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  1. 4K Saturday Aerobic

    by , December 21st, 2019 at 10:33 AM (Middle Aged Distance)
    Hey all - not much swimming for me this week - traveled to PA for the holidays and had a lot of packing and work to do. Hoping to get to the local YMCA tomorrow to do this workout. Happy swimming!

    W/U (1000):

    1000 skips (200 sw,kick,IM drill,pull,sw)

    Main (2700):

    4x300 swim @ 4:15/4:00/3:45/3:30 w/ fins
    6x50 @ 1:15 kick
    3x200 swim @ 2:45/2:35/2:25
    4x50 kick @ 1:20
    2x100 sw @ 1:10/1:05
    2x50 kick @ 1:30
    1x50 FAST
    1x50 easy kick

    300 easy warm down - sw/drill mix

    Total: 4000

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  2. Back in the water!

    It feels good being back in the water. As my kids get older, it's starting to get "a little" easier to find time to swim 2-3 days a week. I enjoy focusing on the technical aspects of swimming which improves my instructional delivery when I coach my high school team.

    I'm finding that I need more rest when practicing but the quality of my swimming is still there. I look forward to seeing what the future brings in the water!

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