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  1. 1|7|18 dryland

    Treadmill Lactate sprints
    11 x 0:30 7mph@20% on 3:00
    • walk 2mph@10% during rest int
    • the last one was ~0:20 8mph@20%

    leg press - 1x20x180
    • full reps - legs touch chest

    standing calf raises - worked up to 5x500

    incl DBBP - 1x20x40#
    lat mach - 1x20x90
    DB shoulder raises - 1x30x7.5#
    Back ext - 1x12
    leg pushdowns on chin assist mach 1x10x80 ea
    • hip fully abducted

    dips - 1x10

    Really miss the pool even though it consists of just kicking. The closest pool (scm pool that breaks down more than functions) has a water temp that of tap. There is still too much ice on the roads for me to travel 20 min for a swim. Treadmill sets also seem to be augmentative towards kick sets