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  1. Week 14 - Distance

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 08:16 PM (After a long rest)
    I felt good today. My pain from last week had gone and overall I felt strong the entire practice.

    warm up

    400 free
    6x50 catchup
    400 IM 25kick, swim,drill,swim
    400 IM swim

    Main set

    5x100 on 1.20
    4x100 on 1.15
    3x100 on 1.10
    2x100 on 1.05
    1x100 on 1min
    100 easy

    Set 2

    8x75kick on 1.05 with flippers
    6x75 free on 1min breathing 3 on odds and 5 on evens


    6x50 on 35 long on turns and no breath off the wall. Held 30-31 on all of these.

    Warm down
    100 easy

    Total 4550

    15 minutes on the vasa swim bench. 20 pulls per set with 15 second rest

    I made all the main set 100 times on the descending times holding 1.03 upto the 1.05 set, then dropped to 1.00 on the 1.05 set and went 59 on the last 100. I am finally starting to feel strong and I am enjoying increasing the yardage. My hurt is a different kind of hurt from when i first got back in the pool, and i feel like i am making good progress.

    I signed up for my first meet on 19th January. I am only doing 3 events but I am really looking forward to doing a few events in a short period of time to gage my progress.

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  2. Indy Off / 2013 Vision

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 06:40 PM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    It really pains me to write this, but Indianapolis Nationals is going to be a no-go for me. This bums me out to no end as Indy remains my favorite pool in the country and I was really, really, really looking forward to racing there. Beyond that, my absence breaks by 5-in-a-row streak for attending spring Nationals. On the bright side, the reason is kind of good as I had a talk accepted at a geeky conference that my company likes to make a splash at each year. The downside is that the conference is May 5th to 8th; while I technically could jet over to Indy after that, I know two things to be true:
    • This conference is draining -- it's a big selling / customer engagement opportunity for us so I am usually running (and on my feet) from pre-breakfast meetings until late in the evening. I would be physically wasted if I showed up in Indy.
    • With the amount that I travel, tossing a full week away from home would not be fair to my family.

    So, while I'm bummed from a swimming perspective, I'll adapt. In fact, I've already begun to develop a backup plan:
    • I'm going to use my SCY season as a re-building effort. In part, I need to do this because of the nagging shoulder problem. I intend to use this time, as well, toL
      • Focus on my technique.
      • Play around with new technology/toys
      • Experiment with different training approaches in and out of the pool

    • I'll race in meets locally through April. Although the AZ calendar's not up yet, we should have

    • I'll set my sights, though, on trying to race fast in a June LCM meet ... hopefully the Colonies Zone Championships in Richmond.
    • I may or may not show up for some part of the Mission Viejo Nationals; if I do, it will probably only be to swim relays and for 2 days max as that time of the year is full-on-family time.

    Today's efforts ended up being all on the dry-side:
    • 30 minutes yoga + meditation
    • My routine of pre-hab / injury prevention stretch cords
    • My first (very limited) time back with weights, doing 10 reps each of
      • Bench w/15 lb dumbbells
      • Rows w/15 lb dumbbells
      • Tricep press w/15 lb dumbbells
      • Hammer curls w/10 lb dumbbells
      • Calf raises

    I did the weight work for two reasons:
    • I wanted to see which exercises (rows and traditional curls) caused pain and where in my left arm (forearm on both). I'll be scheduling some time with an ART guy ( in the next week or so and want to be able to tell him what causes the pain.
    • Once I have my shoulder/arm healed, I do want to build back into a weight-lifting routine. One of the things I want to play around with this spring is better overall / total body fitness vs. just training to swim fast.

    I really, really, really also dislike the extra spaces the new blog formatting introduces seemingly randomly between paragraphs.
  3. Stroke work is killing me... softly?

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 06:18 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    Apologies to Roberta Flack. I also could have titled this post "The experiment continues." After my first exclusively freestyle workout in a while (the 20 x 200 on 3:30 Saturday) I went back to the Y on Sunday expecting really just to get in a warm-up and cool-down, maybe some turn and start work in between. During my 1000 warm-up I did 400 fr in 6:40 and then 4 x 100 on 2:00--my 100s felt hard but relaxed and I was bringing them in at 1:24-1:25... in a warm-up! Last week (or maybe the week before, the holidays have me all goofed up) it was 1:26-1:27, but certainly not the day after a distance workout. What's going on here? I have some theories ... maybe you have some of your own, feel free to share, here goes:

    1. My freestyle yardage is down, but I'm not doing anything slower than BASE (1:40), a lot at the threshold 1:32-1:36, and often throwing in sets with faster work. So it's quality, rather than quantity. By comparison, the first 7 days of 2012 I swam a total of 18,400 yards, 16,850 of which was freestyle (almost 92%). In the same time period in 2013 I have 20,750 yards but only 13,400 freestyle (64.6%): the total freestyle amount is down, the percentage is down, but the quality for the most part is much better; no garbage, maybe this is what is driving me off the plateau finally.

    2. Incorporating more drills and stroke work for IM is benefiting my freestyle as well. This theory seems to contradict the concept of specificity, so I better qualify this... I'm sure there is a point of diminishing returns, but introducing the other strokes into my workouts is helping my range of motion, balance, core, and stability of muscles that work differently in freestyle... while still providing the same aerobic effects, if not enhanced aerobic effects, since I have to work that system so much harder in training new muscles, movements--while simultaneously providing extra recovery and injury prevention for my freestyle.

    Those are the working hypotheses; unfortunately when I began this journey into the land of middle-d and IM a couple of weeks ago I didn't have the foresight to add controls to my personal experiment; so it may very well be that 1 and 2 are working together in mysterious ways that I don't fully get (isn't that part of the fun?).

    Oh, but this is a love-hate relationship (enter Ms. Flack ). I love mixing in the stroke work; it's very challenging, but...

    My fly, my back, and my breast strokes are HORRIBLE! I would say they "suck," but I want to keep my G-rating. There are slight, ever so slight improvements. For example, my back is now slightly less sucky than my breaststroke. This is very strange, since I probably did 4% of my overall yardage last year as breast... whereas back accounted for like .0008% (not an exaggeration, by the way) of my total 2012 yardage; and fly, even less. So basically, I've been working on fly and back for about 3 weeks and already they are both faster than my dang breaststroke. Ugh.

    Today's workout exemplifies this love-hate thing (3850 SCY/90 minutes):

    Warm-up (1000/20:00):
    400 swim (100 fr, 100 bk, 100 br, 100 fr)
    4 x 100 on 2:00 (1:28-1:32)
    200 IM, relaxed (3:30)

    Main sets:
    5 x 100 IM on 2:30 (1:36-1:40)
    5 x 50 bk on 1:30 (:54-:55)
    5 x 100 br on 2:30 (mostly around 1:48)
    5 x 100 fr on 2:00 (1:30-1:32*)
    3:00 rest
    500 free in 8:12*

    Cool Down:
    12 x 50 on 1:30 (used IM order: 1-3 fly, 4-6 bk, 7-9 br, 10-12 fr)

    *My freestyle at the end of this workout was tanking big time , the stroke work had me so exhausted...even with a 2:30 interval (or 1:30 on 50 back set). That kind of interval in a freestyle workout would have me snoring after 10 reps, I'd probably be so cold I would tear something anyway, but with the new (for me) strokes I was looking at the clock and saying "Really?! I've got to go already?"

    I was disappointed in the times throughout; I wasn't trying to swim AFAP, but thought that 85-90% effort might bring better results; I think I might be worn out from yesterday's 2000 in which I didn't in fact do a good enough cool-down and, feeling good from my warm-up, decided to race Scotty in some 50s back and breast, ending with a 100 IM (1:32)... love/hate.

    IM; Killing me softly!
  4. Practice #3 (times were for lcm, so adjust)

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 06:14 PM (Colleen Conway's blog)
    500 warmup (3 lengths free, 1 back)

    2 x

    2x 250 @ 3.40 (take 5 strokes then do 20 kicks in streamline under water)
    4x 75 catchup @ 1.15
    2 x 300 @ 4.40 (3rd lap stroke, will do fly)
    4 x 125 IM @ 2.05 (rotate the stroke that is a 50)

    5x 200 kick @ 4.30 (they are supposed to be all fly, i will do 1/2 free, 1/2 breast)

    total 5,300 yards
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  5. Monday, Jan. 7

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 03:54 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)


    600 various
    12 x 25 shooter w/fins @ :40
    50 EZ
    3 x (3 x 50 w/agility paddles) @ :10-:15 RI
    1 = scull
    2 = scull switch drill
    3 = DPS free
    50 EZ

    Main Sets:

    5 x broad jump off side off side of pool & squat jump off bottom, dolphin kicking to top fast
    50 EZ

    Kick counts:
    2 x (4 x 30 m + 50 EZ)
    odds = dive from side + SDK @ 100 pace to 15 m & cruise back
    evens = dive from side + AFAP SDK to 15 m & cruise back

    75 EZ

    3 x (25 AFAP back from blocks + 75 EZ) @ 3:00 (12s rolling on 59)
    25 EZ

    -- the rest of the practice I was constantly interrupted, forced to share lanes with 250+ pound noodlers (is that really "sharing"?), and shifting around

    1 x 50 AFAP breast w/fins (28 flat)
    150 EZ

    1 x broken 100 back w/fins
    -- break for :15 @ each 25
    -- surface before 15 m
    -- 45 high
    250 EZ

    3 x 30s, AFAP backstroke start to 15 m + cruise back
    50 EZ

    5 x 20 in & outs, free @ 1:00
    100 EZ

    8 x 50 smooth back w/fins & paddles @ :50
    100 EZ

    Total: 3350


    Worked on some technical stuff today -- as every sprinter should! Consistent with my new year's resolution, I have decided to change my backstroke start to avoid the flat back starts I've been prone to lately. You can see from my avatar that I have been doing an arms to the side start for many years. Long ago, Ahelee told me to try the arms straight back over the head start. But this caused me to go to deep and get bogged down in the water. Fast forward another chunk of years and I am much better at the SDK. So yesterday and today, I tried out this start. I definitely get into the water more cleanly using this style. I also go much deeper. However, this seems to be fine and my kick count to the 15 m mark is actually the same. My timed 25s were a good half second faster than using the previous style start. So deeper/cleaner must be faster. The only caveat is that I have to really pay attention to the kick count because I spend much more time gradually angling up to the surface than I used to. Before, it felt like a relatively straight shot. Even old dogs can learn new tricks!

    On another note, my upper body is pretty sore from yesterday's drylands/bungee cordz workouts. I can tell I did virtually no upper body work last year (and barely touched paddles). Recovery swim tomorrow, I think.
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  6. Monday, January 7, 2013

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 03:40 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    SCY@Fort Myers Aquatic Center
    Air temp of 76, pool at 80, 100% water clarity.
    Cloudy skies with humidity at 73%

    Warm up
    200 FR
    4x50 FR K on 1:00 desc 1-4
    4x50 FR P on 1:10 desc 1-4
    8x25 FR S on :30 desc 1-4,5-8

    *Set 1*
    6x200 FR on 2:40 desc 1-3,4-6

    • Did 2:18, 2:16, 2:14, 2:17, 2:15, 2:12

    *Set 2*
    1000 FR Pull w/paddles, tube, bouy
    Steady state swim

    *Set 3*
    6x200 K on 3:30, Done as;

    1. 50FR/50BK 3:01
    2. 50BK/50FR 3:00
    3. 50DK-Bd/50DK-bk 2:56
    4. 50DK-Bk/50DK-Bd 2:51
    5. 50BR-Bd/50BR-Bk 3:05
    6. 50BR-Bk/50BR-Bd 3:03

    *Set 4*
    4(4x75 FR on 1:15, 1 min rest) Desc 1-4 within each round, Results:

    1. 51, 49, 48, 47
    2. 49, 48, 47, 46
    3. 50, 49, 47, 46
    4. 49, 48, 46, 46

    Warm down
    200 EZ

    Had to swim SCY at FMAC since FGCU was unavailable due to the three day weekend swim meet.

    • Warm Up - Basic pace work to get ready for set 1.
    • Set 1 - Just wanted to see what I could do on 2:40 for 200s. I expected to start at 2:24 and desc from there, but the first 200 came in at 2:18, so had to go downward from there. I was pleased to go 2:12 on the last one.
    • Set 2 - First FR pull with paddles, bouy, tube in about three weeks. Will do something like this about one or two times each week. Planning to do more of the paddle swimming with fins.
    • Set 3 - Working to build up more kicking endurance and strength.
    • Set 4 - I wanted to swim freestyle at strong descending pace with smooth controlled stroke and steady kick.

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  7. Mon 01/07/13

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 01:15 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    Didn't get to the Pool on Sat OR Sun - my RA was acting up & my joints were super swollen & painful. I just laid around & read my book, for the most part. Couldn't even roll out pie crust for Quiche last night, it was so humiliating. Feeling a bit better this morning, but I was glad that most of today was just "long & strong" because I felt very slow. Had a major collision in the pool on the first pull set - someone had on a brand new snorkle and wasn't watching where they were going - cut my face around the left goggle & it really smarted for quite a while there. She had just gotten in my lane & had agreed that I should lead & we would circle - so why she was on my side of the lane in the middle of the pool, I have no idea. Actually, I have no idea why I didn't see her coming!

    600 back/free
    300 - 200 - 100P
    400 K
    9 x 100 back/free
    800 steady state
    6 x 100 on 2:00 (fly/back x 3; breast/free x 3)
    6 x 100 on 1:30/5 P
    300 breast/free cool-down
    Total: 4800 LCM
  8. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -01/08/2013

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 01:00 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    1 X 250 4:30 4:15
    1 X 150 2:45 2:30
    2 X 100 2:00 1:45
    Two rounds.Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    1 X 400 6:30
    1 X 200 3:30
    3 X 100 descend 1:45
    Two rounds. Negative split 400 and 200.

    3 X 100 kick 2:15
    6 X 50 kick 1:00

    1 X 100 easy 2:00
    8 X 25 sprint :40
    Two rounds

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

    4500 M/Y
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  9. Workout 01/07/13:

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 10:10 AM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Feeling really sluggish today, no doubt due to two swims, a snowshoe hike, and basketball this weekend.

    Got this in before work today:
    200 Fr/200 back warmup

    Went twice thru:
    200 Fr on 2:45, 2 x 50 Fr on :50
    (Used snorkel and pull buoy)

    100 ez
    8 x 75 IM cycles on 1:15
    1 Noah's Ark (last 200 ez)
    (Solo/Rec/2200 yds/45 min)

    Ready to physically move the pharmacy tonight after work. I am scheduled until 10pm or so (it'll probably finish up around 1 or 2 am), then back tomorrow morning at 8 for a regular twelve hour shift. It will be great to finally have this construction complete for us (been going in for three months!).

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  10. still in recovery mode but trying to push alittle harder

    by , January 7th, 2013 at 08:04 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Used the Compex stem this weekend and it has helped some but I need alot more use of it to resolve my issues.

    I also managed to get my equipment bleached and back to a good looking state, all that black crud was looking bad.

    500 free every 4th lap kick on back
    500 free kick w/zoomers every 3rd lap fast

    10x100@1:30 free w/paddles & bouy made them all but not as fast as I would have liked. Held 1:23's

    8x25@:40 breast pull w/zoomers did not feel as good as saturday
    200 breast kick left knee bothering me
    2x200 free w/snorkle maintain 6 beat kick
    200 EZ as 50 free/50 back

    Total 3000 yards
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  11. Sunday 01062012

    by , January 6th, 2013 at 11:10 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    got out for a nice spin on my bike today:

    Usery/Saguaro Lake 75.72 mi 04:26 17.1mph pace

    Another late start, and the weather seemed dreary most of my ride. I really enjoyed going down is really a blast cruising at 25-30mph. Then went up Bush Hwy to Saguaro Lake, turned around and came back. I tried to go through Las Sendas, but must have taken a wrong turn. Just took Ellsworth back, and it wasn't too bad. Should be ready for the Casa Grande Century next week.

    it was windy, coming mostly from the SE. had a rough trip back south after that climb, but I managed to trudge through it.

    had a little time to relax before I went over to the gym for a recovery swim:

    600 w/u

    6 x 50 kick @ 5 sec rest, board only
    --odds free
    --evens breast

    6 x 100 kick @ 5 sec rest, fins + board
    --50 free/50 fly

    3 x 100 swim with fins, done as:
    --75 easy free
    --25 fast fly

    100 easy

    6 x 50 breast:
    --odds swim w/large paddles (upside down)
    --evens swim normal

    100 easy

    4 x 150 pull w/paddles + buoy @ 5 sec rest

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3100 yards

    had a tough time just leaving home and getting to the gym. I figured I could at least get in 2000 easy recovery. but as always, once I'm there, I was fine.

    the whole pool area was empty when I started, but for a while there were 2 other guys swimming on either side of me. one must have been a triathlete...he did mostly nonstop freestyle, no flip turns. I did see him mix in a few 25's breast toward the end. he was about the same speed as I was when I kicked w/fins, I'd guess about a 1:40/100 pace.

    I felt pretty good. that 600 swim really worked wonders with loosening me up. doing some kick sets after biking always seems to loosen up my legs.

    did about 5 min of stretching in the hot tub after, then another quick plunge in the pool to cool off again (and it felt much cooler after that).
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  12. Eney Buoy & Tech 2013

    by , January 6th, 2013 at 10:01 PM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    After my wife gave my my lovely Finis Aquapulse heart rate monitor (, I decided that 2013 will be my year of technology. I'm going to try out and add loads of new toys to my gear bag and see how I like it. Although I'm still not swimming much full stroke these days, it seemed like an unfilled Eney Buoy ( would be the right tool to add as I re-introduce gentle swimming back to my shoulder. I also decided to snap out of my funk and just start taking some of the workouts I write for the HVT thread and "kick-ify" them. Here's what I did:

    • 1 x 400: IM kick-drill by 25s
    • 4 x 100: on 2:00, dolphin-flutter kick w/board descend on 2:00 (1:44, 1:40, 1:35, 1:30)
    • 4 x 100: on 1:40, pull w/Eney Buoy
    • 6 x 50: on 1:00
      • #1 and #6, easy kick
      • #2 to #5, IM order, swim-kick

    • 3 x 300: test-set done kicking
      • on 4:45
      • w/long fins doing every odd lap as 5 USDKs on belly into freestyle kick on side, even laps as 5 USDKs on back into streamline backstroke kick
      • 3:55, 3:52, 3:57

    • 1 x 100: easy

    TOTAL: 2,500 SCM

    • The concept of the Eney Buoy is great -- add water to the tubes and decrease the "float" of the buoy. I'm looking forward to playing with this as my shoulder gets stronger.
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  13. 1\6\13

    Weights at club
    Warmed up 5 min on elip, stretched then the weights

    Seated calf sled machine

    • 3 x 8 x about 1/3, 1/2, and all of the weight (resp)

    Lateral guided squat rack

    • 4 x 8 x 95, 145, 195, 245 (resp)

    Incline press machine (superset with lateral machine)

    • 4 x 8 (10) x cant remember (light)

    Shoulder press with 50 lb barbell and three stretch cords attached bound from floor

    • about 3 x 8

    24" vertical drop/bounce

    • 3 x 10 x BW, 15lb each hand, and 20lb each hand (resp)

    • Immediately jumped from a fully contracted landing

    Leg curls

    • 3 x 10


    SCM at same club 1900

    • 500 with snorkel

    Drills, with and without snorkel

    • 500

    10 x 50 (25 free/25 fly) on no particular interval

    • Dive from side, breakout quick and initial strokes fast, then coast to wall
    • Try to do fly fast

    400 kick

    • flutter kick fast off wall then do breast kick drills

    Pool temp was back to normal - too warm. I noticed without the wetsuit my warmup times were slower and the number of strokes per 25 was almost 1 more. The suit does create more drag than skin, especially the faster stuff and fills up with water with fast pushoffs and turns. It is a 2 year old sleavless suit.

    Mrs. __steve__ (my wife) started doing yoga last week. I think she really likes it.

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  14. Workout 01/06/13:

    by , January 6th, 2013 at 07:09 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Got in for a swim after church this morning:

    200 FR/200 Bk warmup

    Go three times through:
    - 100 kick, 100 w/ agility paddles, 100 w/ paddles and buoy, 100 hard
    - All on :10 seconds rest, with a Masters Minute between rounds
    - Did FR/FR/Bk by round (used snorkel on the FR, went 1:07 on the BK)

    200 stroke loosen and out
    (Solo/Rec/1800 yds/30 min)
    Had a full day and not a lot of time to swim, so this is what I did. Can't let the Flog get to far away this early on!

    After the swim I went to one of the nursing homes in town and led the Sunday service, which I am blessed to do the first Sunday of every month. Good turn out, despite some flu-ish bugs floating through the nursing home.

    When I got home, I packed my son up in the car and went to basketball with the guys. We played 4x4, three teams, over two hours. Our team lost all of the games, but I scored a few buckets and sweated up a storm. Next up, I need to buy some basketball shoes ...

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  15. Sunday, Jan. 6

    by , January 6th, 2013 at 06:30 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    RC exercises, 15 min
    extreme angle iso squat, 3:00
    explosive leg press, 190 x 3 x 15
    wrist curls, 50 x 2 x 12, 55 x 2 x 12
    rear felt fly, 70 x 3 x 12
    cable twist w/yoga ball, 60 x 2 x 8 each side
    jumps w/25 lb plate overhead, 10
    resisted track start jumps, 55 x 1 x 10
    twisting med ball slams, 2 x 10
    back extensions w/25 lb plate, 2 x 15
    flutter kicks on bosu, 2 x 10
    altitude drops, 3 x 5


    600 various
    8 x 25 shooters/fins @ :40
    50 EZ
    6 x 25 burst + cruise @ 1:00
    75 EZ

    w/bungee cords:
    4 x 40 @ 1:45 swim w/small paddles until taut + 15-25 strokes, zip back
    4 x 40 @ 1:45 from a backstroke start, kick until taut + 10 kicks
    4 x 40 @ 1:45
    -- 2 swim, 2 kick until taut + hold for :30
    125 EZ

    Total: 1680


    I wasn't feeling all that rested after Friday's recovery workout and a day off. This usually means I'm due for a recovery week, but I really want to hold off until next week.

    I finally got my Swimmer magazine. I loved the reference to my training as BFS -- Beyond Four Strokes. That would be a good blog title. And it was certainly what I did today in the pool.

    Sadly, Fort Son left today to return to college. Dartmouth changed its calendar and he had an extremely long break. I got used to having him home. Oh well, fewer demands for food. Lil Fort went on an 11 mile trail run today with Mr. Fort. Like him, she seems to have iron ankles. Fort Son and I decidedly don't (hence our ankle sprain histories).

    So glad Downton Abbey is back tonight!
  16. 20 x 200 free

    by , January 6th, 2013 at 01:22 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    Yesterday I didn't have much time and I wanted to get a little extra sleep, so I had to do an abbreviated version of my workout. Remembering that this is a step-back week for distance, I was not too concerned about having to cut it short. Last week I did a total of 60 x 100 on 1:45 over the course of a 7200-yard workout, maintaining my threshold pace the whole time. This week I decided to do 200s on 3:30, seeing if I could keep the pace I had on my 100s.

    The workout was 20 x 200 on 3:30; 4000 SCY in 70 minutes. Pretty straightforward. I actually managed to negative split a lot of the 200s in the mid to latter half of the workout... I was coming in mostly in 3:14-3:17. My last 200 was in 3:21, so I thought it was a perfect time to stop. I didn't want any of my reps coming in over a 1:40/100 pace (my BASE). The only thing I regret is not having time for a cool-down (or a warm-up for that matter... unless you count my first 4-5 reps, which were in my threshold, but felt tight).

    Today will be an easy day. Maybe just 1000 warm-up, practice starts, and 600 cool-down.
  17. Workout 01/05/13:

    by , January 5th, 2013 at 09:34 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    I finally had a chance to get into the water today. Since the turnout was not to much, I was able to swim a bit with the team:

    150 fr
    3 x 50 Fr on :55
    4 x 50 kick on 1:15
    (break to talk with new swimmers)
    200 Fr, 100 Fr with snorkel

    5 x ? on 2:00 (pick a distance)
    - did 150s with snorkel
    - 1 smooth, 2 build, 3-5 descend

    4 times through:
    - Vertical kick x 30seconds, then 50 Fast

    4 x 50 Active Recovery on 1:15
    (Masters/Rec/1950 yds/60 min)

    Work has been busy, as our remodel continues and we actually move the pharmacy on Monday night. I was happy to sneak in a swim today with the group.

    This afternoon, I went snowshoeing with a friend who had never used them before. It was supposed to new a short trek, but turned into over 4.5 miles! Ready for some

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  18. Week 13 - Saturday stretch

    by , January 5th, 2013 at 05:20 PM (After a long rest)
    Today only my daughter wanted to go to the pool. My son had a friend over and I guess sitting two feet away from his buddy and skyping was a more interesting prospect than hanging out with dad. It was a good swim day despite this setback. I felt stiff in the tris and Lat's but after the warmup the pain eased up. I actually felt quite good by the end.


    400 free
    400 drill, 25 finger drag and 25 catchup
    400 stroke, breast and back

    Main set

    4x500 on 6.15. I went 5.25s and felt quite easy.

    Warm down

    300 easy
    i then practiced some backstroke turns with my daughter. She is too close to the wall and goes over in a tight ball instead of stretching out. As a consequence she gets no push off. She worked on it yesterday and today and is looking better.
    Swim Workouts
  19. Happy to be part of a busy pool

    It was a beautiful day at the PCBAC pool—mid-40s, with sun-kissed clouds striping the sky. The pool was rocking, too—between the kids team, masters/lap swimmers, and the Aqua Zumba class, I think all 20 lanes were occupied (although the masters and lappers were all swimming one per lane, per local custom). If anyone is wondering what the difference is between Aqua Zumba and plain old water aerobics, I couldn’t tell any. But the competing boomboxes from that class and the kids workout (my lane was about at the midpoint between the two) did keep me amused and dancing during the rest intervals of the following, which I swam with Mark and Paul:

    650 warmup (400s, 200k, 50p)

    3 x 100 (50k/50s) @ 2:00

    5 x 200 @ 3:20: 3 desc., 1 easy, 1 fast [2:50, 2:39, 2:31, ez, 2:28]

    6 x 75 k/scull/drill @ 1:45

    5 x 50 fast @ 1:10, FL/BK/BR/BK/FL [I worked FL and BR, took it easy on BK: 36, x, 41, x, 35]

    200 warmdown + play

    That was it!

    I’m in Swimmer magazine this month, along with some of the other Riverbank morning crew. Check it out online here (if you're a USMS member). We’re on page 9, illustrating an article about pool tourist’s 40 pools blog:

    Despite my moniker, I think I have the least interesting suit of the bunch. I'll have to work on that.
    Swim Workouts
  20. Trying to get ready for 400 IM next weekend

    by , January 5th, 2013 at 02:51 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    I am finishing my IMX events next weekend with the 400 IM. Did an easy day with a few effort swims but didn't pay attention to intervals.

    500 free
    400 free pull w/paddles & bout
    300 free
    200 kick
    100 free
    8x25@1:00 shooters w/monofin
    200 dolphin kick on back w/monofin
    200 fly as 25 rt arm/25 lt arm/25 swim fast w/monofin
    200 breast kick
    8x25@:45 breast pull w/monofin really fast on this

    500 free every 3rd lap back keep a 6 beat kick or better

    Total 3000 yards