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  1. A day for fours

    This morning I swam with the Panama City Beach Masters, with Coach Chuck on deck. It was in the mid-50s at 6am, and we had a good-sized group (about 6-8 swimmers) at the pool. I shared a lane with swim buddy Mark for most of the workout. Here’s how it went:

    Warmup: 600 lcm choice, alt. swim/kick/drill by 100s

    8 x 50 pull @ :55, 4 relaxed + 4 descend

    4 x 200 FR @ 3:15, done as 150 easy/50 fast, 100e/100f, 50e/150f, 200f [3:02, 3:00, 1:54, 1:47]

    4 X 100 K @ 2:30, desc. [2:10, 2:00, 1:55, 1:50. Coach endeared me to my temporary Florida teammates on this set by pointing out that if I was doing kicks on 2:30 without fins, they should be able to do them on 2:20 with fins. Pointed questions about when exactly I was returning to NYC followed.]

    4 x 150 FR/BK/FR @ 2:40, with FR=easy, BK=fast

    4 x 50 K @ 1:10, desc. [1:05, :59, :54, :50]

    4 x 100 FR swim w/ paddles fast @ 3:00 [1:20, 1:18, 1:17, 1:18, last one without paddles]

    800 warmdown

    I wasn’t pleased with my times on those last fast 100s. I wanted to blame the paddles—I’m still getting accustomed to swimming while wearing stuff, and it felt pretty awkward trying to sprint with them—but I was no faster when I took them off for the last one. I am happy with the gains I’ve made in my basic fitness and endurance over the last few months, but worry that the emphasis on longer stuff has caused me to lose some speed. So I’m looking forward to my workouts with the coach here—he tends to do lots of kicking and Salo-sprint style sets, particularly at the Tues/Th scy evening workouts. It will be good to remind my body how to go fast again. I think I have enough of a base at this point that I can intersperse those workouts with some longer ones in the mornings without it being too hard on my body.

    I was also glad to get in my swim and get back home before the rain hit. Here’s a picture of the approaching line of thunderstorms:

  2. Starting the New Year

    by , January 5th, 2011 at 11:45 AM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    Going into the second year of competing as a Master swimmer, I find myself wanting to change things up a bit and be more accountable to myself for my efforts in - and out of - the pool. With that in mind, I resolve to do the following:

    1. Practice - 5x per week with the team. 1x per week on my own. 1 day per week (Sunday) to rest/recover.

    2. Weights - at least 3x per week.
    3. Sit-ups - every night.
    4. Nutrition - watch what I eat (aka fewer cookies, more fruits/veggies) and make sure I'm getting enough protein to help my muscles recover.
    5. Flossing - every night (or at least until my next dentist appointment is over ). ** Not swimming-related, but a big step for me anyway.

    Today's workout was nasty tough for me - not much yardage (only 3100 scy), but a good deal of sprinting (did a 50 free from a push in :32 - best race time from a dive is low :31) and then a TON of fly. Was proud of myself though because I hung in on the fly as best I could and surprised myself at the end with a solid 50 fly instead of a "cheating" 25 fly/25 free combo as I had done the set before. Hard to climb out of the pool at the end, though. But - hanging in there is going to be my theme for this year. Today was a good day... We'll see how tomorrow goes.
  3. Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011 5:00am

    by , January 5th, 2011 at 11:11 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Over the last weekend I decided to pull out my Total Gym workout machine that I've had in storage in my garage for the past 3 years. I've just not had the space available to set it up inside the house until I made my kids start sleeping outside. (just kiddding).
    15 minutes a day on that doing the various different positions can really give you a good workout, to supplement the swimming. I like it because you can really simulate strokes of swimming while using it.

    200 Free
    100 Kick
    200 Pull
    400 IM Drill
    100 Kick

    4 x 50 Fly @ 1:00
    8 x 25 Fly @ :35
    4 x 50 Back @ :55
    8 x 25 Back @ :30
    4 x 50 Breast @ :55
    8 x 25 Breast @ :30

    3 x 200 Free Pull :30 rest

    100 EZ
    2900 Total
  4. 1/5/11

    by , January 5th, 2011 at 10:58 AM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    600 warm up

    3x100 K on 1:30 desc
    2x50 :50 fast

    2x200 on 3:00
    4x50 :50 fast

    2x100 on 1:30
    6X50 :50 fast

    100 easy

    2x100 on 1:30
    6x50 fast

    2x200 on 3:00
    4x50 fast

    3x100 K on 1:30 desc
    2x50 fast

    400 cool down
  5. Felt good today

    by , January 5th, 2011 at 08:37 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Overall I have to say I felt fairly good today. Only my lower back and ankle where stiff at the start. After the first 300 of warm up felt good all over.

    100,200,400,200,100@:10R Free
    500 Free kick w/fins as 25easy/25mod/25fast
    500 Back kick w/fins fast pace make legs burn
    5x100@1:30 pull w/paddles & bouy as 50Free/50Back held 1:25-1:26
    5x100@1:45 Free to Back #1 4free #2 3free/1back #3 2free/2back #4 1free/3back #5 4back
    held good pace on this #5 was a 1:35
    200,100,100,100@:05 Free EASY

    Total 3500 yards
  6. Tuesday Jan 4

    by , January 5th, 2011 at 12:37 AM (Keepin Track 2010)
    Got my rear end whooped tonight. will love the distance side of this one...T

    20min WU
    5x50 FR drills
    200 BA kick with flippers

    S500FR, S2x250 FR, S4x125 FR on training base

    Easy 50

    4x50 kick SPEC with flips
    SPEC set
    S4x150 SPEC (25 drill, 50 Swimx2)

    Easy 50

    4mid pool 50s work turn breakouts

    200 wd
  7. Back to the real world




    300 CHOICE
    20X50 @ 60
    3 DRILL
    2 DPS
    10X50 @45
    DESCEND 1-5,6-10

    400 IM W/20
    2X200 IM W/20
    4X100 IM W/20

    12X25 W/15


    200 W/D

    3700 SCY
  8. Welcome to my world of toys

    This morning I was swimming lc solo and decided to use all the toys in my swim bag. Here’s the result:

    1000 warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 rev IM drill/swim by 25)

    Tempo trainer set
    8 x 50 @ 1:10, increasing stroke rate every 2
    2 x (3 x 100 desc. @ 1:45) at slightly-faster-than-comfortable stroke rates
    [I also practices getting my times with my Sportcount chrono finger timer on these—I never reached a point where I wasn’t swimming faster times at higher stroke rates on the 50s]

    Fin set
    2 x 100 kick w/ fins (50 fly on back, 50 back)
    2 x 100 w/ fins (50 fly kick / 50 swim)
    12 x 50 (25 sprint / 25 easy) @ 1:30, 3 of each stroke desc. [kept fins on for FL and BK, took them off for BR and FR]

    100 easy

    Snorkel set
    10 x 100 pull w/ snorkel @ 1:45, trying out all 3 sets of paddles in my swim bag plus bare hands over the course of the set [My favorite paddles are still the tiny strokemaker red ones (size 0.5), which I think are meant for 10yo’s or something. My fingers actually reach over the top of them slightly. It seems odd to wear paddles that are smaller than your hands, but they are a bit wider, and do seem to give a more oomphy feeling to my stroke. I also found out that I like using my snorkel much better if I combine it with pulling—otherwise it seems like it pushes my head up too much and unbalances me.]

    IM set
    5 x 200 IM pacman kick > swim @ :20 rest

    400 warmdown + play

    I was disappointed to find out that this is the last day the kids team will be practicing in the mornings for a while—they start back to school on Thursday, and the coach is giving them a morning off tomorrow to sleep in. In addition to a good music system and extra pace clocks, they also bring a great deal of energy and joy to the pool. If they hadn’t been there this morning I would have been the only swimmer in the water for the last hour+ of my workout. As it was, they were doing their annual 100x100 today, and I was inspired by their efforts. Their coach is always really positive and enthusiastic, and just beams with pride when he talks about what his swimmers have accomplished. It has been really satisfying to see this team growing bigger and faster each year I’m here—this year they had their first senior nats qualifier!

    After lunch I swam a bit in the gulf. The water temp has dropped back down to 57, and the air temp was around there as well. I stayed in for about 35-40 minutes, but didn’t swim terribly far because I kept stopping to look at things. Lots of pelicans were flying overhead and surfing some small waves near me—it’s amazing how they can keep those long wings just an inch or two about the moving water, without ever dipping a tip. There were occasional loud rumbles that had me stopping to look around, but they weren’t rogue waves about to crash into me—I think it was fighter jets flying overhead (I’m near an air force base and often see these), but they were above the clouds cover so I couldn’t spot them. I’m hoping to go in again later this week—with no nights in the 20s forecast, the water temp has a decent shot of staying reasonable.
  9. Tuesday, 1/4/11

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 05:47 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    Warm up (700)
    300 as 100 Swim/100 Kick/100 Drill
    4 x 50/1:00 desc, alternate back - free
    8 x 25/30 Strong did these IM order

    Main Set: Swim (1250)
    4 x 100/1:50 ds (1:23->1:20)
    4 x 25/40 Fast (Back) (18-19)
    3 x 100/1:45 ds (1:23->1:20)
    3 x 25/45 Fast (Back) (18-19)
    2 x 100/1:40 Build (1:25's)
    2 x 25/50 Fast (Back) (18's)
    1 x 100/1:35 Strong (1:20)
    1 x 25/55 Fast (Back) (17)
    (This would be a good set for fly)

    Kick Set (250)
    10 x 25/1:00 fast!
    1-5 flutter, 6-10 dolphin
    did this with board and snorkel, flutter was 18-20, dolphin was 23-25

    Drill Set: (400)
    2 x 200 - 1- free, 1 - fly
    Free: 50 scull (25 front, 25 mid scull)
    50 Side Kick (25 L, 25 R)
    50 One Arm Drill (25 L, 25 R)
    50 Full Stroke Strong Build

    Fly: 50 Front Scull
    50 dolphin kick on side (25 L, 25 R)
    50 25 One arm drill: 25 2 L - 2 Full Strokes - 2 R
    50 Full Stroke Strong Build

    Cool down (200)
    2 x 100
    #1 ez back, #2 ez free

    Total: 2800 yards
  10. Tuesday, Jan. 4

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 05:35 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    700 various

    Main Sets:

    -- This was a modified Tall Paul workout. All fast kicks were with fins.

    6 x 50 @ 1:00, single arm fly
    :30 rest
    1 x 100 fast (90%) kick (flutter with board, went 1:03 -- ugh)
    :30 rest
    4 x 25 free @ :30
    1 x 50 scull

    6 x 75 breast @ 1:25
    :30 rest
    1 x 100 fast (90%) kick (backstroke, went :59)
    :30 rest
    4 x 25 free @ :30
    1 x 50 scull

    5 x 100 IM @ 1:45
    :30 rest
    1 x 50 fast AFAP kick (flutter w/board, high 26)
    1:00 rest
    4 x 25 free @ :30
    1 x 50 scull

    5 x 100 backstroke @ 1:45
    (In Paul's workout, these were intended as 200s.)
    :30 rest
    1 x 50 AFAP kick (backstroke kick, high 24, cramped)
    1:00 rest
    4 x 25 free @ :30
    1 x 50 scull

    100 EZ

    Total: 3450



    This workout -- not the structure, just how I felt -- sucked. My body is still sore and fatigued from starting and acclimating back to drylands. The fast kicks were torture. And I didn't even have any "whine" last night. Or maybe I'm also tired from doing more swimming than usual? (Or I could blame it, and perhaps this is the more likely culprit, on my thyroid issue.) My flog says I'm at 13,200 in 3 days, thanks to the New Year's workout. No swimming tomorrow -- yoga + chiro.

    New Blood Work:

    Got another round of blood tests back after a month of BHRT and vitamin therapy:

    hormones, mostly right
    thyroid, too low, increase dosage
    DHEA, too high
    Vit. D, too low
    Iron, too low (though I've found one, Hemagenics) that I can at least tolerate
    RBC Magnesium, still way too low, had to have an injection. This could be causing my frequent cramping (along with the thyroid problem).
    Core body temp, still 97.4 -- absolutely horrible for fat burning.


    1. Does anyone find that you can sleep off overtraining or hard regular training?

    2. Anyone doing a standing cable chest fly? I see people doing these all the time at the gym, but I've never tried it. Good for swimming or not? Since it gets the pec major, it seems like it would be ...


    Deer Geek, I really can't go to the Sunbelt Meet because our high school district championship swim meet is that weekend. I likely will be too decrepit in any event.

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  11. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -01/05/10

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 04:03 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    1 X 300 5:20
    2 X 150 2:40
    1 X 400 6:40
    4 X 100 1:40

    1 X 100 easy 2:00
    3 X 50 FAST 1:20
    Four times through. Choice.


    1 X 200 kick 4:15
    8 X 50 kick 1:00

    6 X 200 free
    2 on 3:00
    2 on 2:40
    2 on 2:30

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00
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  12. Tue Jan 4th, 2010

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 12:59 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Tue Jan 4th, 2010

    Congrats to my Longhorn Team mate Mike Varrozza I trained in his lane this morning and he said nothing to me about this article. In fact he led the fly set so indeed he was the lane leader.

    Longhorn's Mike Varozza Featured as a Lane Leader in Swimming World Magazine -- January 4, 2011

    PHOENIX, Arizona, January 4. MASTERS swimmer Mike Varozza of Longhorn Aquatics is featured in the latest issue of Swimming World Magazine as a Lane Leader.

    Lane Leader is a semi-regular feature that celebrates Masters swimmers within the magazine. These swimmers all have a unique story to tell, and Swimming World is happy to shine the spotlight on these athletes.

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    renewed my USMS membership for 2011
    Don't have a masters team?
    Register with Longhorn Masters

    Whitney Coached
    UT Swim Center, main pool
    6:30 to 8:00 dove 6:45ish
    trained with Mike & Tenielle
    beside Tyler, marcio, Ned, nate, Larry & Jim
    WORE yingfa jammer

    (team did 3 x 350 snake)
    i did 150 easy

    Main SET:

    assigned 40 x 25 on 20 done 4 fl 1 fr
    did 40 x 25 on 20 did 4 1 arm fly drill, 1 fr
    made them

    100 easy

    20 x 50 on 40 done 4 bk 1 fr
    made them

    100 easy

    10 x 75 on 1:05 done 4 br 1 fr
    made them and did 2 extra,
    i thought we were doing 15

    100 easy

    assigned 5 x 150 on 1:45
    did: 150, 100, 150, 100, 150

    easy 100

    4 x (25 fast, 75 easy)

    25 fr
    whitney timed
    roll start off block
    said I went 9.28 not sure I was that fast

    50 fr

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    not real thrilled with Sunday's order of events

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  13. Monday, 1/3/11

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 12:08 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    Pool has re opened. Temperature must have been 86-87. Was awful!

    Did my strength/core training at noon and was totally trashed, so the after work swim didn't go very well.

    Warm up (750)
    200 swim - 150 free/50 back
    7 x 50/1:00 as 3 ez - 1 fast - 2 ez - 1 fast
    (did 1-4 free, fast one 33; 5-7 back, fast one 36)
    4 x 25/40 Free - Straight Arm Drill - Fast - with Snorkel (was going 16-17)

    Main Workout Sets: (Focus on ones with *) (1700)
    1 x 300/4:30 Moderate - Negative Split
    (free - 4:22)
    4 x 75/1:20, 50 Build to Strong - LAST 25 KICK ONLY
    (did swim free/kick on back, times were 1:05-10)
    * 16 x 25/40 SDK With Fins
    (was going 15-20y before coming to the surface, alternated on back and front. times were around 20)
    1 x 300/4:30, Moderate - Negative Split
    (back- 4:55)
    * 4 x 100/1:45 FAST!!!!!! (Free)
    (I was about trashed when I got to this set. went 1:17-1:22-1:23-1:25)

    Cool down (250)
    5 x 50/1:00 25 Drill - 25 Smooth

    Total: 2700 yards

    Warm up
    Plank on elbows
    - 30 sec, then 15 sec right leg up, 15 sec left leg up

    Plank on hands
    30 sec, then 15 sec right leg up, 15 sec left leg up, 15 sec right hand up, 15 sec left hand up

    Plank on hands
    30 sec, then 15 sec right leg up, 15 sec left leg up, 15 sec right hand up, 15 sec left hand up, then Bird dog - 10 sec right arm/left leg, 10 sec left arm/right leg

    Endurance Set (2x through)
    As many as possible for time for each
    push ups-45 sec - did 25, 25
    step ups-45 sec - did 18 each leg, each round
    inverted rows4-45 sec - did 20 first time, 18 2nd time
    Burpee w/10 mountain climber-45 sec - 4 each time
    Lunge w/rotation 25#-1:30

    Final Set (3x)
    Assisted Pull ups (70#)-45 sec
    (1st time) Plank on elbows w/knee in 45 sec
    (2nd time) Plank on hands w/ knee ins - 45 sec
    (3rd time) Plank on hands w/elbow to knee alternating
  14. Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011 5:00am

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 12:04 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    This time everything worked out good for me. No unconsciousness = a good day!

    Didn't get in until about 5:10am this morning, but still had a decent workout.

    200 Free
    200 Kick
    200 Pull

    Broken 1000
    3 x 100 Free @ 1:20
    4 x 75 Free @ 1:00
    5 x 50 Free @ :40
    6 x 25 Free @ :20

    Took about a 2 minute rest here

    Broken 500 Pull
    1 x 100 @ 1:15 went 1:02
    2 x 75 @ :55 went :50/:51
    3 x 50 @ :35 held :32/:33
    4 x 25 @ :20

    4 x 150 IM w/ no free :30 rest

    100 EZ
    2800 Yards

    The high school boys came in while I was doing the broken 500. I knew I was swimming faster than 98% of them probably could in practice. I challenged them to a race, but they declined. The coach said his challenge for me was a 500 against their top 5 doing a 5 x 100 relay. I declined also, at least for now.
  15. New Year, New GTD

    After hitting 225 miles for 2010, I bumped up my goal to 235 for 2011. With luck, I can bump that up even higher by year's end, but for now, I'm sticking with a number that seems do-able.
  16. Slow and steady

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 08:40 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Just have no real motivation right now but I know I have to swim even if I am not motivated. Maybe it is always having something that hurts, a shoulder, an elbow, a knee or an ankle.

    I have been putting it off but I think it is time for a GOOD DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE or two or three. Then I can feel like I can push myself more, till then this will have to do.

    10x100@1:40 Free
    5x100@1:30 Back kick w/fins just barely made these
    500 Free kick w/fins as 200easy 50 build 100 easy 50 build 50 easy 50 build
    5x200@3:00 Free w/paddles & bouy as #1 200easy #2 50 hard 150 easy #3 100 hard 100 easy #4 150 hard 50 easy #5 200 hard
    went 2:55,2:51, 2:47, 2:41, 2:36
    500 Free w/snorkle as 200swim/100kick/100swim

    Total 3500 yards
  17. Monday, Jan. 3, 2011 5:00am

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 12:28 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    This morning didn't happen for me today. I was ready to get going on my first practice of the week/year, but today just wasn't my day.
    I got up from bed to shut off the alarm, and that's when it all started. I began to feel dizzy, so I sat back down on the bed again. Next thing I know I was waking up on my back on the floor with my wife kneeling over me very concerned. (This isn't the first time it's happened, but it's still scary either way).
    The scary part of being unconscious is that lack of reflexes to protect yourself in a fall. I apparently hit my face on the hard corner of the laundry basket next to the bed, because my lips inside my mouth are both cut, and my teeth feel like I took a punch from a UFC champ!
    The doctors have run tests in the past, and things have all come up normal. She told me that the combo of poor diet/bloodsugar level, and getting up rapidly - changing blood pressure can cause this dizzyness/fainting.
    It has been over a year since it has last happened. Yes, I am going to be more aware of my body and how I treat it. All day long I never have this feeling, as it only comes in the morning (but rarely).

    Well, let's try again tomorrow morning.
    Daily Practices
  18. It's Back to Work!!!

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 11:02 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    After a restfully satisfying winter break I reported back to school this morning at 6:45 a.m. I must be a strange creature of habit; I always feel better when I'm back on the daily grind of my school schedule! I swear most of my students grew at least 3" in the 2 short weeks off!

    I was ready to swim a good workout tonight! The last couple Nasti workouts have been short and wimpy; I definitely needed to get a few more yards in. Here's tonight's solo workout via The Monon Center:
    **500 Freestyle (rest :20)
    **200 Flutter Kick (rest :10)
    **200 IM stretch (rest :20)
    **200 Mixed Kick (rest :10)
    **200 IM steady (rest :30)
    **600 Freestyle Pull (rest :30)
    **4 X 150 Freestyle @ 2:40 interval
    **400 Freestyle Pull (rest :30)
    **4 X 100 Free @ 1:45 interval
    **200 Freestyle Pull
    **10 X 50 Free (First 5 @ 1:00 interval/ 2nd 5 @ :50 interval)
    **100 easy backstroke

    4,100 scy

    I finished up feeling happy, fresh, and hungry for the home-made bean soup I had waiting for me at home!
    I hope everyone had a great 1st day back to reality!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. A little bit of everything this morning

    This morning I swam the following lcm workout with the Panama City Beach Masters. There were only 3 of us there, but Coach Chuck valiantly coached from the deck on a windy 38-degree morning. He even stayed the last 20 minutes of practice coaching just me (ie stopwatching every last one of those 100s kick), as the other swimmers got out early. That’s dedication!

    Warmup 8 x 100 lcm (50 drill/50 swim) @ 1:50

    8 x 50 (25 kick / 25 build swim) @ 1:10

    4 x 400 @ 6:30:
    1st one relaxed [5:58]
    2nd negative split [5:52 (3:00, 2:52)]
    3rd descend by 100s [5:54 (1:35, 1:29, 1:26?, 1:24?)]
    4th fast [5:44 (2:52, 2:52)—happy with this]

    200 easy

    10 x 100 kick @ 2:15, odds FR, evens FL [2:05 +/- :03 throughout]

    That was all the masters workout, but I stayed and did the following solo. My reward: by the time I got out, it was sunny and the temp had risen to nearly 50.

    500 pull w/ paddles, working on bilateral breathing

    10 x 100, odds FR @ 1:45 w/ bilat. breathing, evens 50 BK / 50 BR @ 2:00

    400 IM @ 7:30
    300 IM @ 5:30
    200 IM @ 3:30
    100 IM @ 1:30

    500 warmdown

    There turned out to be plenty of lane space this morning, since the visiting college teams didn’t come in until lap swimming closed at 9. I shared a lane for most of the masters workout, then had my own for the rest of my swim. I’m definitely going to be completely spoiled when I return to NYC!

    After workout my husband and I drove up to have lunch with my relatives in Alabama. The [ame=""]Boll Weevil Monument[/ame] has been newly repainted and is looking quite spiffy, in case anyone was wondering.
  20. New Coach was AWESOME!!

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 07:21 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with the Sharks SCY

    Coach Chris on deck

    I missed warm up, taking care of team business stuff.

    I think it was 150 swim

    200 Swim with long streamlines

    4 x 25 Build

    12 x 75 swam as 25 Free assisted kick (slow arms hard kick) 50 swim all on 1:10

    5 x 200 on 2:50

    500 Pull every 5th lap breath 5

    10 x 50 3 on :40, 3 on :45, 4 on :50

    It's great swimming with 4 in a lane.
    I definitely push it a little harder.