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Meet / OW event planning and results from USA Swimming events.

  1. Splits & Partial Fort IMs

    by , June 14th, 2014 at 12:06 AM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    It's funny how, once you review your splits from a race, the race becomes either better or worse in your mind. In the case of my 1500 yesterday, it became much, much better looking at it from almost any angle ... except through the "you didn't go out hard enough!" lens.
    • 300 splits
      • 3:42.3
      • 3:43.2
      • 3:45.0
      • 3:41.5
      • 3:40.2

    • 500 splits
      • 6:11.1
      • 6:13.5
      • 6:08.7

    • Estimated 750 splits
      • 1st 750 ~9:18.0
      • 2nd 750 ~9.14.2

    I don't think I've ever swum such a balanced 1500 or 1650. Now, I just need to lop off 10 seconds per 300 and I'll have a super-nice swim

    I was supposed to swim with my sometimes-training-partner this morning, but both of our schedules negated that and so I was left to my own devices after work today. I hadn't made up a workout (expecting Peter to bring it this morning) and so dipped into one of my many bookmarked workouts (this one from Leslie, and then modified it to suit my time, energy and desires:

    Warm up (800 set)
    • 200 free w/snorkel
    • 200 IM drill - swim by 25s
    • 2x through (100 Pull w/buoy - 100 IM kick on back)

    Transition set #1 (1,000 set / 1,800 total)

    • 5 x 200 free pull w/buoy and paddles @ 2:45
      • Gentle descend from 2:36 to 2:30

    Main IM Set (1,700 set / 3,500 total)
    4 x (3 x 100)

    • #1 on 1:45 – swim 50 fast stroke, 50 cruise free
    • #2 on 1:45 – IM swim, descend by round to fast (1:23 -> 1:13+)
    • #3 on 2:00 – kick w/board, 1st 25 blast

    3 x 50: active recovery w/snorkel on 0:50

    1 x 200: IM from dive, broken at 50s for 0:10, about 2:23/2:24

    3 x 50: active recovery w/snorkel on 0:50

    TOTAL: 3,500 SCM

    • Based upon how I felt after the race last night, I thought I was going to be completely knotted up today. Instead, I was just about 60% knotted up ... but the bit of speed work seemed to help break things up.
  2. 3rd best Masters 1500!

    by , June 13th, 2014 at 10:01 AM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    While there is little physical joy in the swimming of a long course 1500 save satisfied exhaustion and the ability to feel every single muscle in your body after you finish, thanks to my relatively 'immaturity' as a long course Masters swimmer, there is psychological joy in being able to say, "Hey, that was my third best ever Masters 1500!"

    Mind you, until I swam it last night at the Phoenix Summer Invitational, I had only ever swum three 1500s as a Masters swimmer ...
    • June 2009 - 18:54.28
    • June 2011 - 18:15.36
    • July 2011 - 17:49.02

    ... so it wasn't exactly a tall order to do this!

    The meet was held at ASU and had a very small turnout for the evening session of 11-12 400s and 11 & over 1500s, so, after scratches, I ended up in the 'fast' heat of the men in Lane 6. As the longest straight fast swim I had done thus far in long course 2014 was the 400 IM from last week's meet, I was understandably tentative taking this out. I don't have all of my splits (meet mobile is not updated), but here's what I could spy on the great ASU time board as I pushed off the wall at various turns:
    • 1st 100 - I wanted to feel very good and easy on this 100, but expected that I could do that and go right around 1:10. I saw a 1:12.7, but felt pretty good.
    • 1st 300 - If I was going to hit the 18:15, I needed to see something around 3:36 (to account for likely later dying), but was 3:42 low.
    • 2nd 300 - I picked up my stroke rate a bit over this distance and was hanging with the kid in lane 5; I believe I saw 7:25 at the 600 mark, which means the first two 300s were evenly split and that I was probably around 6:12/6:13 at the 500 mark.
    • Next 400 to get me to the 1,000 mark - Two things happened over this period. First, I started to feel the wonderful burn in my core that both puzzles me (as I almost NEVER feel that in my workouts) and reminds me to do some core work. Second, I think the 17 year old kid in lane 5 got sick of the 'old man' hanging with him and he put some distance on me. I think I saw 12:25 at the 1,000 mark, meaning I was probably again about 6:12/6:13 on the second 500.
    • For the last 500, while I was in pain and nothing about my stroke felt fluid or smooth, I did felt like I had enough energy to pick up the pace ... marginally. After the kid in lane 5 had left me, I really couldn't see anyone else in the heat and was swimming solo. I don't remember any of the splits except that I turned at the 1400 at 17:20 something. I was really hoping I could power home sufficiently under 1:10 to be able to get the overall time under 18:30, but touched at 18:32.23

    That time is not awesome, but respectable given the amount of long course training I've done. More than that, after 30+ years of 'fear' of racing the 1500 (honestly, I haven't swum a good 1500 since 1983) and in spite of the pain, I really enjoyed the swim. I am definitely going to try to race this again this summer - at a bare minimum, I'll go ahead and enter it at our summer state meet; on the extreme end, there might be up to three additional opportunities to race it.
  3. Kurt should blog

    by , June 11th, 2014 at 12:34 AM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    OK, doing a little bit of this now with the whole relay record thing, but Kurt wrote a much better account of the effort than I did - - along with some photos courtesy of my wife.

    To wrap up a very delayed meet report, I swam the 200 IM on Sunday morning and clocked a 2:25.79, a mere three seconds over my Masters best from Omaha. In contrast to my 400 IM, but similar to my 200 free, I took it out hard and then just held on. I had wanted to go under 2:26, so this made me very happy.

    I came back to the pool on Monday evening and cranked out the following with Peter in my pool - in pretty hot air conditions in the late, late afternoon --

    Warmup (1,500 set)

    • 5 x 200: on 3:20, 3:10, 3:00, 2:50, 2:40 – descend as intervals get faster and go right into next set on the 5th interval
    • 5 x 100: on 1:30, 1:25, 1:20, 1:15, 1:10

    Set #1 (1,500 set / 3,000 total)
    3 rounds of:

    • 1 x 250: on 3:15 – make it and descend by round (3:05, 3:03, 2:57)
    • 2 x 100: on 1:30 – strong efforts, #2 faster than #1 each round
      • Was about 1:12/1:13 on the first one of each round and then 1:10, 1:09, 1:06+/1:07- by round on the second effort

    • 1 x 50: on 1:15 – BLAST kick

    Set #3 (1,350 set / 4,350 total)
    3 rounds of:

    • 5 x 50: on 0:40 – make it
    • 1 x 200: on 3:00 – strong effort, descend by round to fast, started at 2:27, then went 2:25 and then blew out my calf with a cramp

    TOTAL: 4,300 (skipped a 50 due to the calf cramp on set #3)

    I was feeling pretty wrecked after Monday's swim, so just took today off since I'm entering my 'compete every weekend like Michael Andrew' phase and am racing the 1,500 on Thursday night at the Phoenix Invite ( I was 18:15 at this meet back in the summer of 2011, so I'd like to see how close I can come to that.
  4. Fast times @ "Old Guy" high

    by , June 9th, 2014 at 12:33 AM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    The stars managed to align on Saturday night of the Southwest Classic. Though I was skeptical things would actually come together until almost the start of the race, we managed to get four of us 'old guys' together to take a run at the 160-199 World Record in the 800 free:
    • Terry Debiase
    • Me
    • Kurt Dickson
    • Jeff Utsch

    The questions as to whether or not we could do this were numerous, including the 'big ones' like:
    • Would we all even be able to get there? Truly, until we each laid eyes on the others at Saturday morning's prelims, this was by no means a certainty.
    • Would we all be in some semblance of shape to take a realistic run at the record?
      • The record was 8:28.04, meaning we had to average 2:07.01 or better to get the record.
      • Terry and Jeff answered in the affirmative when they dropped a 2:06.60 and 2:04.80 in their prelim efforts of the 200.
      • Kurt and I, though, exited prelims with bigger question marks hanging over our heads.
        • Kurt was a 2:10.80 in his prelim 200.
        • While I didn't swim the 200, my Masters' best time was 2:07.88 from the summer of 2012. As I was well off both my 400 IM and 50 free best times, I think I was the biggest wildcard going into the evening.

    • Were we even entered in the event? In retrospect, this was all under control, but I freaked the guys out a bit as I didn't see us on the various heat sheets floating around.

    We were all representing Ford Aquatics and ended up as their C relay, in lane 5 of the first heat next to their B team, a mixture of teenagers and maybe 20-somethings. We were psyched, but still not sure this was an achievable goal even when the gun went off.

    The stands were fairly empty as this was the last event of the night, but Jeff Commings was the announcer and, as soon as Terry and the other leadoff swimmers dove in, Jeff said something to the effect of, "Hey, if you're looking for a team to cheer for, the guys in lane 5 are going for a Masters World Record." That got those people who were there behind us. It also helped that my daughters had told their team and coaches we were doing this so, while they didn't have a men's relay in the meet, they (and many of their parents in the stands) also took to cheering for us.

    Beyond the crowds, the Ford B team next to us was a great motivation. Terry went out right even with their leadoff swimmer and, though I couldn't see Terry's time as I went second, I figured he was under 2:07.

    By this point, Jeff Commings was keeping the crowds going on the mike, I was pretty pumped and pretty confident in some of the endurance oriented work I'd been doing since Nationals so I just decided to try to hang with the guy in the lane next to me (going 28.53 - 31.88 for a 1:00.41 at the 100). I kept my legs light through the 100 and still felt pretty good, staying fairly close with the guy next to me. I started to feel the burn around the 125 and the B team swimmer really started to pull away from me. I was feeling some nice pain by the 150 turn, but still thought I could turn my legs on the last 50. I think I did that for about 15-20 meters, but was really just falling apart. While I think this was about the biggest differential I've ever had in a 200 (coming home in 1:06.86), my 2:07.27 split was very strong for me, though above where I wanted to be to help the team.

    I touched the wall at 2:13.72, so we were under (BARELY) the pace as Kurt dove in. Kurt then pulled out all the speed that existed in his body (IMHO) - hitting the 50 turn at 28.0 on his feet, by far the fastest first 50 of any of us. He kept cranking throughout the entire 200, making up the entirety of the ground I had lost on the B team and then some. He turned in an AMAZING 2:06.03 ...

    ... as Jeff had gone a 2:04.8 in prelims and 2:04.0 in the C final earlier in the evening, we pretty much knew that Kurt's exceptional effort had sealed the deal on the record. Jeff, who was a bit bummed he hadn't seen a 2:03-something earlier in the night, swam his third, exceptional 200 of the night, touching the wall at 8:23.72, for a 2:03.97 split and the record, almost catching the B team at the end.

    While the celebration didn't last long, it was special - probably the best congratulations (in my book) were from the young guys we raced on the B team. I doubt we would've gone as fast as we did had we not had them there to race. We got lots of props from the officials, some of the other swimmers and, of course, my kids and their teammates (which included Kurt's daughter), and my wife.

    It was a very fun evening and, though I really didn't want to be the slow guy on the relay, it was all good in the end.
  5. Meet report: Cracked myself up

    by , June 7th, 2014 at 08:47 PM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    Everything worked like clockwork to get the family down to Tucson for my oldest daughter and I to swim a few events at the Ford Aquatics Southwest Classic:
    • On the road at 5:40am
    • Bagels, krispy kreme donuts and shots of espresso en route (maybe not the best breakfast of champions)
    • Pulled up to the pool at 7:30 where my wife dropped us off and took our youngest daughter and her friend over to see if they could check into the hotel early
    • They scored an ultra early room and my wife got to switch from watching the finish of women's final of the French Open from my iPad to an actual TV. Happy wife = happy life.
    • Got myself checked in, found a spot in the shade of the diving wells, found Kurt Dickson and a few of the other 'old guys' swimming in the meet

    While the meet certainly has some speed at the top end and more depth than I can handle for getting back to finals, there are not a huge number of swimmers entered and so the morning session ran pretty quickly. I got a nice 650 SCM warmup in the diving well before my 50 and then did about 400 to 500 SCM cool-down after each of my races. Here's how they went:

    50 free
    • Masters best: 27.17, Colonies Zones, June 2013
    • Today: 27.74
    • Commentary:
      • What can you really say about the 50 free in long course?
      • I kind of slipped on my back foot on the start and constantly kept thinking throughout the length of the pool, "Am I really not done yet?"
      • I then misjudged the finish and really glided into the wall.
      • In short, I really didn't do anything right!
      • But I enjoyed it, it was a great way to blow out the cobwebs and the time is not horrible for me.

    400 IM

    • Masters best: 4:58.10, Omaha Nationals, July 2012
    • Today: 5:09.99
    • Commentary:
      • I started laughing when I touched the wall and saw my time as my goal was to at least get under 5:10 (
      • I was very worried about getting through the fly leg, both because it was long course and due to my excessively speedy fly on my IM at Nationals, but I was probably overly cautious on this - going out in 1:11.4.
      • But, when I turned to backstroke, I was happy with my languid fly as I was able to get into my stroke and negative split that 100 (40.0 - 38.8), which is not a bad split as I was only 1:16.0 back in Omaha
      • My breaststroke felt pretty good throughout the 100, though I did wish for an extra wall at about the 75 mark. Still the 44.8 - 45.8 for 1:30.6 is also solid (e.g., 1:28.0 in Omaha).
      • It took me a bit longer to get into my freestyle and my 35.3 - 34.0 split means I should've pushed the first 50 a little bit harder, but I'll take it.
      • Back in 2012 on the first weekend in June, I was 5:07.89, so this time is on par with a year where I was swimming very strongly. Also, this was a marked improvement over the 5:17.76 I went last summer.

    Now, if all goes according to plan, we might be able to put together a fun relay tonight at the end of finals ... still working all the angles to make that happen.
  6. Dick Shoulberg - listen to the master

    by , May 30th, 2014 at 09:53 AM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    Dick Shoulberg is out visiting Scottsdale Aquatic Club for a few days working with the coaching staff there. One of our national team coaches started his career with Mr. Shoulberg back in the late 80s and it seems that he (Shoulberg) is now doing some consulting on behalf of USA Swimming. He's spending most of his time with the coaches and swimmers. My oldest daughter, being a distance swimmer and someone who still likes the old school sets, has come home from every workout with great stories about him and what he's sharing with them.

    Last night, he did a session with the parents that I just really loved. A lot of the talk was about his history, but it was peppered with great stories of a small number of the awesome swimmers who have come through his program. I really enjoyed those stories as the swim nerd in me either knew of the swimmers or, when he went back to the 80s, they were kids (then) I had raced against.

    He also talked a lot about his philosophy and the simplicity of it. Some of the highlights that I think are good advice for parents, swimmers and coaches:
    • He said he never had a practice attendance requirement - he wanted that drive to come from the kids themselves and for the kids to learn the lesson that, in general, more workouts equaled more success.
    • He was unabashedly "old school" and said that a big part of his training philosophy was to have his swimmers arriving at the blocks knowing that they were better conditioned, both mentally and physically, than anyone else they were racing.
    • He had advice for some of the younger parents - until kids are about at puberty, he really recommended they do at least one other sport besides swimming, and preferably that they did multiple other sports.
      • As with attendance, he wanted swimmers to choose to focus on swimming as they were hitting / in puberty rather than have the sport chosen for them as younger kids.
      • He really liked sports that promote overall body awareness like martial arts, gymnastics, dance.

    I got the chance to thank him, not just for the talk, but for the inspiration his program provided me when I was younger. Growing up in Virginia, all three of my coaches from middle through high school were big fans of 'animal lane' style workouts and the two 'model' programs that were held us as the best in the US were Germantown and Mission Viejo. Whenever our coaches wanted us to race great distance swimmers, we'd try to head up to the Philly/NJ area so we could race Shoulberg's kids (and, in that era, getting the double threat by also racing the Jersey Wahoos guys).

    I only wish I could get Mr. Shoulberg to come to my house tomorrow and give me a workout

    Oh yeah, demonstrating a good reason why Mr. Shoulberg should spend his Saturday with the kids instead of me, I took Thursday off from the pool.
  7. Summer Race Plan

    by , May 22nd, 2014 at 05:26 PM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    After 5 days a row in the water, I'm taking a day to stay dry, but, of course, my mind is still on swimming. I've cobbled together a bit of a race plan for the summer thus far ...

    June 7th & 8th - Southwest Classic in Tucson - confirmed
    As my oldest daughter is swimming the Southwest Classic at the U of A (, it's cross-sanctioned with USMS and I'm dropping #3 daughter and her friend off at the U of A swim camp that Sunday, I've entered a few events:

    • Saturday - 50 free and 400 IM
    • Sunday - 200 IM

    June 21st - Fast Times in the Cool Pines in Flagstaff - confirmed
    Everyone in the country really should descend upon the glorious mountain town on Flagstaff to have the ultimate swimming test - racing LCM at 7,000 feet. The entry form is up here -- -- and I've entered the following eclectic mix of events:

    • 400 free
    • 50 fly
    • 100 breast
    • 50 back
    • 100 free

    June 27th - Pacific Masters LCM Champs - possible (but not likely)
    If my business travel aligns in time to enter this meet (, I'll drop in to swim the 1,500 that Friday morning.

    July 3rd - Arizona State Senior Champs - USAS - possible (but not likely)
    The meet flyer's not up for this, but I'll see what event they are having on July 3rd and how it fits with my work and life. I had to register for USAS this year to swim the Southwest Classic, so I may as well go swim something. I'm hoping they have the 800 free on the 3rd as that would be fun to do. The meet's at ASU, which has excellent chillers for summer racing.

    July 12th-13th - Swim Devil Heatstroker - highly unlikely
    I am really bummed about this. For the first time in my 17 years of living in Arizona, there is a Masters meet being hosted (by Swim Devil Masters) at Cactus Pool, the wonderful LCM pool less than a mile from my house - Unfortunately, I am heading to India for work on July 4th and will get back home the evening of July 12th. In addition, #3 daughter will have her big meet of the summer that same weekend, so I'm 99% sure I will not be able to race here.

    July 26th or 27th - AZ State Meet in Tucson - fairly likely
    I should be around Arizona this weekend, don't appear to have any kid meet or vacation conflicts and should be able to head down to Tucson for at least one day of our State Championships meet -- I don't think I want to go down for both days, so will probably just pick whichever day imposes less 'hardship' on the household and then choose 4 events that look fun.

    This weekend's fun race watching
    I've got the joy of announcing the finals for this weekend's Cactus Classic meet at Cactus Pool - This will be much more awesome than recent years as the Ford team is coming up (e.g., with Grevers, Cordes, Steele, Geer, etc. entered), as well as some of the swimmers from ASU along with studs from Phoenix Swim Club like Roland Schoeman. It's certainly raised the bar for the club team swimmers to make the 'A' finals, but that's an awesome thing.

    Tonight's reminder I'm getting old
    #1 daughter has her high school graduation tonight. If that's not a nudge that I'm getting older, I don't know what else is. She is so stoked, though, to have this phase of life behind her and very much looking forward to starting at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver this fall. She'll swim there, of course, and I think it's going to be an awesome fit for her. So papa-proud of her!
  8. City of Plano USAS Meet Day 2

    by , May 4th, 2014 at 05:44 PM (After a long rest)
    I had a long warm down yesterday after the 1500 and I benefitted this morning. I woke expecting to be sore but actually felt pretty good, just the normal tiredness associated with a meet. Today was an easier day in comparison to yesterday and I swam the 100 free, 200 back and the 800 free. My daughter on the other hand had 5 swims. We both had pretty decent days.

    100 free 57.53 - I felt great through about 80m and then started to tie up pretty bad. I had hoped to go sub 57 and I know if I had not tied up I would have been 56. This gives me some thing to work on and I am hopeful I can go 55 with some more training, a full taper and a shave.

    200 back 2:25.03 - this came very quickly after the 100 free and I had no expectation for this event. I felt really good throughout the whole swim and I was very pleasantly surprised with this time. I could be wrong but I think this maybe a life time best. I don't believe I swam this since I was about since I was about 12 years old. The most exciting part of this was the fact that my legs did not die and my lungs felt great throughout.

    800 free 9:35.05 - this was a strange race because I was hurting at 500 but somehow found a second wind and I had a big drop on my last 100 and actually had something left in the tank at the end. In fact I wish I had picked it up a little more at the 600 turn. I have a lot of work to do on this particular event but I will be ready by worlds for a fast swim.

    My daughter also had some terrific swims and dropped times on all her events today. It was also quite special because she counted for me on my 800 and high dived me at the end of my 200 back. Being on deck at her meets has been very cool. I suspect in a few years she will not want me on deck, but right now it's great fun to see her from afar interacting with her friends and seeing her swim really fast.

    Based on all the travel and the disruption this has caused to my training schedule I was very happy with the meet this weekend. I am in Dallas this week and will have a good week of training but I travel to Korea next Sunday for a week. I am hoping to train in the 1988 Olympic pool in Seoul but it may depend on the weeks agenda.
  9. City of Plano USAS Meet Day 1

    by , May 3rd, 2014 at 07:51 PM (After a long rest)
    I swam a small USAS meet today at our home pool but hosted by the City of Plano. This is becoming the norm where other teams rent out or our pool for their meets. It's sort of cool in the sense that we don't have to travel for meets. Today's meet was pretty small but very long. Warm up was at 8am and the meet did not finish until 3pm. The meet was long course and was my first long course meet this year. I was scheduled to swim the 50, 200, 400 and 1500 free. Due to a change where the meet officials combined the boys and girls 1500 I had to withdraw from the 400 at the last minute. I was seeded in the last heat of the 400 and with the 1500 being combined I literally would have had to get out and on the block. I talked it over with my coach and we decided to swim the 1500 this time.

    I don't feel bad in the water but I am stiff and sore like I have been traveling a lot recently!!! Today was an ok meet with a really strong 50 and then ok swims in the 200 and 1500s.

    50 free 25.97 - I was determined to get off the block and get my turn over going as quickly as I could and that's exactly what I did. This felt fast and I even came back on the guy in the lane next to me.

    200 free 2:07.21 - I felt good through 150 and hoped to pick it up on the last 50 but just couldn't. I was hoping for a 2:05 today so this was a little slower than I hoped. The positive was I felt good through 150 and this one will come together before worlds.

    1500 free 18:30.87 - this was not a particularly fast swim for me but my splits through 1100 were pretty consistent. I started to tighten up at 1000 and the last 400 hurt pretty bad. Again, with all the traveling and lack of consistent focused training the past month I was happy with this. I hoped to be about 30 seconds quicker but that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.[update - I just checked the FINA world rankings for 2013 in the 1500 and this would have been a top 10 time so it's obviously not as bad as I thought it was]

    Tomorrow I have the 100 and 800 free and the 200 back.

    My daughter had a really good meet. Her medley relay team got a TAGS cut which was exciting with her going a 40.x lead off on the back hitch is a best time for her as a 10 year old. She then swam the 50 fly, 50 free, 100 back, 200 free and 400 free. She did best times in everything and A times in the 200 and 400 frees. The only one she was disappointed in was her 100 back where she added sometime from last week. She is so close to a personal TAGS time on the 100 back and I suspect she is going to be chasing this all summer.

    It was a fun meet today and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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  10. Week 73 - Friday

    by , February 21st, 2014 at 10:16 PM (After a long rest)
    This has been a very long week. Last night we housed a Brazilian partner including some dinner and discussion late into the evening by my standard; namely 8.30pm. Also as I have written before Friday I go to the pool 30 minutes earlier than normal to allow a friend of mine to swim before she has to go to nursing school. I had a good nights sleep and actually woke an hour before my alarm was set and got up and had a coffee and read the papers online before heading to the pool. This mornings practice was pretty brutal and involved parachutes and sprint work.

    Warm up
    400 free with snorkel
    6x50 catchup on 45
    6x100 kick on 1.40 holding 1.20 or better
    12x50 drill build by 25 on 50

    Main set
    4x(100 free with parachute AFAP on 2mins, 2x50 easy on 1min)
    200 easy
    3x(50 fly kick, 25 fly, 50 fly drill, 25 fly, 25 fly kick underwater, 25 fly) with 20 seconds between rounds
    100 free AFAP from block
    75 free AFAP from block with 30 seconds of vertical fly kick arms above head 25 no breather
    50 free AFAP from block with 10 squats, 25 no breather, 30 seconds vertical fly kick with hands above head, 25 no breather
    25 free AFAP from block with 10 squats, 25 no breather 30 seconds of vertical fly kick with arms above head, 25 no breather

    Warm down
    400 easy

    Total 5300scy

    Despite being tired by the end of this workout I felt good. My legs were shaking so badly by the last fast stuff from the blocks I could hardly stand on the blocks. On the main set with parachute I held 1.10 on the 100s and 40s on the easy 50s. On the fast 100 at the end I went 51, 37 on the 75, 23 on the 50 and 10 on the 25. I was really pleased with today's workout.

    Today flew by work wise but I headed out at 4.30 so I could make the warm up for the USAS meet where I was swimming the 1650. I had a good warmup but was still feeling the affects of this mornings workout. My arms were heavy and my legs in particular felt very heavy. Despite this I felt confident of having a good swim. After the first 200 I had the urge to get out but I stuck with it. I ended up going 17:30.12 on the 1650 which is about 20 seconds slower than I had hoped to swim earlier this week, but considering this mornings workout I was very happy. The Texas High School championship is this weekend so most of the really quick kids were not at the meet but despite this I had a good heat and had fun in a sick way.
  11. Greater Southwest Invitational Wrap up

    by , January 20th, 2014 at 09:45 PM (After a long rest)
    Saturday and Sunday were even more disappointing than friday at the meet and in the end i just did not make the time to blog. Every single one of my evening swims was slower than my morning swims. On a positive note i did make finals in the 50,100 and 200, but just failed to hit any of my personal target I set for myself for the meet. All around i just had no zip. In summary my morning times were.

    50 - 22.68
    100 - 49.01
    200 - 1.48.04
    500 - 4.55.20
    1000 - 10.17.42

    Of these swims the only one I know with a high degree of certainty there was a contributing factor to the slow time was the 1000 where I was late to the block and had to run half the length of the deck to even make the race. I was also trying to tie my jammers and get my goggles on as the starter said to take your mark. I definitely recovered but my first 500 was almost 3 seconds slower than my second 500 and I was discombobulated at the beginning and lost touch with the race leaders very early and just never got going until the end.

    I don't know if I set my expectations too high but I was very disappointed with my overall performances this weekend. I was healthy, rested and shaved and just felt flat the whole weekend. I definitely felt better in the mornings than the evenings but even then I just did not have the normal easy speed feeling I normally get at big meets.

    I really appreciate all the kind words and encouragement from everyone and this is definitely a bump I can use to get better in the future. I will take a few days to think about what I did during this training and competition cycle that worked and what I did that did not and then i will meet with my coach Tom, to plan for our next cycle of training and competitions. It's not the end of the world by a long shot but it sort of feels that way right now. I am not normally one to feel sorry for myself but I am ashamed to say that's how I feel right now. That said i will come out of this experience stronger.
  12. Clutz Brundage @ Austin Grand Prix

    by , January 19th, 2014 at 11:18 AM (Of Swimming Bondage)
    I flew out with my daughter's team on Thursday afternoon to Austin for the Grand Prix meet and have been loving virtually everything about this trip.

    Our kids came off holiday training and didn't rest at all for the meet, so, while I think they are enjoying the overall experience (and certainly the girls are loving the photo ops with studs like Nathan Adrian), their swims, for the most part, are pretty consistent with an in-season meet. We've had a few girls make the C and D finals, with some swims that were faster than they anticipated, and one 13 year old is having a fantastic meet, dropping time in almost all of her events like 13 year olds are wont to do.

    The pool is more beautiful than ever and, having never really been a swim fan in the stands here, I can honestly say that this has got to be the best swimming watching venue. I don't think I fully appreciated how great the stands / viewing area are when I was here in 2008 for Nationals as I spent most of my time on the deck, but there are really no bad seats. We've been sitting near the turn end and never feel like we're missing anything. Here's a pic I took from our vantage point:

    As a swim-fan-geek, getting to just sit back and watch prelims and finals has been a treat. The sessions have been short enough that, once we get the kids to the pool, we can just chill and enjoy the swimming. Highlights for me through two days have been multi-fold:
    • Yannick Agnel's 1:45.76 200 free last night was pretty awe-inspiring. He made a field with guys like Mellouli, Matt McLean and others look like little boys. McLean swam a very respectable 1:48+ for second, but Agnel just crushed everyone from the start. I probably shouldn't say this, given that I only went 1:42+ in YARDS in my prime, but Agnel does something funky and hand-flippy on the recovery for one of his arms whenever his tempo gets high, like the 100 or 200. It looks like he could save a few hundredths on each recovery by not doing that ... but, the other nice thing about the vantage point from the stands is that you get a great view of his pull from the semi-aerial vantage point and that looks perfect.
    • Speaking of perfect, I think Connor Dwyer has the four prettiest strokes of any of the major swimmers out there. There's some talk on SwimSwam to the effect that he should forget the 400 IM because of guys like Clary and others in the world, but I hope he keeps pressing for that focus. He looked very in control last night.
    • Ledecky looks as great as ever, though I think she mis-judged Alison Schmitt's fitness in the 200 last night and let Schmitt get out too far ahead by the 150. It was great to see Schmitt win, but I think I was most impressed with Simone Manuel, who dropped a 1:59low and has demonstrated extreme versatility to go from the 50 to the 200. If Schmitt keeps on the road back to greatness, the USA women's 800 free relay will be unstoppable.
    • Speaking of Ledecky, we could see one of the oldest pool records fall tonight in the women's 800 as Janet Evans currently holds it at 8:23.59.
    • Speaking of super old records, Kim Linehan's 1500 pool record of 16:15.56 is downright ancient, probably dating from 1978 or 1979. Her Longhorn Team record of 16:04.49 was the world record back in 1979. Let's hope Carol Capitani is scouting some of the up & coming distance girls.
    • Now, I'll probably get crucified saying this, but, having seen Michael Andrew race both fly and free, I'm not as impressed as I think I should be. Don't get me wrong - the kid is obviously HUGELY fast, but is also HUGE. For a big kid, though, his distance per stroke seemed very short on both his fly and his free. He seems to be muscling through more than finessing. Now, I have only ever played a coach at the YMCA level with B-time level swimmers and online here, but I think that the Rushall guidance on not doing drills and working on technique at slower speeds might not be the right thing for the kid at this age. As they say in the military, "slow is smooth and smooth is fast" (
    • Speaking of smooth and fast, everyone knows this, but Natalie Coughlin has the best start of ANY sprinter, male or female. If only Anthony Ervin could take some start training lessons from her, he'd get Adrian every time.

    I could go on and on. Much like my training geek weekend last weekend with Terry Laughlin and others on Total Immersion, my mind is getting jam packed with swim ideas.

    Now, with all the goodness and fun from above, there has been one part of this weekend that has downright sucked. Walking back to the parking garage on Friday after prelims with Kurt Dickson and his wife (the other team chaperones with me), I looked to Kurt to say something and paid no attention to the fact that the sidewalk was curving. I set my right foot on the edge of a sloping curb, proceeded to roll down the curb and roll my foot further into a pothole that was at the edge of the road. EXTREME PAIN. I managed to hobble the rest of the way to the parking garage, but, by the time we got back to the hotel, I couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever. Thanks to my daughter (who scammed a wheelchair at the hotel, an ACE wrap at a drug store and some ice) and then Kurt (who checked it out and figured it was sprained and then got me some crutches later), I've been managing to get around, but the foot still looks ugly:

    By this morning, I've finally been able to put light pressure on the foot and am down to using a single crutch more like a cane. Needless to say, any plans to drop in with Nitro Masters, Longhorn Masters or to a Y for swimming this weekend were shot. I do hope to at least try to swim again on Monday when I am back home.
  13. Greater Southwest Invitational Day 1 Prelims / Finals

    by , January 17th, 2014 at 03:37 PM (After a long rest)
    I did not swim as fast as I had hoped I would swim but I still did masters best times so I can't complain too much. I also qualified for the A finals in the 100 but I am currently first alternate on the 500. I am kicking myself on the 500 because I did not stick with the two fast kids in my heat and as a result i missed out on the final. I really think I can swim much quicker than my time this morning. I got into a rhythm and could not pick it up when I needed to. Despite this I was pleased with the consistency of my splits in the 500. The 100 I did not go out hard enough but had a good back half and qualified for tonight so will get a chance to drop time.

    100 free - 49.01 - splits 23.68, 25.33
    500 free - 4.55.20 - splits 55.64, 59.86, 59.81, 1.00.25, 59.64

    I had hoped to go 48.0 in the 100 and under 4.50 on the 500 so not as fast as I had hoped, but I am still pleased and have a lot more fast swimming still to do at this meet. Fingers crossed someone will drop out of the final of the 500 and I will get another shot.

    Finals update

    This was fun despite struggling a little. I don't know whether it was swimming in the evening or if it was just a bad swim but my legs were very heavy this evening. I was out a little quicker turning in 23.5 but the second 50 my legs were very heavy and I ended up going 49.46. It's hard to get upset when I made the final in an off event. We videos my swim so I will try to upload some video after I get done with the meet. All the kids showed up for the 500 so I had no opportunity to swim the 500 again.

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  14. COR Classic Day 2

    by , December 22nd, 2013 at 04:02 PM (After a long rest)
    Still no speed today but definitely a better day. I am always my own worst critic, but after looking at my splits from yesterday I can take away that I was consistently slow as opposed to dieing. On my 200 yesterday I was out in 26 and then held 28.4s on all other 50s. So despite these being slow I have some pace endurance which is very encouraging pre taper.

    I started the day at the pool by being told that the meet officials had pulled me from the 1650 because they would not use my USAS 1000 time as a seed time. It really sucks because I was looking forward to getting a good time under my belt. I have not yet swum a 1650 since being back. I swam a 1500 at the end of a LCM meet this summer and was looking forward to this race.

    So today's program was the 500 and 100 free. If I had known I could not swim the 1650 I would have entered the 200 back, but alas just the two swims today.

    On my 500 I dropped 4 seconds from the meet last month and did a 5.03.x. Like yesterday, not what i had hoped for but definitely nothing to complain about based on where i am with training. I was out through 200 at a good pace but my tempo dropped a little the rest of the way but still held 30. Mids and highs. At 300 I felt very short of breath and was almost hyper ventilating, but this passed quickly and by 350 felt good again. Nothing in my splits shows this but it felt weird.

    There was a big gap between my 500 and my 100 but I warmed up again before the 100 and despite being a little stiff and a little tired generally felt pretty good.

    I went 50.36 on my 100 with my first 50 split being 23.95 and my second being 26.41. I started to tied up at the end of the 3rd length but held on. My second 50 was a little slow and despite my time being slower than last month I was pleased with this based on the rest of the meet and more generally where I am in my training program.
  15. COR Classic Day 1

    by , December 22nd, 2013 at 08:12 AM (After a long rest)
    Friday proved to be a very long day starting with my swim before heading to the airport and ending with a couple of hour flight delay courtesy of American Airlines. I had a decent nights sleep but was sleepy when I woke up and was not feeling great, but surprisingly did not feel totally bad either. My daughter was swimming the meet also so it was great getting ready with her and also sitting with her pool side(although I kept my distance so she could still hang out with her friends without feeling awkward).

    This was the rescheduled version of this meet that got moved due to the ice storms that hit Dallas over Thanksgiving. Due to the shorter schedule(1.5 days instead of 3) I did not do any of the back events.

    200 free - 1.51.x I was very disappointed with this and just had no speed at all. I was aiming to break 1.50, so was disappointed. I was out in 54 high which is too slow to go under my target. I just had no speed and suspect I set my expectations too high for this meet.

    50 free - 23.08 five of us tied on this time across heats with myself and another in my heat. I did not feel bad on this one but again did not have any speed, and just felt very sluggish.

    Today I have a long program swimming the 500, 100 and 1650. Today is a new day and I will swim a good meet today!
  16. Sunday 3rd Nov 2013 - USAS BB/B/C Meet in Rockwall Tx

    by , November 3rd, 2013 at 03:59 PM (After a long rest)
    We had a very nice Italian dinner last night with a group of the parents whose children swim with my daughter. The general opinion was that everyone enjoyed the day and they were all very supportive of my efforts which again was very reassuring.

    I woke this morning feeling pretty good, a little sore, but nothing I was not expecting. I jammed my left index finger at the end of my 200 and it was a pretty blue color. I iced it which really helped a lot with swelling. Luckily it did not affect any of my swimming yesterday or today but it does look pretty or as they say in Texas, purdy.

    we did a similar warmup to yesterday.

    500 free
    8x50 swum by 25 IM order, kick, swim, drill swim
    4x50 kick
    4x50 build free
    100 easy
    4 backstroke starts and turns

    The kids were all excited about my swims yesterday and they made me feel great.

    Todays swims were great and I even swam two events I don't have any perspective on since I don't think I ever swam either in yards in college in the 200 back and 200 IM.

    100 free - 49.7
    200 back - 2.06.19
    200 IM - 2.11.12
    1000 free - 10.33.62

    I was very pleased with the 100 free and my splits were great; I was out in 24 and back in 25. This was quicker by .5 second than my 100 at spring nationals shaved and tapered and I am definately not that right now. I seem to have strength and speed but no pace endurance right now which is sort of weird based on how we have been training. I was very pleased with the 200 back because unlike the 100 I had pretty decent turns and my splits were pretty consistent. I did not know what to expect from the IM and other than the breast felt pretty good. I highly doubt I will swim this again but it was fun. The 1000 i was very tired before the race but once i got in the water i felt ok and felt better split wise than yesterdays 500 and I had even 500 splits. I had one bad turn at 450 but other than that I felt good considering all the swimming I did this weekend.

    I achieved my goal for the meet which was A cuts which enable me to swim up a level and have some competition at my next USAS meet. My next USAS meet is mid December at the COR classic which again is being swum at our facility. I also have a masters meet in a couple of weeks at Baylor which I am looking forward to since it will be my only SCM meet this year.

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  17. Saturday 2nd Nov 2013 - USAS BB/B/C Meet in Rockwall Tx

    by , November 2nd, 2013 at 10:27 PM (After a long rest)
    I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. I ran and grabbed chick-fil-a breakfast for everyone and ate breakfast watching the early English Premier League game. Half my family(the black sheep) support Chelsea(it pains me to even write the name) and the other half(the cool side) support Arsenal. It was great to watch Newcastle beat Chelsea while enjoying my breakfast burrito.

    My daughter and I headed to the pool 30 minutes early. We went to walk onto the pool deck where I was stopped and asked if I was officiating and when I said no they said no parents were aloud on deck. I explained I was a swimmer and the woman laughed but did eventually let me pass.

    We did a pretty crowded warmup as follows:

    4x4x50 IM order swum kick, drill, pull, swim
    4x50 build
    100 easy

    My first swim was not until about half way through the meet which sucked, but finally I got to swim and I actually did not have much rest between my swims.

    50 Free - 22.77
    100 Back - 58.31
    200 Free - 1.50.96
    500 Free - 5.07.16

    I was pleased with everything except the 500. My splits were all over the place which was very disappointing. I was very pleased with the 50 free and 100 back. I think I would have been at least a second or more faster on the back if I had not jammed my turns. This was as quick as my rested and shaved time from spring nationals, with really crappy turns so there is plenty of room for improvement. The 200 felt good, but I hoped to go under 1.50. My splits were pretty good on the 200 and I felt strong throughout.

    Overall I am pleased with the meet so far and got 4 A cuts today which will enable me to go up a level where I will get some strong competition. It was interesting today being in the first heat with NT's. I lapped most swimmers in my heat in the 200, and lapped everyone 2-3 times on the 500 in my heat. I think the kids were quite intimidated by the old dude and I did not hear any negative comments from any parents, in fact quite the opposite with many of the parents on deck congratulating me and thanking me for swimming which was very nice.

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  18. Tuesday 6/11/13

    Tuesday 6/11

    AM LCM + Crossfit

    AM swim:

    300 swim
    5x100 @ 2:00
    3 - drill, odd: BR, even: FR
    2 - scull w/ buoy
    6x50 @ 1:00 focusing on smooth stroke for 35M and then blasting 15M straight arm FR w/ 0 breaths

    8x100 @ 1:50 kick FR
    2x200 @ 2:30 AE
    50 @ 1:00 EZ
    4x50 @ :55 200 PACE (AVG: 32.5 for both rounds)
    50 @ 1:00 EZ

    200 EZ

    Total: 4300


    Strength W.O.D.:
    5 @ 85 lbs
    5 @ 105
    3 @ 125
    5 @ 140

    10:00 AMRAP
    10 plank-ups
    20 mountain-climbers (on each leg)
    20 lunges (10 each leg)
    10 triangle abs w/ 15 lb plate

    Results: 6 rounds + 8 plank-ups
  19. Thu Jun 6th, 2013 Pan Ams Day 1

    by , June 6th, 2013 at 06:55 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Thu Jun 6th, 2013 Pan Ams Day 1
    Pan Pacs, Tropical storm Andrea wreaked havoc on the Sarasota & the meet. We were just in its bands. It was off shore heading north east. Land fall will be a few hundred miles north of here.

    They completed heat 5 of mens 4 IM in the morning
    Then had a lightning detection so they told everyone to leave the deck, then they let everyone back then had another lightning detection along with severe weather, high winds, high tide & a tornado warning so they postponed the meet till 1:00 for warm ups & 1:30 to begin.

    Event 4 Men 50-54 400 LC Meter IM
    ====================WORLD: W 4:53.69 8/2/2010 MARCUS MATTIOLI, BRA
    NATL: N 5:04.32 7/26/2009 JAMIE FOWLER
    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 50
    TXLA-USA 5:08.19 5:07.51
    1:08.18 (36.83)
    1:48.60 (40.42)
    2:28.45 (39.85)
    3:11.43 (42.98)
    3:56.33 (44.90)
    4:32.74 (36.41)
    5:07.51 (34.77)

    Man that race hurt.
    it was Very windy
    Less than ideal conditions
    Shallow pool at starting end
    I'm a bit heavy, gained weight during my Birthday
    Pretty good swim but I was hoping to go a little faster.

    My original plan was to skip the 50 FR, but I decided to do it.

    Event 6 Men 50-54 50 LC Meter Freestyle
    WORLD: W 24.08 6/27/2009 BRENT BARNES, JPN
    NATL: N 24.58 8/9/2009 AMBROSE GAINES
    Name Age Club Seed Finals
    1 Rasmussen, Anders M 50 TXLA-USA 26.07 26.29
    2 Beattie, John R 52 BLU-USA 25.71 26.74
    3 Switzer, Keith M 50 CASC-USA 26.35 26.76
    4 Stewart, Henry D 50 NCMS-USA 25.97 26.81
    5 Francois, Jean-Marc 50 ECA-VEN 26.00 27.00
    6 Saylor, Brian D 53 SYSM-USA 26.68 27.17
    That was an OK swim
    Especially after that 4 IM & not really training for sprints
  20. 4-27-2013 USMS National 5K OW Champs Miromar Lakes

    by , April 28th, 2013 at 09:36 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    It was a beautiful day, and the lake was just awesome to swim in. In the 2012 version of this 5K OW swim there were about 50 masters swimmers, and for the 2013 USMS National 5K OW Championhips the participation list was over 120. While not a large OW event compared to major metro areas, it was a very good interstate draw for this area. My family and I took a trip to see my uncle in the Keys afterwards, so I was not able to make the event report until now.

    I placed 2nd in masters men 55-59 and 20/65 overall of masters men. While the head wind on the longest length of the course was a factor for all of us, I somehow just did not have the same kind of energetic swim I had last year, as my arms ached during the most of the first two laps. Several spectators said I made a strong effort on the third lap passing 8 swimmers in the last half of the final lap. One of my occasional training partners who is in the 40-44 age group that I tend to be slightly faster in LCM 100/200 repeats in our workouts together at FGCU, swam this 5K about 6-7 minutes faster.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (left-right) Jim Stewart was the winner, followed by myself, Wayne Hannum, Carlos Lloreda, R Walker

    Honestly, I was slightly disappointed, but I am in participating in Masters Swimming for the long term and it is just one swim. It will all balance out by participating in more kinds of swimming events, enjoying what Masters Swimming has to offer in terms of training, friendships, and competitive opportunities. On reflection, there are some variables to consider that may have some minor significance between last year and this year's performance, but I am really not going to over analyze, rather just keep going forward from this point.

    I really want to thank all you USMS forumites for such great encouragement and support, and who have helped me to become a better swimmer in the short time I have started training, blogging and participating in the USMS forums.

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