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  1. JPEnge's Avatar
    Oooh, tapered mile... brave!
  2. KIKat's Avatar
    These are great workouts, thank you!
  3. Calvin S's Avatar
    Local 3-day meet Nov. 16-18. We’ll see how it goes
  4. Karl_S's Avatar
    Lookin' strong.
    Taper meet any time soon?
  5. tripswim's Avatar
    the ruling on the field is under review.
    when I touched the wall you said 1.33.3. however these splits add up to 132.3 which is what I was hoping to go. when I touched and looked at the clock I saw the digit turn to 1.33 so I suspected you may have short changed me.
    are you intentionally trying to make me think I'm slowing down so you can continue to dominate when in fact I'm breaking out to the upside and headed toward lifetime best times?
  6. tripswim's Avatar
    not enough speed for the 100 and not enough grit for the 500.

    is there a 300?


    your 60-year old training partner
  7. Calvin S's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Martin
    Where was Trip?
    So as to not embarrass him, I will not say... :P

    EDIT: but it rhymes with Fort Horse Guards
    Updated October 18th, 2018 at 01:26 PM by Calvin S
  8. Doug Martin's Avatar
    Where was Trip?
  9. tripswim's Avatar
    trying desperately to find Calvin's temperature breaking point but in the cold water he is merely expanding his lead
    might be time to move to the baby pool (short course yards)