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  1. 6|30|17 SCM form

    drylands - chest, back, and arms for about 25 min

    15 x 30m on 1:00, 15m sprt fr breakout and stroke form / 15m (bk o / br e) ez

    5 x 30m on 1:00, 15m sprt fr breakout and stroke form / 15m (bk o / br e) ez

    • practice turns w/o push for the ez's (bk's were blind gainer turns)

    30 x 16m turn drills on 0:20

    10 x 30m on 1:00, 15m sprt fr breakout and stroke form / 15m bk ez

    • practice bk turns as above

    10 x 30m on 1:00, 15m sprt fr breakout and stroke form / 15m UW breaststroke
  2. Budapest week 8 - Friday

    by , June 30th, 2017 at 05:27 PM (After a long rest)
    I slept hard last night and would have slept through my alarm if it were not for my awesome wife waking me up and giving me a coffee. I normally don't drink coffee before practice(I make up for it after practice) but this morning it was exactly what I needed.

    I felt ok during warmup and about half of the main set today but was really tired from that point on. Despite being tired I had a good workout.

    Pool setup LCM

    Warm up
    400 Free with snorkel
    6x50 catchup on :50

    Main Sets
    4x(100 fast free on 2mins, 200 IM on 3mins, 4x50 on 1min IMO by round trying to hold 200 race pace)
    200 easy
    4x100 with fins as free, back, back, free on 2mins
    12x50 smooth perfect stroke

    Warm down
    200 easy

    I was holding 1:08-1:09 on the 100s, using the IM as active recovery(but these still hurt) and was going 2:50s, and then choose to do back,free,back,free on the 50's by round. On the back I was :35-:36 and on the free I was :33s. My arms felt really tired towards the end of this set. I was not expecting Tom to throw 4 100s afap with fins at us and I must have pulled a funny face because he made a sarcastic comment about me not wanting to do these. The guy in the lane next to me was one of our faster young guys and he likes to race so I had to go for it on the free. I was :56 on the first and :55 on the last 100 which hurt so bad. On the back I was 1min and :59. I was hoping to go under 1:05 which I obviously did but I was very surprised how quick my back was because it felt horrible.
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  3. 'I Have an Idea for an Article About … ' (July–August 2017)

    by , June 30th, 2017 at 01:20 PM (SWIMMER Editorials)
    Readers ask me, “Have you ever thought about doing a story on ...”

    Some readers want to tell their own stories. (Hint: We love getting humorous or light-hearted first-person essays for the Hot Tub.) Some nominate a teammate or ask about a swimmer they saw at nationals. Some have training or sports medicine or rules questions, and those evolve into article topics.

    Some swimmers share their stories in the hope of providing inspiration or encouragement to others who might be struggling.

    In this issue, John Ramos of Masters of Yucaipa in Southern California shares with writer Gretchen M. Sanders how swimming has helped him in his struggle with PTSD following the San Bernardino terrorist attack (Swimming Life, page 6).

    Some readers reach out with questions or concerns about products, and ideas evolve from there.

    Gina Pond in Chicago was frustrated with not being able to find swimsuits that fit her and wasn’t seeing swimmers of size featured in our publications. Elaine K. Howley spoke with Pond about body image issues and her quest for inclusivity (Bewitching Belief, page 18).

    Sometimes we get emails with interesting professional signatures, prompting us to ask, “Hey, what’s it like being a (winemaker, oboe player, xenobiologist) and can we write about you?”

    Many readers want practical advice on how to swim faster or more efficiently.

    In this issue’s technique feature (page 24), Jeff Commings writes that you can go wider with your breaststroke out-sweep, providing you back it up with a powerful kick. So, if you’re still mentally scraping the insides of a salad bowl, try his tips for more power in the armstroke. (I swear just reading that article has already improved my breaststroke.)

    Terry Heggy (whose online coaching and technique articles at are must-reads) asks Level 4 USMS coach Chris McPherson for a few drills to fix your freestyle (Ask the Coach, page 8) and multiple record-holder Dot Munger for some racing tips (From the Center Lanes, page 10).

    For the most part, there aren’t bad topics—only ones that will interest or won’t interest any given reader.

    If you have an idea for an article, let us know at, or contact me directly at

    Always, thanks for reading.

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  4. 6|29|17 scm speed / aerobic

    SCM all free
    150 ez
    10 x 50 on 1:00, 12.5m fast / remaining ez (50)
    8 x 50 on 1:30, 12.5m afap / remaining very slow (50)
    pool closed and had to leave
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ drylands
    2 x 10 of RC bands with scapula set
    1 x 10 ea of the following four exercises
    3 sets of leg exercises
    1 x 30 standing calf mach raises 250lbs added

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  5. Ask the ALTS Experts

    by , June 29th, 2017 at 02:21 PM (Ask the ALTS Experts)
    ALTS questions answered by Morgon Latimore, lead ALTS instructor and owner of Latitude Pure Coaching:

    I have a new client who is signed up for her first triathlon in four weeks. She can swim, but she tires easily and is afraid of panicking. What’s a good strategy to get her ready for the half-mile lake swim?

    A large number of athletes in a triathlon deal with anxiety in the swim. This is somewhat normal for beginners. Lakes, rivers, oceans all come with different challenges, but you can make your athlete more prepared by doing some open-water drills in the pool and can getting them in the open water prior to race day. Things like the water polo drill will help them work on the neck and core strength needed while sighting; putting 3-4 other swimmers in one lane (side-by-side) will help with the anxiety/panicking a swimmer may get from swimming with other swimmers around them.

    There are many ways to help your swimmer, but I would suggest the athlete start in the back, outer side of the pack. This will keep her away from the faster swimmers who will swim tight to the inside of the buoys. You should have her practice sighting every 3-5 strokes so she swims in a straight line. Pick a large object higher than the buoys in the water. A tree or building are good objects to use. Get to the swim start early to find what you can use.

    If your swimmer tires easily, make sure she is breathing every-other stroke and is not breathing every 3, 5, or 7. Breathing every-other stroke will supply them with the oxygen needed to stay relaxed and prevent her from holding her breath because she is nervous.

    Lastly, a wet suit will give her more confidence and reassurance that she will be safe. Also, she will be able to swim to the lifeguards in the water, as long as there is no forward progress. This is a good time to rest and catch her breath and relax. If she has a panic attack, tell her to stop swimming and float on her back until she calms down and is ready to start swimming again. Reassure her that she can do it and to believe in herself.

    Good luck to you and your swimmer!

    I’d like to expand my ALTS program. What is the best way to get new clients?

    Be the MAYOR!

    What I mean by that is you need to really get involved in your local community and make sure they all know you have an ALTS program and where it is. Volunteer to talk about swim safety where adults hang out. Clubs, corporate events, social media, swimming meets (just because kids can swim doesn't mean the parents can), and word of mouth. Check to see what other swim instructors are doing in your area, and make your program better.

    Do this for 6-12 months, and they will start coming to you. The key is the more people you can expose your program to, the more likely they will come to you. Continue to change lives with your ALTS program!

    I’d like to use my training and experience to help adults in disadvantaged communities learn to swim. How I can get the word out and get people to the pool?

    Well, this is challenging but never impossible. You will really need to educate your community on the ALTS program and why it is so important to learn to swim. Making it convenient to them is important because if they are going to school or are working, they may not have much time. Get out and ask individuals to take the lesson -- don't wait for them to come to you -- you get out and find them. This may create a buzz in your area. You can talk to the aquatics director at the pool you teach at and try to create a free ALTS program. This will bring people to the pool, and cities love that.

    Your journey may start off slow, but if you stick with it, you may have more people wanting to learn how to swim than you can handle. This is a good problem to have! Good luck and remember swimming saves and changes lives!
  6. Budapest week 8 & 9 - catchup

    by , June 29th, 2017 at 01:29 PM (After a long rest)
    The past week has been extremely busy on both the work and personal front. I swam Tuesday through Thursday last week(Budapest week 8) and i am feeling pretty decent in the water. Friday through Sunday my daughter swum at the George Block Invite in San Antonio. The meet was at Northside ISD Aquatic center which is really an awesome facility. My parents are visiting from England and our original plan was for my wife and mother to accompany my daughter and I to the meet. Unfortunately my mother was sick and my wife stayed at home leaving my daughter and I to travel together to the meet. I managed to get a workout in at the Old George Block pool which was setup as 25m, but that was the extent of my swimming over the weekend. The couple of days off probably did me good anyhow.

    My daughter had an incredible meet and got her Futures cut in the 200 back and missed her Juniors cut by just over a second. She is very young but her time qualified her to swim with our Senior team at the NCSA summer champs meet in Indianapolis the week after TAGS in early August. She has improved a lot as a 13 year old and we are hoping that the Indy meet will be a fun meet that gives her some great experience surrounded by older girls on the team she idolizes.

    We got back from San Antonio at midnight on Sunday and I was very tired on Monday but hauled myself up to swim. Monday afternoon I had to head to San Francisco with work. My customer is in Redwood City and I was able swam with Stanford masters on Tuesday and Wednesday. As usual the group at Stanford were awesome and I had a lot of fun. Wednesday morning Hannah Boyd who was one of the few Stanford girls not at nationals this week trained with us. Hannah was really fast and was equally as nice. It's always great to see talented athletes who are also very grounded. Patrick(pwb) was in the bay area for work also and we managed to grab a quick breakfast together after practice which was fun.

    I arrive home at midnight again on Wednesday but managed once again to haul myself up and out of bed for a morning swim. The swim this am was not that great but I was there and will feel better for the swim. I should be back on a normal schedule the rest of the week.

    Next week I am heading to Grand Junction, Colorado with our senior group for a 10 day training camp at University of Colorado Mesa. My primary role is coach but I plan on training at altitude while I am there, but the schedule will be very busy. Unfortunately I also have to do some work while I am there but should be able to fit everything in. I am very lucky that my work role allows me some flexibility.

    It's already been a crazy swimming summer and it's only going to get better as world's approaches.
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  7. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout 6/30/17

    by , June 29th, 2017 at 01:22 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    LCM intervals left, SCY intervals right

    Warm up
    2 x 200 3:45 [3:15]
    4 x 100 1:45 [1:30]
    6 x 50 1:15 [1:15] stroke

    Main set
    12 x 50 1:20 [1:15] kick alt 1fast/1easy
    12 x 50 1:15 [1:15] stroke alt 1fast/1easy
    12 x 50 1:00 [1:00] free alt 1fast/1easy

    Freestyle/pull set
    12 x 100 1:40 [1:30]
    [1-2 long & strong, 3-5 build, 6-8 desc, 9-11 fast, 12 warm down]

    Total: 4100
  8. 6|28|17 SCM recovery swim

    53 minutes in water

    Easy free
    • made effort in keeping HR <120 BPM by stopping every 100 or 150 for a 10 sec HR count (20 or less)

    easy 250 bk

    450 easy kick (fly, frog, free order by 50)

    300 easy kick on back with fins, mostly UW
  9. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout 6/29/17

    by , June 28th, 2017 at 02:16 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    LCM intervals left, SCY intervals right

    Warm up
    4 x 150 2:45 [2:30]
    3 x 100 2:00 [1:45] 50fist drill/50swim
    6 x 50 1:15 [1:15] stroke 2 of each

    Kick set
    8 x 50 1:20 [1:15] 25fast/25easy

    IM/stroke set
    1 x 50 1:15 [1:15] drill
    1 x 50 1:15 [1:15] mod
    1 x 100 2:30 [2:15] fast
    [RD1 fly, RD2 back, RD3 breast]
    [Fly drill: 2strokes right arm, 2 left arm, 2 both arms]
    [Back drill: 25 only right arm, 25 only left arm]
    [Brst drill: breastroke arms, flutter kick]

    Freestyle/pull set
    3 x 200 3:20 [3:00] desc 1-3
    3 x 200 3:10 [2:50] desc 1-3
    3 x 200 3:00 [2:40] desc 1-3

    Warm down
    4 x 50 1:00

    Total: 4200
  10. 6|27|17 SCM lactate production

    6|25|17 - drylands / stretching

    6|27|17 SCM - lactate production was the goal

    200 ez with fins

    100 one arm drill

    12 x 50 from block on 2:00

    • 1st was fly - 36
    • remaining odds free - 38's
    • evens breast - 46's

    200 kick (free / frog ea 25m) with board - 4:13

    Felt more out of breath than muscle failure. Doing fly first may have demanded too much O2 making rest of set trying to recover. Because of this my times for fr and br little slower than typical. Maybe an addition 30 seconds rest on them would've made the workout much more productive

    drylands tonight - tossing heavy balls, catching the lighter ones, 3:20 plank, single stiff leg deadlifts with a kettle bell on one side, rowing machine used for abs)

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  11. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout 6/28/17

    by , June 27th, 2017 at 02:22 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    LCM intervals left, SCY intervals right

    Warm up
    4 x 100 2:00 [1:45]
    2 x 200 4:00 [3:30] 50st/50fr/50st/50fr
    8 x 50 1:00 [1:00] choice

    Main set
    1 x 300 7:30 [6:45] kick
    1 x 200 5:00 [4:30] kick
    1 x 100 2:30 [2:15] kick

    1 x 300 6:00 [5:30] IM
    1 x 200 4:00 [3:30] IM
    1 x 100 2:00 [1:45] IM

    1 x 300 4:45 [4:15] free-pull
    1 x 200 3:10 [2:45] free-pull
    1 x 100 1:30 [1:15] free-pull

    Freestyle set
    18 x 50 1:00 [1:00] pacee
    :30 rest
    1 x 100 best effort

    Warm down
    4 x 50 1:00

    Total: 4200
  12. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout 6/27/17

    by , June 26th, 2017 at 01:50 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    LCM intervals left, SCY intervals right

    Warm up
    1 x 200 3:45 [3:15]
    4 x 100 2:00 [1:45] 50st/50fr
    1 x 200 3:15 [3:00]
    6 x 50 1:00 [1:00] choice

    Freestyle sprint set
    1 x 200 4:00 [3:30]
    [4-6 sprint dolphin kicks, 8 sprint strokes off each wall]

    4 x 50 1:15 [1:15]
    [1 - 25 fast w/4 fast dolphin kicks]
    [2 - 35 fast w/4 fast dolphin kicks]
    [3 - 50 fast w/4 fast dolphin kicks]
    [4 - easy breathing every 7 strokes]

    2 x 50 2:30 [2:30] [hitting 100 goal time for combined two 50s]

    Kick set
    1 x 50 1:20 [1:15]
    :30 vertical kick
    1 x 50 1:30 [1:30]

    IM/stroke set
    3 x 50 1:15 [1:15] fly desc
    3 x 50 1:15 [1:15] back desc
    3 x 50 1:15 [1:15] breast desc
    1 x 50 easy

    Free/Pull set
    5 x 200 3:05 [3:00] neg split

    Warm down
    4 x 50 1:00

    Total: 4000
  13. 6|23|17 double: recovery AM / speed, starts, drills in PM

    scy 3am outdoor pool fence jump

    1500 of free and kicking keeping it quiet to not cause attention. kicked with feet under avoiding splash and noise

    scy 5pm in another outdoor pool

    500 ez with fins
    4 x 50 (blocks) on 1:30 15m fast / 35m ez (fasts: IM order)
    4 x 50 (blocks) on 2:00 15m fast / 35m ez (fasts: IM order)
    4 x 30 (blocks) on 1:00 15m fast / 15m ez (fasts: IM order)
    6 x 25 on 0:45 kick (fr, fl, br)
    6 x 25 on 1:00 fast fr NB's
    4 x 50 one arm drill, static arm dragging behind, breathe to static side
    350 various drills with / without fins, random bursts off walls

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  14. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout 6/26/17

    by , June 23rd, 2017 at 12:27 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    LCM intervals left, SCY intervals right

    Warm up
    4 x 100 2:00 [1:45]
    8 x 50 1:15 [1:15] Alt 1st/1fr
    4 x 100 1:45 [1:30]

    Kick set
    6 x 50 1:20 [1:15]
    1 x 100 easy swim

    IM/stroke set
    1 x 100 2:15 [2:00] 25strong/75easy
    1 x 100 2:15 [2:00] 50strong/50easy
    1 x 100 2:15 [2:00] 75strong/25easy
    1 x 100 2:30 [2:15] 100strong
    [RD1 stroke choice, RD2 IM or stroke]

    Free/Pull set
    1 x 400 6:30 [5:45] 100strong/200mod/100easy
    1 x 400 6:30 [5:45] 200strong/100mod/100easy
    1 x 400 6:30 [5:45] 300strong/100easy
    1 x 400 6:30 [5:45] 400strong

    Warm down
    4 x 50 1:00

    Total: 4200
  15. 6|22|17 lactate production


    400 ez
    7 x 50fr on 1:30, 75-70% 50 pace (#4 was br)
    5 x 50fr from block on 2:00, 80-75% 50 pace
    200 kick (25 flutter/25 frog), 4:40


    4 x 10 horiz medball tosses w/t legs anchored and upper body unsupported
    9 x 5 fwd 1 leg hop up/dn box, repeat in reverse (various # of boxes @ 8" ea)
    9 x 5 side 1 leg hop up/dn box, out and back in (various # of boxes @ 8" ea)
    1 x 3 fwd 1 leg hops @ four 8" increments to 32", and a (both leg) grav drop/hop
    Several additional nameless core exercises focusing chiefly on ab/core

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  16. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout 6/22/17

    by , June 21st, 2017 at 02:24 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    LCM intervals left, SCY intervals right

    Warm up
    3 x 100 2:00 [1:45]
    6 x 50 1:15 [1:15] Alt 1 fist drill, 1 swim
    6 x 50 1:15 [1:15] stroke choice
    6 x 50 1:00 [1:00] desc 1-3/4-6

    Kick set
    5 x 100 2:30 [2:15] last 25 fast
    1 x 100 easy swim

    Sprint set
    1 x 50 1:15 [1:15] stroke fast
    1 x 50 1:15 [1:15] free fast
    1 x 50 1:30 [1:30] free easy

    Free/pull set
    1 x 250 4:00 [3:30] long & strong
    5 x 50 1:00 [1:00] pace
    1 x 200 3:15 [3:00] neg split
    4 x 50 :55 [:55] strong
    1 x 150 2:30 [2:15] last 50 strong
    3 x 50 :50 [:50] desc 1-3
    1 x 100 1:40 [1:30] mod
    2 x 50 :45 [:45]

    Warm down
    4 x 50 1:00

    Total: 4000
  17. 6|20|17 speed

    35 min aerobic based, speed, SCM swim


    30 x 30M on 1:00
    • dive from side, go 15m fr. fast
    • 15m easy back to wall bk/br/fr order, and jump out with both feet landing on deck

    1 x 15M fast flutter kick
  18. Workout 06/20/17: evening

    by , June 20th, 2017 at 07:30 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    200 free/200 back/200 im drill

    3 x 300:
    1: FR - 50 kick 150 pull 100 AP with snorkel
    2: FR -150 kick 100 pull 50 AP with snorkel
    3: BK - 100 kick 50 pull 150 AP

    5×100 FR on 1:30 even pace

    200 loosen and out.
    [Solo/Rec/2200 yds/40 min]

    Summer pool schedule is in effect and I found out that Masters picked up an extra 30 minutes on our Tuesday night swims. Matt and a friend were there doing their own thing so I did the above on my own. Still struggling to find the time to make it to the pool on a consistent basis with lots of family/work engagements. I did make another trip to PA over the week with my son, meeting my aunt for a ballgame in Allentown (Phillies triple-A team the Iron Pigs), exploring the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, and then visiting the cemetery where my grandmother is buried as well as another where her mom is buried. Learning more of my mother's side of the family.
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  19. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout 6/21/17

    by , June 20th, 2017 at 01:18 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    LCM intervals left, SCY intervals right

    Warm up
    4 x 150 2:45 [2:30]
    3 x 100 2:15 [2:00] IM
    6 x 50 1:00 [1:00] desc 1-3/4-6

    Kick set
    3 x 200 5:00 [4:30] last 50 strong

    IM/stroke set
    1 x 50 1:15 [1:15] stroke drill
    1 x 50 1:15 [1:15] stroke swim
    1 x 200 4:30 [4:00] IM
    [RD1: fly, drill: left arm, right arm, both arms]
    [RD2: back, drill: left arm only 25, right arm only 25]
    [RD3: breast, drill: breastroke arms, flutter kick]

    Free/pull set
    20 x 50 1:00 [1:00] pace
    Rest :30
    1 x 200 best effort

    Warm down
    4 x 50 1:00

    Total: 4100
  20. Budapest Week 8 - Monday

    by , June 19th, 2017 at 01:19 PM (After a long rest)
    I had a great fathers day and spent time with my wife, both my kids and my mum and dad; cant ask for much more than that. Despite a nap yesterday I was really tired this morning and probably well overdue a day off or at least a full blown recovery day. The way my schedule is working out I start to back off when I go to training camp with the kids on 4th July so I should start to feel ok I guess sometime after that. This morning I felt exhausted! Monday tends to be very aerobic centric and today was no exception.

    Pool Setup LCM
    Warm up
    400 free with snorkel
    6x50 catchup on :55

    Main Sets
    3x(2x50 back drill on :55, 200 free on 2:40, 100 back on 1:25)
    3x(50 fast kick on 1min, 100 kick as 50 fly, 50 flutter on 2mins, 50 kick as 25 fast, 25 smooth on 1min)
    3x(5x100 free Rd1 on 1:30, Rd2 on 1:20, Rd3 on 1:15)
    200 easy
    3x(300 free on 4mins, 100 back on 1:30)

    warm down
    200 easy

    Despite doing ok today I just never really got going. The transition set was surprisingly hard and the closest I came to feeling good today was on the 15x100s where I made all of them. The 300s at the end felt horrible and I just felt steam rolled today. Just no energy and very tired.
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