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  1. Friday, Sept. 9, 2011 5:00am Finally Back In!!

    by , September 9th, 2011 at 09:13 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Finally, after a 3-4 day leave of absence from the pool, I'm back in the water...though it was only for a short 30 minutes. It felt great to be back!

    Got in a quick sprint workout! (Sprint meaning fast, not short stuff)

    1 x 100 Free
    1 x 200 Free Pull
    1 x 100 Kick on back

    2 x 200 Free @ 2:30 (2:20/2:18)
    2 x 150 Free @ 1:50 (1:41/1:42)
    2 x 100 Free @ 1:15 (1:08/1:07)
    2 x 50 Free @ :35 (:30/:31)

    5 x 100 Free Pull @ 1:15 took it easy, held 1:10s

    4 x 25 Fly @ :15 rest stretching out/ cooldown
    2000 Yards in 30 minutes
  2. Probably not the thing to do today

    by , September 9th, 2011 at 08:04 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Anyone who follows this blog knows me and what Friday and Long Course bring out. I have a meet tomorrow and yes I still did the friday flyer workout.

    1000 Free broken 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,1,2,1
    500 Free kick w/fins every 3rd 25 fast
    5x200@4:00 Fly w/fins as 50 rt arm/50 lt arm/50 kick/50 fast swim went 3:30, 3:29, 3:24, 3:16, 3:14
    4x50 from dive 15 meter sprints rest easy free

    Total 2700 meters
  3. Escaped the Floods, Sept. 8

    by , September 8th, 2011 at 11:01 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Drylands -- Core Work

    power wheel roll outs, 3 x 25
    power wheel pike ups, 2 x 10
    cable twists w/yoga ball, 50 x 2 x 15 each side
    back extensions w/plate, 25 x 2 x 15
    Cavic fly pull on FM machine, 20 x 2 x 25*
    (I took 26 strokes in my last 100 fly)

    20 minutes of foam rolling & stretching

    *I first mentioned this in my blog here: Jazz and Q made fun of it, and I didn't persist as I was focused on gaining strength at that time anyway. I've decided, however, that I am going to add this to my upper body dryland routine. I don't do that much swim specific strength training outside of the pool. So I don't think it would hurt to add this, and it might be beneficial for my "dying arms" problem in the 100 fly. Jeff Commings does something similar in concept for his breaststroke kick. And this seems similar to the VASA machine, no?

    Swim/SCY @ Mason:

    Wasn't sure if I was up to the PM practice, but decided to brave it since I only did a short dryland workout. It took me 75 minutes to get there after today's torrential downpour and flooding. I missed almost the entire warm up, which made the first couple sets difficult for me.

    Warm up:

    400 swim
    400 reverse IM something or other
    -- I only did 200.

    Main Sets:

    Vertical Kicking:
    flutter kick, 5 x 20 seconds continuous -- arms at shoulders, arms in streamline, arms at shoulders, arms in streamline, arms at shoulders
    dolphin kick, 3 x 20 seconds continuous -- same as above, but only 3 reps

    8 x 25 w/fins @ :40
    odds = UW fast (I was not ready to go fast.)
    evens = easy
    50 EZ

    8 x 50 free pull @ :45
    #4 and #8 fast
    -- I did #4 & #8 fast backstroke kick (didn't look for times).
    50 EZ

    8 x 75 @ 1:30
    2 x (3 x best stroke + 1 x worst stroke)
    -- did smooth backstroke & breast
    -- feeling gassed already
    50 EZ

    8 x 100 kick, no fins
    2 x (2 x stroke kick @ 2:00 + 2 x flutter kick @ 1:50)
    -- I did 6 backstroke. The last 2 I added fins and did a fast 50 backstroke kick. (26, 25)
    50 EZ

    8 x 75 free
    #1 = 1st 25 fast
    #2 = 2nd 25 fast
    #3 = 3rd 25 fast
    #4 = fast for D people and slow for sprinters
    50 EZ
    -- I used fins and did 6 as 25 easy free + 25 fast back kick + 25 easy free. Skipped the last 2, tired.
    50 EZ

    8 x 25 w/fins @ :40
    odds = UW fast (11, 11, high 10, high 10)
    evens = EZ

    200 EZ (did 100)

    Total: Team 4000/Me 3200 + VK



    This was hard for me. My heart has been racing some the last 2 days from the thyroid meds finally kicking in (should wear off when I'm used to the increase), but that means I'm breathing hard even when I'm swimming slow. Still, I got a solid aerobic workout in, which I haven't for some time. "Aerobic" for me, that is; probably a "quality" workout for many others. I'm not used to having actual intervals and that many sets! And I was happy to get in a few fast 25/50s kicks.

    William and Brad were there and I hadn't seem that at practice in ages. William is visiting from CA. He "congratulated" me on my WRs -- the product of my "annoying ass f*ck fins." I miss his banter! I shared a lane with Claire, who just graduated from Mason and is fast, except hates to kick. There weren't too many people there (1-2 per lane) because of the flooding and road closures. There is no school tomorrow here. And, sadly, 2 people died in Vienna when they were swept away in a creek right down the road from me. I don't live far off the main drag, so was lucky to escape road closures.

    Oh, and I heard from Fort Son today. He told me his freshman trip (hiking) was "amazing" and an "awesome experience." Since he never uses such exuberant words, I think it went well. He also reported learning the Alma Mater song, the title and words of which are different than when I went to Dartmouth.

    Easy day tomorrow and a massage booked for Saturday!

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  4. Stroke day, 09/08/11

    by , September 8th, 2011 at 03:38 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Light attendance at workouts due to everyone taking time off after the Hawaii swims.

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center noon
    Billy Glasstetter coached

    200 swim
    200 kick
    200 pull

    Transition Set:
    12 x 25 on 35
    4 x IM drill
    4 x IM kick
    4 x IM swim

    Main Set:
    12 x 75's on 1:30
    IM's xfree on odds
    evens easy free
    ==> I did all fly/all back on the stroke 75's
    held 56 to 58 on fly;
    held 58 to 59 on backs

    Yardage Set:
    4 x 150 on 2:10
    3 x 150 on 2:00 or whatever you can hold
    4 x 100 kick on back with fins
    3 x 75 kick on back no fins + easy 25

    several backstroke starts

    The End
    Today was better than on Tuesday! I felt much better in the water and not so bloated. I really like to do 75's fly in practice. Mostly because it's long enough I can blast-o away from most everyone else, but still short enough I have no trouble actually making it all legal fly, and that includes 2 good turns, not that sloppy struggling type of swimming.

    Today I miss my girls. Usual school day but I can't wait to see them. That's the best part of my day when they come running to the car. Off to carpool line, 'bye!
  5. Thu Sep 8th, 2011 SCY

    by , September 8th, 2011 at 11:53 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thu Sep 8th, 2011 SCY

    didn't sleep well last night,
    took a little nap after practice

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool scy
    6:30 to 8:00 dove in right at 6:30
    wore new training jammer
    swam with Amy & Ned,
    Beside Larry, Korey, Stan, & Tyler

    400 fr
    200 right arm
    200 left arm
    200 k

    Main SET: scy

    800 fr 75% went 9:10
    1:00 Break
    4 x 25 fl on 20
    :30 break

    400 fr went 4:29
    1:00 Break
    4 x 25 bk on 20
    :30 break

    200 fr went 2:11
    1:00 Break
    4 x 25 br on 20
    :30 break

    100 fr went 1:04
    1:00 Break
    4 x 25 br on 20
    :30 break

    100 easy

    800 fr 75% went 8:48
    1:00 Break
    4 x 25 fl on 20
    :30 break

    400 fr went 4:16
    1:00 Break
    4 x 25 bk on 20
    :30 break

    200 fr went 2:06
    1:00 Break
    4 x 25 br on 20
    :30 break

    100 fr went 1:00
    1:00 Break
    4 x 25 br on 20
    :30 break

    100 easy

    Upcoming Meets

    Sat Dec 3rd & Sun Dec 4th
    2011 South Central SCM Regional Invitational
    San Antonio, TX
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  6. Descending 100 Intervals

    by , September 8th, 2011 at 11:53 AM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    So, I must admit that I looked ahead at the workouts (as I always do) and really tried to get myself psyched up for this one. All in all, I did about how I expected to do and was relatively happy with the swims. My uh-oh moment of the day is that my left shoulder is tweaking again. It tweaks at the end of my pull into the recovery motion of my freestyle. According to my coach, I wasn't doing any unusual motions during my stroke. So... grumble... grumble... grumble... I'm not sure exactly what's up and I didn't want to push the speed too hard, so I was content to hold 1:25s w/o fins throughout this set until the interval got to 1:30s. See what we did:

    400 Warm-Up
    1 x 300 Pull on 5:00
    1 x 300 Kick on 5:00
    4 x 100 Free on 2:00 (held 1:25s)
    1 x 50 Free Easy on 1:00
    4 x 100 Free on 1:50 (held 1:25s)
    1 x 50 Free Easy on 1:00
    4 x 100 Free on 1:40 (held 1:25s)
    1 x 50 Free Easy on 1:00
    4 x 100 Free on 1:30 (wore fins - held 1:16s pushing a bit, but not too hard)
    1 x 50 Free Easy on 1:00
    4 x 75 Free ALL OUT on 1:20 (wore fins - held :49-:50s)
    400 Cool-Down
    Total Yards -3500

    I did really push the 75s. Coach told me I could only decrease distance if I really pushed the speed doing 75s, so I pushed hard and my legs were really shaking by the 4th one.

    As for the rest of the day, I decided that my legs need a break from the bike today. With the Aquabike arena in my sights, I've been biking each day between 7.5-14 miles - with a goal of getting up to 25 miles for next summer's Aquabike races that are a 1500 meter swim followed by a 25 mile ride. It should be do-able... and I'm hoping the increased endurance will help on the sprinting side of things too.

    The "big boy" Aquabike near my house is 4000 meter swim and 52 mile ride. That may be a goal for two summers from now.

    Enjoy your swims today!
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  7. Back to the dungeon!

    This morning I swam with Team New York at John Jay College—it was my first time back with this team, and in our “beloved” basement pool, since June. My long absence netted me an official welcome back in the team announcements this morning. It was great swimming with these teammates again (although I’d seen many of them over the summer at other pools or at local swims). The water at John Jay was a good temp, and even transparent today! Here’s hoping it stays that way . . .

    I was in the next-to-fastest lane with 3 fun lanemates, and enjoyed the generous intervals and the camaraderie there. Here’s what we did:

    400 scy warmup

    6 x 50 (25 BR kick with hands at sides, 25 BR swim) @ 1:10

    16 x 50 @ 1:05, 4 FL, 4 BK, 4 BR, 4 FR [We each took turns leading a stroke, more or less. You know there’s a shortage of flyers around when I get tapped for that stroke!]

    2x thru
    100 K @ 2:15
    2 x 50 K @ 1:05
    1 x 50 K @ :55

    3x thru
    200 @ 3:15
    200 @ 3:00
    200 @ 2:45
    :15 rest
    [I did the first round FR (43-37-29), the second round FR/BK halfsies (3:02, 2:49, 2:40), and the third round FR again (45-36-26)]

    200 upside-down IM warmdown

    My body felt tight this morning but I had good energy--things loosened up as the workout progressed, and by the end I wanted to stay in and swim more.
  8. Thursday workout

    by , September 8th, 2011 at 08:38 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Just Dave M and I today. Modified the workout we had on the sheet. 1st 4 100s were supposed to be convert to fly kick. Neither of us can make that but converting to fly was challenging enough. It was supposed to be 5 x 200 fr on 3:10. After one of those, I had recovered from the fly and figured IM was more appropriate for the interval. There was supposed to be a relay at the end but with just two of us, we decided to do some 50s instead. Took my drag suit off for the 200/150 set. First 200 was a disappointing 2:25. Got the third one down to 2:15 but I really need to be under 2:10 w/o a drag suit on. Also should be able to go under :30 on the 50s. Just felt sloppy as I picked up the turnover.


    400 Warm up

    100 Fr - 1:30
    75 fr/25 fly - 1:30
    50 fr/50 fly - 1:30
    25 fr/75 fly - 1:30

    200 Fr - 3:10
    4 x 200 IM - 3:10
    50 Easy - 2:00
    4 x 75 Br - 1:30
    50 Easy

    200 - 2:30 (2:25)
    50fr/50fl/50fr - 2:30
    200 - 2:30 (2:21)
    50fr/50bk/50fr - 2:30
    200 - 2:30 (2:15)

    3 x 100 stroke - 2:00

    10 x 50 fr - 1:00 Descend
    (:40, :39, :35, :34, :33, :33, :32, :32, :30, :30)

    200 Cool down

    (4100 Total)
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  9. Wow then Ouch

    by , September 8th, 2011 at 07:32 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    This was a good workout but I don't back off when I should. My own fault and I will just nurse my neck today.

    500 Free every 3rd 25 streamline kick on back
    500 Free kick w/fins as 25easy/25moderate/25fast
    5x100@1:30 as 50 Free/50Back w/paddles & bouy held 1:25's WOW but this is also what pulled my neck muscle at #3 but still finished it with great times
    500 Breast kick w/brfins
    200 Breast pull
    200 Free kick w/fins
    200 Free choice of drills w/fins

    Total 2600 yards
  10. Wednesday after Labor Day and No Swim Tuesday 9/7/11

    by , September 8th, 2011 at 01:38 AM (Swim like an Orca, but faster !)
    Aquasol. 5:30PM - 7:15PM
    Coach Janine wrote a workout and stuck it to a kickboard.
    It was the same as the JO's. lol

    Warm 2x100FR 200IM drill, 100K, 100P (600)
    2x200 IM Kick no/brd RI :15 (400/1000)
    10 x 50 FR Fist Drill / High Elbow Drag drills on 1:00 (500/1500)
    6x200 IM 1.Normal, 2.Medley (BK,BR,Fly,FR),3. Backwards. repeat.
    on 4:00. Last 2 I pulled, my right hip started reminding me it was there.(1200/2700)
    4x50 Sit on board BR / Kick BR (200/2900)
    4x50 Scull drill on 1:00 (200/3100)
    10x75 K with fins, 2 FR, 2 Fly, 2 BK, etc. (750/3850)
    4x25 FR Sprint on :30 (3950)
    100 cool
    4050 scy

    I was in the gym yesterday, but avoided all leg exercises. Got a lot of pull downs in and working on the incline sit-up bench, can only do 3x10.
    My hip ligament pain has subsided, thought it was a thigh flexor, but noticed a "crack" noise when I got up from sitting a long time and the associated pain. It doesn't hurt to get in the car or do flip turn's, however I'm not pushing it. Glad I was able to do some normal swimming, yet my arms felt like lead from yesterdays weight workout.
  11. No Speed, Sept. 7

    by , September 7th, 2011 at 08:13 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    600 various

    6 x 50 single arm drill

    20 x 25 shooters w/MF
    4 x front/left/right/back/twirling

    5 x broad jump into pool and squat jump off bottom

    Main Sets:

    1 x (100 fast + 100 EZ)
    2 x (50 fast + 100 EZ)
    4 x (25 fast + 25 EZ @ 1:30)

    100 = dolphin kick on back w/MF, :50
    50s = fly w/fins, went :26s
    25s = flutter kick with fins & board, :12s

    100 EZ

    10 x 25 free w/paddles and parachutes @ 1:15-1:30, went 18-19s

    100 EZ

    Total: 2550


    That is truly the worst speed set I've done in ages. Definitely a product of little to no speed work in 6 weeks and of being hypo. I died big time on the fast 100 kick and I usually do 24s on fast 50 flys. Fly seems the most effected for me at the moment; I felt like I was doing some ghastly other stroke. (This is consistent with Nationals where I was 2 & 5+ seconds off my best times in the 50 & 100 fly.) I may temporarily bag doing fly. Don't want to reinforce poor form. I hope the tide turns soon, as I have no desire to compete feeling like crap. But it can take weeks for thyroid medication to fully take effect and months for your body to fully recover. Grr. And I clearly need to do much more speed work. Last year, I swam at a meet in the end of August and therefore did speed work and sprinting through most of August. This year, I lollygagged with Nationals so early.

    I took Chris' suggestion and used paddles with my parachute today. That is taxing! I'm more tired from that than the fast stuff.

    My brother sent me some chia seeds in the mail (along with some other items I very cleverly left at his house). He encouraged me to add them to my smoothies:

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  12. More swimming

    This morning I swam at the Y with a swim buddy. My body was feeling tired and draggy, but the rest of me was cheerful and energetic—it was odd feeling that disjuncture throughout the workout. I felt like I was in cheerleader mode throughout—“Come on arms, let’s go, let’s GO!” Here’s what I did:

    550 scy warmup

    10 x 50 @ :50, odds easy, evens faster, alternating 2 swim 2 pull

    6x thru
    350 at good pace, right into
    100 easy,
    with the whole 450 @ 7:00
    [It was a struggle to keep the 350s at my OHS pace today (4:40s), but that’s what I did—they ranged from 4:39-4:40.]

    3 x 150
    100 kick
    2 x 150
    100 kick
    1 x 150
    100 kick
    [I did the 150s as FR/BK/FR sandwiches, and focused on 6-beat-kicking on all the FR (BK part was easy)]

    550 warmdown + play

    Swimming with a friend is always a joy, so I had fun with the workout today despite my tiredness. One more workout to go tomorrow morning, then I have a massage and a day off—hurray!

    It has been nothing but rainy in the city all yesterday and today, as tennis fans already know. Today was one of those misty days where the tops of buildings disappear into the low fog. That was cool, but I’m hoping for some nice sunshiny days for my swims this weekend!
  13. 5300 in 85 min. - 09/07/11

    by , September 7th, 2011 at 04:41 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    Water was coooold again today & the air temp was only 68 - but it wasn't as bad as I was afraid it would be. Hate this time of year.

    400 swim, 400 pull, 200 kick warm-up

    The following 25 fly/25 back, 50 free on 1:30 base; repeat:
    2 x 300
    3 x 200
    4 x 100

    100 easy
    8 x 100 kick w/zoomers on 2:00/1:50
    100 easy
    4 x 300 pull on 4:30
    100 easy
    Total: 5300

    **I was pleased w/myself this morning because on set 2, I actually did the fly portion - usually I wimp out - do free or back, or put on zoomers for fly - but I am determined to get stronger. Unfortunately, I have a long way to go - if I time it just right, my hips are down, my head is up, and the waves hit me right in the chest - so I'm butter-floundering, not flying. However, I feel better about myself than I did a few days ago, feel stronger in the water, and (possibly?) faster too. I know that by going 5000 hard every day, I am bound to get better.
  14. Wed Sep 7th, 2011 NOON

    by , September 7th, 2011 at 03:48 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Wed Sep 7th, 2011 NOON

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    Bess Coached
    UT, main pool scy
    noon to 1:15 dove in around 12:15
    wore new training jammer
    swam with Ned,
    Beside Jim, Korey, Bob & David

    missed it

    Main SET: scy

    4 rounds of
    4 x 150 fr on 1:50 held 1:36 - 1:40
    40 Sec Break
    4 x 50 stroke on 1:00 desc
    1:00 break

    8 x 25 on :30
    odds easy
    evens fast

    Upcoming Meets

    Sat Dec 3rd & Sun Dec 4th
    2011 South Central SCM Regional Invitational
    San Antonio, TX
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  15. Wednesday, 9/7/11

    by , September 7th, 2011 at 02:03 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)

    Warm up
    400 swim
    - did 200 free/200 back
    10 x 50/1:00 every 3rd fast
    - odds were fly (±40) and back (±41), evens were free (37-38)

    Main Set with Fins (1200)
    6 x 200 smooth build and ds set of 3
    - 1-3 free @ 3:00, went 2:40-2:35-2:30
    - 4-6 back @ 3:20, went 3:05-2:55-2:50

    Kick (800)
    400 IM
    - no board, kicked in streamline with snorkel for fly-breast-free
    8 x 50/2:00 FAST
    - 1-4 no board, flutter in streamline w/snorkel, went 57-57-58-55
    - 5-8 on back in streamline, went 52-50-52-50

    Warm down
    100 easy

    Total: 3000 yards

    I felt pretty good today but my kick needs work! It's not too bad on my back, but on my belly it's really slow!
  16. AFAP = Exhausted :)

    by , September 7th, 2011 at 12:16 PM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    Whereas yesterday was all about distance, today was all about sprinting - as fast as possible. All in all, I was really happy with how I swam this morning - and how much I did of the stroke without fins at all. This weaning from fins will pay off - hopefully big time by the time I get to the Qwest Center in Omaha.

    Here's what we did today:
    400 Warm-Up
    16 x 25 on :30 (odd: kick; even: stroke - did rotating IM w/ fins)
    2 sets:
    - 1 x 200 Free Moderate on 3:30
    - 2 x 100 IM on 2:30 (1st set w/o fins; 2nd set w/ fins)
    - 4 x 50 Free Moderate on 1:00
    - 8 x 25 Stroke AFAP on 1:30 (did both sets w/o fins in IM order - times listed below)
    300 Cool-Down
    Total Yards - 2700

    For the 25s Stroke AFAP, here's how I did:
    Fly - :18 (no dive), :16, :15, :15 (last 3 from dive)
    Back - :16-:17s
    Breast - :26 (no dive), :23, :23, :21 (last 3 from dive)
    Free - :16, :15, :14.5, :15 (all from push)

    Here's why I'm happy.... first of all, my fly when I really got going felt better w/o fins than it has in a really long time. That was awesome.

    Second, my best ever 50 Back racing time is a :38 - and has been a :38 ever since I started competing two years ago. I think I finally have the feel of where the catch is supposed to be. To be doing :16s & :17s would be :32-:34ish race. That would be an awesome drop for me.

    Third, my best ever (and only) 50 Breast race was a whopping :52. Clearly, I had never really worked on it and the breaststroke kick is an amazing struggle to get both my feet to behave properly. To do low :20s from a dive. YAY!

    Finally, my free from a push being :14.5-:16 gave me hope there too. I guess I finally feel like I'm getting back to being able to sprint. I've spent the summer more focused on long distance (and open water) that my sprints have felt really sluggish. Glad I may be breaking out of that.

    Oh... and then I went home and biked 14 miles. Yep... glutton for punishment.

    Hope you enjoy your swims today!
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  17. Wed Sep 7th, 2011 scy

    by , September 7th, 2011 at 11:43 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Wed Sep 7th, 2011 scy

    screwed up,
    thought practice was 7:30 - 9:00 but it was 6:00 - 7:30
    arrived very late

    500 easy

    might go at noon

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    Upcoming Meets

    Sat Dec 3rd & Sun Dec 4th
    2011 South Central SCM Regional Invitational
    San Antonio, TX

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  18. Wednesday Power Hour

    by , September 7th, 2011 at 09:44 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Hope the workout formatting makes sense. No drag suit today. Pool was unusually cool (82-83)... felt good. Hopefully they will keep it that way all fall/winter.

    Round 1 - Nothing unusual. Made all the splits easily. Probably should have worn the drag suit for this round.

    Round 2 - Followed Dave B for this round. Kick -> Fly wasn't bad. Forgot I was supposed to convert Br -> Free for the last half of the round. Remembered at the 1:20 interval. By then Dave B had gotten us about 20 seconds ahead of the interval. Finished really early.

    Round 3 - Less crowded so we split into our own lanes. Purpose was to swim IM until we couldn't make the split and the pull after that. Good idea in theory but the IM to Pull transition took too long and I never got my paddles on securely. Lost my paddle half way through the 1:10. Should have just done Fr. instead of pull... probably would have made it.

    Round 4 - On this one, we were supposed to Kick until we can't make it and then swim stroke until we can't make it and then swim free. Kicked br down to 1:30's. Kind of suprised I was still doing 1:30's after 400 yds but I was still making 1:27 to 1:28. Back stroke didn't go so well. Did that on a 1:28 and was 3 seconds behind for the 1:20. Then, my brain completely misfired and I missed a wall on a flip turn. Not just a "slowly back your toes into a weak push-off" miss. This was a total wiff. It was so bad I could only laugh at myself. Took the opportunity to empty my goggles and set out to catch up for the final interval. Didn't even do an open turn to start the 1:15. Based upon everyone else's push off, I needed to do a couple of 1:07's back to back to make it. Checked the clock before the last 100. Only had 1:05 to make it. Did what I could but ended up 3 seconds short.


    300 Warm up

    Int....Clock...Round 1....Round 2....Round 3....Round 4
    1:50...:00.....100Bk......100K.......100IM......10 0K (Br)
    1:45...:50.....75Bk/25Br..75K/25Fl...100IM......100K (Br)
    1:40...:35.....50Bk/50Br..50K/50Fl...100IM......100K (Br)
    1:35...:15.....25Bk/75Br..25K/75Fl...100IM......100K (Br)
    1:30...:50.....100Br......100Fl......100IM......10 0K (Br)
    1:30...:20.....100Fr......100Br......100IM......10 0K (Br)
    1:10...:50.....100Fr......100Fr......100Pull....10 0Fr

    1:00 Break after Round 2
    50 Easy after Round 3

    200 Cool down

    (4550 Total)

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  19. A good workout today

    by , September 7th, 2011 at 07:33 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Was surprised to do so well and yet feel so loose at the start.

    10x100@2:00 Free as 50pull/50kick
    10x100@1:30 Free w/paddles & bouy
    10x50 from Dive 15 meter breakouts then easy free IM order last 2 fl & fr
    300 Free kick w/fins
    200 Free EASY

    Total 3000 yards
  20. Tuesday, Sept. 6

    by , September 6th, 2011 at 10:44 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    RC exercises
    assisted pull ups w/30 lb assist (10 lbs less than last time), 3 x 8
    assisted dips w/30 lb assist (10 lbs less than last time), 3 x 10
    floor bench press, 50 x 3 x 15
    overhead squat, 50 x 3 x 15
    HS leg extensions, 70 x 3 x 8
    hip hinge w/extended leg w/kettleball row (20 lb K ball), 20 x 3 x 10 each leg -- not easy!
    med ball slams, 10 minutes


    That's all I could do today, and I took a lot of rest between sets. I meant to go to yoga, but was too tired. Until my thyroid medication kicks in, I may be limited to 1 workout a day. The horror! Thanks to my flog, I do see that this is my fourth week of drylands. Perhaps a recovery week would help matters, and I could get some solid sprinting in.

    Both my girls had a good first day of school. Lil Fort had her first ever day of cross country practice with Fort Son's old coach. I am wondering how Fort Son is doing on his pre-orientation freshman trip ...

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