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  1. Thursday 5/23/19

    PM Weights @ LRRC
    PM LCM w/ Trip @ LRRC "Recovery"


    3x10 DB shoulder press (10/20#)
    3x10 DB S-arm bicep curl (10/20#)
    3x10 DB tricep extension (10/20#)
    3x10 DB S-arm row (10/20#)
    3x10 DB bench press (10/20#)
    3x15 hip adductor (70#)

    3x15 hip abductor (70#)


    1200 (300 swim/100 kick 50 FR/50 BR w/ BD)
    3x100 @ 1:40
    4x25 @ :10 rest
    odd: B&A drill

    800 N.S.
    PINK/RED w/ 4 FL kicks off all walls
    (5:16/5:08 - 10:24)

    8x100 @ 1:40 FR kick H.A.S. w/ fins + SNKL
    100 EZ

    Total: 3200

    SHOUT OUT: Trip, who was 10:49 on 5/7 when he last did an 800 fast. This time he dropped a 10:38 (and was out guns blazing on the first 200 meters!).
  2. 5/23/19 Workout

    by , May 23rd, 2019 at 08:28 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Thursday, 5/23/2019 Pool Workout

    First day back in the water after a week off and also sore from the gym... lots of kinks to work out! Still not feeling like myself yet.

    3x{100 fr 1:25/100 IM 1:35/100 bk dr 1:45/100 k 1:55}

    7x75 IM switch 50 dr/25 DPS 1:30
    7x75 IM switch 50 b/25 fast k 1:30
    7x75 IM switch 25 b/50 fast s 1:30

    5x75 k/d/s 1:40 EZ

    2x{50 p br3 :55
    50 sw br5 :55
    50 p br7 :55
    50 fast fl no breath/ez 1:15}

    100 warmdown

  3. Wednesday 5/22/19

    PM LCM w/ Trip @ LRRC "I.M."
    CORE7 post swim


    1000 SKIPS
    4x25 @ :35 SMOOTH I.M. order
    4x25 @ :35 12.5 FAST/12.5 EZ I.M. order

    9x200 @ 3:00
    3 - FR.I.M. D1-3 (2:51, 2:45, 2:39)
    3 - FR D1-3 pull w/ SP + SNKL (2:49, 2:41, 2:33)
    3 - I.M. D1-3 (2:58, 2:53+, 2:42*)
    * bonus 1:00 rest before #9. I was so gassed by that point!

    100 EZ
    3x100 @ 1:40 FR FAST-everything left in the tank (1:11, 1:11-, 1:09)
    100 EZ

    Total: 3500

    (for a refresher, it's 7 core exercises done as 1:00 of work followed by :30 rest (RD1), :20 rest (RD2), or :10 rest (RD3). After each round, 3:00 break.)

    - 4 power crunch into 4 power sit up (RD2/RD3 change exercises on command)
    - 8 bicycle kicks into 1 sit-up (RD1), 2 sit-ups (RD2), or 3 sit-ups (RD3)
    - leg lift into 1 crunch (RD1), 2 crunches (RD2), or 3 crunches (RD3)
    - static crunch with scissor kick (RD1) or BIG SLOW flutter kicks (RD2/RD3)
    - side plank dips (switch sides at :30)
    - burpee w/ plank out and in and NO push-up (RD1), full burpee (RD2), half burpee w/ 4 shoulder taps (RD3)
    - 4 mountain climbers into 4 knee tucks w/ gliders (RD3 change exercises on command)

    The CORE7 instructor took a leave of absence in September to start nursing school, and I wasn't really a fan of the other instructors they brought in to teach similar classes in his time slot. With school out, he has resumed leading the CORE7 class for the summer. My quads and hamstrings were so sore from squat and RDL yesterday, so the mountain climbers and knee tucks with the gliders was pure torture!

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  4. Vacation + 5/21 + 5/22

    by , May 22nd, 2019 at 08:47 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Long weekend trip to Mammoth Cave and Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

    Drove down Friday, hiked around the park a few miles. Brought my 53# kettlebell and did 3x(10 push jerk each arm + 15 RKBS + 10 pushups + 10 goblet squats)

    Saturday went on a couple of cave tours and hikes. Total 10+ miles, 80 some flights of stairs equivalent.

    Sunday drove to Red Rive Gorge - hiked 10+ miles, a couple of decently big climbs (apparently we totaled more climbing than when we tried to hike up Flattop Mountain in Colorado).

    Monday drove back and didn't really do anything active, which was OK with me.

    Tuesday, 5/21/2019 CrossFit Workout PM

    Warmup - rowing, stretching, plyos

    Strength - A1) Ring Pushups 3x15
    A2) Farmers Carry 100m x 220# x 3
    A3) Bulgarian Split Squats - BW/8, 15# DBs/8, 25# DBs/8

    Conditioning - AMRAP 20
    250m row
    60m 1-arm overhead carry per arm 50#
    10 burpees
    25 double unders
    5 rounds + 25m row

    Wednesday, 5/22/2019 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - lots of mobility, PVC warmup, barbell warmup

    Strength - Snatch + OHS - 75/1+1, 95/1+1, 115/1+1, 135/1+1, 155/1+1, 165/f,f,1+1
    //Still weak! But... feels OK besides being heavy.

    Conditioning - "Nancy"
    5 rounds
    400m run
    15 OHS 95#
    //Only 12 seconds off my best... very surprising. Hit the wall on the last round and a half.
  5. Tuesday 5/21/19

    PM Weights @ LRRC
    PM LCM w/ Trip (sort of) @ LRRC "Resistance, Power, and Speed" (well, a lot of the former, and very little of the latter two)


    3x10 BB RDL (45/65#)
    3x10 BB back squat (45/65#)
    3x10 S-leg glute (30/70#)
    3x10 S-leg curl (10/30#)
    3x10 S-leg extension (10/30#)
    3x15 hip adductor (70#)
    3x15 hip abductor (70#)


    400 swim dive every 100
    6x100 @ 1:45 50 kick/50 B&A drill w/ fins

    4x100 @ 2:00
    1 - 12.5 FAST/37.5 SMOOTH w/ chute full close
    1 - 25 FAST/25 SMOOTH w/ chute half open
    1 - FAST (1:11, 1:26+, 1:08)
    1 - EZ
    FAST = STRK (RD1: FL, RD2: BR, RD3: FR)

    200 EZ

    Total: 2500

    Trip did 10x100 @ 2:00 BEST AVG. I came in planning to do resistance work so I passed on that set, but I constructed my main set so we could race on a couple of the 100s. I felt awful on the fast stuff. Great for 10-20 meters after I dropped the chute, but then it all fell apart.

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  6. Monday 5/20/19

    AM SCY w/ ARKM (Arkansas Masters) @ LRRC (shared a lane with Noel)
    PM LCM w/ Trip @ LRRC

    AM Swim:

    400 swim
    300 pull w/ SP + SNKL
    200 kick every 3rd 25 BR w/ BD
    100 I.M. drill

    10x50 FR D1-5 in pairs
    4 @ :45
    4 @ :40
    2 @ :35

    4 @ 1:00 WHITE
    4 @ :55 PINK

    6x100 @ 1:20 pull w/ SP

    2 @ 1:40 WHITE
    2 @ 1:30 1
    PINK, 1 RED

    2x150 @ 2:15 FL kick w/ fins + BD

    Total: 3500

    PM Swim:

    400 swim every 4th 25 head-up scull
    8x50 @ 1:00 "Progressive Freestyle" w/ SNKL

    100 @ 1:30 WHITE pull w/ SP + SNKL
    200 @ 3:00
    WHITE pull w/ SP + SNKL
    300 @ 4:30
    WHITE pull w/ SP + SNKL
    400 @ 6:00
    WHITE pull w/ SP + SNKL
    400 @ 6:00
    RED (5:02)
    300 @ 4:30
    RED - beat 300 split [3:48] from 400 (3:47)
    200 @ 3:00
    RED - beat 200 split [2:31+] from 300 (2:30+)
    100 @ 1:30
    RED - beat 100 split [1:14] from 200 (1:13-)

    3x100 @ 1:40
    PINK - mainly just tried to give Trip someone to race on these

    200 EZ

    Total: 3300
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  7. Expanding your program to triathletes

    by , May 20th, 2019 at 01:03 PM (Questions from Coaches)
    Q: I’d like to expand my program by including triathletes. I’m not a triathlete and have limited knowledge of the sport. What can I do to gain the skills necessary to be a successful coach for this group?

    A: Many of us have had “Do a triathlon” on our bucket list for quite some time. This item has become buried at the bottom of my bucket, covered with other items with a higher priority and many layers of excuses. Maybe my triathlon experience will be relegated to teaching my grandkids to swim, ride a bike, and chase me around the playground.

    Does my lack of participating in the traditional triathlon disqualify me from being an effective swim coach for triathletes? Not if I believe that my skills as a Masters swim coach can help the triathlete get better at their sport.

    My philosophy is to train all triathletes to be swimmers. This builds their confidence, swimming endurance, and stroke efficiency. Proper training should also reduce the risk of injury to the athlete.

    To effectively coach a triathlete competing in open water, become more knowledgeable in the following areas:

    • Race strategy: start, pace, finish
    • Skills: sighting, buoys turns, drafting
    • Stroke technique: breathing, timing, propulsion, efficiency
    • Energy systems
    • The purpose of interval training

    You can find more information about training triathletes on

    Thankfully for Masters coaches, on race day the swim comes first, and the other disciplines don’t have an impact on the outcome of their swim. While you can’t win a triathlon during the swim, you certainly can lose it by expending more energy than necessary or not finishing the swim at all.
  8. Sunday 05192019

    by , May 19th, 2019 at 07:11 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Sunday AM swim @ Barton Springs

    as I walked down the stairs to the pool deck I was greeted with an amazing sunrise:

    I staked out a place to put my stuff and got set up. I like to put my deck things near the 1/8 mile marker (it is 1/8 mile from there to the dam). had these things there:
    * water bottle
    * Gatorade
    * fins
    * Agility paddles

    grabbed a cap and goggles and made my way into the water. air temp was around 75F and quite humid when I started so the 70F water felt really nice. I broke my set up as:
    * 6 loops swim
    * 5 loops swim
    * 3 loops swim w/fins
    * 2 loops swim w/Agility paddles
    * 1 loop swim

    at each of the breaks I did feeds. I'm trying to get my body adjusted for feeds of water-Gatorade-water, so that's what I did today. each loop is about 1/4 mile. I saw a clock that didn't have the correct time, but when I was swimming a loop took about 10 minutes, and I was slightly faster with fins then paddles. of course on the last loop I tried to keep that same pace or even go faster. right when I was finishing I saw a guy swimming with large paddles, so I had to pass him (we actually chatted after I finished, he was doing feeds, and we know many of the same people)

    my Apple Watch said I swam 4.14 miles in 2:27:36 (the time includes feed breaks). the distance can be a bit flakey, as it depends on cell towers for my watch (sometimes it is 2 miles or more further than I know that I swim there).

    overall the swim felt great! I'll probably go back next Sunday and go a little further.
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  9. Saturday 5/18/19

    AM LCM Solo @ LRRC "Trying to get a feel for the water again"
    PM LCM @ UALR "End of School Year Invitational" Day #2

    So all my travels brings me finally to today! After flight delays put me back in Little Rock close to 10:00 last night, and with plans to race Saturday afternoon, I needed to hit the water early to loosen up, so I was up at 6:30 this morning for a wake up swim.

    AM Swim:

    4x w/ SNKL
    75 swim
    50 FR kick in S-line
    25 scull

    12x50 kick w/ BD
    3 @ 1:05 FR
    3 @ 1:10 BR

    4x100 @ 1:20
    1:20 REST
    3x100 @ 1:20
    1:20 REST
    2x100 @ 1:20
    1:20 REST
    100 @ 1:20

    100 EZ

    Total: 2300

    PM Swim:

    400 swim
    6x50 @ :10 rest
    1 - fist drill
    1 - B&A drill
    1 - swim

    400 FR - 4:43.70 (1:06.80/1:11.62/1:13.02/1:12.26) - Can't be disappointed with this swim. Given the week off and feeling under the weather still. I lost my walls on the last 150 meters, but I am definitely glad I swam this morning. I already felt myself catching the water better this afternoon than I was this morning. I was only 3.8 seconds off my lifetime best from last summer.

    150 EZ

    Total: 1250
  10. Tuesday 5/14/19, Wednesday 5/15/19 (Disney Adventures)

    Tuesday 5/14 "Vacation Day #4"

    AM Open Water w/ wife, sister-in-law, and (future) brother-in-law @ off the coast of Nassau, The Bahamas

    Going to approximate the distance here. After docking in the morning in Nassau, we took a catamaran out to open water off the coast of Athol Island for some snorkeling. Spent about 50 minutes in the water. Lots of colorful fish all over the place. Crystal clear water with visibility down to the sea floor (about 12-14 feet).

    Due to the timing of the snorkeling expedition, and needing to retrieve my kids to try and get them to nap in the afternoon, I did not have a chance to head into downtown Nassau and try swimming at the LCM pool there.

    Total: ~1000 meters

    Wednesday 5/15 "Vacation Day #5"

    AM Open Water Solo @ Castaway Cay, The Bahamas

    My wife and I decided to run the Castaway Cay 5k race. Mostly so we could debark the ship 30 minutes ahead of everyone else! Would highly recommend anyone wanting to maximize time on the beach/island and shorten wait time in lines to do this. They don't really care if you run/jog/walk 50 steps around the first bend, then turn around and run/jog/walk back and collect your finisher's medal. Worth it to get out ahead of the crowds. Anyways, after the race (I finished in a respectable 25:30...I say "respectable" because I had not run or run a race in almost a year, and it was VERY hot and humid...flat course but NOT ideal weather conditions) I headed to the beach to get a swim in.

    For those of you who might read this, and want to be able to swim while on a Disney cruise, this is the place to get a long swim in. I only had time for a short 25 minute cool down swim post race, and got 1200 meters in before I had to call it quits. The beach area has ropes dividing the areas. The area closest to the beach is for waders, "noodlers" :P, and for us swimmers. You cannot go into the next zone without a snorkeling vest (to designate you as so to the lifeguards). I swam in a straight line from the beach out to the farthest point where the lifeguard stand was, then did a slight turn and headed back to the beach on the opposite end from where I started. The lane rope is handy here for swimming straight! Google Mapped the distance at ~ 300 meters one way. I swam down, took a minute break, then swam back, then exited to get some water (the sea water was killing me). I then entered the water and repeated that all again. I could have kept going as long as I wanted if I had time. I was not bothered. It might seem boring, but there was some cool wildlife under the waves to look at, including a giant stingray that went right underneath me (if he had caught me a half second earlier or later, my underwater recovery would have grazed him), so that broke up the monotony. Also, the beach is sheltered from most of the tide/waves, so the swimming is really only as rough as the size of the crowds in the area you plan to swim! I estimate the water depth at about 5 feet for most of the arc of my path, only getting shallow as i got very close to the beach!

    Total: 1200 meters


    Every cruise is, I am sure, a little different. I am sure the set up and layout of each of the four Disney Cruise ships is different as well. My family was on Dream. On this boat, there are no pools, ZERO, that are swim-able. The "Mickey" pool and "Donald" pool are both too shallow. Even taking several forumites' suggestions about attaching a stretch cord and swimming in place would be useless here. The water is just too shallow. So anyone going on a Disney Cruise, any of your swimming is going to have to happen OFF BOAT! Do try the water slide though, it was very cool (takes you out over the edge of the boat and basically you are above open water) and is even cooler when done at night. Don't waste your time on it if the line wait time is more than 10 minutes though. It is cool, but not that cool.

    All in all, got more swimming in than I thought I would when I actually got to Orlando. Been fighting a sinus infection all week, and I get motion sickness, so I was in a perpetual state of discomfort on the boat.

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  11. Friday 05172019

    by , May 17th, 2019 at 01:23 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Friday AM solo swim @ Sendero Springs (SCY)

    one of my downward ladder sets:

    1000 w/u various
    900 swim free (12:43)
    800 swim w/fins (mixed in some back and breast) (11:22)
    700 free (9:56)
    600 pull w/Agility paddles + buoy (8:03)
    500 free (7:04)
    400 pull w/Catalyst paddles + buoy -- did 450 by mistake, then an extra 50 (5:58 + :38)
    300 free (4:17)
    200 breast (3:05)
    100 free...what I had left! (1:13)

    100 easy kick w/board + fins
    300 w/d

    TTL: 6000 yards

    Back: 175 yards
    Breast: 450 yards
    Free: 5275 yards
    Kick: 100 yards

    my speedy friend showed up around 7am, just as I was feeling like fading away, perfect timing to give me someone to chase. was a good set for how I felt today.
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  12. 5/16/19 Workout

    by , May 16th, 2019 at 08:30 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Thursday, 5/16/2019 Pool Workout

    3x{100 fr 1:25/100 IM 1:35/100 bk 1:45/100 k 1:55}
    //Tried the faster intervals today for Thursday warmup. Went alright.

    4x{250 fr or p 3:15
    150 mix IM 2:30
    100 fr build 1:45
    50 fast k IMO 1:00}

    6x50 dr/ch ez 1:00

    2x4x25 :30 o/c/UDK/ez

    100 warmdown


    Main set did not go particularly well. Lungs just not there yet, I had a very hard time catching my breath. Survived though, that's all that matters at the moment.
  13. Wednesday 05152019

    by , May 15th, 2019 at 02:47 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Wednesday AM solo swim @ Sendero Springs (SCY)

    1400 w/u various

    100 kick w/board + fins
    2 x 125, done 25 drill/25 free/25 stroke/25 free/25 drill w/fins
    25 easy free w/fins
    25 fast fly w/fins
    2 x 125, done 25 drill/25 free/25 stroke/25 free/25 drill w/fins
    25 easy free w/fins
    25 fast fly w/fins
    100 kick w/board + fins
    25 easy free w/fins
    25 fast fly w/fins
    400 stretch out swim w/fins (5:37)
    25 easy free w/fins
    25 fast fly w/fins
    100 kick w/board + fins

    100 easy

    4 x 400 @ 6:00 (5:34, 5:29, 5:28, 5:25)

    4 rounds:
    * 25 free @ :30
    * 50 breast @ :55 (:37, :40, :37, :38)

    2 x 150 pull w/Agility paddles + buoy @ 2:10

    200 w/d

    TTL: 5300 yards, 88 minutes

    Fly: 100 yards
    Back: 175 yards
    Breast: 425 yards
    Kick: 300 yards
    Free: 4300 yards

    got there a little earlier but stayed probably as long as normal. when I was doing my 400s, a guy about 2 lanes over seemed to be a similar speed. I'm not sure what he was doing, but it was nice to have someone to pace off of. No, I didn't plan to descend those, it just happened that way. my lungs felt like they were burning when I finished...then after 25 free went right into some breast!

    I finally signed up for the local meet last night:
    Swim Meet Events
    Event Number Sex Distance Stroke Time
    2 Men 200 LCM Breast 3:33.00
    4 Men 400 LCM Free 5:50.00
    7 Men 200 LCM Free 2:40.00
    11 Men 100 LCM Breast 1:38.00
    15 Men 50 LCM Breast 48.00

    I'm slightly worried about the time between the 200 breast and 400 free. I'm hoping that there will be at least one slower heat of 400 (maybe a faster heat of 2breast) in between; that could give me 10-15 minutes rest (20 if I'm very lucky, I don't think the 100 fly will take too long).

    I really need to be doing more breast in my workouts.... Probably almost twice the amount, and more quality too.
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  14. 5/14-5/15 Workouts

    by , May 15th, 2019 at 08:09 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    These past two workouts really took me out of my comeback comfort zone. Hopefully helping me get back on track again.

    Tuesday, 5/14/2019 CrossFit Workout (PM)

    Warmup - cardio, stretching, pullup warmup, barbell warmup

    Strength - Clean + FS - 95/2+2, 115/2+2, 135/2+2, 155/2+2, 185/2+1, 165/2+2
    //Urgh. Leg strength is coming along slowly. Frustrating, but I know it's going to take time.

    Conditioning - for time
    30 hang power clean 95#
    30 lateral jump over bar burpees
    30 chest to bar pullups
    30 shoulder to overhead 95#
    //Took it out too fast and ran out of gas in the middle of the pullups.

    Wednesday, 5/15/2019 CrossFit Workout

    Warmup - circuit with TTB, jumping, stretching warmup, barbell warmup

    Strength - Back Squat - 95/3, 135/3, 165/3, 185/3, 205/3, 215/3, 225/3
    //I was expecting this to be a "reach" weight today and it was pretty close to limit for now. Happy with it.

    Conditioning -
    EMOM 5 RKBS 70# (10x5)
    EMOM 5 Assault Bike calories (10x5)
    EMOM 5 TTB (8x5)
    EMOM 5 burpee box jumps (10,7,7,7,10)
  15. Monday 05132019

    by , May 13th, 2019 at 12:12 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Arrived home around 2pm.
    Got car unpacked, unpacked stuff from trip.
    2:34pm: was in the water at Sendero
    (I don't remember exactly what I did, but got in 4800 yards, and it felt magical after traveling).

    Monday AM solo swim @ Sendero Springs (SCY)

    1400 w/u various

    100 kick, w/board + fins

    2 x 125, 25 drill/25 free/25 stroke/25 free/25 drill w/fins
    25 easy free w/fins
    25 fast fly w/fins

    2 x 125, 25 drill/25 free/25 stroke/25 free/25 drill w/fins
    25 easy free w/fins
    25 fast fly w/fins

    100 kick, w/board + fins
    25 easy free w/fins
    25 fast fly w/fins
    500 free, stretch-out swim, w/fins (6:57)
    25 easy free w/fins
    25 fast fly w/fins
    100 kick, w/board + fins

    100 easy free

    2 x 500 @ 7:30 (7:07 and 6:58)
    4 x 50 breast @ 1:00 (:39, :43, :41, :42)
    2 x 300 @ 4:30, pull w/Agility paddles + buoy (4:00, 4:05)

    300 w/d various

    TTL: 5100 yards, 82 minutes

    Fly: 100 yards
    Back: 200 yards
    Breast: 450 yards
    Kick: 300 yards
    Free: 4050 yards

    air temp was around 60. water felt a little cooler than yesterday (I felt warm then), but it could have been the air helping.

    the pool was crowded when I got there and I went to the far side, which gave me great views of the sunrise later in the set. plus I don't often go to that side, so a different perspective on things. just felt really good in the water.

    then before I showered, I weighed myself (have a fancy Tanita scale):
    weight: 178.8
    body fat: 12.7%
    BMI: 25.0
    that's the lowest for everything since I was cycling centuries, around 5-6 years ago. when I travel I eat horribly, so I'm sure the weight will creep back up to my normal by the end of the week (usually around 182).
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  16. Monday 5/13/19

    AM “let’s call it 35 meters” Solo @ Disney Port Orleans Resort, Orlando “Vacation Day #3”

    Finally got to the pool this morning. Going to call the length I swam about 35 meters given stroke count. Got 20 lengths easy FR and then 4x 3x35 k/dr/sw RIMO.

    Side note: Disney World is NOT the happiest place on earth. My two children spent the majority of the time over the last two days at the park crying and complaining about (in no particular order): the heat, having to walk, getting wet (when it rained), not enough characters to meet, too many characters to meet (sensory overload), etc. Anyways, waiting on bus to head to cruise ship. Still hoping to get a swim in tomorrow in Nassau.

    So glad to be getting away from Disney World.

    Total: 1300 (when you count paddling around to help my kids in the pool as well)
  17. 5/13/19 Workout

    by , May 13th, 2019 at 08:51 AM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Monday, 5/13/2019 Pool Workout

    Body felt better but pool deck and pool were legit cold this morning (for me) and I still have not much insulation back.

    3x400 (100 fr/100 k/100 dr/100 ch) :30 rest

    3x{100 50 6-1-6/50 overkick 2:00
    100 pull br7 1:50
    50 fast 1:00 (fl/br/fr)}

    3x{3x50 fr :50
    1x50 k fast 1:20
    3x50 k 1:10
    1x100 fast 2:10 (fr/p/fl)}

    6x50 dr/sw ez 1:00

  18. 5/11/19 Workout

    by , May 12th, 2019 at 12:28 PM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Saturday, 5/11/2019 Pool Workout

    Felt hoooorible in the water! I think my legs were not happy after softball Thursday, hadn't done any cutting/acceleration type movement since I got sick. So I had some intermittent foot and calf cramps and my hip flexors were/are really sore so my breaststroke kick was fairly nonexistant!

    4x200 :30 rest
    1 - fr
    2 - r/l arm x50 choice
    3 - SKiDS fr/br
    4 - IM

    //One of my teammates turned 50 Saturday, so we did...

    50x50 :50
    I did it as (if I remember right)
    4 - fr
    8 - k/fins
    8 - pull
    8 - k/fins
    12 - 3 fr/3 br
    8 - k/fins
    2 - fly

    6x50 dr/sw 1:00 EZ

    16x25 VS :30 - 4 fl/4 fr/4 k/fins on front, 4 k/fins on back

    200 warmdown


    Then I had a snack and stretched out, spent next 2 hours doing start/turn demos for club team mini clinic. Which was more taxing than I expected!
  19. Friday 5/10/19

    PM LCM w/ Trip @ LRRC "Friday Fly Day" (air temp: 57! water temp: 67.9!)

    400 swim every 4th 25 body wave w/ SNKL
    5x100 @ 1:40 FL 25 UW/25 R arm/25 L arm/25 bld w/ SNKL
    4x100 @ 1:40 FL kick w/ fins + SNKL
    odd: w/ BD
    even: H.A.S.

    8x25 @ :35 V.S. FL

    200 @ 3:00 1st/4th 50 STRONG FL
    200 @ 3:00 2nd/4th 50 STRONG FL
    100 @ 3:00 EZ

    200 EZ

    Total: 2700

    Very sore from doing 6000 yesterday. Also the weather took a turn for the worst here in Little Rock. 57 and rainy is NOT the weather one should expect here in mid-May! Today was a struggle for sure!
    Swim Workouts
  20. Mediterranean Diet and Cardiovascular Events in Women

    Mediterranean Diet associated with fewer cardiovascular events in middle aged women, according to a study published online December 7, 2018 in the JAMA Network. 25,994 US women in the Women’s Health Study were evaluated and then followed for 12 years. Those who adhered closest to the Mediterranean Diet, a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, with some chicken and fish, and low in red meat and dairy products, had about a 25% lower relative risk of cardiovascular events than those who adhered the least. The researchers found that the causes were most likely reduced overall inflammation, lowered blood glucose and increased insulin sensitivity, as well as reduced body mass index. Blood pressure was also somewhat lowered, and the lipid profiles were also improved. This compares favorably with the risk reduction seen with statins.

    Posted by Jessica Seaton