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  1. Slow and steady

    by , January 4th, 2011 at 07:40 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Just have no real motivation right now but I know I have to swim even if I am not motivated. Maybe it is always having something that hurts, a shoulder, an elbow, a knee or an ankle.

    I have been putting it off but I think it is time for a GOOD DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE or two or three. Then I can feel like I can push myself more, till then this will have to do.

    10x100@1:40 Free
    5x100@1:30 Back kick w/fins just barely made these
    500 Free kick w/fins as 200easy 50 build 100 easy 50 build 50 easy 50 build
    5x200@3:00 Free w/paddles & bouy as #1 200easy #2 50 hard 150 easy #3 100 hard 100 easy #4 150 hard 50 easy #5 200 hard
    went 2:55,2:51, 2:47, 2:41, 2:36
    500 Free w/snorkle as 200swim/100kick/100swim

    Total 3500 yards
  2. Monday, Jan. 3, 2011 5:00am

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 11:28 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    This morning didn't happen for me today. I was ready to get going on my first practice of the week/year, but today just wasn't my day.
    I got up from bed to shut off the alarm, and that's when it all started. I began to feel dizzy, so I sat back down on the bed again. Next thing I know I was waking up on my back on the floor with my wife kneeling over me very concerned. (This isn't the first time it's happened, but it's still scary either way).
    The scary part of being unconscious is that lack of reflexes to protect yourself in a fall. I apparently hit my face on the hard corner of the laundry basket next to the bed, because my lips inside my mouth are both cut, and my teeth feel like I took a punch from a UFC champ!
    The doctors have run tests in the past, and things have all come up normal. She told me that the combo of poor diet/bloodsugar level, and getting up rapidly - changing blood pressure can cause this dizzyness/fainting.
    It has been over a year since it has last happened. Yes, I am going to be more aware of my body and how I treat it. All day long I never have this feeling, as it only comes in the morning (but rarely).

    Well, let's try again tomorrow morning.
    Daily Practices
  3. It's Back to Work!!!

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 10:02 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    After a restfully satisfying winter break I reported back to school this morning at 6:45 a.m. I must be a strange creature of habit; I always feel better when I'm back on the daily grind of my school schedule! I swear most of my students grew at least 3" in the 2 short weeks off!

    I was ready to swim a good workout tonight! The last couple Nasti workouts have been short and wimpy; I definitely needed to get a few more yards in. Here's tonight's solo workout via The Monon Center:
    **500 Freestyle (rest :20)
    **200 Flutter Kick (rest :10)
    **200 IM stretch (rest :20)
    **200 Mixed Kick (rest :10)
    **200 IM steady (rest :30)
    **600 Freestyle Pull (rest :30)
    **4 X 150 Freestyle @ 2:40 interval
    **400 Freestyle Pull (rest :30)
    **4 X 100 Free @ 1:45 interval
    **200 Freestyle Pull
    **10 X 50 Free (First 5 @ 1:00 interval/ 2nd 5 @ :50 interval)
    **100 easy backstroke

    4,100 scy

    I finished up feeling happy, fresh, and hungry for the home-made bean soup I had waiting for me at home!
    I hope everyone had a great 1st day back to reality!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. A little bit of everything this morning

    This morning I swam the following lcm workout with the Panama City Beach Masters. There were only 3 of us there, but Coach Chuck valiantly coached from the deck on a windy 38-degree morning. He even stayed the last 20 minutes of practice coaching just me (ie stopwatching every last one of those 100s kick), as the other swimmers got out early. That’s dedication!

    Warmup 8 x 100 lcm (50 drill/50 swim) @ 1:50

    8 x 50 (25 kick / 25 build swim) @ 1:10

    4 x 400 @ 6:30:
    1st one relaxed [5:58]
    2nd negative split [5:52 (3:00, 2:52)]
    3rd descend by 100s [5:54 (1:35, 1:29, 1:26?, 1:24?)]
    4th fast [5:44 (2:52, 2:52)—happy with this]

    200 easy

    10 x 100 kick @ 2:15, odds FR, evens FL [2:05 +/- :03 throughout]

    That was all the masters workout, but I stayed and did the following solo. My reward: by the time I got out, it was sunny and the temp had risen to nearly 50.

    500 pull w/ paddles, working on bilateral breathing

    10 x 100, odds FR @ 1:45 w/ bilat. breathing, evens 50 BK / 50 BR @ 2:00

    400 IM @ 7:30
    300 IM @ 5:30
    200 IM @ 3:30
    100 IM @ 1:30

    500 warmdown

    There turned out to be plenty of lane space this morning, since the visiting college teams didn’t come in until lap swimming closed at 9. I shared a lane for most of the masters workout, then had my own for the rest of my swim. I’m definitely going to be completely spoiled when I return to NYC!

    After workout my husband and I drove up to have lunch with my relatives in Alabama. The [ame=""]Boll Weevil Monument[/ame] has been newly repainted and is looking quite spiffy, in case anyone was wondering.
  5. New Coach was AWESOME!!

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 06:21 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Swam with the Sharks SCY

    Coach Chris on deck

    I missed warm up, taking care of team business stuff.

    I think it was 150 swim

    200 Swim with long streamlines

    4 x 25 Build

    12 x 75 swam as 25 Free assisted kick (slow arms hard kick) 50 swim all on 1:10

    5 x 200 on 2:50

    500 Pull every 5th lap breath 5

    10 x 50 3 on :40, 3 on :45, 4 on :50

    It's great swimming with 4 in a lane.
    I definitely push it a little harder.
  6. Monday, Jan. 3

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 05:08 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    HS single leg extension, 30 x 2 x 8, each leg
    total ab machine, 130 x 2 x 15
    lower back machine, 140 x 2 x 15
    squat swing w/plate, 25 x 1 x 15
    reverse scoop, 25 x 2 x 15
    flutter kicks on bosu, 50
    long arm crunches, 2 x 50
    russian twists w/plate on incline bench, 25 x 2 x 25
    bicep curls, 40 x 2 x 8
    extreme angle isometric squat, 3:00
    (this bothered my shins, which are feeling kind of shin splinty after all that kicking with fins yesterday)

    RC work, 15 minutes

    Stretching, 20 minutes


    Only had an hour to swim. Did the exact opposite of yesterday.

    Warm up:

    700 various

    Hypoxic Kick with long MF:

    16 x 25 shooters
    4 belly, 4 back, 4 right side, 4 left side

    50 EZ

    4 x broken 100 shooter
    5 seconds rest at each 25, all UW

    50 EZ

    Speed Work:

    ATP-CP Set:
    10 x 25 free w/15 meter burst @ :45

    -- Forgot what the RA recommended interval was for this set. They were supposed to be on 1:00, not :45. I was wondering, as it seemed too little rest given the effort level. Felt sort of out of sync on these.

    100 EZ

    1 x 50 back w/fins AFAP (went 25)

    -- This time reflects the fact that I haven't done any speed work for 3 weeks.

    200 EZ

    Total: 2200/1000 kick



    My left shoulder was a bit twinge-y, most likely from paddle use yesterday. I used the red strokemakers instead of the green ones. Probably better advised to stick with the smaller green ones. (Though I think they've disappeared in Mini Fort's equipment bag.) So I didn't do any push/pulls at the gym today and stuck with mostly core & leg work.

    New Year's Resolutions:

    I don't usually make these, as I'm pretty self motivated. But I think I can improve in 2 areas: go to sleep earlier and less SB/chard/pinot. I kicked this off by falling asleep at 11:30 pm last night, fairly early for me. I'm usually asleep at 12:30-1:00. I'll attempt a complete alcohol ban for awhile. I believe Speedo is doing this too until Zones? I see the benefits as improved sleep, minor weight loss, less dehydration (and hence possibly less cramping) and better absorption of vitamins.

    Tentative 2011 Meets:

    Very tentative revised plan, which has me at 9 meets, but 3-4 are multi-day. This is pushing it on the family front somewhat, and I doubt I'll make them all. I've never done this many travel meets before. But this gives me plenty to mull over, and I can adjust and subtract as needed. So far, there are no conflicts with Mr. Fort's running events through the marathon.

    March 6, Warrenton Meet SCY
    -- cruise in late to swim a couple events.

    March 19, Albatross Open SCM
    -- Probably rest 10 days or depending on how I feel. I suspect I'll need a major rest from training at this point.

    April 16, Colonies Zones SCY
    -- I'll only compete on Saturday b/c I have to leave that afternoon for Boston for the marathon.

    May 20-23, Canadian Nationals SCM (Montreal)
    -- Very tentative. Have to run this by Mr. Fort. This meet appeals to me b/c of location and b/c it's SCM. Need to get a link to the order of events. If I go, I'd do a full taper.

    June 18-June 31, Cruise in Europe
    -- This throws a real wrench in LCM Nats in early August. I can see being forced to do something in the small ship pool, while hammering the drylands and cycle.

    August 4-6, LCM Nats at Auburn
    -- I won't be in ideal shape for 100s with the timing of my vacation, but hopefully my speed won't disappear.

    Late August, Colonies Zones, LCM, U of Md
    -- Assuming we have CZ at U of Md again this year, this would be better timing for a taper meet than Auburn. The only downside is that this meet is smaller and hence less rest. Other possible complications are a week at the beach and taking Fort Son to college.

    September, Savageman Triathlon
    -- This year, I won't train for this event at all beyond doing 4 x 500 free one day or so. I will just hop in and go, hopefully without asthma problems this time. I have informed the two relay zealots of this fact.

    October 15-16, Rowdy Gaines Classic SCM
    -- Probably won't go to this if I go to Canadian Nats. But I have already run this meet by Mr. Fort. Or I could do this meet in lieu of a December meet.

    October 30, Sprint Classic, GMU, SCY

    Mid-December, NE Champs or CZ Champs or local Last Minute Meet, SCM

    Updated January 10th, 2011 at 10:34 PM by The Fortress

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  7. Double Mon Jan 3, 2010 went 5:08 for a fast 500 fr

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 03:47 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Mon Jan 3, 2010

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    renewed my USMS membership for 2011
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    Whitney Coached
    UT Swim Center, main pool
    noon to 1;15 dove in on time
    trained in my own lane
    beside larry, jim, jon & james
    WORE yingfa jammer

    400 done 75 fr 25 bk

    Main SET:

    16 x 25 done
    4 rounds of 3 on 16 1 on 45

    8 x 50 done
    2 rounds of 3 on :31, 1 on 1:00

    4 x 100
    3 on 1:05, 1 on 2:00

    4 x (75 fr, 25 underwater)

    400 fr 4 breaths per 25

    400 fr 70%
    went 4:44

    rest 1:00

    400 fr 80% went 4:32ish
    rest 1:00

    assigned: 400 fr 90%
    did: skipped it & changed into FS PRO LEGSKIN
    rest 1:00

    500 fr fast for time
    went 5:08

    rest 1:00

    400 easy choice

    25 easy

    25 SDK fast from a dive
    whitney timed
    went 10.4

    50 easy

    went over 9,500 today

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    not real thrilled with Sunday's order of events
    Swim Workouts
  8. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -01/04/10

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 12:47 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)

    WARM UP:
    1 X 200 3:40
    2 X 150 2:40
    1 X 200 3:20
    4 X 150 2:30

    1 X 50 moderate 1:15
    1 X 50 build 1:15
    1 X 100 fasat 2:15
    Four times through, all choicve.


    1 X 200 kick 4:15
    3 X 100 kick 2:15
    8 X 25 sprint kick :45

    1 X 300 4:30 4:00
    1 X 200 3:00 2:40
    1 X 100 1:30 -
    Twice through, round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00
    Swim Workouts
  9. Mon Jan 3, 2010

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 12:42 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Mon Jan 3, 2010

    my right hip/thigh hurts a bit

    Brendan Hansen was back in the pool training with Eddie

    swam yesterday
    didn't blog it
    went around 3,000

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    Whitney Coached
    UT Swim Center, main pool
    6:30 to 8:00 dove in on time
    trained with Brandon & doug
    beside todd, Tyler, Amy, marcio, richie, nate, Mike & Teneille
    WORE yingfa jammer

    500 done 100 fr 25 bk

    Main SET:

    20 x 25 done
    5 rounds of 3 on 16 1 on 45

    10 x 50 done
    4 rounds of 4 on :33 1 on 1:00

    5 x 100
    4 on 1:05 1 on 2:00

    4 x (100 fr, 25 underwater)

    500 fr 4 breaths per 25

    500 fr 70% went 5:52
    rest 1:00
    500 fr 80% went 5:38
    rest 1:00
    500 fr 90% went 5:32
    rest 1:00
    500 fr fast for time went 5:16
    rest 1:00

    500 easy choice

    did it all didn't skip

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    not real thrilled with Sunday's order of events
    Swim Workouts
  10. New Year

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 10:56 AM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Well I didn't have a swim on NYD but went Sunday instead and did 3700 with half the group.

    Warm Up

    10 x 50 K fins 25 FR, 25 FL
    6 x 200 FR EZ/HD as:
    200 EZ
    200 EZ
    4 x 100 50 P/50 SW
    5 x 100 IM 2:00
    Warm Up
    600 FR/BK by 50
    10 x 50 Kick 1:20
    12 x 100 odds Pull, even Swim 4 FR, 4 BR, 4 BK.
    10 x 100 FR 1:40 Desc 1-4, 5 EZ x 2
    500 Fin Kick FR/FL by 25
    400 EZ
  11. Still swam despite queazy feeling

    by , January 3rd, 2011 at 07:44 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I think I drank too much coffee yesterday. Couldn't sleep and had a queazy feeling this morning. Just praying I didn't throw up.

    1000 Free as 200 swim/pull/swim/kick/swim (no clock at this time)
    500 Free kick w/fins every 3rd 25 fast
    10x50@1:00 Breast pull w/fins & paddles legs just trailing
    300 Breast kick w/brfins
    4x50@1:00 Breast
    3x200@4:00 Free w/snorkle over kick arms easy
    200 Free pull w/bouy
    200 Free easy

    Total 3500 yards
  12. Tomorrow I'm using the ladder

    Today I swam this scy:

    1000 warmup

    2 x 500 pull w/ paddles [I tried out some new paddles—Strokemaker red (0.5 size). These are very small, and I liked them better than the green ones that I sometimes use.]

    10 x 50 kick w/ fins (25 very fast / 25 easy) @ 1:10

    500 kick w/o fins

    10 x 100, 5 @ 1:45, 5 @ 1:40 [I did this set w/swim buddy Mark, and worked at maintaining a strong kick on even ones.]

    During my 500 kick a college team came and got in the water. I was wondering who they might be; their caps said “UALR.” University of Arizona Little Rock was my first guess, since that would be within driving distance of here. After the 100s set, I decided to go ask their coach, who looked friendly. I was climbing out of the water when my foot slipped on the side of the pool. It didn’t seem like a big deal, but when I looked down there was blood running all down my leg. Yuck. I limped in to the guard room and got patched up, plus got a big dose of sympathy from the guard that calls everyone “darlin” even when they’re not hurt. Despite all the blood, it was just a little cut on my shin, about a centimeter long. Who knew such a little wound would bleed so? Even though I had more workout planned, I decided to call it a day—I was afraid getting back in the water might restart the bleeding.

    I was right about the college team though—they were from Little Rock I finally did chat with the coach. They’re here to enjoy some relative warmth and sunshine through Friday, and will be joined tomorrow by Centenary College from Louisiana, who trained here last year. They’ve rented a big beach house for all the swimmers—sounds like a fun time. And it means the pool will be hopping in the mornings, with 2 college teams and the kids team plus whatever masters and other lap swimmers show up, all stuffed into 8 lanes. It will probably mean circle swimming with folks unaccustomed to the practice, but I’m sure it will all work out. And it will mean lots of good energy at the pool, which is much preferable to being the only one working out in the big tank.

    On a happier note, I tried out another new pair of goggles today—some speedo hologram goggles with spooky-looking eyes on the lenses.

    They’re intended for kids, but I was able to adjust the straps so that they were very comfortable. I wore them all during my workout today, and they worked great, and kept my workout buddy amused. You can’t see the hologram from the inside—they just seem like ordinary tinted goggles when they’re on. The only downside is that I could see the green casing of the goggle around the lens while I was swimming. I highly recommend them—in fact I think it would be fun if everyone I swam with wore them!

    And finally, I did go for the traditional New Year’s Day dip in the gulf. The water has warmed up considerably since last week—it was 60 degrees, with air temps in the low 60s in the morning when I went in. All I did was dip though, because it was crazy wavy. And about 30 minutes after I got out, a huge storm rolled through, with lots of rain and huge lightning and thunder claps. We were under a tornado watch for the rest of the day—it’s a good thing I got in early!
  13. We Got a new COACH!!!!

    by , January 2nd, 2011 at 05:22 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coach Chris returns after being gone for
    a couple of years.
    I can actually swim with the team now.
    I've been swimming on my own and it's just no fun.
    Plus it takes up an extra 2 hours of my day.

    I'll still be putting workouts up but I'm going
    to make it easier on me.
    Here is a link to a web page I made that has 108
    workouts I've done over the past year or so.
    Some may be repeats but oh well that happens.

    Bo's Favorite Workouts
    If something doesn't work let me know. I didn't test everyone.

    I swam 3500 SCY on New Years Day.
    What a great way to start the year.

    Now I'll have more time to post and keep track
    of things.

    My goal for this year is to:
    Swim at least 3 days a week
    Loose the extra 15 or 20lbs I've acquired over the past couple of years.
    Do a couple of meets
    Go to either Short Course or Long Course Nationals

  14. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout: 01/03/11

    by , January 2nd, 2011 at 04:20 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    WARM UP:
    2 X 200 3:20 3;00
    4 X 100 1:40 1:30
    Twice through. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    4 X 100 2:00
    4 X 50 1:15
    8 X 25 sprint :45
    1 X 50 easy
    On the 100's/50's descend 1-4 swimming # 4 at 100%.
    All choice, short break before the 25's.

    1 X 200 kick 4:15
    3 X 100 kick 2:15

    1 X 200 4:00 3:30 3:00
    1 X 100 2:00 1:45 1:30
    1 x 75 fast 1:30 1:30 -
    Three rounds.
    Round 1 stroke, round 2 IM, round 3 free. Intervals read left to right. Swim an easy 25 then...

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00
    Swim Workouts
  15. New Years Practice, Sun., Jan. 2

    by , January 2nd, 2011 at 01:03 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Swim/SCY @ GMU:

    Got out of bed on time (after a night in DC no less!) and headed to GMU for the annual Swim in the New Year Practice:

    111 x 50, done as:

    20 x 50 warm up @ 1:00

    -- Did 5 free, 5 back, 5 backstroke kick, 5 free
    -- Went much faster than my typical warm up on these

    1:00 rest

    20 x 50 stroke:
    5 x 50 kick @ 1:00
    5 x 50 swim @ :55
    5 x 50 kick @ 1:00
    5 x 50 swim @ :55

    -- I did the third set evil kick. I think one New Year Resolution may be to give this up completely. I am abysmally slow.

    1:00 rest

    20 x 50 pull
    5 x 50 @ :45
    5 x 50 @ :40
    5 x 50 @ :45
    5 x 50 @ :40

    -- Missed 2 50s on the second set b/c of a cap malfunction. Made them up at the end though.

    2 x 50 EZ

    1:00 rest

    20 x 50 w/fins @ :45

    -- Barb and I switched the interval from :40 to :45, as we already knew what the next set was.
    -- I alternated 2 x 50 free or back with 2 x 50 backstroke kick throughout the set. I figured this was a good way not to lose count. There is an extremely small likelihood that I could actually count to 20 while simultaneously keeping track of when to go. I think this requires actual experience. Had some calf cramp issues during this set.

    1:00 rest

    20 x 50 short rest free @ :40, can use equipment

    -- I have to admit that I thought about doing a slower interval on this set. I was pretty tired, but I gave myself a mental pep talk and it actually went far better than expected.
    -- I went 5 x 50 free w/paddles & fins and then switched to 15 x 50 backstroke kick w/fins. I held the 50s kick at 31-32, really emphasizing dolphin kicking from the hips to spare the calves a bit. I clearly have more lower body endurance than upper body endurance.

    6 x 50 @ 1:00
    odds = easy
    evens = fast fly w/fins (went 28, 27, 26)

    3 x 50 EZ (I did 5 x 50 EZ)

    Total: 5550/2000 kick



    Survived! This may be the most yardage I've done as a master. This seems fairly wimpy after reading Patrick's blog, but it's along way for a drop dead sprinter. It's also hard to crank up the yardage when you're only doing 50s. But, for me, this was a great way to get in a solid aerobic effort. Really enjoyed the practice.

    I took yesterday off completely and hadn't been in the water for 3 days as a result. I probably overdid it during the last week with all the free time to train, and the bikram yoga on New Years Eve really flattened me. I think I need to limit bikram to 1x week -- it takes too much out of me and interferes with swim training.

    I'm not really ready to get back to the grind yet ...


    Think I will flog this year. Do the flogs keep track of how many workouts you do (swim, weights, cycle, etc.) in addition to how much yardage you do? I'd be interested in that. I wish there was also a way to automatically tote up race pace efforts or kick yardage though. I may just manually keep track of that in the daily entries. Though I don't have a GTD goal, I arbitrarily set it at 300 miles, which for me would reflect consistency in training.

    Updated January 2nd, 2011 at 08:51 PM by The Fortress

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  16. New Years Day Swim

    by , January 2nd, 2011 at 09:59 AM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    In Boise with Coach Kelsey and the Sawtooth masters

    800 mixer

    Main Set
    11 x 25 as 12.5 all out sprint 12.5 easy. Mix of strokes
    25 easy

    11 x 75 free on 1:11 with fins
    25 easy

    11 x 50 kick on 1:11, did a mix of flutter w/board and on back. no fins

    1100 pull, did 400 free & 300 back w/p&b, then 200 free, 200 back with buoy only

    Cool down
    300 easy

    Total: 3900 yards
  17. Saturday Jan 1st, 2011

    by , January 1st, 2011 at 09:13 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Saturday Jan 1st 2011

    my right hip still hurts a bit & I reinjured it today playing 6 square with the UT Mens team

    Happy New Year
    Thanks for following my blog &
    I hope 2011 is AWESOME for you

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    Whitney Coached
    UT Swim Center, main pool
    9:00 to 10:30 dove in at 9:05
    trained with Jim
    beside Jon & Tyler
    WORE yingfa jammer skin

    swam easy 50's till 9:10

    Main SET:

    assigned: 5 rounds of
    swim 6:30 as far as you can go
    4 x 25 k fast on 40
    50 fast
    100 easy

    round 1 did 11 x 50 on :35ish, was 5:38 at 500, went 25 on 50 fr

    round 2 did 11 x 50 on 35, went 24 on 50 fr

    round 3 skipped and played 6 square with UT men, reinjured my hip, no more 6 square

    round 4 did 11 x 50 on :35, a bit sore & not warmed up, went 26 on fast 50 fr

    round 5
    600 fr hard steady & smooth
    went 6:18
    50 fr fast in heats
    went 22 high

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    not real thrilled with Sunday's order of events
  18. Product Testing (January-February 2011)

    by , January 1st, 2011 at 12:00 AM (SWIMMER Editorials)
    Many of you have written to tell us how much you have appreciated the metamorphosis of the Swim Bag department in 2010. Taking what used to be advertising space and turning it into reviews about the products has been a learning experience for us all. We have also received great feedback about the product testing videos we post on our YouTube channel.

    Some of you have criticized—saying we have been too harsh or too easy on one product or another, or that our reviews are not technical enough. We sincerely thank you for all your feedback. We read all comments and use them to help shape our approach as we move into our second year of product testing.

    We have made a commitment to you to publish useful information about products currently marketed to swimmers. We have also made a commitment to the manufacturers and retailers—not to always say positive things—but to give each product they send us a fair and thorough testing and review.

    Products on the market today are as varied and individual as the swimmers who use them. What is effective for one swimmer may be unusable for another. Some swimmers have no problem spending a lot for what they want; others simply cannot afford to. Our goal is to sort through the differences in the brands and provide information that will be helpful to you when it comes time to replace your goggles, suit, fins, etc.

    Because of the differences among swimmers, we have gathered a motley crew of testers. Some are highly competitive; others swim for exercise and camaraderie. All possess a passion for getting the most from their gear and a healthy sense of curiosity. These are the folks that were taking apart household appliances when they were kids to see what made them work.

    We have testers in different parts of the country, which was essential for this issue’s review of cold-water swim caps, as you will read on page 46. Temperatures had not dropped sufficiently in the Gulf of Mexico in October to give cold-water caps a good test.

    Several members of the staff and local Masters swimmers here in Sarasota have become some of the most committed product testers—evident as we head into our third week of wetsuit testing for the March-April issue. Air and water temperatures in the Gulf are now in the high 50s, which, for those of us who are used to the mid 80s, is pretty shocking.

    Our testers spend a lot of their personal time on these reviews, interrupting their training regimens to try the products, comparing the different brands, filling out surveys and more, and I am truly grateful for their efforts. I also want to thank the manufacturers and retailers who have provided us with the products and trusted us to review them fairly.

    We will be shooting a wetsuit testing video in January that will drop when the March-April issue is published. We hope you will enjoy another year with us and, as always, feel free to contact me directly at with your comments and product review suggestions.

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  19. Friday, Dec. 31

    by , December 31st, 2010 at 04:35 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Bikram Yoga, 90 minutes:

    I really wanted to swim today, but I had made prior plans to take a friend to class at noon. There were a record number of people there -- must have been 60+ people in the class. My friend survived and professed to not hate it. Sometimes the first class is so difficult, some don't come back for more. It was exceedingly hot in there today, definitely at 110 with high humidity. I am dead now as a result. Plan to hit the gym for an easy swim tomorrow and go to my team "Swim in The New Year" practice on Sunday.

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  20. Double Fast Friday Dec 31st 2010

    by , December 31st, 2010 at 02:59 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Double Fast Friday Dec 31st 2010

    Subscribe to Ande's Swimming Blog

    renewed my USMS membership for 2011
    Don't have a masters team?
    Register with Longhorn Masters

    Tyler Coached
    UT Swim Center, main pool noon to 1;15
    trained with Linda in the lane with a Block
    beside James Fike, Larry & Jim
    WORE speedo pro leg skin

    swam easy 50's till 12:12

    Main SET:

    18 x 50 on 1:30 Best Average
    dove them all
    went 25 on first one then held 24's on the rest

    100 easy

    assigned: 18 x 50 on 1:30 Best Average
    odds: FAST; Evens 500 pace
    odds: fast from a dive
    evens: easy
    held 23's on all went 22.8 on last one

    100 easy

    my right hip hurts a bit not sure if it's from climbing up on the blocks so much today or playing 6 square with the kids

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    not real thrilled with Sunday's order of events
    Swim Workouts