool scy
    6:30 to 8:00 dove in 7:15ish
    wore blue camo jammer
    swam in my own lane
    Beside Chris, Todd, Korey, James Fike, Larry, &

    missed it

    Main SET: scy

    assigned: 20 x 200 fr 4 rounds of 5 hold same pace
    missed R1
    DID: dove in on round 2 #3
    swam 3, 4, & 5 easy to warm up

    Round 3 on 2:50, did all held 2:14 - :18
    Round 4 on 3:00 held 2:15 - 17

    500 warm down
    easy smooth 50's on 40
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  14. Thursday Workout

    by , August 18th, 2011 at 09:14 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Got to the end of the workout on the sheet and we were a few hundred yards short. So, we each came up with 300 yards for an additional 900. Dave's was really fun... 75 easy, 200 timed off blocks, 25 easy. I did IM at just under 2:35. Felt good. I think with some work on my back stroke, I can get well under 2:30.


    400 Warm up

    4 Times through
    * 25 Fly/50 Free - 1:10
    * 50 Fly/25 Free - 1:10
    * 75 Fly - 1:10

    100 Easy

    4 x 75 Free - 1:10
    4 x 75 Free - 1:05
    4 x 75 Free - 1:00
    4 x 75 Pull - 1:10
    4 x 75 Pull - 1:05
    4 x 75 Pull - 1:00

    50 Easy

    75 Kick - 1:30 Sprint
    75 Free - 1:30 Sprint
    50 Kick - 1:00 Sprint
    50 Free - 1:00 Sprint
    25 Kick - :30 Sprint
    25 Free - :30 Sprint
    4 x 75 Up/Down Kick - 1:15 (:05)

    75 Easy

    200 Timed from dive (I did IM - 2:35)

    125 Cool down

    (4250 Total)
    Swim Workouts
  15. Waiting for a chiropractic appointment

    by , August 18th, 2011 at 07:22 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    The chiropractor finally can work me into the schedule at 2pm tomorrow. YEAH!!!!! Good bye back pain!

    This was an unusual practice, the 2 strokes I have been avoiding this past summer breast and back.

    500 Free broken 4,3,2,1,3,2,1,2,1,1@:10R
    300 Breast kick w/brfins
    200 Breast w/brfins
    10x50@1:00 Breast pull w/paddles & fins
    500 Back kick w/fins alt by 100 streamline/fashion model
    4x200@3:30 as 100 Free/100 Back pull w/paddles & bouy
    200 Free easy w/snorkle

    Total 3000 yards
  16. Weds Aug 17, 2011

    by , August 18th, 2011 at 12:52 AM (Swim like an Orca, but faster !)
    Aquasol - no Coach Janine
    Coach Todd on anti-drown watch (he's busy with the kids)
    Lane 2
    I didnt have time to research a workout so I grabbed Tom's.(Thanks Tom, great workouts and inspiration)
    (as you can tell, Im not very popular around here, I average 0 comments: due to slow
    times, stealing workouts and generally whinning all the time. )
    I know we have some very fast swimmers in the Pacific LSC, so
    it would be awesome to see one or two blog here.

    Warm 2/2/2 + 100fr (700)
    Ladder set - done with the rests
    50FR RI:05
    100FR (50K/50swim) RI:10
    200FR (100K/100swim) RI:20
    250FR RI:25
    300 (100K/200swim) RI:30
    350FR RI:30
    400 (100K/300swim) RI:20
    400FR RI:10 (got tired of waiting)
    350 (100K/200Swim) same
    250 BK (100K/150Swim)
    150BK (100K/50Swim)
    100BK, 50BK (3450/4150)
    50 cool

    I just needed some distance and no fly for just one day.

    My coach, Janine, who taught me backstroke, breaststroke, how to turn, when NOT to breath
    and the proper way to fly, has been going through some very tough times lately...Appendicitis, and losing both parents this year...
    Although my coach isn't a world class-collegiate-olympic star, my Coach is a star in my life...Giving, kind and patient, has taught hundreds of children and adults how to swim, who's "happy spot" is coaching young children and teen's (and whinning older adults). She give's me the option to give it all I got or just make the interval, plus with constant stroke correction and modifing the workout based on my times, has turned a aging man, into an aged grouper!
    So, Ive been diligent lately to get in 2 solid gym days a week and 5 morning pilates/stretching when I wake up, plus at least 3 swim workouts in. Im focused on the upcoming short coarse season in my new aged group.
  17. Wednesday, August 17, 2011 5:00pm

    by , August 17th, 2011 at 09:53 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    200 Free
    300 Free Pull
    5 x 100 IM @ 1:40


    4 x 175 Free @ 2:30
    Goal was to try to hit my best 200 Free time be the end of it. (Best time = 1:54)
    (went 2:01, 1:59, 1:57, 1:56)

    100 EZ

    Pull Set:

    1 x 500 Free Pull @ 6:00 (went 5:40)
    1 x 100 Free Pull @ 1:15 (went 1:05)
    1 x 300 Free Pull @ 3:45 (went 3:20)
    1 x 100 Free Pull (went 1:02)
    all those add up to an 11:07 1000 time. Nice!

    100 EZ

    100 Free "all out" - went :59

    I was hurting on this one. My legs were burning, and my calves were trying to cramp off each wall I pushed off. After the 50 I backed off a little so I wouldn't have to quit from cramps. Still hurt like hell.

    100 EZ and out.
    3100 Yards in 50 minutes

    Time to start focusing on the distance training for the next month or so. I don't want to get killed too badly at my next couple competitions. Especially my next one in the 5K OW over in CDA, Idaho.
  18. Wed., Aug. 17

    by , August 17th, 2011 at 09:30 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    RC exercises, 15 minutes

    extreme angle step ups w/DBs, 25 x 3 x 10
    dead lift, 95 x 4 x 8
    back extensions w/plate, 25 x 2 x 15
    hanging straight leg raises, 3 x 10
    knee tuck jumps, 2 x 10
    altitude drops, 10
    alternating hammers, 25 x 2 x 20

    Bikram, 90 minutes:

    Survived today with no problem. I was even "perfect" on standing separate leg stretch and rabbit pose! I made sure I was super well hydrated and stuffed full of electrolytes. Today I went to the 2:00 pm class, which is much smaller than the 6:00 pm class. When you're packed like sardines, the heat is even worse than usual.


    Felt dreadful yesterday after Monday's heat induced hurling. Just did my RC exercises.

    Today, I started off slowly in the gym on the long road back to dryland fitness. It's been 4 and 1/2 weeks of no weights aside from a short core workout last week. Too bad I lost last week when I abstained from weights b/c I thought I would be swimming in the TC. Going to hold off on the upper body a few days more.

    After that, I took my Mini Fort out for a birthday shopping spree. Between birthdays and buying college items, my credit card has been burning!

    Not sure what I'll do tomorrow. But I may not hop back in the pool just yet.
  19. Having fun with the kids

    by , August 17th, 2011 at 08:17 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    In a small city, there aren't many organized adult swim clubs or run clubs, so often the best option is training with the kids. I did this a couple of years ago in training for the 2010 SCY Nationals and really enjoyed it. I've now done 3 practices with the kids (2 swim, 1 run) in my return from the couch and have found I really enjoy it. I try to be encouraging to the kids without taking over the coach's role. This can sometimes be hard because there are times I am tempted to whine. The kids seem to enjoy having me there, so it works out pretty well.

    Monday I had a rest day. This next year I plan to take at least one day. In light of my age and various health issues, I think this will work to my benefit. Hopefully, I will not get broken down, will stay pretty healthy, and will not get injured.

    Tuesday I did a little bit of track work. My son does cross country and this is the day they hit the track. The group of kids ranges from 7th to 12th grade. For the track workout, however, some adults in their forties come out there as well. The coach had mentioned to me that it would be cool to have a woman out there involved with the kids, but I am trying to keep a little bit of distance given that my son is on the team. I told the coach that I might come out and do some speed with them once a week. So, yesterday, I did a little bit of the track workout. I had to situate some things first, so I missed the first two 400s and first 800 getting my warm-up in. I know I am not quite in shape to be doing these, so kept the effort at about 75%.

    Warm-up: easy 800

    800 - don't know what my time was, but tried to keep an even and long stride

    400 - 1:36

    1:00 rest

    400 - 1:42

    right into 800 easy jog

    1.5 miles

    I liked the fact that without me saying anything, my son started trying harder once I was out there. I had fun encouraging the kids, especially when they passed me.

    Today, swam with the senior group down at the Y. Late for warm-up as usual and had to miss the last set in practice, but still got some decent yardage in. Really liked this workout. One thing I discovered -I stink with fins. I just havent' figured this out. I asked the coach about this because I am a pretty decent kicker without the fins. He thought it was the type of fins. I just think there is some weakness or something off about how I am kicking. The same people I can soundly beat on a kick set without fins kill me when it comes time to putting on the fins. Oh well. Hung in there best I could. I did, however, feel really strong on the last set I did in practice. Maybe there is hope for my 100 I.M.

    Warm-up: 200 free swim
    300 non-free swim
    200 free

    500 pull (paddles and pull buoy) DPS - count stokes per 50 and try to maintain throught 500. Was able to hold 24to 25 strokes per 50 for first 300, but it detiorated to 28 by the last 50 of the 500.

    3 x 100 kick with fins - 20 sec rest
    1 x 300 free - no fins -45 sec rest
    2 x 200 kick with fins - 20 sec rest
    1 x 200 free - no fins - 45 sec rest
    1 x 300 kick with fins - 20 sec rest
    1 x 100 free - no fins

    100 easy

    24 x 25 IM order (go thru IM 6 times) with 10 seconds rest -felt pretty good on these and was surprised I still felt strong on fly on the 6th round

    100 easy

    3600 SCY

    Had my annual physical today. My doc is a former ultra-endurance athlete, so I enjoy talking to him about training, nutrition, etc. Had good numbers on blood pressure (112/70) and pulse (60).

    I am a little nervous, however, about the blood work. Having been off a year from exercise, having been slack about taking my vitamins, and having indulged in more bad food and alcohol than I do when I am training for competition, I am dreading what comes back. At the beginning of every physical I have, they always take a big tube of blood from me to check my thryroid levels. I've been dealing with a problem thyroid for 20 years, so the big tube of blood is automatic. I was a little alarmed when the doc told me he was requesting two additional tests, but I would not have to give more blood to have them done. Don't know what tests he requested. He didn't say and I forgot to ask. I hope he didn't see anything that is cause for alarm. Well, guess I'll know in two weeks. I hate having to wait for test results to come back!

    One thing we did discuss was the fact I had really backed off my training for a year. He told me that was a long time and not to have high expectations too soon. He said I really should not have taken off so much time from strength training because I've probably lost muscle mass. Taking all this in mind, I decided that I am going to give cross-fit a try as my dryland training. The swim coach is actually an instructor and does this out of his home. He individualizes your workout according to your fitness level and age. Well, I will give it a shot on Friday at 7:45 a.m. If I like it, I'll do it twice a week. Later on when I back off the running, I may go to three times a week. I'd like to try this instead of working with heavy weights this year.

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  20. Today's Workout

    by , August 17th, 2011 at 03:01 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    I got to workout late again today.

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Jim Montgomery on Deck

    Missed the 500 warmup

    8 x 50 kick on 1 min
    repeat twice:
    12 1/2 fast
    25 fast
    37 1/2 fast
    50 fast

    7 x 100's
    3 on 1:30
    1 easy on 1:45
    3 on 1:20 (held around 12-13's)

    What! That wasn't the main set? Crap!

    Main set:
    3 times through
    150 on 2:15
    100 on 1:30
    50 fast on 1:30
    Was tired today and no zing to my sprint! Held solid 33 high to 34's on the fast

    300 easy pull (no)
    ==> goofed around with my fins, about 150

    2 times through
    75 on 1:15
    50 on :50
    25 fast (I don't get my 25 times)

    The End
    I really don't have anything to say except it was a solid effort but I know for sure I am not swimming tomorrow. I don't even want to think about swimming for the next 24 hours. I'll do my vasa and other drylands at home tomorrow. I'll take Friday off now that I am thinking about it. Most likely the next swim will be on Saturday, and i'll probably do fine-tune work on my own.

    We are going to Colorado over Labor Day weekend. I am going to carry on all my stuff. Frontier is awesome. We'll probably do another hike.