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  1. Convalescing

    I had surgery on Friday and am currently at home recovering. Everything went quite wellóthe operation was able to be done laparoscopically, and I only had to spend one night in the hospital. Iím still a little sore and have been instructed not to lift much, but am able to walk around fine. Best of all, I got cleared by my surgeon this morning to get back in the pool whenever I feel like it, with the caveat that I take it very easy at first. Hurray! I hope to go over to my Y pool and swim a few laps on my ownóor at least float and scull a bitóthis afternoon or tomorrow. I donít anticipate going to organized workouts until next week at the earliest, but Iíll just go by how I feel.

    As I see how my recovery goes over the next few weeks, I can finally start making plans for my summer swimming season. My LMSCís first (and perhaps only) LCM meet was yesterday, and while I was bummed to have to miss it, I have been really enjoying hearing my teammatesí reports trickle in. I do hope that I can do at least one LC meet in July or August, since I absolutely love LC and would be sad not to post any times in it this season. LC nats looks like a long shot, but I havenít counted it out entirely yet. I might be able to do the CZ meet if itís scheduled at College Park in August, depending on which weekend it isóIím keeping my eyes peeled for more info on that one.

    I do have a couple of hospital observations, some swimming-related:

    The nurses were thrilled with my arms, which are still mostly hairless from having shaved down in Atlanta. It made the tape holding various IV-related tubing stick really well, and pulling tape and bandaids off me was probably less painful since it wasnít a de facto wax job.

    Monitoring equipment is not set up for well conditioned adults with low heart rates. In the recovery room, every time I fell asleep, the monitors attached to me would start beeping, because they were set to alarm whenever patientsí heart rates fell under 50. I finally convinced the nurses that my normal resting heart rate was actually lower than that. (Little rant: Itís exasperating that patientsí stats are just compared to population averages and not individual baselines, even when the data to make the latter comparison exist. Maybe increased computerization of patient records will bring about some change here, but Iím not holding my breath.)

    Watching ďHouseĒ when youíre actually in a hospital is not as amusing as the idea of doing it is. This is one of my fave tv shows at home, but it was too winceful-making to watch once I was lying IVed in a hospital bed. Baseball games are far more soothing.

    Thatís it! Iím so very glad and grateful to be home, and my keys this week are being patient and careful as I begin resuming my normal life and exercise routines.
  2. Monday June 7th, 2010

    by , June 7th, 2010 at 12:49 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Monday June 7th, 2010

    2010 South Central LCM Zones info is available

    Coach Wooden's Pyramid

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    remarkable swims
    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Rich Abrahams 65 years old 50 freestyle Atlanta 2010[/nomedia]

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Rich Abrahams 65 years old 100 freestyle Atlanta 2010[/nomedia]

    Swam on Sunday with jon & Chris

    Lifted this morning

    LCM & SCY
    6:30 to 8:00
    Austin, UT Swim Center
    Whitney Coached
    swam with Tyler, Todd, Doug, Sharon, Mike, Beth & Tenielle
    dove in on time
    wore B70 jammer

    600 done 150 fr 50 stroke
    200 k went 3:01
    600 done 150 fr 50 scull

    4 x 50 fr on :40
    4 x 50 fr on 1:00

    4 x 100 fr on 1:20
    4 x 100 fr on 1:40 missed a few

    4 x 200 fr LCM on 2:40
    lead the lane, held 2:31's

    assigned 4 x 200 fr
    did 4 x 150 fr

    10 x 50 k
    odds fast on 40 held 35's went 30 on last one
    evens easy on 1:00

    100 easy

    wanted to do the kick set with UT women
    but they had a meet at SMU over the weekend &
    weren't doing it till later in their practice so I headed out

    2010 MEETS:

    July 8 - 11, 2010
    Senior Circuit #4 Meet Info
    Austin, TX

    07/23/10 - 07/25/10
    2010 South Central Long Course
    Southlake, Texas
    Days till LCM ZONES

    Does anyone ever read my blog to the very end?

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  3. Monday June 7, 2010

    by , June 7th, 2010 at 12:18 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    Danny's 40th so up early to get it done.

    2.5 miles run,
    30 min yoga/stretch

    Back to work.
  4. Thursday, June 3, 2010

    by , June 7th, 2010 at 12:16 PM (Keepin Track 2010)
    Today's practice:

    800 mix

    4 x 50 - 25 Drill, 25 swim Str @ 60
    4 x 50 - 25 Drill, 25 swim Str @ 60

    200 Kick w/zoomers

    Main set:

    BR @ R:20:
    1 x 200
    1 x 150
    1 x 100
    1 x 50
    2x 2x25 Strong @ 30; R:30 betw sets

    1 x 200 Kick

    1 x 200 @ 3:00
    1 x 150 @ 2:15
    1 x 100 @ 1:30
    1 x 50 @ 45
    2x 2x25 Strong @ 30; R:30 betw sets

    200 LD

    Total = 3000yds
  5. I know what I need to work on

    by , June 7th, 2010 at 09:18 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    After the 800 on Friday I need to finish my stroke on my left arm. What I find strange is when I do a one arm swim for time my left arm is significantly faster than my right, yet my left arm apparently gives out sooner on distance. So that is my new focus.

    5x200@3:45 Free ended up descending these
    500 free kick w/fins 25slow/25mod/25fast
    5x100@2:00 as 50free/50back w/paddles
    500 Back kick w/fins
    500 free w/snorkle finishing the stroke and for some reason I was able to kick it instead of just dragging my legs
    400 as 100 back/100 free
    100 Free easy

    Total 3500 meters
  6. Tornado Day

    by , June 7th, 2010 at 09:15 AM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Well, we had day 2 of hte meet today and the morning session went off without much of a hitch I swam a :30.x in the 50 FR in a jammer and a 37.x in the 50 BR with my flag brief. I'm pretty happy to pop those times. Both faster and according to the converter I on my Nationals I am happy.
    The 50 BR was comical, I was the only over "Boy 13 and over" to swim I won! LMAO

    I got a comment form one of the kid's as I walked past he said "That was sick!" I just said thanks...I thought agreeing with him would look bad...hehe. I was left amped by the swim though.

    I have more meets this summer as I've joined USA and paid dues to the team, so I am hoping the extra practice at racing LC will show up for Zones. I'm thinking that maybe I should stump up for a nice racing brief, an aquablade at least. Unless Roque is reading this and wants to mail me a Q...LOL.

    Tornado watch all afternoon delay the meet for about 45 minutes due to a thunderstorm but besides that things were fine. Then we got home at 8pm and found we had no power!!

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  7. Saturday, June 5, 2010

    by , June 7th, 2010 at 12:22 AM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY in Boise with Coach Kelsey

    200 swim, 200 kick (on back), 250 drill

    4 x 100 free @1:40 desc
    (Ave 1:22)
    8 x 25 back @:30

    Main Set
    Repeat 2x
    200 free smooth
    4 x 50 back @1:15, fast
    (Ave 38-39)
    200 free smooth
    8 x 25 @:45, fast
    (Ave 17-18)

    Vertical kicking 8 minutes as 20 second kick w/hands out of the water, 10 second scull.

    Practice turns (about 200y)

    Cool down
    250 easy free/back

    Total: 3300 y
  8. So Long and Thanks for All the FISH

    by , June 6th, 2010 at 10:36 PM (Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic)
    Went to the NYC Parks & Recreation LCM Meet today! Long pool, short meet, great people & they charge $0 for it!

    This is the first LCM meet I've swam that isn't Middlebury, which is coming up in three weeks. I used this one to kind of prep for that, to get some times under my belt in events I've never done like the 50 back & 50 fly.

    The first swim was the 200 Free, which I always feel compelled to do because it's my favorite. I also had the rare pleasure of being seeded right next to someone in my age group, so I had a real race. She kept me going when I thought I was going to die at the 125, and I eked out a small victory by a few seconds. Sadly, there were three other 30-34 year old women in other heats who handily beat us, and I got no ribbon, and have no memory of what my time was. Something like 2:50something*. Will report on that later.

    The next race was the 50 free, where I got to swim right next to my lane-mate Theresa. She's 20 years older and one second faster. That race felt great, I kept my head down and in the water for about 25 meters, and pulled out a 36.53 (PR! Just barely!* And 3rd place! Out of 4!) I was told to work on hand speed next time.

    After that was the 50 back. It felt great, but was so slow! (51.42, NOT a PR*) In the past few weeks, I've gotten some great tips on improving my stroke and I implemented them, today, and thought I was doing pretty well. I don't get it, the more backstroke feels right, the slower it goes. This stroke is just a mystery to me.

    Last up was the 50 Fly. My goal was to survive, and upon survival, enter the 200 IM at Middlebury with some confidence. I swam a 50.40, which I feel proud about, considering I just learned the stroke a year and a half ago. It actually didn't feel half-bad, and I was able to exit the pool on my own accord.

    Overall thoughts:
    If I'm going to make the trip to Vermont worth it, I have to not sustain any more ridiculous injuries between now and then. Right now, I'm a tapestry of bruises between Thursday's cooler falling on my arm, hitting my elbow on the corner of my car, Saturday's falling out of a sailboat into the Hudson (with my cell phone in my pocket!) and a hand injury sustained just moments ago as I tried to open a stubborn bottle of CranApple. I'm also sore and tired and crabby about finances, and I have three weeks to get into some kind of race shape so I can go after those PR's that sustain me.

    Oh, and the pool at Flushing is great. Swim it if you have a chance, but it really could have used a rope across the half-way point. Maybe I'll blame my backstroke time on the lack of that.

    I don't think I was totally in the game today. Something was off, and I think it might have been the creeping stress of personal life, and the disappointment that there were all those other fast girls in the 200. I really like ribbons. There was a point where I just didn't want to do it, but I got over it, and there were 6 other FISH there cheering each other on. It's hard not to be buoyed by the team spirit.

    I just made a strawberry rhubarb pie*. It looks fantastic, but it's not going to cool in time for me to enjoy it as a post-meet reward, so I'll probably eat a slice after tomorrow's workout.

    *Updated: I was looking at my SHORT Course Meters results... When I went back and looked at the LONG Course, I realized I did much better than I thought. And today was the first time I've ever done a LCM 50 back. Also, I've been putzing around so long this evening, putting together tomorrow's music mix, I had a chance to eat a slice of the pie. It was good, for a first-go at this recipe. Yum local foods!

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  9. Spice up your smoothie!

    by , June 5th, 2010 at 10:41 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    OK So I had a meet today first LCM of the year...100 BR 1:30.x and the 100 FR 1:11.09 both pretty good times for me. Previous best were 1:29.x and 1:13.x so I am happy considering I only got in the LCM pool 2x since Nats.

    Both swims felt OK and I didn't have any where is the wall moments in either race, so I conclude my conditioning has paid off this year into a general boost to my abilities.

    Made a smoothie tonight and added ginger to it. Ginger is a natural anti inflammatory and analgesic, so I'm going to include a little sliver into my smoothies to aid general aches and pains that come with training.
    It's adds a little kick which I don't mind either...
  10. A kids meet and some fun

    by , June 5th, 2010 at 07:51 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    My 800 Free was only 2 seconds slower than last year so I think that is good. I did notice on the back half my left arm I did not have the strength to complete my pull on that arm. Something to work on between now and Nationals.

    The girls on my team did great. For Maddie it was her first ever long course meet. For McKaylin she went from being in the middle of the pack to taking 2 2nds in 400 Free and 100 Back, 1 3rd in 800 Free and 8th in the 100 Fly. She made her 400 and 800 Free state cuts and is 1 seoncd off on the 100 Back.

    Maddie was just learning how to pace in a long course pool. She did better on the 400 than the 800. Both swims were good for a first time both at that distance and in the long pool.

    Total 2300 meters and 500 yards
  11. Saturday

    by , June 5th, 2010 at 03:37 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with Sharks (SCY)
    Coach Renee

    10 min swim, Which I missed because of administration duties.
    I had to swim with fast lane again.

    1st Set
    500 Neg Split
    5x100 Pace
    400 Neg Split
    300 Neg Split
    200 Neg Split
    100 EZ
    100 What Ever you have Left

    2nd Set
    25 Fast Stroke :05 r
    25 Kick Mod :05 r
    25 Kick Hard :05 r
    25 Fast Free :30 r
    repeat 5x

    3rd Set
    8 x 75
    Odd's 3 Stroke/9 Kick Drill
    Even's Swim :10 r

    100 Race your lane

    100 Warm Down

    I got in water at 5x100
    I only got lapped on the 400
    I held
    1:15 for the 4x100 on 1:25
    1:10 for the 3x100 on 1:25
    1:10 for the 2x100 on 1:25
    1:06 or 7 for the fast one
    1:05 or 6 on the final RACE one

    I would like to get the fast ones to 1:03
    So that's my goal for this summer.
    I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer.
    We are having 5 morning workouts a week and I have to
    coach them all unless we find a coach to help out.
    Until we find a coach I'll be working out by myself whenever I can get to the pool.
  12. Friday

    by , June 5th, 2010 at 03:17 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam With Sharks (SCY)
    Coach Renee

    300 Swim
    and I can't really remember what
    we did....
    I think the main set was
    2 x 350
    3 x 100
    4 x 50
    Twice through

    We did about 3,100 total

    I swam with the FAST lane again
    I ended up doing 300 because I got lapped
    but not on the last 350. I was only down
    about 20 yds at the end. I could not have
    keep this pace for all of them, but I'm working on it.

    My dilemma is that I'm right between lane speeds.
    I can hold 1:15 for 100's some day's
    1:17 or so is more comfy :-)
    Here is our lane breakdown for 100's

    Lane 5/6
    1:00 When really trying
    1:05 at the end of a descending set on 1:25
    1:10 Pace for distance set's

    Lane 4
    1:07 When really trying
    1:10 at the end of a descending set on 1:30
    1:20 Pace for distance set's

    Lane 3
    1:15 When really trying
    1:20 at the end of a descending set on 1:40
    1:30 Pace for distance set's

    Lane 2
    1:30 When really trying
    1:40 at the end of a descending set on 2:00
    1:50 Pace for distance set's

    Lane 1 Varies a lot!!

    I swim this
    1:05 When really trying
    1:08 at the end of a descending set on 1:30
    1:17 Pace for distance set's

    I just need to keep working on it.
    Some days I go 1st in lane 4, I seem to get a
    better workout these days because I have to lead.
    Some day's I have to swim up a lane due to the
    number of swimmers. (5 in one lane 3 in another)
    Getting lapped is not mentally fun and I can only keep the
    I'm not getting lapped speed up for part of a set.

    Enough Babble for today......
  13. Saturday June 5th, 2010

    by , June 5th, 2010 at 01:08 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Saturday June 5th, 2010

    2010 South Central LCM Zones info is available

    Goodbye Coach Wooden

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    remarkable swims

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Rich Abrahams 65 years old 50 freestyle Atlanta 2010[/nomedia]

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Rich Abrahams 65 years old 100 freestyle Atlanta 2010[/nomedia]

    Austin SR Cir is in 5 weeks, LCM Zones is in 7

    6:30 to 8:00
    Austin, UT Swim Center
    Whitney Coached
    swam with Max, Doug, Tyler, Sharon, Beth & Tenielle dove in on time
    wore B70 jammer

    2 rounds of 200 fr, 100 dr, 100 k
    went 1:17 on my 2nd 100 k


    3 rounds of
    400 fr
    300 fr
    200 fr
    100 fr
    100 k easy
    rest 2:00 ish
    round 1 1:25 base
    round 2 1:25 base
    round 3 1:20 base
    made em all

    assigned 6 x 150
    did 6 x 50

    50 LCM SDK
    went 27.5
    surfaced at flags

    2010 MEETS:

    July 8 - 11, 2010
    Senior Circuit #4 Meet Info
    Austin, TX

    07/23/10 - 07/25/10
    2010 South Central Long Course
    Southlake, Texas
    Days till LCM ZONES

    Does anyone ever read my blog to the very end?

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  14. Friday run

    by , June 4th, 2010 at 11:18 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Went for an easy 5k run (really jog) early in the evening. This was my long run for the week. LOL. Course is downtown and has rolling hills. It was a sauna, but enjoyed being outside to take in the sights and smells. Wish I could describe it all as well as Pat Conroy describes the sights and smells of Charleston, but I lack the talent.

    The course is marked with 1 mile markers, so was able to accurately keep up with my pace. I hit each one at a ten minute per mile pace, give or take a few seconds. Overall time was 30:51.

    For the week, I've gotten in just over 11 miles. I guess this is not a bad start to my running program. I went a little lighter on the mileage than originally planned, but probably better to do than push it too hard in the beginning. Next week, hope to push it up to 13 miles.
  15. Hit Me Baby One More Time

    by , June 4th, 2010 at 10:55 PM (Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic)
    Did a double today. In this County of little to no public pools, that's an accomplishment. Morning practice was with the team, we did a sort of mini-taper (read: we chatted a lot between some 50's.) Then this evening, did some poaching at ______ College, and snuck in an 800. I thought I wasn't going to get in, but the security guard kindly opened the back door for me. When swimming on college campuses, it really helps that I look much younger than my 32 years.

    The morning practice was pretty solid, even though I'm sporting a brand new, really painful bruise on my right arm where a cooler lid fell on it yesterday afternoon. (Was volunteering at a United Way Golf Outing, and drove the beverage cart.) Must have been all that sunshine that powered me to swim 4 50's in a row in under 40 seconds, which gave me more than enough rest on our 1:15 intervals.

    The evening practice was more of a cramming session for Sunday's meet. Working on keeping my backstroke arms wide, not breathing in and out of my turns, and breaststroking like less of a freak. A pretty good day, in all. I'm looking forward to getting back into a LCM pool on Sunday and kicking out some 50's!
  16. Difficult Blog 6/4/10

    by , June 4th, 2010 at 10:51 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Kind of tough to write about today. I didn't do an awful lot in the pool just a 1500 tool about this evening. It felt good and my body seems to be OK with 50M that's OK.

    I have a meet tomorrow--swimming with the kids. I will be doing a 100 BR and 100 FR. I have no expectations even though I had a good Nationals...I'll report in tomorrow.

    I lifted today. I did some dumbbell squats and dumbbell bench press and flys again. I won't go mad heavy but the stabilisation aspect will be good for me. I'll probably save the heavier stuff to do with the new ART guy should be getting some new workout ideas together too.

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  17. Hit the wall

    For the first time ever I will completely concede that I'm probably over training. Today I had to leave work early, tried to work from home, ended up passed out for 4 hours. I still want to go to sleep again, but I know if I do I won't sleep at all tonight. I'm also frustrated - I constantly feel the need to go go go but this pool has been the great equalizer in my body. Times when I used to run on fumes for days now I just crash and shut down. I guess I liked doing that - it always gave a sense of "epic" in my head.

    So I have a pretty regular schedule for my body:

    5 AM Wake up, hit alarm.
    5:15 AM - Actually get up.
    --Sometime between now and 6, I make my 8 egg whites with veggies and my lunch for the day. I usually shower (if I didn't the night before)
    6:30-7 AM Get to my desk job where I climb ten flights of stairs (roughly 120 stairs) to my desk.
    8:30 Eat my protein shake
    10:30 Eat some yogurt
    11:30-12 Lunch!
    2 PM - eat my home made protein bar!
    3:00 PM Leave my job.
    4 PM Start my Lifting circuits at the gym. (3 circuits of 3-4 exercises (core always included) performed 3 times for each circuit)
    5 PM Go home and chill. Do something like laundry, work on my personal computer stuff, mow the lawn, etc...
    ---(T/Th) 7:45 PM go to the pool, swim my rear off for my coach.---
    10 PM get home, try to bring my body down as much as possible.
    11-11:30 PM Bed.

    On Mondays and Wednesdays, I'm usually pretty cool, I can go to bed early (like 9 PM). Life is good. Wednesdays USED to be the same way, except this Wednesday I had two consulting gigs back to back that lasted until 10 PM (then grocery shopping). So come today (Friday) I get to work just exhausted, burnt out, etc... and I just can't stay awake at my desk.

    So what do people do when they're in these situations? My swim practice is late (which ironically was one of the reasons I wanted to go to this masters club...) but I get home from practice and my body is just roaring with adrenaline and I usually don't sleep worth anything those nights.

    Some good news: I'm down to around 220 pounds. I haven't been this light since high school! Age 25 and in the best shape of my life! :-D

    And if anyone ever reads this, I'd like to say: Thank you to the masters community. This community has made me feel more at home than any other community I've been in in a long time. Growing up I was always taught to say thank you to those who helped you. I will say everyone here has :-)
  18. DOUBLE Fast Friday June 4th, 2010

    by , June 4th, 2010 at 04:00 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Fast Friday June 4th, 2010

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    remarkable swims

    Austin SR Cir is in 5 weeks, LCM Zones is in 7

    This summer I'm going to train for the
    200 IM, 50 FL & 50 bk

    train hard for 4 weeks, then
    rest a week for SR Cir but train through the meet, then
    rest 2 weeks for Zones

    Austin, UT Swim Center
    TYLER Coached
    swam with Max, Doug, Larry, & a new swimmer Whitney Henry
    dove in on time
    wore B70 LEGS
    Noon to 1:15

    20 minutes
    did 50's on 50
    STOP at 12:20


    10 x 100 FR
    FAST BEST AVE on 3:00
    from a dive
    held more 64's than 5's
    took an extra 2 minutes before last one
    went 1:00
    these were really tough

    100 easy

    2010 MEETS:

    July 8 - 11, 2010
    Senior Circuit #4 Meet Info
    Austin, TX

    07/23/10 - 07/25/10
    2010 South Central Long Course
    Southlake, Texas
    Days till LCM ZONES

    Does anyone ever read my blog to the very end?

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    Swim Workouts
  19. Thursday, 6/3/10

    by , June 4th, 2010 at 03:26 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCM, Solo

    Warm up
    500 swim
    (Did 300 free, 200 back)

    4 x 100/1:45 build
    (Did these around 1:30)

    Main set:
    30 x 50/1:00 strong w fins.
    (Fins were zoomers
    Did free on 1-15, ave 40;
    back on 16-30, ave 46.)

    Kick: 300
    (did 100 dolphin on back, 100 flutter on back, 100 flutter w/board)

    8 x 50/1:00 flutter
    (Did with fins, 1-4 free w/board ave 45; 5-8 on back ave 50)

    Cool down
    100 ez

    Total: 3200 meters
  20. Friday, 6/4/10

    by , June 4th, 2010 at 03:19 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCM, Solo

    Warm Ė up
    3 x 300 Swim w/10-20sec rest
    (Did these as 150 free/150 back. #2-3with fins)

    Swim Sets:

    9 x 100 desc by 3's;
    (3/1:50 - went 1:30-28-26)
    (3/1:45 - went 1:35-1-30-27)
    (3/1:40 - went 1:35-32-28)

    600 kick
    (started this with fins but am starting to get a blister from them so took them off after 200, did another 200 on back and then 200 with board)

    6 x 100 back on 2:00-1:55-1:50 desc by 3's
    (went 1:45-40-35 both times through)

    Cool down
    50 ez free +100 IM ez
    Total: 3150 meters