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  1. 1000 yards

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 09:18 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Did 1000 yards today...time and events conspired against me.
  2. A bunch of IM stuff

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 04:57 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    400 swim free
    400 pull breathe 3/5 by 100
    (kept on this pattern even though at the start I wasn't sure I could. I'm getting a bit better at this hyp. breathing)

    kick 8x50 with 10 sec. rest: odds with board; evens no board w/6-8 fly kicks off the walls
    (kept these between :55 and 1:00 and held the SD kicks at 8)

    Main Set
    swim 8x100 IM on 1:50 as smooth as possible, make the interval by 5-10 sec. tops.
    (kept these between 1:35 and 1:40)

    swim 6x25 fly on :40 #3 and 6 fast
    (kept these around :20 with the fast ones 2-3 sec faster)
    50 easy
    swim 6x25 back on :30 #3 and 6 fast
    (kept these around :22 with the fast ones 2-3 sec faster)
    50 easy
    swim 6x25 breast on 40 #3 and 6 fast
    (kept these around :25 with the fast ones 1-2 sec faster)
    50 easy
    swim 6x25 free on 30 #3 and 6 fast
    (kept these around :20 with the fast ones around :16)

    200 swim down

    Total: 2950 yards
  3. My Analysis of Leslie's Analysis

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 02:42 PM (Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton)
    I urge you to quickly read Leslie The Fortress Livingston's excellent if somewhat convoluted and heavily codiciled analysis of her swimming times, vis a vis different racing suits (especially the HyNeck Pro and B70).

    You can read her analysis here, but if you don't want to do this, in a nutshell, she concludes that the B70 helps a little, but not all that much, and primarily for distance swims, which she doesn't do any of (unless by distance she means the 100 IM, which in my mind stretches the meaning of the word "distance" to the very elastic limits, much as I believe Leslie has similarly stretched her "analysis" into a realm where only 15-dimensional Gaussian-style ubermath, also used in the hedge fund industry, can justify it.)

    I wrote the following as a comment on Leslie's blog, but it ended up being so long, and it's also been a while since I posted a vlog of my own, so I am putting it here instead:

    Leslie, here is my analysis of your analysis, but broken down in another way. I am going to go through each of these things and put your best time without a B70 and your best time with a B70, and leave all other variables aside.

    Backstroke Events

    50 Back SCY:

    29.34 (H-Pro, Nats)(T)

    28.5 (B70)(T)

    B70 Assist: .84

    100 Back SCY:

    1:04.7 (H-Pro)(T)

    1:02.8 (B70)(T)

    B70 Assist: 1.9

    50 Back SCM:

    33.2 (R-Pro)(T)
    31.7 (B70)*

    B70 Assist, 1.5 seconds

    100 Back, SCM:

    1:13.9 (R-Pro)(T)
    1:11.7 (B70)*

    B70 Assist with caveats noted above, 2.2 seconds

    50 Back, LCM:

    33.48 (R-Pro)(T)
    33.40 (B70)(T)

    B70 Assist: .08 second

    100 Back, LCM:

    1:14.1 (R-Pro)(T)
    1:13.4 (B70)

    B70 Assist: .7 second

    Fly Events:

    50 fly, SCY:

    27.6 (H-Pro)(T)

    27.2 (B70)(T)

    B70 assist: .4 second

    100 fly SCY:

    1:04.2 (H-Pro)(T)
    1:01.3 (B70)(T)

    B70 Assist: 2.9

    50 fly SCM:

    31.48 (R-Pro)
    29.99 (B70)(some T)

    B70 Assist: 1.49 second

    50 fly, LCM:

    31.61 (R-Pro)(T)
    31.13 (B70)(T)

    B70 Assist: .58

    50 free, SCY:

    25.99 (H-Pro)(T)
    24.97 (B70)(T)

    B70 Assist: 1.02

    50 free, SCM:

    28.7 (R-Pro)(T)
    28.5 (B70)

    B70 Assist: .2

    50 free, LCM:

    29.2 (R-Pro)(T)
    29.3 (B70)

    B70 Assist: -.1

    100 IM, SCY:

    1:06.8 (H-Pro)
    1:04.1 (B70)*

    B70 Assist: 2.7

    You can slice and dice data in multiple ways, add all sorts of variables and explanations and fudge factors, but the bottom line as far as I can see is that with only one exception, the 50 LCM freestyle, you went significantly faster in every single race wearing a B70. All your second fastest times as a master (with the exception again of the 50 LCM free), you swam either in a B70 or in the fastest available pre-B70 generation racing suit, that is, the H-Pro.

    In no event did you get your get your fastest or even second fastest time without wearing one of these suits. Since the H-Pro is already considered a very fast suit, the fact that there were such consistent and at times huge time drops (four time drops between 1-2 seconds; two time drops between 2-3 seconds, all in events of a total distance of 50-100) makes me more convinced than ever that the B70 represents a huge advantage over the very best previous generation suit.

    Furthermore, if you average the time changes for the 50s [.84, 1.5, .08, .4, 1.49, .58, 1.02, .2, -.1] you have an average drop over 50 yards and meters of .67 seconds from your fastest B70 performances compared with your fastest H-Pro swims. You swam fewer 100s, but the average drop was even greater here--[1.9, 2.2, .7, 2.9, 2.7] for an average of 2.08 seconds.

    Such time drops might not mean much for the average lap swimmer. But for a swimmer already near the very top of the national hierarchy in her age group, 2/3rds of a second in 50s and over 2 seconds in a 100 is huge. Again, this is not comparing a poly suit to the B70. It's comparing the talk of the Sydney Olympics suit with the talk of the post-Beijing Olympics suit (at least in masters swimming circles.

    Sorry, Leslie. I wish I could have coroborated your analysis. But my analysis of your analysis, albeit one that uses Occam's Razor to cut away fudge factors I am sure you would love to keep, reaches a diametrically opposite conclusion!
  4. B70 Assist Analysis & Data

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 10:48 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Had two kids home with the flu yesterday, so didn't get a chance to workout. Will swim later today.

    I did, however, get a chance to compile the data to answer Jim's challenge on the "Ban the Tech Suit" thread. He has claimed/posted that much (not all) of my recent improvement is due to B70 use. I looked at events that I had swum 3+ times since 2006 or so. After looking at the times, I don't feel like I'm getting a "huge" assist from my B70s, though the suit definitely helps you swim fast(er) unrested. (Technically, I'm never completely unrested for meets, as I usually do a 3 day very mini taper.) There were only 4 of the 13 events where I had what I consider significant time drops after using a B70 (indicated with a * below) -- and in each race it was a brand new B70 suit. These events, swum at the IGLA meet last June (and one in Auburn after a 10 month hiatus), have other confounding factors that could account for the drops, although I concede the B70 accounts for a portion of the drop: (1) there was a 6 month time gap between the SCM swims; (2) I switched from an old recordbreaker Pro (6 meets + use) to a new B70; (3) I had just started lifting "heavy" to be "non-weak" and was about 5 weeks into this effort, and (4) I only swam 3 events at the IGLA meet instead of the 7 events I swam at NE Champs the preceding December. I think these 4 factors weight heavily in the analysis. Plus, Hulk said I looked much stronger in the water at IGLA. With respect to the 100 IM, I had been lifting heavy for almost 10 months before dropping significant time at Auburn last month. Plus, I've just been training more in the last 10 months.

    In any event, here is the time progression. It is mostly linear. I feel like my biggest drops were during serious (2 week) tapers, particularly at Austin in 2008 and Auburn in 2009 where I swam in very fast pools. I think fast pools make a difference. In Auburn, moreover, my drops were from previous B70 swims. I've tried to indicate meets that I did a 2 week taper for with a "T" below. However, I'm a little foggy on this as my first couple years I didn't really taper, just sort of rested up a bit a swam. I've also indicted which suit I was wearing, where I remember. I used an FSI and FSII fairly interchangeably for a period of time. If I can't remember which one I was wearing, I just wrote FS. Recordbreaker Pros are listed as R-Pro; Hi Neck Pro is listed as H-Pro. Times are listed in chronological order, of course.

    In the final analysis, it appears that unrested B70 swims are largely comparable to tapered non-B70 swims, but not always. Of course, this is significant. Without this factor, I would likely not have had a linear progression of times. But is not comparable to a claim that the B70 takes "huge chunks" of time off and gives you automatic lifetime bests. My sense (I recall Ande and Patrick agreed) is that the B70 helps more on longer events than sprints. Perhaps the buoyancy which helps counter fatigue is more significant in longer races. My fastest times, at least in SCY, were just done this Feb. after changing my taper. I had used a B70 in previous races, so don't feel that the improvements can be attributed to the B70.

    Any other analysis or commentary is welcome.

    Backstroke Events:

    50 Back SCY:

    31.17 (poly tank)(10/05)
    30.25 (FS II)(4/06)
    29.92 (FS II (Nats)(5/06)
    30.45 (FS II)(10/06)
    30.15 (FS II)(4/07)
    29.80 (R-Pro)(11/07)
    29.55 (H-Pro)(4/08)
    29.34 (H-Pro, Nats)(T)(5/08)
    29.16 (B70)(9/08)
    28.5 (B70)(T)(2/09)

    B70 Assist: less than .2

    100 Back SCY:

    1:06.5 (FS II, Nats)(5/06)
    2 year gap
    1:04.7 (H-Pro)(T)(5/08)
    1:04.7 (B70)(9/08)(Geek 9/27!)
    1:02.8 (B70)(T)(2/08)

    B70 Assist: No difference

    50 Back SCM:

    33.8 (FS II)(4/06)
    33.2 (R-Pro)(T)(12/07)
    31.7 (B70)(6/08)*

    B70 Assist, with caveats noted above: 1.5 seconds

    100 Back, SCM:

    1:15.1 (FS II)(4/06)
    1:13.9 (R-Pro)(T)(12/07)
    1:14.1 (R-Pro)(4/07)
    1:11.7 (B70)(6/08)*

    B70 Assist with caveats noted above, 2.4 seconds

    50 Back, LCM:

    34.88 (FS II)(8/06)(bad finish)(Worlds)
    34.80 (FS II)(7/06)
    34.17 (FS II)(7/07)
    33.48 (R-Pro)(T)(8/07)
    33.40 (B70)(T)(8/08)
    (Slipped on start. There is a funny video of me letting an f bomb go after this race. I'll try to post it.)

    B70 Assist: .08 second

    100 Back, LCM:

    1:17.0 (FS II)(8/06)(Worlds)
    1:14.1 (R-Pro)(T)(8/07)
    1:13.4 (B70)(7/08)

    B70 Assist: .7 second, 1 year later, same pool.

    Fly Events:

    50 fly, SCY:

    29.8 (poly tank)(10/05)
    29.5 (FS)(4/06)
    28.8 (FS II)(5/06)(Nats)
    29.3 (FS)(10/06)
    28.8 (FS)(4/07)
    28.8 (FS II)(10/07)
    28.4 (R-Pro)(4/08)
    27.6 (H-Pro)(T)(5/08)
    27.5 (B70)(9/08)
    27.3 (B70)(10/08)
    27.2 (B70)(T)(2/09)

    Side note: This progression definitely shows that my fly has improved relatively more than other strokes and possibly benefits more from heavy lifting.

    B70 assist: .1 second

    100 fly SCY:

    1:05.1 (R-Pro)(11/07)
    1:05.5 (R-Pro)(4/08)
    1:04.2 (H-Pro)(T)(10/08)
    1:04.5 (B70)(10/08)
    1:01.3 (B70)(T)(2/09)

    B70 Assist: None, went .3 slower with B70

    50 fly SCM:

    31.88 (FS II)(12/06)(only 1 event this day)
    32.6 (FS II)(3/07)
    31.37 (R-Pro)(T)(12/07)
    31.48 (R-Pro)(3/08)
    30.76 (B70)(6/08)*
    29.99 (B70)(some T)(12/08)

    B70 Assist: .6 second

    50 fly, LCM:

    32.24 (FS)(8/06)(Worlds)
    33.20 (FS II)(7/06)
    31.61 (R-Pro)(T)((7/07)
    31.71 (R-Pro)(8/07)
    31.13 (B70)(T)(8/08)

    B70 Assist: .58 (but this B70 assist came when I was tapered, not unrested)

    50 free, SCY:

    26.72 (poly tank)(10/05)
    26.35 (FS)(4/06)
    26.30 (FS)(10/06)
    25.57 (FS I)(4/07)
    26.58 (FS II)(4/08)
    25.99 (H-Pro)(T)(5/08)
    25.51 (B70)(10/08)
    24.97 (B70)(T)(2/09)

    B70 Assist: None, swam the same 25.5 in an FS I.

    50 free, SCM:

    29.2 (FS II)(3/07)
    28.7 (R-Pro)(T)(12/07)
    29.2 (R-Pro)(3/08)
    28.5 (B70)(12/08)

    B70 Assist: .2 seconds, one year later and in a faster pool.

    50 free, LCM:

    29.87 (FS)(7/06)
    29.71 (FS)(8/06)(Worlds)
    29.76 (FS)(T)(7/07)
    29.2 (R-Pro)(T)(8/07)
    29.3 (B70)(7/08)

    B70 Assist: None, faster in Pro.

    100 IM, SCY:

    1:08.6 (poly tank)(first race as master)(10/05)
    1:07.1 (FS)(4/06)
    1:07.7 (FS)(5/06)
    1:07.8 (FS)(10/06)
    1:07.5 (FS II tank)(4/07)
    1:07.0 (R-Pro)(10/07)
    1:06.8 (H-Pro)(5/08)
    1:04.1 (B70)(2/09)*

    I was stuck on 1:07 forever in this event ... made me dislike it. There's really been no improvement per se in the evilstroke leg. Splits are always 6-7 seconds apart, usually the latter.

    B70 Assist: Big drop here, 2.7 seconds, but it was after a 10 month hiatus in the event and after lifting heavy for 10 months)

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  5. wonder if I'm sore from weights or getting sick

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 10:33 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Tue Mar 17th, 2009

    brigette coached
    easy did half the work out

    25 SDK
    roll start
    FS PRO jammers
    went 10.5

    lifted weights
    in the hotel gym & at world Gym in San Marcos

    2009 South Central Zone USMS Championships
    Friday March 27 - Sun March 29, 2009
    10 days away

    May 8 - 10
    52 days away

    6:30 - 8:00
    Whitney Coached
    scy TSC main pool
    swam with Mike, amy tyler, larry, paul, brandon & DeDe a triathlete from boston who swam for stanford, was a back stroker graduated in 1992
    dove in around 6:39

    got a cough and feel a little achy
    wonder if I'm sore from weights or getting sick

    Warm Up
    150 fr 50 k on bk

    assigned 500 fr
    did 5 x 50

    assigned 500 fr
    did 5 x 50

    assigned 500
    did 4 x (50 sw, 50 rest, 25 sw)

    assigned 8 x 50 on 1:00
    did 2 x 50 easy speed, 50 skip, 50 easy speed, 50 skip
    went 26, 24

    assigned 500 fr
    did 5 x 50

    assigned 500 fr
    did 5 x 50

    got out
  6. Monday March 16, 2009

    Had an appointment prior to practice so I was about 20 minutes late and missed warm-up (boo).

    200 ez (set was 3 x 200 on 3:00 descend)

    4 x (100 Free moderate 1:30, 50 swim with over kick on 1:00, 2 x 25 kick on :25, 75 fast) We had a lot of rest after the 75s usually about a minute and a half.

    100 ez

    100 for time at approximate 500 pace - went a 1:14 (not in a million years could I do that for a 500) 2 x 50 kick fast on 1:00

    50 ez

    5 x 100 for time with :20 rest
    Sure enough - 1:15, 1:15, 1:16, 1:17, 1:17

    100 ez

    I feel like I'm missing a set ... hmm ...

    Sunday I went to a fly/breast clinic at my home pool. Learned some great pointers. Ended up being in the water for about 3 hours - legs are definitely sore as I actually *gasp* kicked breaststroke during the clinic.

    Tonight the plan is:
    Abs Class

    Wendesday Night's Plan:

    Thursday's Plan:
    Swim (on own) with lots of kicking and drills


  7. Flippin' Hell! 3/16/09

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 08:46 AM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Got about 2000 in today...including 10 x 100 on 2:00 doing flip-turns for the first time in 2 weeks.
  8. Back on track

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 07:40 AM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Missed working out the last two days due to family and personal commitments. I don't sleep well when I don't work out, so this morning I did the unthinkable and hit the Y at 4:45 AM. Ran 4 miles on the treadmill as follows:

    Mile 1 - 10 min. pace
    Mile 2 - 9:31 min. pace
    Mile 3 - 8:49 min. pace
    Mile 4 - 8:00 min. pace

    Total distance ended up being 4.05 miles and did it in 37:18. Average HR was 152.

    Immediately followed the run by some weights and a little bit of core work. Did 3 sets of each of the following exercises with 30 seconds rest between each set:

    Lat pulldowns: 90 x 15
    Military press: 35 x 15
    Tricep pulldowns 30 x 15
    Hammer curls 10 x 15

    Core work was as follows:

    Crunches with legs on Swiss ball: 1 x 50
    Bicycle crunches: 1 x 50
    Scissors crunches: 2 x 25
    Back extensions: 2 x 25

    Hoping to swim later today.
  9. Tuesday 3/17 - A Better Day

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 07:38 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I guess I worked out most of the knots in the muscule by the scapula since my right arm had some power today without pain. That may not be the case tomorrow as I worked fairly hard today.

    1000 as 200 swim/pull/swim/kick/swim (only thing I could do since the clock was not on yet)

    5x100 @ 2:00 back kick with fins rotating on side every 6 kicks
    500 Free with paddles and bouy every 3rd lap back
    5x100 @ 2:00 back held 1:43's but felt alittle weak on these
    5x100 @ 1:30 free with paddles and bouy descend went 1:26, 1:22, 1:20, 1:18, 1:15
    felt good here
    8x25 @ :45 back catchup drill
    500 Free EZ

    Total 3700 yards
  10. 16Mar09 Aquasol Masters

    by , March 17th, 2009 at 04:49 AM (Swim like an Orca, but faster !)
    We had a short but fun little workout.

    Warm 400 with a little back and fly...
    2x50 K Bk with cup of water on forehead
    2x50 Bk with cup of water on forehead
    4x100 BR 50 BR w/fly kick / 50 BR on ?
    5x50 Kick with board no fins on 1:30
    6x100 on 1:45 (did 1:45, 1:40, 1:35, 1:30, 1:30, 1:40)
    4x25 FR start from block/breakout

    I think the order is a little off, but I got a kick out of the cup of water drill! Still don't have a breaststroke kick that will do me much good for the 100IM at the Berkeley meet this Saturday...
  11. Road to Recovery

    First day back in the water after almost a year. Shoulder/rotator surgery w/torn Bicep tendon/muscle.

    10x50 FR
    1x50 BR
    1x50 BK/BR
    100 IM w/Drill for Fly

    700 yards total
  12. Monday 3/16 - Arms hurt at the start

    by , March 16th, 2009 at 08:53 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    For some reason my arms hurt today. I believe it was the muscle under the scapula again. I tried working it out with a tennis ball so I will have to wait till tomorrow to see if it worked.

    10x100 @ 1:45 Free

    500 Fly kick with fins on back streamline
    10x50 @ 1:00 Fly with fins

    500 free with paddles and bouy every 3rd lap fast
    200 kick free no fins
    6x50 @ 1:00 Free drill alternate fists, fingertip drag
    500 Kick free with fins every 3rd lap fast
    300 EZ

    Total 3800 yards
  13. 3/16/2009 Workouts

    by , March 16th, 2009 at 08:25 PM (TJ's Blog of Slow Swimming!)
    11:00 AM to Noon at the Jamerson YMCA coached by Elisa.

    12 x 75 Free
    1-4 on 1:15
    5-8 50 drill/25 swim on 1:30 - drill is 4-2 (four seconds per side with a 2 second recovery - concentrate on breathing early and getting your face back toward the bottom of the pool)
    9-12 descend on 1:15

    Mountain Kick Set:
    25 kick on :30 with an extra :15 between sets
    1-2-3-4-5-5-4-3-2-1 - My kick is getting stronger. I held :20s for the first three, then had to resort to taking a pull or two, and then finally to alternating kick/swim.

    Broken 125s:
    10 125s free on 2:15 as follows:
    1-4 broken at 75 with 5 seconds, last 50 fast
    5-9 broken at 50 with 5 seconds, first 50 fast
    10 easy free warmdown

    2550 yards

    Notes: I felt pretty strong once I got warmed up, which took a while today. The 125s felt pretty relaxed and I was consistently finishing them in 1:45.

    Rare Evening Workout
    6:30 to 7:00 at the Jamerson YMCA
    We had a photographer come in to take a team picture as a memento for our departed coach. Since I put on a suit and got in the water, I figured I'd swim a little bit.
    200 warmup split between free and back
    100 - 25 ez/25 fast
    50 all out from a push - I went 32 mid
    100 ez warmdown and home for dinner
    I had a conversation about weight loss with Paul Wolf recently and the topic came up about the fact that I was pretty skinny in HS. I dug up a couple of pictures from HS and am posting them here,
    The first is from track season in my senior year of HS. Wow, we wore some really short shorts back in 1988!

    The second is from the day before graduation, still in 1988 in case you were wondering what was up with the tank top and the feathered hair.

    Updated March 16th, 2009 at 09:24 PM by Iwannafly

    Swim Workouts
  14. Monday 3/16/09

    by , March 16th, 2009 at 07:02 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    Other than doing a 45 minute spin class on Saturday morning, I did not workout during the weekend.

    SCY, solo

    800 swim alternate 100 free/100 no free
    (did back for non-free)
    300 IM drill

    Pace Set:
    swim 16 x 50 free on 50: hold best average on 1-8,
    (kept these at :37-38)
    descend 9-12 and 13-16
    (went :39->:36 both times)
    100 easy

    a little speedwork, with some middle distance thrown in:
    4x around:
    200 pull free on 3:30, descend each round
    (went 2:50->2:40)
    3x50 back on 1 descend 1-3
    (went :44->:39 on rounds 1-3, dropped to :37 on 4)
    200 easy

    Total: 3600 yards

    Did a 40 minute spinning class during lunch hour.
  15. Week-Ends Fly By Fast!

    by , March 15th, 2009 at 11:25 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    I can't believe it's already 11:02 pm Sunday night.
    My Sunday night ritual always includes getting everything organized for school next week and e-mailing it to myself at school. I guess it just jogs my brain and gets me fired up and focused for those lessons.
    We saw "Slum Dog Millionaire" last night. Great flick, anyone should enjoy it!
    I didn't post yesterday so I will do 2 today. They both kind of seem like the same workout!

    1) Super 500 all Freestyle on :30 per 25 int.
    2) Super 500 IM with Freestyle 25"s
    3) 4 X 200 (50 moderate w/5 sec rest, 100 Sprint w/10 sec rest, 50 moderate) on 4:00.
    4) 4 X 75 IM Roll on 1:30
    5) 4 X 50 Favorite stroke on 1:00
    6) 10 X 25 free w/controlled breath (3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-0)
    7) 200 Smooth Backstroke Swim Cool-down
    2,725 Yards

    1) 525 freestyle swim warm-up
    2) 3 X (3 X 100 on 1:55 and 4 X 50 on "55)
    3) 10 X 50 Stroke IM Order on 1:00
    4) 3 X 150 (50 moderate w/10 sec. rest and 100
    Sprint) on 3:00
    5) 3 X 100 (25 Stroke/5 sec rest, 50 Sprint free/5 sec rest, 25 free moderate) 2:00 interval
    3,225 Yards

    I am using backstroke for cool-down these days. I think I could learn to like the 200 Backstroke but I need to work on kicking!
    Oh....Fortress, I don't like oatmeal for a pre-swim meal. This year I ate some Starbucks oatmeal before Big Shoulder's 5K swim. It was really cold (68 degrees), I got bopped in the head and goggles knocked off, then I threw up the oatmeal in the middle of Lake Michigan. For some strange reason I seemed to settle down after that and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way!
  16. Beware the Ides of March

    by , March 15th, 2009 at 09:41 PM (Chicken's Nuggets)
    Tonight's blog is a tired blog.

    Today was my long swim day, and what a perfect day to be inside swimming for 4 hours.

    It was the warmest, sunniest day we've had in Chicagoland for months. Aside from being tired, grumpy and in the final stages of Consumption, I woke up with "ladies" problems....grrrrrr. To cap it off, it was the Ides of March!!!!!!!

    After much thought, I decided that the following would be a good workout:

    This turned out to be way too easy, even for a consumptive, and I finished it in a personal best time.

    So after much melding and mixing of my various plastic baggy clad workouts, the following was achieved:

    yards swum: 13,100;
    toilet breaks: 6;
    coffee consumed: 20oz:
    Nutrition: 3 bottles of water, 1 ensure drink (yuk), 20 oz espresso, 2 gels (lemon sublime and vanilla), 1 small block of Cadbury's milk chocolate and 4 Tim Tams.
    Recovery: 2 Stella Artois and miniburgers at the pub.

    and there was much rejoicing.

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  17. GMU Implodes

    by , March 15th, 2009 at 07:21 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Yikes! Was hoping to go to a "normal" masters workout on Sunday. But the plumbing went haywire at GMU last night. They had to cancel Senior Champs and our masters practice. The plumbing backed up and, er, flooded everywhere. I imagine suit disintegration will be in full force when they're done shocking the pool ...

    So, had to do another sprinty type practice. Perfectly fine, as I have a meet in 6 days. My shoulder was a little iffy from weights and tossing and turning last night, so I wore fins.

    SCY, solo:

    Warm up:

    800 variety warm up

    Aerobic Set:

    20 x 50 @ 1:00

    odds, easy speed backstroke working SDks w/nose clip, 1st 25 = 12 dolphin kicks, 2nd 25 = 10 or so.

    evens, tempo dolphin kick w/board

    Thought: SDKs are way easier w/the nose clip. There was little perceived effort in these 50s, yet I was coming in on 29.5-30. The only effort was holding my breath. If I really want to make progress in this area, I need to get more serious about CO2 tolerance at practice. I've been shirking it in backstroke for many months.

    50 EZ

    Speed sets:

    6 x 100 free @ 2:00

    #1 25 fast, 75 cruise
    #2 50 cruise, 25 fast, 25 cruise
    #3 25 cruise, 25 fast, 50 cruise
    #4 75 cruise, 25 fast
    #5 fast (:55ish)
    #6 easy

    This is harder than you might think. It's rather exhausting to switch gears mid swim than just doing a fast 25.

    100 EZ

    3 x (50 AFAP backstroke from push w/nose clip + 200 EZ)

    #1 went 25-25.5ish
    #2 went 26ish, trying to use hands/arms a bit
    #3 went 25.5ish trying to snap knees more on the SDK

    Moral of the story: Don't think, just swim. Or, possibly, the first one in an AFAP set may be the fastest.

    Total: 3300


    Random Thoughts:

    1. Was thinking about sports injuries a bit today. In general (many exceptions), it seems like women tend to get injuries from the waist up and men tend to get them from the waist down. Maybe cuz women are typically bigger on bottom and men are typically bigger on top?

    2. Was thinking that women should commence wearing briefs or jammers under their B70s like men. This would protect against embarassing suit malfunctions. It would also give women the benefit of something men who do this have had for a long time: increased compression through the butt/hip/thigh area. However, this thought is now wasted as FINA just rule that only one suit will be allowed, effective immediately. I wonder if masters who aren't aware of FINA ruling will nonetheless carry on with this? What happens if someone is wearing illegal suits at a masters meet?

    3. Who benefits the most from weights, a skinny swimmer or a mesomorphic swimmer?

    4. Had some oatmeal today, at Jazz's suggestion. I realize She Puff does this on a daily basis. It wasn't too bad. Seemed to have more staying power than my usual breakfast.


    Ugh. Fort Son has the flu ... If Mini-Fort catches it before her meet this weekend, I'll have to move out it will be so ugly in the house ...

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    Swim Workouts
  18. Sunday 3/15 - Finally back in the pool

    by , March 15th, 2009 at 04:50 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    After 2 days at sectionals with my swimmer I am back in the pool. Another slow sluggish start. Got some good speed on the 50's breast and back. The fly felt too relaxed but great form.

    1000 Free as 200 swim/pull/swim/kick/swim

    10x50 @ :55 Free with paddle on right hand 4 kicks on the paddle hand
    10x50 @ :55 Free with paddle on left hand 4 kicks on the paddle hand

    200 breast kick with fins
    4x50 @ 1:00 breast with fins held 48's
    200 fly kick streamline on back with fins
    4x50 @ 1:00 fly with fins held 40's
    200 back kick streamline on back with fins
    4x50 @ 1:00 back with paddles held 43's

    300 free every 3rd lap non free

    Total 3500 yards

    On a good note my swimmer Sandra dropped time in 2 out of her 3 events at sectionals.

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  19. Confronting the Elements

    by , March 14th, 2009 at 06:59 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Long story, but I was not able to get to the Y today while it was open. This left me with the choice of bagging my run or doing it in the rain. Earlier in the day, I had decided to bag it. Then, I read Jim Thornton's post on the weight reduction thread which discussed the correlation between body fat and speed in sprints among female swimmers. This was enough motivation for me to go for a 4 mile run in the rain. Had it been in the forties or below, I know I would not have done it.

    Running in the rain in fifty degrees or above is actually quite enjoyable if you are dressed for it. It keeps you cool the entire time and washes away the sweat. So, I donned a long-sleeve shirt, my tights, laced up my shoes, and headed out the door. When I started out, there was just drizzle. Throughout the run, it alternated between drizzle and a steady downpour. I thought about the normal guy the other day that made the comment that it was too hot to run. I wonder what he would think is more OCD - running 4 miles in 80 degrees or running 4 miles in 55 degrees with pouring rain.

    Anyway, here are the details of my run:

    Terrain: Rolling hills (on the road)
    Total time: 40:36
    Average HR: 151

    This run really felt pretty good and I was once again encouraged that I didn't have any knee problems or lower back issues. This has somewhat been a light week, but I will take it. My running seems to be feeling a little bit better.

    I'm debating deck entering St. Pats in Atlanta and doing the 500 free and 100 free on Sunday. I don't have any expectations, but just want to stay in meet shape. I may do a time trial in practice next week to see where I am on my 500 free.

    Back to the past week, here is a review of my week:

    Total swimming yards: 7800 yards (3 workouts)
    Running miles: 13 miles (4 workouts)
    Bike: 20 miles (1 workout)
    Weights: 1 workout

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  20. Double, Sat., March 14

    by , March 14th, 2009 at 05:52 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    After ditzing around & getting pounded on for 2 days, I finally got a decent double in. It actually felt like awhile since I had lifted. lol

    AM Weights/Core:

    standing lat pull down, 130 x 2 x 10
    bench press, 80 x 2 x 12
    narrow grip seated row, 110 x 2 x 10
    (think I'm using my back to much in this, so reduced weight a bit. probably should watch a video to make sure.)

    double crunch w/med ball, 2 x 25
    russian twist w/med ball, 2 x 50
    dead bug on bosu, 2 x 25
    V ups w/ med ball, 2 x 15
    (McTrusty is right -- these are fun!)
    double crunch on bench w/feet holding 10 lb weight, 2 x 25
    (adding weight makes these harder and it's harder to balance on the bench than the floor)

    10 chin ups
    2 x 5 pull ups

    external rotators, 10 x 2 x 15, each arm
    seated straight arm dip for RC, 60 x 2 x 25

    PM Swim:

    Went to the local rec center. Knew it would be crowded on a Sat afternoon. It was, but I somehow managed to have my own lane for the fly set.

    Warm up:

    850 variety warm up of swim, kick, drills


    10 x 75 @ 1:20, backstroke w/nose clip
    moderate pace, working on SDKs w/clip

    50 EZ

    15 x 50 @ 1:00
    25 easy speed fly, 25 easy DAB

    50 EZ

    3 x through:
    (Geekity set)

    2 x 25, 12.5 fast, 12.5 cruise
    50 EZ
    2 x 25 AFAP
    100 EZ

    150 EZ

    Total: 3000


    Hip feels better today. But no fast kicking/kick sets () and no deadlifts. I'm not used to swimming for a whole workout! Felt weird.