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  1. Strength and swim


    Deadlift 135#x10, 145#x4
    Swing KB 35#x20, 2x
    Pull ups x7, x6
    Speed skiers x6, 2x
    Bridge drag sand bag 30#x24, 2x
    Back Sqt 60#x10, 65#x5
    Sqt Jumpx5, 2x
    Overhead press 50#x10, 55#x6
    Push press 25#x4, x2

    Later swim

    500 w/u

    400 Kickset
    Free streamline
    Back streamline
    Breast kick

    200 pull

    400 IM drill
    Fly odd, Dolphin even
    Backstroke odd Backstreamline even
    Breaststroke odd kick even
    Freestyle odd streamline kick even

    100 cool
  2. Workout 12/1/17: morning

    by , December 1st, 2017 at 08:07 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Quick swim before work this morning:

    200 free/200 back/200 im drill
    400 shark swim
    400 DPS with fast 4th 25 (in traffic)
    200 loosen and out
    [Solo/Masters/Rec/30 min]

    I signed up for the New England SCM Champs at WPI in Mass next weekend. I'll see how I am feeling but the plan is to head down for just Saturday:
    8 Men 400 SCM
    12 Men 200 SCM
    14 Men 50 SCM
    18 Men 100 SCM

    Slowly trying to get back into shape and also competition. I am focusing on New England SCY Champs at Harvard in March, with hopes to swim a full meet Fri-Sun.

    Updated December 3rd, 2017 at 08:39 PM by rxleakem

    Swim Workouts
  3. 12/1/17 Workout

    by , December 1st, 2017 at 08:15 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    12/1/2017 CrossFit Workout

    Thought jammed finger felt good enough to try a CF workout again. Mostly OK.

    Warmup - plyos, airbike, stretching, PVC drills

    Strength/Skill -
    A) Back Squat 225/7,7,7
    B) Seated box jump 30"/6, 42"/6, 48"/6
    C) Pistols 10,10,10

    //Squats felt WEAK after a couple weeks off them. C was supposed to be rope climbs but the finger wasn't liking the grip. Top joint still iffy.

    Conditioning -
    SDHP 75#
    Bar-facing burpees
    Assault Air Bike Calories