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  1. R & R

    by , October 15th, 2009 at 12:28 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)

    Easy day today, a welcome break.

    SCY, Solo

    500 swim free alt. 75 free/25 drill choice
    400 swim alt. 50 free/50 back
    300 kick w/zoomers alt. 50 free/50 fly
    200 IM alt. drill/swim
    200 pull no free
    300 swim alt. 25 free/25 breast
    4x100 IM w/5 sec. rest
    pull 3x150 free breathing 3/5 by 25
    50 easy

    I didn't keep track of times on this, just swam through it and enjoyed myself.
  2. Tempting Fate

    by , October 15th, 2009 at 08:28 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    With my right shoulder still acting up I still decided to work on my backstroke. This is what set my shoulder off about a month and a half ago. Survived and was very careful but still had some speed which is good.

    8x100@1:45 Free #3&6 Back
    200 Free EASY and long
    5x100@1:40 Free kick w/fins moderate pace
    6x100@:05R Back w/fins #1&4 fashion model, #2&5 partial recovery, #3&6 underwater recovery
    10x50@:55 Back w/paddles
    5x100@1:50 as 50 Free/50 Back
    500 Free as 100 swim/drill/swim/drill/swim

    Total 3600 yards
  3. Some improvements to Union Mines Pool

    by , October 15th, 2009 at 07:30 AM (Swim like an Orca, but faster !)
    Some of the improvements I noticed today at the Outdoor Union Mine HS Pool:
    1. Backstroke flags are gone (Great for developing a "feel" for the turns)
    2. Another lane line damaged by the Ponderosa High School "Animal House" water polo team.
    3. Pool temp was a robust 76 degrees (felt like 75), due to aforementioned animals not covering the pool when they finished.
    4. And they fixed the second outdoor shower, that's been offline since last winter...It had hot water to boot

    I was late to practice..

    Warm 200
    500 continuous kick w/board
    500 FR (3 strokes n/b after turns) did 7:00 2-3 SDK's off wall's (was trying to be slow and speed through the turns)
    4x50 K fly on back SDK
    10x50 Fly 1:15 really bit the dust here! could not get coordinated. Coach gave me some homework drills to get that second kick timed just right.

    100 cool

    A mere 2000 SCY
    I think the workout continued with 10x50's in all strokes, but we didn't have time and although I could stay another half hour I had to leave by 6:30 to get to work by 7:00pm.
  4. Run + Weights

    by , October 14th, 2009 at 09:20 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Hit the treadmill for some HIIT. Did a total of 3 miles as follows:

    Warm-up: 1 mile at 9:14

    1 mile - alternate 45 seconds at 6:40 per mile pace with 45 seconds at 12:00 per mile pace

    1 mile cool-down at 10 minute per mile pace

    Immediately hit the weights and did the following:

    Bench press: bar x 5, 65 x 15, 75 x 10, 85 x 5

    Lat hi row: 50 x 5, 100 x 5, 2 sets of 120 x 15

    Alt. hammer curls: 2 sets of 15 x 10

    Triceps pull-downs: 2 sets fo 30 x 15

    Core work:

    1 set of 100 bicycles

    1 set of 50 good morning darlings

    2 sets of 25 side crunches

    2 sets of 25 crunches with Swiss ball

    1 set of 25 back extensions

    1 set of 25 leg lifts
  5. Solo Wednesday @ LA Fitness

    by , October 14th, 2009 at 08:02 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    I hurried after school to LA Fitness so I could get a workout in and meet my son Rob for supper. I had a lane to myself most of the time. The water seemed a bit cooler tonight; very weird since a large noodler class was to start at 6:00 pm.
    Here's the workout:
    *5 X 200 free (start on 3:50 and descend interval :10 seconds each swim)
    *Small Kick mountain w/fins (100-75-50-25) all flutter :30 per 25
    *8 X 100 Freestyle (start on 2:00 interval and descend :5 seconds each interval) hard at the end!
    *Small Kick mountain No Fins and same as above.
    *4 X (100 IM followed by 4 x 25 on :30 IM stroke order)
    3,100 SCY

    Thank goodness today is Wednesday, hump day is over! Next week is a short week at school. They are giving us all day Wednesday as a teacher work day. Strange
  6. Wilderness Update Plus News About My Fungus

    by , October 14th, 2009 at 06:36 PM (Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton)
    Upon my return from the Wilderness, I brought back the following types of data:

    • 27 minutes of footage from a borrowed Sanyo camcorder I was unable to download onto my PC but my son was able, eventually, to download onto his Mac. It's not the greatest quality footage, and the sound and the video are not well synchronized, giving the whole thing the flavor of a 50s era Japanese Mothra movie set, for inexplicable reasons, in the Rocky Mountains. Still, this footage represents my first day and a half in the wilderness, so I want to get this up before the subsequent serial installments. I think Jack can fix the audio-video dissynchrony and post the various installments on You Tube for me, since I have no idea how to do this with Mac software. However, getting him to do it in a timely fashion is proving difficult.

    • Nearly 60 minutes of Flip Ultra video, which is on my PC, and I can upload, but I am waiting for the first stuff first so as to be minimally confusing to what I suspect with be the paucity of vlog viewers who end up making the Big Commitment to watching the entire Jim de la Selva Americana mini-series.

    • Approximately 3 hours and 59 minutes of high quality digital stereo audio of me talking, talking, talking, weeping, screaming, laughing, singing, gnashing, stuttering, grunting, laboring, telling bears to scat, and for a very short time, yodeling in the alpine meadows.

    • 489 still photographs, many of them featuring me in various poses, almost always providing some sort of scruffian variation of the Blue Steel look pioneered by Derrick Zoolander

    • my precious memories of my personal resourcefulness and heroism from the lengthy ordeal, memories that can not ever be taken away or repudiated since I was the only one there and I shall not, will not, dispute any facts that I say occurred. I suppose some neurological researcher somewhere could hook me up to a fMRI to see if he can find any unusual activity patterns among the neurons of my brain's LBL, or Lying Bastard Lobes. But I will vigorously resist any such unlawful invasions of my body and mind and alleged soul with all the vehemence I can muster

    • a fungus that appears to have taken up residence on the left side of my groin. This may be the result of wearing the same pair of underwear briefs for five consecutive days and nights without taking them off, days and nights in which my nether regions were kept continuously irrigated by my own copious sweat production, dribblings of potable water rendered nonpotable by my kidneys, nocturnal clamminess inside the dank tent chamber and perhaps stoked by my readings of dread-inducing Stephen King, and regular dousings by creek water, rain water, and the odd melting snowflake.

    A fungus, of course, was not my initial diagnosis. I was pretty sure at first that I had once again contracted VPDC, one of the most common conditions known to men like me, and the women who love us. Well, pretty much just men like me.

    Despite how common it is, there is little if any research money available for its study, a consequence of the puritanism of the previous administration. There is also no cure for VPDC, or Venereal Punishment Disease Cancer. Among teenagers who practice excessive onanism, VPCD can lead to blindness, hair on the palms, and loss in a faith in a benevolent God (though paradoxically strengthening belief in a Horribly Vengeful One.)

    Thank god, my swimming coach Bill White told me he was pretty sure I had a fungus infection and not VPDC. He recommended an anti-fungal creme applied twice a day for the rest of my life or a week, which ever came first.

    It appears to be working. After three applications, the itch of this lesion has gone from merely maddening to Kierkegaardian. Evidently, the poison has caused the fungi to begin fighting for their lives, like daemons resisting extgermination by Max Von Sydow's Holy Water.

    The nonhuman, nonplant miscreants (what exactly are fungi anyhow?) are now Linda Blairing me furiously every waking hour, and I must tie my wandering hands to the bedposts at night to keep from scratching myself into a eunuch in my sleep!

    I plan to take my small tube of generic antifungal foot creme (what is the male groin if not a kind of third foot anyhow? one upon which we belly-crawl the earth, leaving a slime trail, impossibly desirable manly molluscs humping our way towards the little females of our kind!) to swimming practice tonight, and then afterward cauterize the area with yet another slather of exorcistic unguent!

    How I imagine the mushrooms will scream then!

    By the way, here is a picture of what Jock itch, also called tinea cruris or ringworm of the groin, looks like:

    Here, on the other hand, is what the Wilderness looks like:

    Coincidence that these two species of groin-stabbing pointy entities should look like identical twins?

    I don't think so.

    In fact, I have concluded that my itch is less the result of an infection per se, and more a case of the wilderness spirit claiming official possession over what has always been one of the wildest, least ruly zones of my body.

    There is a River of No Return somewhere out there in central Idaho.

    Now there is a much less famous, but equally wild, River of No Return somewhere inside my recently changed undies, as well.

    Wild they are, both of them, and leading nowhere you want to be. But, god help you, you cannot resist going!

    With luck, I will be able to begin posting footage very soon. Show of hands, please! How many want to see everything I can possibly show you?

    All righty then! It's unanimous!

  7. Wed., Oct. 14

    by , October 14th, 2009 at 05:42 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    AM Hot Yoga:

    Made it to class #5. I seem a tad more flexible already. And I'm really glad my transverse colon is apparently getting a massage. lol. It still seems somewhat exhausting and harder to exercise afterward. I guess at some point it's supposed to shift from exhausting to refreshing ...

    I also had a bit of an internal chuckle when the instructor said that we were "flushing out scar tissue." Getting a little carried away there!

    I was wondering why Bikram studios must be carpeted and found this:

    PM Swim/SCY/Solo:

    Warm up:

    700 variety swim, kick, drill

    Kicking Sets:

    5 x (50 UW cruiser shooter w/fins + 15 pullouts) @ 1:15
    1 breath at the the turn

    100 EZ

    5 x vertical kick @ 1:15
    30 seconds with hands at side, 10 seconds in streamline, squat jump off bottom (12 ft deep), 20 seconds rest

    50 EZ

    5 x (25 AFAP shooter on back w/fins + 50 EZ)

    75 EZ

    Other Speed Work:

    3 x 150, done as:

    25 EZ speed power fly + 25 EZ DAB + 25 AFAP doggy paddle + 25 EZ DAB + 50 free EZ

    100 EZ

    1 x 50 fly AFAP w/fins (25ish)

    200 EZ

    100 scull

    Total: 2350 + VK-ing + 75 pullouts


    My ass and hammies are a bit sore from the plyos, lunging, and squatting. Maybe I'm just imagining it, but they feel tighter/stronger with this new regimen. (And I'm sure my ass is probably getting bigger too. )

    Found this site, which has loads of plyo info:

    Hoping to swim with both Speedo and Jazzy at noon at GMU tomorrow!


    My son just came home from cross country practice with an ankle sprain all taped up and iced. Could ruin the end of his cross country season for the second year in a row. Flexy ankles are so easy to sprain ... (Been there, done that.)

    Meanwhile, Mr. Fort, who has been battling a hip injury forever, just had an MRI. He may have some labral tearing around his hip socket. His doctor said PRP was a possibility. I hope he doesn't need surgery b/c he would be just impossible to live with!

    Injuries suck!!!

    Updated October 14th, 2009 at 09:18 PM by The Fortress

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  8. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 Workout -10/15/09 -SCY

    by , October 14th, 2009 at 04:48 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)

    WARM UP:
    6 X 50 :50
    6 X 50 :45
    5 X 100 1:40
    5 X 100 1:30

    6 X 50 kick 1:10
    4 X 100 kick 2:15
    8 X 25 kick*fast, no board* :40

    2 X 100 moderate 1:45
    1 X 50 @ 100% 1:30
    1 X 100 easy 1:45
    4 X 25 fast :30
    Swim it 3 times with a break.
    Easy/moderate swims are free, fast swims are choice.

    4 X 200 free 3:30
    Pull or swim
    #1 moderate
    Negative split and descend 2-3-4.

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

    Swim Workouts
  9. Day 44

    200 Swim
    6x50 FR@1:00

    400 Kick Alt IM/FRx50


    25 Easy/25 Fast/25 Easy/25 Fast@1:10

    50 Easy/25 Fast
    25 Fast/50 Easy
    50 Fast/25 Easy
    75 Fast

    4x25 Scull@1:00

    200 Easy

    1700 SCY Indoors Solo
  10. Wed OCT 14th, 2009, BEST 25 SDK this season

    by , October 14th, 2009 at 01:03 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Wed OCT 14th, 2009
    weighed 215

    Next MEET:
    2009 SPMA Short Course Meters Championships
    December 4th - 6th, 2009 at Long Beach

    50 Days till Long Beach


    SCY no blocks
    6:30 - 8:00
    whitney coached
    UT Swim Center main pool
    Swam with Larry Ned & Nate
    Beside tyler amy & erin

    WORE lycra brief

    300 fr
    4 x 25 fl dr
    300 fr
    4 x 25 bk
    300 k
    4 x 25 br

    Main Set

    20 x 100 on 1:30 aerobic pace, choice no free
    did them all 50 bk 50 br
    held 1:16 - 1:18

    assigned: 20 x 100 on 1:30 fins
    4 k, 1 choice fast
    did: NO FINS
    round 1 correctly
    from round 2 on Whitney gave us 30 sec extra rest before the fast 100's
    round 2 50 k on 100's, 100 fr fast went 1:00
    round 3 50 k on 100's, 100 fr fast went 56 dove
    round 4 50 k on 1 & 2, got out on 3 & 4 to put on B70 legskin 100 fast went 52
    tyler the miler crushed me on these, but he wore fins, he went 47 on the last one

    100 easy

    25 SDK FAST
    roll start
    whitney timed
    went 10.1
    Swim Workouts
  11. Wednesday fun

    by , October 14th, 2009 at 12:39 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)

    This one kicked my butt!!

    SCY, solo

    400 swim free
    300 IM drill
    200 pull choice
    (did 100 free/100 back)

    swim 3 sets of 6 x 75:
    descend 1-3 and 4-6.
    Set 1 free on 1:10
    (forgot I was supposed to descend until the 2nd 3 went 1:00 for 1-3, then 1:03-1:00)
    set 2 free/fly/free by 25 on 1:20
    set 3 all back on 1:30

    50 easy

    kick 8 x 50 on 1:00 w/fins if needed to make the interval
    (my goal here was to make the set without fins. started around 52 and was around 57 by #8.)

    100 swim down
  12. Seriously?

    It seems everytime I start to get back on track and am feeling good a $h*t storm of stuff happens that prevents me from continuing on.

    I walk out to my car at 4:50am and see my dome light is on ... hmmm ... don't remember even turing it on but okay. Fortunately my car still started and started again after practice so it seems my little mistake is not taking a toll.

    I am however sick again!?! WTF?!

    I'm thinking of calling the doctor this afternoon. Maybe I just need a round of antibiotics to kick this crap out of me. Headache, sore throat, stuffy nose, chest congestion, etc.

    Was a bit late and missed most of warm-up did a 200

    3 x (6 x 75)
    Round 1 - Free on 1:10
    Round 2 - Fr, Stroke, Fr on 1:20
    Round 3 - Stroke, Fr, Stroke on 1:30

    Did miss a few but did most of them. Went fly on all of the 2nd round, did fly and some breast on round 3.

    8 x 50 kick on 1:00 ... we are not going to talk about how pathetic those were ...

    Did some great dryland last night. Tons of core work. Squats, bicycles, tricep extensions with bands, bicep curls, rows, bosu squat/twists, "captain's chair" ab work, etc.

    I am hoping to swim tomorrow depending on how my head feels and am planning on swimming on Saturday for sure.
  13. A bit boring today Sorry!

    by , October 14th, 2009 at 08:41 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I was still stiff and took a lot to get moving. I was thinking of doing the 100's pull on 1:30 but with one muscle giving me fits I decided to ease up and go on the 1:40 today.

    10x100@2:00 Free 1/2pull 1/2kick
    500 free w/fins kick
    500 fly w/fins kick work abs (this was the one thing I could do great)
    10x100@1:40 Free w/paddles & bouy kept it long
    500 Free every 4th 25 drill

    Total 3500 yards
  14. Short Tuesday

    by , October 13th, 2009 at 11:41 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Nasti's tonight at Noblesville HS. The practice was 45 minutes long! I thought about doing more but my body felt I stopped.
    Here's the workout:
    *500 free Warm-up
    *200 Dolphin Kick on Back
    *5 X 100 Free on 1:45
    *3 X 200 free (Rest 10 sec between each 50. Subtract :30 sec for 200 time. Done on 3:30 interval I think)
    *8 X 50 IM Roll on 1:00 interval Swim down/Kick back.
    *100 IM sprint
    *200 Back Smooth swim
    2,500 scy

    I can't wait to see the "Amelia" movie. Amelia Earhardt was one of my hero's when I was growing up. Hillary Swank/Rickard Gere are the female/male leads. I hope it's not hokey.

    Over 800 kids out sick with the flu at CHS on Monday. I heard 25% shuts the building down; they were 200 short of that. We have had a couple teachers out for 3 weeks at my building. It must be a wicked bug.
  15. Trained some distance type stuff, but still a sprinter

    by , October 13th, 2009 at 09:39 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Today, on the forum, got some helpful tips from Kirk Nelson on improving pace on the 500. Feel kind of bad that I somewhat hijacked the thread. The subject of the thread was training for the 1500/1650 and I posed some questions about training for the 500. Figured while the forum had the attention of the distance gurus out there, I'd ask the questions. Kirk gave some great advice that I hope to put to use in a practice soon.

    At this point, I've got a long way to go! When I was younger (even just by 7 years), it seemed possible to balance sprint training with training for a strong 500. Not so sure now. The difference in how I used to train was that I was always in an anaerobic state, even on the distance stuff. I can't do that anymore. Just can't recover fast enough between swims. May have to simply focus on my strength - the sprints, and hope to be in good enough shape to pull off a respectable 500.

    Of course I know I haven't been putting my time in the water, so I probably should not have high expectations. It bothers me that in college, I hardly got any sleep, ate terribly, enjoyed my alcohol on the weekends, and was able to hold 2:15 on a 2:40 interval. In fact, I can remember doing a few sets on 2:30. Yes, I'm older, but I take so much better care of myself. No matter what shape I'm in now, I couldn't hold 2:15 on 4 minutes. I probably couldn't even make a 2:40 interval after a couple of 200s no matter what shape I am in! Gosh, sometimes it is hard getting older!

    Got in for 45 minutes with the older kids today and did the workout below. The coach gave a surprisingly easy interval on the 200s. I was thinking she was going to throw an interval of 2:45 at us. I did throw some 200 backs with paddles in the mix.

    Warm-up (missed the main part) 200 easy

    12 x 200: 4 on 3:40, 4 on 3:30, 4 on 3:20 - Did first 6 free, then did 2 back, 2 free, 2 back

    100 easy

    2700 yards

    Regardless of my focus, it probably is good to do this kind of thing once a week as I need work on my endurance for the sake of my 100s. Also, it helps to have a group of people to train with.

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  16. Day 43

    200 Swim
    6x50 FR@1:00

    5x50 BR Kick@1:15
    5x50 FR Kick@1:30

    50 Easy

    5x50 BR Pull@1:15
    5x50 FR Pull@1:15 Breathe 2/4/6/8/10

    2x50 BR w/fins 1 easy 1 fast (:33)
    2x50 FR w/fins 1 easy 1 fast (:26)

    250 Easy

    2000 SCY Indoors solo
  17. Dryland Mania, Tuesday, Oct. 13

    by , October 13th, 2009 at 04:58 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    My upper back was still sore from my Monday workout, so I decided to do mostly plyos, bodyweight work and some core work.

    bicycles, 2 x 50
    long arm crunches, 2 x 50
    cable twists w/yoga ball, 50 x 1 x 15, each side, 60 x 1 x 15, each side
    hanging reverse crunches w/10 lb weight at feet, 3 x 10

    front lunges w/25 lb DBs, 3 x 15
    alternating side lunges, 3 x 25
    chins ups, 2 x 10
    rack chins/pulls, 3 x 15
    squats w/overhead shoulder press w/25 lb DBs, 3 x 10 (much harder when you're not pressing fast and using some momentum from the squat)

    knee tuck jumps, 3 x 10
    box jacks w/med ball, 3 x 15
    clap push ups, 3 x 10

    prone scapular scrunches, 2 x 25
    scapular wall slides, 2 x 25
    internal and external rotators, 10 x 2 x 15 each side
    3 position arm extentsions, 3 x 2 x 15

    10 minutes of stretching

    Aerobic Work:

    My usual pool was closed b/c of yet another kid accident. My gym pool is closed while they clean and put the bubble up. So, I did 20 minutes on the ellipse and 20 minutes on the bike.



    We'll see how the shoulders hold out after the clap push ups. I put my hands on a mat to sort of cushion the load.

    I really prefer rack chins to pull ups. They hurt my wrists less. Jazz and I were speculating that this is perhaps due to it being more of an isolation exercise with not as much of the lower body involved.

    Q and I were discussing overhead squats on the thread from my Sunday workout. I'm thinking of adding them, as they are a compound exercise that really hits the core.

    This article says you shouldn't start with the bar, but I was thinking I am sufficiently strong/flexible enough to try the bar?

    Definitely hitting the pool tomorrow!


    Saw the most recent clip of Natalie Coughlin on FB from Dancing with the Stars:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Week 4 - Natalie Coughlin - Dancing With The Stars[/ame]

    Like the mermaid-like costume! She looks in fantastic shape from all the running she's been doing.


    I also saw that Brendan Hansen started a blog today:

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  18. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 Workout -10/14/09 -SCY

    by , October 13th, 2009 at 02:55 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 a.m. Workout)

    WARM UP:
    6 X 100 1:40
    6 X 50 kick 1:10
    5 X 100 IM 1:50
    6 X 50 kick 1:10

    1 X 200 IM 3:30
    2 X 50 stroke 1:00
    4 X 25 stroke :40
    Swim the set 3 times.
    Round 1 fly, 2 back, 3 breast

    2 X 50 free easy 1:00
    1 X 50 stroke At 100% 1:30
    Three rounds.
    Round 1 fly, 2 back, 3 breast

    50 50 50 50
    100 100 100
    150 150
    Swim the set twice
    Start at the top and work down,move to the top after completing the column. 2000 yard set.
    50's: :45
    100's: 1:30
    150's: 2:15
    200's: 3:00

    WARM DOWN: 2 X 50 easy 1:00

    Swim Workouts
  19. pull, pull, pull...

    by , October 13th, 2009 at 01:12 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)

    SCY, Solo

    200 swim free
    200 kick rev IM
    200 pull back
    200 IM drill
    swim 4 x 50 on 55 descend to 80%
    (free - 40->35)

    (Swam the following continuous, no extra rest between rounds)
    pull 3 x 200 free on 3:20 breathe 3/5 by 25
    swim 3 x 50 smooth on 1:00
    pull 2 x 200 free on 3:20 breathe 3/5 by 25
    swim 2 x 50 smooth on 1:00
    (went 2:45-50 on 200's, 37 on 50's)
    pull 200 fast (went 2:36)
    swim 50 fast (:34)

    swim down 200 easy
    Total: 2800 yards
  20. Tuesday OCTOBER 13th, 2009

    by , October 13th, 2009 at 11:43 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Tuesday OCTOBER 13th, 2009

    Jay McDonald, 52, from Wimberley TX passed away on Saturday October 10th. He had a heart attack while playing tennis. Jay is survived by his wife Laurie, 5 children & many friends. At the 2008 SCY Nationals in Austin Jay went 27.39 in the 50 breast breaking the 50 - 54 Mens National Record. In years past, Jay swam and coached, he was a kind person and a good friend.

    Jay McDonald’s Funeral Services are
    Saturday October 17th 11:26 am in
    Wimberley, TX at
    Cypress Creek Church on 211 Stillwater
    church phone number (512) 847-1222‎
    Jay’s Life Celebration Reception will follow the service at the church.

    Google Map for Directions

    cards & letters to
    Laurie McDonald
    14 Overbrook Ct
    Wimberley, TX 78676

    Haven't seen his obituary in the paper yet.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    2009 Postal 5k & 10k results are online

    5k Preliminary Results for Swimmers

    10k Preliminary Results for Swimmers

    Next MEET:
    2009 SPMA Short Course Meters Championships
    December 4th - 6th, 2009 at Long Beach

    51 Days till Long Beach

    Weights SUNDAY World Gym: 5:00 pm
    bench press 8 x 135 5 x 185 5 x 185 4 x 185
    lat press 8 x 40 8 x 45 8 x 50 6 x 55
    lat pull 8 x 167 8 x 197 5 x 207 4 x 215
    leg press 8 x 180 8 x 270
    also did some one legged bench steps


    SCY no blocks
    6:30 - 8:00
    whitney coached
    UT Swim Center main pool
    Swam with Larry & Nate
    Beside Max, tyler & todd

    WORE lycra brief

    2 rounds of
    100 fr 25 fl dr
    100 fr 25 fl dr 25 bk
    100 fr 25 fl dr 25 bk 25 br
    100 fr 100 IM

    Main Set

    50's start at 1:00 drop 1 sec each round
    kicked with a board to 45
    kicked with no board to 37

    50 easy

    assigned 1000
    did several 50's with 5 or MORE SDKs off each wall

    Got out early to make an 8:00 am meeting

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