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  1. 12.29.12 - Saturday workout

    by , December 29th, 2012 at 12:08 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Bob, Bob, Allan, Hunter, Andrew and a couple others. Got to the pool and Matt was dragging lane lines around... long course! It's been a long time since I've done a long course workout. The thing about long course is that I don't know if an interval is going to hurt or not ahead of time. Some did today. Others didn't.


    500 Warm up
    4 x 100 Flutter kick/catch-up drill
    4 x 50 (Odds build, evens 25 fast/25 easy)

    2 Rounds of:
    * 3 x 200 Free - 3:00 Descend
    * 2 x 100 Pull w/o paddles down/kick w/ buoy back - 1:50
    * 2 x 50 Stroke - 1:00 (1st round br, 2nd round free)

    4 Rounds of:
    * 200 - 4:00 50 Stroke/50 Free w/fins (did stroke IM Order by round)
    * 200 IM - 4:00 Hard on different 50 each round

    200 Pull - 3:00

    At this point, Hunter and I were the only ones left. Matt gave us this to keep us busy:

    3 x 100 - 1:35
    2 x 100 - 1:30
    1 x 100 - 1:25 (Didn't make the last one... really tired at this point)

    200 Cool down

    (5500m Total)
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  2. Friday 12/28/12

    Friday 12/28

    PM only LCM

    No AM practice due to more freezing rain/sleet and I still have no power/heat. Temperature in my condo is now 48 degrees and falling.

    600 swim
    400 pull w/ buoy + strapless paddles + snorkel
    200 kick w/ board

    6 @ 1:30 AE
    6 @ 1:25 PINK
    4 @ 1:20 RED
    2 @ 1:15 BLUE

    6x150 @ 2:20 1 FAST/1 AE
    4x150 @ 2:15 AE
    2x150 @ 2:05 FAST
    4x50 @ 1:15 FAST

    (Held around 1:51-1:53 on the FAST until the end of round 2 when the wheels fell off the bus. Not even Trip Strauss breathing down my neck on the last few could push me through...actually it probably made it worse!!) (no offense Trip)

    16x50 @ 1:00 w/ fins 3 kick FAST/1 swim EZ

    200 EZ

    Total: 8000
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  3. Fri, Dec. 28, 2012 4:00-6:00pm

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 10:22 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    300 Free, 300 Kick w/ board, 300 Free Pull - a traditional warmup for a change!

    Kick your brains out: All SDK w/ short fins
    2 x 150 @ 2:30 cruised 2:05ish
    2 x 150 @ 2:10 semi-cruised 2:00ish
    2 x 150 @ 2:00 worked a little more for 1:55ish
    2 x 150 @ 1:50!! missed the first one (went 1:52), then turn and burned as coach was right on us to keep going. As I started out I told myself I was going to make the next interval. I came in right on the 1:50, but considering I left about 3-4 seconds late for the sendoff, I actually went about a 1:46-:47. Nice!

    (from this point on, I turned it down a notch or two on intensity, since I have the meet coming up on Sunday)

    Lucky 7s:
    I went 2nd
    7 x 200 Free Max Rest @ 3:30 (went 2:13-2:15s on these, mainly 2:14s)
    2:00 rest
    7 x 100 Free Max Rest @ 1:30 (went 1:04s/1:05s, last one 1:02) I passed the other kid during these, so took over the lead.
    2:00 rest
    7 x 50 Free Max Rest @ :40 (went :31-:32s)
    2:00 rest
    7 x 25 Free Max Rest @ :20 (went :14-:15s)
    175 EZ Swim

    6 x 50 Sprint Kick w/ board @ 1:30

    Bucket Pulling continuous relay. I ended up going 8 times, 2 time Fly, 6 times Free.

    200 EZ

    5600 Yards

    I have the Animal Masters Meet (400 IM, 200 Fly, 1000 Free) coming up on Sunday down in Canby, Oregon. I'm going to head down and visit my grandparents as well over the weekend in the Portland area, and hit up the Oregon Reign Masters for a New Years Eve morning workout out at Mt. Hood Comm. College, coached by the amazing Dennis Baker. I'm gonna make him kick my butt (in the pool).
  4. My first 200 IM

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 09:38 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    Today, I really didn't know what to focus on. Honestly, I felt a little sore after yesterday's 4000... even with the longer rests, the pace was a lot faster than I usually do on my own and using all four strokes is working muscles I didn't know I had. I have a distance day tomorrow (goal: 7200), so I didn't want to overdo it with intervals or go too long, but I wanted to do some quality work and also keep my momentum on learning the different strokes. Here's what I finally did:

    100 fr EZ (1:40)
    200 br (3:50)
    200 alt. bk/fr (about 3:40)
    500 kick w/ board and fins (about 350 dolphin)

    10 x 100 alt. pull w/ paddles (mostly 1:50) and free (mostly 1:35)
    6 x 100*
    200 IM

    200 EZ fr

    *reps 1-2 were hard 50 bk then 50 br; reps 3-4 were 100 IM; rep 5, 100 bk; rep 6, 100 br. All these 100s were between 1:37 and 1:50. My IM 100s were the fastest, so my fly must not be too terrible, though having a 25 fr at the end doesn't hurt any.

    At that point in the workout, I decided it was going to be a 3000-yard day, and if I could survive a 50 fly, then a 200 IM was not out of the question. A 200 EZ fr would be my cool-down. I barely survived that 50 fly, but I did survive it... last couple of strokes barely clearing the waterline with my arms. That was tough, but I noticed :45 on the pace clock when I hit the wall at 50. I finished the 200 in 3:39, which means I lost a lot of ground on the back half of the back 50 and a lot more time on the breast... not able to make up much with my 50 fr at that point--I was spent. On the other hand, 3:39 was an ambitious time for my 200 freestyle when I first started swimming seriously in summer 2011.

    My biggest difficulty with fly right now is the fact that I can't seem to get the dolphin kick down... something I'm anxious to work on; but I definitely think I'll try a 100 IM at our next SCY meet in January, just for fun.

    Tomorrow, I'm considering doing something different, instead of my usual continuous swim or 5-6 x 1200 on 21:00, whatever. Rather than swim 6,000 yards of freestyle continually at a slower pace, I thought about doing 5 sets of 12 x 100 on 1:45, where I swim every fourth rep hard, but then have three more relaxed, but still faster, 100s. I think I should be able to hold the interval for the whole workout (60 x 100, essentially) and I'll do 200 breast or back between sets. With a 1:45 interval each set of 12 will last 21:00. I think that's the plan for now.
  5. Mid-day swim

    I had a pleasant mid-afternoon swim today—mostly solo, but I got to share the first part with Paul, who was the very first masters swimmer I met down here. He remains a favorite seasonal swim buddy, so it was a treat to get to swim with him some today. Here’s what I did:

    1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 IM d/s by 25)

    10 x 50 FR:

    • 3 long and relaxed @ :55
    • 3 moderate @ :50
    • 3 fast @ :45 [held 35s]
    • 1 easy

    Pace set—goal was to swim FRs < 1:20 pace
    100 FR @ 1:30
    100 IM easy @ 2:00
    200 FR @ 3:00
    100 IM easy @ 2:00
    300 FR @ 4:00
    100 IM easy @ 2:00
    400 FR @ 5:20
    100 IM easy

    Kick set
    8 x 50 kick @ 1:00, odds IM order, evens RIMO

    300 warmdown plus play

    Today was overcast, but last night was gloriously clear. We went out for a beach walk after the full moon was up, and marveled at how bright the beach was. I wasn’t sure if I was seeing bioluminescence in the water, or just the moon’s light reflecting in the breaking waves, but it was beautiful whatever it was.

    I got a nice compliment at the grocery store today, from the check-out clerk: “I think that’s the healthiest buggy I’ve seen all week long!” (Grocery carts are called buggies down here.)
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  6. Masters Lugers, Fear Not

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 08:01 PM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    Our family fun activity yesterday was to try our hand at a luge run at Calgary's Olympic Park ( As the weight of the rider factors heavily in luge speed / time, everyone predicted I would easily win the race. We had 12 of us going -- 7 kids from age 9 to 16 -- and 5 adults, but I easily outweighed the next guy by 20 pounds. Alas, while height is an advantage up to a point, I was definitely too long. I got crushed by pretty much everyone except the nine year olds. My oldest daughter, however, might have the optimal body type for luging; we were instructed by a coach and athlete for the Canadian Junior National team and they said that she was the right mix of height and muscle. She easily beat the rest of us. I'll say this: I enjoyed the family event, but really didn't like the actual run. I had a devil of a time keeping my feet off the ground and spent most of the run bumping and bashing sides and wishing the ride was over. I just now need to actually create an official bucket list so that I can wipe that one off.

    Otherwise, athletically, I got in some stretch cords and a 2.29 walk/run on a treadmill this morning before spending the afternoon out in Banff. Tomorrow, I shall swim ... I think.
  7. 12\28\12

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 06:43 PM (Blog)
    SCM at club


    • 20 x 25 free on 0:30

      • Decend strokes from 20 - 17

    Speed set
    • 20 x 25 free on 0:30
      • Fast breakout and first 5 strokes then easy swim to wall
        • 20-22s

    Back set
    • 10 x 50 on 2:00
      • 47 - 49

    • 1 x 50 short axis back

    Fly set
    • 3 x 50 on 2:00
      • 46 - 50

    • can't remember but was about 800 total

  8. Week 12 - quality workout

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 06:03 PM (After a long rest)
    My joints ached before I got into the pool. I have taken this week and next week off work and decided to paint the living room and our bedroom. Both rooms are double height rooms and it required scaffolding. My arms ache frommpaintingnand my legs ache from continually climbing the scaffolding. The workout helped but did not completely get the stiffness out of the joints.

    Warm up
    400 free
    6x 50 catchup
    6x100 kick on 1.20 with flippers

    Main set
    3x(100 free descend, 3x50 fast, 200negative split)
    1.03 on 100, 30 on 50s and 2.05 on 200

    100 easy

    10x50 with parachute on 45. these hurt pretty bad but I made all of them with about 5 seconds rest on each.

    100 easy

    3x100 free from the blocks. 1 and 3 with flippers, 2 without. Went 52,58,51.

    One of the guys I train with has been out following an operation about a month ago to fix a herniated septum. Chris jumped in during the main set and it was great to have someone to train with again. A few weeks and Chris should be back pushing me pretty hard.

    I think I will try to go for a swim with my daughter tomorrow; should be fun. I took her to practice today and she is getting really good? It's nice to see her leading all the boys, who hate it when a girl is faster than them. I need to continue to remind myself she is still only 9. She does not need any extra daddy pressure!
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  9. Friday, December 28, 2012

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 04:34 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
    Air temp of 75, pool at 82, 97% water clarity.
    Sunny with humidity at 68%

    Warm up
    600 FR/BK by 50
    400 K, 100 each IMO
    3x100 FR on 2:00 (desc 1-3), 100 EZ BK

    • Did 1:18, 1:17, 1:17

    200 FR as 25 Strong, 25 EZ

    *Set 1*
    5(3x100 FR on 2:00 desc 1-3, 100 EZ BK)

    1. 1:15, 1:14, 1:14
    2. 1:15, 1:13, 1:13
    3. 1:14, 1:13, 1:13
    4. 1:13, 1:12, 1:12
    5. 1:13, 1:11, 1:11

    *Set 2*
    3x200 Back on :30 rest as 50 smooth/50 strong
    3x200 FR P w/paddles, buoy, tube on :30 rest as 50 smooth/50 strong

    *Set 3*
    1x1000 FR Swim w/fins, paddles
    Steady state swim

    Warm down:
    100 EZ FR

    Before arriving to the pool I had already done an early morning dryland session of one partial strength & core round, that included standing bent elbow lat pull downs at a new stack setting of 75 lbs. It felt great at the time, but later in the pool I realized again why I do most of my heavier dryland in the evening. In addition my age 9 daughter and I went to a local park where we did a 3x 1.3 mile loop around a part of the lake, where I walked at a 4.2 mile pace and she was on a razor scooter.

    Warm up - At first I felt great, other than that the water felt warm. The round of 3x100 was supposed to be the start of Set 1, where my goal was to start at 1:15 and descend as best possible. Typical of me, not to warm up with enough pace work and just jump in pace set that requires both physical and mental focus. I felt so crappy, and just struggled to do 1:18 to 1:17, so I was thinking today is certainly not going to be "at my best".

    Set 1 - After those first three really ugly 100s, I stopped for a bit, swim several lengths steady in the stroke form I wanted to the 100s in, decided to start over and step up my effort. They all hurt, and no strategic pacing, managing my kick, making the first 50 smooth/second 50 really strong made any difference. What is so contrary, is that after the first round of enduring several struggling finishes, I started to go a little faster even though the effort and struggle was not any easier throughout the entire set. On the last one I hoped to do a 1:10, but it was not there today.

    Set 2 - I like to swim long smooth backstroke for recovery, and the sun in the eyes is distracting, but I swim by the lane line to keep straight and still keep my head down in the water looking straight up. So far I have not found any prescription goggles that are as dark as some of the regular goggles.

    Set 3 - Even though I was still a bit wiped out from Set 1, I really wanted to try swimming LCM with fins/paddles. Well Celestial was right, it is hard. But I really like it, the way my FR stroke rotates and how fast the pool bottom goes by.

    When I got out of the pool, by my arms ached a bit and I was trembling slightly. But after the shower, gulping down my homemade protein shake, some food, and stretched a bit, I felt pretty good. I will need to have at least one full day of rest this weekend, no swimming or drylands.

    Updated December 28th, 2012 at 05:55 PM by fdtotten

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  10. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -12/31/20122

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 02:41 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    We will enjoy the LC pool until 6:30 for a while.

    1 X 200 3:30 3:30
    2 X 150 2:45 2:30
    2 X 100 2:00 1:40
    Two rounds, round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    8 X 200 3:30
    Negative split all 8


    1 X 200 kick 4:15
    4 X 75 kick-third 25 fast- 1:45

    16 X 50 1:00
    1-12: odd:easy even: fast
    13-16: warm down

    4300 M/Y
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  11. FAST FRIDAY Dec 28th, 2012

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 01:34 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    FAST FRIDAY Dec 28th, 2012
    In 4 days I will be a FINA 50!

    Lately I've been preparing for the
    400 Kick for Time
    went 5:32 & 5:24, pretty sure I can go much faster might do it tomorrow, Sun or Mon

    Just renewed my 2013 USMS membership

    Don't have a team? Consider registering with: Longhorn Masters / TXLA
    especially if you ever swam for Longhorn, UT or are coming to the
    2013 South Central SCY Zone Championships in Austin April 5, 6 & 7

    Chris coached
    6:30 - 8:00 dove around 6:35
    SCY UT Swim Center main pool north end (no blocks)
    Swam with Chris Kemp
    beside David, Larry, & Keith

    Warm up
    20 minutes choice stop at 6:50
    I swam easy 50's on 40 & 45

    Main Set

    ASSIGNED: 20 x 100 on 2:00
    1) swim fast
    2) pull fast
    3) kick fast
    4) easy
    several of the fast 100's, but not killer hard since I was concentrating on the 100 K, then I started doing 50's instead of 100's on 1 & 2 to rest up some for the 1 k which I went 1:09 to 1:13 or 14, most were 12's

    Assigned: 12 50's on 1:15
    1) swim fast
    2) pull fast
    3) kick fast
    4) easy
    again took it easy on the swim & pull to kick fast
    went 35, 34, & 31 on #11

    Next Meet:

    2013 South Central SCY Zone Championships
    Fri Apr 5 - Sun Apr 7
    UT Austin, TX
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  12. Friday 12282012

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 01:23 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    I did make it to the gym Wednesday after work, which in the end was not a good thing.
    got in a decent treadmill run, some abs/stretching, then moved over to weights. I did a set of pullups just fine. Then while doing some preacher curls, I threw out my back. I felt a pop and knew it wasn't a good thing.
    Oddly, I managed to finish up (I shouldn't have, but this is par for the course with me..), made it home. Then I started to ice like crazy. Took 2 Alleve, went to bed...and woke up even worse Thursday morning.

    thankfully I had planned to just work from home yesterday. I had wanted to take my bike for a spin, but given that I could hardly walk, I certainly didn't. took a day off from working out...just worked, found a massage thing that I used on my back a few times, along with icing.
    we went to see Les Miserables yesterday afternoon. I had seen it in the theater a LONG time ago (I hate to say when), and was really looking forward to this. no, it wasn't as good as seeing it on stage, but it was still a great movie. plus it kind of forced me to sit still for nearly 3 hours (I did get up once), which I think helped my back. the stadium seat seemed to have plenty of support for me. and I felt much better walking out than I did walking in.

    went up to Mesa-Kino for the AM masters swim workout this morning
    we were in the main pool (LCM)
    Paul and Laura were coaching, I went with Paul's group

    missed w/u

    8 x 150 (don't know the interval, and I missed the first 100)

    4 x 100 kick @ 2:00

    8 x 75 @ 1:30

    400 social kick

    8 x 25 @ :45

    200 w/d

    TTL: 2900m

    I felt ok when I woke up this morning, my back wasn't at 100%, but felt good enough to give swimming a shot. still moving a little slower than normal...

    air temp was a bit brisk, mid-30s. lots of steam coming up from the water.

    I think there were more specifics to the workout, some stroke mixed in, emphasis on faster bits, etc... but I mostly just did a long stretch out swim. I was really happy when I saw the pool setup LCM (and we were in there), as I didn't want to deal with as many flip turns. swimming freestyle itself felt mostly ok. I did try a couple of turns...and they didn't feel too good, so I did mostly open turns (after years and years of flipturns it feels strange not doing them). I didn't try any fly, did a little backstroke and it felt ok. for kicking, free w/board kinda hurt my back, so I did a bit of the kicking on my back and I just tried to really stretch things out.

    at some point Paul asked if we were doing the 100 x 100's tomorrow and divided the group. when I saw who wasn't, all I said was, "I'm not swimming over there," and stuck in the same lane. they did some fast 50s, along with other things, so I was glad I didn't move.

    as to the 100 x 100' I'm not so sure. I really want to, but not at the expense of hurting my back, or something else, even more. I could just go in a slower lane and do open turns, but if I swim in a slower lane, chances are high that they'd make me lead.
    or another option is to take the 100 x 50 option. it is also LCM, so there wouldn't be any turns at all. I'm more leaning towards this right now, maybe mixing in some kicking (on back), as well as strokes.
    of course I can start the 100 x 100's then move over to 50's at some point. or do 100 x 25's (SCY). or just stay home and sleep in (with a 7am start time on a Saturday, this is looking ever so tempting)
    so many choices.

    anyway, I'm now up to 498 miles YTD. even if I don't swim tomorrow, I'll still hit 500, with a gym swim Sunday and/or team swim Monday morning. heck, 2 miles makes me want to go to the gym now just to get it over with.
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  13. Arms still attached to my body, amazingly enough 12/28/12

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 12:02 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    So happy to report that despite overtraining (considering the fact that I usually swim 4500 3-4 x week) my arms are still attached. I am beginning to develop a twitch in my left eye whenever I hear the word butterfly lately, though.....

    So today was supposedly "only 6000" - only? Here's what we did - grateful to be swimming with the PRE-seniors and not the Seniors for these two weeks (since I have to get out & go to work 1/2 hour before the Seniors' practice is done):

    600 back/free
    2 x 300 P
    4 x 100 K
    4 x 100 IM on 1:40
    100 easy
    8 x 100 P on 1:30
    100 easy
    6 x 150, 100 free, 50 choice on 2:30
    12 x 50 K on 1:10
    100 easy
    16 x 50 S on 1:00, 4 free, 4 stroke repeat
    100 easy
    12 x 25, one drill, two 4-cycle, one sprint
    200 easy
    Total: 6100 LCM

    BTW: Air Temp: 29, Water Temp: 79. Chilly no matter how you look at it.

    Looking forward to tomorrow - morning practice 6-8:30, and then I will (hopefully) return at 3pm for another 2 hours. If it is warm, we'll play tennis in between, as well. This way, I can eat as many cookies as I want!!

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  14. No man's land of not training yet

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 10:36 AM (Chowmi's Blog)
    Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good holiday season!

    My "training" has been to simply stay in relatively decent condition; no sense getting in really good shape before going to Breckenridge for a week and off-routine again. I've been doing strokes, drills, and some designated workouts and some on my own. Have not resumed drylands/weights yet except for my yoga/stretching. Again, no sense getting in great shape only to take a week off! We are going to Breck tomorrow.


    I got a parachute and softball/whiffle balls for xmas! The parachute is great! It says it is "flipturn compatable" for soft items, like the 'chute, clothing, etc, but that you should NOT flip turn with a hard drag object, like a bucket. You can indeed flipturn, but it is quite distracting. I like it better for fast 25's anyway. I like 25's period!

    The whiffle balls are awesome. They are like "anti-paddles" and essentially are a drill to work your core/legs since you can't balance, breathe, or get very much pull anyway. When you take the off, you feel incrdedibly balanced and your hands feel like giant spatulas! I got a package of 6; I am thinking to put them all in my bag and on certain days, suggest my small lane of 3 all use them! (since we have 2 hands, 6 balls, you get it....)

    Here is yesterday's workout:

    400 warm up (skipped the last 100; no reason, just skipped it 'cause I was tired)

    2 rounds of:
    3 x 50's each of
    done as kick/drill/swim

    2 x 200
    3 x 100
    ====>no, I did every other 50 with my whiffle balls

    10 x 50's
    3, 5, 7, 9, 10 fast
    ===>no, I did these the same way as 25's and walk back each time.

    The End

    That was a good workout for me. Just the kind of stuff I like! And enought skipping bits to feel proud that I did much less than everyone else. That said, I was arguably doing "more" with my whiffle balls!


    On to Breck tomorrow! I am going to start the 50 mile club thing. You mark your yardage and they put your name up on a board when you hit 50 miles. It's really dumb for us because of course we can easily do 50 miles every 2 months, even at my yardage rate. But you can only count yards swum at the Breck Recreation Center, so it's going to take me a few years. You can swim any stroke and use any equipment, just no motorized stuff. You can take as much time as you want, but i'd rather just get as much yardage in as I can. DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT????!!!! HO HO HO!!! I'll probably wear big fins, paddles, and my snorkel and just swim away.


  15. Cranking it out today

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 10:01 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Felt fairly good today. Used my foam roller last night to mend some muscle issues and it worked good. Need to do it again tonight since I really hit it hard today.

    1000 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    1500 free w/paddles & bouy went 24:19
    200 free w/snorkle
    100 breast kick
    100 free kick
    100 free EZ

    Total 3000 meters
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  16. 12.28.12 - Friday workout

    by , December 28th, 2012 at 09:35 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Dave, Brian, Roger and Aundrey. Signed up for the Auburn SCY Invitational (feb. 16, 17) meet yesterday. I'm in for all the distance and mid-d events.
    Day 1: 1650, 200 Fly, 200 Free, 400 IM - I've been working on getting my 200 free below 2:00. Not sure if it will happen this year but I'm close. My biggest concern is swimming relays after the 400 IM. I shouldn't be in the final heat so I will probably have a few minutes to recover before the relays.
    Day 2: 500 Free, 200 Breast, 200 Back, 200 IM - Looking to break 2:30 on the 200 br. I should be able to do that. Since I've dropped the 50 Br (will probably swim it in a relay) and 100 Br, this is my only shot at one of my better events. First time ever to race 200 IM.


    600 Warm up

    1000 on 1:30/100 pace. Start with 100 Pull. If you are ahead of the 1:30 pace, substitute 25 pull with 25 kick for the next 100. I went 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 Kick on the first 5 and stayed ahead of the 1:30 pace w/ all kick for the last 5. I was about 12 or 13 seconds ahead of the pace at the end.
    50 Easy

    10 x 100 Up/Down Kick - 1:45 (:05) Base stroke Fly. Start w/ 100 fly. Dave threw in the stipulation that you can't use your strongest kick. w/o br kick, I couldn't get to 100 kick. But I did comfortably alternate 50 kick/50 fly with 75 kick/25 fly.
    50 Easy

    10 x 100 - 1:45 Easy. Only stipulation is that the first 25 is no breath. Roger and I tried to come up with something different for every no breather. I did: Free, Fly, Br pullouts, Spider scamper (lane rope pull on back underwater), sdk on back w/ fins, sdk on front w/fins, underwater flutter kick w/ fins, br kick w/ face in water, pull, and sdk on front w/o fins.
    50 Easy

    25 Easy
    1200 free relay. 2 teams of three. Everyone did 8 50s. Their team went 11:25, we went 11:28.
    75 Easy

    6 x 50 - 1:11 down no breath, back hard

    150 Cool down

    (4700 Total)
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  17. Thursday, Dec 27 - Swimming in Tyler

    Found out when the Masters were swimming and got a swim in here in Tyler. The coach gave me some sets - it's good to see how different coaches/swimmers workout. In this case, catch-up drills and pulls w/leg buoy. I don't do a lot of drills and swimming 200 free catch-ups was actually sort of tough. It changed my stroke rythm and my breathing. Only swam 4100 yards but that was good considering the traveling and the food over the past couple of days. And this was a night time swim, too.

    4x100 Free on 1:30
    200 Free Catch-up
    4x50 Free Pull on :50
    200 Free Catch-up
    4x50 Back Pull on :50
    200 Free Fins and Paddles
    4x50 Free w/fins on Hard on :45
    200 Free Catch-up
    4x50 Back w/fins on :50
    200 Free Pull
    4x50 Kick on 1:00
    200 Free Pull w/paddles
    4x50 Kick on 1:00
    2x200 Back w/paddles on 3:00
    2x100 Back w/paddles on 1:45
    4x100 Free on 1:30
    6x50 Back/free on :50

    4100 yards
    80 minutes
  18. My first 100 IM

    by , December 27th, 2012 at 11:42 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    So, I've done 7,200 SCY in the last two days. The day after Christmas was not impressive. I felt awkward in the water, things just didn't feel right after only 1-day break, the first day out of the water in two weeks. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I'm making it out to be, maybe I just needed another "rest" day. I don't know. I only did 3200:

    100 fr
    200 br
    200 bk
    500 drills
    1000 in 1:40 pace (16:40)
    5 minute rest
    10 x 50 (25 sprint/25 recovery) on 1:00
    5 x 100 on 2:00*
    200 fr cool-down (3:15)
    *3 fr 1:27-28; 1 br in 1:42, 1 bk (2:12).

    Today's workout was much better. 4000 in about 90 minutes, a lot of good quality speed work. Here's what I did:

    Warm-up (1000):
    400 swim
    4 x 100 on 1:45 (1:27-1:35)
    4 x 50 on 1:00 (:38-:40)

    Main Sets (2800)
    10 x 100 alt. pull w/ paddles and free
    5 x 200 fr on 4:00 (all in the 2:50s; 2:53-2:57)
    4 x 200 on 5:00 (first 2: 150 br/50bk, then next alt bk/br by 50s--all 3:30 range; fourth was fr in 3:15)

    Cool-down (200):
    2 x 100 IM on 3:00 (1:29, 1:32)

    Yes, that is two IM swims in the cool-down (which, btw, doesn't make for a relaxed cool-down). Scotty joined me after my pull/free 100 set and we were swimming in the same lane, so we were pushing each other pretty well on the 200s. We got separate lanes for the stroke work. Scotty mentioned that I was making up ground lost on the breast with my back, he thought maybe because of my kick. It's all relative, I didn't feel as good about my breast stroke today, felt like I was missing a piece somewhere, so the back probably seemed better in comparison.

    So, the IMs... Scotty said he needed to do at least a couple hundred worth in IM order and I said, well, I just need a couple hundred more before I call it a day. Why don't we break it into 2 x 100 IM. I figured I could survive 25 fly at least. I asked him to take a look at a few strokes worth of my fly and see if I was doing anything too terribly wrong... Using some of James' advice and what I've remembered seeing from video, I gave it a shot... and Scotty said, "whoa, where did that come from? You're a ringer!" He told me to try a wider hand entry and away we went on my first 100 IM swim ever. We were pretty close on the 25 fly, I pulled even on the 25 back , he pulled away on the 25 breast , and then I cruised in with whatever I could manage on the last 25 free: 1:28. I was pretty pleased with that time. We went again on 3:00 and I managed a 1:32. In addition to a lot more work on fly and breast, I need to work on the turn for backstroke . But it was fun. No complaints.

    Bonus family time in the pool: so, my middle son Anthony is taking a week break from his Cross-Country/Track training and wanted to do some cross-training in the pool. Before I got in and started I took a look at his freestyle stroke and it is right about where I was a couple of years ago, so I gave him a few pointers and let him get on his way. He swam the whole time I was doing my 4000-yard workout. He would stop and rest (very briefly) every 50-100 yards, but probably got in 2500 yards. I'm proud of him for sticking with it.

    Maybe tomorrow is going to be 100s day, getting ready for another distance day (those seem to come around really fast!)... Saturday might be a 7200-yard continuous swim; I've stocked up on gatorade!
  19. Thurs, Dec. 27, 2012 4:00-6:00pm - No 1-Arm Fly Please

    by , December 27th, 2012 at 10:26 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    300 Swim
    • 50 Free, 25 Fly Sprint
    • 50 Free, 25 Back Sprint
    • 50 Free, 25 Breast Sprint
    • 75 Free Desc to Sprint

    6 x 50 SDK on Back @ 1:15
    300 Scull
    • (50 V-Sit, 50 Front, 50 V-Sit) x 2

    100 Free

    16 x 75 SDK w/ fins @ 1:15 FAST/EZ/FAST by 25s

    Main Set:

    200 Fly @ 3:30
    2 x 25 Back Sprint @ :45
    200 Back @ 3:15
    2 x 25 Breast Sprint @ :45
    200 Breast @ 3:30
    2 x 25 Free Sprint @ :45
    200 Free @ 3:00
    2 x 25 Fly Sprint @ :45
    Go back to the top and do it all bonus rest!
    • All 200s are "MAX Rest" - meaning go fast and get the most rest possible. Basically the whole set was fast...or at least an attempt at it.
    • 200s Fly were 2:25/2:30 by rounds (very wavy out there)
    • 200s Back were 2:32/2:40ish?
    • 200s Breast were completed (actually was pretty close to Jared, but I didn't check my times)
    • 200s Free were 2:10/2:15
    • We got lucky and didn't have to repeat the opening 200 Fly, but the other 2 lanes got a little extra fly training, because 4 people were doing a bit of 1-arm Fly during the 200. That is unexcusable (by Coach John's standards) in our group, and we know better. If we're going to crash, we're supposed to hold our stroke out front and "kick-thru" until clear to stroke again.


    500 Free EZ

    5 Rounds of:
    • 100 Free MAX REST @ 1:15 (held 1:05s, w/ a 1:03 on the final round)
    • 50 Free EZ @ 1:00
    • 25 Free Sprint @ :45
    • 25 Free Sprint @ :45


    600 Free EZ and out

    6300 Yards and barely able to walk myself from the lockerroom to my car. I did thank John for kicking my butt tonight. IM workouts are harder than freestyle ones IMO.
    Taco Bell drive thru for dinner tonight...I wasn't going to be able to make anything myself for dinner tonight anyway (like I ever do, right?)
  20. Workout 12/27/12:

    by , December 27th, 2012 at 09:10 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    First legit snow storm of the year started Wednesday night and continued through the day today. Was able to snap this picture of the house before firing up the snowblower:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Spent about an hour clearing out the driveway, then another little bit opening up after the town plowed me me. Got in the following swim before dinner:

    200 FR/200 BK/200 IM drill

    Put on snorkel and ...
    - 50 flutter kick on 1:00 with board
    - 100 pull on 1:30 with agility paddles and pull buoy
    - 150 swim on 2:15 with agility paddles
    - 200 back with agility paddles (didn't use snorkel here, or course)

    Two rounds of:
    6 x 50
    - 1: ez
    - 2-5: quarter's strong
    - 6: AFAP
    - go on next top
    (first round FR with snorkel on :45, second round back on :50)

    1 x Noah's Ark pull
    1 x 100 float to finish
    (Solo/Rec/2800 yds/45 min)

    Nice stretch-out swim in with toys. Felt good to add in some longer yardage swims but also keep some intensity in there. I'm starting to look forward to ramping back into full swing with the swim training with the start of the new year. It has been nice not having crowded lanes, but I know that will change for a while in January.

    After getting home, I shoveled some more for another 30 minutes. I might be a tad crazy, but I enjoy the winter weather and the outdoor activities that it brings. Even shoveling Last year we had some very small storms and it was quite warm, causing our winter season to be almost nonexistent. Looking forward to more time outside, off to find my snowshoes and wax up the old Burton.
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