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  1. Temperature Inconsistancy

    by , August 26th, 2013 at 07:33 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Well the CCAC is on the hot side now at 81.5 compared to the 77.8 last week. At least it wasn't the 85 the Y has.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    5x50@1:10 free rt arm only w/paddle held 1:01's I can tell I don't get as deep a pull on this arm
    5x50@1:05 free lt arm only w/paddle held :56's
    250 kick w/zoomers
    5x50@1:00 free paddle on rt hand 4 kicks on the paddle had pull
    5x50@1:00 free paddle on lt hand 4 kicks on the paddle had pull
    250 kick w/zoomers
    5x100@1:45 free w/snorkle

    Total 3000 yards
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  2. Weekend to Portland, Gil Young/NW Zone LCM Meet Report

    by , August 25th, 2013 at 10:15 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Thursday, I started off my trip to Oregon, leaving around 4:00pm, with plans to go to my sister's house in Beaverton. Well, I stopped at a rest area about an hour and a half into the 5+ hour trip, and my little blue '83 Toyota pickup didn't want to restart. I was a bit upset at this point, and stuck in the middle of nowhere for a while. I had basic tools with me, and after working through everything, determined that my battery was dead...very dead. It was the original battery that we put in the truck when my father and I built the thing 6 years ago, so I guess I got my money's worth out of the battery. Well, I did the old "pop the clutch" trick to get the truck started, luckily the rest area had a downhill exit ramp back to the freeway, so it was easy. That was actually my first time doing that for a vehicle, and was happy it worked. I ended up turning the truck around at the next possible "No U-turn" turnaround (reserved for State Patrol) and headed back home for the evening. A little ticked that I wasn't in Oregon tonight, but glad I wasn't stranded. And I got to sleep in my own bed one more night.

    Friday morning, I got up, did a little work on my truck, and then ended up leaving town a little before 9:00am. This time I was in my wife's '99 Nissan Sentra, a more reliable and also better MPG car as well. I had to be to the Mt. Hood Pool by 3:00pm for checkin/4:00pm meet start time. It was a 5 hour trip, and I got there with plenty of time. Got to watch the lifeguards changing out the lanelines from SCY to LCM...they were loving life.

    All of my seed times for this meet were my season best times in the particular events, except the 50 Fly, which was my time from the 2012 season.

    Friday night:

    1500 Free - (19:52.77 seed time) - went 19:04.64
    1:17.34 (4:58.53) - 400
    1:17.85 (5:09.65) (10:08.08) - 800
    1:17.35 (5:08.63) - 1200

    This turned out to be what I think is my best event of the weekend. I swam it basically solo, lapping everyone in my heat at least once. I wasn't hurting a bit during the swim, and had no idea how fast I was truly going till it was over. My only battle, was with That Guy operating my lap counter. He kept flashing the number 43 repeatedly at me, occasionally giving the correct lap count number. It turns out he was giving the correct number every 3rd 100, which he said was "more than enough".
    I had a goal of making a time fast enough to earn the #1 spot in my age group in the USMS rankings, as this year was a "slow year" for my group in a few events. I ended up doing that, by over 25 seconds. We'll just have to see if there's any other late submissions into the database. For now, I'm #1.

    Saturday afternoon:

    800 Free - (seeded 10:04.80) - went 10:07.15

    Splits were basically the same as the first 800 of my 1500, only 1 second faster overall. The only thing good I did in this race was beat Kirk Nelson to the 50. I did Fly on the first 50 as well, after that Kirk smoked me. That Guy again counted for me, and I had no clue what he was doing...I think I'll have to fire him from this job in the future.

    100 Free - (seeded 1:02.67) - went 1:02.61
    29.50 / 33.11

    Felt good at the 50, legs died after the breakout of the 2nd length, arms got shorter about 15 meters later. It hurt. Still, a season best time.

    200 IM - (seeded 2:37.97) - went 2:36.81
    I did not want to swim this race after the 100 Free. I went to the blocks at the last minute, stepped up with no care at all, and dove off. I guess that was the trick, because I actually did good. Another season best. I had no one to race though, as I was in the 2nd to last heat middle lane.

    Saturday night night: Can't go to the Portland area without getting burgers from Burgerville!! Only 5 of the original cheeseburgers (love the special sauce) and a large blackberry milkshake. Topped it off later with a 1 liter of cherry coke from the store. My grandparents thought I was nuts eating all of that.

    Sunday morning:

    I was still at my grandparent's house at the time warmups began. I wasn't going to do a real warmup today, plus it was a bit chilly out, so I just stayed dry and warm...arriving on deck around 8:40am.

    50 Fly - (seeded 29.45) - went 29.66

    Not too shabby for my warmup. The guy next to me, a true sprinter, was about a bodylength behind me after the dive and breakout. In a matter of 3-4 strokes, he flew right past me!?!?!??! After that he didn't accelerate any more though, but I had no chance to catch him.
    I did cooldown/warmup a 100 or so after this, in preparation for my 200 Free a few heats later.

    200 Free - (seeded 2:18.47) - went 2:18.35

    Another season best time. At least my splits were consistent, though it just felt slow overall. I was glad the 3 day meet was done though. Masters meets just shouldn't be spread out over this many days IMO.

    Sunday going home, I stopped in The Dalles for another round at Burgerville. Same order as the previous night. This is the last chance to eat at Burgerville going eastbound until you circle the globe, so you might as well stop.
  3. Recovery days in the lake...

    by , August 25th, 2013 at 04:13 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    My big 5000-yard workout on Friday left me pretty tired, though I have to say that 200 fly doesn't exhaust me as much as it used to now (maybe there's a 500-yard continuous fly in the near future?!). Friday's workout was also the last at the Kenosha YMCA until after the annual maintenance shutdown (Tuesday after Labor Day it re-opens). Scotty and I will head up to the YMCA in Racine County next week for a workout or two, but I'm going to take advantage of the last real week of summer to put in a lot of time in the lake.

    Next Saturday I'm planning to head down to DeKalb, IL, and swim the 5K postal with a group that's hosting at an LCM pool there... here's the announcement for anyone in the area who wants to join in:

    DeKalb is a little under 2 hours from here, so it will be another early morning, but it will be my last chance to get the 5K in... my usual timers have their weekend schedules filled now and there aren't that many LCM pools within easy driving distance... I suppose I could do it at the Pleasant Prairie rec-plex when they have their pool set up for long course on the weekends, but not being a member it will cost me and my timer a little more than I'd like to pay for another indoor swim.

    The lake was wonderful this weekend... water temp was baby-bear "just right" in the high 70s. Lots of sun, really beautiful for a swim. Saturday I did the following:

    400 EZ
    4 x thru
    --400 IM, :10-:20 r
    --400 recovery, :30-:45 r

    TOTAL: 3600 yards/75 minutes

    This was a nice challenge for a recovery swim. It was also a good opportunity to work on really stretching out my fly outside the SCY box. It's right at 50 yards between no wake buoys, and it was taking me about 15 strokes on the way out and 17-19?? on the way back. No wall at the other end, or even shallow area to get the advantage of a dive from standing, made turning around to finish the 100 fly really challenging. Plus there was a nice steady roll of small waves coming to shore from the breeze blowing in. All of this is what I consider good mental toughness training. I wasn't pushing the pace, just trying to be steady.

    Today's lake swim was a little later (yesterday I swam at 8AM), at about 11:30 or noon, so I kept it short so as not to burn myself to a crisp (temps are getting up to 90s today! I think for the first time all summer!). Water was very cool and inviting though. Here's what I did:

    400 EZ fr
    200 IM
    400 EZ fr
    4 x 100 (50 fly + 50 fr recovery)
    4 x 100 (50 bk + 50 fr recovery)
    200 EZ br

    TOTAL: 2000 yards/40-45 minutes
  4. 08.24.13 - Saturday workout, catching up

    by , August 25th, 2013 at 09:22 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Dave, Dave and Bob Saturday at the Huntsville NAT. Sam headed back to school Friday. We will probably get a couple high school swimmers looking for doubles next week. It has been a decent week. I'm getting used to 5k/day again. Backstroke is improving but still weak. Some of my breaststroke changes are starting to pay off as well. I'm getting my hips forward and hands out faster which is helping me set up a longer glide.

    Friday (SCY)

    600 Warm up

    100 IM/200 IM/300 IM/400 IM, open turns at the end of each IM. If :10 seconds ahead of the 100 pace, substituted free for stroke.
    50 Easy

    7 rounds of:
    * 100 Pull hard - 1:20
    * 50 Kick easy - 1:10
    50 Easy

    1000 Something - can't remember now
    50 easy

    5 x 200 - 3:00 Convert free to fly

    12 x 50 - 1:00 kick w/ fins

    100 Cool down

    (5500 Total)

    Saturday workout (SCY)

    600 Warm up

    3 x 200 - 3:00, stroke down/free back
    3 x 200 - 3:00, descend (2:30, 2:25, 2:22)

    4 x 100 Kick w/ fins
    3 x 50 IM Order - 1:00
    1 x 100 Free - 1:30
    3 x 50 IM Order - 1:00
    3 x 100 Free - 1:30
    3 x 50 IM Order - 1:00
    5 x 100 Free - 1:30

    3 Rounds of:
    * 100 IM - 1:45
    * 100 Stroke - 1:45 (IM Order by round)
    * 200 Free - 3:00

    200 Cool down

    (4950 Total)
    Swim Workouts
  5. An 85 degree day at the y

    by , August 24th, 2013 at 07:13 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    Today was Jen's 10 k day so I tried to help pace her some. She was holding a 1:40 per 100 pace. Even at the 85 degree temp I had a hard time slowing down so I tried to push her.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    5x200@3 free w/paddles & bout held 2:44's
    10x100@1:45 free w/snorkle held 1:30's
    5x100@1:40 free held 1:30's
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    10x100@1:40 free pacing for Jen

    Total 5000 yards
    Swim Workouts
  6. Three days in a row

    by , August 24th, 2013 at 06:27 PM (One Stroke at a Time)
    Thursday August 22
    Lunch Bunch
    Managed to miss warm-up
    3 x (100 on 1:20-70 on 1:05-50 on 50 and 25 on 35)
    Round 1 swim Round 2 and 3 pull
    3 x (200 50 free/50 back/50 breast/50 free then 2 x 100 back then 100 25 free/25 back/25 breast/25 free then 50 back)
    Round one 1:30 base #2 1:35 base #3 1:40 base
    4 x 100 50 kick/50 swim on 10 sec rest
    200 easy

    3000 yards

    Friday August 23
    400 swim-300 pull-200 kick-100 IM drill-100 IM
    4 x 50 pull with buoy at ankles on 1:00
    4 x 50 pull on 50
    400 on 6:00
    4 x 50 pull with buoy at ankles on 1:00
    4 x 50 pull on 50
    100 easy
    2400 yards

    Saturday August 24
    400 swim
    3 x 200 pull on 3:00
    8 x 50 on 1:15 drill/swim
    25 on 30
    2 x 50 on 1:00 drill/swim
    3 x 75 on 1:15
    4 x 100 IM on 1:40
    50 easy

    100 on 1:40 then 75 on 1:15 then 25 on 25 then 100 on 1:40 then 75 on 1:15 then 3 x 25 on 25 then 100 on 1:40 then 75 on 1:15 then 5 x 25 on 25 whole set kick

    100 on 1:30 then 75 on 1:15 then 25 on 30 then 100 on 1:30 then 75 on 1:15 then 3 x 25 on 30 then 100 on 1:30 then 75 on 1:15 then 5 x 25 on 30 whole set swim

    100 easy
    3800 yards

    I've had a busy few days but managed to get a swim in each day for the last three days. On Thursday, I wasn't particularly tired but I was slow. Our coach even asked me if I was feeling okay. I missed all of warm-up because I was trying to navigate some new on-line pre-authorization system for a prescription I wrote. It seemed like it should be easy but was not. I should have just warmed-up and then started rather than just jumped in the set. Friday I did about 2/3s of the work-out and was still struggling a bit. Today, I felt much better. I met with my oncologist on Thursday and I've had a partial response to the treatment-- all the masses in my liver are shrinking and the tumor marker is in the normal range. Unfortunately, my normal liver is also taking a hit so I will have my medications adjusted and start back on the new regimen on Monday. I was told that the main side effect is fatigue. So, I'll plan to take it pretty easy but still want to keep trying to swim 3-4 times a week because I feel much better and sleep much better when I exercise. Until next time.

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  7. Thursday 8/22/13

    Thursday 8/22

    PM only SCY

    300 swim

    4x25 @ :30 FR kick FAST
    150 @ 1:50 pull w/ buoy + paddles D1-4 by round

    100 EZ

    Total: 1400

    Had limited time to practice today because college season has started back up. However I did get in a 3 mile run with the girls after my short pool workout.

    Updated August 29th, 2013 at 07:54 AM by Calvin S

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  8. 8|24|13 SCY, track vs grab (suggestions welcomed)


    500 easy WF

    1500 various WF, S, and without

    1 track, 1 grab, 1 track again

    • filmed

    4 x 25 fly @ 0:30 WF

    10 x 50 free from block on 1:00

    • aerobic

    4 x 50 free from block on 2:00, 25 fast/25 easy

    • 11 - 12's (one of the 11's was the grab type)

    Can only link one vid address per message. Here is the track style:

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  9. Week 47 - Saturday

    by , August 24th, 2013 at 10:38 AM (After a long rest)
    I woke ahead of the alarm again this morning and used the extra time to make breakfast and to read the daily online news(British papers). The English Premier League started last week and my team, Arsenal did not have the best of starts. They played Fulham in the early game today so it was good to read the reports with the built upmto the game in the papers; I found out after practice that they won 3-1 which was great and hopefully gets the media off there backs.

    Todays practice was a great workout and despite hurting on the main set it was great to work on speed endurance and something I need to continue to work on.

    Warm up
    4x200 with snorkel on 2.50 swum 100 free, 50 back, 50 free
    8x50 kick on 50

    Main set
    6x(225 free on 2.40 swum 200 strong 25 fast, then 75 fast on 1.30)
    100 easy
    300 with snorkel
    4x50 fly kick with hands at side on 1 min
    4x25 fly on 30
    100 fly strong but relaxed

    Warm down
    200 easy

    Total 4000scy

    The 225s I held 2.23-2.25s and the 75s I went 41-42s. I felt strong throughout this set and focused on staying relaxed on the first 200 of the 225s with long strokes. I had a few turn challenges on these due to being too close to the wall so will need to,work on my positioning when I turn. My underwaters felt good today. The fly was fun and my coach told me he wants me working on this. I typically do one arm fly due to an old injury, and I know it's mainly a mental thing, and can do a good fly, but typically wimp out.

    After practice a group of us got together with our coach and discussed the fall and spring schedules with Worlds in mind next summer. We will be picking up the number of organized swims the week after next which will help since public swimming can be a challenge. It still amazes me when people expect there own lane and refuse to circle swim. We also discusse the group signing up for USAS meets this fall with a Taper meet in December or January. We have meets at our pool both months. I would like to do 3 Tapers but the coach prefers 2 next year. We will be following the 3 week modules I did prior to short course Nationals Concluding with a 3 week Taper. I will be signing up for a BB meet in October to get my USAS A times.

    When I asked my daughter if she was ok with me swimming in her meets she said she was ok as long as I don't swim in her sessions. I thought this was pretty funny. On one hand she is proud of me but not so proud that she wants her friends to know I am her dad! I have made progress though because the last time I asked she did not hesitate when she said "NO" she did not want me swimming her meets.

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  10. Friday, August 23, 2013

    by , August 23rd, 2013 at 09:01 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
    Air temp 84 Water temp 78
    Sunny, humidity at 78%

    Warm Up
    400 FR
    200 FR-K w/snorkel
    200 BR 2(25K,25S) w/snorkel
    200 Fly 2(15K,15DR,20S) w/snorkel
    200 BK
    4x50 FR on HR rest as 25 Fast, 25 EA

    *Set 1*
    10x50s on HR rest, build Smooth to Fast w/max SPL-25 *34s-33s
    ---100 Bk

    *Set 2*
    16x50s FR on 1:00 w/agility paddles-buoy-tube *36-34
    ---200 BK

    *Set 3*
    2(3x100 as broken on :40, on HR rest) negative split goal; 33/31
    *34/31, 33/32, 32/31
    *33/31, 33/30, 32/31
    ---200 Back

    *Set 4*
    2000 FR Swim w/snorkel-fins as mix of kicking, drills, swim

    Warm Down
    300 BK/FR
    2x50 FR SPL-22

    The good news is that I have been swimming steady so this summer as compared to the last several summers with 6-8 dry weeks. But somehow I have a reoccurring vulnerable wellness period from the end of end of July through most of August where my lower back is aching, various allergies, arms/shoulders are tender, and my energy levels fluctuate regardless of my ongoing effort towards healthy lifestyle and fitness. There could some correlation with that the second half of summer and early fall is usually the peak workload time for my professional projects and contracts. This week was good in that my lower back has regained a pain-free status without the use of any OTC NSAID, and my energy levels are more consistent.

    I have been working on developing my freestyle speed as sustainable and efficient towards competing in the 200, 100, and 50 events. I was pleased with Set 1 to swim FR 50s of 34/33 with SPL 24-25, as it was not that long ago when swimming FR SPL-28 LCM even slowly was a challenge. Set 3 was supposed to be 2(4x100 broken at 50), but after 3x100 I was really tired, so recovered a while, then attempted another round. Each time the first 50 would feel so steady and smooth, then I would have to really build the kick and power the arms trying to swim a 31 or 30 the second 50. I was really wiped out after finishing Set 3.

    Mon, Wed, Fri are LCM sessions, and Tue, Thur are SCY sessions where Sat is a mix of LCM/SCY or just SCY. The FGCU LCM pool will be transitioned as two SCY courses on Sept. 19 until the completion of the Women's NCAA DIV I season. I will miss LCM, where my preference would be to have access to both SCY & LCM year round for the different training dynamics available from each course.
    Swim Workouts
  11. Finishing reverse taper... Time Trials

    by , August 23rd, 2013 at 06:14 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    Tuesday I swam another 3000 at the lake; nearly a repeat of a workout I did a couple of weeks ago... still loosening up from the 2.4-miler last saturday, so I didn't push it and used longer rests:

    WU (500): fr, bk, fr, br, fr by 100s

    MS (2000):
    (1) 800 = 50 fly--150 fr--50 bk--150 ft--50 br--150 fr--50 fr hard--150 fr recovery
    1:00 rest
    (2) 600 = 50 fly--100 fr--50 bk--100 fr--50 br--100 fr--50 fr hard--100 fr recovery
    1:00 rest
    (3) 400 = 50 fly--50 fr--50 bk--50 fr--50 br--50 fr--50 fr hard--50 fr recovery
    1:00 rest
    (4) 200 IM
    Master's minute

    CD (500): repeat of WU.

    3000 yards in 65 minutes.

    Wednesday (8/21) I got together with Scotty and did even less yardage, but I wanted to time trial myself in the 50s to get a better idea of what my "sprint" speed is (most of my SCY 50 times were from last winter-spring, and I know I've improved a little since then). We only did 2000 but after 1000 in warm-up (which included a 200 IM from push that was within 2 seconds of my best 200 IM meet time off the blocks!) we took turns timing each other for 50s off the blocks... and had the lifeguard time us for a couple of head-to-head 50s. Here's how it went:

    50 Back x 2 (first one was in :38-:39; the second one was racing Scotty, I beat him by a second, but came in a little slower at :40)
    50 Fly x 2 (both in :40--one of these was head to head with Scotty, he was trying to pce me to under :40, but I couldn't hang... couldn't get the rhythm, I think b/c my body is locked into 400 IM and 200 fly pace, since I've been working on that so much. This is disappointing for me because my starts were pretty good, and I thought I would take more than :03-:04 seconds off my "hard" pace from push).
    50 Free = :30-:31 (Scotty and I raced this one, but since we were using the digital pace clock, which the lifeguard was watching for us, we didn't get a very accurate time, I beat Scotty by a hand... but I really wanted to crack that 30-second barrier. Don't get me wrong, I was perfectly happy to beat Scotty in free!).

    Scotty did a breast 50 instead of a second fly 50; I don't think he was all that happy with it. But coming off a couple of months of more middle to long distance training neither of us was crestfallen by the performance either. My 50 back was several seconds faster than my last 50 back SCY in a meet (:43 if I remember correctly, which is now only a couple of seconds away from my goal 200 pace). My 50 meter back at the long course meet was :41 two months ago, and my first 50 of a 100 SCY at the state meet in March was :41, so I really thought I'd be closer to :37. My 50 fly, while still not under :40 officially, was still 3 seconds faster than anything I've done in a meet.

    Today I did a fairly difficult 5000-yard workout; focus on endurance. I'm going to be doing the postal 5k in the next week or so, but I also wanted to get a fix on my 200 fly and back times, hence the set in the middle. Here's what I did:

    WU (1000):
    400 EZ free, build pace, on 7:00
    4 x 100 IM on 2:00 (low 1:40s)
    4 x 50 fr on 1:00 (desc. from :41 to :35)

    MS (3000):
    --1000 fr on 18:00 (15:37?)
    --5 x 200 on 4:00 (or 5:00), swum as follows:
    #1 = 200 fly on 5:00*
    #2 = 200 back on 4:00 (3:19)
    #3 = 200 breast on 5:00 (slow, think turtle w/ broken leg)
    #4-5 = 200 free on 4:00 (both in 2:52-2:53 range, split close to :42, :43, :44-:45, :43)
    --1000 on 18:00 (15:50s)

    CD (1000):
    4 x 50 fr on 1:00 (:43s)
    4 x 100 IM on 2:00 (1:45-1:50, wasn't purposely trying to ascend... I was falling off an energy cliff)
    400 EZ swim (alternated free and back)

    TOTAL: 5000 SCY/100 minutes

    *200 fly = 3:21 (My splits were :48, 1:38, 2:30, 3:21, which means by 50 I swam a fairly even pace--:48, :50, :52, :51. So my 50 fly might not have gone under :40 from the blocks, but my 200 fly from push is very close to evenly paced at :50/50. Speed has gotten slightly better, but endurance has gotten a LOT better over the last 8 months with fly! I felt pretty relaxed and wasn't too exhausted at the end of it.)

    My short term goal for 200 fly, and I really didn't know how feasible it was, was to get down to 3:20... long term I'd still like to get down below 3:00. Maybe a good short-term goal now is 3:12... a :48/50 pace.

    I'm headed into a base-building/endurance phase of my training now; the long OW swim last weekend and maybe sprinkling in the 5K postal and the 3000/6000-yard postal swims on the weekends over the next month and a half give me some fun things to train for... more on that later!
  12. IGLA highlights

    I had an amazing time last week in Seattle at the 2013 IGLA Championships. Over 5 days I competed in 13 events (in the pool, on the diving boards, and in the open water swim), plus managed to hit some of the many social events and get in a few extracurricular fun swims. The whole week was exhilarating and exhausting. Here are a few of the highlights:

    Tuesday, August 13, 12 noon
    The competition pool opens for warm-ups at 12, and I’m there at the stroke of noon. The buses transporting swimmers from downtown haven’t arrived yet, and when I come out on deck the place is still empty. The meet organizers tell me the pool is open, and that the lifeguards are getting bored. Will I get in and give them something to do? You bet I will! I have the whole pool to myself for nearly a half hour while others trickle in for the 3pm meet start.
    After my swim warmup, I stretch and try out the diving boards, then count and cheer for fellow blogger andrewmalinak and other teammates during the 1500. I like the Federal Way pool! Although subsequent days are a little more crowded than this first distance day, it always feels like there is plenty of room on deck, plenty of warmup lanes, plenty of locker room space.

    Tuesday 7:30pm
    I’m downtown at the Aquarium. We have the place to ourselves after hours for IGLA’s opening party—no kids three-deep around the touch tanks tonight! I coo over the snoozing baby sea otters as the sun sets over the sound.

    Wednesday 9:15am
    My first event is the 100 FL. My swimming goal is to win all 5 of my individual events, and this one should be doable—there’s no one else in my age group. That means I can either take it easy, or I can go after it without worrying that dying on the last 50 will cost my team points. I choose the latter, and end up splitting the race 36-43. Ouch.

    Wednesday 10:35am
    My next race is the 50 BK, and it’s one of two I expect will be tight—I’m racing against my Seattle friend Jennifer, who dusted me last year in the 100 BK in Iceland. She’s a faster backstroker, but my start and turns put me in front off each wall. I end up barely holding her off in the last 10 meters for the win. (The championship-style seeding at this meet sometimes seemed odd in the women’s events, where there were often only 2 or 3 heats, but in the swims where I had close competition in my age group I enjoyed being able to see them while I raced).
    The 200 IM is about 20 minutes later, and, remembering my 100 FL from earlier in the day, I take out my fly leg on the IM in very relaxed dps mode (5 strokes on the first lap, 6 on the second, 41 sec, vs. 10/11 and 36 on the 100 FL). I go into the backstroke feeling fresh as a daisy, which makes for a pretty IM if not the fastest one I’ve ever swum. An 800 FR relay finishes off the morning swim session.

    Wednesday 2:30 pm
    In addition to swimming and diving, I get to indulge my inner Busby Berkeley/Billy Rose impulses at this event by choreographing the in-water part of our Pink Flamingo entry. And—it gets even better!—an Esther Williams impersonator and diving boards are involved. I’m loving this meet. The choreographing is actually easy—the 6 teammates doing the routine are very good and get things after one go-through—and spending an hour working with them is total fun. I can’t wait to cheer them on at the performance on Saturday!

    Thursday 1pm
    After a 50 FL and a 400 medley relay in the morning swim session, it’s finally time for diving! Today’s 1m competition is what I’ve been looking forward to ever since I arrived. In practice, the success rate on my dives (doing them legally and not crashing too badly on the entries) ranges from about 50 percent (for my “aspirational” dive, a front somersault with a full twist) to about 90 percent, so it seems like over the course of 7 dives in competition the odds of completely fluffing at least one of them are pretty high. I don’t though—I do everything competently, and one or two things semi-well, and at this stage that counts as a huge success. It takes me about 3 rounds to get over being horribly nervous and realize that I’m actually having fun. After the competition Olympian and guest judge Kent Ferguson tells me I have nice lines. Joy! My dives and scores:

    • Front dive tuck (degree of difficulty 1.2) 6.5 5.5 5.5
    • Front 1.5 somersault (dd 1.6) 4.0 3.0 4.5
    • Inward dive tuck (dd 1.4) 5.0 4.5 5.0
    • Reverse dive tuck (dd 1.6) 5.0 4.5 4.5
    • Back dive straight (dd 1.7) 5.5 6.0 6.0
    • Back dive with a half twist, straight (dd 1.8) 4.5 5.0 5.0
    • Front somersault with a full twist (dd 1.9) 4.0 4.5 5.0

    Thursday 8:30pm
    After a long day in the natatorium, I head up to Alki Beach for the IGLA women’s garden party. There’s delicious grilled salmon, wonderful salads, and brownies and peaches for dessert, and lots of fun conversation. While watching a glorious, drawn-out sunset over the sound, I decide that IGLA is my idea of the perfect adult summer camp.

    Friday 4am
    My body resists switching from east coast time, plus I’m very nervous about the 3m competition today. I’m awake, and decide to use the time to watch the replay of the dive competition from yesterday. Yikes—I really need to get my legs straight and together. That should be the easy part of all this tumbling around in the air, but somehow it isn’t. I manage to fall back to sleep briefly before I have to get up and head off to the pool.
    (All of the IGLA competitions except for the open water were live webcast, and the videos remain archived—at least for now.).

    Friday 11am
    Diving warm-ups are from 11-1. The 3-meter board is looking very high. I’m so nervous that I don’t even want to climb up there for warm-ups. Specifically, I’m scared of my back dive. It’s usually a reliable dive, but during the previous week I seem to have developed a tendency to over-rotate it, and have crashed badly on a few that came closer to a ¾ rotation than the required ½. (If I go over 3/4 around, the dive will not count at all, plus the landing hurts). I still have bruises on my thighs from doing this the previous week in practice. I try telling myself that I shouldn’t warm up this dive before the competition, because if I crash I will just be that much more afraid, but I know that’s just the fear talking. I try a few off the 1m, then climb up to the 3m to do one off that height.

    And I promptly crash it, hitting my thighs hard again on the water as I over-rotate. Coach Croft looks up from his meet director duties and tells me to make my take-off stronger, so that the dive goes up first, rather than simply throwing it backwards off the board. This is counter-intuitive—the last thing I want to do is get more height on something where I’ve just hit the water hard—but I know that’s what is required. So I practice a few back take-offs, then try the back dive again. Not perfect, but better. I’m happy I have that key to think about during competition.

    And speaking of keys, I keep a little notebook that has each of my dives in it, so that I can review my keys for each one during the break between rounds. This not only keeps me focused, but also helps stave off nerves while I wait for my turn to come up. For the 3m every single dive has “strong takeoff” and “eyes open” as keys, and usually one more thing pertaining to the particular dive. When I’m frightened, I tend to take timid little jumps off the board rather than taking my time and letting the board spring me up into the air. I also tend to close my eyes, which makes landing the dives a challenge—I end up cringe and waiting for the water to hit me, rather than reaching out strongly towards the water for the entry. I discover that when I’m really nervous, both of these tendencies get worse.

    Still, I make it through all 7 rounds with legal dives, and even remember to point my toes and keep my legs straight and together a little better than yesterday. Here are my dives and scores:

    • Front dive tuck position (1.4 dd) 6 7 5
    • Front 1.5 somersault tuck position (1.5 dd) 4 4.5 5
    • Inward dive tuck (1.3) 5.5 6.5 6.5
    • Reverse dive tuck (1.8 dd) 5 5 4.5
    • Back dive straight (1.9 dd) 4 6 5
    • Back dive with half twist, straight position (2.0 dd) 5 5.5 4.5
    • Back flip straight (1.8 dd) 4 5.5 4

    Whew! I’m so relieved when this is over. I realize after that my goal has been a negative one—avoiding failure—rather than a positive one for this event. I think that the positive goals—wanting to excel in my dives, and increase my scores—will come, but for right now I’m just pleased as punch to have learned my seven dives, and performed them competently in competition. I’m beginning to feel an ownership of them now that I didn’t before—I really can do this thing!

    Friday 2:40pm
    I enjoy watching the platform and synchro 3m competitions, then it’s time for my final dive competition of the meet—the 1m synchro. I’m diving with fellow swimmer-turned-diver Onesimo. This part is pure fun—just 4 dives, all of which I’m confident in, with the challenge of synching up the approach distracting me from any nerves. Here’s how it went:

    • Front dive tuck 6 7 6.5
    • Front 1.5 tuck 5.5 6.5 5.5
    • Inward dive tuck 5 7 5.5
    • Back dive straight 5 6 6

    Onesimo and I are the only mixed-gender duo in the synchro dive competition, so we end up with a gold medal. That makes 3 for me in diving (I was the only woman in my age group in the other two competitions).

    Friday 6pm
    I celebrate a successful day at the pool with . . . an outing to another pool! I meet up with Andrew and a couple of local swimmers at Colman pool (aka Kirk’s fabulous summer pool). It’s a wonderful 50m saltwater beauty located right on the sound. We swim in the lap lanes, go down the water slide, wander down to the adjacent beach for a dip (the water is delightful—low-to-mid 60s—and I wish I had time to swim more there). Then we go back up to the pool for more water sliding. It’s a great way to wind down from the stress of the day, and we follow up with burritos at Alki Beach afterwards. Sunset over the sound never gets old.

    Saturday 7:30am
    It’s back to the pool early for a another full day—the last one--at the Wyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center. I swim a 50 BR and the 4 x 50 Free relay, take part in the diving exhibition, and watch the synchro swim competition, which is dominated by teams from the Multnomah Aquatic Club in Portland. They do amazing things, and wear amazing sparkly suits that are custom made (yes I asked about the suits—the women I talked to have gone from sewing sequins one-by-one on swimsuits during high school to being able to design their suits and have them made up for them by local seamstresses). Their duo entries include a charming routine by a mother-daughter combo—and the mother is 83 years old! The Multnomah crew also end up winning the Pink Flamingo competition, with a tribute to Esther Williams that includes voice-overs from her autobiography.

    A couple of the synchro girls teach me to do pin-wheels in the water. Beach synchro is getting a new move soon.

    Sunday 8 am
    IGLA concludes with an open-water swim in beautiful Lake Washington. We’re all looking a little worse for wear at this point, but the lake is restorative. And I finally get to meet James, who rocks the 2-mile wetsuit swim. Of course there’s lake synchro after!

    Final thoughts
    I can’t say enough good things about the wonderful people who organized this IGLA. This is one of the best run meets I’ve ever been to, and also one of the most joyful and friendliest. Kudos to everyone who had a hand in putting together the event. Every aspect of the week—meet management, social events, staying-in-Seattle logistics, all the other sports competitions—was a home run. The aquatic center facilities staff were also really impressive, seamlessly changing the pool setups from warm-ups to swimming to polo and diving and back again.

    I was looking at next year’s calendar, and there are 3 big swim meets—Worlds in Montreal, USMS LC nats in Maryland, and Gay Games in Cleveland—going on right around the same time in August. My experience in Seattle—plus the opportunity to dive as well as swim--makes me lean towards Cleveland. .

    Meet results

    My meet results
    Event 5 Women 45-49 100 SC Meter Butterfly
    1 Harris, Janet 48 Team New York Aquatics-6 1:24.21 1:20.87
    r:+0.93 36.92 1:20.87 (43.95)

    Event 9 Women 45-49 50 SC Meter Backstroke
    1 Harris, Janet 48 Team New York Aquatics-6 36.63 36.12

    Event 11 Women 45-49 200 SC Meter IM
    1 Harris, Janet 48 Team New York Aquatics-6 2:56.52 2:58.48
    r:+0.89 41.82 1:27.88 (46.06) 2:19.37 (51.49) 2:58.48 (39.11)

    Event 18 Women 45-49 50 SC Meter Butterfly
    1 Harris, Janet 48 Team New York Aquatics-6 35.53 34.13

    Event 47 Women 45-49 50 SC Meter Breaststroke
    1 Harris, Janet 48 Team New York Aquatics-6 41.14 42.58

    Event 15 Mixed 160-199 800 SC Meter Freestyle Relay
    2 Team New York Aquatics-6 A 10:15.55 10:48.70
    1) Harris, Janet W48 2) Rodarte, ShannonW39 3) Napoli, John M43 4) Morrissey, James M40

    Event 28 Mixed 160-199 400 SC MeterMedley Relay
    2 Team New York Aquatics-6 A 5:30.99 5:43.84
    1) Harris, Janet W48 2) r:+0.60 Rodarte, ShannonW393) r:+0.62 Napoli, John M43 4) r:+0.51 Morrissey, James M40
    r:+0.81 41.25 1:24.77 (1:24.77) 2:04.79 (40.02) 2:52.43 (1:27.66)
    3:37.69 (45.26) 4:31.85 (1:39.42) 5:06.42 (34.57) 5:43.84 (1:11.99)

    Event 40 Mixed 160-199 200 SC MeterMedley Relay
    4 Team New York Aquatics-6 A 2:19.00 2:31.40
    1) Martins, Jack M38 2) r:+0.73 Turnbull-Brown, Elisa3b)etrh:+W0.4214 Chamberlain, Randall 4M)4r:4+0.22 Harris, Janet W48
    r:+0.84 39.95 1:23.75 (43.80) 1:58.44 (34.69) 2:31.40 (32.96)

    Event 51 Mixed 160-199 200 SC Meter Freestyle Relay
    1 Team New York Aquatics-6 A 2:10.99 1:56.97
    1) Harris, Janet W48 2) r:+0.50 Rodarte, ShannonW393) r:+0.47 Damron, James M44 4) r:+0.49 Barclay, Alexander M32
    r:+0.82 31.05 1:02.50 (31.45) 1:28.83 (26.33) 1:56.97 (28.14)

    Open-water results
    (I finished 2nd in the 45-49 non-wetsuit 2-mile race, with a time of 56.33)

    Complete dive results (link pending)
  13. Week 47 - Friday

    by , August 23rd, 2013 at 11:36 AM (After a long rest)
    I woke up feeling pretty good today. The workout was long but hard and fun. We swam scy today, which made a nice change from my LCM and SCM swims the last two weeks.

    Warm up
    400 free with snorkel
    6x50 catchup on 45

    Main set
    4x300 swim on 3.30
    100 easy
    1000 swim with fins holding 1min pace per 100
    20x50 swim on 40 going at or better than the 1000 pace
    100 easy
    4x100 kick on 1.50
    1x100 fast on 2 mins
    1x50 fast on 1min
    2x25 fast on 45

    Warm down
    100 easy

    Total 4800scy

    The 4x300s were hard and I went 3.10s on the first 3 then went 3.06 on the last one. I held 1 min pace per 100 on the 1000 with fins, but was off slightly on the 20x50's holding 30s through 12 and then I slipped to 31s and did a 29 on the last one. I felt strong on the kick getting about 25 seconds rest per 100. The 100,50,25s were fun and the coach sent us off behind slower swimmers in other lanes. I was sent off 15 seconds behindNikki in the next lane and almost caught her(Nikki you swam great on that 100) and I did a 53.x. On the 50 I was 7.5 behind on the send off and went 25.x, The 25's I dont know what I did timewise but was 3.5 behind and touched with Nikki at the wall on both 25's. Today was a long workout yardage wise and right now I am a little sore, but it was fun to be back with my team and swimming in our pool again. Not next week but the following week I will start to ramp up the intensity with a Taper meet this fall(either a USAS meet in Rockwall or the SCM meet in Shenandoah).
    Swim Workouts
  14. FAST Fri Aug 23rd 2013 LCM

    by , August 23rd, 2013 at 10:49 AM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    FAST Fri Aug 23rd 2013 LCM

    Whitney Coached LCM
    6:00 - 7:30 dove in around 6:15
    swam with Ed
    Beside Larry, Gull, Taylor Alley, Tyler, & Dakota

    Lifted Thu

    Warm up
    assigned 1000 did 200

    Main Set

    3 x 100 desc on 2:00 (skipped #3)
    100 FR fast from a dive went 1:02
    100 easy

    3 x 200 desc on 4:00 (did 100 on #3)
    200 IM fast from a dive went 2:30
    200 easy

    assigned: 3 x 400 desc on 8:00
    did: 1) 8 x (15 fast 15 easy) 2) 4 x 25 fast 25 easy 3) 400 smooth went 5:18
    400 FR strong from a dive went 4:48
    400 easy
    (also threw in a few 15 & 25 sprints)

    Next Meets:

    Not sure yet, talked to David Guthrie yesterday,
    considering one 2 or a few SCM meets in Nov & Dec
    Might do Rowdy Gaines Classic
    Fri Oct 11 - Sun Oct 13
    Swim Workouts
  15. New appreciation for cold water

    by , August 23rd, 2013 at 08:20 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Today the temp was at 79.7 and it actually felt hot to me. After a week of 77.8 2 degrees makes a big difference. And to think at the Y I swim in 85 degree bath water.

    This was just a relaxed long course day.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    800 free w/paddles & bouy for time went 12:50
    200 back EZ
    800 IM each 200 of stroke was 50 rt arm/50 lt arm/50 kick/50 swim w/zoomers on fly and back only on breast 100 pull/50 kick/50 swim
    200 free EZ w/snorkle

    Total 3000 meters
    Swim Workouts
  16. Workout 08/22/13: OW

    by , August 22nd, 2013 at 09:32 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Spent more time on my day off today tiling at the college. Getting to where we need the fixtures and also some more bullnose tile to complete everything - the two bathrooms on the 3rd floor are practically ready to grout and go, need to start the two on the 4th floor. Others have been coming in to help, so it is moving by much faster:

    (12x12 tiles, five rows high, with an accent strip and bullnose on top)

    So the Northeastern Baptist College where I have been helping actually had student orientation today, so I was able to say hello to the students. I was asked a couple of times if I would be taking any classes, and decided to audit Hermeneutics, a 100 level Bible course, after going to their cookout tonight. Since my schedule rotates every two weeks, I can work at my own pace to make up the Thursday evening class I miss, and not have to worry about taking tests (although I plan too).

    I headed over to Lake Paren again and met up with Melissa, Tim, and GregJS for a nice swim. I brought my thermometer tonight; lake temp is a lovely 74 degrees. Did a slightly different loop, but still totaled 1.3km (well, that seems longer than 0.81 miles, right ) in 29.53 minutes, swimming to designated spots to regroup. Preston was on shore with a phone if needed, and Tim's family came with him while Melissa's hubby arrived to pick her up. A little more cloudy tonight, and the thunderstorms that were forecasted just rolled by (so we missed them).

    (GregJS and I clearly have our towels mixed up; you'd surely rather see his chiseled upper body as opposed to my man boobies - note to self for next pic)

    Two more swims lined up for next week, then the pool will be open again. Since Paren is so nice, I'll try to see how far into the fall I can keep going...
    Swim Workouts , Open Water
  17. Thu Aug 22nd 2013 LCM

    by , August 22nd, 2013 at 02:52 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thu Aug 22nd 2013 LCM

    Whitney Coached LCM
    6:00 - 7:30 dove in around 6:05
    swam with Larry, Gull, & Taylor
    beside Chris Marcio, Alley, Tyler, & Dakota

    Swam Sat, Mon, Tue & Wed
    Lifted Sat, Mon, & Tue

    Warm up
    assigned 1000 did around 600

    Main Set

    8 x 100 on 1:30
    200 FL K, Dr, Dr, Sw (did 15 meter sprints)
    1:00 rest

    6 x 100 on 1:25
    200 bk K, Dr, Dr, Sw (did 15 meter sprints)
    1:00 rest

    4 x 100 on 1:20
    200 br K, Dr, Dr, Sw (did 15 meter sprints)
    1:00 rest

    200 FR easy speed 2:24
    100 easy

    assigned 800
    did 16 x (15 fast, 15 easy) (fr, bk, FL & SDK)

    Next Meets:
    Not sure yet, talked to David Guthrie yesterday,
    considering one 2 or a few SCM meets in Nov & Dec
    Might do Rowdy Gaines Classic
    Fri Oct 11 - Sun Oct 13

    because I'm doing more of a speed program this fall
    I opted to do the 100's in Topday's main set on
    1:30 / 1:25 / 1:20 / 1:15 rather than
    1:25 / 1:20 / 1:15 / 1:10
    Swim Workouts
  18. 8|22|13 SCY for a change

    10 x 50 @ 1:00

    200 OAD (static arm aft) with fist, WF

    • bilateral breathing

    100 half stroke dog paddle WFS
    100 full stroke dog paddle WFS
    600 of fun stuff WFS

    3 x 100 FK
    1 x 200 FK

    500 FR/BK WF

    2 x Track start with hands locked entire sequence (safety reasons)
    1 x Grab start, my old way (looks like this chapter is done)

    Glided from the block much further out with track style, might be off quicker too. Wonder if my old start method actually sucked.
  19. Gettin' it going again

    I have not posted in awhile or swam that much. School has started back up and my family is again ready for the grueling schedule of school, homework and gymnastics. We do much better with structure in or life.

    A simple one here.

    400 choice
    300 pull
    200 kick
    100 IM drill

    3 times through
    4 x 25 @ 30 choice w/perfect form
    -went IM order
    5 x 100 @ 1:55
    -25bk/25br/50 free
    -lots of rest so I went
    ---1-3 descend
    ---4 perfect form cruise
    ---5 fast
    400 pull fast rest 30
    -ditched the paddles on round 3

    200 w/d


    Our coach is back from a six week surgery recovery period. Glad to have her back! I consider myself a self motivated person but highly doubt I would train well swimming solo all the time. Bravo to those of you that do. We have had team practices while she was out but it is not the same.
  20. swimming during a thunderstorm

    by , August 22nd, 2013 at 07:30 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Yes at the CCAC my normal pool you can swim during a thunderstorm with no issues, unlike the Y pool I use on weekends or holidays. Water temp this morning was a brisk 77.8.

    Did an easier day today focus was on form not speed today and the theme stroke was relaxed fly the way Francine work with me at Nationals.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers

    40x25@:45 fly drills
    #1-8 15m fly kickout then easy free w/zoomers
    #9-16 scull drill w/zoomers& snorkle
    #17-24 fly underwater recovery w/snorkle
    #25-32 angel arm fly w/snorkle
    #33-40 fly extend reach, hips up and arms not coming too close in front

    300 free maintain 6 beat kick
    8x25@:45 free 15m burst/cruise
    200 free EZ

    Total 2700 yards
    Swim Workouts