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  1. Saturday August 25th - AM Weights

    TRX Planks
    2 x
    * front 1:00
    * left side :45
    * right side :45

    Chest fly
    2 sets of 12 @ 25 lb.

    Reverse fly
    2 sets of 12 @ 15 lb.

    Dumbbell Chest Press
    1 sets of 10 @ 35 lb.

    1 set of 5 @ 115 lb.
    3 sets of 5 @ 205 lb.
    2 sets of 5 @ 225 lb.
    1 set of 5 @ 245 lb.

    7 sets of 3 @ body weight (169 lb.) + 55 lb. on 1:00
    Stopped because my right wrist was a bit sore.

    Adductor machine
    2 set of 10 @ 170 lb.

    This was bitter-sweet because it is the last time I will get to workout with my daughter for a while - she leaves for college early tomorrow morning. Hard to believe that my little girl is heading off to start the next phase of her life! It is cliche but it really does seem like only yesterday that she actually was a little girl.
  2. Saturday, August 25, 2012 Gil Young Meet Results

    by , August 26th, 2012 at 12:14 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Well, it was about as I had expected. Since I went into the meet with no expectations, I came out with the "no results" that I expected.
    I was 80% sure earlier in the summer that I wouldn't even sign up for this event at the end of the summer on the pure fact that I know I'm not in shape for it at the end of summer. Well, on the final day of online entries I asked my wife if she wanted to go to Portland to visit the grandparents and my sister for the weekend (and let me swim on Saturday evening). At least I swam which was fun, even if it wasn't anywhere near my top performances.

    Long Course Meters:

    200 Free - 2:16.35 entry - went 2:17.21
    This was probably my best overall swim of the day, because it was first. Still 3 seconds slower than start of summer.

    100 Breast - 1:24.35 entry - went 1:26.40
    This was 5 heats after the 200...I felt good for the dive, pullout, first 5 strokes, and then I needed the wall for my next pullout. Oh yeah, this isn't SCY! I died.

    200 Medley Relay - We had 3 of us from our LMSC team - Hydropower Masters. We talked about doing a dedication relay in honor of Peony Munger who is my teammate who has been battling pancreatic cancer for the past year. Well....she's coming down to her final days now, and we swam this relay for her. A 4 x 50 Fly Relay. I know it's nothing compared to the miles and miles of butterfly workouts she's done over the past 6 years in masters workouts, but it was all about her. I ended up swimming the first and fourth legs of the relay, and Margaret Hair and Cynthia Clutter were my other two teammates for the relay. It was fun.

    200 Back - entered 2:44.35 - went 2:45.38 vote for all time worst event ever in long course

    100 Fly - entered 1:05.99 - went 1:06.78
    semi pleased with this event. There was a good race next to me with Dennis Baker winning in low 1:03, and That Guy a 1:04 mid. Congrats to both of them!

    200 IM - entered 2:33.35 - went 2:39.02
    The only good part of this race was the final 50. Basically because I was almost done with my day! I looked right (my breathing side) and there was no one to race. I looked under the laneline to my left (with no breath) and saw my competition about 2 bodylengths ahead of me. Apparently this is impossible to do according to Rowdy Gaines in his Olympic coverage, but I had no problem seeing my competition on my non breathing side.
    Well, about 15 meters from the end of the race I looked again and I was at the guy's hip, so I poured it on to the finish. Ended up touching him out my 0.2 seconds.

    Glad the meet is over...I'm wiped out. Now it'll be time to relax, visit with family, and get to bed at some time. We're planning on driving to the Oregon coast tomorrow with the kids, getting lunch and stuff, and then returning the long drive home to Wenatchee. It'll be at least 9 hours of total driving tomorrow. And yes, I'll have my wife take over at some point of the drive!

    And I'm glad LCM season is over for me. Bring back the short pools!! Oh crap! I have an OW event in 2 weeks.