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  1. Swimming the River Styx

    by , January 28th, 2010 at 11:44 PM (Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton)
  2. Kick w/Speedo, Thursday, Jan. 28

    by , January 28th, 2010 at 05:21 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Joined Pete for his periodic kick workout @ Oak Marr.

    Warm up:

    800 various

    Main Kick sets:

    6 x 200 kick @ 3:30, no fins
    - 1-2 flutter w/ board
    - 3-6 backstroke kick w/o board

    Warmed up on the first two at a medium pace. Then went: 2:59, 2:56, 2:56, 2:53.

    150 EZ

    6 x 100 kick w/fins @ 1:20
    - odds flutter w/ board
    - evens backstroke kick w/o board

    Went: 1:03, 1:04, 1:05, 1:04, 1:04, 1:03

    Pete said I was getting too much rest on these. Sheesh, I thought it was too little!

    100 EZ

    6min vertical kick:
    - 2min breast kick, hands above water
    - 2min flutter kick, " " "
    - 2min dolphin kick, " " "

    250 EZ

    Total: 3100 + VK



    I hadn't done 200 kicks in a loooong time. In fact, I can only recall doing 200s with my MF -- probably b/c they're so long and somewhat tedious. For that reason, this was a good workout to do with a training partner. And it was tough, with a slow burn on the 200s. After the 100s and VK, my legs/calves were shot. I was going to do some drill work, but started cramping. So I joined Pete in the hot tub for 10-15 minutes. Definitely need to do some stretching tonight!

    My arms were, as expected, a bit sore from yesterday's arm and med ball dryland workout. I'm thinking that med ball work is a quick way to get killer arms.

    Hoping my legs will recover to do some speed work tomorrow.

    And ugh! All of my kids are sick with colds and strep throat now. I hope I don't catch it!

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  3. Taper time

    by , January 28th, 2010 at 04:35 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Starting to taper it on down for the Auburn meet. Won't taper like I will for Nationals, but still want to be a little rested so I can swim decent times. This week, the plan is not to do anything over 3,000 yards. So far this week, I've gotten in on Tuesday and today. Today, I got in a 1500 yards of drills and a few underwaters with fins. Tuesday's workout is as follows:


    4 x 100 on 1:45 - 75 3 rt/3 lt fly, 25 free

    6 x 50 on 1:00 - Did 1,2,5, 6 full-stroke fly; 3,4 were free.

    200 freestyle kick

    Main sets:

    16 x 50 on 1:00 - Did 3 rt/3 lt fly, 25 free

    3 rounds of the following:

    4 x 25 pull on :45
    4 x 25 drill on:45
    4 x 25 sprint on 1:00

    Round one was back, round two was breast, and round three was free.

    2 rounds of the following (no rest between sets)

    2 x 25 fly on :45 - only 2 dolphin kicks allowed underwater

    2 x 25 fly drill on :45- one pull for 4 kicks

    1 x 25 fly all-out

    150 easy

    3000 SCY
  4. Looks like I picked the wrong time to be Johnny Hero on the

    by , January 28th, 2010 at 03:07 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Well I will soon know if I made a grave training error this morning….for some reason I decided that I would run on the treadmill instead of my normal elliptical.

    I had a little stretch and got running, eventually getting in a 40 minute run and about 4.5 miles. I wasn’t too unhappy being that I haven’t been running for about a year…

    The last 2 miles or so felt REALLY heavy on my legs and I could literally feel yesterday’s weight training on my quads. I would be unconcerned but I am slated for a 200 BR on Sunday…so watch this space…

    After the run, I went and did core work with the yoga ball, and a short RC shoulder workout.

    I showered and drove to Walgreens to get a protein drink…my legs feel hammered right now. I’m only swimming 2-2.5k tomorrow and no weights.
  5. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 Workout -01/29/10

    by , January 28th, 2010 at 02:43 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)

    WARM UP:
    3 X 100 1:40
    3 X 100 1:30
    1 X 800 -

    1 X 200 kick 4:30
    2 X 100 kick 2:15
    4 X 50 kick 1:10

    2 X 200 4:00
    Alternate 25 kick/fast, 25 swim. No board.

    5 X Broken 200's:Swim as follows...
    1 X 75 fast 1:00
    1 X 25 easy :30
    1 X 50 fast :45
    1 X 50 easy
    Take adequate rest between each "200"

    4 X 225 IM 4:00
    Rotate 75 of each stroke

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  6. Thursday, 1/28/10

    by , January 28th, 2010 at 01:38 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    300 swim free
    300 kick choice
    300 swim back
    swim 6 x 50 on 1:00; build 1-3 free and 4-6 back
    (went 37's on the free, 42's on back)

    swim 3 x 100 IM on 1:50, make interval
    (ave 1:40)
    swim 6 x 75 free on 1:15 make interval
    swim 6 x 25 choice FAST on :35 (did 1,2,5 free around 16s, 3,4,6 back around 20s)

    1:00 rest

    swim 3 x 100 IM on 1:50 make interval
    (ave 1:40)
    swim 3 x 75 free on 1:15 make interval
    swim 3 x 25 choice FAST on 35
    (went fly - 19, back - 20, free - 17)

    swim down 200
    Total: 2900 yards
  7. Thu Jan 28th 2010

    by , January 28th, 2010 at 12:44 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thu Jan 28th 2010


    found a killer hotel deal for SCY Nats


    scy, diving well, (really warm)
    Whitney coached
    6:30 - 8:00
    swam with mike & brandon
    beside tyler, amy, erin, paul, max, ned and a guest
    dove in on time
    wore B70 legs

    Warm Up
    3 rounds of 150, 100, 50

    Main Set

    3 continuous rounds of
    200 fr on 2:20
    2 x 100 on 1:10
    4 x 50 on :35
    made it

    assigned 800
    did 4 rounds of 100 k, 50 easy, 50 skip
    went 1:11 on 4th 100

    2 continuous rounds of
    200 fr on 2:10
    2 x 100 on 1:05
    4 x 50 on :35
    didn't make it, skipped the 4th 50 in the 1st round & stopped in the 2nd round to let mike & brandon pass me, made the first 200 & the 1st 100, then started missing

    20 x 25 on :30
    odds fr 1 breath
    evens assigned: 6 strokes fast, I worked on SDK

    50 easy

    2010 MEETS:

    March 4 - 6, 2010
    Austin Grand Prix
    Austin, TX
    Count Down

    April 9 -11
    2010 South Central Zone Short Course Championships
    The Woodlands, TX

    May 20 - 23, 2010
    2010 USMS Short Course National Championships
    Georgia Tech Aquatic Center
    Atlanta, GA
    Order of Events
  8. A bad back yet again! Can I trade in for a newer Model!

    by , January 28th, 2010 at 08:17 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    This getting old bites! I started back to swimming due to a back injury and yes 6 years later it still plagues me though not nearly as bad. I would hate to see where I would be if I hadn't started swimming again.

    1000 as 200 swim/pull/swim/kick/swim
    500 Free kick w/fins every 3rd 25 moderate
    5x100@1:50 Fly kick w/fins 25 rt side/25 left side/25 on back/25 on back SPRINT
    10x50@1:00 Fly w/fins as 25 rt arm/25 lt arm (this is the best set to loosen my back)
    5x100@1:40 as 50Free/50Back w/paddles & bouy went 1:31, 1:30, 1:27, 1:26, 1:26
    10x50@1:00 Free w/snorkle easy

    Total 3500 yards
  9. Ding-A-Ling Day!

    by , January 27th, 2010 at 11:05 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Today through a series of mis-communications and misunderstandings I managed to get a half-day substitute teacher and attend a 3 hour committee (across town) meeting that I don't belong to. I sure do hope the district still covers my sub. I'll have to do some quick talking to my principal tomorrow!

    I'm so PROUD! I just received my January/February copy of "Swimmer" magazine. I am quoted on page 31! (The bold red inset about GTD and Flogging)
    Finally I have made my (small) mark in swimming! I am really a swimmer now!

    Today's workout was solo in the steamy LA Fitness Pool. The pool was quiet and empty today. I love swimming by myself! Here's the workout:

    *500 Freestyle Swim Build per 100
    *2 X 250 Free on 4:30 int.
    *5 X 100 Free on 1:45
    *10 X 50 Free on :55
    **6 X Mixed Kicks w/ 10 sec rest
    **300 Pull with Paddles
    **3 X 100 IM on 2:00 int
    **4 X 75 Backstroke on 1:20
    ***200 Backstroke Build per 50
    ***4 X 50 Backstroke on 1:00 (K and R Drill)
    ***8 X 25 Butterfly (1st 5 fly drills, last 3 as fast as possible on :45)
    3,800 scy

    Cheers to all of You!
  10. 1/27/2010--Jacki Hirsty Workout

    by , January 27th, 2010 at 10:26 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    300 Snorkel Swim

    Set 1 FR--2 X:
    25 No Breath :25
    50 Kick-Swim 1:10
    75 Kick-Drill-Swim 1:40
    100 Swim 1:50

    Set 2
    2 x 125 FR Snorkel Pull 2:15
    3 x 100 IMO Kick by 2:30
    4 x 75 Swim IMO 1:45

    Set 3
    3 x 100 FR Snorkel Pull 2:00
    4 x 75 IMO Kick by 1:45 (I think)
    5 x 50 Swim IMO 1:15

    Set 4
    4 x 75 FR Snorkel Pull 1:15
    5 x 50 IMO Kick 1:35

    Set 5--FR
    5 x 50 Snorkel Pull :55
    6 x 25 Kick FR :40
    4 x 50 EZ

    About 90mins

    45 minutes weights, abs and stretching.
  11. Wed., Jan 27

    by , January 27th, 2010 at 06:12 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    My legs were a bit sore from yoga, so I decided to focus primarily on the arms and core:

    med ball slams & twist, about 18 minutes in racquetball court (I was watching a Muscle Up class across the hallway and thinking my workout was much better than theirs!)

    power wheel roll outs, 2 x 25
    body rows, 3 x 15
    elevated push ups, 4 x 15 (2 spiderman,* 2 regular)
    hip hinges, 30 x 1 x 15
    one legged squats w/DBs, 40 x 2 x 15, each leg
    side bends on cable machine, 80 x 2 x 15, each side
    Icarian incline lever row, 80 (?) x 2 x 15
    kneeling ab crunches on cable machine, 80 x 3 x 15
    lying overhead tricep press, 60 x 2 x 10 (hard)

    RC: 1 set of external and internal rotators, prone scapular scrunches, scapular wall slides, and 3 position arm extensions.

    * -- very hard!

    After this, I munched on a Raw Revolution food bar and banana. Then I headed over to the pool with a Geekity speed workout in hand. But, to my dismay and annoyance, I forgot my suit. I didn't have time to retrieve it, so headed home to do ....


    45 minutes on stationary bike while watching MadMen. Even that couldn't eliminate the boredom of this exercise. No idea how Q did 3+ hours.

    P90X Yoga:

    To get my stretching in for the day, I did the last 35 minutes of the P90X yoga DVD. It was mostly seated stretching and core work.



    I was bummed about forgetting my suit. I don't like to go 2 days in a row without swimming. I had a good workout planned that I'll probably do on Friday now.

    Got the Speedo Eilte LZR Pro (for my dau) in the mail today. It looks just like the Pro except it has no seams like the Jaked. And, speaking of the Jaked, mine has mysteriously gone missing. If I can't find it, my temper will match my hair.


    Anyone done any TRX? FlyQueen was telling me about it over dinner last week. She said Christine Magnuson is a huge fan. It looks like another clever way of doing bodyweight exercises.


    This new flavor looks promising for meets and 2x caffeine.


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  12. Wednesday, 1/27/10

    by , January 27th, 2010 at 02:44 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    400 swim free
    300 pull choice
    (did all back with buoy only)
    200 IM drill
    100 swim back
    kick 6 x 50 w/10 sec. rest, 2nd 25 faster
    (1-3 flutter w/board, 4-6 on back)

    swim 20 x 50 choice in sets of 4:
    (took :30 sec extra rest between each round of 4)
    1-4 on :45, make interval (free ave :40)
    5-8 on 1:00 fast (free ave :36)
    9-12 on 50, make interval (free ave :40)
    13-16 on 1:00 fast (back ave :39)
    17-20 on :55, 1-4 (back ave 46)

    kick 4 x 75 w/15 sec. rest, descend 1-4
    (on back, flutter. went 1:40, 1:35, 1:30, 1:25)

    swim down 200
    Total: 2800 yards

    45 minute spinning class during my lunch break.

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  13. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 Workout -01/28/10

    by , January 27th, 2010 at 02:11 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)

    WARM UP:
    2 X 200 3:20
    4 X 100 1:40
    8 X 50 descend 1-4/5-8 :50
    16 X 25 :30

    3 X 200 kick 4:30
    4 X 100 kick*alt 25 fast/25 easy* 2:15

    1 X 100 stroke 2:00
    1 X 50 stroke*build* 1:10
    1 X 50 stroke *fast* 1:50
    Swim it 4 times. IM'ers should do 1 round of each.

    6 X 200 pull 3:00
    Descend 1-3/4-6
    Negative split all swims.

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

    Swim Workouts
  14. Wed Jan 27th 2009 200 IM went 2:02

    by , January 27th, 2010 at 12:26 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Wed Jan 27th 2009

    Next meet is the Austin Grand Prix

    Today I learned that my SCM 100 IM WR got broken a week later by 1/100th of a second. I went 1:00.14, Edwin Van Norden from the Netherlands went 1:00.13. Had I known this when I was at Long Beach I'm pretty sure I would have done things differently, I just swam for a win and went for High Point. Now I know I should have rested up and given my best effort in the 100 IM to see if I could improve my 1:00.14. you can look up records at:

    Also Fritz Bedford broke my 24.18 50 SCM free record with a 23.80. Way to go.

    So for now I think I still have the
    100 SCM IM NR & the
    200 IM SCM & SCY NRs
    Records just make it a little harder for the next guy or gal to come along and break


    scy, main pool
    Whitney coached
    5:30 - 6:45
    swam with nate, doug, & mike
    beside marcio and tyler
    dove in on time
    wore B70 legs

    Warm Up
    swam around 500

    Main Set

    4 x 200 fr on 2:45 aerobic

    right into 200 IM fast for time
    went 2:07

    4 x 200 fr on 2:45 aerobic

    right into 200 IM fast for time
    went 2:08

    assigned 4 x 200 fr on 2:45 aerobic
    did: 150, 100 then got out to put on
    a full B70

    200 IM fast for time
    went 2:02

    50 easy

    2010 MEETS:

    March 4 - 6, 2010
    Austin Grand Prix
    Austin, TX
    Count Down

    April 9 -11
    2010 South Central Zone Short Course Championships
    The Woodlands, TX

    May 20 - 23, 2010
    2010 USMS Short Course National Championships
    Georgia Tech Aquatic Center
    Atlanta, GA
    Order of Events

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  15. I could have slept thru practice but...

    by , January 27th, 2010 at 08:21 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    It was so tempting to stay in bed this morning. I have had such a busy schedule with swim 5:30-6:45am, work 7:30-4:30, coach 5:30-7:30 and then 1/2 hour of Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is making me mad as I continue to gain weight lately, despite not eating any more or less.

    10x100@1:45 Free every 3rd IM
    5x100@1:30 Free kick w/fins went 1:24, 1:22, 1:19, 1:19, 1:17
    500 Back kick w/fins every 3rd 25 fashion model
    5x200@3:00 Free w/paddles & bouy descend did not feel particulary strong here but went 2:58, 2:52, 2:46, 2:41, 2:36
    10x50@1:00 Breast pull w/fins get the dolphin motion in
    50 Fly w/fins Fast went :32
    100 Free w/fins easy
    50 Fly w/fins Fast went :31
    300 Free w/fins easy

    Total 4000 yards
  16. Tuesday Short and Sweet

    by , January 26th, 2010 at 11:51 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Nasti's Tonight! Not crowded; only 3 females present. The practice was short. I think it was what I needed. I felt strong and smooth tonight. Here's what we did:
    *600 Free Warm-up Swim
    *2 X 250 on 4:00 int (3:46/3:41)
    *200 Kick (alt flutter on back/front)
    *6 X 100 Stroke on 2:00 I did backstroke. (1:30/1:31/1:32/1:32/1:33/1:29)
    *200 Free Pull with paddles and buoy
    *8 X 50 on :50
    *200 mixed stroke cool-down
    2,700 scy

    Friday my school had a jeans and Colt shirt day to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. Basically teachers can wear jeans and colt attire if they donate at least $1.00. I'm proud to say our staff raised $1,868.00.
    I'd say we are a generous and caring group of professionals!

    Last night, Clare and I attended a fund raising concert for our dear friends Jerrice and Paul who have been tirelessly trying to make contact with their surviving family members in Haiti. Jerrice and two cousins (one in Toronto, the other in Miami) have close to 100 aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. that desperately need help in the aftermath of the earthquake... as does the entire population. For many of them, the international aid efforts underway have not yet reached them and as of yesterday, less than half of the family has been accounted for. Funds raised last night will be wired directly to family members so they may address their immediate needs for food, shelter, and for those who have visas, transportation away from the disaster zone. Paul shared some of the results of our contributions with the audience.... an uncle was able to purchase gas, to run a generator, cell phone accounts were replenished (the only connection with the rest of the world) four family members were able to travel to the Dominican Republic and fly to Miami.

    There are many organizations doing tremendous work in Haiti, but the most direct aid can be administered through Haitian-Americans who are truly the lifeline for their family members back home. I would like to urge everyone to consider helping someone in your community provide direct aid to their families who are suffering in Haiti.

    There were about seven women performing last night. Jerrice hosts a radio program called Women of Note. We didn't stay for the whole show (5+ hours) but we did hear some great music. The highlight for me was the set performed by Gail Ann Dorsey. She played a mean guitar chords and melody lines mingled.... not the usual strummy strum strum of coffee house singers. GAD ended her set with "this is a wordy song my boss wrote" and knocked out a great version of Bowie's Young American (yes, she has been a fixture in the bowie band for over 10 years).

    More swimming stuff.... next entry.

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  18. 01-26-10 Workout LCM Folsom

    by , January 26th, 2010 at 10:41 PM (Swim like an Orca, but faster !)
    Love LCM days, they ( the Seniors) start early and leave 3 lanes open for early-bird Masters.

    Since the Warm-up isn't posted when I jump in, I just start my own warm-up..

    Warm (1100) 300FR, 200K (FR/BK) 300 (50FR/50 stroke (BK,BR)) 300 FR Snorkel.
    250 FR
    5x50 Stroke (Sprint 50/EZ 50) (did Fly, BK,BR,BK,BR)
    200 FR
    4x50 (did 25 Sprint/25 EZ) (did fly, BK, BR, BK)

    50 cool

    First time I was able to coordinate with 2 guys in my lane (since I came back to Folsom), that's always better than solo. Just kinda glanced at times, was more concerned with the time I had to leave the pool, than my interval. Since I dont have any meets planned thus far, Im just trying to get the "feeling" back.
  19. C & C Pain factory

    by , January 26th, 2010 at 08:43 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    OK not that much pain but C & C for Cardio and Core.

    Did a 40 minute elliptical run today and felt pretty good...especially as the sinus thing has still lingered a little.

    After this I hit the mat with the yoga ball for core work with kneeling plank, squat thrust and pike, side dips, hyper extensions, leg raises.

    Then ditched the ball and did some crunches and leg scissors to a 4:4 count then double timed for 8.

    Did my hip flexor and hamstring stretches, reverse curl stretch, cat stretch and spine extensions to finish.

    Went back in and did RC raises lateral and then external rotations.

    Then 1 set each lateral raises, rear delt raises and tricep extension 10lbs 10 reps.

    I don't focus too much on shoulders this is just a little extra work. I think I get enough out of my swimming and core work as is to hit delts fairly good.
  20. Tuesday /26/10

    by , January 26th, 2010 at 06:47 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, solo
    I started this workout yesterday but was so tired and sore that I couldn't make the intervals on the main set, so I stopped.

    300 swim free
    200 kick (did dolphin on back w/zoomers)
    300 pull choice
    (did back w/buoy only)
    6 x 50 on 1:00 alt. drill/build by 25
    (did 1-3 free, 4-6 back)

    swim 3 x 150 free on 2:20, make the interval and try to descend 1-3
    (went 2:10-2:05-2:07)
    swim 2x75 free on 1:20, #2 faster than #1
    (went 1:05, 1:02)

    swim 3 x 150 back on 2:45, make the interval and try to descend 1-3
    (went 2:15, 2:20, 2:15)
    swim 2 x 75 back on 1:30, #2 faster than #1
    (went 1:07, 1:03)

    pull 3 x 150 free on 2:15, breathe on 3, make the interval and try to descend 1-3
    (w/p&b, went 2:05, 2:01, 1:59)
    pull 2 x 75 free on 1:15, breathe on 3, #2 faster than #1
    (w/p&b, went 1:02, :58)

    swim down 100
    Total: 3000 yards

    Will have a strength training session with my trainer this evening.