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  1. 06|16|18

    10 x 25m 1arm free on 1:00 (non surgery arm)
    500 frg kick (arms passive) 14:00
    60 min various things: rehab shldr range of motion, active range, neuromuscular control, and super easy stroke with recovery not fully above surface. also did relaxing stuff: UW swims for CO2 tolerance, Bubble rings etc


    back machine 55 pounds left arm for 45 reps, 0 pounds right arm for 5 reps.
    Assisted dips: 100lbs 10 reps x 2
    assisted pull-ups: 100lbs 10 reps x 2
    arm bicycle: 3 minutes
    back extensions 60 reps
    calf raises 20 reps
  2. Saturday 6/16/18

    AM LCM w/ BASH @ M.E. Lyons YMCA ďCuda Classic Day #1Ē

    Had a good warm up at this meet and was really looking forward to seeing how I raced after a week of heavy training. However, while warming up for the 100 BR, I felt my groin start to go. Bummer. Had to scratch the event. Really thought I had done a good job with strengthening and conditioning my hip adductors and abductors, but it appears I need to work harder at this.

    200 FR - 2:17.05 (31.5/34.5/35.6/35.7) - Missed my first turn and really lost my kick the last 40 meters. Itís the fastest time I have gone this season, but not by much. I was expecting a little better out of myself in this event.

    Total: ~ 1600

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