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  1. Tuesday 8/27/13

    Tuesday 8/27

    PM only SCY + Dryland


    7 burpees
    20 lunges (10 each leg)
    5 diamond push-ups
    15 air squats
    400M run

    PM swim:

    400 swim
    300 pull w/ buoy + paddles + snorkel
    200 FR kick w/ board
    100 scull

    6x25 @ :10 rest scull w/ snorkel
    8x25 @ :10 rest side-glide drill w/ snorkel
    100 EZ

    3x (no intervals, just switch equipment and go...keep moving)
    600 (150 pull/50 scull) w/ buoy + paddles + snorkel
    300 (50 side-glide/25 FL kick on back/25 FL kick under H2O no breath) w/ fins
    100 FR swim breathing every 7

    Total: 4450
    Swim Workouts
  2. 99 degrees...

    by , August 27th, 2013 at 05:48 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    ...Can that be right? My thermometer at the house is reading 99. After a summer in which we hardly ever got out of the 70s, here we are with September just about on us and we're flirting with triple digits. It's been an interesting summer in Southeast Wisconsin.

    The lake water was still cool, though, which felt great... by cool, I mean probably mid 70s. I can tell when the water temps start creeping into the mid-80s, it doesn't feel comfortable for a hard swim, but today it was very comfortable for the whole workout. Here's what I did:

    WU: 400 EZ swim
    24 x 100
    --swum as 50 hard/50 recovery
    --6 hard 50s on each stroke, recoveries were free
    --rests ranged from :05 to :15
    --nice hard current to swim straight into for the hard 50s
    CD: 200 EZ swim

    3000 Yards/60 minutes at Lake Andrea
  3. 8/26 & 8/27

    Apparently it was fast freestyle day on Monday. Not my favorite thing to do but I will do what is asked of me. My wife has trained me to do so.

    More rest than normal with some expected speed. I have been trying hard to concentrate on keeping a long powerful stroke when I start to get tired. On thing that I have figured out is that my kick disappears when I am concentrating on my stroke. More to add to the "needs improvement" novel I am writing about my swimming skills.

    300 swim
    3 x 100 @ 1:40
    2 x 50 back @ 60
    8 x 100 @ 1:45
    -75 10 kick switch drill/25 back swim

    3 x 300 @ 4:45?? (1 mod, 2 fast)
    3 x 200 @ 3:15 (1 mod, 2 fast)
    3 x 100 @ 1:55 (2 fast, 1 sprint)
    6 x 50 @ 1:20 all sprint

    5 min vertical kick
    -45 on, 15 off

    150 @ 2:30 sprint
    50 @ 1:00 sprint
    50 @ 1:10 sprint
    50 @ 1:20 sprint

    100 w/d


    I only got in 100 w/d before the high school team took over the pool and was too lazy to get into the therapy pool. I went in this morning to stretch out a bit.

    4 x 100 @ 1:40 cruise
    200 pull
    200 IM drill
    6 x 50 BK/BR @ 60
    -working on back to breast turns
    100 back r/~30
    6 x 50 BR @ 60
    100 breast r/~30
    4 x 50 FLY/free @ 60
    200 w/d

    2000 quick and easy
    Just a little stretch out swim before work.
  4. 8|27|13 scy



    11 x 50 from block on 2:00 free, 25 fast/ 25 easy
    • alternate between track and grab
    • fast ones - 11 - 13's with low precision/accuracy (used wrist watch on wrist to time)

    10 x 50 from block on 1:30 free - aerobic
    • low 30's

    So much I find I'm doing wrong (or at least feels as such). Need coaching at the pool.
  5. Aug 22-26

    by , August 27th, 2013 at 12:08 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Aug 22:

    goblet squats, 3 x 15
    hammers, 3 x 30
    power wheel roll outs, 3 x 15
    long arm crunches, 3 x 50
    bicycles, 3 x 50

    spin, 60 min

    Aug 23: fly to CA with Teen Fort

    Aug 24: short swim in college pool (2000) with Teen Fort. Chatted with her coach.

    Aug 25: fly back to PA, what a long trip

    Aug 26: spin, 60 min


    Not much swimming at all to report. It's been a long hard summer, and my training has taken a real hit. I'm a bit in a daze at the moment from all the traveling and massive life changes, and feeling unmotivated. Missing Teen Fort too. I also seem to have come back from CA with a case of dry ey run amok, possibly iritis. I didn't dare go in the pool yesterday with it and today is likely out too. Fortunately, I had some steroid drops on hand from the last time I was afflicted with this. It's a gray day here and it matches my mood.

    Updated August 27th, 2013 at 12:24 PM by The Fortress

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  6. 8|26|13

    Sunday - 1200 SCM aerobic

    Monday - 2550 SCM

    10 x 25 on 1:00 free
    • easy bent arm recovery, hand entry, and downsweep

    6 x 50 on 1:30 fr/bk - fr/br (25/25) per 50
    • easy bent arm recovery, hand entry, and downsweep (frees)

    3 x 25 on 0:30 FK
    • made them (24, 27, 27), and right in to:

    850 constant FK
    • @ 95% E for 8 - 12 seconds off each wall
    • recovery FK each remaining length

    200 FK WFS
    • moderate effort with strong UWD's and breakout kicking

    300 body roll FK WF
    • arms back
    • roll continuously to each side throughout (almost on back at times)
    • maintain breathing at lowest possible angle when rolling to belly

    500 drill WFPS

    My kicking has improved lately. I've known the importance of flexibility and streamline while kicking but never really could fully expressed the potential. I believe I'm learning how to implement this better, and I think it might be from a certain timing (with lower limb extension, flexion, body position, and streamline), rhythm and feel. This rhythm must also work with my stroke.

    Updated August 27th, 2013 at 09:09 AM by __steve__

  7. was supposed to be an easy day but...

    by , August 27th, 2013 at 07:36 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Like happens so many times when you get into it you just got to give it your all.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers

    8x25@:45 free burst and cruise
    8x100@1:40 free w/snorkle, paddles & bouy I managed to descend these went 1:30, 1:27, 1:25, 1:24, 1:23, 1:21, 1:21, 1:19

    300 breast kick
    200 breast pull w/zoomers

    200 free
    100 1 arm fly
    200 free EZ

    Total 3000 yards
    Swim Workouts
  8. Symmetry...

    by , August 27th, 2013 at 01:12 AM (Alex's swim journal)
    Pyramids provide that. I love the symmetry of certain workouts... though while I'm doing them I'm not so fond. There was a certain symmetry today also in the fact that my first really hard workout after Madison was a repeat of my last really hard workout before Madison. Taper and reverse taper are now complete. Ready to move into my endurance and base-building phase.

    We went to the Racine Y; the new branch out on hwy 20. Nice water park, though I wish they would have used more of the space for lap lanes. As it turns out there weren't hardly any other lap swimmers anyway, so we never had to share a lane. Scotty did a longer warm-up than usual and said he regretted it about half way through our main set. I only did an 800 for warm-up (usually do 1000-1200), but I took a couple of short recovery swims between pyramids. Scotty and I swam all the pyramids together. I'm not too far behind him on fly, though I felt like I was losing a little more ground to him than I have been in the last couple of months. I beat him on almost all the back reps, he wiped the floor with me on breast stroke, and then we were close on the frees, really close on a few reps. Here's what I did:

    WU (800): 400 EZ swim (fr and bk); 4 x 100 IM on 2:00 (1:40-1:45)
    master's minute

    MS (2200):
    500 Fly Pyramid*
    100 recovery
    500 BK pyramid*
    100 recovery
    500 BR pyramid*
    master's minute
    500 FR pyramid*

    CD (1000): 200 fr, 200 bk (both EZ); 4 x 100 IM on 2:00 (1:45-1:50); 4 x 50 fr on 1:00

    TOTAL: 4000 SCY/100 minutes

    *The ladders in these sets were 25-50-75-100-100-75-50-25 with the interval set at :45/25... My 100s fly were in the high 1:30s, I was trying to relax as much as possible the first 75 and try to push a little on the last 25. 100s bk were in 1:32 and felt relaxed. 100s br were about 1:50... I was swimming :50 in the 50s, but just couldn't hold form on the 100s. The 100s fr were both in 1:15... an improvement over the last two times we did this workout.