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    Quote Originally Posted by __steve__
    Did you mean 20x25 @ 40 no breath FR?
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    Did you mean 20x25 @ 40 no breath FR?
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    I pulled my groin muscle very suddenly swimming in a br set (really hurt) and it took a few months to rest recover to the point where there was no pain and I could kick pain free again. I kind of eased back into br and haven't had the problem since. Think I had just pushed it too hard too fast and maybe hadn't warmed up enough. I was probably mid-50s at the time and hadn't experienced anything like that before (or after) but I am careful not to push it too hard and stay aware of that feeling when I do swim or kick br.

    I've always wondered if others ever had the same experience. Hope your recovery goes well.
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    Remarkable swim sir! My record of 2 minutes in 58F water/70F air seems laughable in comparison (I believe it was about 8 meters of swimming)

    Tell your mate Tripp a wetsuit is a good investment