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  1. Swimming in the clouds

    by , August 7th, 2011 at 11:50 AM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Got to swim a couple of times this week. Was afraid I was getting off track because the week before, with my final in my history class and with helping a good friend get ready to move to California, I didn't have a chance to get anything in at all. This past week was better.

    Monday, August 1
    Swam 600 yards in rock quarry near my house. Water felt like a bathtub, so limited how far I went. After what happened to Fran Crippen, I am a little nervous about swimming too hard in murky, hot open water.

    Tuesday August 2
    Actually got a workout in at the Y pool. I literally felt like I was swimming in the clouds. I could not see because they had added a chemical to the water to get rid of the excess phosphorus. Even though I have an idea from my stroke count where the wall is, I had to lift my head to see where the wall was each time. More than once, I ran into the rope because I dould not even see it!
    Anyway, here is the workout:

    200 swim, 200 kick (with fins), 200 pull

    4 x 100 dolphin kick (no fins) on 2:00

    5 x 100, alternate 100 free with 100 back

    4 x 25 fly with fins on :45

    100 easy

    1700 SCY

    Saturday, August 6
    Son is starting seventh grade and is going to do cross country this year. Official practices start on Monday, so he has gotten a little bit of running in the last two weeks. Temps are so hot and the humidity is high, so we throw in some walking.

    Did a 3 mile run on the trail, walking for 30 to 45 seconds every 5 minutes. Did the 3 miles in 28:47.
  2. Coney Island 5K

    My second national championship of the week went a lot better than my first! Today I swam the 5K race at Coney Island. It was a pretty morning, a little overcast and humid, with the sun just rising as I got out to the beach shortly after 6am. I checked in, caught up with a few friends, then headed down to the beach. I was feeling good this morning, but also nervous after my Auburn experience about how my body would react to working hard during the race. I wanted to just check how a bit of pace swimming felt, so I got in and did some warmup near the start area. It was great to be back in the ocean. Stroking along at a nice clip also felt really good. Reassured, I floated in the water a bit, feeling happy and watching the sky, grateful to be part of this race and to be swimming in the midst of so many others who loved the open water. After a bit of reflection, I hopped out, wrapped up in my towel, listened to the pre-race directions (course and buoy details), then lay down on my beach blanket (actually a shower curtain) to wait around for the race to start.

    The 5K race started in two waves, 5 minutes apart, the first one men and the second one women. The course was very familiar to me—it was the basic 5K loop that CIBBOWS swimmers usually swim—only we were starting and ending at a different point along the beach than we usually do. Our start was easy—I made it to the initial buoy and around it without having much traffic around me—then we headed off parallel to the beach towards the pier. There were swimmers near me or within easy sighting distance this whole time, but once we rounded the buoy I drifted pretty far out (partly because that’s where I usually swim, partly because I was worried about colliding with oncoming swimmers), and on the next leg I saw hardly anyone else. I must have been about as far out as we were allowed, because the police boat that was patrolling the outer limits of the course motored along parallel to me for about a half mile along this section. I was about 60m from them, and enjoyed seeing them chug along with me as I swam along.

    I breathed to my left every now and again look at the landmarks along the beach and keep track of my progress. It seemed like the current might be slightly with us on this leg of the race, since things seemed to be going by at a good clip. My arms felt a little sore, but it felt really joyful to be moving along strongly through the water. As I got nearer the far buoy I felt some stinging—maybe sea lice—but it was just little prickles, nothing painful. Soon I was rounding the buoy marking the east end of the course and heading back towards the Aquarium—just a mile left to go!

    At this point I started swimming a little harder. Although I had passed some of the men, I hadn’t seen any other women since the first turn buoy, but soon I spotted someone else from my wave. I swam beside her for a while, then decided that I would rather have her to my right (breathing) side, since I always worry about running into people when they are on my non-breathing / blind side. I did a couple of strokes of breaststroke to let her go ahead so I could switch sides, and when I did she paused as well. It turned out to be open-water legend Marcia Cleveland! I knew from looking at the entry lists that she was probably the toughest competition in my age group at this event. She asked me if I wanted to swim together and go for a tie at the end of the race. I quickly said ok, and off we went.

    The rest of the race was really fun. It’s always a joy swimming with someone, and because we had agreed not to compete I got to simply enjoy her company for the rest of the race rather than strategize about how or when I would try to get past her (good luck with that anyway!), or worry about having to try to outsprint someone on the beach run-up. We swam along at a nice comfortable clip for the rest of the race, then crossed the line holding hands. Here’s a picture of us swimming in to the finish together:

    And yes, it turned out we both got to be national champions! That was pretty cool. I’m glad it worked out that way—I know I had signed up for a race, but sometimes it just feels right to be cooperative rather than competitive with people.

    The rest of the morning was very nice. CIBBOWS always has a great spread after their races—today we had seafood tacos and bread pudding, as well as the more conventional post-race stuff like bagels and cream cheese and fruit. After the awards I went back down to the beach with the usual gang—it felt good to be together with my open-water pals again—for a nice easy swim to the pier and back. It was a fun beach day, and I was happy to be feeling good, to be back in familiar surroundings, and to get to spend time with my friends on the beach. Congrats to CIBBOWS for putting on yet another great event!
  3. "Twas the night before my 9th 50 free..."

    by , August 6th, 2011 at 09:37 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Tomorrow will be a record 9x50 LCM frees in one season! I'm excited to race this one! But equally excited to be done and I can do other things, like organize my pantry for my growing stockpile and clear out the girls closets. It is time for the Kindergarten age clothes to finally be purged.

    On my own today:

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    hooray! got the end lane again! was in a panic at first, walking out on deck and seeing one end lane but two that were doubled up. then relaxed as I noticed they were lovebirds sharing lanes. Whew! No water walkers in sight, so yours truly commands in the deep lane again! such are the stresses of life! and the minor moments of victory!

    400 warm up

    6 x 50 kick/swim

    100 easy

    4 x 75 drill/swim/swim

    50 easy

    The End


    Still feeling very tired, but no way to avoid it. Let's just see what I can do tomorrow!
  4. WR Rebound, Day 2 Nats

    by , August 6th, 2011 at 12:16 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Day 2 started off a little rough, but ended with an unexpected bang. As Geek said, the next race could be your best race.

    50 fly, 1st, 31.5:

    I was quite tired when I got to the pool and warmed up. I kept telling myself to go for the win and not worry about my time. I did win and my time was mediocre. My stroke felt somewhat choppy and I tightened up the entire last 10 meters. The last 3 strokes were dreadful. My back foot also slipped on the start and I didn't get the best push off. If I couldn't SDK, I would have been dead in the water. I was also slightly
    deep on my breakout. These errors and my general lack of long course conditioning may have cost me up to second. Plenty of room for improvement.

    I haven't checked, but I think this might be the slowest I've swum in 4 years? Fortunately, not another personal worst. I swam this event two years ago and almost 2 seconds faster in Indy. Then, I had a Jaked and had swum long course with my team and a lot of 50 flys in practice. If I want to train SCY for a fast 50 fly long course, with my kicks, I'd need to do more 100s in
    practice. I actually enjoy practicing long course
    as a breather from all the turns in short course, so I'm hoping to swim more with my team next summer.

    I was interviewed by the gregarious and ebullient Misty Hyman moments after stepping out of the pool. I now have no recollection of almost anything I said. Lol. But I recall one grave error. I said I love my masters swimming friends, which I do!, but I forgot to mention how much I love being able to train like a sprinter and compete in 50s -- something I never got to do as
    a kid. I also looked like a complete dork with
    the vicious goggle marks on my head. (I tighten my goggles for races after having had issues in the past.

    50 back, 1st place, new WR 32.5
    Previous record from 2002 32.8

    After a somewhat mediocre 50 fly, I didn't have high hopes for my 50 back. Again, the goal was just to win. Based on fly, I expected to swiim a high 33 or so. That's about what I went last summer with not the best training. I sat around for what seemed like forever, though I loved watching the racing from the view in the bleachers. But after the rest and a cup of
    coffee, I didn't feel quite as weary. About 25-30 minutes before my race, I hopped in the pool and swam 100 with burst dolphin. Then, I basically hoped for the best. Though I'm always very fidgety before my races -- sprinter mojo -- it was the most relaxed I'd been at the meet.

    And then we were off! I had my trademark start. Good reaction time, not too deep, and high cycles SDKs to the 14.9 meter mark. . Not entirely sure, but I had a pretty big lead at this point -- maybe 3/4 to a body length lead. If you can do this, no one can catch you in a 50! Then I basically channelled Tancock. I had a very high stroke rate -- I almost felt like I was spinning at times. But, happily, I didn't die much the last ten meters as I expected. Whew! My finish was not stellar; basically whacked my hand at the top of the touchpad. But I didn't want to glide. I feel like it could have been smoother, but I havent swum that much straight backstroke in the mini pool.

    I was extremely happy to look up and see that time! Much better swim than my 50 fly. Wally Dicks said I was "bookin'.". Rob Butcher asked how on earth I can dolphin kick like that. (The answer is of course that you must train sprint dolphin kick.) So I was thrilled! And unexpectedly so. That swim made my meet; tomorrow doesn't matter much to me; this was my chief goal this summer. This was my second fastest time as a masters swimmer, second to my swim in Indy. But this is my fastest textile
    suit swim by almost a second.


    Now as to tomorrow, I'm signed up for 100 back and 50 free. I'm not sure I want to swim the 100 back. I don't want a repeat of my 100 fly disaster and I'm pretty sure it would compromise my 50 free. I want to see when it's offered at the Terrapin Cup. If the 50 fly is Saturday (yes, I'm trying again!) and the 100 bsckstroke is Sunday, it might make sense to save it for then. On the other hand, I don't be essrily want to give up a chance to swim for National championship. I could always redo the 50 free later too. I'll see how I feel in the am.

    They're telling us to add an extra half hour to get to the pool tomorrow am because of graduation ceremonies at 10 and 1. If this means 30 minutes of walking from a parking space, that could decide the matter.

    The only sour note of the day is that someone apparently stole my iPhone after my 50 back. . I checked at lost and found and it wasn't there. I'll check again tomorrow. But it sucks that a masters swimmer could do that.

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  5. Friday

    by , August 5th, 2011 at 11:18 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Today was my last day of summer break, school starts Monday.

    I spent an hour and a half on the phone today talking to the people at SADS. (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome) They gave me tons of great information, answered questions I should have asked the Doctor, and generally made me feel more positive about my situation.
    If my insurance company tries to deny the genetic testing they told me they would help get it through.
    Anyway, I felt happy doing my solo workout at the Monon.
    I liked this workout! I think this could be a good recovery, stretch-out after a meet.

    **200 Freestyle 3:30 interval
    200 free pull 3:30 interval
    2 X 100 IM @ 2:00
    4 X 50 drill/swim @ 1:00
    8 X 25 Kick @ :45 no fins
    *rest :30 seconds
    **200 IM @ 4:00 interval
    200 Freestyle Pull
    2 X 100 alternate Drill/Swim@2:00
    4 X 50 Kick @ 1:00 interval
    8 X 25 Free @ :30
    *Rest :30
    **200 alternating drill/swim @ 4:00
    200 Pull @ 3:30
    2 X 100 Kick w/fins @ 2:00
    4 X 50 Free @ :55
    8 X 25 IMO Stroke @ :40
    *Rest :30
    **200 Kick @ 4:00
    2 X 100 free @ 1:40 interval
    4 X 50 IMO @ 1:00

    3,600 scy
  6. Friday, 8/5/11

    by , August 5th, 2011 at 05:20 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    A little bit of sprinting!


    Warm up (1000)
    400 Mixer
    - did 200 free/100 back/25 breast/25 free/25 fly/25 free
    2 x 100 Kick/choose send off
    - #1 flutter on belly w/board, #2 on back
    4 x 100 Build 1:50,1:45,1:40, 1:35
    - was around 1:28-30 on these

    Main Set (750)
    Repeat 3 Times:
    - 1st time fly, 2nd back, 3rd free
    1 x 50/1:30 FAST
    - fly=42, back= 43, free=34
    2 x 25/1:00 FAST
    - no times, can't see pace clock from far end of pool
    4 x 12 ½ FAST
    1 x 100 smooth

    Kick (200)
    8 x 25/40 FAST Dolphin Kick
    With Mono Fin under Water

    Pull (400)
    4 x 100/10sr working on DPS

    Total: 2350 meters
  7. Double (your pain) FAST FRI Aug 5th 2011 LCM

    by , August 5th, 2011 at 04:13 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Double FAST FRI Aug 5th 2011 LCM

    Searching for my next goals

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    Tyler "the miler" Coached
    UT, main pool LCM
    Noon to 1:15 dove in 12:07
    wore blue camo training jammer
    swam with bob, max, Steve
    Beside JACK "take no smack" LEE

    missed it

    Main SET: LCM

    8 x 100 fr on 2:30 best ave
    dove all of them
    1:08, 1:07,
    1:06, 1:05,
    1:06, 1:05,
    1:05, 1:04

    200 easy

    8 x 50 on 1:30 best ave
    odds fr
    evens br

    200 easy

    assigned: 4 x 100 fr on 3:00 best ave
    did: skipped 1, 2 & 3 to rest up
    100 FR fast 50 2 beat kick 50 6 beat kick
    went 100 high

    200 easy

    assigned: 4 x 50 fr on 1:30 best ave
    did: skipped 1, 2 & 3 to rest up
    50 FL fast
    went 27
    Swim Workouts
  8. Miscellanous musings

    by , August 5th, 2011 at 02:29 PM (Canuck Countdown)
    Here's a comment that I just posted on Chris Stevenson's blog:

    Great swims! Congrats on the WR!

    I find your swim score calculator ( very interesting. Christian Berger (or StatsMan, as we like to call him) calculates a swim score for swims here in Canada. You can visit his site here: . Here's a shortcut directly to the rankings page:

    Look at the 2011 National Prelim Rankings (SCM) for Men 45-49, and you'll see a number at the end of each swim. For example, Peter McKinnon's 100 Free time of 55.13 gets a score of 96. The SwimScore rating from your site is 95. Quite close! But they are derived in totally different ways. Christian's scoring is based on 1965 World Records. At that time, the WR was 52.9 seconds. Christian's scoring rounds that to the nearest second, so a swim of 53 seconds scores 100 points. To calculate the score for any other swim, just take the index time (53) and divide it by the swim time (55.13) and then multiply by 100 = 96. You can see the explanation that Christian wrote back in 2001 here, along with the complete scoring table:

    BTW, Chris - according to Christian's scoring method, your 200 back would be worth 95 points (he always truncates instead of rounding) and your 100 fly would be worth 96 points. That's the raw score. But... Christian also applies an aging adjustment (for total points only, not for individual swims), starting at the 45-49 age group, of 5% per age group. Therefore, your adjusted scores would be 95 x 1.05 = 99 and 96 x 1.05 = 100!

    You can see how Christian does these adjusted scores by scrolling down on this page: until you see the "Leading Swimmers (most value points)" and, below that, the "Adj. for age..." value points.


    I'm swimming in the Alberta Summer Swim Association Regional Championships this weekend.

    On Saturday, I'm just swimming 400 free (time final).

    On Sunday, I'm swimming 200 free and 50 back (heats and finals). This will be the first time in over 27 years that my races haven't been time finals! I'm also swimming 800 free (time final).


    I've never done any open water training or racing. However, I'm going to be at Mabel Lake, BC from August 13 - 20. I decided I better try to keep some swimming feel and fitness, so I used Google Maps to measure out a couple of swims. One is 1.2 km and the other is 2.5 km. I hope to do one or the other every day.


    Last week, we finally got to swim at the new Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool that opened here in Edmonton in July. Unfortunately, they didn't consult with competitive swimmers before opening. It has several shortcomings:

    The pool only had two lane ropes, dividing the pool into 3 sections of two lanes each. Very wavy! This also makes it very difficult to do backstroke, given that it is an outdoor pool (nothing to orient the swimmer when looking up). Also, there are no backstroke flags - dangerous, as someone is apt to smash into a wall if not paying extra attention. Additionally, there are no lines painted on the walls of the pool, making it very difficult to percieve where the wall is when approaching using any stroke. Someone is apt to smash their heels on the deck if they turn too close. Miss turns completely is a common occurrence. Furthermore, the "eyes" that the lane ropes hook into at the pool ends are set too deep, so the lane ropes sit below the surface for much of their length. This obviously contributes to the very wavy pool conditions.

    While the City has since put up backstroke flags, we have decided to go back to Fred Broadstock pool for the remainder of the summer. Hopefully, lines will be painted on walls, etc. by next summer and we can try it out again.
  9. FAST FRI Aug 5th 2011 LCM

    by , August 5th, 2011 at 01:05 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    FAST FRI Aug 5th 2011 LCM

    left home late this morning
    arrived around 6:30

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool LCM
    6:00 - 7:30 dove in 6:30ish
    wore blue camo training jammer
    swam with chris
    Beside Tyler, Marcio, Mary & Brian

    missed it

    Main SET: LCM

    10 x 100 fr on 2:30 best ave
    dove in on #4
    1:12, 1:10, 1:08, 1:06, 1:06, 1:05

    200 easy

    10 x 50 fr on 1:30 best ave
    held 31's & 2's

    200 easy

    5 x 100 fr on 3:00 best ave
    held 5's & 6's

    200 easy

    5 x 50 fr on 2:00 best ave
    dove #5 was fly
    held 28's &9's

    200 easy
    Swim Workouts
  10. A different superlative today

    Day 2 of nationals was a frustrating one for me. Luckily it ended better than it started.

    Early this morning I was having some problems with low blood pressure, which happens to me every now and again. I decided to go to the pool and try swimming the 4IM anyway, hoping that things would right themselves once I got warmed up and active. Didn’t happen. I have never before had the experience of the piano dropping after the first 50 of a 400 (the first 50!) It was a painful and frustrating swim. I stuck with it and tried to find ways of picking up the pace, but nothing worked. I finished in 6:36, a masters worst time by 13 seconds. Oof. Here’s my splits:

    10 Harris, Janet 46 AGUA 6:22.99 6:36.41
    40.70 1:31.17 (50.47)
    2:21.09 (49.92) 3:10.93 (49.84)
    4:09.04 (58.11) 5:08.60 (59.56)
    5:52.98 (44.38) 6:36.41 (43.43)

    (That first 50 is a reasonable split for me—I’ve been out 2 or even 3 seconds faster and swum good races, and my conditioning is probably better now.)

    Unsurprisingly, I felt even worse after this race than before—plus in addition to feeling dizzy I felt incredibly frustrated at swimming so poorly, and worried about how long it would take my body to return to feeling like itself. After talking to my coach I decided to go back to the hotel for a bit, take a few extra salt tablets (in case I had somehow gotten electrolytically imbalanced drinking so much water in the hot weather the last few days), and see how I felt after a bit of rest. I told him I’d be back for the relay at the end of the day for certain, but wasn’t sure about my other events.

    After salinating and eating an early lunch, I looked online and saw that the 50 breaststroke was coming up. I figured I had made it through the first 50 of the 4IM feeling ok, so why not try a short race? I made it over to the pool in good time, and swam my 50 breast in 42.19—by no means a stellar time, but I was just glad to not die somewhere in the middle. In retrospect I probably didn’t warm up enough—I was feeling a little scared about swimming too hard before the race.

    Then I had to decide whether or not to swim the 200 BK. I was feeling better and encouraged by my 50 BR experience—at this point I was more worried than symptomatic, I think. After getting my bp checked by one of the meet EMTs and confirming that it was back at a good level, I decided I was good to go. (My coach, Craig Keller, was incredibly helpful here and throughout the trying day.)

    My 2BK time was slower than I was hoping for (2:56.01), but I was so very relieved at not tying up after the first 50 that I didn’t care. I was just happy to have a body that felt like it was working like it should again. I think I was smiling for the whole last 150 of the race about that.

    4 Harris, Janet 46 AGUA 2:55.67 2:56.01
    41.66 1:26.72 (45.06)
    2:12.18 (45.46) 2:56.01 (43.83)

    At the end of the day I swam a relay, which is always fun. I split 31.99 for a 50 FR with a relay start. So I ended the day with 3 mediocre times, and 1 dreadful one, but also very happy that things had righted themselves and that I was feeling much better than I had at the start of the day.
  11. Thursday, August 4, 2011 5:45pm

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 10:57 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Got in for a quick 30 minutes and went for it, inspired by KNelson's fast paced mid-D sets.

    300 Free
    300 Free Pull

    Main Set (All Pull w/ paddles & buoy):

    3 times thru, descending by set, stay on interval (times by set)
    1 x 250 Free @ 3:00 (2:50, 2:45, 2:43)
    1 x 150 Free @ 2:00 (1:45, 1:40, 1:37)
    1 x 50 Free @ 1:00 (:31, :31, :32)

    I felt great on this set. I was planning on going for more, but my body said no!!

    150 EZ and out
    2100 Yards
  12. Day 1 Nats

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 10:36 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Not my favorite day of competitive swimming. Racing is supposed to be fun, and it wasn't much fun today. I should have listened to my own instincts and scratched the 100 fly. Live and learn! Better to have made that mistake somewhere besides Nationals though.

    50 breast, 3rd, 40.6:

    This was pretty good for me. It's 1.2 seconds faster than I swam last summer. Ahelee thought I should be under 40, but without a wall, that's tough for me. It is a masters PR, though I've only swum this race three times. Still!

    Allen Stark gave me lots of good feedback. I was a bit too deep on the start and should have pulled up on the pulldown. Lack of block practice, I'm sure, accounts for this mistake. I also wasn't recovering quickly enough and dropping my elbows some. Oddly, he remarked that my kick looked good. Puzzling since I never kick. Ahelee watched too, and said I didn't look
    like myself.

    100 fly, 3rd, 1:17

    I hate the 100 fly long course, and this was my worst experience ever. No way to sugar coat it. I should have scratched. I've been training SCY all summer, and was ill prepared for a 100 fly long course. I usually kick 45 meters of a SCY 100, so I'm actually swimming only 50 yards or so. I am just not in shape for swimming 75 meters of fly. I know many believe that you can train SCY for LCM. But not the way I train yards. Allen Stark suggested not pushing off walls when I train SCY. I would rather have just been able to train with my team.

    Usually in this event, I die the last 10-15 meters. Today it was the whole last 25 meters; the arms just stopped moving. No wonder nobody in my
    age group wanted to swim this event! I also tried to breathe more then usual and use easy speed. But that effort just ruined my usual stroke and I was going up and down too much.

    The only good part --- I had a great start and a nice lead at the 15 meter mark. I almost overshot it, and thought perhaps I had when I didn't see the white marker. I was told I was just past 14 meters.

    Unfortunately, I was really dead after, especially my legs, and I'm somewhat worried it will hurt
    tomorrow's 50s. I know Allen scratched to save his legs gor his focus event. I did get a short massage, so perhaps that will help.


    So not a great start with a personal worst. I don't even care about my times tomorrow. I'm just going for the wins. Knowing me, I will wake up with a F*ck It attitude and swim pretty well. If not, I will reboot and re swim the 50 fly and back at the Terrapin Cup. I am, however, permanently retired from the 100 fly long course. It's not worth the angst or the piano. I love fly, but not that event anymore.

    I did see some fabulous swims by other forumites -- Chris, Ahelee, Kurt, etc. Congrats to them!

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  13. Thursday, 8/4/11

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 06:46 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)

    Warm up
    300 Choice
    - did as 200 free/100 back
    4 x 100/1:50 Build
    - all free, ave 1:30

    Main Set
    6 x 100: Alternate:
    100 back/2:00 VERY STRONG - focus on excellent technique, turns, streamlines
    100/2:15 25 EZ/25 kick/25 build/25 EZ
    - times were 1:37-1:35-1:32 on strong ones.

    6 x 50: Alternate:
    50/1:00 Free - very strong efforts - do not breath off the walls
    50/1:15 Breast stroke - smooth
    - did free at 38-39, breast at 1:05

    8 x 25: Alternate:
    25/25 Fast - no more than 3 breaths
    25/45 Smooth
    - did free, didn't get times

    Kick Set: (T - 500)
    Timed 500 kick test set
    - kicked 300 flutter on belly with board then 200 flutter on back.
    - was 7:10 at 300, 11:55 at 500.

    Warm Down
    1 x 200 (50 easy/50 kick/50 drill/50 easy)

    Total: 2500 meters
  14. Companion post, Phast Times Part II

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 05:41 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    And here are the last 2 pages.

    You gotta give Chris Phelan a big thumbs up. First, anyone that wants to write anything about me in any publication (G rated), hey, i'm all for it! Even though many inaccuracies and some spelling mistakes, you gotta give him credit for trying to put all those times and courses together. The most important thing was that he got facts about Monroeville and the Day of the Dead right!

    PS - if you want to read the entire monthly magazine, go and get your own subscription for only $19.00 a year and read all about swim/bike/run in the Dallas area! I am not going to scan all 14 pages! Great underground paper and you'd probably know a few of the names each edition!
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  15. Swim for Distance Month is OVER!!!

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 04:23 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Hooray! Swim for Distance month is OVER!!!!
    I decided to do the workout today! Where is everyone? I guess either on vacation or swimming outdoors with the new practice times.

    SCM, Baylor Fitness Center
    Billy Glasstetter coached

    400 warm up

    6 x 75 kick

    50 easy

    8 x 50 IM stroke/free

    6 x 100 Odd IM fast; even free recovery

    4 x 200 pull (no)
    =>instead, 8 x 50 on 1:15
    kick with fins, to the 15m each way UW.

    2 x dive + breakout to the 15ish; swim back

    The End


    That was fun! Nice to do most of the workout. Still modified the pull. Only had so much time, so chose to practice my breath control + breakout + kick.


    Might have an edit here later.
    Yes, and here it is. PDF pages of The Phast Times News for July 2011 all about me. Last 2 pages to come shortly. Can't figure out how to attach together, since pdf size is limited.

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  16. Thu Aug 4th 2011 SCY

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 01:45 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thu Aug 4th 2011 SCY

    walked in a bit late today

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool scy which was a surprise
    6:00 - 7:30 dove in 6:15ish
    wore blue camo training jammer
    swam in my own lane
    Beside Chris, James Fike, Ned & Max

    missed it

    Main SET: LCM

    4 x 400 fr desc on 5:00
    barely made 1st 2

    50 easy

    4 x 300 fr desc on 3:45

    50 easy

    4 x 200 fr desc on 2:30

    50 easy

    4 x 100 fr desc on 1:15

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  17. Do You Like 100s?

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 12:31 PM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    Today was Happy 100s Day! There is nothing like doing 24 100s (in theory) in a row to really get your morning off right! Here's what we did:

    200 Warm-Up
    1 x 300 Kick
    6 x 100 on 2:00 - odd: fly/back by 50, even: moderate free
    6 x 100 Pull on 1:50
    6 x 75 Free on 1:40
    6 x 100 Free on 1:50
    400 Cool-Down
    Total Meters - 3150

    I was actually feeling pretty sluggish this morning. I'm still trying to figure out my freestyle stroke so my right arm goes in the water correctly, I have a decent catch, and it doesn't throw my left shoulder into protest. Anyhoo....

    I was debating doing the 3rd set of 100's as a kick set, but elected to really focus on a "strong" stroke and swam 75s instead. These actually ended up feeling pretty good! I was pleased, but tired.

    So, for the next set, I again debated kicking or pulling... the only caveat from the coach was that the lane HAD to swim 100s. We could decide what interval we wanted to swim that would give us about 10 seconds rest between 100s. My lane chose 1:50 intervals, which had me coming in with 10-12 seconds rest. Not bad.... Did I mention that I fought through the mental "wanna take it easy" moments and swam the entire last set of 100s freestyle - NO fins and NO pulling?! I was proud of myself!

    All in all, a good morning at the pool! Hope your swims are just as good for you today.

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  18. Wednesday

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 12:48 AM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Today was my first swim on the beta blocker.(metoprolol) It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I only took half of my 25 mg. pill but I felt it kick in strongly. I sort of felt like I was on a tranquilizer, laid back and mellow. The echo-cardiogram was strange but okay. I hope I get results and information on the genetic testing tomorrow! I am impatient! I swam about the same speed as usual, my intervals were a little longer on a couple sets.

    **400 freestyle swim
    **300 mixed kick
    **3 X through:
    4 X 75 @ 1:20 interval
    2 X 150 @ 2:30 interval
    1 X 300 Free-rest 1 minute

    3,400 scy

    We went to Cirque de Soleil "Dralion" tonight! It was splendid!
  19. Wednesday, August 3, 2011 6:00pm

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 12:35 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    300 Free
    300 Free Pull (11-12 strokes per length, trying to stretch out)
    400 IM

    10 x 50 Free @ :45 (held :37/:38)

    10 x 50 Free @ :45 (held :35s)

    10 x 50 Fly @ :55 (held :35-:38) got painful near #7-10

    5 x 100 Free Pull @ 1:20 (went 1:12s, just wanted to stretch out after the fly set)

    3000 Yards

    The meet entry just came out for a SCM meet in mid-October in Portland, at the Multnomah Athletic Club. I'm planning on going, but need to check to make sure it doesn't conflict with the October meet in Spokane as well. I'm planning on doing the 1650 Fly there as a tribute to Peony Munger, who is battling her pancreatic cancer now. I'm hoping she'll be able to be there for the swim, but I'll do it either way. She is the one who swims a 1650 Fly every day in practice.

    For the Portland Meet:
    I'll probably do the 200 Free, 200 IM, 200 Breast, 100 Fly, and either the 100IM or 100 Free

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  20. Wed., August 3

    by , August 3rd, 2011 at 11:09 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    I'm just beat! Had a very long travel day with a lot of walking in airports. My GPS went on the fritz -- never fun for someone like me who has no sense of direction. Finally made it to the pool around 4:00. I saw some friendly faces, swam a 1000 or so, did a couple starts. Ahelee said I "went through the hole.". . Unfortunately, left a towel at the pool and misplaced my pearl earrings. . In general, I fel pretty horrible -- tired and my stomach feels off. I hope it's just travel related or Jimby inspired. Hoping a good nights sleep will do the trick!

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