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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    We just rented a kayak. But She took off in the kayak while I was still putting my cap and spot buoy on. She says “catch me if you can!” lol
  2. Sojerz's Avatar
    Maybe find someone with a light and scuba gear. Free diving to 40' won't leave you much time to search too. You should paint an x on the side of your kayak to mark the spot.
  3. __steve__'s Avatar
    Naval Weapons station.
    Friday was last day of season leaving me with one pool in 20 mile radius to rely on -Danny jones pool
  4. tripswim's Avatar
    where is your 24 meter pool?
  5. JPEnge's Avatar
    Nothing is particular besides the benefits squats give in general. There are certainly simpler exercises that serve the same purpose, I just like OHS.
  6. Kenny100's Avatar

    I am curious about how the OHS helps with your swimming. I used to powerlift but cut back to lighter weight to help prevent injury. But I am open to adding new lifts to my weight workout routine. Thanks.