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  1. Workout 08/31/13: OW

    by , August 31st, 2013 at 10:11 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    As summer begins to set, new adventures await for the remainder of year with school starting up, OW season winding down, and the Rec reopening on Tuesday! To that point, I was able to sit in on my first class at the Bible college on Thursday, although I missed the first bit due to work (this is why I am auditing the course). That same night, our exchange student from Germany, Lina, arrived later in the evening (with thanks to my friend Ed for picking her up). She is getting used to her new home and family for the year (we all went to the Schaghticoke Fair today, the 3rd oldest in NY state).

    This morning I headed up to the third and final OW lake swim that I organized with the Masters group while the pool has been shut down. Today I picked Adams Reservoir due to its close proximity to town and lack of motorized boats. Over the course of week many folks emailed to say that they might not be able to make it, and it turns out that only Brent joined me, after he ran around the lake twice! Here is the picture I snapped before we splashed:

    I had a feeling that the water would be cool, and under overcast skies the temperature checked in at a warm 67 degrees. The water is clear, but has a reddish tint that is evident when you watch your fingers sweep under your body. It is not terribly long (just shy of a quarter mile) and has an easily defined edge crowded with pine, birch, maple, and other trees. Only three lone kayakers where on the water with us, and I was thinking that this would be a great place for a cable! We went out and back on the western edge from the beach, then headed toward the east edge and checked out a shallow, rocky area about 2/3 of the way down. Total of 0.9 miles in 28 minutes (did I mention before that Brent doesn't like cold water ).

    Refreshing and a beautiful area for a cool swim, so I will be sure to get back as I look for more cold swims to feel out where my "it's too darn cold to keep doing this" point is. Off to get the South Korean boy tomorrow evening, then to enjoy another week of staycation as the kids head back to school on Tuesday.

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  2. Hot pool, bad back, not a good mix

    by , August 31st, 2013 at 08:19 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    The pool was 86 and my back was really hurting. My neck on the right side is a problem today. Even now it still hurts but a good dose of Doctor Who should help.

    500 free
    500 free kick w/zoomers
    8x25@:45 fly scull drill w/ monofin
    8x25@:45 fly torque drill w/ monofin & paddles
    8x25@:45 one arm fly w/monofin
    8x25@:45 fly kick w/monofin
    8x25@:45 fly fast w/monofin
    5x200@3:00 free w/paddles & bout went 3:47, 3:45, 3:43, 3:40, 3:35 shocked at this given the temperature
    500 free kick w/zoomers 25 high/25 medium/25 deep kick
    300 breast kick
    200 free kick no equipment

    Total 4000 yards
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  3. Saturday, August 31, 2013 11:30-12:30pm

    by , August 31st, 2013 at 07:03 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Got into lap swim at the Y. A few other masters swimmers were there, the "younger" ones. I was splitting a lane with a lady named Jen, she was speedy enough that it wouldn't have been bad to circle swim if needed. Tom was also there...they were both looking forward to the group workouts starting in another week or so.


    600 Free
    8 x 75 SDK on back w/ short fins @ 1:10

    8 x 100 Free Pull
    2 @ 1:30, 2 @ 1:25, 2 @ 1:20, 2 @ 1:15
    I could've gone 2 @ 1:10, but didn't want to.

    3 x 200 IM @ 3:30
    3 x 100 IM @ 1:40

    4 x 25 @ :30 Odds Fly, Evens EZ Free

    3000 yards

    That's enough for my heart rate up a bit too. Quick and simple with a bit of everything.
  4. The end of August

    by , August 31st, 2013 at 05:37 PM (One Stroke at a Time)
    Friday August 30
    Lunch Bunch
    Missed warm-up
    3 x 50 kick on 1:00
    3 x 50 kick on 55
    2 x 50 kick on 50
    50 kick on 45
    4 x 100 on 1:25 descend 1-3 with #4 easy
    4 x 100 on 1:30 descend 1-3 with #4 easy
    4 x 100 on 1:35 descend 1-3 with #4 easy
    4 x 100 on 1:40 descend 1-3 with #4 easy
    50-100-150-200-250 pull 10 seconds rest between each distance
    2800 yards

    Saturday August 31
    4 x 150 pull on 2:30
    4 x 150 50 kick/50 swim/50 kick on 2:30
    8 x 50 odds free with no breath at turn from flags to flags on 50 evens 25 drill/25 swim IM order on 1:00
    2 x (2 x 25 sprint kick on 35 then 2 x 100 IM on 1:40 then 200 easy on 3:20)
    8 x 25 sprint back 2 on 25, 2 on 30, 2 on 25, 2 on 40
    100 easy
    8 x 25 sprint breast 2 on 25, 2 on 30, 2 on 25, 2 on 40
    100 easy
    2 x (75 on 1:10 then 25 on 30) pull
    100 easy
    4000 yards

    I did a pretty good job of staying wet this August. I had a few rough swims but by and large listened to my body and didn't overdo it. This let me swim 4000 for the first time since the first week in July. I actually had a little umph today as well. So it is onto September.

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  5. 2013 5K postal attempt...

    by , August 31st, 2013 at 02:18 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    Do they have a 3.1-mile postal swim?

    We had to stop early because of thunderstorms... darn, with only 1900 to go!

    After a sluggish start I was feeling really good too. I made the drive over to DeKalb, IL, the Hopkins Park Pool, set up for LCM. There were 5 of us swimming the 5k postal and it was a super nice group: Dirk, who organized it, and some of his teammates, Keith and another Alex, along with Debbie from Rockford, IL. What was nice about this group... aside from the congenial conversation while huddled together under a tarp in a torrential rainfall (in Texas we would have called it a "real gully-washer"), we were all pretty evenly paced, I don't think anyone was more than a half length behind anyone else when we were pulled out of the water. Last year I did the 5K solo, so it felt good to have company.

    I didn't warm up beforehand and determined to use the first 500-1000 as a slow building warm-up, but by the time I got to 1500 I felt like I was really cruising. I loosened up, stretched out my stroke and found a nice rhythm. When we were stopped I was at 3100 meters. My 3000-meter split was 55:12, which I just did some number cranking on and find that this is an average 18:24 per K pace... way faster than my 19:30+/k average last summer. Last summer my 100 pace was 1:57-1:58, this year 1:50.5. And again, I might have actually been swimming a little bit faster pace as I loosened up in the second and third kilometers (I'll find out when they e-mail me the splits). I'm pretty sure I was on pace for something like a 1 hour, 30-31 minute 5K, which would have crushed last year's 1:37:40. Here was my wrap-up after that 2012 5K:

    I've made a lot of progress in the 13 months between these two 5K postal attempts... just sorry we didn't get to finish it out this year. We had a good time nonetheless, and I really thought I wouldn't even have a chance at another attempt this season with lack of LCM pools available in the immediate area, so this was just a bonus swim for me! And I'm feeling so much more confident this year than last... a long way to go yet, but happy with the progress.
  6. Friday, Aug 30

    by , August 31st, 2013 at 10:54 AM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Swim/SCY @ Sewickley Masters

    Warm up: OMO

    650 various
    100 scull
    10 x 25 shooters

    Main Sets:

    assigned 600 choice
    -- I did 8 x 50 fly drills (single arm & caterpillar)
    300 kick
    5 x 50 build second 25
    -- I did them burst SDK + cruise
    3 x 50 off the blocks
    -- I did 25 AFAP + 25 EZ (2 free, 1 fly)
    50 EZ
    20 x 25 sprint @ 1:00
    -- I did 16 (potty break), 8 kick + 8 swim
    100 EZ
    1 x 50 AFAP kick
    -- back w/fins, :24, went off course the second length and hit lane line looking for ledge where pool precipitously goes from 10 to 4 feet
    50 EZ
    8 x 50 smooth DPS free w/Jimby @ 1:00

    Total: 3150


    Three days in a row of swimming! Quasi-miraculously for me. Not sure what is on the agenda for Labor Day Weekend. Hope everyone has a great one!
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  7. Week 48 - Saturday

    by , August 31st, 2013 at 09:52 AM (After a long rest)
    I woke with a stiff neck this morning as a result I suspect of the kicking with a board yesterday. After the warmup I felt ok and neck loosened up. Overall I felt good today, despite the last set kicking my butt.

    Warm up
    4x200 free on 2.40
    12x50 catchup drill on 45
    6x50 kick on 1 min

    Main set
    2x50 on 35, 1x50 back on 35, 50 easy on 1.30
    2x50 on 35, 1x50 back on 35, 50 easy on 1.30
    2x50 on 32.5, 1x50 back on 35, 50 easy on 1.30
    2x50 on 30, 1x50 back on 35, 50 easy on 1.30
    300 easy
    10x100 with fins on 1min

    Warm down
    200 easy

    Total 4000scy

    I felt good on the first main set and went 28s on all the free 50s and 32s on the backs(my back has felt much better recently). I left my swim bag at the house and had to borrow some fins from the pool and they had seen better days. The 10x100s were really tough and I made 5 but then hit the lactic wall. I took a minutes rest and then finished out the set. On the last 5 some of my team mates started cheering and whistling and this carried me through to the end. The last 5 were not as bad as the first 5 for some reason. Despite not making all 10 I was happy with this set.
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