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  1. Monday, July 18, 2011 5:45pm at the Y

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 10:44 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Last night I did just the Ab Ripper X DVD about 20 minutes before bedtime. It was pretty tough, considering
    1.) I haven't really done any P90X in a while, and
    2.) I'm not swimming as much, and
    3.) I'm about 8 pounds heavier than I was, and
    4.)I'm eating way more fast food due to my work schedule (it's easy and tastes good).

    I didn't really feel any side effects from this ab workout at all during work. I did feel it during the first 50 of my warmup tonight though. Owwww...felt the stretch.

    Solo again at the Y

    200 Free
    100 Kick w/ board
    200 Free Pull
    100 Kick w/ board
    200 IM
    100 Kick w/ board
    100 Free

    Broken 1650 Free Pull 11, 10, 9, ... 1 lengths :10-:15 rest
    **All odd #'d ones breathe only right
    **All even #'d ones breathe only left (much harder for me to do)

    50 EZ
    2700 Yards

    I didn't put too much effort into tonights swim. Just got in to get some yardage/stay in shape/relax from work.
  2. Monday, July 18

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 04:42 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    @ Gym:

    15-20 minutes RC exercises

    30 minutes stretching + foam roller
    -- felt dreadful at first and then better at end
    -- wish I had been smarter and started stretching more the minute I got back from vaca. 100 lashes!

    @ Pool, SCY/Swim/Solo:

    Warm up:

    550 various

    6 x 50 single arm fly/back/free

    8 x 50 @ 1:00
    odds = 25 easy free + 25 build
    evens = 25 easy kick + 25 build

    Sprint Sets:

    10 x burst 25s @ whatever
    odds = backstroke start + fast SDK to 15 m
    evens = dive from side + fast SDK to 5 m

    4-5 more backstroke starts
    100 EZ

    1 x 75 AFAP free w/fins from push + 125 EZ
    -- broken at 25 & 50 for :10
    -- went :54 (11, 11, 12)
    1 x 50 AFAP free w/fins from push + 100 EZ
    -- broken at 25 for :10
    -- went :22 (11, 11)
    1 x 25 AFAP free with fins from push + 75 EZ
    -- went low 11

    1 x 75 AFAP breast w/fins + 125 EZ
    -- broken at 25 & 50 for :10
    -- went :43 (14, 14, 15)
    1 x 25 AFAP breast w/fins + 125 EZ
    -- went 14
    -- intended to do a broken 50, but a noodler swam in front of me to get to the ladder just as I was about to go and I had to abort. I watch for them, why are they so oblivious to others?
    -- got out at this point because I was cramping and needed to pick up Lil Fort.
    -- probably should take the foam roller to the calves again tonight.

    Total: 2450



    My shoulder is still somewhat sore. Felt it at the gym when I was doing seated straight arm dips for the RC. But it felt good enough to attempt a few freestyle sprints today. Was happy with the times, but I didn't feel sharp at all. I plan to do a recovery workout tomorrow and hope to meet up with Speedo on Wednesday.

    Will be on my feet officiating during a long summer league meet tonight. I hope it doesn't get thundered out. Lil Fort is looking forward to her first 100 IM of the summer league season.
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  3. Preparing for nationals

    I had a nice swim at the Y this morning with a friend. Hereís what I did:

    1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 im drill/swim)

    4 x 50 FR desc. @ 1:00

    2 x 50 BR kick
    2 x 50 BR alt. dolphin kicks with breaststroke kicks [to work on timing]
    4 x 50 strong BR swims @ 1:15, focusing on good timing, gliding and going strong into turns [prep for 200/400 IM breaststroke legs]

    500 FR, prime-numbered lengths kick

    200 warmdown + play

    This summer seems to be going so fast! Thereís now just a little over two weeks until lc nats at AuburnóIíll be leaving Aug. 1 to visit with my family for a few days before driving up. I knew it would be a quick transition from the long ow swims Iíve just done back to trying to be sharp for a pool meet. The next couple of weeks will be an experiment in seeing how quickly my body can adapt from the one thing to the otheróI donít have any experience with tapering from this much of a steady workload (>25K/week), and two weeks is a short taper for me in any case. My events in Auburn will be 800 FR (on Wednesday), 400 IM, 50 BR, and 200 BK (all on Thursday). Depending on how quick the meet goes, itís possible Iíll get in a 100 BR on Friday before heading off to the airportóIím also signed up for the 2IM that day, but from looking at the timeline it seems pretty unlikely Iíll be able to swim that, especially since I donít like cutting things close when traveling.

    Hereís the list of things Iíd like to do over the next two weeks to get myself as prepared as possible for a taper meet:

    Get in a couple of workouts where I do some slightly-above-threshold-pace FR swimming [for my 800 FR and the last leg of my 4IM. Iím not trying to improve my conditioning at this point, just refamiliarize myself with what it feels like to swim FR at a pace that leaves me breathy, so Iím not shocked by that sensation at the meet. I already did one session of this last Saturday. These donít have to be long setsó1000 to 1500m should suffice.]

    Do some sprint breaststroke [maybe 2 or 3 times over the next few weeks, working on distances of 15m to 45m]

    Work on maintaining good rhythm on my breaststroke at a variety of paces [this helps my feel for the sprint BR, and also helps keep the 3rd leg of my IMs as efficient as possible. I have a tendency to get to the power phase of my kick before Iím in enough of a streamline position to take full advantage of itóhesitating a split seconds before initiating the kick makes a world of difference.]

    Do a few uninterrupted 400 IMs long course, at relaxed to moderate pace, to remind myself what it feels like swimming that much fly without walls.

    Do 1-2 ďvirtualĒ 400 IMs, where I do walls and other select portions at race pace and the rest easy FR, while mentally rehearsing my keys for each part of the race

    Do a set of 2-4 hard 200 halfsies (100 FR/ 100 BK) to rehearse and practice my keys for finishing strong on the 200 BK

    Do some starts, forward and backwards, but not too many (maybe 2-3 sessions of 4-6 starts over the next 2 weeks).

    Aside from the above, not get drawn into other sets that work me hard without some clear purposeóI want to spend a lot of time in the water just playing and having fun, and talking to the water about our upcoming swims together!

    Iíll probably get in 6-7 more pool sessions before leaving for nats. I think if Iím focused I can get in all the above while still allowing my body to feel rested and tapered for the meetóit works out to just 3 days of significant aerobic sets, plus some shorter sprinty stuff. If I were a real distance freestyler I would probably add some pace work to the list to prep for my 800, but since I donít have much of a clue what pace Iím aiming for, trying to hit specific numbers on the clock wonít be of much use. Iíll just have to rely on my perceived exertion levels and my guesstimate of what an 800 pace should feel like, and see what sort of a swim that strategy produces. It will all be an adventure!
  4. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -07/19/11

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 03:59 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    Taper/rest workout
    WARM UP:
    2 X 250 4:15
    5 X 100 2:00
    4 X 50 faster 1:00

    4 X 200 free 3:30
    Fins optional

    8 X 50 kick 1:20
    1 X 100 easy swim

    6 X 100 2:30
    Swim @ 85/90 %
    Swim # 6 is easy

    2 X 50
    from the blocks @ 100%

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  5. Mon Jul 18th 2011 LCM

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 03:58 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Mon Jul 18th 2011 LCM

    weighed 220 after practice today,
    had guests sat & sun & ate way too much

    worked out
    Sat Jul 16
    7:30 - 9:00
    but didn't blog till now
    Main set
    10 x 025 on :20
    10 x 050 on :35 modified
    10 x 075 on :55 modified
    10 x 100 on 1:10 modified

    Sun Jul 17 did not swim or lift
    done with weights till after Zones

    ZONES Taper Started Sat Jul 16
    I'm doing a 6 day taper for Zones
    not sprinting much because I'm swimming 11 events (below)


    2011 South Central Zone LCM Championships INFO
    Fri Jul 22 - Sun 24, 2011 in
    Shenandoah (Houston), TX
    South Central LCM Zones: DAYS AWAY

    Thu Jul 21st leave for Houston

    Fri Jul 22st 4:00 pm meet begins
    400 IM

    Sat Jul 23rd
    400 FR
    50 FL
    100 BR
    200 FL
    200 IM

    Sun Jul 24th
    100 Fl
    50 Br
    200 Br
    50 Fr
    800 FR

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, main pool
    noon - 1:15 dove in 12:03
    wore B70 Racing jammer
    swam with Jim beside JACK

    board said: 4 x 250
    did 50's on 45 & 50
    went 800

    Main SET: SCY

    assigned: 4 x 400 on 1:00 rest
    DID: 3 x 400 on more than 1:00 rest
    #3 dove, swam smooth & strong,
    went 4:46

    100 easy

    4 x 50 k on 2:00
    did 1 & 2 BR k went 44's
    3 easy
    4 dove, 25 easy speed SDK, 25 easy speed fl k on side went 35

    assigned: 3 x 300 on 1:00 rest
    DID: 300 easy went 4:15,
    rested around 5 or 6 minutes
    300 fr strong from a dive
    went 3:26

    200 easy
    played around with breastroke DPS
    did 50 LCM from a push in 5 strokes
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  6. Thurs July 7 - Sunday July 17, 2011

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 03:28 PM (Canuck Countdown)
    Sunday July 17

    Back at the Kinsmen pool bright and early for a few more races.

    50 back on a medley relay - don't know my split.

    100 Back - going for under 1:09.5, but swam 1:10.63. Just barely caught the wall with my toes on the third turn...

    100 Free - going for under 58, but swam 58.39. Another sloppy 3rd turn - just sloppy, though, not a miss.

    Total Distance (including warmup) = 1350 meters

    This afternoon, I watched the 2nd game of the InterCity tournament. My daughter's team beat Calgary, giving them the silver medal. I sunburnt bad enough that I'm planning to wear a bright red shirt to work tomorrow in hopes of making my face look more brown than red!

    Saturday July 16

    Went to my daughter's InterCity Tournament soccer game today. Her team finished 2nd in Edmonton in their tier in regular season play, so that got them into this tournament against the top two teams of the same tier from Calgary. Today, they lost to the same Edmonton team that they lost the regular season to.

    This evening, I swam 1500 free at a summer club meet at the Kinsmen competition pool (25 meter setup). I was hoping to go under 18:30; after all, how hard can it be to hold 1:14s? As it turns out, it's hard - I swam 18:48. But I beat the 19 year old who's strategy was to take it out hard for the first 200 meters (he had taken one look at me - the old man in the next lane - and thought I'd die, figuratively and perhaps literally). At one point early in the race, he was at least a body length ahead. However, by 400 meters I'd caught him and, by the end of the race, I'd lapped him. #1 thing I'm told after every distance race - don't breath into the walls! Apparently, I actually pause before the turn while I'm gulping down that breath!

    I also won the 25 meter flutterboard (kick) event for my age group in 17.38. That was the 2nd fastest time for all age groups; a 12 year old went 15.73! Rule is that both hands must remain on the board at all times - even the finish - except for the start, where one hand is holding the wall.

    Total Distance (including warmup) = 3050 meters

    Thurs July 14

    Still sick yesterday - I didn't go to work - but went today.

    Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool (SCM)

    Today's workout was tedious (at least for me, maybe because I'm just getting over my cold). A significant part of the workout (2400 meters) was spent doing the following:

    4 x
    (100 kick ("BBQ" - either flutter or dolphin, no board, flip 90 degrees every 25 meters)
    4 x 50 drill
    4 x 50 golf
    100 negative split)

    Total distance = 3200 meters

    Tues July 12
    Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool (SCM)

    I was too sick with a summer cold to go to work today and to swim, but I went to the pool anyway to help with coaching and because we had an informal club board meeting after workout (at Rose Bowl Pizza! Great Pizza!) to discuss the upcoming regular season (September - May/June). Main topics of discussion were coaching - looks like we might need to hire two coaches; and pool costs / club fees - looks like we're going to have to increase fees and/or cut costs.

    Sun July 10
    Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool (SCM)

    3300 meters. It was a cool morning (14 degrees C, 57 degrees F) with light, misty rain. In Edmonton, our outdoor pools do not open to the public if the air temp is below 18 degrees C (64 degrees F), but they do open for private bookings. Many of our swimmers didn't know that, so only seven people showed up. I actually found the conditions to be quite pleasant!

    Our new pace clock arrived at my house on Friday evening, so I took it to the pool today.

    Thurs July 7
    Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool (SCM)

    3600 meters

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  7. Ahhhhh, so much better!

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 02:21 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    I showed up at 10 a.m. at The Carmel Aquatic Center expecting scy. I was thrilled to find the pool set up Lcm.
    The water was a crisp 78 degrees and I had a whole lane to myself the whole time. Oh, did I mention I get to swim there for free since I teach in the school system! Here is the solo workout I did: (Yawn, it's boring, I know)
    **1500 Freestyle Swim (26:30)
    **2 X 200 @ 4:00 interval
    **4 X 100 @ 2:00
    **8 X 50 @ 1:00
    **10 X 50 Flutter Kick @ 1:10
    **2 X 200 Free @ 4:00
    **100 Pull @ :10 rest
    **2 X 50 Free @ 1:00
    **100 Pull @ :10 rest
    **2 X 50 Free Stretch Out

    4,000 LCM

    I get so tired swimming long course. I swim slower too. I'd think I was out of shape except when I swim scy I do normal workouts in my normal pace and feel good. I don't think it's mental; I like the idea of less # laps and turns.
    I think I'm going to go to Carmel for the rest of the week. Forest Park is going to keep getting hotter and hotter. I'll trade lonely solo swims for cool water any day!!
    Unfortunately the Carmel pool shuts down Friday till August 8 for cleaning and maintenance.
    Perhaps the weather will give a break by then!!
  8. IM Day with a Special Fly Focus!

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 12:01 PM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    After a day completely off, I was looking forward to hitting the water again this morning. The vast majority of my soreness is gone (although my thighs are still a bit tight), so I wanted to enjoy the lack of soreness. Yes, we have another softball doubleheader scheduled for Thursday. Since we're in the season-end tournament, everyone plays two games on Thursday. Then, it's down to win or go home. Hope we do well enough to keep playing, but today is only Monday... Thursday is a long time from now. Today, just enjoying feeling relatively rested and pain-free. Here's what we did:

    400 Warm-Up
    10 x 100 IM (rotating stroke order) on 2:10
    8 x 25 Fly Drill on :40
    4 x 50 Back Dolphin Kick on 1:15
    4 sets (did stroke as fly/back/fly/back):
    - 1 x 100 as 50 Stroke/50 Free on 2:10
    - 1 x 100 as 25 Stroke/50 Free/25 Stroke on 2:10
    - 1 x 100 as 50 Free/50 Stroke on 2:10
    200 Cool-Down
    Total Meters - 3200

    Knowing that tomorrow is distance day and how challenging doing all the stroke would be, I did most of this with fins on. That said, I did do all the stroke as written. Tomorrow's distance day should be interesting, especially as I'm debating whether or not to enter my first open water race and am trying to decide if I should do the 1K or the 2K for this first race, and the 2K or 4K for the second race. I might opt out of the first one (July 30) and just do the second one (end of August) - but the question still remains for that one 2K or 4K. If it's my very first race, it's easy to make the 2K call. Huh... as I said... still debating. Thoughts and/ or suggestions?

    Enjoy your swims today and - if you are anywhere in the Midwest - try to stay cool!
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  9. 10k Postal

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 09:42 AM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    I went to Boise over the weekend to do the postal with a few of my teammates. Had never swam more than half that distance before so it was quite an experience. My plan was to swim it continuous except for a short break every 2000 meters to drink some water and energy gel. I had mixed the gel with my water so I wouldn't waste time trying to suck it out of the little packets it comes in. This worked real well as I was only about 10 sec on each "pit stop". The swim was Sunday morning at the Boise West YMCA.

    Total time for the swim was 3:01:49. I'm pleased with that as it's a first time for attempting this. Not sure if I'll ever do it again but one never knows! The only reason I did it this time is because I wanted to do all 5 postals in a year to get the patch.

    Here are my splits by 1000's:
    1000 - 17:35
    2000 - 34:54 (17:19)
    3000 - 52:44 (17:50)
    4000 - 1:10:42 (17:58)
    5000 - 1:29:02 (18:20)
    6000 - 1:47:35 (18:33)
    7000 - 205:56 (18:21)
    8000 - 2:24:47 (18:51)
    9000 - 2:43:43 (18:56)
    10000 - 3:01:49 (18:06)
  10. Lack of sleep doesn't stop me

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 08:35 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Got back at 11:30 last night from states and got up for practice at 4:30. Can you say TIRED!

    10x100@2:00 Free
    5x200@4:00 Fly w/fins as 50 rt arm/50 lt arm/50 kick/50 swim
    500 Free kick w/fins
    8x50 from dive 25 sprint 25 easy alt fly/free
    100 warm down

    Total 3000 meters
  11. Monday Workout

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 08:17 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Gained a lot of weight over the weekend. Figured that might happen because I cut back on swimming Saturday and ate a lot. Going to try and ride some today to get it down again. Didn't help that we only swam 4000m today.


    600 Warm up
    5 x 100 Odd Kick/Even Drill

    5 x 100 1, 3, 5 Free; 2 - Br; 4 - Bk
    4 x 50 Fly drill

    5 x 100 Pull
    4 x 50 Choice stroke Build

    6 x 100 Odd Kick/Even Drill

    6 x 100 Free (1-3, 4-6 Descend)

    200 Cool Down

    (Total 3900m)
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  12. Hot and Tired

    by , July 17th, 2011 at 11:11 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    I ended up swimming 22,000 meters last week while on vacation in Florida. This wasn't really planned but I had the time and a beautiful pool so what's a girl to do.
    Yesterday we cruised home in 16 hours or so. Not a bad drive at all. I read 2 books on my Nook and consumed a Big Mac Super-Sized Meal. Wow, I felt like trash after that! I simply cannot eat fast food anymore. My elderly digestive track needs premium fuel and Mickey D's doesn't cut it!
    I showed up this morning for practice at Forest Park. The water was stifling. I aborted my swim around the 1,700 meter mark. Sometimes you're not doing yourself a favor to keep going and that's how I'd describe my effort today.
    I got home just about the time Marty was heading out to run (high noon on a 90 plus degree day) I decided to go jogging along. We only went 4 miles on the shadiest course we could wind through. The run felt better than the swim.
    After running we immediately plopped down with a 6 pack of 2-Hearted Ale and watched Team USA ladies lose the soccer match to Japan by a shoot-out. I hate shoot-outs!
    Tomorrow I've already decided will be an indoor swim, in fact if this heat wave hangs around I may stay in the whole week. I just downed a 32 ounce Gatorade and a couple bottles of water trying to get rid of this head-achy dehydrated feeling.
    I will skip the 2-Hearted Ale the rest of the week!
  13. Sunday, July 17

    by , July 17th, 2011 at 07:54 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    600 various

    8 x 50
    odds = drill
    evens = kick

    Main Sets:

    4 x 100 dolphin kick w/board & fins @ 1:45
    -- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 25 fast
    4 x 50 fly drill @ 1:00
    8 x 25 shooters on belly
    8 x 25 burst dolphin kick on belly @ 1:00

    4 x 100 backstroke kick w/fins @ 1:45
    -- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 25 fast
    4 x 50 back drill @ 1:00
    8 x 25 shooters on back
    8 x 25 burst dolphin kick on back @ 1:00

    4 x 50 russian breast drill @ 1:15
    8 x 25 long breast pull outs
    4 x 25 fast breast pull w/buoy
    (Had to abbreviate this third part b/c I was heading to the Harry Potter finale.)

    100 EZ

    Total: 3600



    Just did a super boring workout in a crowded indoor public pool while all my PV friends like Jazz and Speedo frolicked at beautific Hains Point. (Though I did hear the sun was blinding for backstrokers and that it was very hot.) As I said on Jazzy's blog, the front of my right shoulder is still somewhat painful. I didn't want to risk aggravating it on dive starts or all out sprints today when my taper meet is 2 1/2 weeks away. I've never actually scratched a meet before to my recollection ... I also reasoned that if I eff up a start or race at Nationals, I have the Terrapin Cup 2 weeks later to redeem myself. Really glad the schedule worked out that way! Less pressure all around.

    Made the decision to scratch last night, so Mr. Fort could do his long 20+ mile run this am. My shoulder actually feels somewhat better after my workout today which, though largely kick driven, got the shoulder moving. I did feel pretty lethargic in the water though. But the week was pretty full with sprint workouts + nasty massage + explosive weights + bikram. I'm actually looking forward to resting some. I've also decided I need to stretch more, so may hit the gym for some RC + stretch sessions. I did a ton of stretching before the Albatross meet after giving up bikram. For tonight, the foam roller and stick will do.

    Oooh, I tried the new shellac polish for nails on my toes. So far no damage from fins or other things!

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  14. Grimaldo's Mile Ocean Race

    This morning I went out to Coney Island for the Grimaldo’s Mile ocean swim. It was a clear beautiful morning, and the near-full moon was setting as I walked across the boardwalk to check in. There were lots of friends doing the race and volunteering at the event, and it was a sociable morning as we all mingled on the boardwalk, applied sunscreen, and got ready to swim.

    Around 7:45 we were told to drop our bags off and head down to the beach. The race was a straightaway course parallel to shore, starting just east of the pier and ending past Grimaldo’s chair at the Shorefront Y. This was familiar territory, since it’s where I do most of my open-water training—Grimaldo’s chair is the usual meet-up point for CIBBOWS swimmers. (Sadly, the Grimaldo for whom the chair and race is named—a former beach lifeguard--is no longer with us. He passed away two years ago at the all-too-young age of 34. Unlike many memorial swims, this race was established and named for Grimaldo when he was still alive and healthy, to honor his friendship and assistance to swimmers training out at Brighton.)

    Soon after 8 we lined up by the water for the start. The countdown came, and I stroked out to the turn buoy without getting into too much traffic. In the 300 yards after the buoy I passed about a half-dozen swimmers (probably those who had sprinted all-out at the start—that seems to be a popular strategy). After that I just swam along the course, enjoying the pretty day and the clear water, and only seeing a couple of other swimmers the whole rest of the way in.

    The course was well marked, and the finish easy to navigate. I finished in 26:47, which placed me 8th overall, and 2nd woman. For my efforts I won a pass for 5 free tickets (or 10 kiddie tickets) to one of the Coney Island amusement parks—I gave them away to a fellow swimmer who has young child, after failing to find four other adults in the crowd who wanted to go ride the rides. After some yummy food and awards I went back out to the beach, and swam to the pier and back with some friends.

    Afterwards I convinced a bunch of CIBBOWS regulars to get back in the water for a little beach synchro. Today’s revelation was that one of my swim pals did water shows when he was growing up in New York! He taught us a few new moves, including the “oyster,” which involves floating on your back, piking so that your hands and feet meet, then sinking butt first under the waves. We made up a little routine and practiced it a few times. Much fun and giggles!

    After another dip (the beach was hot today, and the water cool) it was time to go. I said goodbye to the beach, got a quick bite to eat with a couple of my favorite swimmers, then headed back to Manhattan. I love beach days!
  15. Meet 3 reporting

    by , July 17th, 2011 at 05:50 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    Decided to swim in a "developmental meet" in Ocala yesterday - swam tired, with furry legs & workout suit. Water conditions: water was ok temp wise, but the average depth of the pool was 3-4 feet. This did not stop Jason Goltz from breaking 3 fly records in the 30-35 age group tho!! He was impressive! I, not so much. But then again, I am old, he is young.
    200 free - added 4-5 secs from Sarasota
    50 fly - first time swimming it, went a 42 - which was better than I expected, so was pleasantly surprised
    100 breast - added one sec from Sarasota
    400 free - almost scratched this, then decided to use it as just "distance" or workout, went out moderate & held my pace - only added 3 sec from Sarasota - which is an interesting commentary. I need to learn to control those butterflies in my stomach - I do MUCH better without them!!
  16. Sunday Sprint Day

    by , July 17th, 2011 at 12:43 PM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Today was the usual split lanes of distance and sprint workout.

    Brian coached
    see our coaching staff here:

    LCM at SMU:
    300 warm up with fins
    3 x 100 kick
    8 x 50 drill odds, build evens

    main set:
    4 x 25's variables
    1 fast 50 free
    150 easy

    4 x 25's variables
    2 x 50 fast
    100 easy

    4 x 25's variables
    3 x 50 fast
    50 easy

    100 easy

    4 x 100 pull (no)
    =>4 x 50 kick with shoes instead

    Bonus: 1 dive with breakout

    The End

    Lots of people today. I committed to swimming fast to stay at the front of the lane to have clear water and clean intervals. I can't stand the corrupted intervals at the back of the lane. The 10 sets apart rule seems to break down and I can't stand someone going 3-5 behind on all-out sets. Geez! Who are you fooling??!!!!

    HOORAY! My mother-in-law is coming back today to pick up the dogs.

    Also: double up and doin' my Vasa today. Summer league All-Stars are tommorow so I will take the day off. I have a massage scheduled today as well.

    Random couponing tip: In addition to using a binder for your coupons, keep one page at the top for "check out aisle" stuff, like candy, lighters, and all those random sorts of things. I got 4 free 3-Muskateer bars (2 x $.50-off-two coupons, doubled at Kroger, special price on selected candy bars was 2 for $1.00). There is nothing so tasty as a Couponing Victory Free Candy Bar!
  17. Open Water is a Blast. Who Knew?

    by , July 17th, 2011 at 12:16 PM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    First of all, I will freely admit to completely enjoying the fact that I am not swimming at all today! It's been a pretty brutal week - with lots of IM mixed into our practices and a softball double-header on Thursday that left me multi-colored (note to self: do not lose a ball in the sun again!). On top of that, I'm designing a new product catalog from scratch at work and that has been fairly mentally draining for me - but also a LOT of fun!

    With all that being said, I was not really sure how I'd feel on Saturday morning when I was invited to an open water swim with a few of my teammates. Not wanting to miss swimming two days in a row (since I never swim on Sundays) and having really enjoyed the open water practice the week before, I decided to do the open water swim, but wear fins. I must interrupt myself to say that playing third base really leaves your legs feeling nasty tight - at least it did mine. It was like an almost continual squat for the entire game!

    Anyhoo, we swam in a lake quarry off of a dock that belonged to a friend of a swimmer. The water was beautiful, amazingly clear, and nicely warm. I've decided that I love the early morning outdoor swims where all you hear are the birds singing and water splashing. There ended up being five total swimmers - everyone else being an accomplished and experienced open water racer. So, I was very glad that I made the decision to wear my fins. We ended up going around the lake twice and they estimated the total distance was about 4000 meters. With my fins on, I was able to keep up without struggling and really feel and stretch out my stroke. A great time!

    So, that's where I am. What I'm really liking about open water swimming is the lack of a clock, which makes the entire swim that much more relaxing for me. I'm now debating whether or not to enter the Planet Adventure 1/2K and 2/4K events just to see how I'd do. Open water compares to half marathon training in that you just keep going - adjust your pace as necessary - but just keep going. And, I like that. Who knew? I'm as shocked as anyone that I'm liking this so much - and that the fishies are not nibbling on me as I swim by. YAY!

    Well, those are my thoughts for the day. I'll try to be more regularly posting the workouts again this coming week.

    Until then, happy swims to you!
    Swim Workouts
  18. Open Water 400

    by , July 16th, 2011 at 07:49 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Did the swim for a triathlon team this morning. It was just a 400m swim in open water on the Tennessee river. We had a lot of storms last night so the air was cooler and less muggy that it has been in a while. I wore my speedo aquablade jammer w/ the provided yellow swim cap. Broke in a new set of goggles hoping the anti-fog will last through Nationals. It was nice to drop the drag suit for a change. Didn't bother shaving... I'll do that in a couple weeks.

    I put in a time of 5:30 for my seeding. I don't like to be first but I didn't want to end up in the middle of the pack. They seeded me 22nd. Swimmers left every 5 seconds in order that they were seeded. I started wondering if I'd get blown away because pretty much everyone ahead of me looked to be in very good shape. We started from the beach and swam out 200m along a rope w/ bouys and back. After that, we had to run about 150m to the transition area. A decent breeze out of the southeast created some small waves but it wasn't too bad. I only passed a couple people up to the end bouy. Figured that would be the case. The surprise was on the way back I was passing groups of 3-5 swimmers. Ended up coming out third. Swim plus run was 6:00 flat. Next closest to me was 40 seconds back.

    Our team did great. We were second place overall and lost to a team of high school and college kids. All of us were over 40. I beat their swimmer but their cyclist and runner were amazing. Had lots of fun and look forward to more of it.
    Swim Workouts
  19. 7/16/11

    Small turn out at practice today. I think there was only eight of us at the pool this morning. I guess everyone has crazy schedules with company coming in town or getting themselves out of town.

    The format of todays workout was a little different then usual. It was fun to mix in the toys and get a little bit of stroke work and some speed.

    400 choice

    Kick w/fins
    6 x 100 build then verticle kick for 1:30
    -- I really worked these, legs were fried

    1000 Pull (I went bouy only and felt strong)
    1 length fast , 1 ez
    2 fast , 2 ez
    3 fast , 3 ez
    4 fast , 4 ez
    4 fast , 4 ez
    3 fast , 3 ez
    2 fast , 2 ez
    1 fast , 1 ez

    8 x the following
    75 (fl/bk/br) @ 1:30 90%
    50 fr @ 50 90+%
    25 fr @ 30 ALL OUT
    75 choice @ 2:00 active recovery

    300 w/d


    Not a whole lot to say except that I am so glad that the weekend is here. The house is now clean again so now it is time to get myself and the kids out of it before it gets destroyed.
  20. Lovely beach day

    I had a beautiful swim at Brighton Beach today. It was bright and sunny with little puffy clouds dappling the sky. Air temp was around 80, the water was very clear and near 70, and there were lots of folks out enjoying the nice summer dayófrom the water all the beach umbrellas lined up in the sand looked quite festive.

    I swam easy to the pier and back (2M), stopping a couple of times to chat with friendsóMelissa on the way out, Alan on the way back. The waterís warm enough now that itís possible to stop and visit for as long as you want without getting coldóI treaded water for 5-10 minutes each time. Meeting up with pals in the water is one of my favorite parts of swimming at Brighton. We talked swim plansóAlan has a swim scheduled for later this season that Iím very interested in following, as I could want to do something similar next year.

    After I completed my mini-loop I swam a little extra in order to refresh my memory of what the race finish will look like from the water tomorrow. Once back on the beach I got to visit with other CIBBOWS buddies as they were coming and going from their own swims. It was a pretty perfect morning, and life feels good!

    Tomorrow: Grimaldoís Mile at Coney Island