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  1. Quality, plus some quantity

    by , March 27th, 2011 at 08:56 PM (Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic)
    I pulled a recent workout from Tall Paul on USMS yesterday. I think I'm going to give it to the FISH tomorrow. (I'm lifeguarding & providing workouts while Coach is on a leave of absence until April.)

    I went up to Bard College with The Tall Guy again today. He helped to pace me, his backstroke with a drag suit is just a bit faster than my all-out freestyle... This is the [ame=""]original workout[/ame], and here are my modifications:

    15 min. warm up (S, K, Back, S by 200's)

    1x100 @ 2:15 cruise
    1x100 @ 1:30
    1x50 power kick @ 1:00
    100 @ 2:15 recovery

    2x100 @ 1:25
    2x50 power kick @ 1:00
    1x100 @ 2:15

    3x100 @ 1:25
    3x50 power kick @ :45 (with fins)
    1x100 @ 3:15

    4x100 @ 1:25
    4x40 power kick @ :45 (with fins)
    1x100 @ 2:15

    5x100 stroke (no interval)
    5x50 power kick @ :45 (with fins)
    1x100 @ 2:15

    10 x 50 @ :50 with fins

    200 warm down


    I had put some aspirational times on my workout sheet, thinking I could do the 3's on 1:20 and the 4's on 1:15, but 1:25 was my limit, although I was coming in on 1:20, I needed those 5 seconds. But in remembering how I've struggled to make 100's on 1:30 in the past, I was pretty excited to make that 4th 100 on the last free set.

    One hitch is that all the fast swimming left me with a bit of a headache for the rest of the day. And while I was waiting for a phone call later in the afternoon, I sat down for a nap and slept for an hour and a half!

    An observation I made about the fins: I'm working on doing more underwaters, but I don't feel like I go much further with the fins on than without. It's a running out of air issue, especially after doing fast sets. I'd like to believe that with some work on this, it will get better.
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  2. GRIN State Meet - Day Two

    by , March 27th, 2011 at 08:14 PM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    Today got off to a much better start than yesterday did - I actually managed to sleep most of the night and was not nearly as tight/worried about the events today as I was yesterday. YAY for good beginnings.

    Once I got to the pool, I did a nice and easy 1000 warm-up, then counted for a friend swimming the 1000. Of course, I got so splashed during his flip turns that when I returned to my team's area, people asked how I had swam...

    My first swim of the day was as part of the 200 Free Women's Relay. I swam the second leg - and swam a split of :29.43! I have never gone under :30 before and it was fantastic! So happy - and so glad I could swim so fast for my teammates.

    My second swim of the day was the 50 Free. This was not nearly so quick - 30.54. However, my start wasn't as good as it was in the relay and I misjudged the turn slightly. Oh well... I know I can break :30 now - and I will do so again.

    Third event up was the 50 Back. Even though I had worked on improving my back start on Friday, the start didn't go well and I was really stiff. Swam a :38.21...again. Seems like I always swim a :38.something - need to work on this more in practice, I guess.

    Final solo event of the day - the 100 Free. I have been playing around with my flip turns and remembered to apply my new strategy. I had been turning on the wall and coming off on my stomach. My training partner told me to stay on my back coming off the wall and rotate while I sdk. While I forgot to try this during yesterday's 200 free, I remembered here. The result? My PB of 1:07.99 from my last meet turned into a 1:07.21! I have been working on my sdk's in practice and was amazed at how much power I could maintain off the wall. Definitely have to continue working on that! YAY!

    The last event of the day was as part of the 400 Free Women's Relay. Haven't seen my splits yet, but was able to anchor our team and maintain our lead - and we won the relay! So, while yesterday had a number of "blah" moments, today was much better and finished awesome!

    Then, a nap, a good dinner, and bedtime will be coming quickly. After all 4:30am still comes pretty early. Tomorrow's workout will be more of a recovery kind of day (with some stroke thrown in for fun) and then our Y Nationals taper starts on Tuesday. I've never actually tapered for a meet before - and I've never swam at anything as big as a national meet. But... everyone tells me just to trust my coaches and trust the taper. Hope it works! Any advice, words of wisdom? All I can say for sure is that the next few weeks will definitely be interesting....

    Happy swims to you!
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  3. Sat & Sun, March 26-27

    by , March 27th, 2011 at 08:11 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    My off day. Hit the gym briefly for:

    RC Exercises, 15 minutes

    Stretching/Yoga/Foam Roller, 40 minutes



    RC exercises (3 way arm extensions, external rotators, seated straight arm dips)

    extreme angle step up w/DBs, 40 x 2 x 10

    -- Use a high box, create an extreme lunge with only toe on the ground and step up. The high box recruits the glute more than a traditional low box step up.
    -- I plan on adding explosive steps ups to my list of plyo exercises: [nomedia=""]YouTube - TFW Explosive Box Step Up[/nomedia]

    total ab machine, 120 x 2 x 15
    lower back machine, 120 x 2 x 15
    back extensions, 25 x 2 x 15
    reverse scoop, 25 x 2 x 15
    explosive leg extensions, 60 x 2 x 10
    front power squat, 180 x 1 x 15
    squat jumps w/bar, 45 x 2 x 10
    lateral bunny hops over bench, 25
    (didn't do another set b/c this bothered by foot)


    30 minute slow continuous swim


    Yikes -- my upper body has been sore all weekend from Friday's drylands. Probably should have started at lower weight on some exercises ... But I always feel that if I'm going to be sore anyway, it might as well be for a good reason. And I don't have any time to waste if I'm going to re-taper somewhat for Canadian Nationals. Felt pretty dreadful in the water today a a result. I hate the soreness that comes after solid 3 week taper.

    Updated March 27th, 2011 at 08:18 PM by The Fortress

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  4. 5K Breast Stroke Drill

    by , March 27th, 2011 at 06:45 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Missed a couple days this week. Thursday, my wife had her gall bladder removed. That went well and I'm very fortunate to have been able to swim Friday morning. Saturday morning, severe storms rolled through and lasted all day - pool closed . I had a couple hours to spare today so I got the idea that maybe I could throw together some things I liked from the Breaststroke Lane ([ame=""]The Breastroke Lane - U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums[/ame]). First off, 5K is a bit much for breaststroke and now I've got a touch of tendonitis. Maybe someone could use pieces of this for another workout. Thanks to all who posted tips and drills to the breast stroke lane. I used a lot of it in the workout. Here it is:

    Warm Up
    1 x 400 Coice
    1 x 100 3x-6x SDK/Breast

    6 x 50 1:00
    #1-2 Alternate kick (Kick right, kick left, kick both)
    #2-3 2 pull/1 kick
    #4-5 2 Kick/1 pull

    Main Set
    6 x 200 Breast 3:30 1200
    #1 Convert 4 pull/1 kick to 1 pull/4 kicks
    #2-3 Breast
    #4 Double Pull-outs (This was really hard on the last couple 25s - can see why Allen hates it)
    #5-6 Breast
    50 Easy

    Kick Set
    10 x 100 2:00 Odds - BR Kick
    Evens - BR Kick on back
    Tendonitis kicked in about 200 yards into this. I ended up mixing a lot of backstroke and fly kick in to relieve the pain in my knee.
    100 Easy

    Fin Set
    12 x 50 1:00 600
    Odds flutter kick w/ fins; evens fly kick w/fins
    #1-6 down underwater pulldowns, back br pull
    #7-12 down underwater breaststroke, back br pull
    50 Easy

    5 x 100 BR 1:45 (:05)
    More than :05 rest, decrease stroke count by 1 on each 25
    Less than :05 rest, increase stroke count by 1 on each 25
    5 x 100 BR 1:45
    Start with easy to make stroke count. Decrease one stroke each 100. I started with 8 and went down to 4. I learned a LOT from this set. Dropping to 5 strokes didn't really impact my speed even though it felt very slow. My problem was mostly getting enough O2.

    Cool Down
    1 x 200 Choice

    (5000 total)
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  5. Antigeek workout

    I got back in the water in Feb after a two month unintentional break, and most of my workouts have been moderate to hard aerobic, 5 or 6 days a week. Today I thought I would try something different.

    Goal swim, break 1:00 in the 100M. First attempt is a straight 100, second attempt is 2x50, third attempt is 4x25s. My prediction was that I would do it on the 25s.

    Lifetime lap pool was full, so spent about 10 minutes in the kiddie pool playing around with streamlines and SDK. Then all 5 lanes cleared out of the lap pool!

    Warm up
    - 200 swim, 200 back, 200 kick ez
    Goal Set
    - 1x100 all out (1:03)
    -- at this point I thought I had a shot at making the goal set at the 50s.
    - 200 ez back + lots of wall rest
    - 2x50 all out (:29, :29-)
    -- 50 ez between plus tons of rest; ~2:30 between
    -- DONE
    Cool down
    - maybe 400 ez mixed back/free

    Finis Swimsense: I bought a swimsense, a watch thing that keeps stroke count, lap count, splits etc. This toy should be really helpful, but it isn't accurate enough to be useful to competitive pool swimmers in my opinion. Ex: Yesterday I did an 100 IM set and my back splits was something like a 33 while my breast splits were around 23... I am a much better at back than breast. Another problem I have with the watch is that the times only resolve to 1 second, aka you split is 23, not a 22.6. In theory, this is not a big deal, but the way it has been implemented is that the splits can sum to more than the interval. The error seems to be +/- 2s, which is a huge error for fast swims in a short course pool. What irritates me the most about the watch would annoy any swimmer during a short rest set, or any swimmer wanting a time off a fast effort swim, the watch has to be manually started and stopped to record the interval. When you are trying to remember to breath, it takes a while to remember to press the button, and on short rest sets, especially near the end, having time to press the button twice might not actually exist.

    The watch is accurate for recording distance, so for fitness swimmers who are interested in overall distance swam and stroke counts, it is a decent device. It just seems a little expensive for something that is limited to stroke and lap counting.
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  6. Both sides now

    Today I swam at Riverbank pool with a swim buddy. There was a green grape on the bottom of our lane when we got in.

    This was my weekly 2-hour lcm workout. Today’s priorities were (1) long easy distance swimming + (2) some breaststroke technique work + (3) a bit of fly and back to review what I’d learned in yesterday’s KPN clinic (more on that below). All of today’s swims were at a comfortable pace—no intervals, no clock watching. Here’s how it went:

    1000 warmup

    3 x 100 FR with 2/4/6/8/6/4/2 beat kick

    3 x (50K/50swim), IM order, no FR, remembering clinic keys

    4 x 500 FR, bilateral breathing [I managed to breathe on both sides today, mostly 2-2-3 for the whole 500. That, combined with not watching the clock, made these swims feel very relaxed and hypnotic.]

    After the 500s I talked with my swim buddy, who is also my relay partner for MIMS this summer, about bilateral breathing. We both favor our right and are working on getting more comfortable breathing on our left. He suggested we do some 50s breathing just on our left.

    10 x 50 FR, breathing just to left [My relay partner’s definition of 50s is apparently continuous swimming with open turns—I was getting :01-:02 seconds rest on these! I finally stopped and did the last 8 on my own interval.]
    8 x 50 FR, odds breathing to left, evens breathing every 3

    300 pull with paddles, alternating left breathing w/ 3-stroke breathing by 50s

    3 x 100 FR w/ snorkel, working on catch and early hand exit

    3 x 100 w/ fins, done as (50 fly kick / 50 BR timing drill)

    300 warmdown + play

    It was a very pleasant and relaxing workout, despite somewhat chaotic lane conditions. We were all squashed in 3 lcm lanes for the first 1.5 hours of lap swim, due to a guard shortage. It’s always frustrating to see those other 5 lanes sitting empty when that happens and we’re swimming 10 per lane. At least we weren’t trying to do complicated stroke sets on tight intervals today.

    Yesterday afternoon I went to a 3-hour clinic put on by Karlyn Pipes-Nielsen that covered butterfly, back, and breaststroke. It was most excellent, and I came away with several keys for making my strokes better.

    Fly has always been my worst stroke, but I feel like I finally had a breakthrough there. The most important advice I got yesterday was to release earlier on my pull—pretty much at my waist, rather than at the bottom of my suit. I’d been told to do this before, but never realized just how early an early release should be. Yesterday I played around with finishing my strokes at different points, and found one that made all the other things I’ve been trying to do in fly—straighter pull, less pausing at the front of the stroke, faster turnover, wider entry—way easier. It’s cool when one little change seems to make everything else fall into place!

    On backstroke there was also one drill that seemed to help my stroke feel better. It involved doing half a length letting your wrists bend on the pull, then half a length with wrists held firm. I never felt like I broke my wrist on my BK pull before, but after doing this drill I realized I probably do. When I focused on keeping my wrists straighter, I felt like I was pushing the water more with the bottom of my hand rather than my fingers, and my pull felt more powerful.

    I really liked KPN’s approach of alternating between doing different aspects of the stroke “right way/wrong way”, and comparing how each felt, and experimenting around with different degrees of change until you’ve found what works best. I’ve always found it way easier to make changes when I know in my body why something works better for me, than simply to do it because I’ve been told to. Also, just being around Karlyn and seeing her energy and excitement about all things swimming was fun and made me want to get back to the pool as soon as possible to play around with all the things she discussed. It was definitely a fun and useful afternoon!
  7. GRIN State Meet - Day One

    by , March 26th, 2011 at 07:31 PM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    Today was the first day of the Indiana state meet. I first swam this meet last year and am typically not freaked out by meets. Sure, I get nervous before my events, but those are just jitters. For whatever reason, this meet freaked me out. From about 2am on, I just tossed and turned and when I finally got out of bed, was just not right - fatigued, tight, nervous, and feeling befuddled about why.

    Needless to say, the meet didn't go exactly as I wanted it too - but, in reality, it wasn't that bad. I didn't have the time drops I was hoping for, but being that I was working on little sleep and never really tapered (not even my three-day taper), I shouldn't be disappointed. Yet, I am - just a bit.

    My first race was the 200 Free. I hate this race. The only reason I swam it was because I am swimming it at Y Nationals instead of swimming the 100 back (since I've never swam outdoors before, the 100 back seemed a little risky - with me seeing shapes in the clouds and all ). I actually felt pretty good - my training partner said my start beat everyone else into the water. If only the race could have ended there.... Anyhoo, I felt pretty smooth the entire way and even was able to sprint the last 25 into the wall. Why was I disappointed? My time was a 2:30. The last time I swam the 200 Free was a 2:30. The time before was a 2:30. Doesn't seem to matter how I feel, how hard I take it out, or how dead I am at the end - I get a 2:30. On the flip side, that's back to back 1:15s - which is awesome for me.

    Next up was the 50 Fly. I was hoping to drop from my personal best of 34.30. Instead, I got a 34.44. While not what I wanted, I probably didn't push all out on the second 25 like I should have. In the back of my mind was that the 100 Fly was only 4 events away....

    Finally, the 100 Fly. Wished there was more rest between the 2 fly events, but that was not to be. This is only my third time swimming the 100 Fly and the other two times, I swam a 1:19. This was was a low 1:21. I will say, however, that the final 25 was agony - I just kept thinking "KEEP GOING". Going into the race, I already knew that I was the only 40-44 female in it. As long as I didn't DQ, I would be the State Champion. Can't believe how hard it was to get my arms out over the water for those last 4 strokes. But... I didn't get DQ'd, finished the race, and still kind of marvel that I can actually swim a 100 Fly - I have only been swimming - at all - for 1 1/2 years. Not bad.

    The last event was a 200 Mixed Free relay. My leg was a 30.69. Just 0.2 off my best ever regular swim on 30.40, and I'm still hoping to break the :30 mark in tomorrow's race. Wish me luck.

    Tomorrow's events are 2 relays, 50 Free, 50 Back, and 100 Free. Hoping for better results.... time will tell.

    Now, it's time for a good dinner and then off to bed. Oh, and one more thing, WAY TO GO BUTLER BULLDOGS! Returning to the Final Four! YAY!
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  8. Saturday, 3/26/11

    by , March 26th, 2011 at 05:30 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    Warm up
    With Fins:
    400 swim - 200 kick - 200 IM Drill - 100 Strong Swim
    Fins Off:
    8 x 50/1:30; 15 Fast Breakout - 20 easy - 15 Fast Finish
    Controlled kick out - Strong legs on Finish
    - did free, back and fly on these

    Practice 3 - 4 Turns
    did as 100 attacking the walls and easy between flags

    Main Set:
    Repeat following 3 times:
    2 x 100 pace - NO CLOCK
    20 counts rest

    1 x 50 Fast off Blocks/2:00
    - all 3 free off blocks, was just under 30 on all 3

    Practice 3 - 4 Fast Turns
    - like above

    Repeat 3 Times:
    - did 1st time free with board and snorkel, 2nd and 3rd on back
    2 x 50/1:30 light legs
    all around 1:00
    - 2 x 50/1:30 strong legs
    - was between 46 and 48 on all

    1 x 200 IM/5:00 50 Dolphin on front - 50 Bk Scull - 50 Brst Drill - 50 Fr Build

    Mini Set With Fins
    4 x 100/1:45 50 DPS - 50 Build
    - 1:15-1:20 on these 13-14 SPL

    Cool down
    200 easy free and back

    Total: 3650 yards
  9. 23,000+yds (but not in the water....)

    by , March 26th, 2011 at 04:58 PM (Dan's hobby/obsession)
    I run sometimes, too - usually not like this

    This morning was a half-marathon race along Lake Sammamish between Issaquah, WA and Redmond, WA. It was a nice, cool morning and we were lucky because the rain that was forecast did not appear!!

    1:34:00.4 -- good for 27th place, but that 0.4 sec really ...

    When the weather improves I'll also cycle. So, yes, I am becoming a triathlete.

    In my defense, I didn't intend to - but there just aren't many swimming competitions for us old folks here in the Northwest. And I like having events to train for...(or is it "for which to train?)
  10. Sat Mar 26th, 2011

    by , March 26th, 2011 at 04:46 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat Mar 26th, 2011

    6 days til Zones
    working on: losing some weight, getting stronger in the weight room & faster in the pool.

    Zones Entries:
    Fri 1650 fr, 400 IM
    Sat 500 fr, 200 bk, 100 fr, 200 br
    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl


    [ame=""]Lost Motivation?[/ame]

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    Whitney Coached
    UT, SCY main pool for swim downs after fast swims
    7:30 - 9:00
    dove in on around 7:50
    trained with max larry jim
    wore B70 jammer

    went 800 easy

    Main SET:

    200 IM broken 10 sec rest at each 50

    50 easy

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    2011 South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX
    Days Till
    Fri 1650 fr, 400 IM
    Sat 500 fr, 200 bk, 100 fr, 200 br
    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    Days till
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  11. 3/26/11 1st swim since Monday

    by , March 26th, 2011 at 09:30 AM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Haven't felt well all wee battle a bad cold...but a few days of only hurt my GTD mileage nothing else...

    I went today as I felt a little clearer in the sinuses and I had a good swim.

    Warm Up
    300 with forearm fulcrums I've been tweaking my shoulder by pushing down a bit in my pull...the fulcrums will help me train out of this little habit I've picked up.

    100-500-100 Pyramid on a 1:45 base. I got good rest and pushed the back half of the set.


    500 with fins alt FR/FL by 25

    100 IM with lane mate


    2 x 100 EZ

    Travelling back to Harvard in a bit to see my 9 yer old son swim in YMCA New Englands....he is just all about his name going up on the board. I hope he doesn't stop mid swim to check if it's there.
  12. 7th meet in 60 days!

    by , March 26th, 2011 at 12:08 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Tomorrow will be (yes this is right) my 7th meet in a ~60 day period. The Inland NW Champs meet. I'm pretty much swimming my "off" events at this one...aside from the 400 IM or course.

    Here's my path:
    Jan. 23rd,
    Feb. 5th,
    Feb. 13th,
    Feb. 21st,
    Mar. 5th,
    Mar 12th,
    and now Mar. 26-27th!

    For the ~90 period I'll be adding the Apr. 9th for Zones, and April 30-May 1st for Nats for a total of 9 meets over a roughly 90 day period.

    Call me stupid, dumb, energizer bunny, or all 3!! I'm still swimming fast, and having fun!

    The key is rotating the events around too...there's no way I would repeat meet after meet of the same ol' stuff.
    Crazy thing is that at the awards/annual meeting there, I'm not even eligible for the "waterlogged award" (which they give to the people that attend all LMSC meets in the season), because I missed one of the LMSC meets to go to the NW SCM Zone meet outside the area in November!!
  13. Carpe Noctem

    by , March 25th, 2011 at 11:16 PM (Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic)
    After this evening's workout, I have a new appreciation for those who workout any time but first thing in the morning. I don't know how you do it, because I was dragging ass.

    I worked out with The Tall Guy at the upstate college pool with a workout from a fast lane teammate:

    1000 (SKIPS)

    200 @ 3:00
    175 / 25 on 2:35 & :25
    150 / 50 on 2:00 & 1:00
    125 / 75 on 1:45 & 1:15
    100 / 100 on 1:30 & 1:30
    75 / 125 on 1:15 & 1:45
    50 / 150 on 1:00 & 2:00
    25 / 175 on :25 & 2:35
    200 @ 3:00

    200 choice
    200 choice kick
    200 choice drill
    200 choice kick
    200 choice

    4x50 25 EZ / 25 all out

    200 warm down (twirly backstroke)

    =4200 SCY

    I don't know why I bothered to type those intervals, I didn't make them after the first 2 200's. My arms wouldn't go, I couldn't shake the long week, and my dinner kept threatening to come back up. The Tall Guy put his drag suit on, and was going slow to help me pace, but I still couldn't keep up. The IM's were supposed to be on intervals as well, but I decided it was a better night to work on technique.

    I'm feeling impatient. I want to be a faster swimmer NOW. The next time I can get in the pool is Sunday, and I'm thinking I should do some short speed stuff, maybe some kicking. I'll have to take some time to search around here for some workout inspiration.

    An issue I'm having with that kind of workout (I don't call myself neurotic for nothing) is that I can't stand the idea of driving all the way to the upstate pool and not get the yards in. Somehow I've got to pep talk myself into believing that quality over quantity is a thing. And I'll have to stop using evening swimming as an excuse, because it's the new reality now that I don't get the pool time I used to.
  14. Friday, March 25

    by , March 25th, 2011 at 11:00 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    RC work, 10 minutes

    med ball slams, 3 x 10
    power wheel roll roll outs, 2 x 15
    hanging knee tucks, 2 x 15
    russian twists on incline, 25 x 2 x 25
    nautilus lower back machine, 12 0x 2 x 15
    HS iso lateral hi row, 190 x 3 x 5
    skull crushers, 50 x 2 x 10
    box jumps, 2 x 10



    I wanted to go to yoga today as well, but life just got in the way. No stretching this evening either as I was taking Lil Fort and a couple friends to "Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules." Tomorrow is my off day, but I should have some time in the late afternoon to get to the gym for RC work and stretching.

    Mr. Fort is getting up at 5:00 am to run in the National Half Marathon. He's running it with his training partner at marathon pace as a "training run." I think he's insane to get up at the at time for a training run ...

    Received my Swimmer Magazine. Though I can understand the appeal of OW swimming in the abstract, I have to agree with the Wookiee -- especially the part about pools being comparatively cleaner. The Potomac River and the Bay are rather disgusting here. But Geek's comment that "if you want to push off concrete repeatedly, do jumping jacks" was pretty funny.

    FYI. psych sheet for Y Nat is out. At least on the women's side, it looks slower than usual to me.

    Updated March 25th, 2011 at 11:37 PM by The Fortress

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  15. One Day To Go...

    by , March 25th, 2011 at 08:24 PM (Year Three: The Road Back)
    The state meet for Indiana is tomorrow and Sunday. Guess I'll find out if all the work I've done lately in the pool has paid off or not. Of course, having to deal with the side/back muscle pull and then leg cramps this week make me wonder if I'll see improvement or not. I'm trying to simply look at this as a warm-up for Y Nationals that are three weeks away. Guess I'll just do my best and see what happens. For the last workout before the meet, here is what we did:

    400 Warm-Up
    4x 50 Drill/Swim on 1:00
    3 x 100 Free on 1:40 (moderate pace - held 1:22s)
    1 x 200 Kick on 4:00
    4 x 25 Kick Fast on :45
    1 x 200 Free Easy
    1 x 200 Free ALL OUT w/ fins - got 2:05
    400 Cool-Down
    13 x 25 Block Starts (worked mainly back starts)
    Total Yards - 2325

    Working on my backstroke starts with my coach today was monumentally helpful. I never realized that throwing your arms to the side instead of straight over your head could result in a much more pain-free entry . When we were done working on the starts, I felt much more confident in my backstroke start. Needless to say, however, my back/shoulders were pretty red from my early start attempts. Guess we'll see what happens on Sunday.

    As to the meet, here's what I'm swimming (in addiiton to any relays the coach puts me in):

    - 200 Free (goal time is 2:28)
    - 50 Fly (goal time is to go under :33 for the 1st time)
    -100 Fly (goal is to better my 1:19 and not get DQ'd)

    -50 Free (goal is to break :30 for the 1st time)
    -50 Back (goal is to better my :38)
    -100 Free (goal is to go 1:06-low 1:07)

    Wish me luck and happy swimming to you!
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  16. DOUBLE FAST Friday Mar 25th, 2011

    by , March 25th, 2011 at 05:34 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    DOUBLE FAST Friday Mar 25th, 2011

    7 days til Zones & 34 til Nats
    working on: losing some weight, getting stronger in the weight room & faster in the pool.

    Zones Entries:
    Fri 1650 fr, 400 IM
    Sat 500 fr, 200 bk, 100 fr, 200 br
    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl

    [ame=""]Lost Motivation?[/ame]

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    Tyler Coached
    UT, SCY main pool for swim downs after fast swims
    noon to 1:15
    dove in on around 12:09
    trained beside Darby, James,
    wore FS PRO LEGS

    Board said 15 min choice

    Main SET:

    assigned 7 x 100 fast best average on 8:00
    did: 5 x 100 fast best ave
    dove off blocks,
    first 50 2 beat kick 2nd 50 6 beat kick, concentrated on pushing off deeper and SDKing went
    1) 54
    2) 53
    3) 53
    4) 53
    5) 53
    6) skip
    7) skip

    changed from FS PRO legskin to FS 1 jammer

    did 3 x 25 fr fast on about 5:00
    1) ???
    2) 9.9
    3) 9.8

    25 easy

    tired want to get FASTER
    time to CPP for ZONES

    Next meets are:

    Fri Apr 1 - Sun 3, 2011
    2011 South Central Zone SCY Championships
    Josh Davis Natatorium, San Antonio, TX
    Days Till
    Fri 1650 fr, 400 IM
    Sat 500 fr, 200 bk, 100 fr, 200 br
    Sun 1000 fr, 50 fr, 200 IM, 50 fl

    Thu Apr 28 - Sun May 1, 2011
    2011 USMS SCY Spring Nationals
    Kino Aquatic Complex, Mesa, AZ
    Order of Events
    Days till
    Swim Workouts
  17. One-sided swimming

    I had a nice swim this morning at Riverbank with a couple of swim buddies. The pool was hopping—at one point we three were sharing the lane with four or five others, but they came late and left early. We did complementary workouts—ie same intervals, if not the same swims. My goal today was to get in some sprint work, then get in some easy- to moderate-paced yardage while working on breathing to my left. I didn’t do so well on the left-breathing thing. (Sometimes it seems like I would have an easier time with that if we circle-swam clockwise--does seeing other swimmers' recovering hands, and paddles, so close your face, with no lane rope in between, scare anyone else?)

    Here’s what I did:

    1000 lcm warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200im)

    3 x (6 x 50 @ 1:10ish, :30 rest)
    First round was 25 build FR/ 25 easy
    Second round was FR sprint progression (2 strokes sprint, 4 strokes, etc. up to 12)
    Third round was 5 BK sprint progression + 1 easy

    500 FR pace

    6 x 100 kick @ :05 rest

    3 x 200 FR desc.
    100 easy
    200 pull w/ paddles
    100 easy
    200 IM

    200 easy pull w/ paddles
    300 warmdown + play

    I wore my red rhinestone goggles during part of this morning’s swim—they’re a little dark for indoors, but I felt like the Elton John of lap swimmers.

    There is a meet next weekend at Asphalt Green, one of my home pools, and I am trying to decide if and what I want to swim. The meet is Sat. night (50s and 100s of all 4 strokes) and Sun. morning (200s and all 3 IMs). I know I don’t want to do both sessions, and I would like to swim a workout Saturday morning, since it’s one of my 2 weekly chances to get in a 2-hour lcm session. So I’m leaning towards doing a few events Sunday morning—given that event lineup, with the magic of split requests I can swim pretty much any event I want. I haven’t swum a 100 FL this season yet, so I might do it during the 400 IM (I think that would be easier than doing it as the opening of the 200 FL). I’m hoping that I can convince some other OW swimmers to do the meet then go out to the beach afterwards for an ocean dip.

    (I never ever thought I would want to skip doing a meet to not miss training time, but that's where I seem to be at the moment. It's very strange.)

    This is clinic weekend for me. Tomorrow afternoon I’m doing a 3-hour 3-stroke clinic with Karlyn P-N that TNYA is sponsoring. Then on Sunday afternoon I’m heading out to Brooklyn with Mr. Addict to do an (erg machine) rowing clinic, together with a college buddy of his. It should all be interesting and fun.
  18. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -03/28/11

    by , March 25th, 2011 at 02:21 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    Taper/Rest workout

    WARM UP:
    2 X 250 4:15
    3 X 150 2:15
    4 X 50 faster 1:00

    5 X 200 4:00
    100 swim/100 kick

    8 X 100 2:00
    Pull free or IM

    10 X 25
    odd: build to race finish
    even: blocks-sprint 25

    1 X 400 free OR 300 IM
    Focus on great turns and streamlines

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

    Swim Workouts
  19. Friday, 3/25/11

    by , March 25th, 2011 at 12:31 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    Warm up (1050)
    3 x 100 Free/10sr, With Fins – smooth builds
    200 IM Kick
    3 x 50/1:00 desc
    200 Choice Drill
    - did fist and 1 arm, back & free
    8 x 25/30 Strong
    - IM order

    Main Set: (800)
    8 x 75/1:30 VERY Strong Efforts
    - 25 normal swim (B2)/25 (B3)/25 (B4)
    - ave 1:00 on these
    16 x 25/40 FAST – with Fins
    Odds – Dolphin Kick Under Water
    Evens – Swim Choice of stroke
    - alt fly/back/free

    Back With Fins (600)
    12 x 50/1:00 strong, 12.5y under water
    - was going 35-37, started with 12 SDK going past mid pool, by the end was at 8 SDK coming up just short of mid pool. Took an extra minute rest after 6 then finished set.

    Finish Drills Set (200)
    8 x 25/40
    Back – Fast with strong kickouts
    Fly – Fast with Strong kickouts
    - 1-4 back, 5-8 fly

    Cool Down
    5 x 50/1:00 easy free

    Total: 2900 yards
  20. Mar 25 - Friday light (x2)

    by , March 25th, 2011 at 11:26 AM (Dan's hobby/obsession)
    Today was kind of a hodge-podge workout dreamed up by one of my MYM teammates. Then the coach showed and decided to add a 500 Time Trial.

    I wasn't really sure what today would be, so I decided to wear my square-leg drag suit instead of my normal 2 pairs of jammers. I felt a little sluggish today, so maybe that was why.

    200 warm up
    3x200 (fr pull, br (pull 100/swim 100), fly (4x50)) about :30 rest
    5x100 (IM, fr, ba, br, IM) - intervals were 1:45 - 2:00, A little slow, so I tried to swim these "fast", but wasn't really feeling the speed this morning.
    4x50 IM order @ 1:00
    500 "for time" 5:50
    25's from mid point - nail the turn & breakout
    Total 2,100 SCY

    Like I said, I was feeling sluggish today, but I was very happy with the 500 time. I swam the 500 at Juanita a few weeks back and only got a 5:44, so 5:50 from a push, sharing a lane with 2 people, and wearing a drag suit was a good time for me. Of course, now I'm feeling a little guilty about the seed time I put for the 500 at PNA zones in a couple weeks, but I'll get over it.

    I was going to be near another pool around the time of their masters workout, so decided to stop by for their practice. I was hoping for some sprint work from the blocks, but they were just doing some light drillwork - at least I got to use the blocks to work on my backstroke start. It still needs work, but, like my breaststroke, it's not going to get any better if I don't keep trying.

    600 warm up
    400 IM drill w/ fins kick/scull/drill/swim by 25's
    3x250 alt. stroke/free by 50 - 2 back, 1 fly
    6x100 pull @ 1:30 - descend 1-3, 4-6
    12 x 50 @ :55 IM order kick/swim by 25
    50 cool down
    + practiced some backstroke starts

    3,000 SCY

    Updated March 25th, 2011 at 03:35 PM by larsoda (added 2nd workout)

    Swim Workouts