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  1. Saturday 11/24/18

    PM SCY w/ Trip + Michael (+ Doug and Jim Robbins as Chief Split Getters) @ LRRC "Four on Seven"

    400 swim every 4th 25 scull w. SNKL
    300 pull w/ SNKL
    200 kick every 3rd 25 BR w/ BD
    4x25 @ :30 V.S.
    175 EZ

    4x @ 7:00
    200 DIVE FAST
    200 EZ

    25 EZ
    2x200 @ :10 rest kick H.A.S. w/ fins + SNKL

    Total: 3200

    SHOUT OUT: Doug and Jim for getting splits. Trip for throwing down hard. Michael for hanging tough through the set. This one hurt A LOT!

    11/24/18 (SCY) - 1:59.11 (57.15/1:01.86), 1:59.98 (58.78/1:01.20), 2:00.91 (59.16/1:01.75), 2:02.96 (1:00.34/1:02.62) (Nike brief)

    Trip's Results:
    11/24/18 (SCY) - 2:09.71 (1:02.96/1:06.75), 2:12.28 (1:04.31/1:07.97), 2:12.22 (1:04.61/1:07.61), 2:10.79 (1:04.19/1:06.60) (Endurance jammer)

    Michael's Results:
    11/24/18 (SCY) - 2:20.42 (no splits available), 2:26.96 (1:09.53/1:17.43), 2:29.46 (1:11.79/1:17.67), 2:32.09 (1:13.26/1:18.83) (Endurance jammer)
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  2. Workout 11/24/18: morning

    by , November 24th, 2018 at 08:27 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Today was Turducken Day, courtesy of swimsuit addict!

    Turducken set: A turducken is a turkey that is stuffed with a duck, which in turn has been stuffed with a chicken. Iíve never tasted one, but I feel like Iíve been reading about them as a novelty food item for at least a decade. The latest article I saw about turducken was not about food at all, but about privacy law, and ever since I read it, the word has been rolling around in my head. So I decided I would assemble stroke turduckens by stuffing a 50 of one stroke into the middle of a 100 of another stroke, then sticking the whole thing into a 200 of yet another stroke. I did four rounds of these; on the first, turkey=fly, duck=back, and chicken=breast; the strokes rotate through the IM thereafter. The set looked like this:

    4 x 350 @ :30-:40 rest interval
    1st 350=100 FL/50 BK/50 BR/50 BK/100 FL
    2nd 350=100 BK/50 BR/50 FR/50 BR/100 BK
    3rd 350=100 BR/50 FR/50 FL/50 FR/100 BR
    4th 350=100 FR/50 FL/50 BK/50 FL/100 FR

    On each round I aimed to do the middle 50 at 200 IM pace; the 50 before it as build and the 50 after it as recovery, and the turkey 100s at the front and back at basic aerobic pace.
    I had to leave practice early so besides the main set I put a 600 yard warmup and 200 to loosen out. This a fun and challenging set that I bring back every year. The team did a 250's (mixing 100/50/100 with swim/kick/pull) and I only did 1-arm fly this year. Total for me was 2200 yds in 40 minutes.
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