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  1. Friday 7/20/18

    AM SCY Solo @ LRRC "FRY-day Fly Day"

    It is now 96 degrees with a heat index of 109. It was already well over 90 when I got in to swim a little after 9:00 am. The club team was hogging every lane in the LCM pool so I went SCY, but that pool's temperature was probably 85-86. Needless to say, I was equal parts baking and boiling this morning.

    300 swim every 4th 25 scull
    4x75 @ 1:20 k/dr/UW w/ fins
    3x150 @ 2:00 D1-3
    #1 - 50 FL/100 FR
    #2 - 50 FR/50 FL/50 FR
    #3 - 100 FR/50 FL

    4 @ :40 FL kick w/ BD
    4 @ :30 FL swim SMOOTH
    4 @ :40 FL drill (6 kick/underwater recovery drill)
    4 @ :30 FL swim BUF
    4 @ :40 15M FAST FL kick UW/EZ to wall
    4 @ :30 FL swim FAST

    300 EZ

    Total: 3000
    Swim Workouts
  2. 7/19 part 2, 7/20/18 Workout

    by , July 20th, 2018 at 08:14 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Thursday, 7/19/2018 Garage Lifting (PM Workout)

    Warmup - playing with dogs at the dog park

    Tempo Back Squat (5 count down, 3 count pause, fast up) - 45/3, 135/3, 185/2, 225/2x6

    Friday, 7/20/2018 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - plyos, shoulder light DB warmup

    Strength - Shoulder Press - 45/5, 75/5, 85/3, 95/3, 105/3, 115/3, 125/3, 125/1,1, 115/5,5,5
    Pullups - 6x3x62#

    Conditioning -
    2 rounds
    100 double unders
    500m row
    50 wall balls 20#
    400m run

    Some drama over the continuation of the Masters team I swam with in the winter/spring until they closed the pool for cleaning over the summer. Admins weren't very good at keeping organization so it seems like they were going to quietly cancel the group until we all spoke up. They decided they wouldn't cancel but they were going to do better billing (fine) and want everybody to be one unified group, i.e. all do one training program or close to it (not as fine). A few of us compete (and those of us that do all have different specialties) but most are fitness. So the ones of us that compete are going to give it a chance, try to push for some speed/sprint work in the program and see how it goes. That pool opens back up next week.