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  1. Sunday :)

    by , October 11th, 2009 at 07:38 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Swimming this morning w/ Nasti's @ Noblesville HS.
    Lots of people swimming again. Interest level seems high for master's swimming right now!
    Here's the workout:

    *200 Freestyle swim
    *200 Dolfin kick with fins
    *2 X 100 stroke (I did backstroke)
    *500 Freestyle (long strokes w/bilateral and it's feeling great!)
    *4 X 125 on 2:00 Interval (all free)
    *2 X 100 on 1:30 (I did free)
    *3 X 200 on 3:45 (I did first 2 IM and the last one backstroke)
    *4 X 50 Stroke on 1:00 (I did IM Roll)
    *8 X 25 Free w/breath control (I forget the patterns
    *EZ 150 Back cool-down
    2,950 scy (this was a random sort of workout but very enjoyable. Maybe it was my lane mates!)

    After the swim I had an "Egg McMuffin w/sausage. I'm not sure why I was so desperate for food; I never usually go to McDonalds. Boy it sure did taste good! I wanted to get a second one!
    I did some housekeeping, yardwork, etc and still felt extremely peppy so I decided to take a run. The weather was perfect for running. I did 6 miles in 44:48. I am so happy my knee is allowing me to jog 1 or 2 times per week. After taking 2 years off I thought my running days were over. It seems if I keep the distance 6 m or less and make sure the pace is pedestrian I am okay. I hope I'm not damaging anything but it seems like I'd feel it if I was. ??????
    I got stuff for a feline halloween costume today. I usually don't dress up for the nasti halloween party but this year I am!
  2. I'm back -- with a rant

    OK, so I'm a bad blogger. I haven't been here all week. But in my defense, I really haven't had that much to say all week. Basically, I was overworked at my job, I swam, I ate and I slept and that pretty much sums it up. Nothing very noteworthy. (Arguably, I still don't have much to say, but I won't let that stop me now.)

    Well, actually I do have something to say.

    I think it would be a good idea if someone (say a coach or a lifeguard or the management) would explain some of the basic rules of lane etiquette to the pool's water polo club. What brings this up, you ask? (Actually, you're probably not asking, but I want to vent.) We'll before their practices, at the other end of the pool (it's 50 meters, divided into two 25 yard courses), some of them warm in the lap lanes.

    Well, one of them got into my (fast) lane, began doing more or less stationary drills (treading water, etc.) and wouldn't get out of my way. Of course, the pool has a clearly labeled "slow" lane for stationary drills. Fortunately, I was close to the end of my workout anyway, so I just left a few minutes early. But it's ironic that athletes from another aquatic sport seem to have less respect for swimming etiquette than the recovering runners aquajogging last week.

    In other news, I got a Facebook request from a total stranger today. I did recognize the name -- but on the off chance that there really is a female college student from South Africa, attending an Indian university, who happens to have the same name as a male character played by Sylvester Stallone, I won't mention it. But I am not personally acquainted with such a person. I suppose I should reject it -- even though I don't have that many "friends."
  3. Open water Sunday

    by , October 11th, 2009 at 02:53 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    Today was the 5 mile open water swim. The first 2 miles were fine there were 6 of us and I wasn't the last to get in. At the 2 mile mark we stopped and met up with about 25 others. The slower people lead off and those of us in the 5 mile group went last since we were some of the faster swimmers. By the end our group was in the lead.

    At about 3 1/2 miles we all got stuck on a sand bar in water about 1 1/2 feet deep, but we were strongly encouraged to stay to the right which is why we all ended up there.

    My last 1/2 miles was alitttle tough but I made it. I am tired and sore but do plan to swim tomorrow. More than likely a recovery day for me. I guess when you do open water you don't get to get a warm down.
  4. Life Doctor, Death Doctor, Bad Grrrlll, Jane's Tongue,and Me

    by , October 10th, 2009 at 05:50 PM (Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton)
    As I wait for my beloved younger son Jack to get some of the early Wilderness video footage uploaded to our Mac, being held hostage by the youngster's foot-dragging and teenaged lack of fatherly OCD by proxy, probably a good thing, all in all, nevertheless, as I wait for this, which I hope will be completed by nightfall of Columbus Day, here is yet another video from the recent long course nationals at Indianapolis.

    Today's film was inspired by a NSR thread [ame=""]MCATs? - U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums[/ame]

    Seagurl51, who bills herself as the littlest FAF sister, an acronym Leslie has explained to me several times but I can never remember for sure what it means--furious and fanatical? footloose and fancy-free? fun at ****ing?--in any event, Seagurl51 recently graduated with a degree in advertising and decided she might want to take the next logical step in our consumer-driven economy and go to medical school.

    That's what the thread is about: her casting about for advice on the MCATs,
    or exceedingly difficult medical school entrance exams, which swimming Drs. nonpareil Kirt Dixon and Heather Reitz evidently negotiated with the dexterity of sober spiders, and which I never took but almost certainly would have scored a bit higher on them than they did had I taken them, though we will never know for sure. Kurt and Chris Stevenson and Gull and Vivebene and Allen Stark many others offer sage counsel; I offer an alternative route to prosperity as a doctor without officially going to medical school and the always witty Leonard Janzen Cher-ed my Sonny, etc.

    Anyhow, it inspired me to put together this little film that introduces one of our all time favorite viewers of this vlog, the melancholy Mormon from Arizona himself, Dr. Kirt.

    He and the minx, Heather, it turns out, may share some sort of tent encampment history, but that's not entirely clear. Soon, Michele wafts by, usurping my attention with her I See Dick t-shirt and announcement of taking a shower, etc.

    And we end the merry melange with Jane's tongue.

    If you see one feel-good swimming video before Columbus Day, this one should be it.

    Our cast of character's in
    Life Doctor, Death Doctor, Bad Grrrlll, Jane's Tongue, and Me include:

    Kirk Dixson as.......the dashing ER physician

    Heather Reitz as.....the alluring pathologist who studies corpses

    [no picture available]

    Jim---as the tragi-comic patient trying to decide which doctor is right for him

    Michele Kagy-Schwartzenegger....Janet Evans, Jr. who teaches Jim how to urinate in his B70 and stirs his pulse back to life

    {picture available but I can't find it}

    Jane's Tongue....which just has to be seen to be believed

    [ame=""]YouTube - Life Doctor, Death Doctor, Bad Grrrlll, Jane's Tongue,and Me[/ame]
  5. Early CrossFit?

    by , October 10th, 2009 at 04:17 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    I have a copy of my grandfather's diary that he kept as a young man. I have always admired his super athletic abilities - he was able to run 10.1 in 100 yards and jump just over 21 feet on the long jump in the late 1920's. Here is a workout from eighty years ago, July 22, 1929:

    "After work took workout at YMCA. Chinned 15 times, ran 3/4 mile in 4 1/2 minutes, swam 200 yards fairly fast."

    Anyway, just interesting to see how folks trained 80 years ago.

    Hit the weight room today and followed with an easy 5k run at 10 minutes per mile pace.

    Here is my weight workout:

    Bench press: warm-up with bar, 75 x 10, 85 x 8, 90 x 6

    Lat hi row: 2 sets of 90 x 5, 2 sets of 120 x 15

    Triceps pulldown: 2 sets of 30 x 15

    Alt. hammer curls: 2 sets of 15 x 10

    Hip adduction: 2 sets of 110 x 15

    Hip abduction: 2 sets of 110 x 15

    Decided that I will aim to go to the swim meet in Atlanta on December 5. For the next month, I'll start to up my swimming a little and keep my running between 15 to 20 miles a week. Starting in early November, I'll probably scale back to 10 to miles a week on the running.

    Also, think I'll plan to focus on the sprints this season. Made this decision for several reasons. The first reason is that I like the sprints the best. The second reason is that I think I'm more inclined towards being a power athlete than an endurance athlete. The third reason is that I have to be mindful of my health conditions - too much working out can set things off.

    Guess I have my work cut out for me in trying to increase my turnover. I'm looking into buying a tempo trainer. Also, will look to do sprint workouts with fins.

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  6. A typical Saturday

    by , October 10th, 2009 at 04:10 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    Sandra, Juan and I had a great day. We worked on strokes and turns today. Juan is new to our group and is still working to perfect his strokes. Having only been in the pool for 5 weeks he is doing great.

    500 Free
    40x25 drills 10 of each stroke
    5x100@1:25 Free w/paddles & bouy

    Total 2000 yards

    Arms are sore from yesterday and with the 5 miler tomorrow I did not want to cause any shoulder issues for tomorrow.
  7. Saturday Morning

    by , October 10th, 2009 at 02:29 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Nasti's at Noblesville High School.
    I felt good taday. Had a new lane mate. She was young and really fast; just getting back into I guess. Here's the workout:

    *500 free warm-up with all bi-lateral breathing!
    *200 Dolphin kick with fins.
    *100 Backstroke warm-up swim
    *4 X 250 on 5:00 done like this: 100 free with 15 sec. rest/75 kick, drill, swim stroke IM roll with 10 sec. rest/50 Free with 10 sec rest/25 stroke.
    *2 X 200 on 3:30 (no breathing from flag to flag at each turn)
    *8 X 50 Choice on 1:00 (I did Free mostly)
    *8 X 25 on :30 IM Roll
    *200 Backstroke moderate (3:24)
    3,000 scy

    I think I am finally getting somewhere with my freestyle. I felt good and in comtrol the whole way. Maybe I was just in some post Nationals and Big Shoulders funk. My shoulders/neck still ache some at night time but hey, I'm no spring chicken and I guess that may come with the territory. It does not hurt when I swim w/bitlateral.

    They are called "Ones". This is a super select California prune. Each prune is individually wrapped and comes in a tube with 20 or so inside.
    They claim to be high in anti-oxidents, potassium rich, help reverse bone loss, and promote healthy digestion. They are about 25 cals per piece. The individual wrapping keeps them sweet and moist! If I get a slight gnawing of hunger I just pop one of these little treats and it seems to satisfy the need. Check 'em out. (I do not work for this company or get any kickback )
  8. Saturday, 10/10/09

    by , October 10th, 2009 at 12:25 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    200 swim free
    400 reverse IM alt. kick/swim by 25
    300 pull free w/ p&b
    swim 6 x 50 on :55: odds free, evens no free
    (did fly-back-breast on non-free)

    Repeat 4x, all free:
    150 swim on 2:30
    (went 2:12-15)
    3 x 25 smooth (make the interval) on :25 (these were around :20)
    75 fast on 1:30
    (went :56-58 on these)
    50 easy

    Repeat 2x, all back:
    150 swim on 2:45
    (went 2:20, 2:15)
    3 x 25 smooth (make the interval) on :30, (these were around :22)
    75 fast on 1:45
    (went 1:04, 1:02)
    50 easy

    swim 8 x 25 on :45, odds kick 1st 12.5 underwater, then on surface; evens swim FAST
    (alternated back & free on these)

    swim down 100

    Total: 3400 yards
  9. Sat Oct 10

    by , October 10th, 2009 at 11:29 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    sat oct 20

    whitney coached
    SCY dick nichols outdoors
    7 - 8:30
    jon, brad, tyler & marcio

    warm up
    200 fr
    200 fr
    200 k
    200 IM dr

    main set

    5 x (4 x 50) on 1:10
    smooth 5 SDKs off each wall

    4 x (3 x 50) on 1:10
    smooth 6 SDKs off each wall

    cut practice early
    got out
    Swim Workouts
  10. Day 42

    Friday at lunch...

    200 Swim
    6x50 FR@1:00

    10x50 Kick FL/FR@1:00

    100 Easy

    16x25 SDK@1:00 Min 10 kicks off each wall w/fins

    200 Easy

    1700 SCY Indoors
  11. Friday swim

    by , October 9th, 2009 at 08:28 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Got another swim in today.

    Warmed up with 6 x 100 free on 1:30

    12 x 50 - drill/swim IMO on :55

    5 x 100 free on 1:30 with fins

    5 x 100 free on 1:20 with fins

    100 easy

  12. Friday, Oct. 9

    by , October 9th, 2009 at 05:36 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Hot Yoga:

    I journeyed once again to the hot yoga studio at 10:00 am to be tortured by Insel. Insel apparently prefers his bikram yoga studio at 110+ degrees. It was at a comparatively balmy 105.8 degrees last Tuesday. That 5 degrees makes a huge difference! The last 20 minutes I just wanted to jump in an ice bath. I would have laid out serious cash for an icy drink; my water was hot by that time.

    I've learned from yoga that I have weenie shin muscles. (This is apparent from plyos as well.) I am not nearly as flexy as the Sarah Jessica Park lookalike. I can't understand a word the instructors say in "yoga speak." There is definitely some aerobic work going on in there -- my heart is pounding when I'm barely doing anything. My back muscles, especially the mid back, feel nicely looser though!

    Insel keeps telling me I "must" go more than 2x a week. I really don't see that happening ... I tried to explain that I had another obsession, but I got the glazed eye look when I mentioned masters swimming.



    long arm crunches, 2 x 50
    bicycles, 2 x 50
    windshield wipers, 1 x 25
    hanging reverse crunches, 3 x 15


    box jacks w/med ball, 3 x 1
    bunny hops, 2 x 10
    squat jumps w/10 lb plate (you raise plate over the head as you jump), 2 x 10

    (I liked all 3 of these plyos. I tried the "dance move" plyo I posted a link to before (step back, twist w/plate and jump -- too damn complicated, blech.)

    Explosive weights+:

    leg press, 290 x 2 x 10
    bench press, 60 x 2 x 10
    narrow grip seated row, 80 x 2 x 10
    rack chins, 3 x 15
    shoulder shrugs, 15 x 2 x 15, forward & back


    seated straight arm dips, 60 x 2 x 25
    internal and external rotators, 10 x 2 x 15, each arm
    scapular wall slides, 2 x 25



    I still prefer doing weights before yoga (like I did Tuesday) than yoga before weights. I may have to pick a different day.

    Looking forward to an off day tomorrow and a bit of a lie in. Nothing scheduled until soccer at 11:00 am tomorrow. Well, and then there's the homecoming festivities. My son is at a cross country Invitational, so he's missing out. But outfitting a teenage girl seems to be an expensive and time consuming proposition ...

    Week tally (6 days):

    4 x swim
    3 x gym
    2 x yoga

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    Strength Training and Dryland Workouts , Yoga
  13. Recovery Day

    by , October 9th, 2009 at 02:47 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    In spite of the opinion of others that recovery workouts are just junk yards, I still do them. I like having the option of working the sets that I want to work and just swimming through the rest of the workout, especially on those days when I'm tired or sore from previous workouts.

    The pool temperature has come down a bit from what it was at the beginning of the week. 86į today. That's about the best I can hope for because of the old ladies and noodlers that use the pool.

    SCY, Solo

    500 swim free
    400 pull free breathe 3
    (used buoy only)
    300 IM drill
    (did this as k/d/s for each stroke)

    swim 3 x 200 back on 3:30 smooth

    swim 12 x 25 on 35: 3x around, 1 of each, IM order

    kick 4 x 100 w/15 sec. rest
    (all on back no fins. 7-8 sdk off each wall then flutter)

    pull 10 x 50 on 55: odds breathe 3, evens breathe 5

    (again with buoy only)

  14. FAST Fri OCT 9, 50 point 100 fr at end of practice

    by , October 9th, 2009 at 12:23 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    FAST Friday OCTOBER 9th, 2009

    Next MEET:
    2009 SPMA Short Course Meters Championships
    December 4th - 6th, 2009 at Long Beach

    55 Days till Long Beach

    Weights world gym 5:15 am
    bench press 8 x 135 4 x 195 3 x 200
    lat press 8 x 40 8 x 45 8 x 50 6 x 55
    lat pull 8 x 167 6 x 207 4 x 210
    leg press 8 x 230 8 x 310


    SCY no blocks
    6:30 - 8:00
    whitney coached
    UT Swim Center main pool
    both bulkheads down
    dual competition course setup
    pads in, swam on north end with BLOCKS
    dove in on time
    Swam with Nate, Mary, & Larry
    Beside tyler, todd, chris, & Mike

    WORE old B70 full

    2 rounds of
    200 fr
    100 k went 1:07 in 2nd round
    050 drill

    Main Set

    10 x 100 FAST for time on 4:00
    lanes went in 2 heats leaving every 2:00
    swimmers were 10 apart
    went in the 1st heat with Mary
    Larry & Nate went in heat 2

    #1 - 5 FREE
    swam beside Tyler
    Went 53, 53, 53. 54, 53

    100 EASY

    #6 100 back
    went 59

    #7 100 IM
    went 59

    #8 & 9 100 k
    went 1:05, 1:02

    100 EASY
    rested 3 minutes extra

    #10 100 free
    went 50.8

    100 easy

    10 x 25
    odds: SDK FAST from a dive on :20
    went 10's & 11's
    evens: easy on 1:40

    4 minutes Rest

    25 SDK FAST
    Go start off blocks
    whitney timed
    said I went 9.8 but
    she was kinda far from the wall I touched
    don't know if she spotted it right

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    Swim Workouts , Strength Training and Dryland Workouts
  15. Another Butternut Day

    by , October 9th, 2009 at 08:55 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Yes that means the old 500 fly Long Course today. This is a great way to clear the lane of any potential swim partners.

    400 Free
    400 Free kick w/fins
    400 Free pull w/paddles & bouy
    400 Free
    400 as 100 swim/kick/pull/swim

    500 FLY in 10:33

    500 Free EASYYYYY

    Total 3000 meters

    Desided to do the 5 mile Butterbean Beach swim this weekend in the rivers of Savannah. I'll let you know how it goes.
  16. Heisenberg and the Hand-Timed 25 Freestyle

    by , October 8th, 2009 at 11:46 PM (Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton)
    In [ame=""]quantum mechanics[/ame], the [ame=""]Heisenberg[/ame] uncertainty principle states that certain pairs of physical properties, like position and momentum, cannot both be known to arbitrary precision. That is, the more precisely one property is known, the less precisely the other can be known. When applied to swimming the 25 yard freestyle, especially when such is performed at very high speed, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle suggests that the eyes of observers can be very deceiving indeed. One swimmer may appear to "beat" the other swimmer, sometimes by a full body length. However, because of photon bending quantum effects at very high speeds, appearances are wrong. In such cases, it is critical to go with the respective precison hand chronometers held by qualified teenaged timers.

    --top rated Internet encyclopedia written by knowledgeable volunteer experts

    In the following film, you will note that I, your narrator, Jim Thornton, am swimming in the end lane. My teammate Mark Cox, known in his youth (which was not very long ago) as a "swimming god", is swimming in one of the other lanes far to my left.

    Mark appears to have beaten me by a full body length, at least according to some observers who were evidently duped by a failure to grasp quantum effects at the speed at which I was swimming. Speed at which photons themselves begin to bend and warp and woof and otherwise confuse the eyes like a game of three card Monty dealt by a Cal Tech post-doc.

    Take a look for yourselves at this classic "optical illusion":

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jimby & Mark C @ 25 Free SCM[/ame]

    According to the crack team of high school aged swimmers who had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than hand time us, Mark swam a 12.00 for his 25. I, on the other hand, swam a 11.12.

    When converted from short course meters to yards, our times were as follows:

    Mark--highly respectable:


    Your time of 0:12.00 in short course meters

    converts to 0:10.75 in short course yards

    Jim--well, I daresay the word great would be an understatement:


    Your time of 0:11.12 in short course meters

    converts to 0:09.96 in short course yards

    In the 55-59 year old age group of the AMYMSA league, I daresay that my
    9.96 25 yard freestyle is a record that will never be beat. Ever.

    Alas, not everyone is celebrating with me the way I had hoped.

    Our swimming coach, the great Bill White, who really should know better, given his study of chemical engineering at the University of Louisville,
    did some sort of timing of the YouTube video itself and came up with these two times, which he proceeded to immortalize in a screen capture modes.

    Me touching the wall, Bill claiming my time is 13.0

    Mark "Swimming God" Cox, top of screen, appearing to beat me by a full body length when quantum Heisenberg effects too difficult for lumpkins to understand are ignored

    When Bill emailed us his "evidence" (wait a moment for my choking chortles to die down!), he also wrote:

    I went through the 25m video and found out the following using an online

    1. Mark's time was pretty much right on. I timed it twice and got 11.9 and

    2. Jim's time [his 11.12] was slightly fast. I timed it three times and never got less
    than 13 seconds.

    I quickly wrote both lads back, trying to explain as best I could in "Quantum Mechanics for Dummies" and "All I Learned about Heisenberg Uncertainty Principles I Learned in Kindergarten" style language, but without wanting to sound patronizing:

    I know it is hard for you guys to believe, itís a tiny bit hard for me to believe, too. But I am very confident in my 9.96 25 yard freestyle time, converted from meters, which I think we can all at least agree is so fast as to very probably bend the time-space continuum in mind-altering ways.Yes, it does look like Mark beat me.Yes, it does appear that Billís online stopwatch has unearthed some sort of discrepancy.But once again, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is a powerful force that must be reckoned with, and not in a cavalier, dismissive manner.I have thusly reckoned with it.And after reviewing the play...The ruling on the Field stands. New all-time record: Jim Thornton!!!


    Bill, to his credit, quickly conceded:

    Here! Here! Jim our majestic time-bending hero! We have much yet to learn from the master so don't count out our Jimby out yet Mark. I do have some questions because I was of the impression that the Jim-particle could not be measured (or in this case) timed) without destroying the sample yet he is still here among us.

    And Mark has made sounds along these lines, too, though he seems somewhat less sincere, one almost detects a snifter of "humoring me" here.

    Jim congratulations on your record. I don't think anyone thought it would be possible to beat Brad Sluss' 25 fr record of 10.05 set at Erie in 10/08. He is my arch nemesis in the 40-44 age group. He goes to every meet and seems to score a lot of points. If I lose high point this season it will be due to him, so I'm glad to see you took him down a peg. I think

    his head was in danger of getting too big anyway.

    Are we certain that Mark is really talking about Brad Sluss's oversized head (it is, I will concede, irradiated squash-like in its enormity, but still, methinks he had another swollen gourd in mind with his "congratulations" here.)

    I am hoping that somewhere in USMS land there is a person with as much knowledge of physics as me, but who is perhaps not burdened by quite so much genius as it is my sad fate to cart around with me, genius that can make it hard to relate to those of more ordinary, wholesome, enviable, pedestrian intellects.

    Could you please help explain to my teammates why they should always trust me and my formulae, and not their own eyes and "beliefs", when it comes to the designation of victory status in our little for-fun competitions?

    I would appreciate it.

    Final unrelated note:

    Soon, the complete unexpurgated two hours of video of me in the Wilderness will begin being serialized in 2-5 minute installments.

    With luck, we shall all be freed of it by the first warming lights of springtime!

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  17. Thurs.

    by , October 8th, 2009 at 10:23 PM (Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!)
    Nasti practice tonight at 7 pm.
    Lots of people were swimming tonight, I guess our club of the year honor has swimmers excited to be a Nasti.
    I work the bi-lateral breathing tonight pretty hard. I used Patrick B and Tom P's idea of breathing patterns. It is starting to feel better I think.
    Fort recommended a snorkel; I located the brand new one I bought a couple years ago and never used right before practice. I decided to wait and try it the first time during solo swim. I think it might take some getting used to.
    Here's tonight's practice:

    *500 free warm-up swim
    *4 X 200 Freestyle on 3;30
    *8 X 100 (75 Free/15 seconds rest/25 stroke IM roll) on 2;00
    *4 X 50 IM order on 1:00
    *8 X 25 on :30 (4 fly/4 back)
    *200 Backstroke (smooth w/good flip turns)
    *EZ reverse 100 IM cool-down
    2,700 scy

    I formed a pact with a fellow Nasti swimmer to do the 200 backstroke at the state meet. We are both doing a 200 at the end of every practice! I am mixing backstroke in stroke sets for a little speed too. I like a brand new challenge from time to time!
  18. Training for 500 free and 50 fly?

    by , October 8th, 2009 at 09:31 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Hit the age-group practice today for one of their easier workouts. I discovered on one set that my legs are completely shot from the running I did this week. Here is the workout:

    Warm-up: 500 free
    400 I.M. 25 kick/25 drill

    4 x 100: 75 easy free, 25 fast IMO on 1:50

    5 x 100 kick with fins on 1:30
    50 easy
    5 x 100 kick with fins on 1:20
    50 easy
    5 x 100 kick with fins on 1:10 (I was only able to make 2 of these as my legs were pretty dead. Not happy about this. I should have been able to manage this set.)
    100 easy

    2x through on the below set:

    3 x 100 I.M. on 1:50
    2 x 75 free on 1:30
    2 x 50 kick on :55
    2 x 25 easy on :45

    500 pull

    100 easy

    4800 yards

    My legs were not happy with me today. On the second round of 100 I.M.s, I got a terrible calf cramp. Haven't gotten one of those in nearly 12 years! After sipping some water, was able to resume the set with a pull buoy.

    We had a visiting USA coach today. Really liked her workout. She remarked that I am most definitely not a freestyle sprinter. She told me that I have too much of a catch-up type stroke. She remarked that it will be very difficult to sprint with my type of stroke. She suggested the 500 or 1650.

    Still love the 50 fly. Wonder if I can figure out how to train for both the 50 fly and 500 free at the same time.
  19. Thursday OCTOBER 8th, 2009

    by , October 8th, 2009 at 07:30 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thursday OCTOBER 8th, 2009

    Next MEET:
    2009 SPMA Short Course Meters Championships
    December 4th - 6th, 2009 at Long Beach

    56 Days till Long Beach
    8 weeks to do


    SCY no blocks
    6:30 - 8:00
    whitney coached
    UT Swim Center main pool
    dove in around 6:35
    Swam with marcio larry paul & mike
    beside jon paul, tyler, todd, ned & chris

    WORE briefs

    250 fr
    200 fr 50 k
    150 fr 100k
    100 fr 150 k

    Main Set

    swim as far as you can
    start at 2:00 drop 2 sec each round stop at 1:00
    did: swam 150's on the first few
    then switched to kicking, to make the work out more sprint oriented
    started with 100's held 1:10's - 1:12's
    switched to 75's held 53's - 55's
    switched to 50's held 32's - 35's

    kudos to todd & tyler the miler, they worked it pretty hard
    think they made it to 1:36 on 150's,
    1:22 1:25's, then he made all the 100's to 1:00

    easy 50

    Updated October 8th, 2009 at 07:49 PM by ande

  20. More Sprints, Thursday, Oct. 8

    by , October 8th, 2009 at 04:03 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    SCY @ GMU w/Speedo:

    Got there a bit late -- parking is a bear at GMU during the weekday!

    Warm up:

    600 swim-kick

    Shooter Set:

    10 x 50 @ 1:15, done as
    25 UW shooter on back (no fins) + 25 easy DAB

    50 EZ

    Speed Work:

    8 x 50 on 2:00, done as:
    25 AFAP free w/fins + 25 EZ DAB
    (went high 10s, low 11s)
    50 EZ after #4

    250 EZ

    Pete left to go back to work, and I carried on doing some more speed work since I had an easy recovery workout yesterday.

    3 x (100 + 50 EZ)
    100 = 25 AFAP doggy paddle drill (forearm burn!) + 25 EZ DAB + 15 fast pullouts at wall + 15 m UW power kick on back + 35 EZ

    150 EZ

    1 x 50 SDK on back w/fins (went 23, cramped)

    150 EZ

    10 x vertical dolphin kicking @ 1:00, done as:

    20 seconds w/hands at shoulders + 10 seconds in streamline + squat jump off bottom of pool (which was 10 ft. deep) + 20 seconds treading water. Tried to concentrate on kicking efficiently both ways.

    200 EZ

    Total: 2850 + VK-ing



    Pete and I agreed that doing the 25s @ 2:00 was probably not quite enough rest to truly go AFAP. He noted, and I agreed, that some of the 25s felt like the second 25 of a 50. Interestingly, our fastest 50 of the set of 8 was #5, after we had done a 50 EZ.

    Planning on hot yoga and a gym session tomorrow.

    GMU is closed over the weekend, so I won't have my Sunday team practice to go to. Instead, Mr. Fort and I are going to do a 1 mile fun run with our 9 year old at my son's high school on Sunday to support his cross country team. (Though he won't even be there -- he's in NY for a cross country meet.)
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