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  1. 1/27/18 Workout

    by , January 27th, 2018 at 04:01 PM (Swimming Through Jello)
    HVAC still wasn't running well at pool, had a bit of a cough the whole time between that and the last vestiges of crap in my throat from sickness. Good workout overall though! Minus some leg cramps at the end... might have to start Gatorade powdering my water. Not many Masters today so I did some pace work that the regular group doesn't like as much.

    Saturday, 1/27/2018 Pool Workout

    200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr

    6x{100@1:40 200 pace + 10s
    {5x25 :25-:30-:35-:40-:45 f-f-e-f-f
    1/4 - fr, 2/5 - bk, 3/6 - pull w/pads
    //Opened up the pace a bit more than prescribed. 1:03/1:01 fr, 1:08/1:05 bk, 1:03/1:01 pull. Happy with the effort on those!

    3x{2x75 :20 rest 200 pace
    {100 EZ

    1-fr, 2-bk, 3-br

    //:41/:43 fr, :46/:48 bk, :53/:55 br. Not as good as the first set. Have to work on maintaining speed over practice, sets and repeats. Also had some pretty bad leg cramps at the end of the breast.

    8x50 1:00 dr/smooth IMO

    200 warmdown

    3400 yards