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  1. The kids would say long and boring

    by , September 21st, 2010 at 08:31 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I was running late today so I crammed what I could in.

    10x200@3:30 Free w/min 4 beat kick
    500 Free kick w/fins every 3rd lap moderate
    4x200@3:00 Free w/paddles & bouy
    200 Free Easy

    Total 3500 yards
  2. Savageman 2010, September 20

    by , September 20th, 2010 at 03:55 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Savageman Narrative:

    Setting the Scene:

    Ensconced in bucolic Deep Creek Lake woods, the Vienna Geezer Jocks began their second assault on the Savagemen coed HIM relay race. Last year, we finished 5th behind some stellar teams. This year, we finished first in 5:10, much to our shock. This was completely due to the huge improvements of Mr. Fort on the bike and our good friend, Chris McKee (and speedy Boston marathoner), on the run portion.

    We had a lovely day Saturday settling into our cottage, picking up our packets, warming up on our race sites. The only glitch that day was that one of the sensors on Mr. Fort's bike seemed to be malfunctioning. Fortunately, they had scads of bike gear at the inspection site and he was able to replace the battery. We enjoyed our cottage, hot tubbed, sat on the deck overlooking the river, went to dinner, etc. I apparently ate something that didn't agree because I had immediate bloating and rash symptoms. Ugh. I suspect it was ingestion of lactose, as the risotto I had seemed too creamy and I had a couple bites of cheese. I took lactase enzymes to no avail.


    Later, I settled down with my book (in retrospect, a horribly written thing) to attempt sleep. Just as I was getting drowsy, around, 11:45, our neighbors started setting off fireworks and screaming. And it didn't stop. Being an incredibly light sleeper, this did not sit well with me. In fact, as my blog readers would expect, it did not sit well with me at all. When it did not desist, I went out side and, making no attempt to be nice or patient, told them to shut the f*ck up because it was nearly midnight and we had a race. After several rounds of fireworks and my rather loud voice, there was blissful dead silence and I recommenced the effort to fall asleep.


    The next morning all went as planned. Mr. Fort woke me up around 6:15, I got up around 6:30, we caffeinated, ate and went off to the race site. I did do a very short warm up swim to, as Jimslie would say, "open the capillaries." So far, all was well. I went off in wave two. The first 1/3 of the race went better than last year. I didn't sprint too much at the start, but began at a controlled yet good clip. I had placed myself next to some of the other relays girls and was with or ahead of them. Then, about halfway through, quite suddenly, I began having trouble breathing. I was gasping on every breath, my chest started tightening and my arms felt like lead. At first, I thought I had overdone it at the start like last year. I quickly realized that this was not the case and that I was having asthma problems. I was panicked and dismayed. I haven't really had any wheezing problems except for last March at the Albatross meet and last May when I was sick after Nats. I had even stopped using Asthmanex.

    What to do when this happens in an OW race? I was at least smart enough to flop on my back, float a bit and slow my pace way down before bringing on a full attack. (Full attack = no way can you carry on.) I considered waving to the kayakers and getting out. I did some slow backstroke, tried to get my breathing under control. Tons of people went past me at this juncture. I felt slightly better and decided to muddle on slowly and cautiously. I gave up all notions of having a fast-ish swim. At first, I felt slightly guilty about this. But this feeling quickly disappeared as my only thought became survival and finishing. I did a combination of very slow backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle to finish the race. I'm quite sure I set the course record for most distance covered in a non freestyle manner. But I just couldn't breathe very well when swimming free, so I had to flop on my back numerous times. Not to be a martyr, but every stroke felt like agony. I'm assuming this was due to lack of oxygen to the muscles.

    The worst part of the Savageman swim is the long uphill run to the transition area. Last year, I blasted out of the swim and ran up the hill with a super fast transition time. This year, it was, well frankly, embarrassing. I staggered over the time pad and up the hill. Thank god there was a railing part of the way because I used it. The trail and steps seemed endless. I had several people ask if I was OK, and I just choked out the word "asthma" several times. I made it to the transition area, but was so out of it I couldn't remember where Mr. Fort's bike was. Later, my relay mates told me that they knew something was dreadfully wrong. They began waving frantically and finally I saw them and continued staggering forward to have our runner remove the timing chip.

    Finishing this race was, hands down, the hardest thing I have ever done in sport.

    Mr. Fort took off on the bike. I was the 8th relay swimmer to come in. We had planned to drive to the Westernport Wall. Unfortunately, because I was in distress, we couldn't get there in time to see Mr. Fort and we might have missed him anyway because he was much faster this year. Our runner, Chris, literally had to half carry me to the car. I still couldn't get my breathing under control. And, again reflecting my stupidity and hubris, I had left my rescue inhaler in my purse instead of at the transition area or in my parka. After getting in the car, I pulled down my wetsuit and we started off. I drank my electrolyte filled water.

    This was apparently the wrong move. I immediately became ill and vomited in the car. We pulled over and I continued with the same. I had to have help removing my wetsuit because my body seemed incapable of movement. I'm not sure why this happened. I suppose it was because my body was in complete distress and I filled it with liquids which it wasn't ready for?


    Anyway, after these travails, the day improved dramatically. Mr. Fort passed all but one other relay team on the bike leg. He absolutely destroyed it, finishing in 3:01. Last year, he went 3:24 after only 2-3 months of cycling. Since the pros were in the 2:40s on this super hilly course, I think this is pretty damn impressive. he said he was about 2 mph faster on average than last year. He said he had no problem making it over the Westernport Wall, but that it was more difficult than last year because there were so many bikers making the attempt at the same time. It's easiest to go straight up with no one around you. We did see a spectacular 4 bike collision later when we were at the wall later. Mr. Fort did say that Killer Miller almost killed him.

    The only problem was that his speed caught us a bit by surprise. Chris wasn't ready in the transition area when Scott biked in way ahead of when he was expected. He had to sprint back to our spot and then, inexplicably, forgot momentarily how to untie the chip. lol. This gave him a huge shot of adrenlin and he literally bolted out of the transition area.


    Chris took off with only one relay team ahead of him on the run and picked him off before the 3 mile mark. He just carried it home in a 1:36, which was the second fastest relay time. He had run 1:28 in a training half marathon race the week before. He rested somewhat for this race, but was astounded, once again, by the unrelenting hills.

    Post race:

    There was much joy among us that we had won, despite my initial F up on the swim. We were also faster than last year's winning team. When the results came up, I saw that my swim time was 31:09. Quite horrible, yet I was surprised to see that it was only 1:25 slower than last year. I theorize that this means I had a better front half of the race than last year. Having no sense of pace whatsoever, and knowing I had done a lot of non-freestyle, I had expected to be 35+ or worse. In any event, I had done a serviceable enough job to put the guys in a position to win. And they were beyond thrilled.

    We hung out, ate lunch, and attended the award ceremony. Some pics are below.

    As I recall, we were also the only true masters relay. Every other team had at least one young ringer. We were beaten by one male relay team (with a kid throwing down a 1:21 on the run), but they were all in their 20s. Our collective age was 141 (51/49/41).

    Other competitors:

    I wish I could have watched the swim! John Kenney, a pro, was the first one out of the water in 20:54. He was a former Cornell cross country runner and swimmer, who is now getting seriously into triathlon. In college, he was a national champion in the OW 25K. I'm told he appeared to be sighting almost every 4th stroke. Two other pros threw down some 21s.

    There were numerous competitors about to go to Kona in 3 weeks. Billy Graves from the UK won the men's division, setting a course record on the bike. On the women's side, there was a stud woman from Colorado (Deidre something, I had heard of her) who set course records on the bike and run. She had never biked the course before and said it was "like watching a scary movie and wondering what would jump out at you next."

    Post Race Thoughts:

    My post race thoughts are this:

    1. I am definitely married to a very studly biker if this is what he does after only 1+ years on the bike on a very technical hilly course.

    2. I did not manage my allergies & asthma for this race wisely. My fall allergies were really bothering me, which I know can occasionally trigger wheezing. I saw my ENT doctor on Friday, but didn't have time to fill my scrip for Singulair before leaving. I didn't use my inhaler pre-race and left it in the car. This was all unbelievably stupid in retrospect. I was just coasting on the fact that I'd been symptom free for awhile.

    3. I think it was also a bit of perfect storm that triggered the breathing problems -- I had some sort of food allergy/intolerance the night before (which inflames the airways), I hadn't take the proper medication and the water was very cold. I noticed some difficulty breathing last year, but nothing like what happened this time. The swimmers in the water were guesstimating that the water temp was 68. Air temp was 53. I'm used to swimming in 83-84 degree water most of the time except at Mason where it is 80. My feet did freeze during the race. I tried to kick more on the back half, but my feet were just frozen and leaden. I will definitely need swim booties if I ever venture into OW again.

    4. And, speaking of OW, I now have immense trepidation about B2B. I have barely any business swimming in a 1.2 mile race. What if this happened in a 2.4 race? If anyone is interested in racing with two uber studs, please let me know! Jimslie? Geekity? Others?

    5. Training for 50/100s is not compatible with "racing" a 1.2 mile swim. Perhaps it's compatible with cruising a 1.2 mile swim. This seems analogous to having a 5K specialist run a marathon. If we do this next year, and plans are already in the works with the enthusiasm of the two real endurance studs running high, I might just cruise the whole thing and not alter my training regimen. A few minutes one way or the other doesn't seem to make much difference as the swim is fairly inconsequential in this race. Really, I could make that up just by booking up the hill at transition. It took me almost 2 1/2 minutes to crawl and stagger up that hill this year.

    6. I'm not sure it was the greatest thing that Lil Fort was at the finish of the swim leg trying to cheer me on with her best friend. She was completely freaked out by what happened to me. I'm just hopeful she can take away from it that I didn't quit and soldiered on. She told me I was "super brave."

    7. This was the most unpleasant swim experience of my life. It makes my safe pool seem very compelling!

    8. This is a great very festival like event in a beautiful setting.

    9. 2009 was a charmed year for me. 2010 seems jinxed!

    10. Vibrams -- they were everywhere!

    Updated September 20th, 2010 at 09:54 PM by The Fortress

    Swim Workouts
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  3. Mon Sep 20 2010

    by , September 20th, 2010 at 03:19 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Mon Sep 20 2010

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    Whitney Coached
    6:00 TO 7:30 am
    Austin Mabel Davis pool
    swam with MIKE V, tenielle, larry, todd, doug, Marcio, ned, nate, ned, chris, tyler, amy, & Brandon
    dove in around 6:20

    100 easy


    400 on 5:20
    2 x 200 on 2:40
    4 x 100 on 1:20
    didnt make it, swam easy to warm up

    switched lanes for easier intervals

    400 on 5:40
    2 x 200 on 2:50
    4 x 100 on 1:25

    4 x 100 on 1:20
    2 x 200 on 2:45
    400 on 5:35
  4. Monday, 9/20/10

    by , September 20th, 2010 at 02:10 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    The bad thing about this time of year is its dark when I go to swim and I have to swim inside. If the outdoor pool was lighted I would be able to go out in the morning.

    Warm up
    300 swim/drill/kick
    Fins: 2 x 50 (25 back side scull fast hands on back - 25 backstroke)/10sr
    Fins: 6 x 100 free/1:40 - last 3 add paddles

    Swim Free
    ? x 100 swim
    #1 on 1:50, #2 on 1:48, #3 on 1:46, #4 on 1:44, #5 on 1:42, #6 on 1:40, #7 on 1:38, # 8 on 1:36, #9 on 1:34 - if you can keep going down, go!
    (I did 12, was going 1:18-20 on most until the last few when I was seeing 1:22. Probably could have done a few more, but after #12 by the time I looked up and focused on the clock, the second hand had already passed the startout time. This is a set where I need a coach on deck telling me when to go so I don't have to think about anything but swim)

    Swim Back
    8 x 100
    # 1 25 back - 25 R side kick - 25 L side kick - 25 back/10sr
    #2 50 back - 25 R side kick - 25 L side kick/10sr
    #3 75 back - 25 free/10sr
    #4 100 back
    (#1-2, 5-6 was around 1:50-55, 3-4, 7-8 around 1:30-35)

    Cool down
    2 x 50 fly, 42, 40
    100 easy

    Total: 3200 yards
  5. Magical morning swim

    I swam this morning in one of my very favorite pools—the Panama City Beach Aquatic Center. I’m down here for a few days visiting my Alabama relatives (or rather, they’re visiting me—I rented a condo at the beach for a few days and invited them down to stay with me). The pool is as nice as I remember. I actually got in a quick workout when I arrived last Friday—I drove straight from the new airport (ECP, just opened in May) to the pool, and was delighted to find one of my winter swimming buddies there. We did the following set together:

    4 x through:
    200 scy FR @ 3:00
    2 x 100 ST @ 1:40 (we did odd rounds BK, evens IM)
    2 x 50 K @ 1:05
    :30 rest

    Since I’m usually here in the winter, I wasn’t sure how nice the pool would be to swim in during hot weather. It turns out that it’s cooled to very pleasant temps during the summer—even though it’s been very hot and very sunny here, the pool stays a comfortable 81 degrees. You can feel the cooler water coming out of the vents at the bottom of the pool, and underwater breakouts take you to slightly cooler layers of water.

    This morning was my first LCM swim in the pool. I arrived right at 6 and got to watch sunrise during my warmup and first set. There were also a bunch of birds singing, and pelicans and egrets flying overhead. I love swimming outdoors! Here’s what I did:

    1000 lcm warmup
    4 x 150 K/D/S, reverse IM order
    4 x 200, odds FR w/ toys (snorkel, buoy, paddles), evens ST sandwiches (50 FR, 100 ST, 50 FR)
    4 x 200 IM pacman kick set (50K/150S, 100K/100S, 150K/50S, 200K), with the kick = fast, swim = ez on each
    400 warmdown

    Before this trip, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to swim in the gulf this visit. There has been minimal visible impact here from the oil spill—some tarballs were sighted several months ago, but there was never the huge muddy oil slicks that made the news other places (although that didn’t stop one of the Baldwin brothers from coming to demonstrate his own invention for cleaning up the oil spill a few weeks ago). Still, I wasn’t sure about how much dispersants and other invisible stuff might be in the water, and whether it would be good to swim in it. As it turns out, it’s a moot point—the water in the gulf is really yucky hot, and I’m not tempted to swim there at all. The paper reports the offshore temp as 85 degrees, and I it gets even warmer in the shallower water near the beach. It’s kind of yucky even to wade in. I’m definitely more of a fan of this beach in wintertime. For now, I’m happy in my pool!
  6. 9/20/10 Monday Morning

    by , September 20th, 2010 at 12:25 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Felt a bit tired going into this morning's workout since I did a little session yesterday afternoon.
    Warm Up
    600 FR/BK by 100
    10 x 50 K 1:30 no fins
    4 x 50 FLY 1:30 last one was 2 x 25 1:00
    200 EZ

    Main Set
    4 x 50 BR Pull Fast Hands
    4 x 50 BR Kick
    4 x 50 BR P/FL K
    4 x 50 Hip Thrust Drill
    4 x 50 Goggle Drill
    Twice thru
    1 x 200 BR 4:30
    1 x 100 BR 1:30
    1 x 50 BR
    minute between

    Cool Down
    500 Fin Kick
    300 EZ
  7. 9/20 Practice

    by , September 20th, 2010 at 10:47 AM (Random Nonsense)
    Today's practice seemed rather difficult, and that was probably a result of yesterday's practice.

    Warm up
    - 200 free
    - 200 kick no fins alternating sides
    - 200 fiik
    - 8x50s moderate on :40
    - break*
    - 4x50s moderate on :40
    Main Set
    - 400 free with buoy and paddles
    - 6x150 on 2:00 just make it (7-8s rest)
    - 6x100 on 1:30 hold under 1:10 (10,8,7,7,7,7)
    Cool Down
    - 300 ez

    I don't use paddles very often anymore, but it sure was fun rocketing past everyone.

    The 100s I am happy with. Normally I would want to be either faster, or hold a tighter interval, but at the end of this practice following the yesterday's volume, maintaining sub 10s was solid.

    * Friday a guy was bitching about doing OW drills during the group workout. So I said we can always race, and he thought it was a great idea. Double checked with him over the weekend that he wanted to do it once a week, and he said once a workout. The plan was to race after the transition every practice, so I finished my transition, and tried to figure out where he was. He had 4 more, so I joined them, but after finishing I find out that he is having trouble breathing because of some chest congestion. Said he was excited about it all weekend.

    To end a long story, if the works out, this would be very good for my training. If he sticks with it, maybe a couple more people will join in.
  8. From bath water to ice water

    by , September 20th, 2010 at 08:32 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Dove in this morning at practice and it took over 200 yards from me to get past the initial shock from the cold. I did not complain because I would rather this be the case than the bath water I swam in this weekend.

    I still have the left ankle issue to deal with but everything else seemed much better today. I could even get up the stairs at the building much better than normal.

    10x100@1:45 Free
    5x100@1:30 Free kick w/fins
    500 Free kick every 3rd lap moderate
    200 Free alt rt arm/lt arm by 50 w/fins
    200 Fly alt rt arm/lt arm by 50 w/fins
    200 Back alt rt arm/lt arm by 50 w/fins
    200 Breast pull w/fins
    500 Free w/paddles & bouy for time went 6:50
    200 Free Easy

    Total 3500 yards
  9. Sunday at the meet and nothing worth reporting

    by , September 19th, 2010 at 08:55 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    Just another meet for me. No good swims but then I was unmotivated and sore. The muscles in my upper back are hurting and I just did not get into any of my swims today.

    200 Back and 200 Breast were on the list for today and both were way off but they are over and I need to work hard for the next month until Columbia, SC in November. I have a kids meet in October that I will take a little more seriously but will only do a few events.

    Total of 1000 yards today.
  10. Saturday, 9/18/10

    by , September 19th, 2010 at 08:23 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCM, Solo

    started inside in the scy pool
    Warm – up
    800 – every 4th 50 25 scull/25 swim build

    moved outside to SCM pool
    8 x 50/1:00 with kick emphasis
    2 x 50 – 1 arm drill
    2 x 50 3 – 6 – 3
    2 x 50 build
    2 x 50 fast

    Kick/Pull Set
    5 x 100 kick
    (1-3 on back 2:05/2:15 4-5 w board 2:00/1:10)
    3 x 200 pull on 3:15 #1 free, #2 50 back – 50 free, #3 50 brst – 50 free
    on 3:20
    (went 3:05, 3:15, ?)

    Swim Set
    1 x 200 smooth build free/10sr (went 3:05)
    2 x 100 strong build free/15sr (went 1:28-30)
    4 x 50 strong pace/1:00 Went 41-42)

    1 x 200 smooth build IM/20sr (3:45)
    2 x 100 strong build 200 IM order/15sr (not sure of times)
    4 x 50 strong pace 200 IM order/1:10 (50-52-60-45)

    1 x 200 smooth build back/10sr (3:25)
    2 x 100 strong build back/15sr (1:45-1:40)
    4 x 50 strong pace back/1:00 (48-50)

    Cool down
    100 easy

    Total: 800 yards, 3400 meters
  11. 9/19/10

    by , September 19th, 2010 at 07:05 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Sunday Swim with the Masters--with the intermediate group...a drill heavy day today.

    Twice through
    6 x 150 50 DR/100 SWIM 10 RI
    4 x 50 K w/FINS 10 RI
    4 x 50 PULL w/PADDLES 10 RI
    3 x 100 FINS and PADDLES 2:00 1st set DESC 2nd set FAST
    100 EZ

    200 EZ COOL

    Updated September 19th, 2010 at 08:02 PM by SwimStud

  12. 9/19 Sunday swim

    I don't usually swim on Sunday. As a matter of fact , I don't usually do much of anything on Sundays. I decided that I needed to burn off some calories that were consumed tailgating yesterday. I stayed up too late watching my Spartans pull one off in OT.

    Had the pool all to myself. Very nice!!

    5x100 @ 2:00 (25k/50dr/25s)
    200 IM (25dr/25s)

    2 x 200 pull
    4x100 @1:30 Descend
    4x50 @50 Work turns
    2x25 FAST @40
    *Round 1 free
    *Round 2 back (1:40 & 60)

    200 Kick ( EZ down/ HARD back)

    8x25 Kick (dolphin afap) w/10

    200 w/d

    I should have gone IM on round 2 but I am trying to go deeper of the walls on my backstroke turns.
  13. 9/19 Solo practice

    by , September 19th, 2010 at 01:19 PM (Random Nonsense)
    I have about 10 Patrick Cantrell workouts in my swim bag for those days that I have plenty of time and am feeling a little lazy.

    Lifetime SCM
    Warm up
    - 400 free
    - 4x100 IM drill
    - 200 kick w/board no fins
    Main Set
    - 6x100 free on 1:30 descend
    - 6x25 free FAST on :30
    - 6x100 back on 1:45 descend
    - 6x25 back FAST on :30
    - 4x100 free on 1:30 descend
    - 8x25 free FAST on :30
    - 4x100 back on 1:45 descend
    - 8x25 back FAST on :30
    - pause to check workout and tell LW how much time I had left
    - 400 kick every 4th length all out
    - 4x100 moderate free on 1:30
    - 4x50 fast free on 1:00 (:37,:35,:34,:34)
    Cool down
    - 6x50 ascend

    Lifetime has a analog clock situated so it is almost impossible to read accurately because of the glare, and there is only one, so no times on the 25s. On the 25s I counted to 10 on the free and 5 on the backs so they were more like broken 50s on 1:00.

    With the glare, the fast 50 times are not likely to be very accurate, since starting time and finish time were both approximate. I would have liked them to be a little faster, but at the end of that main set I wasn't disappointed with the times.

    My stroke felt good the entire workout, but the 50s were fairly painful. Since this is the longest workout I have done in a while, it was good that my stroke did not fall apart.

    The descends weren't descended all that much and everything after the 6x100 back was slower than everything before it by about 5 seconds.

    Good endurance workout with a little speed work thrown in. Overall, I am pretty happy with the workout.
  14. Friday night and Saturday at the meet

    by , September 18th, 2010 at 08:23 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    Friday night my 400 IM was surprising. The water was like bath water. Still I went out in the 100 Fly in a best time but then died for the rest of the race. My breast stroke was so so but atleast the knee did not hurt. I was 25 seconds slower than 3 years ago which was the last time I did this event.

    Total of 2000 yards between warm up and swim.

    Today was another hot day. My 200 Free stunk, was off by 10 seconds. My 500 Free was off as well. I just didn't have the energy.

    The saving grace swim of the meet was my 200 Fly! Swimming it using my new strategy in warm water I managed a 3:15 which is the time I have been doing for a while now and I think if I were in a cool pool I might have gotten near my best time from 3 years ago.

    My new way of swimming fly is just to set a pace and keep it up. My old way to swim it was print the first 50 and wonder why I signed up for it for the last 150. I much prefer the paved approach.

    Total yards today 1700 yards
  15. Saturday, Sept. 18

    by , September 18th, 2010 at 07:44 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    I'm sitting on the deck of a lovely cabin on Deep Creek Lake watching the sun set. The weather this afternoon was spectacular -- sunny and mid-70s. (Though we've been warned it will be frosty in the morning.)

    I hopped in the lake around 2:45 pm and swam the .9 mile course. Having done it once, it doesn't seem quite as intimidating as last year. Judging from the number of Cervelos in the transition area, there are a lot of serious bikers here. Mr. Fort was looking longingly at the tri bikes. Dave Scott, multiple time Kona champ, is also in the race.

    The water seemed a bit choppy this morning, but it's calmer now. Hope there's no fog in the morning. I can't tell what temp the water is. I've read it can be 68 in Sept., but it didn't feel that cold. Maybe low70s.

    We've got the cowbells ready for the Westernport wall. (Sorry Geek, the girls love them.). I am expecting Mr. Fort to be faster this year, so I hope I make it there in time to see him!

    Updated September 18th, 2010 at 08:02 PM by The Fortress

  16. Alright, what was I thinking?

    by , September 18th, 2010 at 04:01 PM (Life in the (not so) fast lane)
    I took up swimming a few years ago because I was completely burned out on distance running, kept suffering injuries from running, and basically just lost all motivation to keep doing it. I was a halfway decent runner back in the day, but by my mid-30s I was slowing down a lot and it just didn't feel like my thing anymore.

    So last spring, I decided to not only register for and run a half marathon, I figured I would also powerwalk a 5K the evening before. I had completed a half marathon last year with absolutely zero training whatsoever, and was darn lucky to finish it. From about mile 8 onwards I was pretty much hating life the whole way. Why would I not only do that again, but add the 5K on top of it? I dunno, but it seemed like a good idea a few months ago.

    The 5K was last night and the half marathon was this morning. I did both as planned, but right now I am unable to get up off the sofa without a great deal of dramatic moaning and whining about the pain in my legs. Ugh. Tomorrow is really going to suck. Hopefully I'll be okay enough for swim practice Monday, but I'm not sure.

    What the heck was I thinking? Maybe I should, I don't know, actually *train* for these events, but doing so would cut into my swim time.
  17. Dennis Set

    by , September 18th, 2010 at 02:00 PM (Adventures in Swimming)
    Coached the Sharks (SCY)

    Set inspired by Dennis

    300 Choice
    8 x 50 Odd's Kick, Even Drill :10r
    4 x 50 Descend :10-:15r on #1

    300 Swim or Pull
    6 x 50 on :50

    200 Swim
    8 x 50 on :45

    100 Swim
    10 x 50 on :40

    The 50 interval is for the fastest lane
    Maybe a lane down from them too, Push it a little :-), I know you can do it!!

    200 Kick/ EZ swim or drill by 50

    If you want more, do a couple of
    25 No Breather, 25 EZ
  18. Friday, 9/17/10

    by , September 17th, 2010 at 09:16 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Short workout today.

    SCM, Solo

    Warm – up
    300 Swim
    200 Kick/drill/swim
    200 fast kick/build swim by 50’s

    3 x 200/3:20
    (w/paddles, buoy Went 3:00-2:58-2:55)

    6 x 150 on 2:30
    (ave 2:20)

    Warm down
    100 easy

    2300 meters
  19. Woes of Aquasol 9/16/2010

    by , September 17th, 2010 at 04:53 PM (Swim like an Orca, but faster !)
    Morning 5:40-6:10am
    Warm 200FR, 200K (fr/br), 200IM drill, 200P
    10x50 K w/ fins
    Water was very warm, I did not feel like doing something serious with hot water conditions.
    50 cool

    (Practice was from 5:30-7:00pm)

    Warm 50
    4x50 BR (25 drill/ 25swim)
    5x50 BK (25 drill/25 swim)
    5x100 P on 1:30 (1:15, 1:12best)
    10x50 Fly K on 1:00 (5 on side, 5 on back)
    8x50 Pace on 1:00 (did :39, then held :33 with a :34 here and there)
    100 cool
    This week was full of set-backs, On Monday the heater turned off over the weekend due to a power outage, and on Tuesday morning there wasn't a practice, then area High schools have started there water polo meets and kicked us out on Wednesday, anyways the Seniors and level 3 got to practice but the Masters were told to come in in the mornings.
    Since the water polo team from another high school uses our pool, and breaks lane lines, leaves a mess on the desk, their coach is a rotten egg etc... it squeezes the groups together, so our Masters ends up with 6 to 7 in a lane of all abilities. I usually sit out practice until the noodlers leave at 6:30pm and 3 lanes are free'd up, then most of the fitness/rec swimmers leave so it makes it easier to hit the intervals.
    Since things have been so messed up at Aquasol, Ive been thinking of going to mornings at Folsom. I won't get much coaching except to make sure I don't drown and there will be workouts on a board with a lot of fast swimmers to make me look even slower, but it just a thought. Its tough getting in a good workout regularly enough to increase my VO2 max and conditioning and strength. Seems if I miss a few days it can be detrimental to an already sucky ability.
    Ive got a meet in one week and I really needed to hit it hard this week, so I could have the week prior to the meet to do a slight taper. I found out later that Wednesday night, "the NO Masters allowed after the water polo meet night", that the pool was nearly empty.
  20. Friday, Sept. 17

    by , September 17th, 2010 at 04:47 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    No swim today. Had to see my chiro and ENT and get ready for Mr. Fort's birthday. Still need to pack for Savageman. We're leaving right after Lil Fort's 8:30 am soccer game.

    I hadn't been to my ART chiro for body work in several months. (Well, I didn't train that much in the summer, so I didn't feel the need.) He said my shoulders still felt very stable. We talked about my foot. I've had increasing pain in the first toe of my right foot over the years. It began with the MF incident, developed into tendonitis and I ignored it b/c I couldn't get a cortisone shot given my then meet schedule. As I understand it, cortisone is most effective if done immediately post injury. Now I get toe/foot pain when I run and jump (or wear high heels ). I'm having an MRI done next week. The suspected diagnosis is tenosynovitis/tendinopathy, aka degeneration of the tendons. If that's what the MRI shows, I will need PRP, platelet rich plasma, therapy to fix it. This is, as I have previously noted, a controversial therapy. But it seemed to work on my shoulder. And therefore I would definitely try it again. It should be much less costly and time consuming than a shoulder as well.

    I have succeeded in making a cake that looks (somewhat) like a Jamis bike. Now I am off to finish present wrapping and pack. I am feeling slightly more savage after a good night's sleep.

    Oh, I've discovered a couple new smoothie ingredients: beet greens and leek greens. They go well with cherries, red grapes, pineapple and berries. My allergist told me to stop using Amazing Meal b/c it has grass in it, and I'm allergic to grasses. Doh. I was unable to do a skin test for food allergies earlier this week (too much histamine in my system), but did submit blood for this purpose and for routine labs. Hopefully, it will rule out food allergies, as they are there so rare in adults. And, of course, Jimslie considers the entire topic pure quackery.