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  1. Monday Sept 28 2009

    by , September 28th, 2009 at 04:06 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Monday Sept 28 2009

    a little over a year ago the orginal Ande's Swimming Blog got shut down
    it used to rank #1 on when you google search
    swimming blog
    just googled it and it ranked 7th

    next meet is:
    2009 SPMA Short Course Meters Championships
    December 4th - 6th, 2009 at Long Beach

    Entered, bot air tix, & reserved hotels

    Days till Long Beach

    Did not swim or lift on Sunday

    Got a FLU shot on Saturday

    Lifted at world gym this morning

    Both UT men & women trained this morning,
    Eddie & Kris Kim & Jim were on deck along with

    USA Swimming biomechanics coordinator Russell Mark had his underwater video equipment set up & filmed breastrokers when I walked by, they were analyzing their kick


    SCY no blocks
    6:30 - 8:00
    Whitney coached
    UT Swim Center diving well, decent temp
    dove in on time
    Swam with Paul, Mike, Brandon, & Nate beside Todd, Tyler, Amy, Larry, & Ned

    WORE Nike Briefs

    400 done 75 fr 25 fl
    300 done 75 fr 25 bk
    200 done 75 fr 25 br
    100 IM

    Main Set

    [B]3 rounds of:

    5 x 200 fr 4 on 2:40, 5th on 4:00
    1) 050 strong 150 med
    2) 100 strong 100 med
    3) 150 strong 050 med
    4) 200 strong
    5) 200 easy kick

    went 2:05 & 2:06 on 200 strong

    assigned: 4 x 250 fr
    did 3 x 50 fr 5 SDKs off each wall

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  2. Day 36


    10x50 Kick@1:30 1-5 BR/FR, 6-10 BR
    5x100 Kick FR w/fins@2:00

    6x100 FR@2:00 1-2 Swim, 3-4 Pull, 5-6 Fins and Paddles

    200 Easy

    2300 SCY Indoors
  3. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 Workout -9/29/09 -SCY

    by , September 28th, 2009 at 01:02 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)

    WARM UP:

    2 X 200 3:30
    2 X 100 1:30
    4 X 50 :45
    Swim it twice.

    1 X 200 kick 4:20
    4 X 50 kick 1:10
    1 X 100 kick 2:10
    4 X 50 kick 1:10

    4 X 200 free 3:00
    4 X 100 free 1:30
    3 X 200 IM 3:30
    3 X 100 IM 1:45

    12 X 25 :40
    Sprint 20 yards, no breath

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  4. Monday September 28, 2009

    Got out of bed! and left the house pretty much on time. If I had actually put all of my swim stuff into my bag rather than near my bag and packed my lunch rather than mentally thought about a lunch I would have been on time. I dove in a few minutes late.

    Warm-up was:
    800 mix-up strokes
    400 IM drill

    I did 600 then the 400 IM

    I joined in on the last one of:
    3 x 500 free on 7:30 (I was actually told to only do one - gotta love when your coach realizes you are a sprinter and doesn't try to kill you)

    I went a 6:49

    12 x 50 pull - I was told to them kick on :55
    Descend 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12

    100 EZ


    Not too bad for not swimming much in 3 weeks. I am really trying to work on getting into the pool on time so I can get all of the sets in.

    My plans for working out in the evening this week are up for grabs. I've got dinner plans tonight, coaching tomorrow, dinner plans Wednesday night, parent night Thursday night and dinner plans Friday night - I'm a busy girl this week.

    Dinner tonight should be late enough that I can get a run in - but the work is piling up so I might not get out of here in time. We shall see.
  5. Some Good Distance Work

    by , September 28th, 2009 at 07:31 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Felt ok today not terribly fast or slow, just there.

    100, 200, 300, 400 @:15R Free

    5x100@2:00 Free kick on side good body line w/fins
    5x100@2:00 Free w/fins 10 kicks on each side

    2x[500@7:00 Free w/paddles & bouy
    ....[50@2:00 Free Easy
    went 6:55 and 6:39 on the 500's

    2x200@:30R Free Easy

    Total 3500 yards

    A brief follow up to the meet Saturday, my buddy Steve saw my split in the 100 Free and told me what it was 27.26 at the feet. My best was a 27.83 prior to this. I hope this was a true split but then again I looked at my 50 Split on the 100 Fly and I know I didn't do a 21.51. Oh well, I plan to work on breaking 1 minute this year in the 100 so lets see it go in January.

    Goals for Nationals this year will be 26.5 in the 50 Free and 59.99 in the 100 Free, while maintaining my 21:36 in the 1650 Free.

    Did the warm up with the girls tonight and the second kick set. Total of 1500 yards extra this evening.

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  6. Wet!

    by , September 27th, 2009 at 10:13 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Finally 2 weeks after Big Shoulders I hit the water today!
    I was going to swim yesterday but instead I chose to run after Sarah's XC meet at the beautiful Culver Academy located on Lake Maxinkukee. I totally enjoyed my 52 minute run in perfect Indiana fall conditions.
    I've been thinking about swimming goals alot during my 2 week rest/flu recess from the pool. I've decided a couple things:
    a) I'm going to focus on strokes (back/fly) during this short course season. I have done nothing but free since LC started. I was happy with my 1500 nationals swim and Big Shoulder's results but now I need to re-focus. The 200 back and 200 fly are now my priority events.
    b) I am going to do short freestyle sets focusing on bi-lateral breathing and a more balanced stroke. The only way I believe I can get rid of my stiff neck syndrome is to work on this. I have no problem bi-lateral breathing but I've become lazy and satisfied with left-side only breathing. This pattern is now coming to a close! I've heard it takes 3 weeks to create a habit so today was day one of 21!

    Todays Solo @ Carmel Aquatic center SCY
    5 X 200 Free on 3;45 (slow interval. Take my time to breath correctly, hold the water, pull and roll)
    8 X 25 free on :40 (repeat thoughts from above)
    4 X 25 free on :35 same
    4 X 25 free on :30 same
    4 X 25 Free on :30 Breathe every 5 strokes and try to sprint.
    4 X 50 Flutter Kick w/board and no finz on 1:30
    8 X 25 Fly on :40 (2 breath, 2 stroke)
    4 X 50 back dolphin kick w/finz on 1:00
    4 X 25 Fly on :30 same breathing pattern
    10 X 25 Backstroke on :40 (concentrate on kick and head position)
    5 X 50 backstroke on 1:00 trying to figure out stroke count from flags to flip.
    Easy 100 IM
    I enjoyed this easy workout. I think I did a good job focusing on the elements I need to work on and I walked away feeling great!
    I'm swimming again tomorrow!
  7. Pics + "100 free" vid

    by , September 27th, 2009 at 10:05 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    More Fall Ball:

    Here's the video of Jazz and I swimming the "100 free" at the Fall Ball (with a little cameo of Jackie O. ...) Jazzy's fly looks very smooth. I was way too deep -- no wonder I had trouble seeing/reaching the touchpad at the finish ... lol. Kirk said we should be deeked for delay of meet.

    I could hear Allison in the background saying "what's the point?" lol. The point was fun. I'd definitely do a 50 SDK in that setting again.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Leslie & Brian's 100 free[/ame]

    I did get my 100 back splits: 31.6/33.1, basically almost even split b/c the differential was mainly the start. No split on my 50 SDK. Just didn't hit the touchpad hard enough.


    Had a blast at the PV swim wedding. It's pretty funny when the groom welcomes everyone by first asking "How many of you went to swim practice or coached a practice this morning before coming?" We got swim caps as favors and these were seen in abundance on the dance floor. Many of us plan to wear them at the Sprint Classic next month. And the very handsome and beautiful bride and groom even posed for a swim shot (see below). I'm surprised Wally didn't give Jeff a little push ...

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  8. Sunday September 27, 2009

    The beauty of blogging my workouts is that I can see how long it's been since I did certain things. It's been too long since I ran.

    I ran about 3 miles today. I spent most of it cursing myself for not running more in the last couple of weeks. My legs were not happy but it was more that my lungs hurt that was the problem.

    I am planning on swimming tomorrow morning and suffering through another run tomorrow night.
  9. Fall Ball Fun, Saturday, Sept. 26

    by , September 26th, 2009 at 09:07 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Fall Ball:

    No razzle dazzle, but plenty of fun. The pool was very nice - couldn't believe it was a high school pool(s)! It was nice to see some of the PV gang (though many seemed to take a pass either because of recent tris/OW or the upcoming PV nuptials.) And it was great to see Jazz again, and he was very speedy!

    My times were fairly solid, but I had some technical difficulties. Felt like I had serious SCY rust. It was probably good to attempt to work out some kinks at this meet. I was also thrown off some by a switcheroo. I could tell in warm up that the backstroke flags were set at 5 meters. But I didn't know until after the 50 back that they were switched back to 5 yards before racing started.

    I did feel tired in the water. This confirms my thinking that I just cannot compete very well two weekends in a row. However, since I had no expectations of this meet and used it for training, all was fine.

    I also felt kind of "weak" strength wise. I suspect this is from doing weights only once in the last 2 weeks. I've also been completely unfaithful to my RC exercises.

    50 back, 28.7

    Did this as a split request in the 200. Took too many strokes from the flags in and jammed the first turn a bit. Took fewer strokes from the flags in at the finish and glided about 3 yards or so. lol. Jazz and Paul estimated a .5-.6 time loss on the finish. Still, it's about what I expected to go. If I had gone a low 28 right now, that would have been very surprising.

    My stroke felt choppy and I had no zip/decelerated on the breakouts.

    100 back, 1:04.8

    Did this at about 90-95%. Wasn't sufficiently HTFU'd to kill myself with a total all out effort. (Felt slightly less guilty when Neill admitted to taking the same approach.) Turns/finish were better than the 50 (which Hulk seems to have called a "split-splat :P), and I SDK'd a fair amount. Just no real zip and took it out somewhat leisurely. (10 lashes from Ande.) There are no splits yet; that's just how it felt.

    "100 free," missed split

    I didn't feel inspired to swim a real 100 free. Since Jazz was doing a 50 fly on his first 50 of the 100 free, I decided to do a 50 SDK. I opted for doing it on my belly. Kinda wish I had flipped over and done it on my back, which I think is faster.

    I almost hit the bottom of the pool about halfway on the first length. lol This is hard to do as the pool was 7 feet deep at that spot ... Had to come up practically vertical at the open turn and finish to get to the walls. Apparently, I didn't hit the touchpad hard enough to get a split ... Think it was probably around 30 or so though, nothing too fast. I did a 31+ from a push a week or so ago without a B70.

    The officials were pretty entertained by our 100 free heat. The referee, who I had chatted with throughout the meet after arranging my split request, laughed and wryly observed that I had gone past the 15 meter mark. I smiled and agreed he should DQ me, but he decided not to since he'd never seen anyone do a 50 SDK at a meet before.

    Allison taped our "100 frees" since Jazz and I were in adjacent lanes. She said she lost track of me since I was too deep, so we can all look forward to seeing Jazz.

    Bottom line:

    Not bad. My backstroke times were comparable to those I swam last September at the Shootout (there, I went 29.1 and 1:04.7) and I felt relatively more "rust" at this meet. If I had gone slower than 1:05.1, I would have had admit a defeat by the Geek, and send him more caps as penance. Fortunately, this humiliation was narrowly avoided.

    Now, back to sprinting and the weight room. No more cushy aerobic sets and OW cruising!

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  10. Good Meet Today

    by , September 26th, 2009 at 08:11 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    Had a good though tough meet today. In less than 2 hours swam 5 events. Decided to do the middle distance pentathlon were after a 1000 warmup. Here are my results in the order they were swum
    100 Fly 1:23.12
    200 IM 2:43.05
    100 Free 1:04.59
    100 Breast 1:30.08
    100 Back 1:19.49

    Though not a best time in anything these were good times on short rest for me so I am pleased. I felt tired today, probably due to lack of sleep but that is ok.

    With warmups & warm downs and swims total of 1800 yards
  11. 9-8-7 Workout

    by , September 26th, 2009 at 07:01 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    This running workout is a little nutty, but kind of fun and different. When I do this workout, I think about the Navy SEALS who do their runs in long pants and combat boots. I don't have combat boots, so I do the run with long pants (sweats) and heavy running shoes.

    The run is a 3 mile continuous run (no recovery between miles). The first mile, you have to run in 9 minutes and something, the second mile you have to run in 8 minutes and something, and the third mile you have to run in 7 minutes and something. You can adjust the challenge to your running level - it can be 8-7-6, 7-6-5, 10-9-8, etc.

    I use the first mile as a warm-up and after I have done the entire 3 mile run, I do a one to two mile cool-down.

    Here is how I did today:

    Mile one: 9:07
    Mile two: 8:48
    Mile three: 7:32

    Cool-down: 1.5 miles

    Last mile, my average HR was 176. Kind of surprised that it was not higher. Could I actually be getting in shape? I'm thinking that I am not ready to go all-out for a 5k in the next week or two. I'd like to get in a few 20 mile weeks (I only had 16 this week.) before I go all-out.

    Swimming has not been forgotten. I've got one more week of taking a break before I return to regular workouts.

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  12. Saturday Swim

    I swim unattached, so I have to do all my workouts in my pool's public lap swim lanes (there's actually a team at my pool, but their workout schedule, doesn't fit with my life schedule). Most of the time, this means sharing a lane with swimmers who are doing totally different workouts from mine, often at different speeds. Fortunately, most of the swimmers at my pool know, understand and fully support lane etiquette (there are the occasional exceptions, who whine about circling and won't let others pass) and we manage to get along just fine.

    Nevertheless, being able to have a lane to myself -- as rare as it is -- is great. Well, today was one of those days. I don't know why, but there was almost no one in the pool this afternoon, which rarely happens on weekends. (Unfortunately, I was too tired for a really hard workout, so I spent the time doing stroke drills. )
  13. Roadmap SCY 2010

    by , September 26th, 2009 at 04:59 PM (Random Nonsense)
    Quicksilver asked about my roadmap, and I told him it followed the Step 3: Profit meme. Plus a little more detail.

    The Southpark version:
    Step 1: Collect underpants
    Step 2: ?
    Step 3: PROFIT!

    Qbrain's version:
    Step 1: A cut 1:58.09 in the 200 free
    Step 2: ?
    Step 3: 1:49.99

    In 3 weeks I find out where I am unshaved, untapered, with a sprinter's light workload. I will lay off the weights the week before the meet, and probably skip the team practice that Friday to get a light practice in solo Friday morning. I only have one event on each day, so hopefully I will be able to make my times. Friday is the 50, Saturday is the 100 and Sunday is the 200. The 100 cut looks to be the toughest. The A meets are held at 50M pools, which means there is space for warm up and cool down, unlike the BB meets which are held at 25yd facilities.

    I have BB meets listed until the end of the year. If I have not made cuts by then, I will probably join the circus.

    Target meet is A Champs in mid February right now. If Zones is local again, then that will be the target meet if it is before I leave for Asia.

    After the Oct meet, I will adjust my training. If the sprint training seems to be working, then that will stay, but drylands will be modified.

    Here are my signposts:
    14: Vasectomy
    24: Back in the water (7 weeks to BB meet)
    1: send in USAS registration
    28: Sign up for BB meet
    16-18: USAS BB at Grapevine
    A Cuts: 50/24.49 100/53.59 200/1:58.09
    6-8: USAS A ATAC at ?
    13-15: LA/Santa Barbara trip
    20-21: DAM SCM at Tom Landry Center
    4-6: USAS A COR at Loos
    11-13: USAS BB COPS at ?
    12: DAM Christmas Relays at SMU
    Unoffical 2010 (dates are not official yet)
    8-10: USAS A NTN at CISD
    5-7: USAS A COPS at Loos
    19-21: USAS A Champs at Loos
    26-27: USMS DAM SCY at SMU
    8-25: Asia

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  14. Saturday September 26th, 2009 The Big Chill 73 degree pool

    by , September 26th, 2009 at 02:22 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Saturday September 26th, 2009

    trained in Dick Nichols pool this morning
    pool temp was 73 degrees which was a bit chilly, mostly the initial shock
    7:00 - 8:30
    Whitney coached
    Swam with Jon & Tyler for 900,
    beside sharon & Paul

    decided to wear B70 legs

    swam around 600

    Main Set

    5 x 300 on 1:00 rest desc
    went 3:06 ON LAST ONE

    assigned 5 x 200
    did 5 x 150 k
    went 1:45 on last one

    12 x 100
    drop interval by 5 sec after each 3
    went 1:25 1:20 1:15 1:10

    100 easy

    My focus meet for SCM is:
    2009 SPMA Short Course Meters Championships
    December 4th - 6th, 2009 at Long Beach

    Entered, bot air tix, & reserved hotels

    68 days or 9 weeks 6 days to go Days till Long Beach
    Swim Workouts
  15. Coaching & swimming

    by , September 26th, 2009 at 12:35 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    I recently began coaching a new swimmer who wants to do a triathlon. So today's swim was done in 2 parts with a 30 minute break while I worked with her.

    400 swim free
    200 IM drill
    200 kick choice (rev IMO)
    4 x 50 on 1:00: odds 1st 12.5 fast; evens last 12.5 fast
    (did all free, around 37)

    3x around:
    200 free swim on 3:15
    (did these just under 2:45)
    swim 3 x 50 back on :50 fast (make the interval)
    (did all of these around :40)
    30 sec. between rounds
    50 easy

    30 min break while I worked with my swimmer. Probably swam 200 with her.

    kick 12 x 25 on :40 (no fins or board):
    odds, 15 SDK underwater fast, rest easy; evens smooth
    (15 sdk is getting me to mid-pool. Need to work on getting a little more distance per kick)

    swim down 100
    2700 yards
  16. Run + Weights

    by , September 25th, 2009 at 08:07 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Ran 4 miles at noon today. We averaged 8:52 per mile which was not too bad considering it was 82 degrees with 70% humidity. Immediately hit the weight room and did the following:

    50 bicycle crunches
    50 good morning darlings
    2 sets of 25 crunches with 10 lb. med ball
    20 leg raises
    2 sets of 25 side crunches

    Military press: 30 x 15, 40 x 10, 50 x 5
    Lat hi row: 90 x 15, 110 x 10, 130 x 5
    Triceps press: 2 sets of 40 x 15
    Alt. hammer curls: 2 sets of 10 x 15
    One-legged leg press: 2 sets of 80 x 15
    One-legged leg curl: 2 sets of 30 x 15
    Hip adduction: 110 x 15
    Hip abduction: 110 x 15
  17. Some people suck! Friday, Sept. 25

    by , September 25th, 2009 at 05:33 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    As I was running around like a maniacal nut job today, someone bashed my car. I was in some store or another, and he/she didn't leave a note. It was on the passenger side, so I didn't even notice it until I got home. What a freaking hassle ... between that and my iphone theft and other stuff, I'm having a streak of bad luck. Argh!

    Before I knew of this mess, I went to my gym and did the following:


    Warm up:

    750 variety swim, kick, drill

    Other sets:

    9 x (25 UW shooter, no fins + 25 EZ)
    3 belly, 3 side, 3 back

    50 EZ

    3 x (25 AFAP free + 50 EZ)

    200 EZ

    Total: 1675 meters

    Sit in hottub and steam room.



    I don't feel as tired today. My right calf is still twingey, but much better from the rest it got this week from weights/run/mega-finning.

    This is the first meet in a long time that I view as purely a training meet. I have no real expectations for my times. Just going to see where I'm at (with not much sprint work lately) and have fun. Then, Sunday, I will take the day off to attend the Roddin-Oplinger nuptials. Monday, back to the sprinting grindstone.

    SCY Top Ten:

    She Puff alerted me that TT final times were out. Here's a comparison for me of 2008 and 2009:


    50 free, 10th, 25.99
    50 back, 5th, 29.34
    100 back, 7th, 1:04.76
    50 fly, 6th, 27.67
    100 fy, 8th, 1:04.25
    100 IM, 10th, 1:06.84


    50 free, 4th, 24.94
    50 back, 2nd, 27.90
    100 back, 6th, 1:02.84
    200 back, 8th, 2:22.36
    50 fly, 4th, 27.06
    100 fly, 3rd, 1:01.33
    100 IM, 7th, 1:04.11

    So relatively better this year. Mary Beth Windrath, as promised, got my split request in after I sent her the documentation. No thanks to the Dixie Zone officials, Geekity!

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  18. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 Workout -9/28/09 -SCY

    by , September 25th, 2009 at 04:58 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)
    We are holding our Saturday 9-26 practice at beautiful Siesta Beach in prep for our OW swim on Oct 3. Here is our Monday AM workout. We'll lighten things up some as we move through the week...need to be ready on race day!


    WARM UP:
    1 X 300 5:00
    1 X 200 3:00
    1 X 100 1:30
    Swim it twice

    1 X 200 kick 4:20
    1 X 100 kick 2:10
    4 X 50 kick 1:10
    8 X 25 kick*fast,no board* :40

    1 X 300 IM 5:20
    8 X 75 *2 of each* 1:20
    12 X 25 *3 of each* :30

    12 X 50 1:05
    #3-6-9-12 are fast

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00


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  19. Swimmin' in the sunshine :)

    by , September 25th, 2009 at 04:09 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)

    It's another one of those great fall days here with temps near 80, no wind and Nevada blue skies. So I took a long lunch break and went to the pool.

    SCM, solo

    200 swim free
    200 kick with fins
    (did this on my back alternating dolphin/flutter by 50's)
    200 pull free breathe 3/5 by 50
    4x50 choice on 1:00 alt. drill/build by 25
    (did 1 of each stroke IMO)

    swim 6 x 150 on 2:30, descend 1-3, 4-6: #6 should be all out, and faster than #3
    Went 2:15-2:10-2:07, 2:20-2:15-2:07)
    100 easy

    pull 4x around
    pulled with buoy only
    75 free w/15 sec. rest
    (ave 1:05 on these)
    4 x 25 pull FAST choice on 25 (make the interval)
    (did all free, ave :20)
    30 sec. between rounds

    200 swim down
    Total: 2700 meters
  20. FAST Friday September 25th, 2009 1:52 200 fr end of workout

    by , September 25th, 2009 at 11:14 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    FAST Friday September 25th, 2009

    weighed 216

    My focus meet for SCM is:
    2009 SPMA Short Course Meters Championships
    December 4th - 6th, 2009 at Long Beach

    Entered, bot air tix, & reserved hotels

    69 days or 10 weeks to go Days till Long Beach

    I plan to Train 7 or 8 weeks, get strong fast & skinny then rest 2 or 3 weeks


    SCY no blocks
    6:30 - 8:00
    Whitney coached
    UT Swim Center
    dove in on time

    Swam with Todd,
    beside Tyler, Mike, Larry, Marcio, Nate, Ned
    & Keith Yoho


    20 minutes choice stop at 6:50

    Main Set

    5 rounds of:

    200 fast for time on 4:00
    100 fast for time on 2:00
    050 fast for time on 1:00
    100 easy on 3:00

    Here's how the rounds went:
    1) 1:56, 55, 25
    2) 1:57, 55, 25
    3) 1:57, 55, 25
    4) 1:57, 55, 25
    5) We got an extra minute rest
    before each hard swim,
    Whitney told us to really get after it on the last round, went
    1:52, 53, 23
    sort of surprised that I went that fast at the end of the set

    assigned: 14 minutes easy swim
    did: 300 easy & out

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